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She is a God class shaman and remains completely neutral throughout the tournament. Her spirit is a totem bird named Big Chief, the first chief of the Patch Tribe, with its medium being Goldva herself. She is commonly mistaken for male, due to her appearance and voice.


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Q: The title pages of Shaman King often show characters who haven't appeared yet in the story. How closely did you plot the series out from the beginning? Do you create the characters first and the story later?

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Once an aspiring writer, she joined Gandhara after they saved her while she was traveling in India and teaches Japanese at Gandhara's schools. When she forms an Oversoul with her spirit Ashura, they wield the other seven Devas as weapons in combat. She is named for the Mammy Mart Corporation.


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After he hearing a radio transmission of Pofe being killed, he attempts to run, but is burned to death by Hao. Lucky is named for Lark cigarettes and Cadillac cars.


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Taichi cannon and Taichi fish net. OpenXLive game platform - Leaderboards and achievements.

Elemental Breaker is a very dynamic arkanoid game with realistic physics graphics and sound. The game provides 1-Player mode.


Chocolove's medium to make his oversoul are metal claws that he always has with him named "Shaft" and his fingernails and eyes. He gains black markings all over his body that increase his speed and agility and makes his a similar resemblance to that of a Jaguar, hence the name "Black Jaguar". In the anime, after training using the Ultra Senji Ryakketsu, Chocolove's oversoul evolved into a giant Mic with wings. In the manga, Chocolove winds up dying twice and entering Hell, which grants him the highest furyoku level amongst the Five Elemental Warriors. During his first death, he obtains a new spirit ally, Pascal Avaf, and when he fuses Mic and Pascal Avaf into "Shaft", his Oversoul evolved into an armor oversoul, Jaguarman. In this Oversoul Chocolove gains a new attack called "Jaguar Shaft". He later obtains the Spirit of Wind when Lady Sati recognizes him as one of the Five Elemental Warriors. Years after the Shaman Fight, he takes responsibility for his life as a gang member and willingly goes to prison, where he is sentenced to sixteen years. Known as a model prisoner by the nickname "Mr. Wind", his release is secured by Lyserg for the Elemental Warriors' reunion at Funbari Hot Springs years later.

The strongest and most ancient spirit which the Shaman King unites with, and the whole purpose of the Shaman Fight. Its physical form is of a massive swirling pillar of furyoku composed of trillions of interconnected spirits. All spirits come from the Great Spirit and return to it upon death, barring they become earthbound.


They only have Archangels (Arch-spirits) as spirit allies. In the current Shaman Fight, they aim to defeat Hao Asakura, whom they view as the ultimate evil; each member of the group encountered him during great conflict and destruction and they hold personal vendettas against Hao for how he has hurt them in the past. In the anime, most of the other X-Laws die during their final assault on Hao after Jeanne's failed attempt to trap him in the Gate of Babylon. In the manga, X-III falls against the Hoshi-gumi early in the tournament while X-II is eliminated when they attempt to kill Hao to avenge X-III. X-I survives long enough to join Yoh's assault on the Plants.

In reality however, she uses the inn to house her apprentices. When Anna was abandoned as a child, Kino sensed the amount of spiritual power Anna possessed and took her in; because Anna sensed that Kino had no ulterior motives for saving her, Kino became the first and only person Anna trusted until she met Yoh. Impressed though concerned with the level of Anna's spiritual power, Kino suggested that Anna should marry Yoh and eventually trained Anna to be an itako. She regards Anna as her favourite over all her students, boasting to her husband that Anna is her pride.


Training and hardening their pride and duty through the cold, these shaman are notable for their teamwork, using each other's abilities to compliment one another and defeat their opponents. They are Team Funbari Onsen's first opponent in the Shaman Tournament and their considerable pride is wounded when Yoh approaches them with complete confidence in his own team's abilities. Driven by the desire to prove their own worth, the revealed combined power of Yoh, Faust and Ryu make the Icemen realize who they were dealing with and leaving them humbler upon defeat. Because of their ice abilities, they easily befriend Horohoro, who later aids them when the Icemen are attacked by Hao's followers after their official defeat.

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Her Guardian Ghost is Vodyanoy, allows her to release water against a target, usually to be frozen by Pino. Zria is named for the Zorya of Slavic mythology, as well as Gari Gari Kun ice pop's and Yuri Gagarin.


