First things first, you’ll need a rooted BlackBerry PlayBook that is running on the OS 2 Developer Beta. This won’t work on regular retail PlayBooks because you’ll have to SSH into the device for it to work. We didn’t update the OS on our PlayBook since completing our last hack, so our device was still running on the 2/0.0/4869 build.

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Please read the tutorial in its entirety, reading each step carefully. Skipping a step or not following the detailed instructions may harm your device. As always, proceed at your own risk.


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About a week ago we showed you a video that @BBKyle put together of the BlackBerry 10 developer OS running on the BlackBerry PlayBook. The video re-sparked my interest in loading BB10 on the PlayBook and was able to successfully load it as well. Since then Kyle has been trying to stabilize his procedure for loading the developer OS on the PlayBook.

We're now going to perform a sort of factory reset with your PlayBook (you can try this out). I say "sort of" because the tablet won't be exactly as it was when it left the factory. Instead, it's more like a complete wipe of the tablet. The process will also install a clean copy of the latest version of the BlackBerry Tablet OS. If things go wrong, you can always use this process to fix your BlackBerry tablet. This is how I fixed my PlayBook when I bricked it.


How To Factory Reset the Blackberry Playbook

I know; I'm here, with a rooted, Android Market-having PlayBook. When that simple "#" appeared on my screen - letting me know the root was successful - I literally jumped up and did a short happy dance.

You should now have a view of all the files on your USB flash drive. Unfortunately though, Air Browser only lets you open, rename, delete or compress a file and not copy it so you will only be able to do those things with the files on your USB flash drive. We’re not sure if other file browsers will be able to let you copy files off your USB flash drive, but assuming the software does have the copy function, then there shouldn’t be any problem in doing so since the USB folder already has full permissions (chmod 777).


This is an "untethered jailbreak meaning it persists across reboots". It has compatibility with different versions of the PlayBook operating system as well. The root access stays validated even when one version of the operating system is upgraded to another version, reported Geek.

BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 beta 

As it stands, rooting / jailbreaking your BlackBerry PlayBook alone isn't going to bring much immediate change to your PlayBook (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=2207). But as more people start looking at the code to see what exactly the PlayBook (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=9144) internals are comprised of it, the possibilities for having the PlayBook do things it was never intended to do are no longer confined to the limited access offered by RIM out of the box.


The easiest PlayBook OS version to root is 2/0.0/4869. If that OS is not running on your PlayBook, you'll need to upgrade or downgrade as necessary.

Jailbreaking a device involves exploiting a security flaw in order to gain access to files and settings that are normally protected. This lets you run code that isn’t officially supported and change the way a phone or tablet behaves.


Tap security and then tap development mode. Flip the off slider to on, and enter a password when prompted (jot it down or remember it, you’ll need it later).

Dingleberry updated to v3.3.2

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Many users - me included - have not had the best of luck when attempting the DingleBerry root. We got all the way to final step, only to read "Jailbreak Failed" in the command window. To give DingleBerry the best chance of success (and avoid that failed message), we're going to give DingleBerry a clean slate to work with.

USB host mode is available by default on lots of newer Android devices and can be activated on the iPad by purchasing a specialized USB connector, so the premise of being able to read files directly off a flash drive, a media card reader or an external hard drive on the PlayBook was definitely enticing enough for us to try. Little did we know that it would take us the better part of a day to figure out how to get a seemingly simple looking set of instructions to work properly, and since we already went through hell, these tips may help to save you a couple of precious hours!


Before we get started, please realize the new jailbreak is limited on things it can and cannot do. You’ll have the usual access rooting your device would have. For one, you may run a custom OS and install unsigned apps. But, as beta utility, there is still work to be done. Hulu and Netflix, for example, are still unable to stream from the device’s browser.

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When you have your USB OTG cable, you can proceed to run the commands to load the necessary kernel drivers. The nice part is that everything is already on the PlayBook, so you don’t really need to upload anything.

I should point out that after you sign up for the 2/0 developer's build, it will be active for the next 24 hours. If you brick your PlayBook after this point, you will need to wait until the 2/0 upgrade expires before attempting to do the low-level factory reset.


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If you really want to keep your Android Market access you should probably avoid this update for now. But if you want improved performance on your BlackBerry tablet, it might be a good idea to try the latest update and just install Android apps manually. You can find hundreds of PlayBook-ready Android apps at PlayBook (our website) BARs.

Now that your destination folder is created, it is time to get busy with some code tweaking. We followed the instructions from elTechnoBlog word for word since we knew f*** all about QNX commands or what they did, and on our first time through, met an interesting problem.


Next, fill in the appropriate information IP address and the password you created when enabling development mode. Now, add the bar file by clicking on the "add" button then you should see it listed on the right. Make sure its selected and then click on install.

