Neither of these terms, nor their equally grotesque cousins, make their way into Greengrass’ film, but the spirit that conjured them into being four years ago is alive and well in his recreation of the American frontier. His hero is Captain Jefferson Kyle Kidd (Hanks), a Confederate Civil War veteran who, having stood on the losing side of history, moseys across the Lone Star State and reads out-of-town papers to the locals at each stop on his journeys. The movie doesn’t exactly ask the viewer to overlook which side of the war Kidd stood on: In fact, the truth of his old allegiances becomes more unavoidable the less directly they’re spoken of. This is Texas. An erstwhile soldier in Texas could only have fought on one side of the aisle. News of the World damns Kidd without having to say a word. But as soon as the film judges him, it presents him with a chance at redemption in the form of a girl, Johanna (Helena Zengel). Zengel is a fresh spark in an otherwise old-fashioned production, but old-fashioned here is a compliment. News of the World has no interest in subverting or updating classic Western formulas: It is content with its function as a handsomely-made studio picture, built ostensibly around Hanks but with plenty of room for its young star to make her mark. What modernizes the movie has more to do with context than content. Anyone trapped in indentured servitude to social media—Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or worse, other people’s Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts—should appreciate this calming two-hour reprieve from the unavoidable din publishers and platforms make in our lives today.

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  • This Android Trojan steals your Facebook account even if it is well protected
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The goal is to make bots available across both standard multiplayer and SnapMap, but it's likely that they'll be rolled out in phases, based on supporting where players want them most first, then improving them so they're flexible enough to work elsewhere. SnapMap will also be getting new features to develop it as a multiplayer environment.


Facebook Dark Posts: Using The Dark Side Of Facebook To Boost Conversions

But outside of VR, there was no built-in way to communicate with your Oculus friends — until now. You can finally message your Oculus friends through the app or inside VR on the Oculus Quest.

Scroll down and click ‘See more’. Here you will find the option to build your avatar.


The important part is to spot the URL at the top of the page. The string of numbers at the end of that URL is your post ID.

From there, the target is primed for a SIM-swapping attack, where thieves trick or bribe employees at mobile phone stores into transferring ownership of the target’s phone number to a mobile device controlled by the attackers. From there, the bad guys can reset the password of any account to which that mobile number is tied, and of course intercept any one-time tokens sent to that number for the purposes of multi-factor authentication.


They often involve collaborative development and are based on the concept of a community of users and the provision of ways for members of this community to interact with each other. Some Web 2/0 applications have a shared store of community-owned content; others allow members of the community to have their own content and share it. In both cases the essence of Web 2/0 is “sharing” rather than a traditional model of knowledge transmission from an authoritative source.

Unceasing information war is one of the defining threats of our day. This conflict is already ongoing, but (so far, in the United States) it’s largely bloodless and so we aren’t acknowledging it despite the huge consequences hanging in the balance. It is as real as the Cold War (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=7029) was in the 1960s, and the stakes are staggeringly high: the legitimacy of government, the persistence of societal cohesion, even our ability to respond to the impending climate crisis.


To respond requires a threefold approach. First, high-quality material must be made available for reproduction; second, a set of links to key resources on various topics must be shared and reproduced; and finally, the community must become more proactive active in online discussions, debates, and comments.

Facebook refused to give me a list of the 200,000 sites that use social plug-ins. Granted, a list of 200,000 sites would be pretty hefty, but Facebook even refused my request for a partial list.


In a Web 2/0 world, information is not usually imparted directly from authority. It either arrives through social networks or is sought out directly by individuals. The search methods in Web 2/0 favor the volume of supporters of a narrative and have little relationship to the degree of truth in the narrative. As people convince themselves and take ownership of ideas, it becomes harder to change their mind. When they acquire the Antisemitism 2/0 “defenses” against correction, this becomes even harder.

It begins with: “this group does not attack any groups or individuals. It simply states that ‘Israel’ is a Nazi State.


