If you're looking for "modern" military SP games I'd suggest Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising and Operation Flashpoint Red River or maybe even the Full Spectrum Warrior games? For WWII I'd suggest the Brothers in Arms games.

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While it was fun, and some good banter was thrown out as enemies came at us, I couldn’t help but wonder if the game would get stale over time, or that it could be quickly mastered. But when I asked about it, I was told that enemies will not always spawn in the same spots. The spot a squad appears the first time you played could be completely safe the second. In addition, the enemy AI is adaptive to your play style. If your team is a “rush in and cause hell” kind, they’ll make an effort to flank and take you by surprise. This was relieving, as any good co-op game should have a sense of variety each time it’s experienced.


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Notable instances of the AI going mad included one of our team running in front of our friendly US convoy, being knocked to the ground and ran over, countless instances of a teammate running across our line of fire, troops spinning on the spot and allies running into gunfire on a suicidal one-man Rambo mission. The AI might be a slight improvement over Dragon Rising's, but when you've got a marauding army of tooled up and aggressive Chinese PLA troops bearing down on you, the last thing you need is your team throwing themselves into bullets and then rolling around on the floor, bleeding to death. This isn't such a problem on the game's default ‘normal’ difficulty setting, which returns your team to full strength after each checkpoint during a mission, but in the ‘experienced’ and ‘hardcore’ modes, you'll be wanting to enlist the help of human players in co-op.

They also end with a 3 to 5 minute long egress from the mission - also UNSKIPPABLE. In between, there are boundaries everywhere that stop you from moving on too far or from using you initiative.


Short Red River gameplay trailer

Install GFWL ( the newest one, if you can ), then go to the games folder, and change the launchers compatibility to Windows 98/ME + always run as admin. Had the same problem, but its running now.

This 9mm weapon is one of the most widely used SMGs in the world. The MP5A4 variant can be fitted with either a red dot or holographic sights attachment. Weapon is very effective at short range but it’s damage and accuracy decreases with increasing distance.


Hands-on Preview – Operation Flashpoint: Red River Campaign - The Average Gamer

First issue - Numerous times you are sent onto roofs to cover your friends in other fireteams. Sadly when you try to place your men with precision on a roof, your only options are "Secure Building" or "Defend Building". Secure Building makes them go inside and clear it, but they won't take cover and fire from the windows unless you're very lucky. Defend Building tends to make them stand outside the building and stop people from going in. I have NEVER needed my men to do this. You get around this by aiming at sandbags on the roof to make them move to that position, but it is very sloppy.

The linearity is the greatest annoyance in the game as they invariably start with an UNSKIPPABLE journey to the start of the mission (following some stupid, but thankfully skippable briefing from a stupid Colonel. I think that might have been his name - Colonel Stupid) that takes 3 to 5 minutes.


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The pistol is well suited for being a secondary weapon. It’s quick reload, small size and light weight are some attributes which can prove crucial in closed quarter battles.

Lots of us loved you more than you ever knew, but that wasn't enough, either. Cold War Crisis and Resistance, we were there for that - some of us even had Elite on the Xbox. Dragon Rising went another way, but some of us still loved you.


As a start, Red River has a more narrow focus than its predecessor, Dragon Rising. Completely removing competitive multiplayer, the team at Codemasters has opted to put all their focus on the four-player co-op experience. Lenton told us that one big influence on the team has been Valve’s Left 4 Dead, and its focus on dynamic, team-focused campaigns.

I enjoyed the game and have replayed the missions with friends and it does vary the second/ third time around which is nice. The only real problem is there is not enough content and most vehicles are none drivable, so get use to walking. In general GOOD FUN, GOOD VISUALS, GOOD CONTROL. OFP RR is a step forward from DR but not that big. A big plus is this game can be enjoyed on my X360 too when on holiday, while the weather is bad.


