When I then connected to my RAV4 it connected nicely and I could readout my TPMS sensor ID’s which was my main objective. The interface is flashing green during communication with the vehicle.

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So far, everything I've used it to look at shows up in there. I haven't specifically looked for things like calibrating TSS radar or anything like that, but as far as pulling codes or changing dealer-only settings, they have all showed up when I hooked it up. I just have to pick the make/model from the drop-down list when I first connect.

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I have successfully run it on x64 Windows 8 and Windows 10 laptops though. You just have to dork around with the drivers a little.

Step 0. Buy a mini vci cable somewhere like Amazon. They are cheap and come with the drivers and a version of TIS.

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Your VM desktop should have a MVCI firmware update tool shortcut. Run that and click the INFO button to make sure you can communicate with the USB cable.


Tire shops have tools that can read the sending units serial number. If you have, or know someone that has techstream on a laptop, you can program the new sending units to the monitor.

Mine won't auto-detect, and the newest MY it lists is maybe 2021, but so far once it's connected and knows it is a Tundra, I've not seen anything missing. I was able to see smart key info, etc - I think the platform is actually "open" enough that it builds the grid views off of the data it receives.


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I can't remember what version cable I purchased, would have to try and look back and see when i ordered it. I have the cable I bought then I have the flash kit that came when I bought my OV Tune, don't know if that one is compatible. I'll try and connect in the newer vehicles and see what I can or can't do before I try and update to a newer version. Unless anyone has confirmed getting a newer version of Techstream to work on a Windows 10 platform.

The '17 TRD I just picked up has nearly new but very aggressive tread (noisy), LT265/75R16 tires on it. I'm planning to return the truck to the OEM size/type tires on the existing alloy wheels. I've found a set of '19 OEM steel wheels, with TPMS sensors for short $$, and I intend to have the removed tires installed on these steel wheels to be winter tires.


I used it to program keys and fobs on my 2008 when I had it. I've also used it to deactivate the seatbelt chimes on my 2021 (and several others). The version I have doesn't auto-recognize the truck because it only has 2021 and older in it, but all the functions are still there. I have messed around a little with newer versions, but ran into an issue where newer versions needed a cable that had a newer firmware. Since the ebay/Amazon knock-offs typically have the v1/4 firmware and cannot be updated, that made it more difficult, so I just stuck with the version I knew worked.

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Also need clear instructions on using the smart key programmer. Will this device add used keys to the car or must they be new programmed keys?


My only warning is that at some point, the version of TS requires the newer firmware in the cable. I have a copy of TS 12-something kicking around that I could never get working (not due to the computer, but due to the cable).

If I recall correctly, you can't have multiple versions running. I tried getting 12 working a few years back, no luck, then rolled back to the v10 I had and it worked fine so I've not bothered with it since.


My $400 autel scanner can do keys and remotes. Snap on at work also had no problem. Any local shop should be able to do it.

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They are all pretty rattly when cold. Rattling at 1500rpm is almost certainly your airbox, if that's when you hear it.


Initially I was surprised that flashing the ECU could brick it, but I realised this is 10 year + technology. I work in IT and flash kit regularly and these days it does a checksum on any update once copied to the kit before applying it.