Information can either be stored in the core layer (which all users see) or in additional layers that users download separately. Custom layers function like a transparency with additional markings that can be placed over the map.

Both the Maginot Line and the doctrine of Blitzkrieg emerged in the interwar years, a period that is perhaps also best characterized as a Warm War, much like the period we’re living through today. But while the Maginot line embodied the tactical thinking and technological assumptions of the last war, Blitzkrieg embodied the possibilities of new technologies and the next war.


For a thousand generations (not really), Facebook ads have come in many shapes and forms. There are standard banner ads, carousel ads, canvas ads, video ads, page like ads, and many more. Depending on your goals, you can build and launch a specific type of ad accordingly.

Now that you have a new ad created, you can replicate that same ad across multiple ad sets without (go to the website) building multiple ads. You can start by grabbing the post ID of the ad you just created.


There is no specific audience for which we developed this Translatorbut for everyone's benefit, our effort is directed. Great care hasbeen taken for this tool's development so that Users get great user experience, reliability and speed allembedded in one. Why Translators has become an indispensable tool inthe modern world? The answer to this question lies in the great shifttowards globalization after world war (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=5235) 2. This process of globalizationis a great outcome of technological advances in our modern world,especially in Information Technology. We are constantly connected toentire world entire time so our lives have been influenced by thiswave of globalization on so many different levels such as EconomicActivity, Cultural Activity, Curiosity to learn about new languagesand sometimes we need to talk with a person of different geographicallocation often speaking a new language. A new language can not belearned by everyone for that purpose Translators come to ourrescue because using them we can accurately Translate From oneLanguage into another without least bit of effort. This English ToMarathi Translator will prove to be as useful to those users who just want to translate few wordsand sentences as to those Users whose requirements are heavy needs totranslate lengthy paragraph. After Translation Users can share thesetranslation phrases on Social media websites such as Facebook,Twitter, Instagram etc.

All Tests As Dark Posts: In order to test faster, make all of your tests dark posts and launch them across multiple ad sets. This will help scale your efforts, so you can learn what works and what doesn’t more quickly.


The functionality and results of dark posting are still the same. The main difference is that the original source ad is published within Ads Manager. It doesn’t live unpublished in the page posts tab like before.

Back From The Dark Side

The spread of Antisemitism 2/0 relies on the ignorance of the masses, the ability to manipulate them, and the pure democracy of Web 2/0 where each uninformed opinion counts just as much as an expert’s analysis. Web 2/0 is a mass movement that lends legitimacy to the majority opinion and uses peer pressure as an effective tool against those who disagree with the consensus.


Free speech vs. censorship in Germany

If you are logged into Facebook, we also see your user ID number. We need your user ID to be able to show you the right social context on that site. For example, when you go to a partner website, we need to know who you are in order to show you what your Facebook friends have liked or recommended.

Just when it seemed no more scandals could break, on December 18, The New York Times published an investigation that found the company shared troves of personal user data with more than 150 companies—including major players like Amazon, Microsoft, Netflix, and Spotify—long after Facebook said it had cut off access to that kind of information. The big takeaway from this latest news seems to be: Despite Facebook's claims that users have "complete control" over their data, the company has, throughout its history, traded on data access in order to grow the business.


Information war (your domain name) combatants have certainly pursued regime change: there is reasonable suspicion that they succeeded in a few cases (Brexit) and clear indications of it in others (Duterte). They’ve targeted corporations and industries. And they’ve certainly gone after mores: social (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=6659) media became the main battleground for the culture wars years ago, and we now describe the unbridgeable gap between two polarized Americas using technological terms like filter bubble.

As far as I can tell, Zuckerberg has not delivered on his promise to give users an easy way to turn off all third-party services. If it were easy I would have found it. It turns out this “easy way to turn off all third-party services” simply doesn’t exist.


Gizchina.com This Android Trojan steals your Facebook account even if it is well protected Comments Feed

The biggest complaint about dark posts is that you cannot edit them. If you’ve boosted an existing post to an ad set, you cannot edit the headline or link. If you notice a spelling error, you’ll have to create a new post and then boost that new post across all of your ad sets.