RIM ensured DingleBerry did not get the chance to make merry for too long. For no sooner had the DingleBerry app come into existence, RIM is back to seize the initiative with a fix that effectively plugs the hole that the DingleBerry developers had exploited to sneak past the PlayBook defenses.


How do you wipe a BlackBerry PlayBook

Now we're on the home stretch; with a clean slate to work with, DingleBerry has a much better chance of working properly. If you haven't already, download the latest version of the rooting tool. Unzip that folder to place where you can easily find it; I strongly recommend moving the unzipped folder to the Desktop. You'll need to find it easily when we move on to getting the Android Market running on your PlayBook.

Connect it to the bb desktop software (download the updated version from the

RIM's attempt to stomp out jailbreaking proved ineffective early Wednesday. Less than a day after posting a 1/0.8/6067 update to cover the security exploit used to open up the OS, a version 2/1 beta update for the DingleBerry root has come to get around the patch. Users have to install the crack before they apply the patch, but they just need to run a single command-line task to get root-level access.


If you are observant enough, you will note that our USB flash drive is connected to /dev/hd7 and not /dev/hd6 as it should in the code above. This is because we couldn’t get our drive detected when using elTechnoBlog’s code in verbatim. After reading through the comments section, we found out that the last line of the code can be modified to suit your PlayBook’s file structure.

Could not connect to the update server

Warning: BBOS is not responsible for you damaging your device. Please root your device with caution.


The device should have an update screen - if not make sure it is connected and try again. If it fails to install, simply disconnect, reconnect and try flashing again.

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Looking back at the image above, a surefire way of knowing that your code is working is by looking at the right most column. As long as your USB flash drive is mounted to /accounts/1000/shared/usb, then it should work correctly.

Dingleberry Jailbreak Updated To Version 3.1

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When a mobile device flops, it's been common for companies to slash prices and encourage community development. Barnes and Noble's Nook is a great example in recent memory, and so is HP's TouchPad to an extent.

PlayBook Backup using BlackBerry Desktop Software

You'll next be looking at the setup screen for your PlayBook. Just like it was when you first started your BlackBerry tablet, you'll need to go through the setup wizard to set the tablet's language, time & date, and wireless network settings. You must connect to a WiFi network to continue the setup process. Once connected to the internet, you will almost certainly be prompted to update the OS; make sure you do so.


In my next article, I'll show you how to get the Android Market running on your PlayBook. In the meantime, take a moment to congratulate yourself on a job well done!

Update: DingleBerry dev Chris Wade reached out to us to clarify that version 4/0 is not cancelled - regardless of what the official changelog says. Where exactly the confusion comes from we're not entirely sure, but we've been told the project was open sourced so that others, perhaps those with more free time on their hands, could take a crack at the PlayBook OS and not because it's dead.


That means that if you use the tool to root your tablet before RIM issues its security update, you should be able to make other changes later. If not, you’re probably out of luck. So if you’ve been waiting impatiently for the chance to root your device, there’s literally no time like the present – although you should always proceed with caution before making this kind of change to your device as it will likely void your warranty and could cause problems.

Thread: The BBOS Rendition Of The DingleBerry Logo

The popular jailbreaking application Dingleberry has been updated to version 3/3.2. Not too many changes here, but there is enough to take note of. As with any other application it is important that you make sure that you are up to date, as there are always bug fixes and enhancements that are being pushed out.


Once inside the Shared folder, we created a folder called USB. This will serve as the folder where the contents of your USB drive will be mounted later on so it is important to create this folder. Without creating this folder, the entire process will not work.

My blackberry has error 507, i cant connect to bb desktop software to update what do i do

There is one important rule to follow after jailbreaking anything: Use caution when updating the firmware in future. Companies such as Apple are quick to cover exploits at lightning fast speed, releasing a new update to prevent future jailbreaks. RIM is no exception; they plan to close the vulnerability used for the jailbreak with an update tomorrow.


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In previous articles, we've talked about downgrading the OS on your BlackBerry PlayBook, but the process was not a simple one. With nearly split-second timing, you would have needed to copy files into a certain folder on your computer. Copy them too late, and it won't do any good. Copy them too early, and you could find yourself with corrupted files.


Now, we'll make a small backup file containing just your PlayBook settings. From the Device menu (in the upper left), choose Backup. In the upper part of the Backup Options window that opens, choose Custom (selected data only) and then make sure only settings has a check mark beside it. Do not back up media or applications.

After a few moments, your PlayBook will connect to Desktop Software. You'll know you're connected when you see "Sync All" in the bottom right corner of the Windows application. Desktop Software may prompt you to do a backup.


