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  • We are comparing Vuze vs Deluge vs qBitTorrent vs uTorrent
  • Vuze vs Deluge vs qBittorrent vs uTorrent - Which Wins
  • Torrents will download slower, so you will be waiting
  • How does a VPN allow torrent downloads anonymously
  • Securing Vuze with a VPN

Vuze does come with an additional feature. You can bind Vuze to only download torrents through the VPN. This prevents it from starting unless your VPN is running.


When you connect to a VPN service, the virtual private network assigns you a new IP address. It is now this address that allows you to be internet connected, but nobody will know what you are doing online. They will only see that you are connecting to a VPN at some point and for a certain period of time.

Vuze is simple to install, even for the most novice Linux user. Just download the file and open it up, follow the instructions or visit the Vuze FAQ and Torrent guide for tips on getting Vuze torrent client for Linux running fast.

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Vuze and Vuze+ Torrent, the best way to download torrents

A proxy will make you anonymous by hiding your IP address. When you do this, all the torrent peers will see the IP address of the proxy server you have used.

Vuze Plus can get one all the features needed for one to download torrents

On the Vuze website, click the free download button. The site should automatically the correct file for your device.


On occasions, you may see Vuze not downloading with VPN running. This can be through updates to the VPN software, the interface has changed name, or there has been a Vuze update. Check app settings and your virtual private network settings are still correct.

Azureus launched back in 2003 when BitTorrent was still in its infancy. The client shipped with new features and options, and quickly became a favorite of many users.


Vuze is a popular torrent client, and at their website they have a variety of legal content to illustrate all the things you can do with torrents. You’ll find popular videos which are presented in a Youtube-like format, plus the opportunity to download other types of video such as Ted Talks. Some of the most popular content is bundles of themed copyright-free content such as the Grindhouse Movie Bundle or the Famous Monsters in Literature book pack which let you download a collection of related files to browse at your leisure.

In addition, a malicious person can intercept your IP on the site and use it to download torrents

One area that a BitTorrent user may not consider maintaining privacy, is cookies. Even the Vuze website can let your identity be known.


Vuze is one of the most feature-heavy torrent clients on the web. Users who want high functionality for a low price (or free price) can use these features.

BiglyBTÂ is basically a better version of Vuze, as it comes without advertisement, is fully open source, and does not include proprietary code. The developers have big plans for the program while Vuze's development seems to have stalled in recent time.


Here’s how to setup an easy and affordable proxy (or VPN) for your favorite BitTorrent app. Simply launch your VPN connect to a server, then you’re good to go!

Deluge might be a bit confusing for first timers, but it has interesting incompatibilities with Chrome and Firefox through extensions. It’s not as popular as other BitTorrent apps on this list, but it’s use-able and it has cross platform support with a good number of plugins available. It’s also very old, and reputable, and doesn’t have a ton of bloatware like some other apps out there. It has alphabetical downloading, the ability to move download to specific directories, speed adjustments, graphs, and more.


Vuze also comes into its own with the vast number of free features that it doesn't hide behind a paywall including device playback, an iTunes converter, DVD burner and live customer support chat at any time of the day. There also exists a $29/99 (around £19/50, or AU$38/50) premium version that bundles an anti-virus offering plus no ads yet the program is solid enough without the premium add-on for us to recommend it above any other torrent client.

Unlike a VPN, proxy services can’t encrypt traffic automatically. You can set encryption in Vuze manually if you wish.


Vuze is available in two versions. There’s the feature-limited Vuze Leap and the full-fledged Vuze Plus. Functionally speaking, they both offer torrent (go now) downloads, media playback and support for magnet file links. What the Vuze Plus version adds is integrated virus protection and the ability to preview media files.

  • You can bind Vuze to only download torrents through the VPN
  • VPN Australia Now How to Use Vuze for Torrenting Anonymously Comments Feed
  • Although users can’t torrent on mobile devices, Vuze does offer a remote app to control desktop functions
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How to Use Vuze for Torrenting Anonymously

A VPN also uses encrypted tunnels. These run from your end of the connection to where they exit on the internet.

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All activity (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=6913) on the web, including downloading and sharing torrent files, involves sharing your device’s IP address. In other words, it is your online fingerprint. Security features are of maximum importance. If you don’t take steps to hide your IP address, your online activity could be easily discovered. This also happens because your internet service provider gives you an IP address each time you connect to the Internet. This address is therefore linked to your contact details, your name and your address. Therefore, it can be used to identify you if the internet service provider wishes so. If anyone wants to find out your IP address and monitor you, they just need to share the same torrent as you and then monitor your activity.


VuzeVPN helps you access blocked content over a normal connection, any time you want to bypass ISP-configured blocks. Also, it allows access to all sites and services when you’re abroad.

Review: Vuze Torrent Client

To download torrents and remain anonymous, just add a few more steps to the process. These additional steps are not difficult to perform and are well worth a little effort, since they ensure online privacy and security of personal data.


At this point, there is a torrent swarm, so every BitTorrent user who is involved, either downloading torrents or uploading is visible. Any governing agency or ISP can see who is doing what.

Vuze includes DVD burning; ability to play files with downloads in progress and antivirus among others

Users can test how secure the service is by using the no argument 30-day money back guarantee. This can act as a free trial for this period.


Connecting to a Premium VPN like VuzeVPN is just one click away! Once the VPN client is on your computer, all you have to do is connect and that’s it. The VPN will use the settings of your choice or the default settings and connect you completely securely to the internet. You will realize that the connection speed is quite awesome. User-friendly and Customer support available 24/7.

As we mentioned above, this Java-based torrent client is a multi-functional program as well, not only allowing users to participate in peer-to-peer sharing. Vuze users are able to convert files and even playback completed audio or video directly from the platform itself.