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Strange-Syntax Speaker: Speaks like a typical YouTube user of the era. During the tournament, its quotes against the other competitors frequently reference tutorials and Let's Plays that it is apparently hosting, or in some cases it just makes up a relevant video title.

Chip Tha Ripper – “Tell Ya Friends”

Mythology Gag: "I Wanna Thank Me" makes an effort to reference more of his music. The whole premise of him running for president references his song on the 2021 US Presidential Election where tells the listener to vote for him.


Cool Classes For Creative Hong Kong Kids Tatler Hong Kong

With an ego as gigantic as his muscles, Johnny Bravo frequently attempts (and fails) to impress women in his show. His sources include rips featuring music from Cartoon Network originals and other music from Hanna-Barbera shows that have previously aired on the same platform.

Cringe Comedy: The original reason him and his Pokémon GO song went viral. It's pretty much averted by SiIvaGunner though, as the references to Misha's music don't really comment on their quality in any way.


Finalist, having lost to Unregistered HyperCam 2. Off the Hook is a pop duo based in Inkopolis formed by an Inkling named Pearl and an Octoling named Marina. Joining them is a sea anemone named Paruko (or Glennanote ) who serves as the lead member to a contemporary band, the Chirpy Chips (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=7885). They bring rips from the Splatoon games to the table.

Sand In My Eyes: He starts to tear up after seeing all the positive messages KO drew on his POW Card. When KO asks about it, Johnny replies with this trope.


Animate Inanimate Object: Unlike Hypercam, who is a robot, HOBaRT is seemingly a sentient cake mixing machine. He's considered sentient enough to work for OWCA.

Contents Summary of CAT D3K, D4K and D5K Track-Type Tractors Operation and Maintenance Manual

Cool Kids Anxiety Program: Full course, includes training and accreditation. The Cool Kids Anxiety Program 2nd Edition kit can be purchased separately through our online bookshop. As part of the licence agreement for Accreditation, you must purchase the complete kit. Please use lower case letters in your email address during the registration.


Logiscool - Fun based coding courses and camps for kids

Monika: It’s hard being so popular But I’m able to handle it by spending quality time with my true friends. Small groups is really what I prefer.

Business courses for kids

A clone of Inspector Gadget known as Gadgetini Clone 2/0 was created by President Haltmann to attack The Voice. Gadget succeeded in performing a Hostile Show Takeover of the channel, which lasted for two weeks. After that, Gadget broke down due to "DMCA violations", allowing Haltmann to take over the channel for himself.


He was a Waddle Dee working as a secretary for Haltmann, and he designed Gadgetini 2/0. His crumbling life led him into a trans-dimensional conflict that would ultimately end up killing him, in order for 2B to complete her mission, but not before ending the syndicate formed under Chase (Chaze the Chat) and his underlings.

The amnesiac protagonist and Player Character from the popular platformer Cave Story, who was picked on-the-spot from a random selection of 8 characters sent in by fans during the MAGFest 2021 panel's character poll. His character represents rips from Studio Pixel games, rips from games published by Nicalis, and other rips from old classic indie platformers.


In 2021, accreditation was introduced by the Centre for Emotional Health (CEH). This ensures any practitioner wishing to deliver the Cool Kids Anxiety Program meets the high levels of standard expected by the authors of this program. If you are a professional wishing to run this program, you must complete the training and accreditation courses.

More tracks like Chip tha ripper-low key

An alternate-universe Mr. Rental whose embitterment against mashups led him to become a Serial Killer with a vendetta. It's only revealed that he's separate from Mr Rental in a "behind the scenes" video.


Deus ex Machina: Shows up and puts a stop to the Pussy Yankover out of nowhere very shortly after it's revealed to even be a Hostile Show Takeover in the first place. Justified as the video where this happened was also a transition to Maki's birthday (which is usually celebrated with Knuckles-related content).

Evil Overlooker: After a few weeks post-reboot, he showed up on the channel banner, covering the other memes (his transparency changed randomly during this time, just to tease lore-obsessed fans). Of course, once it became known that Mr Rental was not as nice as he seemed (and the banner was updated to include his shotgun pointed straight at the lighthouse), some have begun to believe that Tito was in fact protecting his fellow memes from death.


Tell Ya Friends Mixtape by Chip Tha Ripper

Shapeshifting: Impersonates the other contestants. This seems to be a way of negating its instabilities and Person of Mass Destruction nature, but the others convince it to show its natural form.

