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My original point was about not being mean to people who are more than likely doing the best they can given the circumstances. All the posts I objected to are now missing from this thread.


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I don't think they can just close the door on the paying users and tell them to switch to a different program. If they do this it would be a huge mistake.

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It actually is. Now I can no longer generate and test themes on my local server. When I'm on the train, when I'm on the yaht or the beach or anywhere cool I used to go to be creative. I used to be able to make and test full websites under the shade tree in the park.

Hey when is the version (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=3217) 4 for the Mac? If it's there I'll buy the program.


As far as the responsive designs go, Artisteer does a descent job, minus the menus. A way to better control the sidebars would be good too, so we could design some sites with a left sidebar as well. I am sure they get things right eventually, I can't say the same about the support unfortunately.

Sometimes I'm surprised how fast and then baffled by how slow. They are surly overwhelmed by the Faux pas.


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I'm thinking seriously about renew the license when it expires. This kind of support it's quite poor.

My output needs to be viewed by many browsers on different devices and many more platforms than ever before. Yes we have Internet standards but each adopts the standards differently.


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The details and quality of what you can achieve is exceptional. A popular raster-based graphic design program is Corel Painter. It is great for digital beginners as well as experienced enthusiasts and professionals. The latest version (visit this web-site) launches with a clean and easy-to-use interface that is still packed with useful features and functions. Like SAI, it provides a smooth and less delayed painting experience. Many artists need the full set of features and therefore choose the industry-standard Adobe Illustrator program. For vector images, you can achieve professional designs with this app (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=6159). It includes a wide variety of brushes, gradients, filters, and special effects that can be used to achieve the end product you are looking for. Another option worth mentioning is GIMP and a smooth and fun experience PaintTool SAI has enough features for both amateur and professional artists (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=7664) to create digital works of art. Its appeal is that it takes up very little space, is easy to learn to use, and is fast and smooth with no delay.

There are probably ½ dozen fixes floating around these threads about adding code to make the 4/1 beta export properly functioning templates. There the posts title issue, there is the conflict with plugins causing dots to display, there is code to make the responsive design function better, there is added code for IE that are all currently part of what we all need to do to make 4/1 work. Must I go back over all these threads noting these solutions to make the 4/1 final work or is the team planning fixes? The 1st beta was released 12/20 and the RC1 released a month later has new problems. These NEW problems have caused my current concern.


Code generation: CodeCharge Studio generates your code on the fly using the CodeCharge code generation engine. The code is architected according to industry-wide best practices, easily extensible, and highly reliable. The engine automatically separates HTML pages from code logic, improving workflow and isolating changes to design, programming and deployment.

The new slider thing, it won't allow you to delete a slide. You can't move the images pasted in it. Imagelinks always display even if you don't want it to display on other platforms.


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I also got “replies” I know they could not have originated. I used to write the scripts for Level 1 (& 2 tech support) Tech support can only support the app (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=4417) as written. Many moons ago while living in Vegas, I spent time writing code and belonging to a truly geeky group. We’d meet for dinner at casino buffets (some great memories here). We had a “game” we played with similar to “Name That Tune” we called “Write That Code”. The winner wrote the app (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=7394) using as few lines of codes possible and “getting the job done” with no error messages.

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What about when u are online (my concerns here are not my own internet connection)? You still get the same zip/folder output as before (after going via the servers to get the template structure etc), is this right?


I hate to complain coz I love this product and always tried to defend it. I know Artisteer since version (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=4209) 1 and usually solve my own problems, but also had some good chats with their team. But I also remember one time when I had problem with someone not competent in support I complained about that person and got reply from Paul (probably Hudson) and they helped quickly. So I think that solution for users like us is to embarrass any support person that is not qualified or competent. Sometimes I do this with other product supports too. It's not personal but usually more support people see this and they can see problems with their own support and work on improving, maybe better training or at minimum knowing about problems. Here some people complain about waiting for support, other about bad support, other about updates or bugs, so everything is mixed and its just complaining to complain but no way for company to check or respond to specific problem. I think that everyone should simply tell support about specific problem and ask for managers to respond.

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Webmatrix is a fun local webserver indeed. But a local IIS is even more powerful.


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The new versions of Adobe’s creative programs, which will ship within 30 days, reflect the full-scale integration of tablet authoring into the creative workflow. This is in response to the transition away from paper-based publications to editorial and artistic content that is created and consumed on electronic devices such as smart phones and tablets. The proliferation of mobile apps (read the article), browser content, and digital magazines has inspired the company’s accelerated concentration on HTML 5, video, mobile, and digital publishing tools.

