Full support for video overlay output on Windows 8 (previously OtsAV 1/90 was compatible with Windows 8, except for full-screen video overlay output). OtsAV now runs great on Windows 8 in all respects and we highly recommend it!

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I installed the Trial into a new folder, and imported my music and started playing. I have Video Subsystem enabled, basically everything is enabled, moved the decks to the bottom (ahhhhhh yesssss) and I have been hovering over the Playlist, Library, Prepare and the Menu icon with no problems. No crashes, and I am trying everything that is what people have mentioned they were doing when they had their crash, and it is running stable.


I also get the crash when doing various mouseovers. I only installed the latest Ots on my home PC (Win 7 Pro 32-bit SP1) so it's no biggie.

I was having troubles with the 1/90/015 update crashing. Did a dance Friday night with 1/90/015 and no issues at all.


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Hmm I've just read it. It's sad. But I'll just stick with the old Ots for now, it's done a great job the last 6 years. I'll look forward to a real "radio" upgrade.


My point is that these extra decks will require manual launching, or triggered from a secondary thread is my guess. I'm not sure how other softwares do this, and I may be completely unaware of how this could actually be accomplished.

OtsAV: Download Free OtsAV 30-day Trial

Well I used v1/90/015 for my wedding on Saturday night. I had "bench tested" the software for roughly 72 hours before the event with no problems, and I was confident that I would have no problems on Saturday night as well.


We've worked around the clock to get to the bottom of this. We can't 100% rule anything in or out, because as stated we've been unable to reproduce the issue on ANY of our systems. That said, we have found an extremely obscure bug that COULD be (and most likely IS) the cause. We've put out a new version, 1/90/015, which has been available on our systems as of July 22nd.

OtsAV DJ Pro also has a got a search function which will allow you to browse your library faster which will save much of your tie. It has also got an automated beat mixer which will allow you to add beat to the music with just a single click. All in all OtsAV (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=6435) DJ Pro is a very comprehensive beat mixing application that can create as well as broadcast live mixes efficiently.

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With a third deck, you can have the song mix exactly as you would have it now in the two decks, but also have a voice over track play that is a song introducing. This can play right over top the song overlap, without pushing the two tracks apart.


So in your case, the way I'd probably look at it is like this. If your desire to upgrade or not depends entirely on exactly what radio features will be in future 1/90 releases then you really have no choice but to wait until all of the 1/90 releases have come out and determine after each one whether you find any particular addition compelling for your usage case - and then upgrade at that point.

Download Atomix Virtual DJ Pro

Testing OTS AVDJ 1/90/015 for five minutes and no problems at all. The previous issue was apparent after a few seconds of provocation and its not there now.


You can also Download Atomix Virtual DJ Pro which is another great tool

My Trial has been running on Windows 7 now for 5 hours with not a problem. Almost ready to test the licensed version soon.

OtsAV DJ Pro Overview

If you already know the songs you'll use, why not put them all in the Prepare list and insert a <Stop & Re-cue> directive between them? Then you have the option of dumping the song immediately or doing a Cut.


Re: Announcement: OtsAV 1.90.014 Maintenance Release

I understand your desire for more information to help you make a decision. The problem is to be truthful, we never really know even ourselves exactly *what* will be ready and when - that's just the nature of product development of this kind.

Most of the time, it's the two decks as usual. When a very short item is seen in the program, it gets loaded into the third deck to play. How each deck is trigger is according some sensible rules, but basically, it's possible to have the more complicated overlap I mentioned. There are options to have a track marked as a voice over item, and to force it to the third deck even if it's a longer. Something else that can happen is ducking the other players down in volume while this third deck plays.


I've just figured out (or rather found the answer on google) how to get a synaptic touch pad to work the scroll bars in Esperance - it's the last thing that has been annoying me since the new user interface. I'll start a thread on that since it's unrelated to this release.

Very nice Glen, I really like the choice to have the lighter colors back, black text again! The neon stuff gets to my eyes, I'm getting old you know, almost 59.


I do have an issue however and that is whenever I place the mouse over the main menu (the rotating logo) then OTS crashes. Sometimes I get to see the menu selection but it always crashed with a few seconds of placing the mouse (or clicking on) the main menu. I do have a lot of development stuff on my machine which may be a factor as I can't see OTS releasing a product with such a fault.

Pro Classic 1/85 with free upgrade here, but can only download the DJ 1/90 version? Does that have the S&L module (as it used to be called) in it?

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Times where you're playing a musical bed under more than one voice over in a row, and then want it end it at an arbitrary place due to variable length content. Think in terms of local event announcements. While that music bed is playing, you can find yourself wanting 3 decks at once so you can transition little stingers between each voice track. And then having a final item end the music bed and carry on with the rest of the hour.


The 7-day upgrade offer is intended for customers who already know they want to upgrade to 1/90 based on whatever has already been released combined with the information published about future releases - and - wish to save some $$$ by doing it now. Ots Labs can offer this, because it's a little easier and more efficient for Ots admin staff to handle a large batch of upgrade processing in one hit, rather than in dribs and drabs.

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I haven't installed the licensed version yet, Just the demo of TV on an XP machine, and with the option to launch Ots after install is the only time I had it crash. It's been running stable for the 10-15 executions I've done so far. I'll install the licensed version tonight on my Win 7 x64 pro tonight.