An easy-going young man with the ability to see ghosts, he quickly becomes friends with Manta and reveals that he is training to eventually become the Shaman King. Though he is too lazy to train properly, he is motivated by a promise he made to his fiancée, Anna Kyoyama, to give her an easy life once he becomes Shaman King. While he remarks that he wants to become Shaman King in order to live a carefree and easy life, those closest to Yoh know that he wants to create a world where no one has to suffer from loneliness like Yoh did as a child because he was a shaman and nobody understood or accepted him.

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Morphine (Morphea in the English manga, Chloe in the English anime) is a pixie-like poppy spirit who is Lyserg's spirit ally. She has served with Diethal family for several generations and is the family's most valuable treasure. Despite her delicate appearance, she is merciless when it comes to protecting Lyserg and is capable of driving his pendulum at high speeds. As Lyserg's best friend and most loyal protector, she silently worries about his obsessive mission to avenge his family. She loves eating sweet-tasting things and would like to become friends with Kororo, the other nature spirit in Yoh's ground, though it seems the friendship is unlikely. In the anime, Morphine is absorbed by Archangels to assume her "Giant Over Soul" form. Her original name was edited for being a reference to morphine.

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As an ascetic, her spirits are Konchi, a kitsune, and Ponchi, a tanuki, in the same way Mikihisa has a kitsune and a tanuki. At the conclusion of the manga, Tamao becomes the manager of Funbari Hot Springs, the resort that Anna planned to open after the Shaman Fight. Tamao also becomes the foster-mother of Yoh and Anna's only son Hana while they travel the world. Hana describes her as one of the scariest people he knows, implying that her personality is similar to Anna's. When Yoh and Anna finally return, Tamao is able to debut as an Enka singer and reveals that for the sake of Hana and to ensure Funbari Hot Springs would be successful, she forced herself to become stronger and more intimidating. She becomes infamous amongst the inn's employees for her ability to effectively threaten them while remaining elegant and cordial.


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Yoh admits that he doesn't have a particularly close relationship with Mikihisa; in childhood, Yoh had hoped to become closer to his father by stealing Mikihisa's headphones and acquired his love of the musician Bob from listening to Mikihisa's music collection. Like his son, he is an easy-going man with a charitable personality, with a particularly strong sense of family, and is considerably more powerful than he appears.


In September 2008, Valve added support for Steam Cloud, a service that can automatically store saved game and related custom files on Valve's servers; users can access this data from any machine running the Steam client. Games must use the appropriate features of Steamworks for Steam Cloud to work. Users can disable this feature on a per-game and per-account basis. In May 2021, the service added the ability for users to manage their game libraries from remote clients, including computers and mobile devices; users can instruct Steam to download and install games they own through this service if their Steam client is currently active and running. Some games sold through retail channels can be redeemed as titles for users' libraries within Steam by entering a product code within the software. For games that incorporate Steamworks, users can buy redemption codes from other vendors and redeem these in the Steam client to add the title to their libraries. Steam also offers a framework for selling and distributing downloadable content (DLC) for games.

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Tao Yuan's wife, the mother of Ren and Jun, an incredibly strong shaman in her own right who taught Jun how to create and control jiangshi. As the heir to the main branch of the family, she was required to find a husband. After a formal marriage interview, qualified suitors were ordered to fight Ran; losers were made into jiangshi while the winners were sent home if Ran did not like them. When Tao Yuan, a member of a branch family of the Tao challenged her, he defeated her in one strike and she fell in love at first sight.

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Nakht Pitrah: A large-set bald man who wears a pyramid with an eye in it for a mask. Stated to have access to unlimited furyoku, he does not have very much furyoku though he recovers it quickly. He is one of Anatel's childhood friends and the former president of a travel agency. His spirit is a scarab beetle, who provides Nakht with an exceptional defence. Nakht is named for Nakht and Nabisco's Picola.

However, Lycan elects to do nothing, revealing that he had come only because Pirika had begged him to and leaves the island on a makeshift raft right in front of Bill, who is overpowered by Lycan's spirit Gororo. Before he leaves, he repeats the creed that he has always told Horohoro - "the strong prey upon the weak" - but adds that those words do not mean one should give up. He is later captured by Mansumi Oyamada and brought abroad his ship as a prisoner. After he is freed, he appears at the barbecue held by the Asakura and Tao families and their allies, where he catches a tuna fish and waits with Pirika as Anna announces the final furyoku levels of Yoh and his friends.


