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Xander's temper could flare at the strangest of times, and this was one of them, "Luck had nothing to do with this, Sand", he said sharply, "our contact lost her father aboard Galactica before we arrived here at Earth. He was a patriot and a good man, as far as I'm concerned.


As expected, the meeting began predictably. Admiral Wheeler updated the throng on the repairs to both ships. Pegasus had landed, and, after about 3 weeks, had been fully repaired and sent back into her orbit.

When Baltar and the Number Six who lives in his head have a falling out, she abandons him, only to surface a short while later aboard the Galactica. But now she's called Shelley Godfrey, everyone can see her, and she's telling them that she has evidence, passed on by the late Dr. Amarak, that will prove Baltar sold out the human race to the Cylons.


Baltar had implanted a small computer chip in her left wrist, just below the hand. On one end was a connection port. When she was ready she would open a small incision so she could get to the port, then connect an insulated piece of wiring into her wrist. From there, she would insert the other end of the wiring directly into the data flow where the Hybrid lay. If all went well, shortly after that, the Hybrid would unbeknownst to anyone, send out instructions that would play havoc with the the vision of the Baseships, the Raiders, and missiles.

She knows Cylon tactics, and she's cool under pressure. She earned the Lieutenant stripes that she received.


The action was super spectacular. Of course a lot of the dogfights were recycled, but given the pressures the production crew were under, this was to be expected. What matters is that the twenty-four episodes were, by and large, entertaining. My favourite was the two-parter 'The Living Legend' in which the late Lloyd Bridges played long-lost war hero 'Commander Cain' whose 'might is right' views bring him into conflict with the more level-headed Adama. Ex-Avenger Patrick Macnee cropped up as 'Count Iblis' in another memorable adventure - 'War Of The Gods'. A few episodes seemed to have been inspired by Westerns and war films.

Clear My Name: "Six Degrees of Separation" has Baltar trying to exonerate himself and prove that he wasn't the man who sold out humanity to the Cylons. In an interesting twist, both he and the audience know that he actually was the traitor, but as the evidence implicating him is falsified and Baltar is now The Atoner, both we and him are still motivated for Baltar to prove his (false) innocence.


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In "Blood on the Scales", Felix Gaeta and Tom Zarek organize a military coup against Adama and Roslin, capturing the former while the latter continues to coordinate the resistance against them. Gaeta insists that Adama be tried for his "crimes", and has Romo Lampkin dragged in to serve as Adama's defense counsel, a job he had previously fulfilled during Baltar's trial. Lampkin immediately recognizes what's up by suggesting that if he refuses, the two marines standing to the side will presumably use him for target practice.

Seriously Scruffy: In "33," Adama and Tigh are both sporting very noticeable facial hair. As the characters have been attacked near constantly for a week, this is understandable.


The President waited for his Military Liaison to arrive. The Secretary-General was due to land at Joint Base Andrews in about thirty minutes, and Marine One was ready to depart. Like clockwork, his attache was in the Oval Office in two minutes.

Show, Don't Tell: Inverted when they get to the first Earth. They say they have arrived at Earth, and it is technically called "Earth", but notice how they wisely show the audience no familiar landmasses because this isn't the Earth we are expecting it to be and were shown in the Season 3 finale?


It starred Lorne Greene as Commander Adama, Richard Hatch as Captain Apollo and Dirk Benedict as Lt. Starbuck, all of them great. Most of these episodes also had Noah Hathaway in a minor role as Boxey, Apollo's little son.

Namedar: Baltar coins the term "Final Five" to refer to the Cylon models who were unknown to the fleet at the time, and who the other Cylons had been programmed not to think about. The name sticks and comes to be used by the Final Five themselves, even after it turns out that "First Five" would have been a more appropriate name.


Space Amish: What the surviving Colonials and Cylons tried to become on the new Earth in the finale. Justified/Hand Waved since they all want as much of a fresh start as they can possibly get by Letting The Past Burn. Evidence from 150,000 years later makes their success rather ambiguous.

The latest feature added with the latest update is “Ranked Matches”. The matchmaking system, when you are ready for a fight, matches you with an opponent that is close to your strength for a 1 on 1 fight. This system had flaws but they have been addressed in the latest patch and it looks better at the moment.


One of the biggest tests would commence in about ten days. That would be a full-dress battle simulation with Galactica, who would play the role of the Cylons, and it would test to see how battle ready Pegasus was. Earth-based Raptors, Vipers, and Falcons would join the "battle" to help simulate a large Cylon attack using multiple Baseships.

The rough edges that had shaped him during the flight had begun to fade. He remembered being sick and tired of people-Cylon, or Human, and wanting to simply go away by himself. He hadn't cared for much of anything since Cally had died, but he also wasn't the same bitter person who had snapped Tory's neck on Galactica either. Some of that rough-hewn scarring would always be a part of him and would in some ways serve him well in his current position. But like coarse sandpaper, hope had a way of whittling away at the layer of callous that had built up around his heart and his emotions all those years. He and those who had fled with him were becoming civilized people again. Much of the soul that he and others' felt had been lost in that desperate flight across the stars, was being regained.


Thicker Than Water: John's mother is extremely disappointed in her Cylon son and how many terrible things he has done out of pettiness and rage at his parents for giving him a human body. She calls her petulant son out on his jealousy and sadism, but despite all of John's crimes like fratricide, genocide, and even raping her, says that he isn't broken and could still be redeemed if he accepted what he was. She states she still loves him because she made him.

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The missile weapons use the Range/Speed rule. The flak rounds in the KEWs and the nuclear missiles both use the Blast Radius rules, with the area of effect listed here in the write-up.


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But despite her penchant for insubordination at the absolute wrong moments, he wished she were here. He trusted his CAG's, and, as good of jocks as they were, they hadn't been through the grinder like Kara Thrace. They were learning, but her experience was missed.

One of the first twelve Battlestars (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=305) built, Galactica (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=8488) represents the Colonial planet Caprica. In the re-imagined series, there were about 120 Battlestars (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=8982) in service prior to the second Cylon attack.


Lieutenant Myler set Condition 1 immediately throughout the ship. Wake Commander Tigh and Admiral Adama.

They had found Bulldog's Raider. Every Cylon Raider had the equivalent of a serial number, where it could be identified. So they know someone had flown it there.


Viper Pilot, Kara “Starbuck” Thrace was one of the hottest characters in the TV Show and she is also in this game, spending most of her time in the Rec Room. You can go chat with her and play card games with the famous Starbuck.

Moore had nothing but contempt for the original and it showed. He gutted the series of its warmth and charm, turning it instead into a cold, sterile allegory on the War On Terror. While it has its supporters, I am not amongst them.


Every leader of every nation had pre-arranged plans to go to safety when it was determined the Cylons were coming. Fortunately, at least for the moment, it didn't seem as if they'd have to rush. It seemed as if the Cylons were deliberately taking their time, like a group of sharks circling their prey.

Viper Mark II – German

In conclusion then, Battlestar Galactica: Deadlock is an awesome game – at least when played on the platform it was built for. On Xbox One though, with the limited controls available, it’s still an engaging strategy game, but it really struggles with the sheer complexity that is at hand. Games like Arbiter’s Mark have been built around a controller, and so are a joy to play, with clear controls and easy to remember inputs. Deadlock, sadly, isn’t like that, and while it feels very long-winded to get anywhere, it is just about rewarding enough to make that struggle worthwhile.


Roughly a thousand people had to be left on New Caprica. Suffice to say, things likely did not go well for them.

The original series was heavily influenced by the Book of Mormon (the governing council of modern Church of the Latter-Day Saints is still called The Quorum of Twelve). Most of these points are echoes of that, since the general plot and mythology is the same, although the execution, and final resolution, differed greatly.


In the "New Caprica" arc, President Baltar is forced to cooperate with the Cylon occupation authorities to give their presence an umbrella of legitimacy. After the human rebels start engaging in terrorist attacks against both the Cylons and Les Collaborateurs, the Cylons force Baltar to sign an order for summary executions in reprisal. When he objects, they shoot Caprica-Six for agreeing with Baltar, then threaten to kill him next (she can resurrect; Baltar can't). He signs it, which comes back to haunt him when he's later tried for war crimes and points out that he had no real choice but to comply.

Caprica Six, now Lieutenant Caprica Baltar, was too valuable to risk on the upcoming mission. This six, named Rebecca would have one mission-get to the Hybrid on board the nearest Baseship.


Pegasus was going toe-to-toe with two Baseships and was holding her own. The Beast was some machine, Lee Adama thought. Had this baby's been around during the attack on the Colonies.

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And the fight to establish a nation for the Colonial survivors had been bruising. National pride was at stake for many leaders, who wanted the tiny nation to be located within the confines of their land. From the beginning of the debate on this issue, President Bond had said the decision was solely and completely up to the Colonists. They would decide if they wanted their own nation. But other nations were competing to have the refugees from the Holocaust close to them. Justin Bond had not put the United States in that bidding war.


There was more than one Six aboard Galactica. A few had survived the battle with The Colony and were still with the fleet. This one sat alone in the modified Raider that Lieutenant Danny Novacek, Call Sign "Bulldog" had used to get back to Galactica in the staged "escape". It had been modified so a human-looking occupant could more easily operate the machine. With help from Captain Thrace and Bulldog, and salvaging parts from a similar Raider Kara had piloted they had made this marginally comfortable.

Affably Evil: The Cavils, at least during their early appearances. As the series progresses, though, they all become more evil and less affable.


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Supplies become a huge issue in many of the episodes, either with the scarcity of supplies being shown, or the quest to get what they need. They mine for unrefined fuel and raw materials, scavenge for water (notable as this one was lampshaded. Adama explains how water, of all things, is not an issue, as the Galacta's recycling system is nearly 100% efficient, and its storage tanks huge. Two minutes later, it's all gone), and execute borderline suicidal tactics to get food. The economic balance of the fleet is also showcased frequently — just because the Apocalypse is nigh, doesn't mean capitalism stops.

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She said a quick, silent prayer. She reached into her pocket and pulled out a bottle. She unscrewed the top and took the lone pill out. She looked at it, then skyward, as a small tear formed at the corner of her one eye.


The Reveal: Uh. let's just say a lot. However the continuous chain of reveals tend to link up into an almost Soap Opera-esque plot.

