Elvis Presley’s iconic music and presence made him a cultural phenomenon with a legacy that remains unmatched. A symbol of the counter-culture, his music helped bring what was traditionally considered “black music” to the masses in the form of rock and roll. His hip-shaking, though seemingly harmless now, was a symbol of rebellion. Now 40 years after his passing, new generations are continuing to discover his music, letting “the King’s” legacy live on.

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Elvis’ life was an X-rated version of his celluloid output that should have been filmed by Russ Meyer

Elvis is wearing a paint-stained blue denim shirt and tight blue jeans. He looks relaxed and affable and rather meatier around the jaw-line than one remembers from previous films. Marriage (back in May 1967 to Priscilla Beaulieu) is obviously agreeing with him.


The best version is alternate take 9 on A hundred years from now. It has almost no backing vocals and has a strong band-backing. I give the live version only 2 stars (it goes on to long), but the studio version 4, so 3 stars overall.

Patch It Up / You Don't Have To Say You Love Me album cover

Holiday sounds for fans of Swingin' Pop Standards. Crooners, horn sections, and a whole lotta swi.


Slow-talking Elvis may be. But he certainly isn’t the slow-witted hick from the backwoods his detractors make out. If he is, then he’s a better actor than they give him credit for. Get through to him, and you find a pleasant, honest, not-too-articulate hometown boy who has been protected for his own good from the hysterical periphery of his present world.

Gary puts together the Magic Sunny Lite Hits channels. Here's what he's enjoying at the holidays.


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In an up beat mood after the show, Presley gave Binder his personal number and told him to keep in touch. Later, when Binder tried to call Elvis, he could never get past the Memphis Mafia who answered the phone. Elvis had withdrawn from the world once more.

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That all happened on Biggie songs. Granted, he was dead before that last video was made and thus can't really be held responsible for it, but that song is from his album, and he'd gone along with every other decision Puffy had made up to that point, even if it was reluctantly. If you think he wouldn't have been dressed like an old-school Arby's roast beef like everyone else in that video, you're fucking delusional.

Elvis Presley was the shock of the new, but Love Me Tender was an old-fashioned Western melodrama set in 1865

Elvis looked stiff, trapped by celluloid. All his famous eccentricities had been reduced to prescribed features. His skin had a synthetic texture. His hair, once his Samson ”“like crowning glory, glistening thick pomade raked into thick locks, now looked like poured tar.


In her own words, she says it mentions a divorce. She eventually burned it. Nothing suspicious about that!

By far my least favorite song on the LP "That's The Way It Is" (my favorite LP). It isn't bad, but it is repetitive and not overly interesting. Watching him perform it live in Vegas is impressive, but it loses something on record. I like the live version on the album, better than the studio single version. The odd sounds he makes at the end of the song are annoying and he tries to be funky, but in the end, the track is boring.


Though thousands of young girls were guests at the parties throughout the Hollywood years, there was never one who would recount her experiences to the press. Their parents would have been horrified and no reporter or editor then working in Hollywood would risk his job publishing any scandalous stories during this period.

Elvis tried dating his screen sister, Debra Paget, but her mother made sure she kept seeing her other Hollywood suitor, Howard Hughes. Elvis was out of his league, but he still proposed marriage. Elvis would never get over his fruitless obsession with Paget and he would eventually marry a young girl, Priscilla Ann Beaulieu, who could have been her twin.


The Colonel knew what the public wanted: bright colours, exotic locations, cute animals, big breasted girls clad in bikini’s doing the Go-Go and Elvis incessantly dancing and singing novelty numbers. In 1961, the public got it. In Blue Hawaii Elvis was cast as Chad Gates, singing heir to a pineapple fortune who wants to prove he can make it on his own as a Hawaiian tourist guide. The soundtrack, featuring such execrable fare as ”˜Ito Eats’ and ”˜Ku-U-I-Po’, shifted three million units. In the last six weeks of 1961 the film Blue Hawaii made two million dollars. Through 1962 the total gross was 4/7 million dollars. The colossal success of Blue Hawaii spelt the end of Presley’s hopes of a serious acting career for good.

It was a family home at 3764 Highway 51 South. Styled as a “ranch”, it sat in a semi-rural area roughly ten miles outside downtown Memphis. The city would eventually expand out to the house, but at that time it stood alone, surrounded by its own grounds and countryside.


A song that was overshadowed by it's A side which had a similar heavy orchestration and was already a well known song. An unusual song from Eddie Rabbitt too as he was mainly known for country type numbers. I can't really make my mind up on this one.

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Blues would be the first formulaic Presley musical picture, but it would not be the last. The one exception was his following picture, Flaming Star. This was a straight drama directed by the celebrated Don Siegel, featuring Elvis as Pacer Burton, a Red Indian half-breed at the centre of a small town race war in 1878. During filming Presley’s ”˜It’s Now or Never’ was the number one single for twenty weeks. Eagar to boost box-office receipts, Twentieth Century Fox wanted Elvis to sing four songs in the movie, with one of them sung on horseback.


