As an ardent student of American and European history, I must confess that the European Union is in a cross-roads crossed disasterously by the united states of America [sic] back in 1864, when Abraham Lincoln forged a single United Federal State at gun-point and the lives of a million people. You *mustn't* similarily give up your self-determinism for some fascist collective! If power indeed corrupts, the only politicians that should have sway over your personal lives should be (literally) within the arms reach of a well-armed populace; otherwise, it only takes one armed tyrant to control 1,000.

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So, this morning after I had gotten out of the shower I had this intuition — out of no where — "Man, wouldn't it be great if I could put advertistements in RSS feeds! I mean, there's not a single RSS aggregator that filters for SPAM yet, and people couldn't 'block' them without losing access to your content.


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Agent Ransack provides a quick a handy search tool that often works better than Windows own. Especially useful when you sit down at someone else's machine who hasn't tweaked Windows to search system folders, binaries and the other file types doesn't show you my default.

This is a multi purpose launcher and a more advanced and customizable version of windows run. The program originated as I was sick of spending too much time searching for programs through my ever growing windows start-menu, and also I missed a tool that could ease and optimize my daily work flow.


Combined Community Codec Pack, for watching video and especially anime with soft subs. It comes with ffdshow which, IMO, offers superior rendering to VLC - though, granted, CCCP is not as versatile.

Use your big bad programs to go after the hacker and put them in jail with rocks to play with. We all would be much better off it someone would just pull the triger and let you big bad program go into the hackers computer.


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I really do not have to be saddled with Yankee problems. I am back to my trusted local service provider.

A “Do Not Track” Button in Every Browser: Google, Firefox, Microsoft and Apple Formally Agree

I think I should find a housemate while my parents are away for the next four months. Still don't think i'll be able to "move on" though.


Further it promotes a add-on for Mozilla (Which I downloaded and uninstalled two days ago, to check my own website codings). I checked hotmail page sourse that says my browser has no flash installed – this is wrong.

He started out as level 15, I've brought him up to lvl 18 and the goal is 25 by the end of the hour. Most peopel charge for it; I enjoy doing it for free -) I simply ask that every one I rush add me to their friends list. I'm probably in hundreds by now lol.


Now my date had been set back 18 dasy? I corrected it and hotmail worked! This doesn’t tell me what actually happened but it solved the problem!

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I could access 1 of my my hotmail accounts this morning, sent 1 message I think it went, it’s in my sent folder. Since then no access, it’s been 2 hours now.


Nov 25 - In honor of the 20th Anniversary of Jumpseatnews, I’ve decided to publish one final major update on that day. This time, however, instead of a news article, it will be a very special JSN video.

I’m sorry but if you were with a real bank you could just GO to the bank and get your password recovered that way relying on hotmail which i don’t believe is down to get it is seemingly idiotic, how about writing it down somewhere so you don’t forget it? I also don’t get why it’s still down for you guys it was only down for me for about 4-5 hours not weeks or anything like that. STOP complaining about outages it happens thats why you have contingencies a plan b for this sort of problem.


It’s been 11 frustrating days trying to get into my Hotmail account. First they wouldn’t accept my password, then they couldn’t verify my identity, then they did verify my info and gave instructions to reset my password.

A needle of Hopeamid a haystack of Chaos

Many MPC:HC users also install ffdshow and use that to decode the videos. This is not needed since MPC:HC already got filters built in that will be used if no external filters are present. Using ffdshow will also disable MPC:HC ability to use your GPU for accelerating HD video playback.


My Hotmail account has been giving me garbage since last Thursday. Keeps giving me a message stating “this service is not currently available”. Absolutely rediculous and unacceptable. When I sign in through the website it says I have 0 messages in my inbox! There is no telling how many I have missed due to this!

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The few times I have managed to sign in I am unable to open or send any emails? How the hell can Microsoft allow this to happen? Oh yeh, I did manage to change my password but it made zero difference. I tried to join in the Help Forums on the Microsoft help pages that Hotmail directs you to & I am not able to join there either? Also Internet Explorer is giving me some grief on other websites too, I am so SICK of this now.