Original Character: Unlike every other competitor, Unregistered HyperCam 2 is a screen-capturing program, not a character. The SiIvaGunner team created a robot character, loosely based on the software's icon, to use in the King for a Day Tournament.


Best online courses for kids

Our Presidents Are Different: He's a young boy, but he's running for president. In fact, his campaign is leading in the polls.

At Cool Kids Coding School can be taken in any sequence as long as the prerequisites are satisfied. There is a course sequence that is recommended starting from most basic to more advanced.


Pun: In late Season 3 and continuing into Season 4, the mix names started becoming puns on the word "Mix" or "Version". These puns usually have nothing to do with the rip in question.

Does Not Like Spam: Despises eating vegetables. He immediately spits out Wood Man's "steamed beans", and isn't very amused when Wood Man turns himself into Pickle Woodman.


Users who reposted Chip tha ripper-low key

Paper-Thin Disguise: His name makes people think he is just Wood Man trying to terribly pretend he is not. Eventually subverted, as John Notwoodman was actually seen to not be Wood Man during the SiIvaGunner Spooktacular Halloween Horror Special Part III event.

This allegedly stopped with Haltmann's takeover, as he claims celebrating idol birthdays is unprofitable. In reality, the remaining idol birthdays were still celebrated, but on the wrong birthdays.


Companion Cube: The Reimu fumofumo doll in his KfAD2 getup, as they didn't cover the real Reimu's travel expenses. It is indeed alive, as Meowth and Hypercam find out on their lunch break, though ZUN seems unaware of this quality of her until the after-party.

Intergenerational Friendship: In King for Another Day, with Mariya Takeuchi's younger self. The two have nothing but respect for each other, and it shows in their battle dialogue. In a strange twist on the trope, Mariya's an unwitting time traveler, meaning he was able to catch up with her current older self after her younger self left, as revealed at the end of his takeover.


Tell Ya Friends Thumbnail

The Cool Kids Anxiety Program has a cognitive behavioural orientation, is designed to train children, adolescents and their families in anxiety management skills and can be used in both community and school settings. At the conclusion of the course, participants should be able to: Select appropriate assessment techniques to assess for anxiety.

Big Bad: His desire to purge all anime places him as the main antagonist. AMUNO Le Film, having killed the original Silvain and thus becoming AMUNO's main target.


CAT D3K, D4K and D5K Track-Type Tractors Operation and Maintenance Manual Page 18

Created by Charlie Day, Paul Fruchbom. With David Alan Grier, Martin Mull, Leslie Jordan, Vicki Lawrence. Three friends at a retirement center have their comfortable existence rattled by a newcomer to the community.

The Cool Kids Program is a world renowned skills-based program that teaches children (including teenagers) and their parent(s) how to better manage anxiety. The program has been running at Macquarie University since 1993 and numerous research studies have found that most young people who complete our programs show significant improvement.


The immensely popular puzzle-loving skeleton from Undertale. Papyrus entered the tournament in the place of his brother, Sans, who felt like being a king was too much work. A vote for him was a vote for rips featuring himself, music from puzzle games, music about skeletons, and pasta.

The Beastmaster: sphelonious donk has three mice at his beck and call that seem to be his minions. He calls on them to count off the song the Jazz Cats play in their reveal trailer.


Supreme Chef: The meals he cooks are always appreciated by the contestants. He doesn't even seem to need ingredients.

The one and only man behind the Touhou Project series, he has rips related to his games and projects he's worked on, alcohol, and even Touhou fangames. Round 2 competitor, having lost to Unregistered HyperCam 2.


More from Chip Tha RipperCheck out some of these

Now, you're probably wondering what I gonna need all that speed for. After all, I do build speed for 12 hours! But to answer that, we need to talk about parallel universes.

Gasshole: Her most well known trait in the SiIvaGunner universe, popping up in all her videos just to yell out her catchphrase and rip a big one. It's worth noting that this joke originates from an edit made by fart fetishists to an (NSFW) twerking video by cosplayer ChelHellBunny (still to the right), in which a fart is edited in while Chel twerks in a D. Va costume.


Rah Swish is a force, on the Brooklyn drill scene. Last week, he dropped Mayor of the.

The Unintelligible: He's never given any proper dialogue and only communicates via his screaming. SiIvaGunner can understand him well enough.