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And, RCA and Warners (who owns the rights to the film,"Elvis-Thats the way it is") could take Elvis' live version of the song, (used in the film) and dub in the studio mix, into a new video presentation. Of note: "Rubberneckin" was once a "b" side, and when remixed, overdubbed and remastered, became a huge hit again!

How Elvis Presley Changed Music and Culture

This has to be the worst song he ever did in the 1970's. Real difficult words to remember and just plain boring.


Love the long "Growling-scatting ending. I wish RCA could remix this and make it sound a bit cleaner in the mix.

This 50th Anniversary Edition is much more than simply a re-release of the original taped TV show. It’s a 7-disc box set that includes the NBC-TV show, ‘Elvis,’ along with enough extra goodies to keep any Presley fan enthralled for days. A total of seven discs includes 2 newly mastered Blu-ray discs with all-known recordings and rehearsals from the RCA vaults and NBC’s videotapes, plus never-before released interviews and out-takes.


The others follow suit, singing, clowning, all on their feet. If this is the Memphis Mafia, they’re a friendly bunch.

On August 16, 1977, the night he died, the star played piano one last time at home. In the early hours of the morning, he performed Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain and Unchained Melody for his fiancee Ginger Alden and cousin Billy Smith and his wife Jo.


The studio/single-version is a little stiff, expecially compared with the live/album version. The energy and generel musical quality of the album-version rescued the relatively unappealing composition.

When The Beatles left, Elvis said nothing. Years later, he would tell President Richard Nixon that The Beatles had corrupted the youth of the nation.


In other words, Dave Grohl's first impression of his bandmates was such that the moment he was left alone in a room, he grabbed the nearest acoustic guitar and banged out the first melancholy ballad of his life about the two people he'd just met. He was in a band with those people for three more years after that, and it's unlikely that introducing overnight fame, lots of money, an out-of-control heroin addiction, and Courtney Love did anything to ease the tension.


Would it really be that much better, though? For that matter, would people still look at his contribution to music (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=7358) history as favorably as they do now if he wasn't tragically killed in 1997?


Who needed Colonel Parker when Elvis himself was alive and well and filming? The Publicity Man who escorted me as close as if he were handcuffed said proudly: “I’d like to work with him again, he’s so sweet and uncomplicated. I was surprised you got through – no one’s talked to him yet, you know.

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So, a decade and a half of fights about titles that mean nothing to us and salacious blog posts about who she might be sleeping with later, where would we be? I'm not a fortune teller, but I'm assuming that, like anyone else who's rich, lives in England, and appears in tabloids frequently, she'd probably be friends with Jay-Z and Beyonce right now.


Backed up by Siegel, Elvis refused and delivered one of his best screen performances of his entire career

The first, taking place in Helsinki, was an entirely solo set up which resulted in a collection of beat-flecked, punkish tracks. His second week in a studio swung the other way, as he was joined in Paris by a group of virtuoso musicians assembled by long term keyboard player, The Attractions' (now The Imposters) Steve Nieve. The jazz-leaning group improvised their way through a series of newly written songs, adding a dixie swing to Costello's smouldering emotions.

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The house was 10,266 square feet when Elvis bought it and he immediately started remodelling. That process over the years has taken the property to 17,552 square feet.


Steve Binder wanted to rejuvenate Presley and show the world he was still a potent force in popular music. He firmly vetoed the Colonel’s “Elvis and the Wonderful World of Christmas” idea and showed Elvis (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=4776) was fame was fleeting by walking him down Sunset Boulevard. Elvis thought he would be mobbed. Not one passer-by acknowledged The King.

The weakest of the tracks on the TTWII album. However the live performance is great. The song is just a little too repetitive for my taste.


That's "Friend of a Friend," and it first saw an official release on the 2005 Foo Fighters album In Your Honor, but it was written and recorded way back in 1990, right after Grohl joined Nirvana. According to the always trusty Wikipedia, it's the first acoustic song Dave Grohl ever wrote. There's a line about "a friend's guitar" that refers to the fact that he wrote it on Kurt Cobain's guitar.

Elvis Presley – Patch It Up / You Don't Have To Say You Love Me

The good breeze continued to blow as far as the set. A mauve-walled pad with kitchen adjacent and a king-size bed visible through half-drawn yellow curtains. Elvis sat at a table, staring at his hands, while three mini-skirted girls, Mary Tyler Moore, Barbara McNair and Jane Elliott, scurried around with trays of food.