One place they had dropped in a large number of Centurions was near Omaha. The Cylons weren't dumb and had studied the audio and video coming from the planet and had, in short time, deduced that one of the main leaders if not the main leader on the planet was holed up in a military base in that vicinity. They wanted to take the soul out of any resistance if they could.


Profile for John Zipperer

Apparently, you need to buy advanced weapons, armor, and other systems, as well as better ships, which offer different combat options (speed, firepower, survivability). You buy your upgrades and new ships with currency you earn during missions, such as tylium ore. This is sort of akin to having Air Force pilots pay out of pocket for their planes' fuel and missiles. It's a necessary game mechanic, and getting new gear is always a drive in persistent world games.

I have more reason than anyone not to trust them, but one thing we discovered is that the models really weren't all mindless automatons. Athena has never broken her vow; Caprica worked damn hard to get Hera back. The Leoben with us became a strong advocate of peace after our nightmare on New Caprica.


After Boomer's consciousness is downloaded into a new body following her death, she struggles with her new life on Cylon-occupied Caprica. Number Six is asked to help Boomer adjust to her new role in Cylon society.

Multistage Teleport: Faster-Than-Light "jumps" are limited to certain distances for safety reasons; in order to keep the fleet together, coordinates and vectors have to be carefully synchronized on a regular basis, and failing to do so could result in ships being separated from the fleet and stranded in deep space. For this reason, long journeys are done in a series of shorter jumps that are easier to coordinate.


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Romantic Runner-Up: Dualla for Lee. It becomes especially sad during their marriage, as both characters are aware of this issue but still can't help but play into it.

The Four Cylon humanoids in the lead Baseship were momentarily unsure what was happening. They had sensed something momentarily different in the data flow.



I bought a Heavy Raider a few days ago, to run a budget, have the three cannons upgraded to level 2 each, costs 60K. Two Boosters at 5K each, cost me 20K for level 2. Plus three Dradis which cost me, well, I gotta check back on how much it costed me.

Ellen Tigh might be one of the most stark examples in the entire show. While for the majority of the series she is presented as a scheming Lady Macbeth and source of Toxic Friend Influence for her own husband, Season 3 starts to show more of her genuine love for Saul during the New Caprica occupation and Stepford Smiler traits. Furthermore, after she dies and resurrects, she becomes an empathetic Team Mom (well, relatively speaking), to the point where she forgives her own son after learning that he raped her and was responsible for the deaths of over 50 billion innocent people (among many other crimes).


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It can adapt and transform itself into different states and forms, therefore making it extremely valuable and sought-after. It enhances the intelligence of whoever holds it and is known to turn complete idiots into geniuses. Side effects includes a steroids-like effect and a peculiar love for beer.

And, to a lesser extent, Mr. Felix Gaeta. He finally does the right thing by turning on Zarek, even though he knows his own role in Zarek's rebellion would get him executed for high treason.


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When he began his quest for the Presidency the economy of the nation was tooling along nicely. It relied highly on farming which was a simply a part of life in this area of North America. The nation had also been granted a UED Shipyard in 2034 that was putting out Raptors and Falcons aircraft for the ever-growing space fleet. The Falcons were the modern version of the venerable Viper's that Hotdog had flown in his younger days.

Powered by a Forsaken Child: President Roslin's cancer is temporarily cured by injecting her with the blood of Helo and Sharon's unborn daughter. Thankfully, they don't need all of it.


Lee stepped away from the microphone to thunderous applause. It was estimated that more than 1 million people had descended on the area nearPegasus' construction site, to witness it as it rose into space for the first time.

Dying Curse: Gina, the female Cylon spy whom Admiral Cain had ordered tortured and raped for months, comes after Cain following her escape to get revenge. Gina echoes the same words Cain used against her, and Cain tells her to go frack herself. Gina responds "You're not my type" and shoots her.


In a flashback scene in "Daybreak", Baltar mentions that if anyone catches him committing treason he'll have his head cut off. Which was the original fate of Baltar in the 1978 pilot, before he was resurrected for the series.

But he was not restless for that reason. He was meeting with Admiral Adama, who was flying down from Galactica to meet with him in The Oval Office.


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The Ones were a cautious lot by nature. Well, when they were a "lot" they had been. Now, this Cavil-perhaps the last one in existence-contemplated on whether it was time to move in on this planet his four Baseships had discovered so many weeks ago. He was the titular leader of the Humanoid Cylons. They handful of Sharon's, Simon's and Aaron's that remained had always deferred to the Ones. And since there were so few of them left and since they were now very mortal, they had followed the cautious lead of Cavil.

That Thing Is Not My Child: Double subverted during the New Caprica arc. After the Cylon invasion, Leoben Conoy/Number Two has kidnapped Kara "Starbuck" Thrace and keeps her locked up in a secluded apartment to force some sort of twisted Stockholm Syndrome relationship on her, and since he has plenty of backup bodies, "killing" him just means he'll be back in a few hours. At one point he brings in a little blonde girl that he claims is a human-cylon hybrid, who was conceived with Kara's ovary (which the Cylons had previously removed from her body) and his own sperm. Starbuck initially refuses to accept the child as her own, but when the kid gets hurt Kara seems to acknowledge the child as her daughter. However, when the humans escape the planet it's revealed that the kid in question was actually taken from her real human mother by Leoben as part of his ploy to get close to Starbuck.


Machines, running around trying to fix machines, Adama laughed out loud in his empty office. It just struck him as damned funny. For the life of him, he'd never see anything like it, and watching the Cylons run around, their Raiders running into each other, missiles going in different directions. Had it not been so deadly serious, it would have made a great gag reel.

The Chapel is a semicircular room with risers in the front, topped by large portholes providing a panoramic view of the stars. The risers bear many small candles.


The planet of Libris is the third planet to be founded and is more arid than others, being the closest of the twelve colonies to their sun, with the equatorial band being particularly dry and hot. Libris also does not experience seasons due to the lack of an axial tilt. Libris is also the most sparsely populated Colony, numbering less than half the population of Caprica. The general Libris population tends to be more cerebral than other Colonies and place great weight in intellectual prowess and not physical. Perhaps the greatest crime in Libra society is to be dumb, and the greatest insult also. Libris also tends to be logical and methodical, sometimes appearing cold. They are not an emotionally expressive people but arguments on topics of interest and can get rather heated. They are also not religious in general, although they hold no animosity towards the other colonies. Libris people sometimes find it difficult to communicate with others as they think and talk in abstract ways and are often misunderstood.

The planet of Picon is in many respects similar to Caprica, except for its relatively small size and mass. The result of the smaller mass is a lighter gravity field experienced by those on the surface of the fifth Colony. Picon also has a higher proportion of water to land, but all other parameters are similar to Caprica. Picon grew from a largely agrarian society into a major port of call for merchant ships en route to other destinations within the Twelve Colonies. The explosion of trade between the Colonies fuelled the rapid transformation of Picon from a backwater Colony dependent upon farming to one of the richest and most sophisticated worlds under Colonial control. The mindset of the Pisceans changed over time and military service became the social norm for most Pisceans. In fact, more than three quarters of the population was involved with the Picon Navy in some way or another at the time when the Articles of Colonization were signed. Picon Naval power is second only to that of Caprica. With the unification of the Colonies, Picon played host to the Colonial Navy Headquarters in the capitol Picon City and the Naval academy along with the War College. Subsidiary naval industries sprang up on Picon to feed the Naval machine and Picon became the center of Colonial naval construction.


The second lesson was that they would have to concentrate more on Galactica and only harass Pegasus, at least for the time being. Neither ship could jump because of the layout of the field of battle, but he was convinced thatGalactica could be taken out, and quickly if they hit her harder. This first encounter had been like two boxers feeling out each other in the first round. Round Two would be more robust for both sides.

She'd be back, but only once more, in about a year's time. From this moment on, she was even unofficially because of the shakedown protocols, on duty if the need arose.


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After about two hours, he raised his hand. Admiral Wheeler saw him and nodded his way.

Bigpoint claims Battlestar Galactica Online is one of the best projects they have had as far as technology

Rhino: The highly armored and rugged strike craft, that have been recently discovered by the fleet. The resurrection of the strike craft requires a considerable investment of resources and time. The attributes of the ship are highly valued, making the investment worthwhile. The Rhino can be equipped with more armor and hull systems than others, adding additional defensive capabilities.


Battlestar Galactica: Space Conquest not Over Yet

Rebecca hadn't been on a Baseship in years, but she still knew it like the back of her hand. She had landed Bulldog's escape vessel in the hangar area where the more badly damaged fighters went when their alcove couldn't be used. Galactica's hanger deck people had put extra scoring on the hull and even had ripped off about half her starboard wing, to make it look like this Raider had taken a beating from the UED fighters. Her ship wasn't the only one in the hangar, so she looked like just another damaged Raider after a fierce battle.

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Anastasia means "resurrection", which is quite ironic, as Dee kills herself and isn't a Cylon, so it sticks. Furthermore, speculation that she was a Cylon was supported by the fact that her last name, Dualla, indicated a "dual" nature.


Battlestar Galactica The Hand of God subtitles English

She owed so much to Justin Bond. Despite her less-than-stellar record aboard Galactica, he had seen something in here when he interviewed her four years ago to be his Attache. Whatever she was, he had challenged her to be more than she had ever been. And she had accepted the challenge. She had grown, not just as an Officer, but as a Human Being under his tutelage. She idolized the man; she adored The First Lady and their two children. She felt she had finally conquered those nightmares of the past.

Heterosexual Life-Partners: Adama and Tigh (at least according to Ellen). Overlaps with Married to the Job.


States like Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Texas; prices for corn and wheat had risen dramatically in the last year as the impact of the drought began to become severe. Heads of livestock began falling dramatically has farmers saw their animals die from the incessant heat and dryness.

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By evening on the second day, with two more officially to go, the "battle" had become a standstill. That was what was wanted, especially from a first-time crew that Pegasus possessed. The elder Adama didn't give the new Pegasus and her crew any breaks. He pressed the fake "attacks" home as if he were Cavil, looking to wipe out the fleet. So far, it had been an impressive performance by both ships, their crews, and their Admirals.


Take Me to Your Leader: Brother Cavil does that when he is outed as a Cylon spy. They take him to the brig instead.

The Cylons had also dropped ground troops in around the planet as well. They couldn't conquer the planet, but most were tasked to go after power grids, dams, and other infrastructure items at different locations around the world. They could and did do plenty of damage.