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Netflix's soapy, time-hopping melodrama Firefly Lane ends with a series of lingering questions and a big explosion. But what's next for Kate and Tully? Will they get an opportunity to clear things up? Or will Netflix say no to another season?


I do not nkow if you are aware, but yesterday the Republicans scheduled an extended debate on making all of hte Patriot Act provisions permanent. They scheduled it for the earliest non-emergency meeting ever in the 227+ year history of the House of Representatives, 8:20 AM on a Friday morning, when Congress wasn't even in session, in order for htere to be minimal attendence of lawmakers as they do for all legislation that is aimed at destroying American freedom.

Irfanview - the best little picture viewer that ever existed! Fast, small, batch rename and batch resize. Opens in milliseconds, scrolls through folders of images with spacebar.


So I've *really* jumped into this entire wikipedia thing. I'm most busiest in organizing the new cleanup system.

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I have only noticed the last two weeks HOTMAIL is getting ridiculous to connect too in 10 plus years I have not had this bad an issue, even our commercial accounts with work have been effected. Yet according to MSN there is no “outage”. I question my internet connection but my gmail connects fine. This is upsetting since my main account is msn. Also I noticed a large patch upgrade and was hoping that whatever the problems would be fixed with that but they obviously weren’t. I have a feeling they are under attack and are failing to let the public know about the issues.


Have you ever felt connected to some one? Has your body ever responded to their general seasonal emotional orientation? Do you think about them and they call? Are you physically and emotionally affected by just being in a house that has a history of negativity? Would you consider yourself an empath?

I like that Hotmail gives me access ‘anywhere’ but it is very unreliable. My account keeps getting hacked and sending out ridiculous emails that I never sent in the first place. And then today, I can’t got on at all because the service is down.


For email I put my “Hotmail” email name. Will “Hotmail” try to respond to it to tell me what’s wrong? I must be able to access my email before midnight tonight.

Jumpseatnews.com - United Airlines flight attendant resources

Identical twins have these sensations all the time, and throughout history it has been the sign of utter devotion to one's love. Jesus felt so much love for humanity that he would become physically tired from giving his psychic energy to so many people; and this was Jesus, a Spiritual Master!


HostExcellence — Started me off with 8 MB of space; took 8 hours to fix. Have a 2 MB limit for uploading DB's (xMule's is 25 MB).

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So again I was commenting about the person complaining hotmail was down. All I said was and this was the main part of my comment “have a contingency” but yeah you brought up me being a student and for your information my reality is awesome I’m graduating this year gonna get a job as an engineer and everything. I never said you had a problem with money or banks I just implied that if you or whoever had the comment about complaining about hotmail could get their password reset it would be easily done by going to the bank if the bank has an physical branch. If not by phone for internet banks. So yeah also about your listing degrees here thing that I don’t get I’m probably younger then you I may get more degrees who knows.


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For me, the first thing I install after Windows is AVG and from a USB stick. Before windows update, before anything at all.

Store a copy of the key file on each machine

Media Player Classic: Home Cinema. Don't let the simple and old school looking interface fool you, this is a very competent media player that's much faster than VLC and got GPU acceleration support. If you got a slow CPU and can't play HD videos in VLC you should definitely give MPC a chance.


Since then, I have also come to accept loss of friends and lovers in the same way. I lose for the ascension of others, as I look at it. Plus, in terms of not associating with me, that's their loss, not mine. Most people claim their lives have been touched by mine. I pretty much selflessly serve others, knowing innately I and they are One.

Password Maker This tool lets you easily create strong unique passwords for each account you have. It does this by creating a hash from the site url and your master password. There are many different interfaces to this, firefox (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=4163) plugin, desktop app, webpage.


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Has anyone started a class action against “hotmail” yet? What about the legal documents that were never delivered by email, which courts recognize as legally valid documents?

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MPEG Video Wizard DVD for video editing. Very awesome yet little known video editor.


