Turns off the annoying (but informative) popups when loading files in the Creation Kit. No more need to click through them all!

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To rotate a piece, simply select it and press and hold the right mouse button. When it is rotated so that the piece fits, let go of the button.


The one on steam is for the "oldrim" original version. You can only get the SE kit via the bethesda.net launcher.

How to navigate the kit

It is also recommended by Darkfox 127 that when you have opened the Creation (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=7858) kit and before you do anything else you make a save. He has found this prevents his CK from crashing.


HOWEVER, Tes5edit can't work with script creation (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=7568) or edits, it can copy scripts over and add in existing script data, but can't make new ones. It also can't do navmesh or worldspace edit stuff and you should never try and edit a navmesh with tes5edit.

Trythis, it might help: Go to a town (say, Whiterun) and go to yourmap. Then press X and you will see houses and stores. Plus, if youdon't want to buy, you can also take potions or steal (I wouldn'tsuggest stealing, you could go to jail for it).


Press Control D to duplicate it. Another object will appear in the Cell View. The second object is on top of the first. You can then drag it and click it easily into place next to the first wall.

I have not trouble with creating a location from zero, It seems to be working, except for the SCK itself because that thing shows so much warnings and loads slow like an overwhelmed dovahkiin. Btw, I read that those things are normal.


Should you want a different object than the first (for example a Corner piece), select the duplicate and press Control F. This will allow you to replace the object with another. Go ahead and make your third wall piece NorRmSmCorIn01.

After just a few seconds it will disappear and the default layout of the Creation Kit will pop up

Edit: The only CS news that will actually matter will be 'Download it here'. Everything else is hot air, and Beth are good at hot air!


After the CK has finished, all of your newly exported FaceGen data can be found in the Overwrite folder of your mod list. If it is not there, then check your Skyrim SE Data directory and see if there is a Textures and Meshes folder there. Move them into a new mod and name it whatever, I name mine FaceGen Data.

Filtered Dialogue: Opens the filtered dialogue feature that allows you to see what dialogue each character speaks. It can be useful for tracking down dialogue your NPCs are saying and the quest IDs for them.


CK Basics: An Introduction

Open the Creation Kit and click File > Data. A popup will show containing your mod list. Select your character overhaul mods and the patch created by xEdit.

I want to learn the way of the modder, but not the hard one, I’m not planing getting further than making new small locations with already existing resources. Maybe Ill create my own resources in some future, but I’m not writing about that, I actually want to write about what I’m trying to do right now.


I think so, in fact I think they can do loads better than they currently are in all aspects of the game from scripting to engine. However, they are limited to time and resources to get a job done and then to move on. Those that are outside of this restriction and have adequate skill and experience can do better and IMO would do better.

Steam will download the Creation (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=1379) Kit and add a short cut to it on your desktop. You are now ready to launch it and start learning how to create mods of your own.


The second method is to drag the object from the Object Window as before, but drag it on top of the original object. This method is less accurate than the first and I would recommend using only the first method for now.

The object window contains all objects that can be used in creating mods, including static objects, clothing, armor, architecture, creatures, NPCs, furniture, quests, and loads more. Most things in this window can be added to the game by simply dragging and dropping them into the Render window.


Once it's done the familiar Creation Kit splash screen will pop up and a blank gray box

This may take several minutes depending on your rig's available resources, so be patient. NEVER EVER EVER click on anything on the CK while it's loading anything, ever. Just like its predecessors the CK doesn't like to be bothered while it's thinking and clicking on it impatiently can make it freeze, crash, or both, so just give it the time it needs.

After adding the new static (in my case), that error pops up, and the missing mesh indicator shows instead of the static. However you don't have to restart the CK, fortunately; just refresh the render window (F5 key with focus on the render window).


Toggle Grass: When on, renders 3D grass on the ground in the render window. When turned off, landscape will display texture only, but in game the grass will render. Turning it off is just to conserve resources.

AllGUD Weapon Mesh Generator Script Fix at Skyrim Special

Yes, the project mentioned by the OP is a massive one. Not because it is a hard task, in fact it would be trivial to fix and update the CK for those experienced in coding for the most part. There might be some issues and such but the difficulty comes in the fact that there is no info on what was done. They have to reverse engineer the program, That is MASSIVELY difficult and extremely time consuming. Also require a much higher level of skill in programing and a specialty in this field to even begin. So, yes, I have my doubts that this will be done in the near future if at all. However, even though they have had a long road to bring us Burma (and still working on it last I checked) they did bring it. This shows a level of commitment that is rare in the modding community, so I wouldn't write them off as I would other smaller groups or individuals.


