BtSpy is possibly inviolation of the GPL, for not making it clear enough where to find thesources to the DScaler drivers (since btwincap is distributednon-commercially, they can distribute the DScaler binaries without DScalersource under section 3c of the GPL, so long as they extend the source codeoffer to those receiving binaries). The drivers came from DScaler 3/10 orearlier. I used DScaler 3/10 for my modified version. I've included therelevant DScaler source in the TL880Spy source distribution. The programruns fine under Windows 2000. I have not tested any other version ofWindows. All Windows versions from Win98SE onward should work, possibly evenNT4 (though I don't know if the hdtv card driver would work in NT4) - Mike [email protected]

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Note: The following is incomplete, may be inaccurate and needs improving. LinuxTV support vs. 3rd party support (mrec) seems to have been intertwined.

The primary goal of v5 was to making the it possible to run NextPVR on other platforms. We've made good progress with that, and now have an application we'd like to get more people testing it. Today I've posted public beta information, for those that are interested in giving it a go.


Dear MikeThanks for your prompt reply. I will probably spend some time reading and testing what you have done so far. I appreciate your offer to pitch in. I can't really even ask any intelligent questions right now as I need to study the code some though I am sure I will have some! I would really like to be able to get the mpeg decoder working I am less worried about capture as I have an assortment of hd capture cards. I picked up a mini itx computer on ebay and it came with a mdp-120.

Cinergy T USB Dual RC

UPDATE: "Anttip" linuxtv HG repository has EC168 development drivers (not yet part of 2/6.31/1 Kernel v4l drivers), which work with EC168 based dvb-t sticks (18b4:1689 device id). Numerous other re-branded sticks use the same chipset.


Fixed bug with using linear colour gradients in listings, which were broken in some situations previously. Also improved selection of show when using the up/down keys to switch between channels.

Currently Unsupported DVB-T USB Devices

Check out the Afatech AF9035 page for information on support. And please add details so that the device can be added to the big table above.


So, I increased the minimum buffer size, and mplayer and xine play skip free audio (with video on the normal video card). I still need to figure out how to swap the channels, as the left channel's audio comes out the right.

InterfaceHardwareFirmwareComment / PicturesURLEAnysee E7✘ No1c73:861f USB2/0N/AThis is a generic entry for the Anysee E7 line. If you have details for a particular device, please feel free to clone this entry and add the details.


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Hello all,I'm pleased to announce that a functioning TL880 ALSA driver has been checked into CVS, with audio going out throug the MyHD S/PDIF port. Additionally, using a three-line modification to mplayer, I have been able to play back videos using the MyHD as both the video and audio output device. With a few more tweaks I'll put out an official release.

This is a fairly substantial change. If you have problems with playback in the new release, you can tick the 'use legacy TS reader and Microsoft demux' checkbox to get back to the old components. I'd appreciate users posting feedback on issues with the new reader though, including logs, so I have a chance to look into these issues. When reporting these issues, it'd be useful to know if it effects live tv or recording playback, or both, and what decoders you're using.


This still requires a DHCP server to be available for the MVP to get an IP address on you network. Home networking routers often contain DHCP servers. Also, if you have Windows ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) enabled, this acts as a DHCP server.

My HTPC is running Gentoo, with a recent kernel. I'm using HD3000 and Fusion3 cards in it now.


TerraTec Cinergy T USB XS

You can now choose if the rolling segments are based on time or the epg. If it's set to 'epg based', then pressing 'record' will keep the buffer and add it as a record. If you're set to 'time based', then it'll behave as per previous releases.

I've thought about trying to add I2C decoding to =TL880Spy,=20but it would be likely to miss bits. A note about the I2C, though: many =of=20the MyHD's I2C chips are documented well enough that I think the =greatest=20initial return will come from focusing on the TL880 chip itself. Then, =once=20the TL880 is talking more, time spent decoding the I2C conversations =would=20be very beneficial. My first goal is just to get some kind of data, =whether=20it's analog video, audio, or MPEG data, from the chip, even if it's snow =(as=20long as I can be sure that it's legitimate snow).

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Ridata USB DVB-T Stick

I've been working on a lot lately, but it's not ready to release. The next release will have a lot of changes. Mostly I've been gleaning information on many of the card's registers from the driver disassembly.


I've made the comics as big as I can on the screen. Most are readible, but the occasional one has text that is a bit too small.

Unfortunately this comes at some cost. So, appologies to those with slow machines or using the PVR350 tv out - this is may be the end of the road for GB-PVR for you.


You can press 123-* to open PIP on channel 123. You can press 124-* to change the PIP window to channel 124. You can press # to swap windows. You can press * by itself to close the PIP window. I've only tested this on an MCE remote.

