When the radar tracks position of the locked target in optical sight mode, the locked target will now be the target selected by the player and not the one closest to centre. To do this, the selected target must be in the field of view of the optical sight.

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The Argentina Navy purchased of 2 Type 214 Submarines from Germany, one of which has already been delivered. The Type 214 is a advanced modern submarine that can fire anti-shipping missiles and land attack cruise missiles. We believe Argentina has purchased a modified version of the AS-20K cruise missile which can be fired from a 533mm torpedo tube, these would allow it to be fired from both the Type 209 and Type 214 submarines, this missile has a effective range of 1200 km and is a significant threat to surface vessels operating in the region. The Argentina missile inventory has grown covertly over the last 10 years with more then ten purchases which we not public disclosed.


The Argentine government allowed the military to decay in favor of social programs which were championed by former President Nestor Kirchner. The eroding of the Argentine military capability was the byproduct of this and a political decision which reflected a population deeply distrustful of a strong military. Both Kirchners viewed the military publicly and privately with caution. As a result Argentina’s military was largely dismantled by the back to back civilian Kirchner governments which took power from the military. The Dirty War period [1976 – 1983] was one of the lowest points in Argentine history and killed between 30,000 and 45,000 civilians. As Argentina moved into the 21st century its civilian government was determined to keep the military weak and forgo Geo-political influence which came with having a powerful military. It forced them to into using late 1990s era technology which much of the inventory of tanks and aircraft came from. The retirement of the ARA Veinticinco de Mayo the only operational aircraft carrier was a major blow to the Argentine Navy aspirations for regional power in the South Atlantic. As the Argentinians retreated the Brazilian Navy filled the vacuum. Argentina from 1990 to 2021 decayed further and became totally reliant on Brazil to provide it’s security from rival Chile who’s military remained smaller, but continued to modernize.

General Atomics Reveals Self-Protection Pod For The MQ-9 Reaper

Work is expected to trials F-35As of the 412th for the type, giving it an be certified for the USAF’s be completed by August Test Wing’s 416th Flight Initial data from the B-2, F-16C/D and F-35A, as 31, 2021. Dave Allport demonstration, which was First four RCAF FWSAR CC-295s completed AIRBUS DEFENCE and (c/n 183, ex EC-005), 295502/ 18, 2021 (see RCAF’s first In addition to the 16 Trainer airframes. The first of Space has completed EC-004 (c/n 185), 295503 CC-295 formally accepted, operational aircraft on order, these, 295517 (c/n 187), left manufacture of the first four (c/n 190) and 295504 (c/n February, p16) and has a separate training contract Seville on delivery on January Royal Canadian Air Force 192). The first of these was been retained in Spain for covers three additional 28 (see CC-295 FWSAR (RCAF) CC-295s of the formally accepted by the training.


So Hall came up with a proposal that he pitched to a few studios. In time he landed a deal with Warner Brothers that included Bradley Cooper in the lead role.

The AAF need for a integrated national air defense was one of the major national security goals of the modernization program. In 2021 the Argentine Minster of Defense(MoD) conducted a study codenamed GREY FALCON which studied ways to prevent the type of Gulf War air campaign against Argentina. In the report it concluded that future wars would leverage smaller and faster cruise missiles, unmanned aircraft, and/or stealth aircraft. The report indicated that the proliferation of drone technology would likely be used against Argentina by a regional powers in all levels of military and Geo-political activities. This technology was no longer exclusive to the US or Russia. The report laid out the path for the AAF to improve and eventually achieve 100% coverage of there airspace. Some regions which are strategic and should be prioritized, but the total cost of complete coverage was beyond even the budget of Order 4040 and would require nearly 10 additional years.


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More than 22,000 service members said they were upset or angry when someone at work showed or sent them pornography. And, again, female Marines represented the highest percentage of complaints from women.


One rat can evaluate 100 samples in 20 minutes, equal to what a skilled lab technician, using microscopy, can do in two days. As of 2005, the rats were able to find 5 to 10 TB patients per week that were missed by microscopes.

Here are some of the most twisted theories about ISIS

Robert Neller, the Marine Corps commandant, told Congress that the service has been looking at the recruit training issue. But to date, no major changes have been made.


The first wave of AAV at FORSTA are about to overrun a observation post set up by the Royal Marines the last week. OP WRETCH, its lightly manned, with only 18 Royal Marines instead of the normal 40. The position has two 10 meter towers and a single heavy machine gun emplacement, four anti-tank missiles and only one launcher. The radio jumps alive as the traffic from the attacks on the other island have the Royal Marines here on edge. They can hear reports of Paratroopers on the eastern island and missile strikes. The commander of OP WRETCH comes out of his tent, a makeshift combination of sand bags an polyurethane camo netting, he has just received orders from the watch commander 25km south at the main basin, his orders are to pull out of the OP and move back to the town of Clove Hill, the main town in the north.

The officials were not authorized to publicly discuss the matter because final decisions have not been made, so they spoke on condition of anonymity. The boot camp decision is still under discussion.


This greatly improves With the arrival of 14 F-16C/D replace its veteran T-2E Buckeyes. Block 70s in 2021, Slovakia is now In a clash of the training titans, looking to replace its L-39ZAM/ Israel’s Elbit Systems and L-39CM advanced jet trainers. Canada’s CAE are fighting for the Brigadier Lubomir Svoboda told $1/6bn contract to support HAF AFM in August last year: “The flying training for 20 years. AFM The Bulgarian Air Force is set to begin looking for a replacement for its ageing Albatros fleet – L-39ZA serial 147 is seen on the Bezmer flight line that also includes a pair of PC-9M turboprops. Bulgaria’s 12 remaining L-39ZAs were grounded in 2021 when their service life expired, but Aero Vodochody overhauled six and these began to be redelivered in 2021.

M3 Bradley, ADATS – The hull armour has been adjusted. The hull armour material has been fixed and the aluminum armour durability has been corrected.


Some allege there were more before 1952, and all the debris and their pilots (with blue-green skin this time) were all taken to Wright-Patt. One of the crashes held as many as 16 alien bodies.

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Schiebel, with its CAMCOPTER S-100, is yet again one of the service providers for EMSA’s Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) operations carrying out ship emission monitoring and general maritime surveillance for EU member states. The scope of this EUR 16/5m framework contract includes monitoring the sulphur content of ships’ emissions to ensure compliance with the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) sulphur emission limits from sea going vessels, as well as maritime situational awareness for coastal authorities.


The size of the active Argentine army is 192,560 personnel, that includes nearly 30,000 special operations force, and around 75,000 national air/army/sea guard. There is also close to 300,000 civilian defense reservists and a the Federal Auxiliary Milita which have received some form on military training, these are mostly retired military and law enforcement officers. The range anywhere from 20 to 50s. Argentine has surpass all other South American nations in military spending and is outspending Brazil 4 to 1. Argentina has spent estimated 76% of the $26 billion dollar fund. Nearly 26% increase since 2021 year over year in spending. The currently rank 11th for military expenditures to GDP after being rank in the forties for nearly 20 years.