Q: The fact that Yoh is engaged to Anna from the beginning of the story is unusual for a shonen manga. In many ways, their relationship is more mature than the relationships between male and female characters in usual shonen manga. Has your own marriage influenced your depiction of Yoh and Anna?

Upon the death of the professor, Mikihisa took the responsibility of looking after Redseb and Seyram and formed Team Kabbalahers to ensure the Golem created by Professor Munzer did not fall into the wrong hands after learning about its destructive capabilities. Professor Munzer becomes (in certain respects) his daughter's spirit ally, possessing her from time-to-time and giving her the massive amounts of furyoku it takes to power the Golem. He is named for Camel cigarettes.


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When her shamanic powers emerged, she was rejected by her mother. She and Ellie are the first to appear in the anime series in an attempt to thwart Yoh from properly qualifying for the second round of the Shaman Tournament by eliminating him before he faces Tao Ren. Millie tends to interact with Yoh's group more than the rest of the Lily Five and develops a small crush on Lyserg Diethel. Her Guardian ghost is Onibi-Onibi, who appears in a shape of a fireball with a face that resembles that of a fox, that when merges with the slingshot becomes a crossbow.


He met Keiko Asakura while busking near a train station one night, after she had been dumped by her boyfriend. She paid him ten yen to play a song for her, and revealed that she was dumped because she could see ghosts. Keiko invited Mikihisa to her rented house, and their relationship started from there. It is noteworthy that the Asakura family had no male heir in Keiko's generation, since she was Yohmei and Kino's only child and had no brothers. Thus Mikihisa married into the family, following the Japanese muku no naru tradition; he took up the Asakura surname and allowed them to continue the family line. When the Asakura learned that Keiko was pregnant with twins, one of whom was the latest reincarnation of Hao Asakura, Mikihisa and Keiko made the difficult decision to go with Yohmei's plan to kill both children. However, Yohmei's hesitation resulted in Mikihisa moving to defend his father-in-law from an attack from the Spirit of Fire, which badly burned Mikihisa's face, after which he began wearing a mask to hide the scars. Blaming himself for failing to kill Hao when he had the chance, Mikihisa began a rigorous training regimen to make up for his incompetence and travelled around the world. During his travels, he met Tamao Tamamura, whom he took as an apprentice and often brought her on his training.

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Gabriel: An archangel commanded by Meene, the spirit of a Giulietta SZ contained in a Luger P08 pistol, known as the angel seated on God's left. Though Gabriel possesses a high defense, it is better suited for shooting from a distance and best used in a supporting role rather than in face-to-face battles. Because Meene overestimates Gabriel's defense, the angel is instantly destroyed when she attempts to fire point-blank at Hao.


Before becoming a shaman, Sati came across a wooden statue of a thousand armed Buddha (a Senju Kannon) at the Saigan Temple when she was a child and spoke to it on the injustices of the world. When land sharks attempted to throw her out of the temple unless she paid them, the statue broke open and Sati's spirit, Dainichi Nyorai, emerged to scare the land sharks away.

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The Guardian ghosts of the X-Laws, which only Jeanne can present to their human partners. In the manga, it's revealed that they aren't actually angels, but spirits of cars made by Luchist using a fragment of angelic spirits and contained in the ammunition of a gun; Yoh describes them as being similar to tsukumogami spirits from Japanese legend. Many of the cars were inspired by Marco's own knowledge of cars, being a former car salesman and developer. In the anime, they were all absorbed into Morphine, near the finale, when all the members of the X-Laws fell by Hao's hands.


He is a childhood friend of Anatel and works as an archeologist. Khafre serves as Team Niles' tactician and strategist in combat. His spirit is Kitka, the mummy of an exceptional female Egyptian warrior and pharaoh's confidante, though her sarcophagus is destroyed by Lyserg before she is summoned. Khafre is named for pharaoh Khafre and Pretz.

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Swing a hammer to knock out other players, and don't let them go near your base. Apples are good for your health, and spikes are the best line of defense!