Excuse me, but this futuristic defeatist mentality is exactly what keeps so many people enslaved! Nothing personal, but this is a clear manifestation of one of the primary memes inherent in enslaved populaces. It's what kept freed black people on plantantions almost a century after being "freed"! Slavery primarily depends on a programmed mindset.

Website Visitors’ Guide on How to Fix the ‘Warning: Potential Security Risk Ahead’ Error in Firefox

My favorite trick is importing a low-resolution bitmap into Inkscape and vectorizing it (Path menu/Trace Bitmap). It's not perfect, but it's pretty darn good.


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If(or when)you can open your Hotmail account, click on Options (top right). Select ‘More options’, and then you’ll see a line for forwarding e-mail to one other account.

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Private hotmail can be used by people to send spam. To get caught by a email fisher you need to register on a email fishing site (or a site that has been hacked for the solely purpose that get email adressess). If you step back in time you might remember when strange things started. If you have a homepage where your email is shown, you will get spam by amongst others, people with money offer or the biggest winnings ever. If you can’t reach your page you might have a virus. Superantivirus spyware is free and do not conflict with any other program in your computer. Recently downloaded virus tools may confict with login pages if the level is set too high.


Far manager good old and very usefull. I wish the unicode version would be already finished.

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Hotmail not working for the past 5 days. I followed the requirement to have my account reinstated by giving MS answers to secret questions and blah blah blah but they fail to respond to me even though they send me an email telling me that in 24 hours or before, I would get news from them.


Fast Stone Image Viewer should definitely be among the "must-haves". It is an awesome image viewer, better than Irfan View and ACDSee and of course default windows one.

I’ve been using Windows live mail for about 30 days with the craziest results. Mail that I know I deleted comes back, mail I did not delete gets deleted, I organized my “important” folder and the next time i went in all this spam crap was there. None of the accounts I’ve set up work right, only the gmail account, and having 1 email is pointless. What’s wrong with window’s live?


I moved off hotmail a long time ago. It has some serious security issues and the windows cloud is lame!

We recently received a request to recover your Microsoft account [email protected] Unfortunately, we were unable to verify your ownership of this account using the information you provided. Microsoft takes the security and privacy of your personal information very seriously, and we are committed to protecting the personal information of customers. We have taken the additional step of blocking your account [email protected] until we can verify you as the account owner. This will prevent any further use of the account, and protect you from any possible malicious activity.


Girls, girls – you’re both pretty. Take it private please, or we will have to start moderating you.

Leader: This is our way of trying to get some media attention. Because they are ignoring us; they're ignoring the anti-war movement; they're ignoring the anti-government movement. We love our country but we cannot trust our government any more. Our government is totally out of control.


Wow, just came back to check the hotmail ,new issue. None of my safe senders are safe ,gotta click to see content.

Updated for 2021! Hotmail Outage as Server Goes Down, Users Unable to Access Email

If Stephannie had been voted off already — well, I honestly would have stopped watching Survivor, maybe permanently; but if she wasn't in this game at all — I would honestly be rooting for Judd and Gary in the Final 2, with Cindy 3rd and Rafe number four. I think Cindy has had to go through a *lot* more adversity than any one this season and has grown the most as a character (Judd is a close second). Gary is an awesome guy, but he lied about his name, claimed he didn't lie, and even tried to get others to turn on Stephany.


I also had problems for days and not able to access my hotmail. I switched to Yahoo and meanwhile I discovered by simply turning off my Windows XP firewall for one minute, all the problems disappeared.

Here's a quote by David Icke's newest Infinite Love. Be *sure* to read more for the awesome string of synchronicities that brought me to this book.


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ID3-TagIT - by far the most comprehensive ID3-tagging and MP3 file-renaming processor. A life-saver for anyone that wants to manually organize their music library on the filesystem as opposed to relying on iTunes. Supports bulk operations, case changing, point/click track numbering, subdirectories, v1 and v2 sync'ing, M3U creation, and more. Development has ceased but the product is stable and reliable.

