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Life in The Florida Keys During The 1970s

On the couch have a Christmas movie, popcorn and blankets waiting. You can also cut strips of paper and tape to make a Christmas countdown chain.


Write your letters to Santa and visit a mall Santa. CLUE: Where do we keep all the art supplies? Have pencils and Santa letter and envelopes ready. Mail them off then go visit a mall Santa.

You will find FREE PRINTABLES for the TREASURE MAP, CLUES and an ACTIVITY LIST at the end of the post

After seeing some of the city’s most colorful and quirky characters on Duval Street and in Mallory Square, take a moment to visit the Key West Cemetery, where it is said that close to 100,000 original Key Westers are buried. It’s an excursion that offers history, at the bast of lighthearted humor. Located on Solares Hill, which is the highest point of elevation on the island, the cemetery opened in 1847 after bodies from the original cemetery washed ashore during a storm. Stroll through the 19 acres and see if you can find the headstone that reads “I told you I was sick”, or “At least I know Where He’s Sleeping Tonight”.


Vintage Map of Pensacola, Florida 1885 Old Maps of Florida

The cabin is built out of cypress, a tree found throughout Florida’s swampy habitats. Cypress lumber is known for its durability and resistance to decay—part of the reason this structure has survived for well over a century.


Make a Christmas countdown chain. Get in your pajamas and stay up late and watch a Christmas movie.

The heart of Key West is Duval Street and its central business district. This district takes up most of the northwest corner of the island. Other major streets are Whitehead, Simonton, Front, Greene, Carolina, Eaton and Truman Avenue.


Flickr/Florida Keys Public Library

Large, black and white antique Nautical Chart (Blueback Chart) of the Caribbean Sea and surrounding area by Robert Blachford, London, 1807. Shows Panama and the northern coast of South America, as well as Jamaica, Haiti, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, and Guadalupe, Antigua, Dominica, Martinique, St. Lucia, St. Vincent, Grenada, Barbados, and others. With triangulation, and with insets of The Berbice River, The River Surinam, Essequero, and The Island of Curazao (Curacao), and small illustrations of views of Little Curazao, Curazao, and Cayenne.

The state's transportation routes began with Spanish and Native American trails, rivers, and streams. These evolved into wagon roads and railroads and finally paved roads for cars.


Traditions and mentality of Florida

Antique uncolored nautical chart showing the California's coast and part of the western coast of Mexico, including present-day Baja California. This chart was published in 1887 and corrected to 1888.


Some of their menu items include tuna based appetizers along with my favorite, Conch Ceviche. You can also get cracked conch and conch fritters, Oysters Rockefeller and Twisted Calamari.


Miami Area GAS STATIONS Historical Photos gallery - All Years - click on image to view

Freshly Painted Floats Ornament Lobster Traps at Conch Key a Small Island in the Lower Florida Keys. This Is the Off-Season, When Gear Is Brought in and Overhauled. Different Colors Identify Each Fisherman’s Floats.

Landlubbers are not forgotten with an 8 ounce filet mignon, various chicken dishes, and a surf and turf feature with lobster tail. To cap it all off, Italian fans will love their large selection of pasta dishes and their brick oven pizza. They also have a gluten free menu.

Old brown vintage world map. stock images
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1,483 antique old pirate map background stock photos are available royalty-free

Port Salerno, Florida is a residential and fishing village in unincorporated Martin County on the south side of Stuart. It is located along the waters of the St. Lucie River near the inlet to the Atlantic Ocean.

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Play in the snow and build a snowman. CLUE: Where do you sit when we go for a drive? On their seat have their coats and equipment to drive in the snow. Don’t forget some coal (rocks) and a carrot for your snowman.


Even the way he died is part of his legend. The year was 1921 and he was in the Fort Ogden train station waiting for some money.

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Old compass over antique map. top view. royalty free stock photo

The atmosphere is friendly and inviting, and the service is great. The restaurant and bar quite often feature local musicians.