For Takei, the female lead Anna Kyoyama was regarded as the easiest character to draw and the protagonist Yoh Asakura was the hardest; Takei explained that it was difficult to develop Yoh's character because of the criteria set by Weekly Shōnen Jump. The engagement between Yoh and Anna being introduced at the beginning of the story has been regarded as unusual for a shonen manga for its maturity and partly reflects Takei's own personal experience, but it still an ideal relationship.


She enjoys making long beaded necklaces in her spare time. Though she is the youngest member of Gandhara, Komeri possesses great potential, often training day and night, and loyally follows Sati wherever she goes. She is named for Komeri Co, Ltd.

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After his death, his blood is used to power Boris's Oversoul. Before meeting Hao, he had been a photographer of ancient ruins and monuments though his only ability had been to photograph ghosts; Hao appreciated that Damayaji cared about the beauty of nature and recruited him. He does not like unnecessary cruelty, and enjoyed drinking and eating king crab. Because he happens to resemble a hermit crab, he got along well with his guardian ghost, the nature spirit of a red king crab, and they both went to heaven soon after being killed.

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In the manga, being particularly bitter about Meene's death at the hands of the Hoshi-gumi, Denbat leads X-II's attempt to kill Hao after losing faith in Marco. Cursing Hao after realizing that Pofe and Lucky are dead, Denbat is kept alive long enough for Hao to question why he would stand against Hao if he knew that his comrades would die in the process. Aware of the possible consequences, Denbat prepared a test satellite in space wired to his Archangel with a laser known as XDI and set himself as a target so that when it fired from orbit it would not miss Hao. When Denbat realizes he has survived the blast, Hao appears and praises Denbat's attack before incinerating Denbat's body. His name is based on John Denver and Golden Bat cigarettes.

Water and earth mix to produce mud, which you can combine with fire to produce brick. If you instead combine mud with sand, it produces clay, which you can then combine with fire to produce pottery. The game is full of similar combinations that produce slightly different results and open up new options.


Michael: The Archangel Marco Lasso commands, the spirit of a 1992 Ferrari Testarossa treasured by Marco. The archangel is regarded as the closest to God and regarded as the king of angels, a brave archangel who leads the angels to war. Luchist summoned the ghost of the actual Michael to merge with the car to create Marco's guardian ghost; though it does not compare to a true angel, the spirit is powerful enough to be regarded as a god-class spirit. Michael is contained in a fully automatic Beretta 93R pistol.

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He is later summoned to reforge Harusame after it is broken during the confrontation with Tokagero. In the anime, Mosuke later becomes Manta's guardian ghost, semi-trapped in Manta's laptop, and forms an Oversoul with the form of a hammer.

Metatron: An archangel commanded by Venstar, the spirit of a Hummer H1 that Venstar drove during the Gulf War and is kept in an rocket artillery launcher. An angel stronger than Michael, it wields a shield and morning star and possesses an incredible destructive power befitting its tough structure.


She is unrelentingly brutal with Yoh's training in order to ensure he wins the Shaman Tournament and becomes Shaman King. Anna attends Shinra Private Academy along with Yoh and Manta. She has previously appeared in Hiroyuki Takei's other works, including Butsu Zone and Itako no Anna, and is notably the mascot for the Aomori Prefecture's police force.

In the sequel Shaman King Flowers a teenage Hana acts as the leading character

In the anime, Jeanne leads the X-Laws in an attempt to open the Gate of Babylon to seal away Hao. When the attempt fails, she is left powerless when her spirit guardian, Shamash, is devoured by the Spirit of Fire. In the manga, it is revealed that Jeanne is actually an ordinary girl with considerable shamanic powers whom Luchist and Marco found in Mont Saint-Michel, France. In order to save Ren's life, Yoh asks Jeanne to revive him and agrees to her condition to leave the Shaman Fight. However, when Yoh reneges on the agreement, he challenges the X-Laws, giving Luchist the opportunity to finish off Jeanne once and for all. She survives the attack and becomes an ally to Yoh, eventually joining him during his final assault on Hao and the Plants until she runs out of furyoku resurrecting the shamans one last time.


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The Guardian Ghost of Lycan Usui, the father of Horohoro and Pirika. Gororo is a Koropukuru, but unlike the others, he is about the size of a human. Because of his unnatural size, he had been shunned by other Koropokkur. However, he is kindhearted and strong, and possesses a great deal of reiyoku. He is first seen when Horohoro is protecting the Team Icemen from Hao's followers. Gororo is also responsible for training Damuko's spirit to becoming a Koropokuru when she refuses the Koropokuru's request for them to lead her into the afterlife.


