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Note: If you find many FF DA byte combinations then you’re probably not looking at JPEG data but random binary data. The file then is probably beyond repair.


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Write down the address (Using View > Offset base you can switch to decimal numbers if you like). Now search for FF D9. Or, go to end of the file which is where you’d normally find FF D9.



DATAWAIT ransomware might also distribute its payload file on social media and file-sharing services. Freeware which is found on the Web can be presented as helpful also be hiding the malicious script for the cryptovirus. Refrain from opening files right after you have downloaded them. You should first scan them with a security tool, while also checking their size and signatures for anything that seems out of the ordinary. You should read the tips for preventing ransomware found in the forum section.

Apart from helping you repair corrupt JPEG files, some utilities like JPG-Repair can also help you estimate the condition of a file. JPG-Repair shows you a byte histogram and displays entropy of the data inside the file, both can help you determine if for example a file is filled with just zeros. JPG-Repair 1/8.46 and newer also offer a hex viewer.

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Remove DATAWAIT Ransomware Virus and Restore .DATAWAIT Files

Photography in one form or the other has become a part of our life. It can be done using cameras or even mobile phone cameras. It has been observed that sometimes, photos captured and stored on memory cards become corrupt due to some reason. This can happen due to improper handling of the memory card, virus infection, defect in the media, or even due to a malfunctioning memory card reader. In such cases, files can often be partially visible, show garbled visual, or may be completely unreadable. However, most of these lost memories can be repaired and reclaimed by various software tools available in the market today. Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair is one such tool we are going to try out today.


Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=2866) Cracked is the best JPEG recovery software to repair corrupted or damaged photos, images as well as picture files, having JPEG file extension. It does not modify or edit original image formatting.

Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair Portable is available for download at GetPCSofts. Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair scans and repairs all such damages in the corrupt JPEG (get redirected here) or JPG image files and brings the file back to its original state without modifying the original quality. In addition, it provides an option to preview repaired jpeg files and lets you check for differences before saving them.


The video shows you how to use HxD to quickly check if the file is certain to be beyond repair. The video shows files containing only zeros. It is also possible the files are filled with a repeating patterns.

How to Remove .DATAWAIT Files Virus from Windows

If your computer got infected with the DATAWAIT ransomware virus, you should have a bit of experience in removing malware. You should get rid of this ransomware as quickly as possible before it can have the chance to spread further and infect other computers. You should remove the ransomware and follow the step-by-step instructions guide provided below.


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Using HxD: Use Search > Find, search for FF DA using HEX data type. If not found the file is beyond repair.

DATAWAIT Files Virus ransomware

This article will help you remove DATAWAIT ransomware totally. Follow the ransomware removal instructions provided at the end of the article.


Guide 1: How to Remove .DATAWAIT Files Virus from Windows

Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair does what it is intended for and it does as expected of a software coming from a company famous for its data recovery software. The user interface is very simple and easy to use due to the absence of complexities. It does recover files with ease and the success rate was found to be higher than its competitors. However, the speed of repair could be improved, considering the fact that its competitors such as the similarly priced JPEG Recovery Basic can do the same within a fraction of the time and with a similar success rate. Price-wise, this software costs almost Rs 2000, which is a bit high, given the fact that it only recovers JPEG files. We would rather ask you to not let the situation occur by regularly backing up your photos at more than one location.

DATAWAIT ransomware could make entries in the Windows Registry to achieve persistence, and could launch or repress processes in a Windows environment. Such entries are typically designed in a way to launch the virus automatically with each start of the Windows operating system.


If the file can not be opened, there is a chance it’s header is corrupt. You can some times repair this using the header of an intact file that was taken using the same camera and same settings.

Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair fixes corrupt JPEG or JPG images that fail to open or don’t display properly. The software facilitates recovery of multiple JPEG (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=592) images in a single operation. You can save thumbnails of the repaired (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=4885) images.


Using the HxD hex editor to examine corrupt JPG files

Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair is available for Windows 7 \ Vista \ XP \ 2008 and is just a 3/84 MB download. Once downloaded and installed, you can start using it. The downloaded file is a demo version capable of recovering corrupt JPEG files and works without any time limit, but the recovered images have an embedded watermark. The registered version can recover without this watermark.

Previously known as Stellar Phoenix Repair for JPEG (why not try these out), Stellar Repair (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=2094) for Photo is designed to repair corrupt or unreadable graphic files that cannot be opened by an image editor. It also can extract the thumbnails of such files.

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