Prison Ship: A prison ship called the Astral Queen held common criminals as well as noted terrorist Tom Zarek. When the fleet needed laborers for dangerous duty mining water ice on a frozen moon, Zarek negotiated the partial release of the prisoners as a condition of their being used as grunt labor. The prisoners were given their former prison ship as their new home among the fleet.

A Cylon, who calls himself Leoben, is discovered on one of the ships in the fleet. Commander Adama sends Kara to interrogate him — or, rather, it. The Cylon tells Kara that he planted a nuclear device on one of the ships.


He lived to be out on the Bridge in CIC. That's where his blood got pumping. Despite the horrors of the two wars he'd been, in nothing got his blood pumping more than being in CIC during a tense situation. He felt it had always brought out the best in him. Peacetime obviously wasn't as exciting but he approached every day as if the Cylons had just jumped right on top of his ship. It was the best way to keep himself sharp.

Unusually Uninteresting Sight: In the first season, Gaius is tormented by the vision of Six he keeps seeing, leading him to say strange things and act strangely in public. Despite this, they put their trust in him and even elect him Vice President.


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The term "chogokin" has since become a trademarked name for toys and models manufactured in Japan by Bandai. It is also informally and frequently used by collectors to describe toys with high die-cast metal content, or in a nostalgic sense toward those earlier Super Robot series and toys.

Colonel Badass: Saul frakking Tigh. Colonel Belzan, former XO of Pegasus, gets a nod for having the integrity (and the balls) to defy Admiral Cain's order to launch a suicide attack. Averted with Colonel Fisk, who's generally a coward, not to mention a criminal.


Continuity Reboot: The new series is a reboot of the franchise, starting from a clean slate and having only the premise in common with Battlestar Galactica (article source) (1978). It's got a Setting Update and more modern feel than the original.

Well, it rates above 'the orville', for sure. I can't review the show objectively, for my identity is so tied up with watching this when I was little. I wonder if my kids will think its any good at all!


We no longer are at war with each other. Long-standing enemies have made their peace with each other, and we have come to realize that our shared humanity is far more important than any temporary squabble among ourselves To be sure it's a day we hoped would never come, but we can take pride in the preparations we've made to defend our planet.

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Sharon, her hands in the data stream in Command and Control, suddenly got a quizzical look on her face. It took her a moment to realize what was going on.


Fictional isotopes of real elements

It had taken eight hours after the battle to get everyone off of Galactica, and everything that could be salvaged in Raptors-official logs, papers, personal items from the crew. All the dead that could be found and accounted for were flown down to Earth, where they received caskets, and would then be taken back up to the two remaining Battlestars, who would then commit their bodies to space.

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You are not given a choice to select your first ship but as you progress and complete assignments, you find resources like Tylium, Merits and Titanium. The main currency in game is cubits and you can find these if you look careful enough and you can also purchase these directly at the store.

In Magic: The Gathering, etherium is an extremely rare metal created by the sphinx Crucius the Mad. On the shard Esper, vedalken wizards strive to infuse everything with etherium. The planeswalker Tezzeret the Seeker constructs his entire right arm out of pure eetherium before his spark ignited, thus enabling him to fuel his mages abilities until his spark ignited, which then served to make him stronger still. The Levitation Stone (飛行石), "Hikouseki" in romaji, is speculated to be its English version "Volucite".


Battlestar galactica online hack 2020

Must Make Amends: Twice (at least). First with Helo after shooting the "turn coat" Sharon he had fallen in love with, later with Roslin choosing to save Baltar.

Bigpoint at E3 2021 had a booth just for Battlestar Galactica Online (https://dkluchezar.ru/content/uploads/files/download/tylium-hack-battlestar-galactica-online.zip). Below are a few quotes from numerous media websites that reviewed the game on what they actually got to play at the E3 Expo event.


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In the wake of the Cylon sneak attack, the ragtag fleet of human survivors is forced to play a deadly game of cat-and-mouse with their pursuers. Every 33 minutes, they make a jump to a new location. And every 33 minutes, the Cylons manage to find them.

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The President of the small nation of New Caprica, tucked in the center of the American Midwest and Great Plains had come to office in February of 2039 with a lot of hopes and ideas for his nation, as most leaders do. He wanted to see the nation of about 300,000 souls stay prosperous and engaged in world affairs. And for most of its seventeen-year existence, New Caprica had done exactly that.


He had used his newfound political posture to drive through something that he had felt stronger about than almost anything else in his lifetime: giving the Colonists the opportunity to live as an independent nation, with full United Nations membership. They blood that had been spilled in numbers that he could barely grasp demanded nothing less.

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While the peoples of the Earth loved him, there was still some lingering resentment among Earth's leaders towards him. He had been the one that was volunteered by other world leaders to take the first step in beginning a dialogue with William Adama and Laura Roslin. And he had, as the saying went, nailed it. He had impressed the people of the planet, and Adama and Roslin. Yet even though his fellow world leaders had promoted him for the assignment, they were jealous of the approbation that he was receiving. Ego drove most people in leadership and he was no exception, but compared to most politicians, he had very little of that personality trait.


Inevitably, this TV series resembles '2001: A Space Odyssey', 'Star Trek' and 'Star Wars'. It was even accused of plagiarism when 'Star Wars' itself heavily drank ideas from an early 70's film called 'Silent Running'.

The body of Admiral William Adama lay in repose in the Port hangar aboard Pegasus. The flag of the nation of New Caprica adorning his casket and UED enlisted men standing at attention as honor guards. Lee Adama, naturally, would give the eulogy. Four days after the end of the conflict, the service was held on Pegasus.


We Will Use Manual Labor in the Future: The original Cylons were intended as manual laborers and soldiers before they rebelled. The scarcity of advanced equipment means humans in the Fleet getting worked to the bone, too. In fact, this "distrust of advanced technology" is part of the reason for why Galactica looks the way she does, as she had no networked computers due to her age as a warship (which had the unseen boon of making her effectively immune to the Cylons' first strike on the Twelve Colonies). This also helps explain why there's Loads and Loads of Characters since the lack of advanced computers results in lots of people being needed to fill in all those jobs that would otherwise be automated.

Lee stood up and went over to her. They embraced in a long, deep hug, that seemed to last for an eternity. They had grown up together, from kids. Now, it was approaching their time to lead the Human race to a new future.


When President Roslin calls an Interim Quorum of the Twelve Colonies, she discovers that democracy brings its ugly stepsisters — politics and deadly intrigue — to the party. Tom Zarek, the charismatic convicted terrorist, is elected as the delegate from Sagittaron and immediately proposes elections for the vice-presidency.

Wakandan vibranium absorbs vibrational energy. The more energy it stores the tougher it becomes. If the molecular bonds are broken, all the energy is released, causing an explosion. It is found only in the African nation of Wakanda, ruled by the Black Panther.


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Chief Tyrol and his wife Cally become trapped in a malfunctioning airlock. Adama remembers his late wife Carolanne as he marks his wedding anniversary.

Space Is Cold: At one point, Tyrol and Cally are stuck in an airlock that had been slowly venting to hard vacuum for the past hour or two, and it had thus gotten really cold in there for the same reason that a can of spray deodorant gets cold. They even show Cally's hair icing up, and Tigh notes that they could suffer from hypothermia when they're forced to take a space walk without space suits to escape.


The Picket ring was about three-quarters complete. New Raptors were being fitted for this duty, and there would be a complete two-deep ring in depth around earth within five months. Kara was already working with UED research on a Second Generation Raptor that would be bigger and have far more capabilities.

The birds had flown from a nearby Spanish Air Force Base and not from Victory. Once a chief, always a chief, Hoshi thought.


We Used to Be Friends: Kara and Lee. Especially during and after New Caprica.

Space Does Not Work That Way: Averted. With some exceptions, ships largely behave according to actual physics.


Loss of Identity: Man, it sucks when you discover that you are a Cylon, all your memories were invented by someone else and implanted to trick you into behaving a certain way. But hey, you could have it worse: you could discover that you are 2000 years old and have lost all memories of your previous life.

The Cylons had hit each city and about tweinty or so others around the planet with thermonuclear devices in the vicinity of seventy-five megatons, an astounding explosive power. The largest device ever detonated by anyone on Earth had been in 1961 when the now-dead Soviet Union had tested the fifty-seven megaton Tsar Bomba. That explosion had been some fifteen hundred times larger than the weapon used at Hiroshima. The largest his nation had tested was the Castle Bravo thermonuclear detonation in 1954, and that had "only" been fifteen megatons. These weapons were 3300 times more powerful than Hiroshima.


After being resurrected seven times she saw nothing that was intrinsically valuable about a life that never ended. It was one of her sister Sixes who had said before the Quorum, “To live meaningful lives, we must die and not return. The one human flaw that you spend your lifetimes distressing over.

All the characters were well- defined on the show and brought something to the table. I liked how effortless the interactions were among the characters and the easygoing appeal that was ever-present throughout.


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The weapons then open up on the desired fire arc with all guns, saturating the arc with flak rounds. Any space craft caught in the affected fire arc must roll against that range's Difficulty every round while they fly through it under fire. The Difficulty is Difficult at long range, Very Difficult at medium range, and Heroic at short range.

President Roslin faces off against Tom Zarek and Lt. Gaeta as they try to take control of the Colonial fleet. Both the alliance with the rebel Cylons and Adama's life are at stake.


Restraining Bolt: The humanoid Cylons keep control over the Centurions with Telencephalic Inhibitors that keep them from becoming truly sentient. The Twos, Sixes, and Eights later remove them, much to the dismay of the other Cylons.

Gaius' team, with the help of the hangar crews, had been able to load the receiver/transmitters into every missile in the fleet. He had also sent the receiver/transmitter specs to Hoshi in Spain, so Victory would come out of her moorings and hit the Cylons in a tender spot. Pegasus, for some reason, was having problems getting the system to work on her weapons but hadn't given up on the effort.


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Toxic Friend Influence: Ellen Tigh is a horrible enabler of Saul's drinking and darker ambitions. Similarly, Saul himself is frequently a inspiration for Ellen's darker machinations.

Re: Battlestar Galactica Deadlock - The Infinity Update is here

Bill Adama had been going over some ideas in the quiet of his quarters on Galactica ever since the Cylons had appeared in the distance. He knew he and his crew would fight with the heart of a lion and would defend themselves and the planet well. He also knew that, despite the repairs that had taken place since arriving at Earth, the ship wouldn't be able to take much of a beating. He was going to offer up some very out-of-the-box proposals when he got the chance.