The Nature of Information Wars

According to the EFF, Blizzard appears to have subscribed to the colorful Greater Internet F***wad Theory. Blizzard posted that the forums have earned a reputation as a place where flame wars, trolling and other unpleasantness run wild. The company states that removing the veil of anonymity by having users post with their full real name will contribute to a more positive forum.


In the Israel network the top seven results in a search for “Zionism” show groups with a Palestinian flag as their logo, and a copy of the text from the above-discussed “Israel is not a state” Facebook group. The duplicated text again links to various anti-Israeli and antisemitic sites. There are currently seventy-five groups that have been taken over in this way, ranging from birthright Israel groups to movie-appreciation groups. They have all been taken over by the same person who remains as the new owner of these groups. Some original members remain in the groups and have failed to notice the change.

Removing your phone number may be even more important for any email accounts you may have. Sign up with any service online, and it will almost certainly require you to supply an email address. In nearly all cases, the person who is in control of that address can reset the password of any associated services or accounts– merely by requesting a password reset email.


The passage mixes two antisemitic assertions with three claims against racism. An international working definition of antisemitism is adduced as proof of the non-antisemitism of the group. The definition is incorrectly introduced as international (it is European) and is not quoted, linked to, or properly referenced. This makes it difficult for casual readers to verify this claim, forcing them to accept or reject it at face value.

The Avatar feature released in the US a few days back but it was already available in the UK and some other countries in Europe for a while. However, it’s still not available in many regions across the globe.


China has taken a significant number of steps when it comes to its taking a stand against online services and social media. Back in 2021, China cracked down on the use of VPNs which can be used by many to access websites like Facebook, Twitter, and other similar websites. Shortly after, the country required everyone to use their real names online.

There are decentralized terrorists such as ISIS, who build high-visibility brands while asynchronously recruiting the like-minded. These digital recruiters blanket the internet with promises of glory and camaraderie via well-produced propaganda, then move the receptive into encrypted chat apps to continue the radicalization. The recruits pledge allegiance to the virtual caliphate in Facebook posts before driving trucks into pedestrian plazas IRL.


A global search shows the group “Anti-Zionism” at the top of the list with 666 members. The group begins by saying it is for “anyone who is against the systematic oppression and aggressive imperialism of the Zionist regime.

Neturei Karta site; “Jews against Zionism” is another of their sites. Before the author’s own work with the Zionism on the Web organization, these sites were both ranking on page 1 for a search on Zionism. Non- Jewish students in the UK were “learning” about Judaism and Zionism from these sites and possibly believing them to be the mainstream views of Judaism. Now Neturei Karta is spreading the same messages through Web 2/0 applications.


The group’s main image is of Neturei Karta UK. Also on page 1 is the group “Arab Americans Anti-Zionism Movement,” where many links to Neturei Karta YouTube videos have been posted. Another group called “We are against Zionism” is almost entirely in Arabic. It includes graphic images of dead babies. Beyond page 1 are groups promoting conspiracy theories of Jewish world domination, media domination, a fan club for Norman Finkelstein, a group praising Ahmadinejad, and a group describing Israel as a Nazi state.

One common misconception by organizations is that Web 2/0 is a fad. Although some applications may come and go, the underlying concepts will remain. The way email style differs from conventional mail was already obvious in the 1970s. Although the email software has changed, the social norms that were established at the start continue. Now is therefore the time to set standards in Web 2/0; to establish that social antisemitism is as unacceptable in Web 2/0 as it is in other channels of social discourse. Regardless of what happens with particular sites, the concept of social networking and the norms established will persist.