That said, it is a little more accessible than previous Operation Flashpoint games

The vets and I are playing a game of Rolling Thunder, the four of us having bundled into a single one of the convoy's armed humvees. The attention to detail in its interior is awesomely immersive, and outside the window Tajikistan's lunar landscape leering at us from out of the window. We've been silent for some 20 seconds when the blast from an RPG erupts just next to the lead convoy vehicle, leaving it momentarily balanced on two wheels.

At the same time, though, the team still holds a reverence to the realism the series is founded on. You still have to plan, and you still have to assemble those launchers. So the question becomes whether or not they will succeed in striking what seems to be an incredibly delicate balance between approachability and authenticity to present a fresh and, of course, fun take on the more tactical side of first-person shooting.


This 12-gauge shotgun is regarded as one of the most reliable weapons in the service. Like other weapons in the category, it has a devastating effect at short range but it’s effectiveness decreases with distance drastically.

I don't want to go into too much detail now, but the player can be subordinated to an AI leader or command his own AI soldiers. This requires a very solid AI background because the player actually sees all his units performing his orders alongside him. Either that or he's listening to the orders of his commander and having to make sense of the changing situations.


StingingVelvet: I played Bad Company 2 back in the day. Don't remember anything about it but I think I liked it. I'm not really interested in AI battles, it has to have a narrative. So I'm mainly asking about the core series singleplayer since they added it in BF3.

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Worsening matters, gone are the strategic elements of the past, so the upgrades to make the squad command wheel easier to use are wasted because full frontal assaults are all that is required for victory. Moreover, is the fact that many of the firefights are more close range this time. On one hand this is kind of neat, as close range firefights are very deadly in Red River because the player can only take about 3 to 5 bullets before kicking the bucket. The aiming is no COD or Battlefield controls though, so it’s literally hit or miss as you scramble to line up your target. The AI, while decent, doesn’t do much more than continuously charge you and play whack-a-mole when it’s not doing that. Simply put, the AI just isn’t very good, and at close range, it really shows more than in Dragon Rising.

Operation Flashpoint: Red River Review Comments Feed

We think it's better than Dragon Rising, and the fact they've taken the "less is more" approach and focused on a couple of key features has been to their credit. It's got some good moments in it, but playing with friends is key and we question the longevity of this title, so the post-release DLC better be good and regular.


Black Squad is a Massively Multiplayer Online, First-person Shooter, Military-themed, and Team-based video gamed created by NS Studio and published by Neowix for Microsoft Windows. The game brings an adventure gameplay with great shooting mechanics. It offers realistic graphics and dynamic visuals which engage the player in the brilliant FPS experience. There are different characters available and the player needs to select his one of them to get into the world of terror full of other players from around the world with the similar tasks like you. Before getting into the land of war, the player has to customize his character using different accessories and equipment, select the best weaponry for his character and start battle against enemies using weapon. The game rewards the player with experience points for each kill and the player uses his points to upgrade his character and weapons. It offers the similar gameplay to Alliance of Valiant Arms and Crossfire. There are more than 10 modes each with different tasks and gameplay. Battle real players in PvP mode or puts himself in team-based experience and go against another rival team to score the points. Black Squad includes key features such as Varied Modes, Familiar Gameplay, Stat Tracking System, and more.

It’s lighter in weight than M249 and is more effective in suppressing enemy units. One can use different attachments like iron sights or scopes to make it effective at long range.


Codemasters couldn't deliver a decent military simulation, so it just created a gane that's meant to be funny and entertaining. Don't expect an alternative to games like ARMA, but it's still a good game, just not a very good one.

Up to this point, everything did feel quite familiar. The lobby where I set up my character wasn’t too different from customizing a class in a Call of Duty game, and the narration set things up like many a shooter’s loading screen. But the instant the game did load and I was in control, I noticed that even my looking around and aiming was quite slow. Arcade action this would not be. Also, looking around, I noticed that our setting was huge. Taking a cue from Red Dead Redemption, Codemasters wanted players to be able to see off into the distance where they were going, and where they had been. While a little sparse on the population of living creatures, it’s just cool to see your objective off in the lens-flared horizon.