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I am in Ireland and I wonder if it is an Irish problem, at the moment? Maybe they’re clearing up servers around the globe (mind you, not that I have a clue.


Everything We Know About Season 2 of Netflix's 'Firefly Lane'

Google Desktop - Makes it as easy to find your own files as it is to find things on the internet. Especially useful if, like me, you have a habit of saving things in random places.

My hotmail has been down for 2 hours yet all the “is it running” sites say that it is not down. Also what is weird is that my husband can log into his hotmail account but I cannot.


Mine is up and working again today, from Ireland! Regarding the hacking problem (I had that two weeks ago), there are ways to hurry this and plenty of advice on the web, you have to complete a form that you can link to from the bottom of the ‘sign on’ page.

This is *another* song who's lyrics I have found no where! It is an awesome song that is used as the intro to several 9/11-related radio programs and documentaries.


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It looks entirely deliberate and somewhat random behaviour. Looks like another attempt to get the code off my provider so I can use Thunderbird again as this looks like an even bigger waste of time by the day now.

From 8-13 Nov 2004 I went on a cruise with the entire side of my dad's family to the Caribbean. Because of the wedding, we really only got a chance to go on two excusions. On our last excursion Thursday we had the opportunity to either get drunka nd shop at flea markets or travel 150km inland to official Mayan ruins.


I would get sick of *constantly* adding in these dozens of sites to my "Allow" in Firefox. So I have downloaded all of the latest as of this post and put them on this site for your convenience.

And there are “example-texts” in the fields where I use to type my username and password and I cant overwrite them. Everything I try to get in contact with support fails because I can not login. Its like the account was never there.


It was exciting at first when they were improving it every week. For the last few months it hasn't been updated, though.

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Fortunately for me I have a strong tolerance towards the immature student as I was once one of the very same the only difference being I never had to fork out thousands of pounds for the privilege. Countless degrees later I’m free to live my life without fear of debt and/or repayments.


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We are experiencing higher than normal requests for account validation, and unfortunately this is causing a delay in our ability to respond to your post. Your request is important to us, and we will respond to all requests in the order that they were received. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause you and will respond as soon as possible.

OK There's this script — called Google Talk — that takes a phrase and uses Google's auto-hint feature to complete full thoughts in near-grammatically correct sentences. I was actually impressed by what I got. The first phrase I tried was "Better the world by", and I couldn't help but be struck by the Ouji Board aspect of the entire thing.


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As of 7:01 AM November 6 I have been trying for four hourse to access my hotmail account and all I get is a white screen. Bing is my home page so when I click on Hotmail I get a blank screen. The last time (this morning) I was able to get in, it took 5 minutes for an email to open and I kept gettin “We can’t connect to Windows Hotmail right now. So I called my service provider but they say it is Hotmail not them. I wonder if I am the only one with this problem today?

That’s now been disabled so that no more replies can be posted. I was among those who switched from Hotmail to the new Outlook, without much more luck addressing a problem that went on for five days. Eventually, on an occasion I logged in sucessfully to a good inbox, I opted to revert to Hotmail. Meanwhile, moderators and others kept posting an https fix on the above and other similar threads, but step 5 in the fix only worked in Hotmail. In Outlook, it was a deadend missing the click location in subsequent steps. I phoned toll-free numbers twice, and the first respondent claimed there was no problem on Hotmail’s end. He suggested taking over my computer remotely, but it didn’t end up happening because I’m antiquated electronically, don’t have a cell or cordless, and there’s 15 feet between the computer and the landline. So I don’t know whether the takeover, if it had happened, similarly would have included a pitch to sell me something. The second respondent the next day conceded there was in fact a system problem.


Ironically, I can access my Hotmail through hotmail.com, just not through Outlook. Might be time to give gmail a try, alas. They have calendars and contact managers too, and when I do get a smart phone, it will work great with Android. Not that I love having all my data in “the cloud”, but it seems to be the way things are going.

Hotmail has a problem, I can log into my account just fine, I can see the messages I have but I can’t read them. In fact I can’t do anything, I can’t delete them I can’t change folders, I can’t write new ones, I can’t even get to my linked account.