Your description is awesome and helped me a lot. Just tried it for the first time but if I drag the ImpRoomWall01 into the Render Window it does not show any texture for some reason. Its just black, do you know what I can do?

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Once everything is loaded, go to Actors > Actor and a list of the NPCs will show. Shift-Click from the top to the very bottom of the list and press CTRL + F4. A popup will show asking to confirm export face gen data for all selected NPCs, select Yes.


Learn how to use the Creation Kit to create your own mods

FaceGen data is important to keep the looks of your NPCs true and to prevent the Dark Face issue. To solve this, we need to create our own FaceGen data.

You'll then be prompted to sign in or create an account. This will be your credentials for their website and for the direct upload functionality to Bethesda.net from the new Creation Kit.


Go ahead and make the main window full screen by clicking the full screen icon in the corner. Once that's done, you can reposition the nested windows to suit your preferred layout for your workspace.

Skyrim Creation Kit Windows

People like to bash the employees skill level, I however,like to bash the company. The employees are likely ,(perhaps very likely) innocent cogs in the wheel that is Bethesda and just have to get the task done in the allotted time and move on. It is the company that is setting the standards and their standards are lower than they should be IMO and likely many other customers opinions.

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  • The Render Window in the Skyrim Creation Kit allows you to see what your mod will look like in-game

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Thanks for the information regarding the inis. I had wondered what the "prefs" ini files were for and now I know.


I hope that you enjoyed this article and it has helped you to better understand the Creation Kit

It would require hiring voice actors, if you want voiced dialogue. Otherwise, even for those like us who have no real modding experience, it's possible. It would take years of course, but by the end you'd be a top notch modder!

You will not lose the data once you've saved the plugin and close the creation kit

Next, I load the master plugins. I tried many combinations, but it seems to crash with anything.


If you are just editing basic quest stuff then you might be able to use tes5edit. It is very good at tweaking records it usually cant touch, like I said above about the scripts etc, so you can usually edit existing stuff, but never having actually done that I couldn't tell you and I would strongly recommend making sure you test the modded quest VERY throughly before depending on it.

Toggle Sky: Renders the sky in the exterior and in interiors where the lighting is set to behave like an exterior, can give you a better idea of how the scene will look in game, but can lag your rig so it's best left off most of the time. Useful as a brighter worklight in exteriors.


The Render Window renders your mod so that you can see how it will look in-game. You can move around inside the window and also zoom in and out (we will cover this in more detail shortly).

One final suggestion which saves a lot of time when you are new to the Creation Kit is to use the Preview Object Window. To turn this on, go to View and select Preview Window. This will allow you to see what an object looks like without having to drag it into the Render Window and then deciding you don’t like it or it is the wrong piece.


The Creation Kit has lots of new features, including the ability to build archives

After your mods are loaded, highlight them in the left pane and right-click, apply script. In the dropdown box, select the DarkFaceIssueReporter script and click OK. As of update 2/1, DFIR now provides a menu where you can select 3 options. For this guide, select the first top option. If you happened to pause it for some reason, and want to run it, apply the script the same way as you did before again.

The Skyrim Creation Kit


You’re going to be adding a lot of info into this in order to make the Creation Kit usable

I skipped 1/2 and 1/3 and before starting with 1/5 I had 4 CTDs, with little bunch of mods. Now I can't play the game for an entire hour, even without any mod. Didn't botter me much, since I only play the game to test the changes I made with the CK, but my game is simply unplayable. Should I be playing instead of modding, I would stick to 1/4.

The cell view window contains a list of all the cells in game, including interior and exterior cells. It also contains cells for all the various worldspaces available in the game. A cell is a canvas to build game content on. In the exterior world cells are placed side by side in a grid fashion. In the interior, a cell is a nebulous 3D space to build home/dungeon/castle interiors. An interior cell also has a grid but it's not visible to users.


Guide: Creating FaceGen Data

I found the creation (my latest blog post) kit just fine on Steam. On the library tab there is a drop down that says games click there to add the tools.

Introduction to the Kit

Disclaimer: The original Tweet says “Limited Use” however we’ve yet to hear of it not working for someone. If you try to redeem it and it no longer works, please let us know so we can make that information known. EDIT: These steps are no longer needed, as the Creation (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=8452) Kit is now live for everyone!


I guess that’s all I want to say here. I hope you guys can help me or point me to right topic.