Pega interview questions and answers topic wise for experienced – freshers. Real time pega interview questions with latest PEGA Job top Important Questions.

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Property-Remove method is used to delete a property or properties and its associated value from the step page or another specified page. This does not affect the property rule, its definition.

We cannot save pages of any class derived from the Code- base class or the Embed- base class. Such pages exist only on the clipboard.


A list of databases identified in Database data instances appears. Select a database and click Next.

When the system executes a Branch step, control transfers to another activity found through rule resolution. Execution of the original activity pauses.


RDB-Save method is used to save the contents of a clipboard page into a row of a relational database. The system saves the properties on the specified step page to the specified table in the database.

How to implement dynamic select and smart prompt? What’s the major difference between them?


Interview Questions On VALIDATIONS In PEGA

Our system includes three standard agents rules. Because these agents rules are in locked RuleSets, we cannot modify them. To change the configuration settings for the agents listed in these rules, update the agent schedules generated from the agents rule.

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A local flow action permits users at runtime to update, but not complete, an assignment. Like connector flow actions, local flow actions are referenced inside an assignment task in a flow.


Use this method in conjunction with a Connect SQL rule that contains SQLSELECT or EXECUTE statements in the Open tab. Define the SQL statements so that the database returns exactly one row.

SLA’s are always associated with an assignment. Just drag a SLA shape and provide an instance of Rule-Obj-ServiceLevel.


TOP KnockoutJS Interview Questions and Answers

Legacy — specifies that this is an agent that was created in a version prior to V5/4 and has not yet been updated. This option is not available for agents created in V5/4 or later.

300+ Ibm Tivoli Netcool Omnibus Interview Questions and Answers

Only properties exposed as columns can be used as selection criteria. However, values of properties that are not exposed as columns, including embedded properties, can be returned.


Commit method is used to commit all uncommitted database changes. This method writes all the instances specified by one or more earlier Obj-Save methods to the PegaRULES database (for internal classes) and to external databases (for external classes).

PEGA Interview Questions and Answers

Applies to class is class of the Combined table. So we can refer the properties of both the tables in list view.


This method references a Connect SQL rule instance, and executes SQL statements stored in the Browse tab of that rule instance. The search can do anything we can specify in a SQL statement, such as a SELECT WHEREstatement. Any constraints on the returned data are in the SQL.

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A service level rule is an instance of the Rule-Obj-ServiceLevel type. Each service level rule defines one to three time intervals, known as goals, deadlines, and late intervals, that indicate the expected or targeted turnaround time for the assignment, or time-to-resolve for the work object.

At runtime, users can select local flow actions to update assignment or work object properties, change the assignee, and so on but do not complete the assignment. If a service level rule is associated with the assignment, the service level continues to run.

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A system admin complained that he is not able to access the admin studio? What could be the potential reason?


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