One thing that the President had to do when the fighting took place, was to release his UED Military Liaison, to active duty. He was very protective of Kara and really didn't want her to go out on those missions, but she was still the best fighter pilot that UED had and her skill set simply couldn't be ignored in time of war. She had trained on the new Falcons, and she had taken over as CAG of those ships out of Offutt.

He also initiated the Emergency Broadcasting System, which would begin broadcasting at 10 am Washington Time. The system was set up for people all over the country to get local and state information on how to take shelter, and even evacuation routes. Certain channels would convert exclusively to the EBS, while other stations, like CBS or ABC on regular television and CNN on cable would keep the population abreast of events as they happened, for as long as they could.


Following the decommissioning of the battlestar Galactica 40 years after the Cylon War ended, and its transformation into a museum, a squadron Mark IIs are chosen for preservation and display on the port flight deck. Following the sudden Cylon attacks, these Vipers are brought back to working order and used to defend the ship as it made its way to Ragnar Anchorage to refit. Eventually, these Vipers are used to defend the 50,000 survivors of the attacks as they flee the Colonies into deep space (TRS: "Miniseries").

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But he was as calm as if the ship were in perfect running order. He trusted himself; he trusted his XO, and he trusted his crew to do their job.

Heel–Face Revolving Door: Boomer. First she's a Cylon Manchurian Agent, then she doesn't want to be one, then she fails to overcome her programming and shoots Admiral Adama. Then she tries to make peace between Cylons and humans and, failing that, she tries to kill her counterpart's daughter and betrays her model number, causing a civil war. Then she escapes with the Final Cylon when the others want to cut out her brain.


It is a massive update, and you can read the changelog down below. Have fun battling with the new Environmental Hazards. You can download it from the Members' Area.

The magazine of science fiction and science. Complete episode guide to the original Battlestar Galactica, a visit to CERN, SpaceX takes off.


He had decided that despite this and the ongoing ground war to hold a "Bond Family Picnic" in the main dining hall within the underground fortress at Offutt. The lull in the space campaign had buoyed everyone's spirits. He felt that it would be a good way for his extended family to gather together, enjoy each others company, and forget the war for a short time.

President Justin Bond could hear the sounds of war above him. There would be a loud CRUMP of incoming from the Cylons, with their laser cannons and even some bomb-like ordinance being released on or near Offutt Air Force Base.


This wasn't like creating a computer program or a weapons upgrade that could be accomplished with the mind and a good computer; this was trying to defeat the ravages of nature itself. Mankind had come a long way since the Colonists had arrived 20 years ago but they still didn't have the power to hold sway over the weather.

SPECIAL 0x2 Battlestar Galactica: The Miniseries

The Council Chamber is a meeting room for the Council of the Twelve, with an adjacent overflow area for observers. One wall is reserved for a star chart identical to the one on the bridge.


Others, like "The Lost Warrior" or "The Magnificent Warriors" had little consequence for the fleet and tended to get bogged down. The series was at its best when the Galactica found a new clue to the lost tribe, or overcame the Cylons to live another day. Unfortunately, the producers didn't have a timeline in mind when they created this show, unlike Babylon 5. Had they determined how long the journey should take, they could have avoided unnecessary episodes and concentrated on the overall saga, bringing character development and drama into the story, without losing sight of their goal. As it was, we were teased with false Earths and little idea when the Lost Tribe would be found. Unfortunately, when it was found, the series took a complete nosedive.

Colonial Defense Forces Comments Feed

Admiral Adama: He is the admiral and commanding officer of the Battlestar Galactica. He is an experienced and practical leader who feels as if his crew is his family.


Darker and Edgier: As mentioned above, the reimagined series is significantly darker, harsher, more mature, and focused on headier themes than the original show. The series is also generally considered to be an exceptionally well-done example of this trope.

TheXboxHub Battlestar Galactica Deadlock Review Comments Feed

While Adama is the fleet leader and doles out the orders, for me, the heart and soul of the fleet (and the series) is his son Captain Apollo (brilliantly played with passion and persuasion by Richard Hatch, in his best role ever). Apollo is the ultimate sci-fi heroic role model: brave, strong, confident, decisive, caring, and faithful. Hatch was really the star of the series as he had top billing and most of the big scenes always involved his character. Apollo was the leader of the Viper fighting squadron aboard the Galactica and led most away missions and battles.


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The name "Felix" means "happy" or "lucky". Poor Felix Gaeta is anything but.

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The Aerelons are also a very athletic people, producing a good number of Golden Laureates at the Colonial Games. The Aerelon combat tactics, strategies and doctrines are unsurpassed by all other colonies and excel at combat. In general, Aerelons are rowdy, jovial and boisterous. They are rarely ever serious, except for physical competitions, matters of pride, and military issues where they display an amazing and surprising amount of determination and drive that is not visible in their normal behavior. They also tend to be courageous, and when the situation demands it, they can be tough as nails.


The injuries were terrible he could tell, but for all that, William Adama seemed to be at peace with himself. The older Admiral eyed the younger one as he approached.

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Doral hadn't said a word, he was in a fit of rage. But when Sharon said that last sentence, the light when on over his head.


I had a party at my house on the night of the start of the series. A whole bunch of goofy high school juniors crowded into my living room watching the destruction of the human race by a bunch of evil robots ruled by a big lizard, hell-bent on galactic domination. An earlier poster made a comment about the show being interrupted by a news report(The Camp David Peace Agreements with Carter, Begin, and Sadat, signing the official accords)so while this was going on, we took a break for a bite. ABC, thoughtfully didn't rejoin the show in progress, but backed it up a few moments and started from there.

Apollo formulates a plan that threatens the very existence of the Cylon culture. Adama and Roslin must decide whether to follow through on the plan to use a biological weapon against the Cylons. D'Anna Biers (Number Three) believes Baltar knows who created the virus that infected and disabled the Cylon baseship. She is willing to take extreme measures to learn the truth.


Judy's brother Ray and the President had been talking together. Ray had just asked the President if he wanted another beer, and of course, Justin couldn't turn down another brew. He was waiting for Ray to return when he looked off to one side and saw Kara sitting there by herself.

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A really quick Battlestar Galactica summary: Cylons are sentient robots; they rebelled against their human masters; the surviving humans are fleeing through space; and both sides like to shoot at each other a lot. This game sets aside the series' complex interpersonal dramas, philosophical and moral debates, and ruminations on the human soul to focus entirely on things going kablooey.


He decided he would speak to the nation at 8 pm that night. He knew the speech would be broadcast all over the planet and even to the two Battlestars above. He had become the voice that the people of the world trusted more than any others, and they looked to him for leadership. He hoped his words tonight would strengthen the resolve of those who would watch or hear his address.

User interface is not bad but is in need of some improvement. You can see your ship status, enemy health, weapon state and other useful information on the screen. Everything is clearly stated and you can access your pilot log anytime and see your assignments. Weapon activation is a little bit problematic. I would expect the system to stop firing at asteroids when the mining system detects no useful resources however when you are locked it starts firing at anything in range. I also don’t see any reason to display the ship on the bottom right of the screen in such a large scale. It occupies too much space on screen and it shows no information other than weapons attached to it.


We made them waste ten precious nukes, and we no doubt sent a blow to their morale. Let's fire a volley at this new ship, shall we brothers and sisters?

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Kinetic Weapons Are Just Better: One big thing that made this reboot stand out from the original. Almost all of the small arms are exactly like ours, or dressed up slightly; no Frickin' Laser Beams.


This list contains chemical elements, materials, isotopes or (sub)atomic particle that exist primarily in works of fiction (usually fantasy or science fiction). No actual periodic elements end in "-ite", though many minerals have names with this suffix. Some of the materials listed as elements below may indeed be minerals, alloys, or other such combinations, but fictional works are often vague on such distinctions. Grouping is done by what seems most likely.

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Apollo is the chief culprit, often fulfilling any one of the following jobs: Fighter Pilot, SWAT/Commando, Ship Commander, Politician, Lawyer, and President. In some episodes, he'll be up to three or four of these simultaneously.


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Her blood had a natural defense against diseases like Cancer. Her DNA was also advancing the fight against diseases like ALS and Alzheimer's as well, diseases that were not present in the Colonies. Caprica, Roslin, and Athena had said Hera was a special gift from God. It was turning out that they were right.

The Mark II is equipped with two 800 rd. Thraxon MEC-A6 30mm Mass Accelerator Cannons (MECS), as it's primary weapon. These cannons are capable of firing 20 rounds per second and are augmented with orange tracers, which enable the pilot to see where the rounds are going, and adjust their aim accordingly .


Everyone looked around sheepishly at each other. A few of the participants even tried to stifle a small laugh, which did break the deadly-serious tension in the room a little.

Omnicidal Maniac: The Cylon John Cavil is practically one of these. He's tried to kill off all of humanity (with an over 99/9% success rate) and most of his own race (five out of eight models, succeeding with at least one of them).


And while the crew did have time to relax and regenerate from the demands of the shakedown, when it was time to work he worked them hard, but no harder than he himself was willing to work. He was lucky if he got four hours of sleep on average. He would take maybe one or two days a month off as needed time to recharge his engines as well, but he couldn't afford any more than that.

He and the lead Sharon, Simon and Doral were in the Central Command Center, there hands firmly in the data stream that connected them with the ship and the Hybrid. It was finally time to do battle.


The engines roared to life, although inside the ship itself, with the new composite materials that Pegasus' hull was made from, it was incredibly quiet. Lee knew the people watching from the observations that began eight miles from the ship's perimeter would be holding their ears. He knew the gigantic engines would make a hellish racket.

Robots Enslaving Robots: The humanoid Cylon models and the robotic Centurions. It's also implied to be the case with Earth 01 and the Thirteenth Tribe.


I believe at most we have about two-hudred and fifty. We had thousands on the assault on the Colonies. Those halcyon days are over for good. We don't have any reinforcements coming. I propose most of those be used on the planets. It's pretty easy to tell where the major population centers are down there.

Kara Thrace was finishing up a run with her Falcons and had just landed back at Offutt. They had pounded a large concentration of Toaster artillery near Sioux City, the Capital of New Caprica.


The conversation had left the President genuinely heartsick and fearful for his Attache. And he was worried that she would do something drastic in the cockpit one of these days. No one should feel the way she was feeling.

