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Person 1: I've lived here for five years. I moved here to work for the oil company. I think it's been good for the area.

The reintroduction programme was organised following strict rules. These rules say that reintroduction should only be allowed if certain criteria apply. For example, the birds must have disappeared due to human activity rather than through natural causes - that's the first of the criteria. The second one says that there must still be a habitat which is suitable for the birds in the country. If it has disappeared, then reintroduction wouldn't work. Thirdly, the birds which are introduced from another country must be similar genetically to the birds that used to live in the area where they will be released. And finally, the removal of birds from another place m ustn't endanger the survival of the species there. Happily in the case of the red kite's reintroduction to Britain, all these criteria were met. Consequently, the red kite's future as a British breeding species is now much brighter. There are probably around 1,800 breeding pairs in Britain.


Respond each time with (pop over to this website) some advice. Then compare your advice with (visit your url) the model answer that follows.

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Answers is the place to go to get the answers you need and to ask the questions you want. Math is the purest form there is. psychology is applied biology, which is applied chemistry, which is applied physics, which is applied math, which is pure PURE.

So that's everything I wanted to say about the first few days. Now let's move on to the kind of work I was doing. We'll take a look at this photo. It shows you the school I worked in and all the children. OK. So the final part of my presentation is about my journeys. I travelled a bit at weekends but I also took a longer journey in the last month of my gap year. So I'd like to show you some of my photos from that period and I'll read a few comments from my diary.


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O bviously, w h e n your child's old shirt a n d trousers a re too small, you can pass them on to sm aller kids. M o s t countries also have second-hand shops so you can take y o u r shoes a n d jumpers there. But you can also w ra p old clothing aro u n d the plants in your g a rd e n in a cold w inter.


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C: VISA and the number is 4456 8938 9604 9500. S: Sorry, is that 9500 at the end?

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In this test you'll hear a number of different recordings and you'll have to answer questions on what you hear. There will be time for you to read the instructions and questions, and you wTill have a chance to check your answers. The recording will be played once only.


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Patient: I don't think so. I don't feel hot. Doctor: 5. i t. Yes, it's a bit high.

B: It's at five fifteen from platform twelve. Conversation 3 A: 5 bags are you checking in?


Wordbuilding word forms 1 Complete the table with (have a peek at this web-site) the other forms of the words. Use a dictionary to help you, if necessary.

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Today I'd like to talk about the technology of biometrics. First of all, what is biometrics? Biometrics is the science of a person's appearance or behaviour. So for example, human beings all have an individual physical appearance. They've got different eyes and different hair. And everyone has a different way of walking or moving. So we can also study their behaviour.

Invitation 2 It's very nice of you to ask, but isn't it only for your friend's family and close friends? OK. I'd like that very much.


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Possible answers: If we don't take a camera, we can't take photos. If we don't take a GPS, we can't find our location. If we don't take an umbrella, we can't stay dry. If we don't take a torch, we can't see in the dark. If we don't take matches, we can't light a fire.

They are going to pull down all the old buildings and do something with the area. The council doesn't have any money this year. Selling the land for more housing.


A: I'm afraid your ticket only includes one bag. You'll have to pay an extra ten pounds for that one.

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You type in a word and it will find lots of information about it. Secondly, you can find information in only a few seconds so it's a very fast way of doing research. Finally, we can find any information we need such as train times, or the weather for the next week. It's also a valuable source of information for work and studies.


I'm sure people used it before that but I hadn't seen it until then. By the end of the twentieth century it was fairly common. Now everyone uses it. Speaker 2 I wasn't born in 1945 but my grandparents used to talk about it. There were parties in the streets and people celebrated after five long years. They'd lost friends and neighbours so it isn't the kind of thing you forget. Speaker 3 I remember it really well because I was there in 1987/1 walked out the hotel and there were lines of people all waiting. I followed them to see what they were doing. In the distance you could see the yellow symbol. I don't think many people had eaten American fast food before so there was a lot of excitement. Speaker 4 OK so that was in 1969 and I was about ten years old. I remember my family didn't have a television so we went to our cousins'.

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Possible answers: Message one: Get on 68 bus from bus stop to underground. Catch train to Oxford Road station.

