There are alot of good mods out there. Imo stay way from major overhauls. They change ALOT and it's hard to keep track of all of it. Darth mod is definitely not a must have. It totally takes Empire in a different direction than what the game is originally. If you want to try an overhaul, play vanilla first. Play a large portion of a campaign, and many battles.

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Unlikely since I've seen players in the year like 1725 or some ♥♥♥♥ with a treasury of several million. Cutting that in half wouldn't change the fact that there's no ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ reason you should have that much money so early on. It was a really dumb thing to tamper with in the first place since financing was fine in vanilla. But you know, change for the sake of change, and not change for the sake of improvement. Even in my own custom mod where I edited the amount of turns up to four per year, I haven't got more than 40-50,000 credits by 1725, let alone millions.


Empire total war deutsch patch

In short its not really that good, most changes are negative and the mod doesn't really add anything new. You are better off getting ACW, Imperial Splendor, or Imperial Destoyer. Those mods add actual new things without making the game easy or broken. Or you can mod the game yourself which is probably best overall as you can do whatever you want.


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Personally played quite a lot of Darthmod back when I was bingeplaying this game but recently unable to play it, keeps crashing, and looking for some more mods but my head can't seem to wrap itself around how to install some of them. I know it's just a copy and paste but for some reason it doesn't click in my head.

Ok, this is the first time I have tried to mod any of the series. I see all the files in LtChambers Pack File Manager but when I click on them there are no details. Then I get an error message saying, "DB type not found".


The Changelog of a 13GB mod

As for changes in battles there isn't much actual change however it changes unit sizes and these are mostly negative. Line Infantry have like 550 men in a regiment and fire by rank only works in 3 ranks, 550 men is too much to form 3 ranks so line infantry won't work properly. Also platoon fire us removed because it didn't work properly with such big units. Also for some reason the mod makes elite infantry tiny compared to other units and milita can beat them, armed farmers beat royal guards.

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The only way you're going to "massacre" elite units with militia or standard line infantry is if you either attack a single unit from multiple angles, catch them while they're setting up with multiple volleys from a much larger unit, or swarm them in melee combat. In an even musket fight elite units will crush militia and most standard line infantry, because they'll reload their muskets faster and put more lead downrange into their poorly-trained opponent.

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Unlimited unique units mod

This game is about managing an 17th century empire and this mod pretty much throws that all out the window. Making trade ship and building up industry are all rendered mute by the mod even though they are supposed to be important.

Causa Belli is a sub-mod for Darthmod for Empire Total (more help) War. It seeks to overhaul the minor factions making them more fun to play or enabling the player.


War of 1812 mod

I’m use to just downloading the mods and installing them. I have never gone into folders and copy and pasted and what not. Can anyone out there that knows what they are doing possibly message me instructions that are simple to follow so I can get this mod up and running? Also will this mod work with the new blood and smoke mods.

Hey, add me as friend if you like. I understand the doesnt click in your head and dont mind doing the step by step once in awhile walking someone through.


The 1600's mod BETA

Hmmm well, I'm used to installing mods to Medieval 2 that come with their installer and have no issues with installing and playing the mods. I don't use the renaming of folders and have, atm, 3 mods and 1 submod installed for Medieval 2 that all work.