Gaius' eyes clicked together when his wife had said disappear. He didn't know why but he drifted away mentally from the discussion to focus on that word and why it had hit him. The conversation continued on for another 5 minutes or so when he was brought back to the real world.


Galen Tyrol would always think if himself as "Chief Galen Tyrol". It's just what he's been called for years and years.

Doing it all at once, makes life much easier in an escort. And the extra time gives you more of an ability to think in what ship to buy.


Pegasus had performed flawlessly during her shakedown period in space up to this point in time. United Earth Defense had mapped out a series of tests that the new Flagship would need to follow over the first year to be certified worthy for unlimited operations.

Late afternoon on the second day that the war games could begin, Galactica announced that it had "jumped", and the war games started. No real weapons would be fired, but the drill would be deadly serious.


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Body Backup Drive: The re-imagined Cylons download into new bodies, so long as there's a Resurrection Ship in range. Even the dog-level-intelligence Raider ships resurrect.

Imperial Stormtrooper Marksmanship Academy: The new Centurions are hardly expert shots, but it is the Raiders who, with one notable exception, fit this trope. Consider how many are usually shown in combat and how relatively light Colonial casualties are compared to what they should be.


There were very few "skin jobs" left if any. Caprica had bet that there were at least a few and that they would spend most of their times in Central Command or in their quarters. Each Cylon model had their own quartered areas, so the areas where the Sixes would have normally lived were probably empty. She could hide there without detection until the time came.

Gaius Baltar's huge ego and Jerkassery stems from his insecurities about being a native of Aerilon (widely regarded as a backwater colony) and having to hide this fact after moving to Caprica so everyone would take him seriously. It's also revealed in the final episode that he had an extremely poor relationship with his father, and extrapolating from some of his more common behaviors and maladaptive coping mechanisms, it's possible that he was subjected to some kind of abuse as a child.


Two more days, Bill Adama thought silently. Just stay away two more days, and we can frack them up something terrible.

Galactica was conceived as a series of TV movies, similar in format to the Columbo-McCloud-McMillan movie series format from earlier in the 1970s. However, late in the going ABC asked for a weekly series, a contingency for which Glen Larson, Universal, and company were not prepared.


President Bond was a little embarrassed by the whole thing, but he was also moved deeply by the show of respect. He reluctantly accepted the forces, who began flying in a few days later. It had now been five weeks since the Cylons had been spotted, and they still hadn't moved. Maybe they never would, but a ring of military steel now was around Omaha. Led by the top military commanders in the United States and from other nations, the collection of these million men and woman were being shaped into a fighting force as quickly as possible.

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Deliberate Values Dissonance: Per Word of God, this was deliberately invoked when assigning religious practices to the Twelve Colonies of Kobol and Cylons. The Colonials, who are overall the main protagonists of the series, practice a traditional polytheistic faith heavily reminiscent of Classical Mythology, despite largely seeming to be a United Space of America given the Constructed World treatment and having an officially secular government. Meanwhile, the (primarily) villainous Cylons are monotheistic extremists who follow a thinly veiled version of Christianity, to the point where most of their mentioned Scripture sounds like fire-and-brimstone Evangelical Christianity. According to the show's main creator Ron Moore, this was done so as to play on how Christian-centric most Western media portrays religion.


Unique Pilot Title Sequence: The opening credits for the pilot begin with music by Richard Gibbs. The second episode "33" begins with the now familiar Bear McCreary theme.

The Main Characters Do Everything: Partially justified, since there are fewer people left. However the fleet does have around 50,000 people, and the Galactica has a few thousand of those, and yet it seems that everything of importance gets handled by one of the main characters.


Playable through any web-browser, Battlestar Galactica Online (advice) is a 3D space combat game that starts by asking what side you want to fight for – the Humans or the Cylons? I personally chose the Human side, and was immediately thrown into a Viper tutorial where Starbuck showed me the ins-and-outs of being a pilot in the Colonial Fleet.

With Helo being his XO, the logical choice for Raptor CAG was Athena Agathon. Had someone asked Lee five years ago if he could ever have imagined a Cylon being among his officers, he'd have laughed in their face. But Athena Agathon, a Number 8 of the Cylon skin jobs, was as good a Raptor pilot as there had ever been. It had taken a long time for his father, and the rest of the crew of Galactica to accept Athena completely, especially after Sharon "Boomer" Valerii had tried to assassinate his father, and then had worked with Cavil to kidnap Hera and try and destroy the fleet. But now, he couldn't imagine not having Athena to lead the Raptor Wranglers.


Better than getting caught with your pants down". Lee was scanning the very intel his father had just read to him.

President Bond's alarm went off precisely at 0530. He was an early riser and tried to be at his desk in the Oval Office no later than 7 am, so he could go over the morning papers before his Chief Of Staff gave him the daily schedule. It never hurt to check The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Washington Post and even The International Tribune, which was run by both the Times and the Post. It was a way for him to ease into the day and get his mind going.


Re: Battlestar Galactica Deadlock Command Update

Absent-Minded Professor: Baltar. Understandably so, since he's constantly being distracted by Head Six.

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The four Baseships were coming in at ninety-degree intervals around the planet, and at present speed, would be there in five days. He had signed the orders that put the United States Armed Forces at DEFCON One. DEFCON One meant war was at hand.


Rebecca headed down toward the very bottom of the Baseship. She was going to the waste disposal units. Like any ship, the Baseship needed to get rid of its junk. From anything like the damaged wing from Bulldog's Raider to the waste that the Humanoid Cylons had to excrete, all of it ended up in six large vats that would open on command, dumping the ship's flotsam into the vacuum of space before they jumped away.

Drives Like Crazy: Boomer lands like crazy, and is constantly criticized for it, and her callsign even originated from her habit of hitting the deck to hard. A reference is also made to having to hammer out the divots she puts in the deck. Athena, by comparison, is an Ace Pilot who doesn't have this problem. Boomer's shitty flying becomes a bit of a visual Brick Joke in the fourth season when making a desperate escape from Galactica in a Raptor, she crashes in to the side of the ship and then jumps so close to the hull that it punches a hole through the armour.


Blipvert: A short burst of clips from the episode plays after the opening credits. Occasionally this includes shots that were cut from the finished episode. The blipvert was dropped from the first few episodes of Season 2 as the network wanted more time for commercials. Fan outcry led to it being brought back starting with "The Farm".

Used to power machinery in Atlantis in the Indiana Jones adventure game. In the Exalted setting Orichalcum is the strongest of the five magical materials and can be made by distilling mundane gold using Gaia's blood (Magma) and concentrating sunlight using large occult mirrors. Found in Final Fantasy as a rare material with varying properties. In the Soul Calibur series, Sophitia has a sword and shield set named Orichalcum.


As the series commenced it was hard pressed to live up to, as Time magazine predicted, "block buster ratings". Re-used special effects, and a slow dive into "bad writing-ville", began after the first regular episode. And, as this was the first show in the ABC Sunday night line-up of shows, if football coverage went late, it was interrupted, and joined in progress. I remember being pretty unhappy when the cancellation of the series was announced, in early 1979.

Alternative Title: Battlestar Galactica Reimagined

Adaptational Attractiveness: In the original series, Baltar was a scheming old man with the Face of a Thug. Here, he's made significantly younger, being a Mr. Fanservice Pretty Boy who manages to successfully sleep his way through most of the surviving female population of humanity (and even some Cylons, to).


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Ellen leaned forward to kiss him on the cheek. Then Commander Tigh took one step back, came to rigid attention, and silenced the room: "ATTENTION ON DECK.

Parental Favoritism: Ellen Tigh, one of the creators of the humanoid Cylons, apparently considered artistic Daniel as her favorite. As Model Number Seven, Daniel is essentially the second youngest of eight. The eldest of her children, John, was quite resentful of this relationship and eventually murdered his brother out of jealousy and reprogrammed his siblings to forget about him and their parents.


And Caprican governments had constructed a pair of desalinization plants in Alabama and Mississippi and had built a system of water pipelines from both of those areas. The main pipeline in Alabama ran to Des Moines, and the one from Mississippi ran to just West of Sioux City. The water was welcome but had negligible effects on the drought. Without much cloud cover and with the scorching temperatures the crops and livestock continued to suffer.

Later today Battlestar Galactica Deadlock will get a free update, the Command Update! This patch comes concurrently with the release of the new DLC, Battlestar Galactica (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=4500) Deadlock: Resurrection, that you will be able to purchase later.


Saul Tigh, leader of La Résistance on New Caprica, feels compelled to do this to his wife when it's revealed that she aided the Cylons holding them captive since she was trying to protect Tigh from Cylon reprisal, which unfortunately also resulted in the deaths of several Resistance fighters. In a rare bloodless example of this trope, Saul hugs his wife after she drinks a cup of coffee that he poisoned, holding her until well after she dies. It's an incredibly moving scene, and it marks a major Despair Event Horizon for his character.

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He went into the refrigerator in the back of the kitchen to get a cold bottle of water. About the only thing he hated more than paperwork was warm water. He was just headed back to his desk when a familiar face popped out of the private living quarters.


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Moses Archetype: Laura Roslin is believed to be the "dying leader" destined to bring her people to Earth. However, she tends more towards the morally grey end of the spectrum than most other messiahs, and that's before the recent revelation that her prophetic dreams are being shared by Cylons.

Macross Missile Massacre: The Cylons love to use missiles, yes, but the best 3M goes to Racetrack's Raptor in the finale. It destroys the Cylon colony with a nuclear version of this trope.


Fenrir: The Fenrir is super quick and has a hull that has been proven to be among the most complex and advanced designs left behind by the Cylons. Returning them to active service requires a massive investment of time and resources, but the Fenrir's combination of speed and firepower should prove worth it. As a Heavy Interceptor, the Fenrir can be equipped with more engine systems than other line ships, increasing its already impressive performance.

Sharon helps the Resistance on New Caprica as Adama leads Galactica on a dangerous rescue operation. Tyrol races to save Cally from the execution squad. Meanwhile Anders uncovers treachery among the humans. D'Anna Biers/Number Three meets the Oracle Selloi after having strange dreams about the temple.


Pegasus was out there as well doing pretty much the same thing: preparing, staying sharp and ready for the hammer to drop at any time. Brendan Costanza hoped they would hold off at least another day. He would finally have a blessed day off tomorrow. You were never really "off" under these circumstances, but being on call usually meant some shut-eye.

