You have successfully accessed the server over FTP with the details you specified above. Note that when you are connected, you will notice a computer icon, with a red square next to it, as shown on the screenshot below.

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  • FTP: How to Connect Using an FTP Client
  • To verify the setup, go to the Scheduler pane and run the task that you have created in 3
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  • Server-to-server Transfer via SmartFTP

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Note: Click on the root folder ("/") if you wish to download all files on the server. Otherwise, select the subfolder or the files you intend to back up.

There is no local Help file with (address) the program, despite there being a Contents link under the Help menu. This actually links to the online support area, which is comprehensive, offering Tutorials, a Knowledge Base and Forums.


You can set up Auto-renaming rules, Encryption, numerous rules relating to Files and Filters, Performance and Priority tweaking, Queue sizes and Speed Limits (or indeed the lack of them). Whilst normally I’d say the more options the better (for advanced users) I’m not so sure in this case, as it was all a little bit over the top.

Interoperability: Tested against all public available SFTP/SSH server implementations. Automatically uses workarounds for faulty implementations.


The Tutorials are all in the form of Flash videos which take you through a number of key processes in a clear manner. These also include instructions for correctly configuring local Firewall software such as Norton Personal Firewall, and ZoneAlarm.

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The Knowledge Base is in-depth though a little confusing as all menu items are listed alphabetically and thus not in the order you might expect. Once you’ve found what you’re looking for some items are very useful to all, whilst others are aimed squarely at the very advanced user.

As a security precaution against malicious attackers, Domain.com's FTP servers will blacklist the IP address of users that have an excessive number of consecutive failed login attempts. This blacklist prevents the user from gaining access into Domain.com's FTP servers, even if the user begins using the correct login credentials.


The Home edition is streamlined to only include the most commonly required functionality though this makes it great value for the novice. The more advanced user should look at the Professional edition unless they need Terminal emulation.

  • Create Start SmartFTP Task
  • First Run Greeting of SmartFTP Client
  • View screenshots of SmartFTP
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What Other FTP Clients Could I Use

Visually everything is very clean, with slick controls and plenty of drag and drop functionality. When you hold down the left mouse button whilst hovering over relevant window panel arrows appear showing you where you can move the panel too to re-organise your working area.

Again there are numerous combinations and options as to how you set up your panels and manage your connection, and whilst I’m very impressed I did find it all a little cluttered, with (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=9358) my point of focus drifting around quite a lot. Novice users may find it a little confusing initially.


Enter the name of the new folder. When you are ready, simply hit Enter on your keyboard to keep the changes.

Enter the name of the new website. This is for your own reference only. Then you also need to enter the Host Address. If your domain is pointed to the server that you are attempting to access over FTP and it has propagated fully, this means that you can use it for the Host Address.