ATI have kindly provided updated work drivers which work in my part of world, allowing me to finally track down this problem. There still seems to be some minor audio/video sync issues (at least for me PAL country), but this is not caused by GB-PVR and I'm hopeful ATI will nail this sometime soon with updated drivers.


This no longer required WinDVD Creator to be installed. One of the steps (IAMCrossbar->Route()) when starting live tv is very slow on this device, which makes it very slow to start livetv for the first time.

This also includes better tuner conflict management with live tv tuner usage, and changing allocated tuners if necessary. This also resolves an issue that could lead to recordings not taking place.


AVerMedia AVerTV Hybrid Volar HD (H830)✘ No07ca:0830 USB2/0Written H830 on device. Official driver Support neither FM nor Remote Control. Tested on Ubuntu 10/04 with kernel 2/6.32-32-generic.

The I2C test was successful and the color bars were displayed. I did not get video back after the color bar test ended. I had to switchto the video card output to copy the log file off.


Tvisto USB DVB-T 15a4-9016.png

This is only available for people viewing on their monitor, not MVP/XCard/PVR350. You can see the visualization as soon as the music starts playing in the 'music library' plugin, or when the default screen saver kicks in if music is playing.

Search driver pkg dvbt 2 download

Steve,I converted some of these traces into bash scripts to try to mimic what was happening, but I didn't get any data in my DMA buffer. I wonder if you could trace the Linux (hop over to this web-site) driver and compare it to the Windows driver at some point. Also, do you ever use the MyHD application, or do you always build a graph with Graphedit?


General Information Regarding DVB via USB

This will perform a very accurate conversion to 256 colors for the XCard, with optomized palette for each screen. This work very well, but is quite a bit slower so you'll only want to use it if you have a fast PC.

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Pinnacle itself was acquired, in August 2005, by Avid Technology, Inc, under whose ownership it continues to operate as a standalone division. On October 29, 2008, Avid in turn sold their Pinnacle PCTV product range and related assets to Hauppauge, with the transaction expected to close before the end of Q4 2008.


Dvb-usb-wt220u-01.fw or dvb-usb-wt220u-fc03.fw or dvb-usb-wt220u-zl0353-01.fw

This improves lots of small things in the application on the MVP. Things like netradio song name now automatically refresh when the song changes etc.

This just a simple visual indicator. Some multi-user households might use it to flag a recording as having been watched by certain members of the family.


AVerMedia AVerTV Volar HD Nano (A867)✔ Yes, using (unstable) driver from avermedia07ca:0337 07ca:1867 USB2/0Afatech AF9035The hardware internals list may not be correct - the original driver (from avermedia) contains references to AF9007 and mxl5007(t). USB device 0x1867 is confirmed to have tuner mxl5007t. The original driver seems to not cope well with the usb device removal, though the playback worked.

You can also now press FF/RW to jump forward or back page (2 hours) in the tv guide. On the 45 button Hauppauge remote or MCE remote, the channel up/down buttons will perform page up/down. For those that dont remember, you can also type channel number and press enter to jump to that channel. SkipFoward/SkipBack jumps forward/back a day.


I converted Mark's framework to a separately compiled driver for the 2/4 kernel, and filled in most of the blanks. I also wrote a bunch of tools to use the new driver. Check out the new section on the web site: All the cool information about the driver is in all the many README files inside the tarball. Remember, it has no video capture capability.

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The variable layout of the classes and structures is a mystery, though I've figured out some of the fields. It's a lot easier with this card than any other situation I can think of, as the register writes/reads are all intact in the disassembly. I think I'm pretty close to getting the sync generator to turn on the external monitor. I haven't written a microcode upload routine yet, though, so I might have to do that first. I do have a shell script that uses dd to extract the microcode from the 1/54 driver. I don't know how to find the microcode, so I hard-coded the offset and length in the shell script.


To play Blu-Ray you need AnyDVD-HD installed, aswell as the LAV Splitter. This will get you playback of the main movie, not menus.

The hacker news linux

I was able to finish all the bootup init =captures, and started looking at using graphedit sequences. I also =extracted out the NXT200x firmware out from the latest _XP driver (file =offset 0x62BB8 and length 0x26C0) and verified that the bootup init =sends the entire image. However, only the last 256 bytes of it match in =the older 1/54 driver at file offset 0x36A3.


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Thanks for offering to help, and welcome aboard! Since you're a software developer, I'll start with a couple of software-related tasks that might fit in a tight schedule. Some of these are more ambitious than others. I'll provide a long list so that anybody can refer to the list for ideas.

Warm usbid 05d8:810c Based on the DiBcom DVB-T USB 2.0 reference design

Also added the ability to use colour gradients in many parts of the skins. Colors can be by name (Green/Black/etc) or by #RRGGBB constant. Lots more options now available for new skins.