Car Fu: One of his two main methods of killing mashup characters is running them over with his car. It's the only thing that he shares with his good counterpart.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air himself, Will Smith. He brings in rips related to his music and acting career, as well as the YTP series Fesh Pince of Blair. Round 1 competitor, having lost to Unregistered HyperCam 2. He teams up with Howard from the Dancing Alien Team in the second tournament while donning his Agent J persona, becoming the new team "Men in Black", adding new sources to his list.


Deliberately Monochrome: Described as black & white in the interviews. However in her art, she's monochromatically purple.

Worthy Opponent: Often speaks to much of her competition with respect as fellow artists. Professor K, in turn, sees her as someone who was perfectly capable of taking the tournament and somewhat wished she won.


Suspiciously Specific Denial: Softendo always points out how Mario Forever has no viruses. Tragically, when you consider the Softendo character is the actual writing of Buziol fed to a text-to-speech program, it's easy to perceive this as Buziol constantly denying that CNet, where Mario Forever was distributed, was ever malicious and that the Mario Forever toolbar was long past the age it was built for.

Semi-famous internet musician and honorary inventor of mashups, Neil Cicierega infiltrates the tournament under the guise of a phantom thief to steal the corrupted hearts of some of the people in the studio. He goes by the codename Allstar and is joined by his Persona, Lemon Demon.


An Ice Person: Naturally, considering that her theme is called "Snow Halation". In the Pokémon FireRed hack, she is an Ice-type Pokémon with Ice attacks.

Fan Disservice: As used by SiIvaGunner. Even without the original video in context, viewers (that aren't fart fetishists) really don't want to visualize a young woman in a skintight bodysuit letting out a wet fart.


A group of rappers who have their songs frequently used on the channel as Running Gags. They quickly ally with Nozomi upon meeting her. The members include Soulja Boy, Snoop Dogg, Charles Barkleynote, Chip tha Ripper (webpage), and Parappa The Rapper. In "I Wanna Thank Me", HH and Loud Nigra join the Union's political campaign.

Adaptational Heroism: He was The Hero of his game of origin, but was turned into a Serial Killer Villain Protagonist and later Big Bad in some ROM hacks Joel played on Vinesauce, the first channel that made him famous. On GiIvaSunner/SiIvaGunner, he's The Leader and once more a hero (though he is not The Hero; Nozomi plays this role).


Classes for kids from 3 to 18 years old start at just $5 and can be done as a drop-in or as weeklong courses. And right now, they are offering a host of popular classes free of charge due to COVID-19.

The Alleged Car: His trademark badly-drawn car eventually breaks down. It also ultimately sends him into Mr. Own's universe, whereupon it explodes.


Macquarie University - Cool Kids Anxiety Program

The most famous parody musician, "Weird Al" Yankovic was the very first person eliminated in the first tournament. With the determination to win the second, he conjured 「BEAT IT」, a stand or so it seemed that gave him the musical library of Michael Jackson, as well as changing his appearance to what he looked like back in The '80s.

Chance The Rapper: 10 Day

Bionerds takes basic biology and makes it fun. Designed for kids in kindergarten through eighth grade, the Orange County program offers several classes that cover a variety of topics, including a human body class that features real dissections, and a microorganism class that teaches kids about the power of "invisible" bacteria.


Hearing Voices: As a Shout-Out to Dragon Ball Z Abridged, Dr. Piccolo has Nail and Kami talking in this head. Eventually, Nail winds up being transferred to Goku in a last-ditch effort to "cure" Goku of Ligma.

English for Cool Kids · Mortimer English Club

Gratuitous Spanish: Popoy and Marcianato both originate from Spanish music videos and as such speak exclusively in Spanish in the first tournament. This winds up being downplayed for Popoy and dropped altogether for Marcianito come KFAD2. The unused dialogue reveals that the only reason it was dropped was because the team was eliminated before Marcianito got a chance.


Defeat Equals Friendship: According to the Mojo, he strongly believes that just because someone is your opponent now, that doesn't mean they will always be, and he holds no hard feelings towards his past opponents. This is also something very prominent in the Touhou series.

Marshall Bruce Mathers III, aka Eminem, aka the real Slim Shady. His outfit comes from the music video "My Salsa", as he sets out to give the world his hot new single.