They are in charge of overseeing the smooth progress of the Shaman Fight and are in charge of various shamans. There are ten officials at a given time and they are not supposed to interfere with fights between shamans. However, some of the Patch become biased towards Hao and his followers, either for their own purposes or because they believe that his overwhelming power has already proven that he will inevitably become the next Shaman King. Fearful of his power yet feeling protected by his overwhelming strength, they do their best to lower the esteem of the other contestants in the Shaman Fight.

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The Guardian ghosts of the Gandhara. Unlike the X-Laws's spirits, the Gandhara spirits are genuinely divine, deriving from the Buddha. All of them are stronger than Spirit of Fire.


Daiei is the oldest member of the Gandhara and cares greatly for Sati's well-being, following her wherever she goes and treating her with great reverence. He enjoys tofu cuisine and recites Buddhist sutras in his spare time.

She participates in the Shaman Fight in hopes of saving everyone and admits that she doesn't care who becomes Shaman King. Aware that she is unable to achieve this goal on her own, Sati believes that Yoh and his friends have the power to save the world because they are neither good nor evil in their intent to achieve their dreams. After recognizing Yoh and his friends as the Five Elemental Warriors, she instructs her followers to send Ren's team to Hell to train while she personally approaches Yoh with the same intent. As a god-class shaman, her considerable furyoku is likely the closest to Hao Asakura; she possesses the ability to resurrect others and the strength to fight the greatest of the kings of Hell, King Enma, to retrieve the Spirit of Earth before delivering the elemental spirits to Yoh and his friends.


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Combine rain (air and water) and earth to produce the plant option, which expands your choices significantly. You can combine plants creatively to produce ponds, swamps, and gardens, for starters.


In order to avenge his brother, he indirectly sides with Hao in order to let Hao's followers kill Ren as he oversees the ambush on Ren's team. As an official, he is responsible for Faust VIII (following Chrom's death), Team "Niles", and Team "Tsuki-gumi". His Plant is the 7th Plant of the Cave, which was previously his brother's Plant and where Nichrom retains Chrom's spirit ally, a locust called Purple Kick, close by. Nichrom's own spirit is a scorpion, Yellow Whip, whose is medium a scorpion's tail and forms an Oversoul of a scorpion with no legs fused into Nichrom's right arm. The stinger's length can change to attack opponents from a distance, though Yellow Whip's primary tactic is to use its scorpion pincers to immobilize opponents while its stinger strikes with "Dreaming Needle", which delivers a deadly poison that won't disappear unless the one who created the oversoul dies. Purple Kick, who takes the form of a pair of insect designed armored leggings, is said to be the fastest of all ten officiant spirit allies and can allow the user to move at speeds that even powerful experienced opponents can barely keep track of. It attacks with a powerful leg technique called "Dancing Insect".

When her powers emerged, she was making fun and teasing by her classmates. Lilly speaks little, but when she does, it is usually joke at Ellie and Millie. Her Guardian Ghost is a roborovski hamster named Jangurian and it's medium is her glasses. When her oversoul is formed, Lilly is able to use her glasses like binoculars to help the group.


She is seventeen years old at the beginning of the manga. While Jun is loyal to her family, she expresses her greatest devotion and protective nature towards Ren and is willing to turn against the expectations of the Tao family in order to ensure Ren's success and well-being. She is one of the few people that Ren trusts and is aware of the brutality of his upbringing.

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Team Lily Five: A team of five female shaman who appear only in the anime. Initially they alternately attempt to hinder and take advantage of Yoh and his friends as they attempt to find the Patch Village. However, Yoh holds no grudge against them and they eventually become friends of Yoh towards the end of the anime series. As with their corresponding shamans, the Lily Five's Guardian ghosts appear only in the anime and the Game Boy Advance game Shaman King: Master of Spirits 2.


The same sword is reproduced as a "spirit sword" and used by Yoh Asakura during the Shaman Fight while the original is kept in a museum. His name is based on the Buddha Amitābha, the principal figure in the Pure Land Buddhist sect. At the conclusion of the series, he becomes the guardian ghost of Yoh and Anna Kyoyama's son, Hana Asakura.