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The map above is from Florida Memory, the Archives of the State of Florida. It's fun to zoom in and see what roads were here in 1917.


The river road from Williams Point on US-1 north of Cocoa, south through Cocoa Village, Rockledge, and Bonaventure. This road parallels US-1, and ties back into it at the south end. One of the most beautiful roads in Florida. Close to the river, some pretty high rocky bluffs in Cocoa, quaint Cocoa Village, fine old houses and big oak and palm trees and lots of Spanish Moss.

The river road from north New Smyrna Beach to Edgewater. Close to the river, old houses, beautiful trees. This beautiful scenic route parallels and is on the east side of US-1. You will pass by the city marina downtown and the nice little New Smyrna Yacht Club just north of Edgewater.


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Map (full report) Title: Map of Florida (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=8677) according to the Latest Authorities. The West Indies from the Best Authorities.

Monroe County Map Keys

Pensacola is the principal city in Escambia County and St. Augustine is the major city in St. Johns. These old Spanish settlements are the oldest cities in America, and St. Augustine is the oldest continuously occupied city in America.


He was also very talkative and cracked people up with his jokes and wry observations. This was even more noticeable when he had been drinking, and it seems like he drank often and a lot.

Old binoculars on antique map. Shallow depth of field royalty free stock photos

This lovely Key West home is where legendary author Ernest Hemingway lived and worked for more than ten years. The home and gardens are visited by thousands of people each year, offering a glimpse into Hemingway’s life and a chance to meet some of the descendants of his beloved six-toed cat, Snowball.


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Upon assuming statehood in 1845, the state of Florida has had a number of beautiful, old maps created over the years. In the Ted’s Vintage Maps archives we have many old Florida maps (visit homepage) featuring nearly every county in the state, including: Miami-Dade, Miami-Dade, Palm Beach, Hillsborough, Orange, Pinellas, Duval, Lee, Polk, and Brevard.


Many images of Florida maps from 1564 to 1926 can also be viewed online, which includes the Sanborn maps for the state. Many early to modern maps of Florida (learn this here now) can also be found in Florida Historical Society Library.

John de Solis Map of

There are a number of buildings on the museum’s 16-acre campus in Dade City. The main museum, which was built in 1975, is housed in a large steel building with a wide porch. Inside, visitors will find a variety of collections; Native American tools and objects, dolls and toys, textiles, pottery, and more. A replica of a dental office educates visitors on early medical practices.


Antique nautical chart showing part of the coasts of Texas and Mexico, by the Hydrographic Office of the US Navy, 1890. This chart shows the Texas coast from Matagorda Island near Corpus Christi down to the Mexico border. The name Rio Grande on this chart references the Rio Bravo, which was called the Rio Grande del Norte. The chart then shows the Mexican coast from the border down to Cabo Rojo near Tampico. This chart has been restored and rebacked, it has overall toning, some minor spots, a repaired tear near the title, and some small repaired tears at the upper edges.

Vintage Original 1930s Decade Antique Locks, Latches & Keys

Maps of Florida are a great resource to help learn about a place at a particular point in time. Old Florida maps are effective sources of geographical information and useful for historical, genealogical and territorial research.


Photos of NAS Key West Navy Base in Key West, FL

A lasting tribute to the most famous and influential residents of Key West, the Key West Historic Memorial Sculpture Garden is an oasis shared by all who live on the island. Featuring impressive bronze busts of Ernest Hemingway, Asa Tift, Harry S. Truman and others, the garden also includes a scenic walkway paved with memorial bricks that are purchased by local citizens then engraved with their names or the names of a loved one.

Inset map: West part of Florida. Prime meridians: Greenwich and Washington.


Memories of Old Hialeah, Old Miami and Old South Florida Photo Galleries

A Resident of One of the Many Retirement Hotels in the South Beach Area of Miami Beach. Nearby Is the Longest Stretch of Public Beach in the Area.

Maps of the U.S

CLUE: Where do we keep our food? In the pantry have the hot cocoa, foam cups, spoons and add ins there. It is so fun to try new flavors.