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On April Fools' Day 2021, the "SiIvaGunner" that had been running the channel since the beginning of Season 3 seemingly malfunctioned, revealing himself to be Inspector Gadget. The Nostalgia Critic immediately took a stand against this new Gadget, citing how repetitive the previous Gadget takeover was. On April 9th, Gadget gave up the channel after a battle with the Nostalgia Critic and several other YouTubers, thus leaving it open for The Nostalgia Critic's takeover.


Chip Tha Ripper rating

As mentioned above, content creators from Channel Awesome came forth with stories of mistreatment by the network. A common thread between several of the stories is that Channel Awesome exclusively promoted the Nostalgia Critic, acting like the other creators didn't exist. This explains the reference to Monika; it's parodying the scene where she has deleted all the other characters, and thus is the only person left for the player to pay attention to. Though this connection may not have been intentional.

Order vs. Chaos: They could not fit this dynamic any better, considering that Phoenix is an official defense attorney who fights to get his clients declared innocent through courts of law, while Monokuma is a maniacal teddy bear designed to spread despair by arranging students into killing games. The main thing that ties these two together is their use of court trials in both of their games.


Evil All Along: Instead of bringing back "Snow halation" in this universe, he kills both "Snow halation" AND The Voice. And eventually, he kills SiIvaGunner himself.

Kids at this age may not have the upper body strength to swing from one obstacle to the next, so put the line low enough the ground that they can jump and grab the bars and knots. Q. What are the best obstacles for 8- to 13-year olds? A. This is where you can add the cool stuff: rope swings, climbing ropes, cargo nets, and t-bars.


Ad Dissonance: Played for Laughs, of course. The dissonance comes from the fact that it shows up out of nowhere in the middle of videos that are supposed to only contain music.

Kurupt: Against Tha Grain

This is about 8 college kids who need to put together a "movie" for film school. It ends when you realize you're been duped into watching the most arcane boring garbage ever carried by Amazon. Do not watch this if you want your eyes to last. Do not buy this if you don't want to regret $0. 01 that came out of your wallet.


At Cool Kids First Aid we believe that anyone can help to save a life. We use Small Steps in an age appropriate, fun and interactive way to introduce children to the basic but essential skills of first aid and managing an emergency. We offer a number of programs that are tailored to each age group from 3 years to 12 years.

High school devil and president of the Literature Club. Her song "Your Reality" has been used as a Running Gag on the channel, plus other songs from her game.


The most infamous Glitch Entity of all time, making its unintentional debut in Pokémon Red and Blue if the player surfs up and down in the waters near Cinnabar Island. While it was relatively tame in its source game, its presence in the tournament unleashes countless instabilities, wreaking havoc despite its best efforts to reel it back. A vote for it is a vote for rips with glitches, unused content, and video game creepypastas.

Hailing from the Shin Megami Tensei series and its spinoff titles, this tag team consists two of the most recurring demons in the franchise: Jack Frost and Mothman. The team provides rips featuring music from games developed or published by Atlus.


Eighteen year old feline and saxophone musician, Shades DuPris, unintentionally formed a band with two other colleagues at Barkley's freshman jazz jam session. With Tom "Milk Bowl" Malone playing bass and sphelonious donk playing on the piano, the trio performed famous jazz tunes for the world to hear.

Bilingual Bonus: Popoy and Marcianito speak exclusively in Spanish in the first tournament. Marcianito even originates from a Spanish meme.


Camp Cool Kids Dove Family Friendly Movie Reviews

Intergenerational Friendship: With DJ Professor K. The two show nothing but respect for each other, and it shows in their battle dialogue. He's even the person who helps her unlock her setlist's true potential in "Mahi-Mahi Riding the Bassline".

Benevolent Alien Invasion: Despite wanting to Take Over the World, they do not want to destroy humanity, and are only here to dancenote. This is why Howard left the team to join Will Smith, forming the Men in Black.


A bizarre Mario recolor and the titular hero of 7 Grand Dad (or Super Mario 7), a bootleg of The Flintstones: The Rescue Of Dino & Hoppy that became a meme after Joel played it. He is associated with the theme song of said bootleg, which is also the theme song for The Flintstones. The character himself often acts as the Face of the Band for SiIva (being the subject of the very first rip), and often acts as The Leader to the other figments.

Cool Kids Can - Online Courses for Kids

Worldwide himself, bringing forth rips featuring his own songs and Latin-American music into his sources. Round 1 competitor, having lost to ZUN. He teams up with Popoy and Marcianito in the second tournament due to the prior's collaboration in an official music video of Pitbull, and together they add a combined new Latin flair to their sources.