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The two C-212 are Army aircraft but painted to match two Argentina Coast Guard maritime patrol planes, the planes issue a radio broadcast which is intercepted by a British electronic monitoring ground station on the Falklands. In the radio broadcast the airplane says that its spotted a boat on fire and they it is going to attempt to get a closer look at the burning ship. The ground stations relays this communication to the British watch commander who logs it and notifies the Falkland’s Island coast guard. The two C-212 flied a flight plan with the Coast Guard on the Island early that morning, and it was to take the them south along the continental shelf, this is a deception by the Argentina military who plan to use the planes to get close to the Falkland’s. The two transports drop below radar and continue to fly north east, dropping 42 heavily armed paratroops onto the western island of the Falklands. The objective is to plant markers for additional airborne forces to land in 24 hours.


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Once the Lynx is retired, this warship will have to operate either the Dauphin or Panther, since it’s too small to accommodate the Caïman. To maintain the type’s operational capability, ensure its military relevance in the short term speed, its remarkably accurate seeker and on the right-hand side of the main cabin to and guarantee full compliance with the latest its resistance to jamming and decoying. The protect its mothership against asymmetric International Civil Aviation Organization (IACO) operational credibility of the old Mk46 torpedo threats in contested waters. Alternatively, rules and regulations, seven Lynxes underwent is now said to be questionable against the latest a sniper armed with a McMillan or a PGM a limited upgrade programme, the last before generation of submarines, which are quieter, Hécate 12/7mm high-power precision rifle the type is withdrawn from use. Lieutenant faster and capable of diving to greater depths can be carried for drug interdiction, with the Commander Christophe (surnames have been than their predecessors. Recent diesel/electric rifle securely fitted to a modular mounting for withheld on request), the head of 34F operations, submarines are often fitted with air-independent added stability.


The biggest discovery is total number of missiles Argentina has purchased in the last 20 years. The sale of these missiles came from numerous international sources over the years. Argentina has for a long time had a advanced knowledge of missile design and is a member of the Missile Control Treaty. Argentina had a advanced ballistic missile program into the 1990s,but due to international pressure and the collapse of the South African economy led to the Argentina abandoning the Condor missile programs. Argentina’s missile program ran into further problems after the Falklands War. The British government blocked sales of replacements of french Exocet missiles after the war due to these missiles devastating effect on the UK fleet. The efforts of the British were effective and the Argentineans stopped pursuing the purchase in 1990s. Since then their inventory of missiles was widely reported to remain low. In two separate MI6 reports in 1997 and 2001 both stated that missile inventories of Argentina remained at their pre-1990s levels. This remained until 2009 when they turned to Venezuela to sell them copies of the AS-20 Kayak, a Russia exported version of the Harpoon missile with a range of 70 miles that Venezuela was producing locally with the help of Iran.

President Barack Obama stopped an arms sale to Taiwan in December. Some analysts expect Trump at least to unblock it. The United States may sell advanced rocket systems and anti-ship missiles to Taiwan in the next package, news reports from Washington say.


In 2021 Massa suspended the head of the largest labor union in Argentina, after a drivers strike stopped to flow of fuel oil and food throughout the country for 3 days. His heavy handed response to a what was a peaceful union strike, included public beatings, and arresting nearly 250 drivers. This created a widespread backlash in the country. Caught off guard by savy protesters who used social media and cell phones to coordinate massive street protests. The protest brought out both woman and men of all ages, who came to vent their frustration at Massa and his first year in government. After the fourth day of the drivers strike, he order another crackdown and removal of a occupy like tent city erected during the protests trigger a massive riot, which broke out in four majors cities. The riot damaged some 735 million dollars worth of government property and commercial buildings. The riots ushered in a period of further instability, with the assassination of over a dozen local municipal politicians and police officials. In the chaos the federal government declared marshal law, attempted the mass jailing of protesters, and any police officers who refused to break up protests.

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The convoy moving back towards the town, was designated RED1, it was chatting back and forth with two other ground contacts, which he had designated BOGEY1 and BOGEY2, reading the transcript, he recognized the English word for artillery and armored tanks. He realized that the convoy was trying to get BOGEY1 and BOGEY2 to move to the landing zones. The Rafale breaks radio silent and sends a data transmission back to the AAF HQ, asking for orders. The AAF gives him permission to engage the ground targets. The AAF pilot sends a text message to his wing man. The message is simple ENGAGE BOGEY2.


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By this time the protester swelled in numbers jumping to over a hundred of thousand, with citizens joining them from all over the country. The government tried to calm the situation down by slowing Internets speeds to a crawl. The internet had become a critical tool in the protesters who used it for everything from stories about corruptions, to spreading Marxist ideology and protest tactics. In order to stop the flow of information coming out of the capital, the government to a hacked into to the main internet backbones seizing control of the four major exchanges and began to monitor all forms of communications spying on everyone to discern rebels from the population. These tactics enraged the vast majority of Argentines, they had largely followed what was a student protest, watching the protests on tv. For weeks, many middle class Argentines had sat out from direct involvement in the protests. But after this the numbers grow to nearly a million people.

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Massa’s true political origins lie with the right-wing and almost extinct Center Democratic Union party. His shift away from popular socialism when economic problems arose eroded large bastions of his populist supporters and the core UCR support. These formed the majority coalition which could carry him into the mayor’s office, but soon after his first term the largest of the non-Peronist political parties rejected him. Before his Mayoral reign, or later presidency, Massa became well-known for his work on the board of the Tigre Soccer Club where he used his connections with casino and bank owners to garner additional investment to keep the ailing football club financially afloat. During this time period there is speculation that Argentine organized crime figures used the soccer club as a front to launder vast sums of money out of the country. The money is believed to come from both weapons and cocaine sales. It is during this time that Massa’s illegitimate son gain notoriety for handling these dealings, but no evidence ever emerged directly linking Massa to any Argentine OC figures or Russian mafia associates living in the country. Despite these rumors Massa was beloved by many and feared by his enemies, as his power grew he was able to drive out much of the bureaucratic corruption which plagued Buenos Aires the largest city in the country for decades.

The ground crew was working on a jet engine which had recently pulled out of one of the 4 operational Typhoon Fighters, when the first impact from a MLR-10 struck. The missile hit a Rapier SAM site on the far side of the airfield. The initial blast at first looked like a crashed civilian plane, the base did have a small population of private aircraft which was used by both oil and tourism companies. But within 30 seconds of the first blast, four more occurred with rapid succession. These missile struck the runway and one of the hangars which contained a new Typhoon fighter, it was instantly destroyed on impact, the blast killing all the servicemen inside and collapsing the hangar. Within the next 5 minutes the remaining 7 missile struck targets all over the airbase. The DH-10 warhead was a near replicate of the US Tomahawk. The strike was devastating, killing 128 airmen, destroying three of the four fighters, and two helicopters on the ground. The blast damaged the runway with three huge craters roughly 10 meters wide, this would prevent any aircraft from landing or taking off from the runway. The RAF commander on station was badly wounded but was able to call the local Army watch commander and alert the Islands Defense chief who immediately called the governor of the Island.


Geospark Analytics will incorporate mass notification technology that will enable AI-powered mass notification of risk and threat. It will enhance security and situational awareness for the DOD and have dual purpose applicability for commercial security operations. Hyperion is a substantial force multiplier for the DOD, shifting the Common Operational Picture of current risks to one that is a forecast of the future. Hyperion’s AI engine analyzes streaming publicly available information, identifies anomalies in activity levels, assesses stability and forecast future risk. Over the past year the use of Hyperion across the department grew to included Combatant Commands, Military Services, and Combat Support Agencies. This is the third Phase II SBIR award for Geospark Analytics’ Hyperion platform that provides unprecedented situational awareness and an AI-driven forecast of risk across the globe. AFRL and AFWERX partnered to streamline the SBIR process in an attempt to speed up the experience, broaden the pool of potential applicants and decrease bureaucratic overhead.