So that's for tomorrow night, which is the fifteenth. And how many nights are you staying?


U se y o u r m a g a z in e s a n d n e w s p a p e r for w ra p p in g presents o r p ro tectin g fra g ile objects. B efore you th ro w a w a y the p a p e r from y o u r desk, ask yourself: Can I write on the other side first? A n d if you shred p a p e r a n d use n e w s p a p e r, it m akes g o o d com p ost.

Message three: Chris meeting us too. Tell him and me restaurant address and meeting time.


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Then listen to a conversation between two people at work. Choose the correct option (a, b or c).

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Presenter: Before you hear the rest of the conversation, you have some time to look at questions 27 to 30. Adam: So, what do you think we should ask in the questionnaire? Becky: Well, the questionnaire's meant to find out some reasons that explain the data. You know, it's no good saying how many cars use the route at a given time without having some idea of why they do that. Adam: OK - so the main focus needs to be on why they chose to go by car rather than catch the bus, or go by bike? Becky: Oh I'm not sure that's it really. Isn't it more why the drivers chose that route and not another one? Adam: Umm - well we're only asking the ones who drive into the car park, so I guess we already know that.


Paddleboarding is a mixture of two water sports, surfing and rowing. Paddleboarding uses a surfboard and the paddleboarder ‘rows’ the board. However, there are two big differences. In surfing, you have to stand but in paddleboarding you can kneel or lie on the board. In rowing you use oars, but in paddleboarding you mustn’t use oars. You have to use your arms to move along. You can do the sport on rivers, but most of the big competitions are on the ocean. The main competition for paddleboarders is the annual race from Molokai to Oahu in Hawaii.

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Some people even killed them because they thought they were dirty. In the nineteenth century, as the kite became rarer, it became a target for people who collected birds' eggs as a hobby. The red kite became extinct in England in 1871 and in Scotland in 1879. However, the red kite was not without friends, and for many years, people have been trying to help the birds. As long ago as 1903, British people interested in red kite conservation formed a committee. The aim of this committee was to protect the bird. By then there were only a small number of birds left in Wales. Until about 1950 when protection measures began to take effect, the number of birds did not increase much. This is why a re-introduction programme was needed and plans for this began in the year 1986. The idea was to bring birds living in other countries to England, in the hope that they would like it and settle there.

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Once a year, people bring th e ir cam els fro m th e countries o f O m an, Saudi Arabia, Q atar and even fu rth e r away, to an area o f land in Abu D habi. They are here to find 5. m ost beau tiful cam el. The com p etition lasts ten days. There are around 2 4 ,0 0 0 cam els in th e co m p etitio n and th e judges have to find tw o fo r th e final day. The w inning cam el m ust have good ears, a high back, shiny hair and a long neck, and long legs are also im p o rtan t. Th ere is a prize fo r th e w in n e r b ut this 6 - as im p o rtan t as fam ily honour. This year, th e w in n e r is a m an called Bin Tanaf. Im m ediately, his fam ily and friends celebrate and th e party at his te n t lasts all night. Tw o hundred people are th e re. They sing songs and tell stories ab o u t camels.

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Choose the correct answer for each of the 14 questions. Your score is calculated from your first response to each question. If you score above 78%, you are ready for Math 20-1. If you score between 50% to 78%, you are ready for Math 20-2. If you score less than 50%, your are ready for Math 20-3.


As a student, he studied history and politics at Yale University. Then for a few years he taught history, including South American history. Hiram never trained as an archaeologist, but he rediscovered the lost city of Machu Picchu while he was travelling in Peru. He wrote about his journey and returned a few times to the city with (see it here) financial help from Yale University and the National Geographic Society. While in Machu Picchu, Hiram and his team excavated many objects from the Incas and took them back to the US. Later, the government of Peru asked him to return many of the objects. After his years of adventures, Hiram returned to the US and started a family with (discover here) his wife Alfreda.