Cool Little Kids Online is a web-based program designed to increase your knowledge and build practical skills. The program contains 8 'modules' with easy to read information, practical skills, videos and stories from other parents who have done the program.

First Aid Programs For Young Children - Cool Kids First Aid

Joke Character: A ridiculous character even by this tournament's standards, HOBaRT came to the tournament with an equally ridiculous source pool that paled in comparison to that of other characters. Despite coming out with some surprisingly good rips, his persona was moreso based on Rule of Funny than being a viable contender in the tournament.


Jump Scare: Its sole purpose was to scare the ever living daylights out of viewers. This aspect was removed ever since its revival.

Even Evil Has Loved Ones: Loved his daughter, Susanna, and her death caused him to go insane in Planet Robobot. The Voice Inside Your Head has apparently promised that he'll bring Haltmann's daughter back in exchange for his services in Episode 2. He eventually did, but the "Susie" in question is actually Haruka in Susie's outfit. This caused Haltmann to lost his trust in the Voice.


Users who like Chip tha ripper-low key

Two rhythmically-minded people that came together when they realized how in sync they were. With the Rhythm League backing up the Tap Trial girl — now named Hakuko — and the taiko-drumming beats of Wada Don, they're aiming to go for a Perfect and spread their love of rhythm to the SiIvaGunner channel.

Only Sane Man: Marcianito is a Downplayed example. The beef that caused the Dancing Alien Team to split up was between Popoy and Howard, so Marcianito has no stake in it and answers in the affirmative when asked if he'd want to work with Howard again. His indifference to their beef is what allows Howard and Popoy to finally bury the hatchet and reunite the Dancing Alien Team.


Watch The Cool Kids Prime Video

Owner and proprietor of Bikini Bottom's famous resturaunt the Krusty Krab, Eugene H. Krabs is a selfish shellfish whose lust for money knows no bounds. He enters the tournament representing rips related to his home series, SpongeBob SquarePants, as well as rips that relate to pirates, money, and crabs.

The CEO and President of the Haltmann Works Company. His modus operandi is to invade a world, deplete its natural resources, and repeat. He takes over the channel after Inspector Gadget, whom he created to overthrow the Voice, malfunctioned due to DMCA violations. His ownership of the channel has been the status quo for the channel ever since, but at the start of Season 3 he created a SiIvaGunner clone to host the channel for him.


Knight of Cerebus: Inverted; he takes over the channel from the much more serious and imposing Voice in a highly comedic manner, while The Voice himself is utterly powerless to stop him. He becomes more threatening during his second takeover in 2021, but not too much.

Can an 8-year-old make dinner for the family? Yes, which can be so helpful on a busy homeschool day. Get free summer access to 5 engaging, professionally produced Kids Cook Real Food videos, printable recipes and lesson plans.


How to Fit in With the Cool Kids - wikiHow

Blatant Lies: Mario Forever does, in fact, contain viruses. However, this is because Buziol made the mistake of hosting it on CNet, which became infamous for starting to forcefully inserting bloatware into all files hosted on the service.

Badass Biker: Their appearances in the second tournament invoke this trope. Wario basically dons his WarioWare getup, while Waluigi wears an outfit that's in a similar style.


Voice of the Legion: sphelonious donk speaks with an ominous echo that sounds like multiple voices atop another. This is one of his tamer traits.

Inanimate Competitor: He's literally just a a cake-mixer, and doesn't really speak or convey any thoughts. Li'l Jon usually speaks on his behalf.


The Cool Kids - Home Facebook

Female Gaze: His butt was heavily pronounced on his character art for the first tournament. His getup for the second tournament has a hole cut out in place for his butt, as KO's POW Card illustration shows.

Certificate courses for kids

Intel has had its struggles remaining at the top of the chip (https://dkluchezar.ru/content/uploads/files/download/chip-tha-ripper-low-key.zip) heap. Management didn’t get in the mobility sector until it was too late, and missed a huge opportunity in the smartphone world. But it is well-positioned in the internet of things (IOT), and has found opportunities in markets like 5G, AI, memory and networking as well.


The Cool Kids - Wikipedia

The Quiet One: Howard during the first tournament. In the hypothetical matchups video, he has only four lines of dialogue (and one is just an ellipsis) with Popoy and Marcianito providing the rest of the team's dialogue.