Kyle’s wife Taya – who’d weathered four war deployments on the home front – added another dimension. Hall studied her reactions to her husband, her concerns when his mood went south and how her face lit up when he was with their children.


Renvus is rumored to be living in a compound in the tri-border region, but has effective political protection from Massa in exchange for his street power and support. He has a 5 million dollar interpol bounty and is wanted by the Federal Police for many crimes.

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The problem is, if we're all wired to equate lens flare with The Future, we may not collectively want to

Taiwan frets because the Communist leadership claims sovereignty over the self-ruled island despite opinion polls showing most Taiwanese oppose China’s goal of eventual unification. The two sides talked regularly from 2008 to 2021 but stopped after Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen took office last year.

The workhorse of the SDV Teams today is the Mark 8 SEAL Delivery Vehicle. However, the days of the aging Mark 8s are almost over, with the Mark 11 Shallow Water Combat Submersible (SWCS) currently going through final operational trials.


The Argentinian Colonel finally spots the weak blink of a IR strobe on his scope. He radios his second in command a Captain from a career military family. His father commanded men during the first invasion, he is eager to prove himself in combat. Young and somewhat inexperience the Colonel instructs him to make his first 45 degree turn and head towards Landing Zone FORSTA, he will take 10 of the AAV-7 and capture the peninsula. The Captian barks back a confirmation on the radio and the platoon of AAV break into two lines, he tells his drive to adjust course again and increase to full speed, we wants to get on shore as soon as possible they sun will come up in less then 5 hours. He orders his men to get ready for a combat landing, they all sigh relief, 90 minutes in a tin can floating in the open ocean has taken its told and they rather be in combat. The begin to load there guns and put on there body armor. In less then 20 minutes they will get what they want and be the first Marines to land on the island. The Marines gearing up have no idea what is waiting for them, the AAF Marine Corps were told to take these two landing zones based on intelligence they received from four UAV overflights which took place over 2 weeks ago. The Colonel trusts his intelligence but he much rather have a UAV above him right now as he gets ready for hitting the beach.

Special Operations Command (USSOCOM). The contract will provide proficient and capable geospatial analysts experienced with the processing, exploitation and dissemination of traditional and non-traditional intelligence data. Fiscal 2021 operation and maintenance funds in the amount of $25,731,000 are being obligated at the time of award.


There are nine active duty regular SEAL Teams, two SEAL Delivery Vehicle Teams, and three Special Boat Teams. The units are divided between the West and East Coasts. There is an additional Tier 1 SEAL Team, the DEVGRU, previously and colloquially known as SEAL Team 6, that recruits the best SEALs from the other teams and specializes in hostage rescue and counterterrorism operations.

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The Argentina Navy purchase five new ships since 2002 spending nearly $7/6 billion dollars in the process. They procured two advanced Type 214 submarines from Germany for 1/6 billion dollars, these are fuel cell powered and can fire long range cruise missiles from 655mm torpedo tubes they add to enhance the Submarine fleet. The Argentines then decided in 2021 to finish the construction of the last TR-1700, the Navy asked the government for nearly $75 million additional dollars to finish the construction, and then in 2021 requested a additional $178 million dollars. The money was to extend the hull and fit a nuclear reactor inside. The reactor was the first of its kind using a plasma induction system. Argentina engineers designed a revolutionary water jet system, this increased the cost of the project considerably. The advance reactor and propulsion system attracted the eye of the international community. Both the US and Brazil navy’s entered formal agreements to finance the construction of as many as 8 additional submarines with Brazil taking ownership of up to 3 of them. The US Navy would receive technology transfers of the reactor design which would be contracted with General Electric to build. The quiet propulsion system was revolutionary for its noise quieting technology.

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Instead of just showing what the camera is pointed at, these imperfections could result in a bright multicolored ring, or even other shapes with the crazier lenses. You see it in movies filmed with real cameras, say when a camera pans past the sun, and with virtual cameras we've been aping it ever since.


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The Gulf of Tonkin Incident was the catalyst for the escalation of American action in Vietnam. It refers to two incidents in August 1964.

When my father died, my brother quit school to become the head of the family. At that time in Japan, women weren’t supposed to be more educated than the head of the family, so my mother wouldn’t let me go to college.


Whatever the aircraft has been doing in the Seattle skies, it seems curious that it’s been using civilian airports for the job. But so far, the plane does appear to be doing a good job of hiding in plain sight with no one able to say who even owns it.

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Argentina’s Navy has drastically expanded during the military build up of the late 2010s, this is due to several factors. Primarily sheer need for more crewmen as the Navy expanded its fleet in number of ships. The GoA has sought to increase the size of its Navy in order to operate a its goal of three operational naval task forces. The secondary effect is the creation of a national maritime reserve force which put thousands of unemployed young men into government services as port guards and dock workers, but also the Maritime Merchant force in a asymmetric naval warfare capacity, it is modeled on the Chinese PLA Navy. The PLAN uses both commercial and civilian ships to conduct surveillance and electronic eavesdropping, submarine monitoring and dozens of other intelligence gathering and clandestine purposes. The build up of this force allows the Argentina Navy the ability to asymmetric attack naval targets beyond its maritime waters using the cover of this civilian hybrid force.


To the east of al-Tanek, Iraqi forces have been facing tough resistance from IS in Mosul’s Old City, an area that stretches along the Tigris River, which divides Mosul into its eastern and western half. The Old City’s narrow alleys and densely populated areas have made it hard for troops to move forward.

Although not a primary mission-set, SDVs can also support Naval Special Warfare Development Group, the Tier 1 SEAL Team that specializes in counterterrorism and hostage rescue, in maritime counterterrorism scenarios by clandestinely transporting assaulters close to a target. That unit is more commonly known among those outside the SEAL community as SEAL Team 6.

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Work will be performed in Irvine, California, with an estimated completion date of March 31, 2021. Fiscal 2021 operation and maintenance, Army funds; and fiscal 2021 overseas contingency operations, defense funds in the amount of $18,909,440 were obligated at the time of the award.


USAF/Danny Webb offering students a realistic view Fighter Pilots Modernised Training PC-21 as an ideal solution for “In 2009, the Swiss Air Force of the modern-day air combat Programme). The initiative – advanced flying training. One demonstrated the ‘proof-of- environment, according to the managed by Babcock France in very experienced ex-Armée de concept’ that the PC-21 is perfectly Ilmavoimat. There are no plans partnership with Dassault Aviation l’Air fighter pilot told AFM: “I’m suitable for the advanced and to replace the 31 Hawks until the under an 11-year contract – delivers totally against a turboprop in fighter-lead-in training when 2030s. Major General (ret’d) Lauri a comprehensive pilot training the LIFT role.