Steam for OS X was originally planned for release in April 2021; it was launched worldwide on May 12, 2021, following a successful beta period. In addition to the Steam client, several features were made available to developers, allowing them to take advantage of the cross-platform Source engine, and platform and network capabilities using Steamworks. Through SteamPlay, the OS X client allows players who have purchased compatible products in the Windows version to download the Mac versions at no cost, allowing them to continue playing the game on the other platform. Some third-party titles may require the user to re-purchase them to gain access to the cross-platform functionality. The Steam Cloud is cross-platform compatible. Multiplayer games can also be cross-compatible, allowing Windows and Mac players to play with each other.


She rarely leaves it unless she is desperately needed, believing her suffering will bring justice to the world. Despite her young age and fragile appearance, Jeanne is a god-class shaman and widely regarded as a contender to become Shaman King due to her high furyoku levels. Though she is decisively ruthless, she is an innocent soul who possesses a strong sense of justice alongside a sincerely kind heart. All the X-Laws are unquestionably faithful to her and revere her as a holy maiden.

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During the Shaman Fight, Mikihisa watches over Yoh, often shrouded in the shadows and observing Yoh's battles from the top of trees. He takes the responsibility of imparting parts of the Ultra Senji Ryakketsu to Yoh and his group, including the Shamanic Oracle (FumonTonkou) to Ren. Team Kabbalahers winds up being one of the top six remaining teams in the Shaman Fight main tournament, but they withdraw from the tournament during the decisive battle between Team The Ren and Team Funbari Onsen, thus allowing both teams to qualify together with X-I and the Hoshigumi. Mikihisa's role in the anime is roughly the same as his manga counterpart, though he does not participate in the Shaman Fight.

Placed against X-Laws team X-I, Lyserg was given the order to defeat and kill them at all costs. However, a combination of both his and Morphine's hesitation allowed leader Anatel to release a deadly Over Soul that would kill him. With no other choice, Iron Maiden Jeanne released her full power, killing the leader with spirit Shamash and the others members with other torture devices.


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The spirit was found in a sacred place within an old church during one of the X-Laws' pilgrimages and became Jeanne's spirit when she broke the spell that sealed him there. Due to his apathy for the human world, he rarely acts and his presence around Jeanne is sufficient to instill respect. In combat his incredible power allows him to manifest different torture tools depending on the medium used, which includes parts of Jeanne's armour and her iron maiden. Jeanne also has the means to resurrect others by having Shamash kiss them. In the anime, Jeanne is able to open the Gate of Babylon in an attempt to seal away Hao using Shamash's power. The attempt ends in failure as Shamash was devoured by the Spirit of Fire. In the manga, Shamash and Bason eventually become the guardian spirits of Men.

Redseb is an energetic and eager young boy while Seyram is a solemn girl who is fiercely protective of her older brother. After the death of their father, Seyram was unable to express any emotion and spoke very little, which was caused due to her father's spirit possessing her. For the sake of helping Seyram, Redseb joins the Shaman Fight because he believes avenging their father will restore Seyram's heart again. They are killed after failing an attempt to kill Hao while he is integrating with the Great Spirit. Redseb's ghost is allowed to escape with the Spirit of Fire to Yoh's group as they journey towards Hao. Seyram's guardian ghost is her father, who possessed her and helped her give the massive amounts of Furyoku used to power Golem. Her other guardian ghost could be considered as her mother, who is the human around which Golem itself (as a giant oversoul) was constructed - as Seyram operates Golem. Redseb's guardian ghost is as yet unknown. Both children are resurrected at the conclusion of the series and are adopted into the Asakura family by Mikihisa. Redseb eventually becomes a florist and the siblings are close to Yoh's son Hana.


She gave Horohoro his nickname and they formed a tentative friendship as they were both considered outcasts among their classmates. However, when Horohoro's grandfather told him to stay away from Damuko, Horohoro began to ignore her, though Damuko continued to hang out with him and hoped they would see the butterbur fields in the spring. However, when she suffered an accident trying to follow him one day, Damuko froze to death and Horohoro has blamed himself for killing the only girl he ever loved. When Horohoro reveals why he began ignoring her during his fight with Kalim, Kororo is able to briefly return to her true form as Damuko and explains how she became a Koropokkoru after her death in order to learn the reason why he broke off their friendship. Finally reconciled with Horohoro, she returns to her koropokkoru form and remains by his side.

