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In addition to built in visualization modes, it also supports various plugins to provide better audio visualization effects. It also has 3D, VR 360 degree video playing option. There are a lot more things to explore in this software, you can do it either by downloading this software or by visiting its home page.


My Favorite Music Visualizer Software For Windows

KMPlayer is another popular free media player that has music visualization option. After playing an audio file, you can easily access the Visualization option by right clicking on its interface. Now, you need to turn on visualization effects and select visualization mode/type. There are many visualization modes available in this software including Windows visualization, slideshow, some built in visualizations, etc. Using its built in visualizations, you can analyze musical visual patterns either in frequency, wave mode, or combination of frequency and wave mode.

ITunes is a free cross platform media player with music visualization capability. To use it, you need to add music files to this software. As you play a music file, go to its View menu and open ‘Visualizer’ option. After that, you can select from available visualizers that are iTunes visualizer and iTunes classic visualizer. Finally, choose Show Visualizer option that pops-up a new application window to display music visualization.


Instead of getting single visualization at a time, you can have all these visualizations at the same time. To do so, just open each visualization one by one.

The Visualization option is categorized in various categories such as Album Art, Bar and wave, Battery, etc. These visualization categories are further classified to give access to different rendering styles such as Bars, Ocean Mist, Fire Storm, Scope, Randomization, Brightsphere, etc. As you choose one of these visualization options, it will show music visualization in respective style.


Quintessential Media Player is also capable of producing visual effects for audio files. To do so, you just need to open and play an audio file in it, and go to Menu > Visuals option.

Features for Basic/Plus version

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MediaMonkey media player is another good audio visualizer software for Windows. You can use its music visualization feature by selecting ‘Visualization’ option present in ‘View’ menu. It comes with three preloaded visualization plugins that are Geiss, MilkDrop, and Morphyre, which help to get audio visuals of currently playing file. Additionally, you can download and add many other plug-ins also.

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JetAudio is also a good software for audio visualization. Using this software, you can play audio files and also have their visual representation.


As you launch this software, the interface will appear in two separate windows. To get visual representation of an audio file, you need to play the file and click on Visualization option given in the lower window. You can have visualization of an audio file in spectrum and 3D spectrum views.

Jetaudio plus vx full

You can also configure various visualization settings. Using these configuration settings, you can set visualization frame per seconds, resolution per frame (from 320×480 to 1920×1080), add slide effect, adjust pic position, etc.


Now, you can access plugins related to music visualization. It comes with only three preloaded plugins, namely, Fifth Trip, Splooge ’n Gush, and Wave Fumes for visualization, but you can download more from internet.

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The audio visualization option is available in ‘Audio’ menu. As you open this menu, you can access various visual rendering modes. These visualization modes are Spectrometer, Scope, Spectrum, Vu meter, and Goom. Thus, you can get attractive music visualization using VLC media player too.


After importing your media library to this software, you need to play a file to get its visual representation. As you open a music file, you can access the ‘Visualization’ option available in ‘Tools’ menu. Selection of Visualization option pops-up a new window to display generated (you can try these out) visual patterns. It just has single visualization style.

Music Player - Bass Booster - Free Download

Media Player 10 is an open source music visualizer software for Windows. To get imagery visuals using this software, you just need to play an audio file in it. After that, just do a right click on its interface and select Audio option, which guides you to visualization options through the explorer.

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Audacious is next in the list of best free audio visualizer software for Windows. It is one of the easiest to use software in this list. All you need to do is, just play an audio file and go to View menu. You can access Visualizations option from that menu. It comes with three built-in visualization plugins, which help to analyze audio in many views that are Blur Scope, openGL spectrum analyzer, and Spectrum analyzer. Instead of individually using these modes, you may also choose all these viewing modes at the same time. It also lets you set desired color for Blur Scope visualization.


Sonique is a unique music visualizer software for Windows. In this software, you don’t need to look for the visualization option, because as you open this software to play an audio track, it automatically plays it with music visualization. You can change the visualization animation using up/down arrow. Various visualization modes you get in this software are waveform, VU Sweep, and Spectrum forms.