Watch WATM’s exclusive one-on-one interview with “American Sniper” screenwriter Jason Hall

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The SAS fearing the worse sent the entire Squadron D to the Sandwich Islands further east but within helicopter range. The deployment of heavy armor to the island will significantly aid the UK ability to repel a Argentine invasion. The is also a risk that Argentina intelligence services will detect this troop movement and publish it furthering the Argentina narrative that the UK is militarizing the South Atlantic.

Orbital UAV Signs New Contract with Textron/Lycoming

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The first was in a Shinto temple, which the Japanese recognized as an official marriage, but the Americans did not. It made it easier for me to move with Mike to his new station on Okinoerabujima. Then our second wedding was December 23, 1958, and our chaplain one was on February 17, 1959.

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A big thanks to our good aviation photographer friend Russell Hill for providing the picture of the CN-235 surveillance aircraft. Make sure to check out all his awesome work here, you won't be disappointed.


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The first modernised military facility. Crews L-39C is serial 834417, Krasnodar Military Aviation (electrical generators, wires, The decision to enhance the recently completed training which previously flew as on the new helicopters ‘41 White’/RF-94905 at the College of Pilots. Newer seals) have been replaced.

War Thunder 1.95 Update Patch Notes Confirmed

However, SDVs aren’t a magic bullet for getting operators ashore without arousing suspicion. They’re limited by their low speed and short operational range and can be affected by environmental factors, such as water temperature and sea conditions.


Air Force to marry, they sent Mike back to the United States! So it took time — close to two years. When he managed to come back to Japan, he was stationed.

The conditions in which GoA would attempted a military invasion of the island were outline specifically in a classified document obtained by a foreign intelligence service and given to MI6. The document comes from the Dirección Nacional de Inteligencia Estratégica Militar (National Directorate of Strategic Military Intelligence, DNIEM) its author is a influential senior Argentina naval commander and his report was widely circulated among the senior cabinet of Massa administration during the led up the the invasion.


The signing came after the deal was reached in January. The Slovak MoD said on its website that the radars would be delivered from April 2021 to 2021, with payments divided into four instalments in 2021–24, adding that the contract was nearly EUR11/8 lower than originally planned.

While Moscow had no idea what was going on, in August 1974 the Explorer wrapped its mechanical claw around the K-129 and began raising it up from its three-mile depth. Unfortunately, the operation did not go exactly as planned: As it neared 9,000 feet below the surface, the claw failed and a large part of K-129 broke apart and fell, according to PRI. But the CIA still managed to bring up the ship’s bow, with the bodies of six Russian sailors.


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The aircraft will be made ready for sale to new owners, and the Norwegian Defence Material Agency expects to achieve commercial re-sale agreements for the upgraded aircraft. The contract initially applies to two F-16 aircraft that the Royal Norwegian Air Force has taken out of service, with an option to overhaul up to three additional aircraft.


According to an Air Force fact sheet, it works with the EA-18G Growler, the F-16CJ Fighting Falcon, and the EA-6B Prowler. The plane, though, has been in service since 1983. It was first designed to help take down air-defense networks, usually by working with other planes like the F-4G Wild Weasel and the EF-111 Raven.

Typhoon FGR4 ZK361 ‘361’ is one of the jets to have received No 12 Squadron’s new markings, including a badge on the tail combining British and Qatari flags. Other jets noted in these colours include ZK369. Derek Bower New colour scheme tested on RAF Tutor A NEW black and yellow with the new scheme. It colour scheme is being was flying again in the local trialled for the RAF Grob area on June 1 and June 16. Tutor T1 fleet. On May 14, No 6 Flying Training School It is reported that these Tutor T1 G-BYXH ‘XH’ trials are being undertaken by was delivered from RAF Southampton UAS/2 AEF – Wittering, Cambridgeshire one of the resident University to MOD Boscombe Down, Air Squadrons (UAS) at Wiltshire using Army Air Boscombe Down. It remains Corps (AAC) callsign unclear why an AAC callsign ‘AA765’, reportedly for tests was being used for the delivery flight. Dave Allport MQ-9B ground tests with Left: The new high-conspicuity scheme on Tutor T1 G-BYXH Brimstone and Paveway IV is inspired by the old yellow and black colours applied to the Slingsby T-67M Fireflies of the Joint Elementary Flying Training School. The trainer has an overall yellow upper surface, with black undersides featuring a white registration. The spinner and aerials remain white.


The United States Air Force (USAF) identified the second group of lights as flares dropped by A-10 Warthog aircraft which were on training exercises at the Barry Goldwater Range in southwest Arizona. Witnesses claim to have observed a huge carpenter's square-shaped UFO, containing lights or possibly light-emitting engines.

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According to an Air Force release, the EC-130H has been doing just that against ISIS. This plane is loaded with jamming gear that cuts off communications.


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The British bank is violating UN decrees which force them to seek Argentina permission to continue oil exploration in the region through the financing of the explorations efforts. The discovers of vast oil and gas fields in the Falkland’s during the 1970s is at the heart of the dispute between the UK and Argentina. While being a major discovery, at the time oil was not economically viable to extract from the islands, this has changed as prices have risen and many major international oil companies have set their targets on the Falklands. The Falkands contain a gas fields the size of the North Sea field. The companies are in order of investments British BP [234m], Dutch Shell [79m], American Exxon [54m], and France Total SA [29m] who are trying to purchase the rights from local oil companies the largest being Desire Petroleum which is already operating two wells in the Northern basin. The conglomerate of local oil companies controls one of the last large untapped oil fields in the world and many believe it is one of only a few remaining untapped basins which are accessible without major deep sea drilling. The new push for oil and natural gas in this regions comes as oil prices continue to climb past $100 a barrel. Their are numerous estimates by private and government sources which claim 60 billion barrels of oil in the ground and nearly 8 trillion cubic feet of natural gas in nearly 380,000 square miles which can be extracted. It represents nearly 6 trillion dollars worth of commercial fossil fuels, this factor is reason enough for Argentina to attempt to retake the islands, the oil exports from this would be the equal of nearly 100 years of their current exports levels.

June 20 for Bangui M’Poko Mönchengladbach Airport Nigeria in 2009. Originally, prior to the return home. International Airport, Unconfirmed reports in CAR.


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Taiwan has decided to buy an upgraded version of Lockheed Martin Corp’s Patriot surface-to-air missile, the air force said on Wednesday, as the island bolsters its forces to guard against a rising threat from China. Chinese-claimed Taiwan has complained of repeated incursions by China’s air force in recent months into the island’s air defence identification zone, as Beijing seeks to pressure Taipei into accepting its sovereignty. Taiwan’s Air Force told Reuters it had decided to buy the Patriot Advanced Capability 3 (PAC-3) Missile Segment Enhancement (MSE) missiles, with deliveries to start in 2021 and deployment the following year.

The ability of the British Armed Forces [BAF] to defeat Argentina in a repeat of the Falklands War remains in serious doubt. The retirement of the entire fleet of GR9 Harrier attack aircraft and the HMS Invincible carrier class represents all of the UK Royal Navy tactical force projection, and leaves only a small fleet of ballistic nuclear missile submarines who have no clear role beyond intimidation in a Falklands conflict and a even fewer modern air defense destroyers.