Sorry if this causes any issues with remote control apps. I'd been reluctant to do it in the past for this reason, but I got sick of looking at it and wanted it changed.

Artec T1 USB TV Box

This change was made as a work around for nvidia owners that used to get screen corruption when using hardware accelleration with most aspect ratios. Be sure to select the 'VMR9 Custom' renderer option if you need to use this. VRM7 and VMR9 renderers still have this problem and will require nvidia to fix.


I have the VPX chip docs, but I can't send them to you. However, Micronas will simply give you access to the docs if you say why you want them using the form on their website.

This is off by default, but can be enable din the Settings->Recording screen. It'll probably be enabled by default in future releases.

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Qtuantek QT1010 tuner, Zarlink ZL10353 demodulator and Alcor Micro AU6610 DVB-T USB controller

The following list of devices will have to be organized into a table. Please don't add your device here but try to add it to the table above.


So I've been using /dev/input/event5 in my tests. I have tried using evtest, mode2, and irw to no avail. I get no indication of any signal coming from the remote. Am I missing a kernel driver module?

This, however was fuitless as the file is 0 byte. Is there anysuggestions as I do want to help gather information.


AVerMedia AVerTV Volar Video Capture USB (H830D)✘ No07ca:1830 USB2/0Written H830 on device. Tried with Ubuntu 10/04, Kernel 2/6.32-25-generic (x86_64), but no luck.

First argument is the name of the file to be played. The second argument is the name of the temporary MPEG file.


You can manual add FM stations in the analog capture source settings. I may add an FM scan feature in a later release. The FM radio stations appear as channels, just like DVB/ATSC radio do, and from the TV Guide you either get the option to 'watch' or 'listen' (which leaves you in menus rather than switching to tv mode). This gives the advantage of being able record radio shows, pause live radio etc.

DVB-C, DVB-T, AnalogTV, Composite, S-Video, FM-Radio. The first revision of this device is EOL but still supported, all hardware Features are supported by Sundtek's 3rd party userspace driver.


This is still very new, and a bit buggy. It does allow the video inset window which was not possible with the original Hauppauge dongle. Its not until you try to write these things yourself that you realise how well someone else has done.

Cinergy DT USB XS Diversity/

There is an SDK for download on the Nebula WebSite, which was used to improve the driver's quality. Was the first USB2/0 box on the market (late 2003/early 2004).


Can be enabled/disabled in the Settings screen. Works with all remote types (MCE, Hauppauge, Direct Access etc).

When you're watching a video, you can press home to switch to video inset mode, go to the video library and press the yellow key on one or more file files to queue them for playback after the current file. This key can be configured in the keymappings file if you need or prefer a different key.


DigitalRise DVB-T USB 2.0 Ter Beetle

Installshield which I previously used, was driving me nuts. This has also required a slight change to the version numbering scheme. Minor version numbers will now use numbers not letters.

Notable Pinnacle video capture products include the Dazzle and PCTV product lines. The origin of the PCTV name itself can be traced back to a single device from miro; the miroMEDIA PCTV.


EzTV USB DVB-T internals 3243.jpg

This was resulting in large video files. Its now producing nice small divx files for these devices.

On this version the outer package says "Cinergy T RC" and a label on the stick itself says "MKII". Support for new tuner TDA18218 is working with 2/6.37-rc6.


GO7007SB Recording Plugin can be used with with devices based on this WIS chipset to record directly to MPEG1/MPEG2/MPEG4/DivX. This plugin currently supports the Plextor PX-M402U and the generic WIS GO7007SB. Several new devices based on this chipset family will be release soon, and GB-PVR will add support for them as they are released.

Both DVB-S and DVB-T should work. FTA transmission only at this stage. Most of my testing has been done on a Hauppauge Nova-S running the TechnoTrend BDA drivers, but TwinHan DVB-T and the Nova-T (newer 90002 model) are known to work. DVB_T has been tested in Sweden, the UK and Australia.



The 7045A frontend is tda10046 based. The symptoms are that they can not find any channels. Consequently, they are unusable at the moment.

What about diffing again the standalonev4l2 / v4l distribution at bytesex.org? There is some drivers athttp://bytesex.org/snapshot/ which does exactly that.


Supported TM5600/6000/6010 Based USB DVB-T devices

This replaces the tray icon that was part of the recording service in the last release. Also enables you to easily restart the recording service.

I know which registers the firmware is written to, so if someone out there knows how to write a memory dump utility, it should be possible to download the firmware from RAM, and determine if it's different from the MyHD firmware. In the MyHD driver, the firwmare is stored as raw data in the file, and I expect it's the same in the other TL880 cards. So, even if we can only get a partial download of the firmware, we can search for it in the disassembly of the file to find the rest.