Second Copy - automated backup software. Been using it for years and still have never come across anything another backup solution that is as flexible, reliable, easy-to-use and non-intrusive.

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It is 3:00pm 06-06-2021 and nothing has changed with hotmail. This is just plain stupid stupid stupid. I read that 2 ot of 3 people living hotmail is going to G-mail. I signed up for G-mail plus the 2 step password using your cell phone.


Of course I am switching to gmail but I still need to get into Hotmail to get my contacts and info I have saved and need. This is the short and sweet version!

Very light, easy to use, not resource eager and available in X86 or X64 flavor! A must have and a amazing replacement for Nero that is too big for nothing now.


Users who like Ecco2K - Forever United / ICE-POP

I have realized — especially this past month — that a woman's age greatly predetermines how they respond to me; how they value a relationship with me. With the exception of *two* people, all women under the age of — say — 24 unquestionably shun me as any thing more than a friend. Common lines: "I'm just not attracted", "you're too good for me", etc. It probably wouldn't be surprising that both of the two that didn't snub me tended toward bisexualism, so their sexual sensitivity is probably wiredly differently than heterosexuals.

Allows different levels of uninstall, from the program's default uninstaller to a deep registry scan and deletion. Even has a "hunter" mode, where you can drag and drop a crosshair onto any application and uninstall it.


This is the third day that I can’t check my hotmail messages. When I log on, the page looks weird and shifted and I can’t get into any emails. I now have over 60 emails that I can’t check.

The customer service rep I spoke to on Thursday June 9, 2021 avoided the subject as to why hotmail is down. I have not had access to anything that would make my windows phone a “windows” phone since Sunday June 5, 2021. It is sad, just the way Micorsoft does business.


I understand that the server is down for some reson. The real question is why and how soon will the problem be fixed. I can’t seem to find either an acknowlegment of the problem or an official hotmail statement.

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All 3 are great software to take screenshots of different portions of your screen, and also come with simple image editors. They can be configured to upload to FTP, and much more.

What will Season 2 of Firefly Lane be about? 

Last night I had — by far — the most lucid (seemingly) telepathic experience of my entire life. For approximately 6 hours last night, I communicated with some one I haven't spoken to in a couple years.


Aeon Flux is going to be the first movie I've anticipated seeing in a long time. After weeks and weeks of trying to go to the movies just to find there is *nothing* interesting playing. Here's an awesome pic from the movie.

The mere act of stopping me *probably* saved me from certain death. It is useless saying "the odds are low". Like Schrodinger's Cat, all things have the potential to happen at all times. In one part of the Implicate Order, I have just died in a fireball the second I am required to sign, in another part, I have just ended up comotose for life.


I am incredibly depressed and lonely right now. On the upside (there's alaways one) the pain in my back is greatly eclipsed by the pain in my heart.

Well, it's not Firefly Lane without Tully and Kate, so you have to assume that Heigl and Chalke will return. Lawson, as he expressed, wants to come back, but his fate is unclear. Friedman meanwhile was mum on whether the other men in their lives Travis (Brandon Jay McLaren) and Max (Jon-Michael Ecker) would possibly return.


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I can NOT get into my hotmail account at all. It has been down for nearly a week now. I have tried every combination I can think off and haven’t a clue what do to about it. Has anyone got any suggestions?

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For the novice I'd recommend using the light version as is, for the power user, get the full version (you get the full upon download for a trial period) and read what it can do. It will solve some existing questions for sure. Browse the manual once then read the parts you need otherwise you'll never finish it :) as it can do quite a lot.

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Once again, I’m on this site because I’ve had 5 days of increasing trouble accessing hotmail, until today it’s finally collapsed. Not good enough, as everyone else has said, especially as a one man business. Time to activate the standby yahoo account and start a gmail one.

Your media reinforces it at every turn. Even your present religions, from which you hope to receive the highest wisdom, tell you this. They tell you that you need God. And God needs *you* to believe in certain ways.