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In the last 3 months the Royal Marines had begun to fortify the coastline setting up numerous firing positions. The Royal Marines on the island while drilled to repel a invasion had not done so for nearly 4 years. The initial shock from the cruise missile strikes put most of the officer corps and NCOs in disarray. The GoA plan was to decapitate the islands defenses and its aircraft, then establish air domination and deploy and airborne and amphibious invasion. The GoA had a ambition plan to land the major of there forces at night. This was complicated by the disbursement of forces on the island. The island itself was rough rocky terrain and in many areas well defended and which was not easily traversable by tanks and heavy armor making the islands southern detachment of 6 Challenger tanks and 4 155mm self propelled guns already heavily fortified, effective at defending the south western basin of the island. From there position they could target nearly a third of the Island. The Argentines plans were to simple strike these positions with cruise missile and aircraft having gain air superiority.

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First-generation IR missile seekers typically used a spinning reticule with a pattern on it modulating IR energy, which is then fed onto a detector. The patterns used differ from company to company, from nation to nation, and from seeker to seeker, but the basic principle remains the same. By modulating the signal, the steering logic can tell where the IR energy source is relative to the missile direction of flight. All first-generation (1G) seekers from the 1960s work that way. In more recent designs (2G), those from the 1970s, the missile optics (click for more) will rotate and a rotating image is projected on a stationary reticule (a mode called conical scan) or stationary set of detectors that generates a pulsed signal which is then processed by the tracking logic.


The new-generation EuroflirTM 410, a key part of the SAR suite (Search & Rescue), will deliver unrivaled observation capabilities, even under low-visibility conditions, thanks in particular to a very-long-range telescope and high-performance line-of-sight stabilization. Coupled with a maritime radar and AIS (Automatic Identification System), the EuroflirTM 410 provides ship identification capability, along with precise geolocation. It’s capable of identifying a ship’s registration number or detecting a shipwrecked person at a range of several kilometers. New-generation Euroflir™410 optronic systems allow France’s Maritime Surveillance & Intervention Patrol (PATSIMAR) to enhance its stealthy very-high-altitude observation capabilities, and carry out at-sea search & rescue or zone surveillance missions even under the most extreme conditions. With this latest contract win, Safran confirms its European leadership in the highly demanding market for airborne optronics on special-mission airplanes and helicopters. The Triton modified Falcon 50M and Falcon 2000 Albatros aircraft will be deployed as from 2021 and 2021, respectively, in line with the French government’s latest defense planning bill, and will gradually replace the current Falcon 50M and Falcon 200 Guardian aircraft in the 24F et 25F fleets, based in mainland France and overseas territories.

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But Marine Corps officials are now suggesting that training half of their recruits on the West Coast with no females in their units could be contributing to some of the disciplinary problems they’ve had. Giving the male Marines greater exposure to females during training could foster better relations and greater respect over time, some have suggested.



Char 25t – The position in the research tree has been changed. Now it is placed before the Lorraine 40t.

Lockheed pitched the L-133 to the Army Air Force in 1940, but the generals were focused on long-range bombers. The people at Lockheed who designed the L-133 would go on to be the major players in Lockheed’s famed Skunk Works. They took many of their ideas from the L-133 and incorporated them into new designs for more than 20 years.


US SOUTHCOM has continued to ask for assurances from the GoA that their nuclear program remains peaceful. This trust is viewed as critical to maintain good relations with the United States. The Argentines wish to build a protective barrier which extends well beyond the 200 nm international lines to allow it to guarantee its food supply and Chinese investments in the country. While being able to project limited force beyond their maritime border is important to Argentine political goals, the real goal is to be able to re-capture the Malvinas Islands and its vast oil reserves. The Chinese are a very important international partner for Argentina’s pursuit of modernization of its military, but the Argentine economy is heavily dependent on exports and without high demand their coffers remain traditionally low. This changed in 2021 when food prices jumped world wide as the need for food in China outweighs international credit risks in the Argentine agriculture sector. They control nearly 90% of the leather export markets worldwide and account for over 2/3 of the world’s soybean production. Argentina continued to fill the void from US exports in animal livestock feed and agriculture. The Argentine Navy has gained the ability to operate far from its territorial waters. This allows the GoA government more leverage in negotiate food prices.

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Massa was born on April 28, 1972, in Buenos Aires. The son of Italian immigrants, a construction worker and a housewife, Massa studied law at the University of Belgrano. Massa is married to Malena Galmarini, the daughter of Peronist Party (PJ) leader Fernando Galmarini, he adopted his father-in-laws political views after the death of his biological father in the early 2000s, becoming more politically active then his father who was a supporter of the more moderate UCR party. Fernando Galmarini was a former Secretary for Sports and political operative during Carlos Menem’s administration. Family connections allowed Malena to be appointed to the Municipal Council of Social Policies in late April 2008 were they first met.

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The ARA Malvinas surfaces 450km south of the Falkland’s Island’s, the sea is rough but the ARA Malvinas is able to make radio contact with the Argentine Navy central command. At 0958 ZULU the Argentine Admiral issues the order to fire 12 MLR-10 [ Argentine copy of DH-10 missile] missiles at programmed targets. The missile streak out from the ARA Malvinas VLS system towards their intended targets six minutes later. The targets were identified 72 hours prior when the last of the SIDE agents return from the Falkland’s and were debriefed. These agents were posing as oil service technicians which were sent from a Dutch oil company. The 6 SIDE clandestine officers flew into Falklands via a direct flight from Europe. Their flight plans were booked nearly two months prior to Operation Paramour, in order to lower the chance of their detection by MI6. The 6 agents spend nearly 3 days engaged in meetings with local oil officials speaking Dutch and English about ways to improve their oil extraction methods. On the fourth night the SIDE agents drove out at night posing as two half drunk Dutch couples and pinpointed the GPS locations for dozens of critical fixed military structures included the main runway and hangars for the islands only 4 Euro Fighters and Rapier SAM sites. The SIDE agents located both the main Falklands Armory which contained 12 Challenger 2 MBTs and the islands only Mobile Star Streak SAM.

Department of Defense to protect servicemen and servicewomen from small drone threats. Titan applies artificial intelligence, machine learning, and low-collateral electronic countermeasures that blind the drone pilot from collecting intelligence and prevent the drone from penetrating protected airspace. With the click of a button, Titan generates a post mission analysis report that highlights threat activity patterns. This analysis equips operators and their command leadership with insights that help chart a course of action for each mission.


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Weapons maintenance is important, but good materials can be hard to find. Still, some of the best cleaning can be done with baby wipes, cotton swabs, and dental scrapers. They’re used to wipe down surfaces, get to hard to reach areas, and remove burnt on carbon, respectively.

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KSA FMS funds in the amount of $610,465,499 will be used to fund this effort. The Missile Defense Agency, Redstone Arsenal, Alabama, is the contracting activity (HQ0853-21-C-0002).


They currently enjoy a favorable world opinion in regard to their historical claims against the island despite historical fact that the Falklands have been under the control of the British domain for nearly 150 years. Many South American nations support Argentina’s claims and some have to various degrees made statements which included a allusion to military support either overt or covert if the GoA retook the islands.