MySpace Launches ID Effort, Open Platform

When providing links, it is essential that content be from a variety of sites and that each of these key sites use their influence to promote all the other sites. The list need not be exclusive, provided that key sites are included. Individuals who repost this list should feel free to add to it and adapt it. The best approach for individuals who maintain a list of links is to exchange links rather than simply adding them. That is, web publishers should agree to link to others only if those others provide a link to them in turn. When a policy that is supportive of reproduction emerges, it is the high-quality content at well-resourced community sites that will be reproduced (complete with links). The result will be an increase in influence for these providers of quality content, higher rankings in search engines, and increased traffic.

Hereinafter two examples are presented in detail, followed by a discussion of the various applications, their significance, and a survey of the most prominent cases of antisemitism across a range of technologies. Given the impact on society of Web 2/0, antisemitism in this arena cannot be ignored for long. Jews need to develop an effective community-based strategy to counter a new wave of hate and its push for social acceptability in the new social web.


Facebook shut down 32 accounts and pages that had some ties to the initial batch of IRA accounts, though the company couldn't link them to Russia definitively. The new findings revealed how far these bad actors were going to cover their tracks.

A/B Testing: Choose one variable to test. You always want to isolate the variable, so you know what’s responsible for being the winner. For example, test the ad image or the headline with everything else staying the same.


The 2021-2021 influence operation playbook went something like this: a group of digital combatants decided to push a specific narrative, something that fit a long-term narrative but also had a short-term news hook. They created content: sometimes a full blog post, sometimes a video, sometimes quick visual memes. The content was posted to platforms that offer discovery and amplification tools. The trolls then activated collections of bots and sockpuppets to blanket the biggest social networks with the content. Some of the fake accounts were disposable amplifiers, used mostly to create the illusion of popular consensus by boosting like and share counts. Others were highly backstopped personas run by real human beings, who developed standing audiences and long-term relationships with sympathetic influencers and media; those accounts were used for precision messaging with the goal of reaching the press. Israeli company Psy Group marketed precisely these services to the 2021 Trump Presidential campaign; as their sales brochure put it, “Reality is a Matter of Perception”.

The Unofficial Air Force Email Locator: Members post their email address to the site, and if you make an account yourself, you can view the other email addresses. There are tens of thousands of US Air Force emails listed here, belonging to past, present, and retired military personnel.


In December 2021, Oculus added Party voice chat to Gear VR, and it rolled the same out to Rift in August 2021. If you’re on Rift, your Party has been able to be together in VR with Oculus Avatars since June 2021.

Around 2004, changes in technology created Web 2/0. As technology adapted, so did online antisemitism.


VentureBeat Oculus friends lists now has text chat. if you link account to Facebook Comments Feed

The Maginot Line was, in its time, believed to be a significant innovation in national defense; foreign leaders came from all over to tour it. It was a series of fortresses and railroads, resistant to all known forms of artillery, built using the latest technology. The purpose was both to halt an invasion force — keeping civilians safer — and to deliver early warning of an attack. The line was built by France along the entirety of its border with Germany. It extended into the border with Belgium, but stopped at the Forest of Ardennes because of the prevailing belief among experts that Ardennes was impenetrable.

My advice has long been to remove phone numbers from your online accounts wherever you can, and avoid selecting SMS or phone calls for second factor or one-time codes. Phone numbers were never designed to be identity documents, but that’s effectively what they’ve become. It’s time we stopped letting everyone treat them that way.


So back to the CookieThief Trojan. The latter affects a limited number of Android devices. Kaspersky Labs is talking about 1,000 devices so far, but they expect it to continue to grow.

I did find one little trick to avoid the social plugins. Open Facebook (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=23) in the regular Google Chrome browser, and then open a new “incognito window,” and surf non-Facebook sites.

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The document dump unleashed a new wave of inquiry into the Russian activity. Among WIRED's findings: Russia-linked pages were targeting a sketchy music Chrome extension called FaceMusic at teenage girls. The Daily Beast later determined that the extension was infected with malware.


Just for fun, try closing the Facebook tab on your browser and continue surfing the web. If you expected the Facebook content on non-Facebook sites to disappear, then you will be disappointed.