But they wouldn't be arriving for another month. They were all aboard Galactica or in simulators, training like mad for the moment that Pegasus would lift off from the Arizona desert and begin her shakedown cruise. If all went well, she would be fully commissioned by this time next year. A few months after Pegasus went into the stars, the new Galactica would follow her from the Spanish Shipyard.


There was nothing nerdy about Pocahontas. She was a first-rate Raptor Jock. Once she got some actual experience under her belt Rifkin knew she would climb the latter fast.

Battlestar Galactica 2003 S 01 E 04 Act Of Contrition

Xander Ukith dropped his given name about eight months earlier. The man who had been Noel Allison had joined Felix Gaeta and Tom Zarek in their failed coup attempt years before on the Galactica. Unlike them, he hadn't been executed and had ended up doing solitary on the Astral Queen until eighteen months after the arrival of the fleet at Earth.


His family was already at Andrews and would head to Omaha within an hour. He would join them there in a few days if the Cylons gave them a few days. He still had business to attend to in Washington before he joined them. Like the Captain of a ship, his duty was to be the last one off.

As a kid in the 70's, I loved nothing more than the movie and then the subsequent ABC TV series especially with all of the special effects that kids love to see after Star Wars came out. And when the Scifi Channel started to show the series again, I couldn't get enough of it. An underappreciated scifi series in my opinion.


Advanced Ancient Humans: Technology Levels on Kobol seem to have been much higher than in the Colonies or on Earth. Indeed, all Cylon-related science, including organic Cylons and Resurrection, originated on Kobol and were Lost Technology until rediscovered thousands of years later. This later repeats itself on our Earth, where it is not known that humans and Cylons from distant solar systems are among the ancestors of modern humans.

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The next day, he called Bill Adama again and had asked his friend to locate Leoben, the Cylon who had such a complicated relationship with Kara ever since they first met. He needed a new perspective to get into the mind of his Aide and felt he had nothing to lose by talking to the Cylon. It had been an instructive and enlightening interview.


But what star trek was about was the same. The same really cannot be said about the two version of BSG. Beside the main theme of Survival. They are really drastically different. Some say the original version was cheesy and while it was to a curtain extent. Doesn't mean what the show was about was any less veiled. Beside people say the same thing was said about the original Star Trek and beside TNG i think was still one the best Sci-Fi shows ever. Why i think the original was special is because its everything that the new version isn't and the new version of BSG is like everything else on TV today, overrated and pretentious.

Others note that all cases of divine messaging seem aimed at breaking this cycle, which humans and Cylons keep keep getting themselves in to (though the attempts at breaking the cycle are not always done through "good" means). Funnily enough, Head-Six actually comes up with a pretty simple answer to this dilemma: God isn't either.


The missiles thundered away from Victory'sforward-mounted launchers. As everyone had expected, the Cylons were modulating their shield freq's, and the new transmitter could scan through all the frequencies at amazing speed. It took them less than three seconds to match frequencies.

Tigh and Barolay are pleased that the Cylon crackdown has brought in over 150 new recruits to the Resistance. Jammer is still upset about Nora's death and Duck's grief.


On the surface, Zarek may call himself a "freedom fighter" and paint himself as a patriotic rebel fighting for the rights of democracy against Adama and Roslin's dual dictatorship, but at the end of the day, he still shoved the Quorum of Twelve in front of a firing squad when they refused to rubber-stamp his unlawful mutiny. In fact, it's after him killing the Quorom of Twelve that Gaeta realizes that Zarek is really in his mutiny only for the power and isn't a genuinely Well-Intentioned Extremist like he is.

Imperium galactica 2 patch 1.14 skype

The split is not total but the series does seem to go through phases where it is silly and for kids and then also more dramatic stuff that could have been a solid backbone for more. Sadly it gets into the silly stuff first. While Apollo and Starbuck were always going to be the lead characters, the first half of the season makes it their show, with a weekly "theme park" style story where we have planets that are like the Wild West or like Medieval times etc etc. Annoyingly all these stories seem to involve the Cylons – who are either already on these planets or are using these planets as a trap for the Galatica. This bugged me because it felt like the Cylons were so far ahead all the time that the struggle to watch the survivors shouldn't be this hard and it minimised their presence as a real tangible threat because they were always a handful of robots laying a trap, not a race hunting another to extension. None of it is helped by the overuse of that child and also that bl00dy robot dog thing.


Tyrol discovers the Temple of Five on the algae planet. The temple may hold the Eye of Jupiter, which is believed to show the way to Earth. The Cylons take a keen interest in the discovery. Athena learns that her baby, Hera, may still be alive. Lee relies on Anders to help build civilian support for the protection of the Eye.

The next morning, he walked into the Oval Office, not knowing if he would ever come back to it. He suspected he never would. He knew that there was a better than even chance that this place and this city would cease to exist shortly. The Helicopter was warming up to take him to Joint Base Andrews, and from there a Raptor would take him to Omaha.


On a similar note, Episode 10 of Season 1 features Head Six explaining herself as being 'an angel of God'. The last thirty seconds of the series pays this off, when it's revealed that she wasn't lying.

In the episode "The Woman King", 300 additional passengers were shown being moved to the starboard hangar deck, and the area was given the name "Dogsville" by the Galactica crew. Upon arriving, each passenger was checked for medical issues by civilian doctors and medical staff. Also now housed in the starboard hangar deck was a makeshift bar called "Joe's", located behind a storage area. Joe's was equipped with a bumper pool table, Pyramid arcade area, and a heavily damaged Mark II Viper hanging over the bar. The bar was first seen in the episode "Taking a Break from All Your Worries". The bar appeared to have an alcohol still, similar to the one Chief Tyrol built in the port hangar deck, in the center of it. The piano that Kara Thrace plays in the episode "Someone to Watch Over Me" is located in Joe's Bar.


Earth has to be the primary focus of the defense. We have to find a way to take on the Cylons, defend Earth and to protect Galactica. I can't run and hide-I can't jump anywhere. And it will do no good to run Galactica off into the Solar System.

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The wing's roots contain the main landing gear, retracted during flight. The Mark II's shape is distinctive because of the offset "intakes" mounted just behind the cockpit. The port / starboard "intakes" incorporate small but powerful reverse thrust engines that can quickly counter a Viper's forward momentum in an emergency (TRS: "The Hand of God").


Watch Battlestar Galactica The Hand of God online

Loved BATTLESTAR GALACTICA (1978-79) series as a kid, and still love it. I've re-watched most of the episodes of this series over the years whenever they would air it on cable (they used to air it a lot) and was amazed at how re-watchable, entertaining, uplifting, and, dare I say it, provocative this series was. As a kid, it was all about the space battles and shiny-looking Cylons. As an adult, I realized there was so much more underneath. The series is a great example of instilling principles of leadership, friendship, family values, community, and heritage.

Both knew their jobs, and both, he could tell, were highly skilled at their craft. And since the United Earth Defense Force was under the jurisdiction of the United Nations there really hadn't been any debate over Lee taking The Beast. He had earned his stripes on the Old Beast.


In the series finale Romo Lampkin temporarily becomes the President of the Colonies, despite him having no interest or background in politics. Lampkin is one of the few recurring characters who doesn't join the mission to rescue Hera, and apparently the new President just had to be a familiar face, even if it makes little sense.

He began to notice these changes in the few times he was able to see her. Kara was suddenly struggling with something very deep and personal, and it worried the President. He just wasn't sure if there was anything he could do about it. He had even talked to Bill Adama about what might be behind this. Bill had filled him in on how Kara was acting just before she and Kat had taken the infamous Cylon Raider Scar out of the picture. That revelation seemed to run along the lines of what was happening now. But he also couldn't make that his sole concern. He still had an entire war to run.


She had converted a few years after arriving on Earth to one of the religions that believed in The One True God which, for all she knew, could be the Cylon God as well. It had been a logical step, where she left the Cylon part behind and embraced that which seemed to make her existence complete.

The meeting between the brass of both ships aboard Pegasus went well. Lee had asked for the meeting aboard the newer ship to impress, and maybe even over-awe the officers from the Old Lady. But he also wanted to put as much drive into the Galactica crew as he did his own crew. This was serious business, and he wanted them to defend the honor of their ship as well. He knew his father would demand nothing less. And by taking this as serious as actual combat, it would help Pegasus' crew to become even sharper and more battle-ready.


For the most part, however, this trope is averted. We're treated to several shots of characters making very damn sure that their weapon is safe before putting it down by ejecting the magazine and pulling the slide to eject any rounds that may be chambered. This is a military setting after all, and even the side-arms are capable of punching a bullet through the armour plating of a Centurion.

If you want to be bored to death by the cylons, then watch the new series all the way through. If you want to be entertained and shown a great story of good versus evil and people working together to achieve a common goal then the original is the way to go. Oh and dare I say it, it will provide you with an entertaining re-watchable story as opposed to the new series unintelligible and never to be watched again series 3 and 4.


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Raptor 967 was crewed this week by Lieutenant Emily Rappaport, Call Sign "Pocahontas" An American who loved books, that long-ago Indian Princess being her favorite character. Her Second-In-Command was Lieutenant Timin Rifkin, Call Sign "Archer"; a Picon who had only been fourteen when the Holocaust on the home worlds began.

Admiral Adama smiled, "Do you expect anything less of me, Mr. President? In four months, Pegasus will take off and begin her shakedown. Everyone from the CIC to the pilots to the janitors needs to be ready.


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He never got the rest out of his mouth. The missiles had the shield frequency, and they roared through the electronic net like a hot knife through butter and found their target. An instant later the Baseship was hit with thunderous explosions.

Battlestar Galactica Online free space combat MMO

That is the combat side of the game, and the other side is that of fleet management. As you complete missions, you will unlock new blueprints, both for ships and munitions. Also, as you complete missions,you will lose some ships; it appears to be almost inevitable. Luckily, you can use the fleet management screen to build more, as long as you have a sufficient supply of Tylium (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=9027). Tylium is awarded when you complete a mission, and is also sent to you from the 12 colonies. As you build up your forces, you can get more and more vessels that can be formed into several fleets. Leaving a fleet parked at a colony counts as reinforcing it, and a reinforced colony feels much secure and will send more resources to you in return. This then enables you to build more and better ships, all the way up to the mighty Battlestars, which can pretty much dominate the map when they are deployed.


