Lollipop Chainsaw released in mid-June. It failed to chart in the US, but lasted a few weeks in the UK charts and was quite popular in Japan.

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Lovecraft probably didn’t have any idea about handheld gaming, but his most vicious and evil creature to spring from his mind, dread Cthulhu, managed to log some claws-on experience. Summoned from his dark house in the mighty city of R’lyeh under the water, Cthulhu is capable of beating absolutely every creature in the game, including God (on a skateboard). In this case, he comes with a tophat and a saddle. With over 22,000 words that can be used to solve the numerous puzzles in the game, the fact that the Lord of the Deep Ones is included just speaks to how fantastic Scribblenauts really is.


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Top Video Games never made

This one hit during the early summer, and for whatever reason just never seemed to catch an audience. It seems every game Grasshopper Manufacture has ever put out could be a GNPOTY: Killer7, No More Heros 1/2, Shadows of the Damned. I think Goichi Suda might be the David Lynch of video games. Always missing the ingredient to make it palatable for a mainstream audience. Always missing the key components to be considered great. Always finding a cult following willing to swallow the bitter pill with a smile.


Michael's costume from GTA 5

Capcom brought Monster Hunter 3 to the United States as Monster Hunter Tri and released it on the Wii. The character in the game is able to use longswords, two-handed swords, hammers, bowguns, lances, and axes. Clearly this short list isn’t awesome enough, so the folks at Capcom decided to bring another Shark-based weapon to this list.

Lollipop Chainsaw – quick bites

Introduced via an intimate, soft-focus bedroom sequence, Juliet is painted as an optimistic, exuberant teenager who happens to have turned 18 on the morning that we meet her and whose world revolves around high-school life, strawberry lollipops, her boyfriend Nick and slaying zombies. From the sequences shown-off by Warr, it seems that’s pretty much all there is to her but despite her overtly sexualised appearance, she exhibits very little in the way of knowingly sexual behaviour.

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Best Games Nobody Played in

He’s cute, he’s cuddly, and he shits rainbows of death at your enemies with a lift his tail and a squeeze of his little belly. Rewarded as a New Game+ weapon when players finish THQ/Volition’s Red Faction Armageddon, Mr Toots is able to crush the series staple destructible terrains and buildings with a single flatulent blast. Mr. Toots represents a cute and comical departure from the otherwise more serious storyline presented in this title.


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Faceless Knights are a Gaming Community who make Game Reviews, Walkthroughs and general Let's Plays. We play various games: GTA V, Halo, Minecraft, Battlefield Hardline even a range of retro games and new release games, all on Xbox and PC. Catch our walkthroughs, gameplays and Top 5 videos every week and don't forget our Livestreams. Together with other Clan Members we find ourselves in crazy situations and cause as much mayhem as possible.

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Returning to Europe, Webb and Parker take part in the combined NATO attack to breach the main Soviet lines. Battling across a war-ravaged Germany, Parker and his men face increasingly desperate resistance as they close in on Berlin. Webb slowly grows into being a more aggressive battalion commander like his predecessor as the end of the war gets nearer. Soviet POWs captured by Parker's forces reveal that there are mutinites spreading throughout the Warsaw Pact armies as the war dragged on without victory. The prisoners also inform them of the presence of several RT-2PM Topol mobile launchers deployed with orders to launch if Berlin was in threat of capture. But the NATO armies will not pause and give the Soviets the chance to solidify their positions even more. The climax of the game involves Parker being tasked with securing the mobile launchers within a time limit (affected by difficulty) before capturing the Soviet command center managing the defense of Berlin. He has to hold off against a final, overwhelming counterattack by the Red Army, utilizing all available tactical aid assets. With the attack broken, the Soviets withdraw back from Berlin.

Speaking of Teddy Bears, Final Fantasy X’s resident caster Lulu sports some awesome plush stuffed animals in combat. A vicious Cactuar doll, Cait Siths, Onion Knights, and Moogles round out a soft and cuddly cast of characters that Lulu could unleash on her enemies. Leaping into battle, the little critters unleash Hell on her foes by running past them, using a slot machine in their belly, or (when upgraded) acting as a tiny little limit breaker Ultima Weapon for dealing up to 99,999 damage in a single strike!


It launches a handheld mini-nuke, obliterating everything in its path in a glorious cloud of fire and ash. Somehow, even though it’s obscene, it’s simply not ridiculous enough – enter the Experimental MIRV. Stolen away in the National Guard Depot, the Experimental MIRV can only be found if you unravel the mystery found in the Keller Family Transcripts which are scattered in five distant points in the wasteland. Once you collect all five of the transcripts, you’ll gain access to the Depot, granting you a weapon that can launch up to 8 Mini-Nukes at a time. Essentially a Nuclear Shotgun, the weapon does a level of damage that could only be described as excessively excessive.