In order to achieve the goals in the time window, Argentina has agreements with the United States to share early warning radar centers and allow the stationing of US AWACS aircraft at four airbases inside of Argentina. Argentina also has a agreements with Brazil for coverage of ground radars which cross into Argentina airspace, and send information to the joint operation command center. The data is then transmitted in real time to the Argentina Air Force ground radar operations in the military district of Buenos Aires. Argentina’s air defense systems are a mix of Chinese/European, and indigenous designed systems. The AAF funded a joint air defense system called TANGO with Brazil. TANGO can be used to engage cruise missiles and UAVs, up to 40,000 ft. The only major drawback is the range of the system is less then 60km, which prevents it from being used as a theater level air defense system. This allows the AAF a limited but modern integrated air defense system which can intercept 4th generation aircraft with a high degree of reliability in the regions where it is active. The TANGO was deployed to protect longer range fixed S300 missile batteries which the AAF planned to acquired later. TANGO can protect the S300 from cruise missile strikes or stealth aircraft with some degree of reliability. Even with the deployment of TANGO, Argentina will continue to lack a national integrated radar network and only has effective local coverage of about 37% of total airspace.


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At 40 feet, the DCS is almost twice the size of the SWCS and also four times heavier. But the increased size and weight come with a much longer operational range and payload, in addition to being more comfortable for the operators. While comfort may not sound essential, it becomes imperative when SEALs have to accomplish their mission after an eight-hour plus dive. The DCS can hold two crew members and eight combat divers, twice that of the Mark 11.


Over the last several years, Marine leaders have battled persistent accusations that the Corps is hostile to women. The Marines were the only service to formally request an exception when the Pentagon moved to allow women to serve in all combat jobs. That request was denied in late 2021 by then-Defense Secretary Ash Carter.

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If you’re worried about the rats setting off the explosives, rest easy. The rats weigh less than two pounds, not enough to set off the pressure-triggered anti-personnel mines.


OSS’ maritime branch had a primitive submersible capability in the form of underwater canoes. The British had developed more advanced technology, which the OSS was able to study and pave the road for the modern-day SDVs.

Chinese officials fume when other countries, especially the United States, sell weapons to Taiwan. Taiwan is looking to Trump because he risked China’s anger by speaking to Tsai by phone in December and his staff has taken a tough line against Beijing’s military expansion at sea.


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The order value amounts to approximately SEK 1/6bn for the period from 1 April 2021 to 31 December 2021. Saab has booked SEK 1/5bn of the order value in Q1. The contract covers performance-based support and maintenance of Gripen and is an extension of a previously signed contract in May 2021 with FMV. The contract includes support and maintenance services essential to aviation operations with Gripen.

The new contract will oversee an extension of services currently undertaken by Inmarsat

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The Queen Elizabeth is Britain’s first super carrier and is designed to meet the UK NATO commitments for the new century. However it will not be ready for active duty until late 2021. The accelerating the deployment of the Queen Elizabeth super carrier remains the most effective option. The Queen Elizabeth is the United Kingdom’s largest and most power surface vessel ever and would surely tip the scales in favor of the UK. The Queen Elizabeth and its 36 F-35C fighters have the ability to completely dominate the current/future Argentina Air Force. The CV remains on track but frequent cost overruns and delays in construction have moved the date in which the ship will enter service in the Royal Navy to 2021. The Royal Navy does not have the fleet size to keep a large flotilla (8-10 ships) in the South Atlantic to discourage the Argentina provocations. Protection of commercial oil & shipping interests which are continuously harassed by Argentina who will not allow UK or Falklands Island flagged vessels into ports in Argentina or into territorial waters.

Has spent frugally with money only purchasing a few major new weapons systems, instead they have greatly increased the quality of their army, the pay increases and expansion of veterans benefits guarantees the loyalty of the Army. The Army also has dramatically increased the Special Forces units of the Army. The largest being the purchase of 81 Leopard 2E main battle tanks for $2/6 billion dollars. The Leopard 2E were purchased from Spain in 2021 after Spain accepted the deal for the tanks Argentina’s nationalization of Spanish Oil exploration company Restor essentially froze diplomatic relations between the two nations, and Spain was selling off the tank because of sanctions imposed on Spain by the EU over its military budget. The Spanish were trying to move past the dispute which strained relations and saw Spain lose to France and Germany as military contracts from Argentina swelled.


On June 3, a farewell flypast took place at Hurlburt involving three of the remaining four AC-130Us: 89-0510, 90-0164 and 90-0165. The remaining aircraft, 87-0128, named Big Daddy, made its last flight at Hurlburt on June 9; this aircraft will be preserved at Hurlburt Field’s Memorial Air Park. On June 26, 89-0510 was the last to leave Hurlburt when it was flown to retirement to the 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group (AMARG) at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Arizona, for storage.

The General looks back at his laptop, a small computer on a otherwise large oak desk, the screen displays a live feed of the war, reports coming in from four dozen commands and nearly 100 other sources. This information all goes into a fusion center located four floors below, the information is sorted and organized and then sent back up to the chain of command for men like the general and his superiors. The General war plan calls for both air and sea based invasion, both of which are very risky, the Argentinians plan was to use the element of surprise to capture the island, and then transport over additional heavy units once the initial attack ended.


Jam Air can function as a stand-alone system or combined with a flare dispenser

The activation of the special operations units is done in total secret using couriers. The units are order to dress as civilians and moved to preposition bases in the southern part of Argentina and held incommunicado, while the Air Force begins to move jet fuel to the base. The MI6 has agents in Argentina monitoring movements of military double use materials like jet fuel, so the Army hides these trucks by loading them onto closed freight cars and transports them over railway lines. As military supplies slowly start to move south the final order is given to begin the clandestine intelligence gathering operations on the island. The generals plan has two phases the initial invasion and then securing the island and defending it from counterattack.

The LCA will be fitted with unified radar warning and jamming system. The flight testing will take some time for the system to become operational. India’s Advanced Light Helicopter (ALH) Dhruv is equipped with a Swedish Saab EW suite. The Rafale will bring new EW technologies. It features an integrated system named SPECTRA developed jointly between Thales and MBDA, which protects the aircraft against airborne and ground threats. SPECTRA would allow Rafale to become independent of SEAD platforms. The effective radiated power (ERP) of the EL/M-2080 Green Pine radar, with India, makes it a possible candidate for conversion into a directed-energy weapon, by focusing pulses of radar energy on target missiles.


In addition, these radar systems will be interoperable with NATO”. The agreement includes provisions for technology and knowledge transfer from Israel to Slovakia, as well as industrial co-operation.

Culinary Specialist 2nd Class Arianna Gunn is relentless. Yes, that’s a rating in the Coast Guard. And it’s no joke to the men and women who work that job. The Coast Guard, like any force in history, runs on its stomach.


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They are uncomfortable and a lot of work, but they fill a critical and unique capability. The guys that do get to work with the SDVs are a strategic national asset,” a former Navy SEAL operator told Sandboxx News.

Work will be performed in Portsmouth, Rhode Island, and is expected to be completed by August 2021. Fiscal 2021 other procurement (Navy) funds in the amount of $42,000,000 (63%); and 2021 other procurement (Navy) funds in the amount of $24,500,000 (37%) funding will be obligated at time of award and will not expire at the end of the current fiscal year.


This was recently repeated by Egyptian Culture Minister Gaber Asfour on Egyptian television. It has also been repeated in Jordan, Lebanon, and the Palestinian Territory.

NEWS Continental Europe First KC-30 for the MMU arrives Above: Serial T-055 (MRTT055/M2) – the first A330 MRTT for the MMF – takes o from Getafe, Spain, for a pe-delivery test flight. The entire fleet will be registered by the Dutch military aviation authority and therefore will wear RNLAF roundels and serials. Airbus Defence and Space THE MULTINATIONAL (MMF).