After the Cambridge Analytica debacle, the nation was on edge about all the information Facebook was giving away. Then The New York Times broke the news that the company also struck deals with device manufacturers like Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, and Blackberry, through which it shared Facebook users' personal data.


In 2021, the developer of an app that allowed people to find Facebook users' bathing suit photos sued Facebook in California for damages. The app, which was called Pikinis and was developed by a company called Six4Three, was forced to shut down because Facebook had changed its privacy settings, prohibiting app developers from hoovering up their users' friends data without their knowledge, and therefore making Pikinis inoperable. The lawsuit was going along quietly until Thanksgiving weekend, when lawmakers in the UK seized a trove of documents that had been ordered sealed in California from Pikinis' creator. In December, British parliamentarians published 250 pages worth of internal Facebook emails and other files, including personal emails from Zuckerberg himself. The emails appeared to show Facebook offering major advertisers special access to user data, deals some view as a contravention of Facebook's promise not to sell data. Facebook, for its part, has said the emails lack context and maintains that it never sold user data. Now the founder of Six4Three, Ted Kramer, is facing his own legal troubles for handing the documents over to British MPs.

To create a Facebook avatar on your PC, first we need to install BlueStacks. It’s a powerful and simple to use Android emulator that can run Android apps on Windows PC and Mac.


The Defense Department anticipated it, too: in 2021 DARPA launched a dedicated program (Social Media in Strategic Communications, SMISC) that sought to preempt and prepare for an online propaganda battle. The premise was ridiculed as an implausible threat, and the program was shut down in 2021. Now, both governments and tech platforms are scrambling for a response. The trouble is that much of the response is focused on piecemeal responses to the last set of tactics; on building a Digital Maginot Line.

Oculus now has text chat

Most people who encounter online antisemitism are probably not looking for it. JewWatch, labeled an “antisemitic and racist organization” by Attorney-General Jay Nixon of Missouri, would not receive so much publicity if it were not one of the first results yielded by a Google search on the word “Jew”. It is this repeated “accidental” encountering of antisemitism that leads to creeping social acceptance.


This capability gap is eminently exploitable; why execute a lengthy, costly, complex attack on the power grid when there is relatively no cost, in terms of dollars as well as consequences, to attack a society’s ability to operate with a shared epistemology? This leaves us in a terrible position, because there are so many more points of failure. As trust in media and leadership continues to erode (a goal of influence operations), one of these information campaigns — a more sophisticated version of the Internet Research Agency’s Columbian Chemicals Plant hoax, perhaps in a powder-keg country — could be used to provoke a very real response, transforming the warm war into a hot war.

Clicking “Create Ad” takes you to the ad creation window. You have two options: 1) Create New Ad and 2) Use Existing Post.


Like Facebook, Blizzard feels powerful enough to alter the bargain with users in regard to privacy. But there is a third possibility for Blizzard's users. Instead of accept or quit, perhaps a third option would be private accountability and responsibility through public pressure and outcry. So far, on World of Warcraft General Discussion forum, there are 2,495 pages arguing against Blizzard's Real ID system. Those are only North American users.

Since Facebook avatars can only be created on the Facebook (go to the website) mobile app, the question arises, if you can create them without using your smartphone. The setting is, as of now, unavailable on the Facebook website.

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  • Deleted Facebook Cybercrime Groups Had 300,000 Members
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Andre Oboler is a postdoctoral fellow in the Political Science Department at Bar-Ilan University, Israel. He received his PhD in computer science in 2007 at Lancaster University, UK. For the last four years he has run the website “Zionism on the Web,” which actively combats and monitors online antisemitism using technological means. He is currently a Legacy Heritage Fellow at NGO Monitor in Jerusalem where he works on Web 2/0 strategies to monitor and counter bias in the NGO community.


One thing that all of these groups have in common is a shared disdain for Terms of Service; the rules that govern conduct and attempt to set norms in platform spaces are inconveniences to be disregarded, at best. Combatants actively and systematically circumvent these attempts at digital defenses, turning the very idea of them into a target of trolling: the norms are illegitimate, they claim. The rules are unfair, their very existence is censorship!