So here we are at the bottom of one of this cornucopia of conflagration, bevy of baby strumming, hexed-head handling, poultice of piss launching, shark-spear striking, and bubble blowing blaster filled list. With my decades of gaming, I think this sums up some of the more strange and obscure weapons I’ve seen, but it is certainly not a comprehensive list. Join in our forum discussion to outline any of the oddities I may have missed or placed them out of order, and we’ll see you on the battlefield – I’ll be the guy with a giant foam finger yelling pew pew pew and casting Armageddon at you.


Juliet has two sisters who aid her throughout her war against the undead, but neither will playable. Meanwhile, decapitated boyfriend, Nick, will be on hand to offer support and occasional special attacks via Nick Roulette.

With the Soviets finally driven off American soil, the United States Army is exhausted by the fighting, but still has numerous global commitments to uphold. Despite having little time to rest and reinforce, Colonel Sawyer and Captain Parker are part of the first American reinforcements shipped to the South Pacific. Sawyer and Parker undertake a risky amphibious landing at Pohang to put an American foothold on the Korean Peninsula, assisted by ROK Special Forces Major Somun. Pushing through heavy DPRK and PLA resistance, American and South Korean forces solidly break through the Communist lines at Taejon, driving North to retake Seoul.


Ah – where do I start with Skullmonkeys. Well, Skullmonkeys is the game I wish I’d had as a child. Yet somehow, I only learnt of its existence aged 25, then bought it immediately.

20 of the Most Ridiculous Weapons in Gaming

Videogaming has seen its fair share of crazy and implausible weapons, but there is no doubt that sometimes the weapons transcend implausible and head straight to crazy town. Today we take a look at 20 of the craziest weapons in videogaming history.


So, enough jabbering away – what are my proudest acquisitions? Note, this isn’t a list of my favourite games, since some admittedly mediocre games have more than earned a place in my collection because of how oddly lovable they are.

If you know what VAS KAL AN MANI IN CORP HUR TYM means, there is a good chance you are an Ultima Dragon. While the words may have changed throughout the games, the results remain the same – the complete and irrevocable destruction of the entire world, minus the caster and those immune like Lord British, Baitlin, and the Avatar. The only point of this spell (which requires painstaking research and digging to find) is to completely eradicate Britannia, meaning the game essentially cannot be completed. It’s the in-game equivalent of taking the DVD out of tray and snapping it in half. The lore of the previous games have steadfastly reinforced that this spell should never be cast, but Electronic Arts and their complete bungling of Ultima IX fully destroyed this series with it as the tool to end the conflict between the Guardian and The Avatar. The spell didn’t just destroy Britannia, it destroyed my childhood – thanks EA!

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VG247 Lollipop Chainsaw is most-shipped Grasshopper title Comments Feed

After securing the South Korean capital, Sawyer, Parker, and Somun turn east to cut off the remaining North Korean and Chinese spearheads, but instead find themselves isolated by a sudden snowstorm and an unexpected counterattack. With tactical aid hampered by the weather and with the numbers stacked heavily against them, Parker and Somun manage to fight a desperate breakthrough battle to reach friendly lines, managing to save most of their men and equipment, however Colonel Sawyer is captured and taken as a prisoner of war. But before a rescue attempt can be made, the batallion is pulled off the line and reassigned, and sees the return of recently promoted Colonel Webb. Still recovering from his injuries recieved in Seattle, Webb informs Parker that with the European Front stalemated, the Russians have renewed their drive into the Middle East, hoping to cut off a vital source of oil to the Western armies and secure it for their own use.

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It's "Game Of The Year" discussion time in the gaming corners of the internet. Everyone is tripping over themselves to praise Mass Effect 3, Halo 4, Borderlands 2 et al. I'm a sucker for best of lists, so I really do get drawn into good healthy discussions about which AAAA titles worked the best, and which deserves the praise. I also think it's great that the discussion for GOTY has included some awesome downloadable games this year, with Journey winning tons of deserved praise, and The Walking Dead reinvigorating an entire genre.


Picked up all zombie medals on the rooftop with Chainsaw Dash

Kick, punch, it’s all in the mind – Um Jammer Lammy is the sequel to the rhyme-busting PaRappa the Rapper. The protagonist of this title, the left-handed guitarist for her band MilkCan, ends up in Hell (well, in the International version – in the US version she’s on an island) where she spots some babies playing roulette in a casino. She does the only thing that makes sense – she grabs a baby and plays it like a guitar. While it’s not a weapon per-se, it’s just too damned weird to not make this list.