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It probably would have gone on longer if it had. I don't think frist-run syndication existed until Star Trek: The Next Generation came on the air in thae late 1980s.

Rousseau Was Right: A huge part of Cavil's Xanatos Speed Chess plan was trying to disprove this to the Final Five, by pushing humanity to its breaking point in the hopes of, in his view, showing how horrible humanity is to the Final Five, so that they would come back to him on their knees, begging for his forgiveness/love. Ellen straight up tells him he's wrong after she resurrects and regains her full Cylon memories and that even after everything that's happened she loves humanity just as much as she loves her Cylon children.


Within the universe of EVE (though not that of Star Trek), it is a very hard, yet bendable metal. Tritanium cannot be used in human habitats due to its instability at atmospheric temperatures. Very common throughout the universe. Within the Star Trek universe, it is an extremely hard and strong crystalline metallic material, with a hardness beyond the current standard 1-10 hardness scale.

It's All My Fault: Gaius Baltar gets a taste of this after realizing it was his lover Caprica-Six who frakked up the colonies' defense systems through his gullibility and — let's face it — horniness. He deals with it by blaming the rest of the universe, and ultimately God.


It has it's own style and feel to it, and unlike most sci-fi films it doesn't stretch the boundaries of human knowledge and lend siege to a bunch of aliens or space fights or whatever. It lays down themes that although seem a million light years away, are in fact maybe closer to our time than we first thought.

Lee looked around for a moment, as all the officers had followed Tigh's lead. He turned back to Saul, stiffened, and gave a long slow salute the his father's XO.


Will They or Won't They: Kara/Lee and Adama/Roslin. They Dont for the former, and They Do for the latter.

Hoshi mused to himself that if things had gone differently, Felix Gaeta would have been the perfect choice for such an assignment. But Gaeta was a sad, distant memory.


Unusual User Interface: Cylons have two for the price of one. They can plug fiber optic cables into their forearms to interface with Colonial computers (but they have to make an incision first), and they can interface with their own ships by putting their hands in a stream of water called the "datastream". The latter might be either electrical or biochemical transmitters, with it being implied that the Cylons have a special layer of photosensitive skin cells on their palms that let them interface with the datastream. Oddly, humans also seem to be able to interface well enough with the datastream by just putting their own hands into the datastream, but this can likely be Hand Waved by the Hybrids always being present in those instances to help facilitate the process.

Despite the respite Earth's larger cities and the two ships above it had received from the Cylon retreat, the ground war continued. Cylons had cut electrical power, destroyed dams, and other vital systems across the globe. It was causing havoc in a situation already rife with havoc. The Toasters could move fast, and they weren't easy to take out once forces found them.


Doctor Gaius Baltar was in his research office on the Campus of Iowa State University in the city of Ames, Iowa. He was part of a team of scientists and agriculture experts who were desperately trying to come up with solutions for the worsening drought that had hit the American Plains and New Caprica. The drought was reaching a critical level with results for both the small Caprican nation and the United States that could be economically devastating.

She had arrived a few months earlier to take her first look at the ship she would command in just under a year's' time. She would be taking one of the first two Colonial Class Battlestars into space for their shakedown cruise. Her ship, the Battlestar Laura Roslin would ascend into space at the same time the Battlestar William Adama did, with Lee Adama in command. After the shakedown was completed, they would land their ships, have them tinkered with and then both ships and a fleet of other UED vessels would depart for The Colonies. Their mission then would be to scout the condition of both the twelve planets and the people who remained there.


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Black-and-Gray Morality: Everyone has a reason for doing what they do, no matter how morally questionable. As a result, only four major characters have crossed the Moral Event Horizon during the show's run.

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We've run tests, and it should be able to help us take at least a little more of a pounding. But I agree, they'll figure out that one quickly and adjust.

He and Lieutenant Kutzinov still had about 2 hours to go. He advised his underling that he was going to close his eyes for a while. He knew he wouldn't get much rest in the next 30 days.


The Lee was under command of Admiral Jonathan Bricker Fletcher. Fletcher had been the first Officer born on Earth to take command of a Battlestar. He had brought the Battlestar Victory aloft in 2033 and had commanded that vessel until two years ago when assigned to be the master of the new Robert E. Lee. He was a direct descendant of American Rear Admiral Jack Fletcher whose fame had been forged aboard the legendary American Aircraft Carrier Yorktown during the Battle of Midway during World War II in 1942, almost exactly one-hundred years earlier. Like that Fletcher, this one had commanded American Aircraft Carriers for twelve years before joining UED. Many felt that one day he would be the top person at UED.

Pieces of the alien's metal body were used in Project Atom, and on later subjects like Major Force and Bombshell. The metal is almost totally indestructible. Only X-Ionizer technology can cut the metal and the magical guns of the Crimson Avenger were able to crack his skin.


Since the destruction of the Colonies, Galactica had usually fought out-gunned, so this was to be a similar test for Pegasus. He and his father would meet two days before the simulation along with the top officers on each ship to go over the ground rules and to emphasize what UED Command was looking for in the drill. The wouldn't discuss strategy, as that was not permitted. Everything was to be as spontaneous as they could make it.

He was now part of United Earth Defense, an organization born four years ago after the Colonials had arrived on Earth. And he was in charge of building the new ship of the line for the defense of Earth.


The Complainer Is Always Wrong: Deconstructed in the grand scheme of things when Tom Zarek actually brings up a valid point when he argues that the government is pretty much a joint-dictatorship between Roslin and Admiral Adama. Of course, not only is he a former terrorist and wants that power for himself, but he also crosses the Moral Event Horizon eventually, so it doesn't exactly give him the moral high ground.

Rebecca had been hiding in the Six quarters that were closest to the Hybrid. It would take her two minutes to get there, and it did not pass by the command center. She felt the ship leap as if a person had bounced it on their knee, and she knew they had jumped.


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Not Blood Siblings: The Cylons call each other "brother" and "sister", but there have been sexual relationships between them. Presumably, only copies of the same model are seen as blood siblings.

He had come to office in 2021, promising national renewal and massive changes to America's democratic institutions, and he had delivered, and done so with breathtaking speed. He had convinced his Congress and enough states to swiftly pass Constitutional Amendments to ban all private money for Federal Elections, making them publicly funded; installing term limits for The House and Senate, changed the terms of House members from two-year terms to no more than three four-year terms. The Senate and the Presidency were now limited to two six-year terms; banning lobbyists from giving money or gifts to any elected representative or candidate on the Federal Level. And the changes had meant that next year he would be up for re-election.


They had landed about 400/000 Centurions in the first two days, and they would work independently of the nuclear bombardment from the Baseships and of the attacks on cities that the Raiders were carrying out. They set up a perimeter that began near Columbus, Nebraska to the West. To the North, their ring went around about twenty miles South of Sioux City, New Caprica, then Southeast between Atlantic and Villisca, also part of New Caprica, then Southwest between Nebraska City, Nebraska, and St. Joseph, Missouri. The circle was completed back up to Columbus. It was pretty open territory, and the Cylons intentions were quite obvious, so they began to close the circle two days after landing.

The planet of Sagittaron has a standard atmosphere, although barometric pressure at sea level is a little lower than Caprica standard. Sagittaron weather extremes are virtually unheard of, possibly as a result of the extremely slow rotational period. Sagittaron also bears witness to some of the most irregular and broken terrain with the most extensive mountain ranges than seen on any of the Twelve Colonies. The planet is an important supplier of raw resources for Colonial industry and Sagittaron labor is the cheapest available in the twelve Colonies, with few rights and protections. Sagittaron has also been afflicted with much civil strife caused by the efforts of terrorists and insurrectionists for the right of Sagittaron to secede from the Articles of Colonization. The Sagittaron people are partiers and lovers of all things fun, with a wild streak in them that cause them to be seen as “adrenalin junkies”. They tend to be seen as irresponsible and reckless by the other Colonies. Sagittaron people are an honorable lot, operating by a strange form of the thieves’ code or honor, and an almost feudal hierarchy.


Dramatic Space Drifting: "Resurrection Hub" had Lee floating through space after the destruction of the Blackbird, watching Galactica and Pegasus tear two Cylon basestars to pieces. Ron Moore got the idea from the story of Ensign George Gay, the only survivor of his squadron who watched the climax of the Battle of Midway while floating in the Pacific.

He had stuck his neck out to protect the planet. Now, men and women in Armed Forces all over the globe wanted to stick their necks out for him and his family.


President Justin Bond was reading over the information UED had sent him on Victory. Like everyone else, he prayed for two days of quiet, so she could be ready. It would seem like an eternity, he knew. He was also glancing at the reports from around the world, and the continuing assessment of destruction that the Cylons had visited on the planet.

The only one of the "Final Five" to leap at the first chance to abandon the humans and join the Cylons, and the murderer of Cally Tyrol. Therefore, one doesn't have that much sympathy for her when Galen throttles her and snaps her neck in the series finale.


The kidnapping itself isn't even the scariest part. It's when Hera is whimpering and crying in the back section of the stolen Raptor, while a woman who looks exactly her mother threatens to jab her with a needle and sedate her, cruelly joking that the excessively large dose may even give her an overdose.

Tyrol and Jammer are unsuccessful in recruiting Duck into the Resistance. Tigh proposes a controversial hiding place for the weapons cache.


It had taken a full eight days to figure out the extent of the virus, and another three to figure out how they might eradicate the damn thing. It took two to wipe their systems clean and restart them, and two more days to test their systems to make sure no trace of the virus was left.

Battlestar Galatica Online (right here) still has some rough edges. There are places where item names are bugged, so you will see something like "Weapon_Object_Ranged_5" instead of "Kill-O-Zap Blaster". Humanoid animations are very basic. There's no voiceover from the series characters (at least not so far), which is a real shame when you're in a licensed game like this -I'm sure some of the actors involved could have used the work.


Further to this, the in-mission map is either tiny and cluttered, or you can zoom in so much that you’ll then miss details from the bigger picture and maybe even miss a ship being destroyed. Trying to keep track of which unit is where is tricky, not helped by the fact that friendly units have a red marker on the map, and enemies a blue one. Now, in my admittedly simple brain, red are enemies and blues are friendlies, so this causes some issues. There’s also no marker where the camera is actually looking to either, so when you want your ships to focus fire, they have to wait while you scroll around the whole galaxy trying to find a target you can select.