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Released BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0

The BlackBerry PlayBook is a tablet with a 7 inch, 1024 x 600 pixel display and a 1 GHz TI OMAP4 dual core processor. It runs BlackBerry (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=2005) Tablet OS, which is based on QNX software. The tablet has been available for much of the year, but has become a little more popular with consumers in recent months since Research in Motion offered a series of promotions bringing the base price down from $499 to $199 or even lower.


Downgrading the OS on your BlackBerry PlayBook

Once you have rolled back the PlayBook software you are then able to use the new Dingleberry 3 application to successfully root your device. Providing you with escalated privileges to settings and files. Lettets you perform some great additions on your PlayBook. Such as installing the Google Android market as well as streaming video from Hulu to name a few.

How to get your BlackBerry PlayBook to read USB flash drives
1 Jumblo bar for playbook 31%
2 Playbook User is offline 36%
3 What software do i need to install on my blackberry playbook to hook it up to my tv to play movies 70%
4 From the home screen on the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, touch the Gear icon in the upper right corner 44%
5 Blackberry playbook software update could not connect to the update server 57%

Still, I certainly don’t regret installing the update. The PlayBook web browser is faster than ever. Bridge apps are fully functional. And LED notifications have been turned on (when paired with your BlackBerry (see this site) phone).

Tip: You may or may not encounter as many lines / errors as we did in the image above, but if you do then disregard them. If you are prompted for a Y / N response after killing devb-umass, just key in Y until the # returns, then continue with the rest of the codes.


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After about 20 seconds, you'll see a message that the payload was delivered successfully. Click continue at the bottom of the DingleBerry Screen.


The past week has been a busy one with lots of tablet news coming our way. The diversity in the tablet affairs that we got to witness in the past week has been fascinating.

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If you haven't already, start BlackBerry Desktop Software on your computer and turn off your PlayBook. Technically, you can do this while the tablet is rebooting, but turning off the PlayBook makes this much easier. While the tablet is turned off, connect it to your computer. Desktop Software should shortly present you with an error message saying that it can't connect to the PlayBook. That's fine; it's what we're expecting.

DingleBerry Rooting Tool for BlackBerry PlayBook Now Available

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RIM has no choice but to patch these jailbreaks. If they leave The PlayBook open then they risk opening it up to attack by malicious people. I just hope that this jailbreak will inspire people to buy the tablet and keep it alive.

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Desktop Software will download and install the necessary the software to operate your PlayBook; keep your PlayBook connected to your computer for the entire process. This will take a decent amount of time; this is a good chance to play some Modern Warfare 3 or Skrym or watch some TV. When the process is done, your PlayBook may restart. You may now disconnect your PlayBook from your computer.


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So is Wade gaining root access to the Playbook a a huge deal? Not according to Matt Hartley of the Financial Post. Hartley says that while headlines warning of a “damaging blow” to RIM’s “iron clad mobile security” made for good copy, the reality was that is wasn’t really true.


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At the end of the restore process, you may or may not get an error message. I did when I rooted my PlayBook, but it turned out everything still worked fine. Whether or not you got a message after restoring, your PlayBook will restart.


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With the release of the PlayBook Jailbreak dubbed "DingleBerry" coming soon, I thought I'd make a mockup of what the DingleBerry logo ought to look like. As you can see, nothing other than brown is the perfect color that comes to mind, and, if you can't figure out the rest, I'm not gonna help you out. It's a very bathroom-ie/humor-ie name at core to begin with, so making this logo with a cutesy aspect is no easy task. What do you think of my take on the DingleBerry logo and what would you change?


Once the folder is created, you need to change the permissions of this folder to full read/write/delete. This can be done by typingchmod 777 /accounts/1000/shared/usb.

The BBOS Rendition Of The DingleBerry Logo

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Some users have reported that they’ve still got root access after updating, and that was the case with my own PlayBook. I was able to use WinSCP and reinstall the Android Market and Google’s core apps, but after a restart the PlayBook is rejecting the SSH key created by DingleBerry and I can no longer gain root access to its filesystem.

COULD NOT INCLUDE THE ABOVE post as it has links! Removed, and below is my post, which is waiting for an angel to descend from the heavens (no links) and save me from the BB mess!


Once you've signed up, return to your PlayBook and open the tablet's settings. Find and tap Software Updates on the left side. Then, tap the Check for Updates button. The tablet should quickly find (though this process could take up to two hours) the available update. Confirm that you want to install the update. Your PlayBook will automatically download and install the 2/0 beta.

DingleBerry updated to v3.1.0

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You can create a folder by typing mkdir /accounts/1000/shared/usb. It is important to type in the entire string because simply typing mkdir /usb will create the USB folder in the root directory instead of in the Shared directory.

What your looking for is a file called "rsa". After you have loaded the rsa file click on Save Private Key, if you are prompted to about saving the key with no password say yes.