Lollipop Chainsaw Playstation 3 Screenshot

The Penetrator didn’t make its wild and kinky debut in Saints Row 3, it actually came courtesy of a gimp-suited Carl “CJ” Johnson in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. A freakishly large phallic bat, this destructive dong can be wielded (with or without the gimp suit) to beat foes about the face and chest. Not much more to say other than it’s a big purple dick with a bat handle – what’d you expect?


In one respect, this makes her less gratuitous than the likes of Bayonetta or Mass Effect’s Miranda, who are designed to flaunt their sexuality; though, of course, by casting Juliet in the wide-eyed, innocent school girl routine Grasshopper is catering to another clichéd form of titillation, deliberately or otherwise. Furthermore, Grasshopper’s insistence on providing upskirt shots as Juliet vaults obstacles and having the animated head of boyfriend Nick hanging behind her thus leading to her backside being framed just-so when he speaks during cut-scenes is wholly unnecessary and more than a little tiresome.

VG247 Bat-shit crazy: Lollipop Chainsaw goes zombie-mental Comments Feed

Grasshopper Manufacture has earned something of a reputation for producing cult hits which are well-received by critics and fans but fail to perform strongly at retail. Its next game, Killer is Dead, is due in 2021 on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 but has not yet secured a western publisher.


Over the Summer of 2021, additional details of the game were announced. Special Edition pre-orders would come with a remastered version of World in Conflict and its expansion, Soviet Assault. Upon release, a map editor would be downloadable for free from the game's website, allowing players to design their own multiplayer maps for download. Details were kept light on the campaign, instead focusing on the improved graphics, physics, audio, and scale compared to its predecessor.

Download Juliet Starling Skin pack from Lollipop Chainsaw for GTA San Andreas

As Warr’s play-through concludes, it’s neither the crassness of the script nor the casual sexualisation of the teenage protagonist that rankles most, but instead the worrying level of repetitiveness that’s exhibited throughout the different areas of the game. Despite playing with Juliet’s entire move-set unlocked for demo purposes, there are a handful of key moves that Warr employs again and again. Tactics appear to extend only as far as a few light attacks to shepherd stray zombies into a loose group before attempting to decapitate three or more at once to trigger the Sparkle Hunting reward system, from which the game’s currency is obtained.


Grasshopper Manufacture reportedly showed a trailer of the new game at the event, which showed a male character with a cyborg arm and katana, and will be cell shaded alá No More Heroes. The developer isn’t saying much about the game at present but Suda said the game will have lots of attractive women and tell a new assassin’s story in the tradition of Killer7 and No More Heroes.

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Then it came out, and many feel as though it fell short on gameplay, and wasn't the "must own" title that early impressions might have given. This one isn't perfect either, but with the new Object Creator, it's enough of a game changer to merit a buy. Anything that isn't there can be created, and it adds a lot to the overall game knowing you can put basically ANYTHING in there. And for the low price of entry on Steam/PC and the ability to share awesome creations, it's my top pick.

The game sees the return of the tactical aid system from the first game, allowing the player to call in anything from airstrikes on enemy positions, deploments of paratroopers, to launching carpet bombing raids and tactical nuclear strikes. Tactical aids are puchased with tactical aid points, which are earned by destroying enemy vehicles, supporting other players, or capturing objectives. A tactical aid can allow up to three deployments, after which the player must wait until the support has recharged. In the single-player campaign, players are restricted by what tactical aid they can use, which can change during a mission. World in Conflict II differs from its predecessor in the ability to impact the tactical aids of either the AI or a real opponent. While certain tactical aids cannot be hampered, such as artillery strikes and tactical nuclear strikes, the presence of anti-aircraft support units can disrupt and destroy attack and fighter aircraft, while fighter sweep tactical aids can shoot down larger bombing aircraft if properly timed and deployed.


Of course, anyone that claims it was the zombies of Lollipop Chainsaw (https://dkluchezar.ru/content/uploads/files/download/lollipop-chainsaw-pc-crack-gta.zip) that first caught their eye in the game’s numerous trailers and promo videos is talking utter biscuits. No, that dubious honour undoubtedly falls to protagonist Juliet; a zombie-killer and cheerleader for the San Romero Knights. And if the former weren’t enough to make her popular with a large portion of videogame players, she can fall back on the latter – which is presumably intended both to typify her role as an 18-year-old high-school sweetheart and conveniently explain her gratuitously skimpy attire. Suda may be creative and Gunn might be funny, but neither is particularly subtle.

While we are all waiting for GTA 5, I present you the costume of one of the protagonists of the game - Michael. I tried to bring it as close as possible to the original costume, all the textures were executed qualitatively, it looks great in t.