With Macromedia FreeHand MX: Training from the Source you'll learn how to use the program's robust tools to create a logo and then create a corporate identity package all in one document, organize and manage complex illustrations, and even create an animation that will then be used in a Flash animation. The book's project-based tutorial approach allows you to work through the lessons in the book at your own pace, using the practice files on the companion CD-ROM to get started immediately with the program!

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Just Make Animation 2D Animation Software for Free – 5 of the Best Comments Feed

Although this is primarily a pay monthly piece of software aimed at people making explainer videos and infomercials, there is a free plan which gives you the option to make some short videos with limited access to the content library. However, its enough to get you started and the cheapest private plan is only $19 per month and gives you a lot more to work with.

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The best free, open source animation tool for drawn animation. As it’s name suggests this is will help you to make traditional looking pencil line animation. It’s really easy to use and has lots of nice features for people who know how to do drawn animation. So if you like drawing, get out your Wacom tablet and start some drawn animation.


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A little reminder if you need it, 2D animation covers a range of styles of animation that essentially deal with flat images or assets. So that’s animated drawings, animated flat images (vector images or rastor/bitmap images), animated text or still photos, cartoon character animation, amine character animation, you get the idea.

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I would tend to agree with the first reviewer who, as an educator, would not recommend this for his beginner student classroom but for anyone else who is in the graphics profession, I find it indispensable as a quick reference particularly in the midst of a project and needing quick advice. It is thorough, easy to follow, and I have had no problem searching the book for a specific explanation. As to inconsistencies, a few details as mentioned by the other reviewer but not a stumbling block in my reading as it might be in a classroom.


This is the free version of the software called Toonz which was customised and used by Studio Ghibli. It is free and open source for any purpose commercial or private. This is not really for beginners, as you can see from the list of benefits below but the real benefits are the open source aspect that allows you to customise this software for your own use. So even if the default brush settings are not that great, you can tweak it to work more like other software packages.