We don’t have time to waste on digital security theater. In the two years since Election 2021, we’ve all come to agree that something is wrong on the internet. There is momentum and energy to do something, but the complexity of the problem and the fact that it intersects with other thorny issues of internet governance (privacy, monopoly, expression, among others) means that we’re stuck in a state of paralysis, unable to address disinformation in a meaningful way. Instead, both regulators and the platforms throw up low-level roadblocks. This is what a digital Maginot line looks like.


And in terms of content, free and paid-for DLC for multiplayer is on the way. Expect to see some more on that at Bethesda's E3 Showcase on Sunday. What's interesting, however, is that Certain Affinity is no longer working on it. "We worked with Certain Affinity through the launch of the game and really appreciate their contributions and effort on the game," says Stratton. He explains that these updates are the work of id's teams now freed up from shipping the initial release and with also some support from other ZeniMax internal studios.

Under this reasoning, a person would have no more expectation of privacy in Facebook content than in bank records. A key difference, however, is the scale of information that resides on social networking sites.


Influence operations exploit divisions in our society using vulnerabilities in our information ecosystem. We have to move away from treating this as a problem of giving people better facts, or stopping some Russian bots, and move towards thinking about it as an ongoing battle for the integrity of our information infrastructure – easily as critical as the integrity of our financial markets. When it’s all done and over with, we’ll look back on this era as being as consequential in reshaping the future of the United States and the world as World War II.

The ranking of websites through Google is based on a similar approach to the absolute democracy of Web 2/0. Sites become popular when people link to them. A democratic approach presupposes that good material is reproduced, discussed, and linked to by the masses whereas bad material is ignored. It relies on assumptions of rational behavior by users, the ability to freely reproduce content, and-as in all democratic processes-a high and an equal level of participation.


Use Avatar in Messenger app on your phone without Facebook app

To challenge Antisemitism 2/0, the Jewish community must as a strategy begin to engage online as an online community made up of individuals and organizations. The community has the talent to combat antisemitism online, but only if it is recognized, trained, funded, and given a shared sense of ownership in the fight against this newest manifestation of antisemitism.

Technology platforms, meanwhile, bear much of the short-term responsibility. They’re the first line of defense against evolving tactics, and have full visibility into what’s happening in their corner of the battlespace. And, perhaps most importantly, they have the power to moderate as they see fit, and to set the terms of service. For a long time, the platforms pointed to “user rights” as a smokescreen to justify doing nothing.


Hacker para social wars facebook

There are state-sponsored trolls, destabilizing societies in some countries, and rendering all information channels except state media useless in others. They operate at the behest of rulers, often through military or intelligence divisions. Sometimes, as in the case of Duterte in the Philippines, these digital armies focus on interference in their own elections, using paid botnets and teams of sockpuppet personas to troll and harass opponents, or to amplify their owner’s candidacy.


Facebook launched its political advertising archive to bring some transparency to the still unregulated world of digital political ads. But almost as soon as it launched, problems arose. News organizations protested the inclusion of political articles in the archive. Advertisers posting gay-themed ads, including one for a gay comedy show, were forced to register as political advertisers because their ads pertained to LGBT issues. Bush's Beans accidentally ended up in there because the brand includes the name of a political dynasty. Reporters at Vice demonstrated how vulnerable Facebook's vetting process for political advertisers was to abuse, creating ads with disclaimers that said the ads were paid for by various US senators. And WIRED showed how opaque even this stab at transparency still is, by telling the story of an obscure concealed-carry company that became one of 2021's top 10 political advertisers on Facebook.

Slapped In The Facebook: Social Site Is Sued Over Privacy Missteps

With dark posting, you could choose from several ad options depending on your goals and campaigns. These included link (standard banner ad sending to a landing page), carousel, photo, video, and status.