The whole thing felt too scripted, starting with the annoying banter between the sergeant and the soldiers. It's eye-rolling in the beginning and gets almost unbearable after the third chapter. That there is no option to either cut it short or to speed up time like in the predecessors.

If you’re into your military weapons, Red River should keep you very happy. There’s a good range of “authentic” weaponry available in the game, inluding but not limited to.


Of course, these aren’t all available right away. You gots to earn your good toys.

Operation Flashpoint Red River Lying in Wait

It’s a light machine gun used by the PLA as their Squad Automatic Weapon. The bullpup design (like other PLA weapons) facilitates accuracy with better maneuverability. Each magazine carries 70 5/8mm bullets.

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Silence falls across Fireteam Disabled. I’m left staring at the various parts of my character’s sundered body. My flak jacket has kept my torso in one piece, but everything else has been detached from it. I consider calling for a medic.

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Achievement wise the game is a total grind, demanding the equivalent of over 4 playthroughs, but that won't happen for me due to a terrible incident. I had been playing one of the FTEs for the 6th time (the Last Stand in the dark if you're interested) when (for the sixth time) my squadmates just let the enemy in despite setting all three of them to cover one side while I covered the other. I'm afraid, dear reader, that I lost the plot.

Taking place in Tajikistan 2021, you and your fireteam start out fighting insurgents in a dustbowl valley where a threat can emerge from any direction waving an AK-47. It's a setting that's incredibly topical given its proximity to Afghanistan and China, making perfect sense within the context of its narrative. Red River (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=3169) is a chatty game too and your commanding officer, Staff Sergeant Knox doesn't shut up in the game's cut-scenes barking his rules and catchphrases at you with irritating regularity. Forget skipping these bits though, as these are unskippable in-game sequences that are clearly trying to do the Generation Kill thing with their sweary dialogue and US Marine lingo. Instead, they're overly verbose, annoying and slightly ham-fisted, especially in the game's intro, which looks like Sky or Fox news with its flashy graphics making light of a serious situation.


Another flaw is the aiming and shooting which was pretty damn good on the previous game. Here they kind of changed it for no apparent reason.

This Soviet built machine gun can cause heavy chaos in enemy ranks. The weapon is well suited to suppress the enemy forces. It fires 7/62mm rounds at a rate of 700 rounds per minute and holds 200 rounds per ammo box and is quite effective at medium to long range encounters.


PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) is an Action-Adventure, Third-person Perspective, and Battle Royale video game developed and published by PUBG Corp. PUBG offers the fictional environment where the game takes place and puts up to hundred players in a Battle Royale, a type of last standing deathmatch, where the ultimate task of the players fight to be the last alive. The game starts with the protagonist paragliding from a plane onto the selected map. After landing, the player can explore the environment from either a First-person or a third-person perspective, and each perspective has its advantages or disadvantages in situational awareness and combat. The player can move freely in the open-ended environment, interact with objects and collect weapons to kill enemies. He must survive as long as possible and remain the last at the end of the game. A small map has been featured in the right corner of the screen to display the position of the player. Using customization, the player can change the appearance of his character and can earn points by killing enemies. Additional content will be unlocked, as the player advanced. With addictive gameplay, excellent mechanics, highly detailed visuals, and a huge arsenal of weaponry, etc.

This worked pretty consistently until their last stand, where eventually I headed up with the team to help clear out any stragglers (I had a submachine gun for close encounters). Of course, not being experienced with those kinds of skirmishes, I was shot from behind. Luckily a team mate got him before I was killed. I then got to experience the healing system. I had a wounded head (likely from a bullet). I had to take cover, take out a med pack and heal myself. The whole process took quite a while, and had me feeling very vulnerable. But it was safe enough and I was able to fully recover myself. Of course, later it was not safe enough.


The story of Red River (extra resources) isn’t too hard to follow. The US Marines are sent into a country called Tajikistan to wipe out some insurgents and restore order, similar to the real life battles being waged in Iraq and Afghanistan. Things are all well and good at first. Unfortunately, the country is right in the PLA’s (People’s Liberation Army – China) backyard. Things go sour really quick once the Chinese decide they want the land for themselves. The PLA, unlike the insurgents, are well armed, numerous, better trained, and just generally better equipped to push our Marines right out Tajikistan’s door.