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A former high government official, he is a descendant of an Egyptian pharaoh and the son of a millionaire whose fortune was built on foreign trade. Anatel wears a mask similar to king Tutankhamen in battle and commands one-thousand spirits as part of his Over Soul abilities.


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She was rejected by her coworkers when her shamanic powers emerged. Though Sally speaks little, she is far from reserved - she becomes very outspoken and enthusiastic whenever an opportunity to fight arises. She is also usually drives the Lily Five around in their red Lublin van, though Sharona and occasionally Ellie have done so as well. Her Guardian Ghost is a hammer spirit, Korogashi, and its medium are rings.

He carries a kwan dao, and in his days as an ancient Chinese warrior, Bason rode into battle on a horse named Hei-Tao; the spirit of Hei-Tao can be integrated into another horse kept by Ren, named Bái-Feng, to perform the Perfect Re-enactment of the Vorpal Dance. Bason is capable of adding tremendous strength and speed to Ren's kwan dao, and even making it quite larger, but also uses his body in attacks such as the Golden Punch. In Giant Spirit Form, Bason appears as a gigantic robot capable of launching fireballs.


Most of the in-game achievements relate to the total number of combinations you have found, but there is one exception. To unlock the "Is This Just Fantasy" achievement, combine a ring (which is made by mixing a diamond and metal) with a volcano (which is created when you mix lava with earth. Apparently, someone likes a bit of Middle-earth on the side.

He lives Tamao Tamamura's care while his parents are absent. Hana is bored with his life and finds the appearance of his fiance Alumi Niumbirch and his proclaimed enemies Yohane and Luka Asakura as a way to kill his boredom. Hana also possesses several Oni sealed inside him that will be summoned when he is in danger in order to protect him. They were placed by his uncle, Hao Asakura, when he was a baby.


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Voiced by: Katsuyuki Konishi, Mitsuki Saiga (young) (Japanese), Sean Schemmel (English)A samurai who died during the Muromachi period 600 years ago, Amidamaru is Yoh's ghost companion. He is very powerful and wise but quite taciturn and extremely devoted to "Lord Yoh" ("Yō-dono" in Japanese). He was greatly known around the town of Funbari, where he had died 600 years prior after killing several hundred other samurai soldiers during a battle.


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A woman possessing a strong character, she agrees to sacrifice both her children upon birth when her family decides it is the only way to stop Hao from being reborn. When the effort fails, she is relieved and grateful when Yoh is spared and hopeful that her son will be able to stop Hao at last. After foreseeing that Hao cannot be stopped from becoming Shaman King, she personally acts as a messenger for the Asakura and arrives on the Tao's estate in China shortly after Ren's departure to deliver the message. After the secret of Yoh's relationship to Hao is revealed, Keiko directly approaches the Tao family with the offer of having Mikihisa teach members of Ren's team techniques from the Ultra Senji Ryakketsu. She also appears in subsequent meetings the Asakura hold with the Tao family.


Her unrelenting dedication to the X-Laws' mission is tempered by her sensitivity and belief that kindness is needed to save the world and not just blind justice. She enjoys swimming and, unknown to her, she is popular among the X-Laws' male members, who have created a secret fan club for her. In the manga, Meene is the first member of X-III to fall to Hao and killed when her soul is consumed by the Spirit of Fire. In the anime, she survives the failed attempt to open the Gate of Babylon and returns Morphine to Lyserg in hopes he will leave the X-Laws and not be killed as the surviving X-Laws attempt to kill Hao. She is named for "Mine" (峰) cigarettes and Lucy Maud Montgomery.

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He is the most powerful participant in the Shaman Tournament, with Furyoku at 1,250,000, an extremely high level compared with the other characters' Furyoku levels in Shaman King. While he exhibits ruthlessness towards his opponents, he acts surprisingly easy-going and affable, similar to Yoh's personality.

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Yohken regains his senses after Yoh defeats him, and relates the history of the Asakura family to Yoh. After Yoh leaves Hell, Yohken's soul returns with him to the deserted island of Tokyo and Yohken attends the last meeting between the Asakura and Tao families regarding their plan to defeat Hao. He makes one last appearance among the souls who escort Asanoha Douji to meet Hao.