If you don't have time to give it a listen, just know that song is what "Imagine" would sound like if it was mostly about being all right with buying a minivan. I know the romantically ideal version of John Lennon as a counterculture rebel dictates that, rather than delving further into Christopher Cross territory, he would've been swept up in the excitement of the punk and/or new wave movement and made some truly interesting music (use this link), but his posthumous releases.

They're the stuff of our everyday conversations and debates about music, the totems that trigger our memories

Gladys Smith was born on April 25, 1912 in Pontotoc County. She married Vernon Presley on June 17, 1933. Vernon was only 17 and lied about his age when they registered the union.


I've always liked it simply because it kind of broke the 1970-71 mold of contemporary "love " songs Elvis was doing so well. Love to watch him perform it also.

In fact, they laid down the law, stating that the music icon was never to see their daughter again

In April 1956, the twenty-one year old ”˜Memphis Flash’ came to Hollywood triumphant. Elvis was the undisputed (at least by white society) ”˜King of Rock ‘N’ Roll’, nearly a millionaire, a national phenomenon who drew an estimated audience of 54 million when he performed on The Ed Sullivan Show. Presley was the first white artist to have a number one record on the Pop, Country and R&B charts, simultaneously. The only challenge left was the Silver Screen.


This was a picture in which he would sing to Dominick the bull, a pet that would be eaten by drunken Indians who mistook him for a cow. A subsequent movie, Live A Little, Love A Little, in which he was pursed by a man-hungry and deranged Michele Carey and her Great Dane, was only notable because Elvis uttered ”˜dammit” on screen and for the original song ‘A Little Less Conversation’. Live A Little, Love A Little appropriately contained a cod-psychedelic rock number entitled, ”˜The Edge of Reality’.

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Despite this Costello's 13 picks still include from tunes that adorned his childhood, a recent online discovery and the latest, just released album by his wife, the jazz singer and pianist Diana Krall - though isn't the only member of his household to inspire his Baker's Dozen selections. Costello explains that his teenage son rekindled his interest in Gorillaz after he got into the band independently via an interest in remixing and animation.

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I love the "scatting and Growls" at the end of the song especially. I always felt the studio version, wasn't mixed well, but its a great performance! The Live Version is good, but its more of a visual performance.


Speaking of fantasies, his last album is called Double Fantasy and, if I'm being completely honest, it isn't his best moment. It's his last album, so people tend to be kind to it in reviews and such, but half of it is Yoko Ono songs and the other half is John Lennon sounding like the godfather of '80s adult-oriented rock.

Petula Clark had turned down the role. Steve Grayson sings of the joys of paying taxes and then wins a big race in order to pay off the government. Between incessant amphetamine binges and re-reading The Physician’s Desk Reference and Cheiro’s Book Of Numbers, Presley spends hours ”˜dry humping’ Frank Sinatra’s daughter in his trailer. To quote the title of Presley’s former bodyguards 1977 book, by Red and Sonny West and Dave Hebler, “as told to Steve Dunleavy”; Elvis, What Happened?


Does the marriage survive if her husband does? According to police reports about Cobain's suicide.

Of course not, because everyone on the Internet is young and beautiful. Nevertheless, it's a song that exists that a lot of people enjoyed, and it wasn't written by or even for the Pointer Sisters. It was originally penned by a young Bruce Springsteen during the sessions for his goddamn fantastic Darkness on the Edge of Town album, with the intention of passing it along to Elvis to record.


Hal Wallis objected to Presley’s hair (“It’s beginning to look like a wig”) and the very poor box office receipts for Frankie And Johnny. Wallis would not renew his producers contract. Further humiliation would follow, as the Presley pictures budgets were slashed by a succession of hack producers.

Presley led a remarkable career in the music industry, becoming one of the most popular singers in music (like this) history. He had 18 number one singles in the US and countless others place in the top 100. During his lifetime, he had nine number one albums. Even after his death his popularity continued, earning another number one album in 2002.


The atmosphere on the set is hip and loose, full of leather-clad youth and clever in-talk. The director is thin and intense, wears a check shirt and gym shoes, and is called Billy Graham, which is going to look interesting on the posters of a swinging nun.

Elvis was also known for his trademark dance moves, most importantly the way he shook his hips. Debuting his infamous pelvic moves during his performance of “Hound Dog” on ‘The Milton Berle Show,’ Presley made young girls swoon and adults wag their fingers. Many found his performance to be over-sexualized and obscene. Following television performances were quick to censor his pelvic thrusts by filming him from the waist up.


It's not one of my all time faves. I don't care for the "live" version, but I do enjoy the single version. Especcially the single mix on TTWII (FTD).

Then, the following month the world’s most famous entertainer was finally leaving us. In Sept 1958, the troop train arrived in Brooklyn, New York at 9:00am. Along the way, his manager Colonel Tom Parker had organized a press conference at which he answered questions about his army duty, his music (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=3733), and his Mom.