This is a unique event dedicated to one of the most unusual trends in contemporary culture. The festival takes place in November and lasts for 10 days, during which a huge number of beautiful three-dimensional drawings appear on the asphalt of city streets and squares.

Its waterfront district is located at the south end of Manatee Pocket. The main highway through town is State Road A1A and the waterfront district is adjacent to the highway.


Military Bases NAS Key West Navy Base in Key West, FL Comments Feed

He lay on a station bench to take a nap. When the station people tried to wake him up, they discovered he was dead.

The interior is bright and open, and you have your choice of dining inside or outside on one of the decks. The menu features something for everyone, but seafood is the specialty of the house.


Those who want to learn more interesting facts about sea life should visit the themed Sea World Park. It differs from classic aquariums significantly. Tourists and children of different age can take informative excursions here. In Florida, there is the famous Wet and Wild Waterpark.

In the morning Bone was ordered to pay a fine or stay in jail. He handed the judge some poker chips, and the judge protested that the fine had to paid in real money.


This trip could be incorporated into a larger trip known as The Loop. It is one of the most scenic loops in Florida and is very popular with cyclists as well as bikers during Daytona Beach Bike Week.

Print our the TREASURE MAP, CLUES and an ACTIVITY LIST. Post the Map on the fridge or somewhere the kids can see it. Then each day read a clue starting with number one. You can do one a day or a few it’s up to you. There are 12 total clues and activities so you could do it as a 12 days of Christmas. Each night I let one of the kids open a tiny wrapped present with the clue for the day in it. I use the small jewelry gift boxes from the dollar store and number them. They read the clue then rush to the area where the clue leads. There they find the supplies for the activity. The activity list is for the parents. If you are like me you forget what the Clue was that you wrapped. So you can have a cheat sheet with the clues and activities.


The town and island was originally called Cayo Hueso by the Spanish, a term that means "bone key". Many Key West businesses still use the name.

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I hope you have fun with this Christmas Treasure Map. I would love to hear how your treasure hunt went!


Port Salerno, Florida Recommended Restaurant

Original color includes lighthouses in red and yellow with the balance of the chart in black and white. Includes 5 recognition profiles. Nautical chart is whole, bound and in original, very good condition, with some vertical creases, minor surface soiling and small water stain in the lower right corner.

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If you’re up for a climb, you’ll be rewarded with stunning views of Key West and the ocean. The Key (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=7189) West Lighthouse was built in 1825 to help the many ships entering the port avoid the hazardous reefs. Today, you can climb the 88 iron steps to the top of the tower for a scenic look at what the lighthouse keepers watched over for more than 120 years. Tour the grounds to see the Keeper’s Quarters which have been restored to their original charm and view the displays of nautical artifacts, antique furnishings, maps and vintage (wikipedia reference) photos.


They have a raw bar, too, and a wide selection of soups and salads and even feature sushi. Entrees include several kinds of steamed seafood platters and a large variety of fried baskets.

These are unofficial, redistributed charts. Click here for important usage information. Click the bullet-marked BOLD chart names to go to a specific chart.


SR-3 from the Pineda Causeway(SR-404) south to the Mathers Bridge at the south end of Merritt Island. This is known as South Tropical Trail. You will enjoy a constant and beautiful Indian River view on your right as you drive along, and stately homes on your left that front on the Banana River.

North Central Florida Road Trips

Leave US-1 south of Oak Hill and take SR-3 into the top of Kennedy Space Center, then west on SR-406 to Titusville. You will pass a couple of real old pioneer houses in Shiloh, Baker's Haulover Canal south of Shiloh and lots of wilderness and wildlife all enhanced by the mystique of the missile center and the giant looming presence of the Vehicle Assembly Building.


One of the biggest Caribbean and Florida map collections available are in Gainesville at the P. K. Yonge Library of Florida (check this link right here now) History, which is part of the University of Florida (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=5445) Libraries. Many of the Florida maps are either prints or originals.