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It can create large massive icicles and by combining its power with the power of the Spirit of Wind it can even make violent freezing winds. The spirit becomes the guardian ghost of Horohoro.

She is born on February 9, 1987. Though not shown in the manga or anime, the author has stated that Pirika's partner spirit is Torara, a Marimo or Torasanpe as said in the Ainu language. Torara was said to have saved Pirika from drowning at an early age, and since then they became partners. Torara can manipulate water, but is very shy, and for that reason he did not make a debut in the manga or anime.


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Hao had sensed the cat's strong spirit and fearlessness despite being able to see the terrifying spirits around him. Matamune soon became Hao's faithful companion and true friend. When Matamune died, Hao turned Matamune's spirit into a Goryoushin, a special type of spirit employed by Onmyouji to guard against demons and other spirits that would seek to harm them. Hao also imbued Matamune with a portion of his own furyoku - a type of mana - using the Bear's Claw Necklace. This mana allowed Matamune to have a physical body, and so long as Matamune's furyoku was not used up, his physical body would continue to exist. When Hao was driven mad by his abilities, Matamune sided with the Asakura family to defeat his master. Upon Hao's rebith five years later, Matamune joined Yohken Asakura to kill Hao in the Shaman Fight. However, Matamune holds himself responsible for what happened to Hao, believing that his loss of faith in Hao was part of the cause of Hao's madness and deeply regrets fighting against Hao.

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As a result of his burns, he wears a mask and large hat to conceal his disfigured face and his badly damaged body has been extensively replaced with mechanical prosthetics. His primary weapon are his artificial arms, which have long extending claws for combat, and serve as his spirit's medium. He is the second member of X-III to be killed during their battle against the Hoshi-gumi. His hobby is singing in a chorus and his favorite food is Sachertorte. He is named for Cabin cigarettes and Gregor Mendel.

In the manga, Lyserg forms Team X-I with Jeanne and Marco. As the tournament progresses, Lyserg's attachment to his former friends gradually causes him to see that Yoh's way of seeing a situation is not entirely wrong and attempts to deter them from confronting the X-Laws. When he is sent to Hell to train, he is guided by Joco's spirit Pascal Avaf and realizes how he has been too consumed by his own hatred to see things clearly. He is later recognized by Lady Sati as one of the Five Elemental Warriors and returns to being one of Yoh's allies. In the anime, he is one of the last surviving members of the X-Laws after their failed assault on Hao by attempting to open the Gate of Babylon. After Meene Montgomery returns Morphine to Lyserg, she forces him to leave the group and rejoin Yoh and his friends.


A carefree and cheerful creature, he teaches the young Asaha many things and tries to quell the child's hatred of humans. However, when a corrupt priest tries to kill Asaha as a scapegoat and appease the local people, Ohachiyo integrates his spirit with Asaha to give the boy the means to fight back. When Asaha exhausts his furyoku while still integrated with Ohachiyo, the demon's spirit is absorbed into Asaha, leaving Asaha with his reishi mindreading ability forever. As Yoh draws closer to his goal of defeating Hao and understanding his brother, he sees Ohachiyo in a vision; not knowing the spirit's name, he mistakenly refers to the spirit as "Z" after seeing the similar looking kanji "乙" on the demon's garment.

Despite being five, they still wear diapers. The girls are both priestesses who have been tasked to teach future Officials of the Shaman Fight how to organize the tournament to decide the next Shaman King. They also prepare the Shaman King before he goes on to sleep and merge with the Great Spirit. When Hao awakens from his slumber, the girls are killed instantly when they gaze upon him. However, they are the only Patch members related to the priests to be revived afterward and they communicate with the Patch Priests to deliver their messages from the Great Spirit.


Serious and emotionally aloof, Ren has been groomed since childhood by his father, Tao Yúan to become the next Shaman King and developed a deep hatred for humanity, desiring to eliminate them all. As a result of his upbringing, he believes his spirit Bason is merely a tool and that befriending him would allow the spirit to take advantage of him. However, his encounters with Yoh and his friends gradually allows him to trust others and find true friends who are willing to risk their lives for him, such that Ren chooses to defy the destiny his family has outlined for him and decide how to live his own life.