The game is quite fun, though, and while there’s stiff competition this year (a new Ghost Recon looms), I hope it does find success. There’s a formula here that Codemasters can definitely call their own, and proudly. I will watch for this one next month.


Operation flashpoint cold war crisis crack

All under an untrustworthy and powerfully foreign Eurasian sky. What followed was painful and awesome in equal measure, and you can read it below.


This marksman rifle is the staring weapon for scouts. The weapon (like other long range weapons), using 7/62mm round is good way to provide cover to the teammates from distance.

Yet it strikes me that the original Operation Flashpoint was the definitive “not-fun” game

But realism, that’s another thing. Realism is facts without the fun, and authenticity is fun with the facts. That’s my take on it. at the end of the day, we’re in this business to make a AAA commercial tactical shooter.


I would at least prove myself as the most competent of the team. Doing my best to fade out the exact words of the girl’s stream-of-consciousness commentary so it simply sounded like a parrot belting out an unknown national anthem, I send my character sprinting down a hill to take cover behind some sandbags.

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I’m proud to have that name, that brand, and it’s got a great heritage. But it’s Codemasters’ IP, it’s our franchise, and it’s ours to do with what we will, and we want to blow it wide open. I don’t see any reason why we couldn’t make an Operation Flashpoint RTS game.


The weapon is very much similar to M4A1. It’s effective at short range but due to the increased barrel length, it can work well in long range battle. The M16A4 has two fire modes, single shot or the famous 3-round burst and can also be equipped with a grenade launcher (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=2566).

They not only manage to obscure most of your vision but - particularly with the M16/M4 - is obscured by the front sight of the gun. This can lead to aiming a bit too high, or low on a fairly regular basis, so you're probably best sticking with iron sights until you get the sniper, or even better thermal scope.

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Operation Flashpoint: Red River Download

Once you make one amazing title and it sticks for years, why make Red River (why not find out more)? Why not stick to what worked for you and continue building onto it? Save your money and time and buy pong or something because this title took a nose dive before the first package was opened.


Unfortunately the campaign is very short (they get shorter with every game). The levels feel too repetitive because three of them play in the same area. They didn't make much use of the geography. The game just ends on a whimper, with no feeling towards a big endgame or something important.

More Red River Screenshots

This unguided projectile explosive has the ability to penetrate the armor up to 30mm thick. HMMVV units carrying this weapon can be devastating.


The joy of watching people go bouncing into the air, eh? Do you feel Red River (home)’s identity might have gotten a bit tangled up in the name of Operation Flashpoint (useful site), at some point? Do you feel it’s a little misleading?

SZone Online mixes the Massively Multiplayer Online, Role-playing, Survival, and First-person Shooter elements with an emphasis on Battle Royale genre published and developed by Cybertime System. The game offers free-to-play and introduces crafting system and PvP arena mode. It has multiple characters, and the player needs to choose his favorite one of them to start the game. The story of the game focuses on the human strength and the true heroes. It features a non-stop conflict between locals and aliens. To get into the landscape, the player has to select his side, team up with other players and jump into the battle where he has to battle against enemies and crush them using a variety of weapons. It offers a large environment full of deadly mutants, and a variety of quests. Over tons of abilities and skills available and the player can select from one of them such as Doctor, a Soldier, a Scientist, an Engineer and more. He explores the landscape from a third-person perspective, battle enemies and can kill them using a weapon to earn points while collecting items, weapons, and loot. During the gameplay, the player interacts with non-player characters to progress.


I got my grubby mitts on upcoming co-op military shooter Operation Flashpoint: Red River this week. The third in this series of “realistic” military shooters, Red River (about his) is based in Tajikistan (yes, it’s a real country) and heavily influenced by the style of modern combat documentaries like the fabulous Generation Kill (mmm.