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I cam ped again and got up early before th e sun becam e too hot. I w as badly d eh y d ra ted and d esp erate, but ju s t as I cam e to th e edge o f a cliff, I looked down and 4 th e re w as th e V e rd e River. I t took tw o hours to clim b down th e side o f the cliff, b u t 5. I reached th e riv e r and drank th e w a te r. The n e x t day I follo w ed th e riv e r fo r miles and th en I found a tr a il. I a rriv e d home a day la te r and I knew I w as very lucky to be alive.

My email is bob dot bruce fifty-one at email dot com. S: Let me check, bob dot bruce fifty-one at email dot com.


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But maybe you should lie down for a while. A: My throat is very red, doctor.

Tenzing Norgay is famous because, with the climber Edmund Hillary, he was the first man to reach the summit of Mount Everest on May 29,1953. He was born in 1914 in a village called Thami near the border with Tibet. He spent most of his life in the region and worked on many expeditions to Everest before he reached the top. Afterwards, his life completely changed and he travelled all over the world.


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Biometric technology can solve this problem. Your biometric information is your fingerprint, for example. If you press your finger onto a screen, the technology can read the fingerprint and check your identity. Airports already use similar technology which looks inside your eye and also checks your identity. Biometric technology can also recognise your voice and your movements. Finally, are there any problems writh this technology? Well, it's very expensive, so you'll only see it in places like airports, banks or government offices. Sometimes the technology can make mistakes and it's not always correct.

New Total English retains all the popular features of the original edition including clear CEF-related objectives which make lesson planning easy. There is a solid grammar syllabus with regular Active Grammar boxes and Reference and Review sections. It also has a strong focus on vocabulary with attention to collocations and now includes an on-line Vocabulary Trainer.


Paragraph 1: in the brochure; the sea, empty beaches Paragraph 2: a six-hour drive Paragraph 3 :1 woke up once; there were clothes in her wardrobe; We emptied the wardrobe. Paragraph 4: the clothes were back in the wardrobe; My daughter's clothes were in the box on top of the wardrobe. Paragraph 5: In the evening, as it got darker; lived in his shed when visitors stayed.

Math-Drills.com includes over 57 thousand free math worksheets that may be used to help students learn math. Our PDF math worksheets are available on a broad range of topics including number sense, arithmetic, pre-algebra, geometry, measurement, money concepts and much more.


A: A few years ago, some workers were digging in the area of Cascajal for stone and they found this. At first they thought it was a normal block of stone. But they also saw the strange lines and symbols. Luckily they gave it to archaeologists to look at. I: So, do we know who made the stone? A: Well, it was discovered near to the ancient city of the Olmec people.

Listen and respond to the sales person using the information below and your own details. Remember to spell your surname and email address.


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She wants to play tennis professionally one day. Sh e. tennis professionally one day.

Conversation 4 T: Excuse me. I was wondering if you'd recommend anything in particular. P4: Well our chocolate cake is very famous.


Papyrus was a plant which was grown by the ancient Egyptians. It was used to make boats, baskets, boxes, tables, sandals and many other objects. But it was more famous as a writing tool in Egypt and later by the Romans. The inside of the long plant was taken and cut into long pieces. These pieces were put across each other and dried. Nowadays, papyrus is still used but not for paper.

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Recently, we had a conference at our hotel, so there was lots to arrange. The hotel manager Person 2 was very ill that week, so all of us on reception had I've always lived in this area. It was a beautiful place, but to help with (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=1806) everything. It was great because none of then the oil companies came here.


Mobile medicine arubai Salve goes to work twice a day. She leaves her home once at nine o'clock in the morning and then again at six o'clock in the evening to visit people in her village of Jawalke. The village has about 240 families and, with (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=4235) another woman called Babai Sathe, Sarubai is responsible for the health of the village. The women visit pregnant women and give medicine to some of the older people. Today they are visiting their first patient. Rani Kale doesn't come from Jawalke. She lives about an hour away but her village doesn't have anyone like Sarubai to help mothersto-be. Sarubai is checking Rani and she is worried about the position of the baby. Rani might need to go to hospital.

The reason I wanted to keep the meeting secret was because, as you know, Rosemary is retiring from the company on Friday and so we're going to have a small leaving party for her. B: Sorry, but wrhere are we going to have a party? The offices are big but they aren't a very good place to. well, to have fun. C: That new restaurant next door is good.