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The internet critic (played by Doug Walker) who remembers old (and often new) movies so you don't have to. When Inspector Gadget took over the channel again on April 1, 2021, he made a stand against the cyborg, stating that Gadget could really do some good for the channel, but wastes his power by only uploading rips referencing himself. On April 9th, Inspector Gadget left the channel for an unexplained reason, and The Nostalgia Critic promptly took over the channel. His takeover ended on April 15th with the channel being "rebooted" again, returning to the status quo of Season 3.

Rihanna won the battle of the cool kids at New York

Curb-Stomp Battle: Every single match she was in on her trek through Losers' Bracket was this in her favor. She even outlasted Jack Bros, who put her there!


Demoted to Extra: The main reboot gags have appeared much less frequently since the end of the Reboot arc. For a time after the reboot, they appeared in the channel's banner alongside the original trio, only to end up disappearing again when Tito Dick officially replaced Loud Nigra.

The Cool Kid’s Philosopher Current Affairs

An idol who often sings about being a vampire. Appears during the Halloween Specials.


The broad nature of our courses and hands-on projects foster kids' creativity and spark self empowerment with a "Do-It-Yourself" mentality. Get them to be inspired by other Cool Kids We connect kids who share interests and allow them to exchange feedback with each other and a community that will inspire them.

Learning how to take photographs is one of the best indoor activities for kids stuck at home and "Photography for Kids: Project-Based Beginner Photography," a Udemy course, can help. At only two hours, it's short and sweet and will teach your kids the fundamentals like how to employ basic photography techniques and easy tips for better pictures.


Lethal Chef: Served as one on the SS Diarrhea. Also suggested using kelp growing around his restaurant to make veggie burgers.

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Lazy Artist: The aforementioned Head Swap and the infamous title screen are the only changes made to the game. Everything else from the characters to the story is largely the same, right down to the Hanna-Barbera characters still being in the game and calling Mario/Grand Dad "Fred".

Connect with fascinating ocean animals and the habitats they call home while learning to observe and think like a scientist. The courses are designed for students to complete on their own, at their own pace, with minimal adult support. Courses for younger learners are offered in English and Spanish.


Cool Kids Anxiety Programis a program that teaches children and their parents how to better manage the child's anxiety. It can be run either individually or in groups and involves the participation of both children and their parents. The program aims to teach clear and practical skills to both the child.

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It's All About Me: The stated reason as to why Papyrus does not get all Undertale-related music is that he's making his takeover all about himself. As such, he only gets tracks related to him (though as a perk, this does include fan-made tracks).

When Son Goku was diagnosed with the Ligma virus, Dr. Piccolo came out of his retirement to save his ally and the rest of the world by using his daily doses. His character provides rips from Shonen Jump content, rips related to medical practice, and (not surprisingly) rips featuring Green and Purple by Kritikal.


A sentient television that serves as the Mascot of Nico Nico Douga. While her real name may be Terebi-chan, she took on the name of her home site as part of being a representative of all the MADs and memes the site has to offer.

Its goal is to reduce barriers hindering the growth of cross-industry, multiple Application smart cards. The smart card issuers will continue to have the freedom to choose from a variety of cards, terminals and back-end systems. For smart cards to reach their true potential, consumers need to be able to use them for a wide variety of functions. For example, the cards can be used with mobile phones to make purchases over the Internet as well as to securely access a PC. Smart cards should also be cost effective and easily multifunctional. Beginning in the mid-1990s, a number of very significant breakthroughs occurred in the chip card industry with the introduction of open systems specifications for Application development. The leading technologies in this area are Java Card and MULTOS. These technology specifications provide an important contribution to the solution towards the multi-application chip card vision, such as common programming standards allowing Application portability between different card specific implementations. Then in 2001 a PKI-based card content management framework was defined by NICSS (the Next generation Ic Card System Study group) especially for the governmental sector market. The concept of NICSS is to separate the application provider from card issuer in a trusted manner whereby applications providers can 'rent' card memory space from the card issuer. This creates a new business model for each stakeholder.


Either "World Domination", or Something About Bananas: The rap section of The Nutshack theme isn't of a very clear audio quality and can easily be misheard. For example, the lyric claiming Tito Dick "raised Phil" was originally thought to say that he "hates Phil".