I did not say that it is a great product. Artisteer is the best I know, but the online mode is too uncomfortable. I usually work offline with xampp and I export on internet only at the end of the work.


If the coding is too hard offer some people in the Forums who can code the chance to code some extra functions for them. In return give them a subscription or a discount.

The question is what happens during the export-process for a WP-Template. Where the export-files are created?


I'm going to to use Artisteer as long as it works and when it is no longer possible I will probably go back to write templates with bluefish editor as before. Or maybe Themler will become a standalone app (important source)?

The fix for the so called piracy problem is BS, this could have been done many ways. I mean really, is this the best Artisteer has to offer. I need to export when not connected to the internet.


It is also my hope that Artisteer continues, more features are added, bugs are squashed but that hasn't been the case. The company seems to have put all their eggs into Themler's basket, like it or not.

The only time we get their attention is when we collectively push back a little bit. Read the forums as proof, go back all the way with the v3/0 debacle.


I am a problem/solution oriented individual. Corporations are structured like a pyramid and “picking on” the individuals in the lower ranks is not a productive use of time.

Many argue that Themler and Createer have a ways to go. That's true but it's where the company has decided to focus on like it or not. They even mention about creating a standalone version that runs on your desktop instead of the cloud.


I personally feel they must do a better job with IE integration (9 at the min) – not being their fault is not a good excuse. We all know what these browsers can and cannot do. Artisteer’s WP export should do a much better job with IE integration. Their team should know the stats on the browser usage. People on this forum have debated this point and brought up these issues. This is not a problem originating with tech support. Whether or not their engineers are actively pursuing a solution would be a very nice thing to know.

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Even the simplest things, like creating a nice navigation menu, sheet width etc are overly complicated and confusing with Themler. I cant even see the entire site that I am working on, because I still haven't figured out how to minimize the huge options bar on the left. It feels more like a page builder than a real design software.


My machine is an IMac, and I want install a win system. But, seems must to do it. Why is the same price for mac users, no discounts, in this situation?

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The Templateer developer has said that Artisteer 4/0 is a very different application than the output from 4/1 (before this last release) which is why his plugin is not compatible. Bud is a plugin developer who is working with a challenging SDK.


I'll throw my support on this thread as well as a Drupal guy. I'm a HUGE Artisteer fan and would love to see responsive theming available.

And I believe Themler themes dont call home, if you dont use Themler editor in backend. But have no lust to check, will leave it to more paranoid guys.


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There are several posts going with complaints about this software developer. Most companies do not share their strategies with the public. Customer service is an area where tech companies have notoriously cut their costs first.


It just seems like Artisteer, Themler and Createer are made by 3 completely different companies. Instead, they should try to unify the development workflow.

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The IE problems, believe it or not, is not Artisteer's fault. Older browsers do not support css3, and html5, there is nothing to be done. You can also make sure to turn the compatibility mode off with your template, to eliminate most of the is problems.

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Databases: Data Source wizard-speeds connectivity to virtually any database including: Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, MySQL, and Microsoft Access. Supports access to multiple databases simultaneously.


What if this is just their way of testing out a pilot program to see if this is a direction they want to go for future releases? They certainly have the advantage here.

The privacy issues are not too serious either I think. ALL templates used on ANY website are 100% "copiable" anyway.


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First, why would they open source? There's no advantage or incentive for them. It's not like they're going out of business.

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The problem I have with their export is a problem right from their browser view so it has nothing to do directly with my CMS yet that was the end reply I got from tech support. I downsized my template design specifically to keep my views compatible down to IE9. I tested individual CSS using other code editors viewed using IE9 only to have that same code not properly display. Further to this point, their code export seems to interfere with plugins that might “modernize” IE and they don’t either understand or care. I am not the only individual complaining about IE integration.


You could also try asking on the forums and trying Google. I get more answers from those 2 sources than from support.

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Add me to the list of wanting Responsive Design from Artisteer. I love how easy it makes creating a theme or template.

Hello there, I have online business of food. I need someone to assist me to create new logo or create [login to view URL] will be given the templates in word documents, you won't need to write anything new, this is a simple design job to copy and paste.


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Tech support are not the developers. If a bug is reported, it goes to a different team for resolution and that may take until the next release to be fixed.

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Gotta be a piece of computer software though, no cloud only option. That I won't believe works until I see it. Just never going to be as responsive as the computer I'll be using.

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Everything today is a “moving target” with versions upon versions (have a peek at these guys) and code serving up “pages”. It is likely very challenging to produce a product that generates code from a visual editor with consideration for ALL special codes, rules and the like. Didn’t MS just dump their Expression Web 4 for free for this very reason?