The Argentine Air Force has grown to nearly double the total number of aircraft it had during the height of its 1980s military, and includes some modern aircraft, notably the Rafael D which were purchased from France along with modernized Super Etendards, the AAF are the only operators in South America who fly the Rafael. The sale of the Rafael was controversial in Argentina, many inside the government wanted to purchase American F-16E and F-15E but the Boudou government favored the French jet which was reportedly picked because of Boudou french ancestry. Now the AAF is the only operators of the Super Etendard SEM, and are augmented with both purchases of new A-1 AMX ground attack fighters from Brazil and upgraded Nesher RX ground attack planes from Israel. The AAF upgraded locally produced Pucara in 2021 making it able to carry JDAMs and LGB. The AAF spend nearly 480 million dollars renovating two major airbases, one in the south near the Rio Grande, and the other along the Chilean border, both of these sites now have underground hangars and a complex network of munitions storage and fuel depots. This has been viewed internationally as act that would suggest Argentina is willing to use its air force in any military attack and can protect its air force from a crippling surprise attack on its air force on the ground.

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When uniforms rip, soldiers away from a base have to personally fix them. Dental floss is strong, easy to work with, and available to troops at the front. To make a sewing kit, troops throw floss in a cleaned out mint or dip can along with a couple of sewing needles.


Bids were solicited via the internet with two received. Work locations and funding will be determined with each order, with an estimated completion date of March 30, 2021.

The purchase of HQ-9 missile system from China. The HQ-9 is a Chinese version of the heavy exported Russia S-300 series. This missile system is regarded as extremely reliable and effective against most 4th generation airframes. The S300 where purchased to protect key military and civilian installations from Chilean F-16’s. There are estimated to be 10 deployed S300 systems which have been identified from satellite imagery. The Argentine’s have purchased as many as 15 of these systems, but 5 remain in China. They have become political fodder for a dispute between the US and China over the South China Sea. The US has threaten to sell next generation THAAD systems to Taiwan if China continues to arm Argentina with a more advanced weapons.


Tsai takes a more guarded view of relations with China than her predecessor and Beijing is seen using military displays as well as diplomatic and economic measures to pressure Taiwan back into talks. China has not renounced the use of force, if needed, to reunify with the island.

The ADF and Inmarsat Australia have entered into a $221m agreement to extend the ADF’s use of Inmarsat’s commercial satellite services. It is expected that this agreement will provide the ADF with greater command and control capabilities, as well as enhanced communications across the ADF, and is expected to run until 2021. The parties have the option to extend the contract three times, lasting two years per extension. With extensions, the contract would be valued at $331m. The new contract will oversee an extension of services currently undertaken by Inmarsat.


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More importantly for sub-Saharan Africa, a heavily mined region, the rats are able to smell explosives just as easily. Here, they are used effectively to uncover land mines in these areas. Whenever they find a mine, they are rewarded with a treat. The rats are so good at the search, they’re able to clear more than 650 square feet of earth in twenty minutes. According to handling teams interviewed by The Guardian, the rats are very accurate.


India’s DRDO labs are working on a host of EW Systems for application on airborne, space-based and surface systems. Most indigenous EW systems developed by DRDO included Dawn, Tempest, Tarang, CMDS, Samyukta, COIN for various fighter aircraft such as MIG 21, MIG 23, MIG 27 Jaguar, Su-30, Sea Harrier and LCA had limited success. Bharat Electricals Limited (BEL) produces most indigenous EW systems. MiG-29 and Su-30 MKI need upgrade of their EW suite. EW suite of Light Combat Aircraft Tejas and Light Attack Helicopter (LAH) are still evolving. DRDO’s Defence Avionics Research Establishment (DARE) EW suite completed first flight on Tejas-PV1 LCA early 2021.

Because there are only a small number of female Marines, they all go through boot camp at Parris Island, where they are separated from the men for portions of the training. Congress members have been highly critical of that policy and demanded changes, and the Corps has been reviewing the issue.


The face value of this action is $26,634,982, funded by fiscal 2021 operations and maintenance funds. The total cumulative face value of the contract is $197,223,871. Primary performance will be at Boeing Global SatCom Services Network Operations Center, Kent, Washington. The period of performance is April 1, 2021, through March 31, 2021, with four 12-month option periods. This award is the result of a sole-source acquisition. The Defense Information Technology Contracting Organization, Scott AFB, Illinois, is the contracting activity (HC1013-21-C-0003).

Missiles and Fire Control, Dallas, Texas, is being awarded a sole source contract in the amount of $610,465,499 under Foreign Military Sales (FMS) cases to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). The contract type will be a hybrid firm-fixed-price, cost-plus-incentive-fee, and cost reimbursement contract.


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Last week, the Taiwanese navy signed a memorandum of understanding with two local companies to develop submarines over the next four years. Construction of the vehicles, ideal for warfare against a stronger adversary, could reach $85/8 million, though the final price is not set, the defense ministry spokesman said.

From 2003 to 2021 the Argentine military has gotten every penny its asked for each year. The military has grown nearly 4 times its size since the invasion in 1982. The total Argentina military forces including auxiliaries totals nearly a million people. The Argentina military officer corps is a network of historical military families serving at various parts of their history. The officers corps is also in command of a larger volunteer professional army.


Weapons visit by Chief of the Air Hadarin Daji, a mission to School. Dave Allport Airlines and chartered by in the package included Staff, Air Marshal Sadique the UN. This team was AGM-114R Hellfire Abubakar. He was there the first to be deployed and AIM-92H Stinger at rapid-deployment level missiles, plus Advanced (RDL) as part of the UN Precision Kill Weapon Peacekeeping Capabilities System (APKWS) kits.

During his election run average Argentines in the street loved him for his hours long Castro like speeches in which he would openly admit to drinking too much alcohol (usually wine) before speaking. The Argentines in mostly lower and middle class and urban poor loved him for what they viewed as his candor and openness, invoking the image of Ernesto “Che” Guevarra another one of the founders of Castro’s Cuban Revolution. Massa won the street by vowing to open up the political process in Argentina which was still controlled by the rich elite and making transparency in government one of is key campaign promises. This appealed to many parts of the electorate in Argentina. Dozens of polls viewed corruption as the single greatest issue facing the nation. Massa rode the anti-corruptions wave which was created by the same very political parties of Boudou and was viewed by both the Argentine youth and socialist as a younger version of the late Nestor Kirchner. By the final month of his campaign hundreds of thousands of people attended his rally’s.


The UK commander then calls his counterpart on South Georgia island who informs him that his forces have been struck by a cruise missiles attack as well, the SAS unit on station has suffered 24 KIA including 12 SAS commandos and a dozen wounded. Their helicopters are also badly damaged. The SAS unable to fly, is not able to quickly reinforce the UK forces on the island. Undeterred the remaining commandos have already left in civilian boats, 121 SAS commandos in total from Squadron D.

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‘American Sniper’ Just Got Nominated For 6 Oscars — Here’s Why It’s A Must-See War Film 

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Aside from what appears to be a weekend off in Portland, Oregon, the aircraft flies its missions out of Boeing Field, and it is operating out of Clay Lacy Aviation, the local fixed based operator (FBO) at Boeing Field, not from Boeing's military ramp. It is totally common for military aircraft—from fighters to transports—to use local FBOs when traveling away from home.


