The waterfalls are tiny during this time of the year and some people took time to build some Zen Garden Sculptures. A great place where you can take the time to admire the nature.

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This picture was taken in Beilstein by the river Mosel in Germany. It was one of the most famous of the small old towns situated there. The image was made of several vertical photographs processed into a panorama. This view represents the typical summer weather and climate in that region which is famous for its wines.

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If you ever have the opportunity to go, make sure you have your camera by your side at all times. I ended up with over 1450 pictures during my two week stay.

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Inside Bryce Canyon - Early morning. One of my favorite places in the US.

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During my Honeymoon I woke up before the sunrise and went out for a walk. This picture describes what every sunrise was like in French Polynesia. The water by the first hut is only 3 feet deep, and by the furthest hut is about 4 feet deep.


Its actually a park, mimicking an island. The horizon and angle of composition mimic an island. Taken at Point Pelee Provincial Park in Ontario.

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