The country’s demands that social media companies take greater responsibility for what is posted online follows a government report last year that shows Facebook managed to remove only 39 percent of illegal material within 24 hours of being notified by users. Twitter met the deadline in only 1 percent of cases, while Youtube, which removed 90 percent of flagged content within a day, was the only platform to meet the government’s targets.

By allowing your social proof to build on one post ID rather than splitting the pie, you’re improving the likelihood that more people will click. The potential customers see others engaged with your ad post (that don’t appear biased on the brand side), the more likely they are to purchase.


Using this method, if you want to launch a new ad in another ad set, you simply rinse and repeat. You go into your next ad set, click “Create Ad” and then rebuild your ad again. This method is effective and simple, which is why most advertisers use it.

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The entities best suited to mitigate the threat of any given emerging tactic will always be the platforms themselves, because they can move fast when so inclined or incentivized. The problem is that many of the mitigation strategies advanced by the platforms are the information integrity version of greenwashing; they’re a kind of digital security theater, the TSA of information warfare. Creating better reporting tools, for example, is not actually a meaningful solution for mitigating literal incitements to genocide. Malignant actors currently have safe harbor in closed communities; they can act with impunity so long as they don’t provoke the crowd into reporting them — they simply have to be smart enough to stay ahead of crowd-driven redressal mechanisms. Meanwhile, technology companies have plausible denial of complicity because they added a new field to the “report abuse” button.

If an operation is effective, the message will be pushed into the feeds of sympathetic real people who will amplify it themselves. If it goes viral or triggers a trending algorithm, it will be pushed into the feeds of a huge audience. Members of the media will cover it, reaching millions more. If the content is false or a hoax, perhaps there will be a subsequent correction article – it doesn’t matter, no one will pay attention to it. Some of the amplifier bots might get shut down – that really doesn’t matter either, they’re easy to replace.


The average age of American online video viewers is 39, and people aged 35-64 account for 48-65% of YouTube’s audience. In a period of one month (September 2007), almost 40% of Americans on the internet watched a YouTube video.

Military.com Buddy Finder: Do a military records search by name (only last name or email is required). Military.com searches over 20 million military records and lets you filter by service, age, school, state, employer, military job code, and more. It finds the service, status, paygrade, and state of the person.


This shift from targeting infrastructure to targeting the minds of civilians was predictable. Theorists like Edward Bernays, Hannah Arendt, and Marshall McLuhan saw it coming decades ago.

Ultimately, Doom's players seem to worry most that the lack of all these features points to an uncertain future for Doom, and that the fact its multiplayer was farmed out to a separate studio, Certain Affinity, suggests its multiplayer is a bolt-on afterthought that won't continue to be developed. Looking at it philosophically, Doom's multiplayer should be right up there with Counter-Strike and Call of Duty as one of the principal competitive FPSes, right?


It is this repeated “accidental” encountering of antisemitism that leads to creeping social acceptance

We experience this as a state of continuous partial conflict. The theatre opportunistically shifts as geopolitical events and cultural moments present themselves, but there is no sign of abatement — only tactical evolution as the digital platforms that serve as the battlespaces introduce small amounts of friction via new security checks and feature tweaks. As governments become increasingly aware of the problem, they each pursue responses tailored to the tactics of the last specific battle that manifested in their own digital territory; in the United States, for example, we remain focused on Election 2021 and its Russian bots. As a result, we are investing in a set of inappropriate and ineffective responses: a digital Maginot Line constructed on one part of the battlefield as a deterrent against one set of tactics, while new tactics manifest elsewhere in real time.

Notice how all you can choose now are your URL, post text, and the CTA button. There’s no headline, no descriptor text, and no display link.


Any online accounts that you value should be secured with a unique and strong password, as well as the most robust form of multi-factor authentication available. Usually, this is a mobile app like Authy or Google Authenticator that generates a one-time code. Some sites like Twitter and Facebook now support even more robust options — such as physical security keys.

Hidden in the device, it installs a root file in order to obtain the information that passes through our Android phone or tablet. Its specific purpose is to intercept and steal our cookies, more specifically our Facebook cookies.