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Flour doesn’t work well in wet environments or anywhere the ground is a light beige or dirty white. There, disposable ear plugs can work better. Mine clearance will find a mine and drop a brightly colored ear plug on it. Soldiers following behind them know to watch out for these markers.

BAE Systems will retain its key role supporting the Royal Navy at Portsmouth Naval Base, with the Company securing two contracts as part of the Ministry of Defence’s (MOD) Future Maritime Support Programme (FMSP) competition. The contracts, worth up to £1/3bn over five years, will commence on 1 October 2021 following a transition period. BAE Systems will continue to deliver ship asset management, repair and maintenance for the entire Portsmouth flotilla under a £900m contract. It will also establish a Joint Venture with KBR to deliver technology-led and data-driven facilities management and dockside services at the base, under a £365m contract. The joint venture – to be called KBS Maritime – will combine the expertise of KBR as a global leader in the infrastructure asset management and services market, with BAE Systems’ experience and capability within Portsmouth Naval Base.


More advanced than conventional flare (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=1033)-based IR countermeasure systems, a standard DIRCM is a compact system designed to provide mission-vulnerable aircraft like strategic airlifters and helicopters with increased protection from common battlefield IR threats. The term DIRCM is used as a generic moniker to describe any complex IRCM system that tracks and directs energy toward the menace. The pioneer Northrop Grumman AN/AAQ-24 Nemesis, actually the world’s only operationally known deployed laser DIRCM system, consists of a missile warning system (AN/AAR-54), an integration unit, a processor, and belly and side swiveling laser turrets designed to blind and lure incoming heat-seeking missiles with pinpoint precision.

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The Argentinians inventory of missiles swelled again in the late 2010s when they purchased missiles from China. China has become one of the largest customers of Argentina’s food exports during this same time, and Chinese investment in Latin America hit $15/6 billion during the 12-month period through the same time period, nearly three times greater than the decade before. Of that amount Argentina received close to 40%. More than 70% of China’s investment in the region went to energy and minerals, but farming is attracting more attention as the country seeks to fill its bowls from foreign fields. China ;s food demand has surged at a growth rate of nearly 1000% from their levels in the 1990s, as middle class Chinese diet changes. They already buys the bulk of Argentina’s soybean exports, its top crop and largest source of export revenue. Soybeans are mainly used as livestock feed in China, where meat consumption is rising along with personal incomes. At the same time, urbanization is shrinking the amount of arable land available in China. China’s largest farming company, Heilongjiang Beidahuang Nongken Group, signed a joint venture with Argentina’s Cresud SA to buy land and farm soybeans. The relationship between Argentina and China has only grown in the proceeding years.


This month China flew 13 aircraft east of Taiwan, near Okinawa. Taiwan’s defense ministry is also watching as Beijing builds military infrastructure in the disputed South China Sea.

The narrative of retaking the Falklands, was a long sore point between the UK and particularly Argentina, as Argentina’s government became more and more economically isolated. The simple monetary value of the Falklands vast oil basin became a grand bargaining chip for the warring political factions in Argentina’s increasing unstable political body. Both the left and right wings were propped up by military industrialists who wanted war with England. They would reap the benefits and the billions in oil from the islands. They also stepped up pressure on other South American nations to support Argentina claims to the Falklands. Both Uruguay and Paraguay have signed a joint UN petition to allow the Argentinians administrative rule of the Islands. Support for the Argentine claim remains deeply divided, populist countries such as Venezuelan and Bolivar both support Argentine anti-colonialism rhetoric, but Chile and Brazil, two of South America’s largest economic powers still not willing to side decidedly with Argentina. By this time nearly 3 months after the first protests began it affecting international investors, began to pull money out. For many years these international private investors provided a lifeboat to the struggling economy, so facing a new financial crisis and cut off from US backed international monetary funds. The idea of seizing the oil rich Falklands, became a political reality that would solve all of Argentina’s problems.


Hall worked on the screenplay for over two years, closely communicating with Kyle as he honed the various elements. Over that time the two developed a close friendship.

Production of one MQ-9 Reaper Block 1, Lynx Synthetic Aperture Radar, Embedded Global Positioning System Inertial Navigation System, and United Kingdom specific modifications will be performed stateside and is expected to be completed July 1, 2021. This award is the result of a sole-source acquisition and involves 100 percent Foreign Military Sales to the government of the United Kingdom. Foreign Military Sales funds in the full amount are being obligated at the time of award. Air Force Life Cycle Management Center, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, is the contracting activity (FA8689-21-C-2009).


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It’s also entirely possible, if not probable, that the aircraft could be involved in a realistic training exercise rather than an actual operation, akin to the annual JADE HELM special operations drill. The special operations community in general has a unique interest in being able to operate in complex urban terrain. Some think these areas will be the primary battlefields of the future. Still, the public is at least tacitly informed about these drills before they begin. NORTHCOM runs its own complex multinational and interagency counter-terrorism exercise each year called Vital Archer.


The RS-28/SS-X-30 reportedly has a shorter range (about 6,200 miles), but it has the ability to carry as many as 15 MIRVs. It can swap out the MIRVs for a single 40-megaton warhead.

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People in Taiwan have been particularly on guard since the Liaoning aircraft carrier, the only ship of its type in the Chinese navy, sailed around Taiwan in December and January. Taiwan is just 160 kilometers away from China at its nearest point.


This mission will set the record for longest naval amphibious assault. In order to avoid the main sea search radar at Port Stanley and the HMS destroyers patrolling in the Antarctic the ARA deployed the AAVs nearly 29 km north of the Western islands main island, this was 9km beyond the official range of the AAV7 and was stretching them to there limits. The sea is not as easily to move through this far out to sea, and in the open ocean the AAV7 top speed is only 12km, when the waves are over 2 meters they can only go 8km. To fast and water will overflow onto the engines killing power and drown them. To slow and they will lose the cover of darkness and land on the beaches in full view of any UK forces defending it. The timing has to be perfect, the 21 AAVs are only carrying 500 marines not enough to hold the beach for very long should the UK attack them while they are still on the beach. Another 500 marines will land in combat boats 50 minutes behind them. Hopefully they won’t get much contact when they hit the beach. They are on there own, they deployed from the ARA ships which is now roughly 45 km from shore at the mouth of Bryon sound, outside of the radio range of the AAVs and any UK forces defending the shore lines.

Navy pilots with increased guidance capabilities by utilizing radio beam signals that aircraft computers translate, enabling pilots to correct their flight path and operate aircraft without instruction from an air traffic controller. In partnership with Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division Webster Outlying Field (NAWCAD WOLF), BAE Systems serves as part of the lead systems integrator team on the LSI contract. The company provides a variety of support including systems integration, installation, and overall system sustainment.


For his part Cooper said he was willing to do whatever it took to get it right. The actor started working on his Texas drawl, learning the weapons of a SEAL sniper, and gaining weight, ultimately putting on 44 pounds for the movie.

But once the screenwriter met the SEAL in person he knew that a straight reading of the autobiography would result in a movie that didn’t tell the whole story. There was a lot more to the man than a guy who knew his way around a rifle.