The first such mission set up the premise for BSG Online. A large chunk of the Cylon and Colonial fleets is sucked into an unstable sector of space, where they must establish bases, mine for ore and fuel, and blow each other up. It's a decent enough way to wedge the necessities of an MMORPG into the show's storyline, I suppose. Other tutorial missions show you the basics of targeting, combat, and mining. Well, sort of. The tutorials could use another pass at polish; I usually figured out what I was supposed to do, but much of that was by hovering over buttons until I got a popup. Other parts of the game, such as the purchase and upgrade system, I just stumbled into.


President I'm always here to serve you and our nation, but I appreciate your kindness", she said generously, "Like you, I'm very alarmed at the continuing effect the drought is having on our nation. It's been officially a drought for what?

Hiding Behind Religion: The Number Ones (aka Cavil) make a habit out of infiltrating the Colonial Fleet by posing as priests for the polytheistic Lords of Kobol. However, whereas the rest of the Cylon race is composed of religious monotheists, the Number Ones make no secret of the fact that they're atheists to their fellow Cylons and often mock their brethren's religious displays as interfering with their machine nature. Supposedly they view the Colonial religion with just as much contempt.


I loved it. Adored it. Doodled the ships, play acted being a cylon. I found the villain superbly creepy, and Lucifer, the special cylon, fascinating. This show was in my dreams and created a sense of wonder and joy that the later BSG hit right on the spot with their artful homages.

Captain Thrace was even in attendance. She had seemed excited enough to accept the invitation, and the President was satisfied with that. The President had fixed it with the Brass to spare Kara for one evening of flying, and the Brass agreed that Captain Thrace could use the break. She showed up and the President saw her early on talking to his daughter Abby, who absolutely idolized Kara.


Adults weren't fooled and didn't watch anyway. Half-way through "The Living Legend" offered some respite, but Kids wondered what happened to their space opera.

As easy as the controls seem to be, there is a lack of some keyboard shortcuts in spaceship controls. Some of the functions are not assigned to a key and you have to use your mouse while I would prefer to be able to control everything with the keyboard. However, the controls are quite simple and it takes only about an hour to learn all the shortcuts and master ship controls. Scroll wheel is cleverly assigned to throttle function and the other controls are all straightforward. The ability to buy items on the fly is useful despite being very unrealistic. Weapons are activated with assigned numbers and they will automatically fire when you are in range with the enemy, so there is no targeting.


The crew has worked their asses off, and have earned all the good reviews. Maintenance, Weps, the jocks-everyone has really shown they're ready. One thing I can say about Earth, among many good things, is they know how to train their military personnel.

Xanatos Speed Chess: Cavil is a master of this. Nearly every one of his plans spectacularly explodes in his face, yet he's quick enough on the rebound with a backup plan to make you think he almost planned it that way.


The Colonists had the blueprints and the know-how. Earth the raw materials to put together more ships for the defense of this last, best hope of humanity. They had taught their Earth brethren so much in the last five years, and Earth had taught them much as well. Earth was on the verge of conquering cancer now; on the cusp of curing insidious diseases like ALS, Alzheimer's and Dementia. The arrival of these relatives from one million light years away were transforming the planet.

Take That: Ronald D. Moore had previously worked on Star Trek: The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine, and briefly worked on Voyager before quitting out of dissatisfaction with how the producers were running the show. He subsequently wrote a long rant about all the problems the series had, notably the lack of continuity, reliance on Techno Babble to solve everything, and failure to accurately depict a Ragtag Bunch of Misfits without a consistent source of supplies on a long, grueling voyage to reach home. He then produced this series, incorporating most of his suggested changes to Voyager along the way.


Tyrol greets Jammer after he is released from the detention center. Duck returns to his tent to mourn his wife's death.

Battlestar Galactica Collectible Card Game

This holds a mainframe computer containing, among other data, fleet personnel records. The computer is able to interface via vocal conversation, as well as via CRT displays and paper printouts. The computer is networked with the bridge.


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A few minutes later, Kara had landed on Pegasus and went immediately to sick bay. She saw Hoshi and Helo in the waiting room, and they gave her hugs. Then she went in to see the two Admirals.

No Delays for the Wicked: Subverted in the post-series movie "The Plan", which shows what the Cylons were up to behind the scenes during the original run. Although in the series they were seen as a nigh-omniscient, unstoppable army, here it is shown that, in essence, Cavil has the worst luck in the worldnote and the Cylons actually suffered from as many logistical, tactical, and strategic issues as the Colonials did.


President Bond's normal contingency was in the mountains of West Virginia. But the Joint Chiefs thought that still might be too close to Washington if the Cylons visited the city. They suggested, and the President agreed to put his base if war looked imminent at Offutt Air Force Base near Omaha. The base had housed the old Strategic Air Command from the Cold War Days and possessed deep, well-protected underground bunkers that were safe from nearly any type of aerial attack.

Breakout Character: Head-Six was literally created by the writing team so as to keep a version of Caprica-Six around that could regularly talk to Baltar in the Colonial Fleet after everyone was stunned by Tricia Helfer's fantastic performance as Number Six. As such, Head-Six is easily one of the most popular and iconic characters out of the whole series, being featured in the series' marketing more than perhaps any other character (and not just for the obvious reasons).


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Created with UNITY 3D, the game looks superb. Character face models are realistic and look exactly like the real characters from the TV Show.

Averted by the battlestars (clicking here) themselves. The effectiveness of the battlestar point-defense cannons helps the Viper pilots, if they are near enough to Galactica (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=8267). Note that the Raiders tend to become a lot more deadly in episodes where the Vipers are forced to leave the protection of Galactica's point-defense.


Tigh, Tyrol and Anders lead the Resistance on New Caprica to increasingly deadly attacks against the Cylons. Kara finds herself trapped in a new life with Leoben Conoy, and Duck makes a fateful decision.

He couldn't even wrap his head around it. The one dropped on New York would affect an area halfway across Long Island to the East, Northward almost up to Newburgh, New York; Westward it would reach near Hackettstown, New Jersey, and South just beyond Ashbury Park. Fully twelve million people were within that zone.


The Cylons learn that the Final Five are in the Colonial fleet. Some of the Cylons want the Cavil model to stop lobotomizing the Raider ships. Starbuck desperately tries to convince the others that the fleet is going the wrong way in their search for Earth.

The stern comprises the main engines, numerous RCS maneuvering jets, fuel tanks, wings and vertical stabilizer. The wings themselves contain the kinetic energy weapons, their munitions storage and feeds. Mounting points beneath the wings allow missiles, munitions pods and other items to be rack-mounted (TRS: "The Hand of God").


Her onboard Dradis told her exactly where the other Cylon Raiders would be. She quickly joined the formation. Adama's instincts about the Raiders proved to be correct.

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Earth had gone from 7/4 billion inhabitants to 4/7 billion. A third of the population of the planet. He had told the people of the planet the price would be high.


She had told me that she was willing to die for the cause of humanity; that she would give her life so that we would survive. And that nobility flowed through virtually everyone on the planet as well.

Baltar also comes off as this to anyone who catches him conversing with (or doing other things to) Head Six. Unlike with the Hybrids, though, this is more often than not Played for Laughs.


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In Fairy Tail, Etherion is a powerful crystal used to destroy. In Rave Master, Etherion is a power that Resha harbours, she can create things from nothing and she can also destroy things.

Battlestar Wiki:Quality Articles/Viper Mark II

Sex Equals Love: Played straight with Helo and Athena on Caprica. Hand Waved in that they were already falling for each other, it was part of Athena's assignment as a Cylon infiltrator, and Helo had a massive crush on her ever since he met her on the Galactica.


Run a war game through the sims. That's about the odds we'll get, and every single one of you knows that. Maybe we can come up with some ways to slow them down.

Hopefully, one day, we will see a revival that respects the original. Perhaps Larson is the man who can give it to us.


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Pacific Fleet for fifteen years and was considered perhaps the best Naval mind and strategist in the world. It hadn't taken long to realize after arriving at Earth that the closest thing to combat in space was combat on the high seas.

Like many of her sister ships that survived the first Cylon War, Galactica underwent refits and upgrades (for example, at the end of her career, she was equipped with the latest Mark VII Viper space superiority fighter). However, the computer systems were neither networked nor integrated during these refits due to the fears of its commander, William Adama.


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Many features have yet to be implement, you may even experience a crash (delete your old Profile, try again, then try again with the lowering HW2's graphic settings). Just because one map crashes doesn't mean they all will so try out others. We have so much stuff to do that people don't even think about a "final" release date, it's probably years down the road. Installation: See - was sent by the SourceForge.net collaborative development platform, the world's largest Open Source development site.

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Starbuck runs into a band of survivors who used to be a professional sports team before the nuking of Caprica, who only escaped the initial blast because they were training up in the mountains. The team was also not really trained in guerrilla warfare. They were just using techniques that they saw in contemporary movies, with predictably mixed results.


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She didn't hold any jealousy or envy for Caprica. Rebecca had volunteered for this mission, which, she knew would most likely be one-way.

The Cylons had jumped away after the two-day battle that had begun this latest slugging match between these intractable foes. Neither side had gained a clear advantage in the stars, as both had made upgrades since their last encounter.


Rebecca tried to tune out the droning monologue. She took the scalpel from her pack, and made a small incision in her left wrist, just above the implant. It hurt a little but not enough to mean anything, not now. She put gauze and wrapping around the cut to stop the bleeding. She didn't want to leave blood on the floor or in the data flow. Doc Cottle had instructed her well on that art.

The Cylons' main motivation is to secure the survival of their species along with reaching spiritual enlightenment, and can be argued as having been only pushed into true villainy by John Cavil. And then there's the anti-Cylon New Caprican suicide bombers.


D'Anna/Number Three squares off against Adama over the Temple of the Five. Athena asks for Helo's aid in her plan to rescue Hera. On the algae planet, Apollo orders Dee to leave her defended position in order to save Kara. Anders helps Apollo to hold off the Cylon Centurion attack. Another copy of D'Anna finds the Temple and continues her search for the identities of the Final Five.

The attack started right after that. I couldn't be happier or prouder of you.


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And by latest count, the planet had lost 2/7 billion of its citizens. The first time the President had been given the preliminary numbers, he had had to excuse himself, as he had to run to the bathroom to vomit. He knew it would be high, but hearing the figures shattered him.

He wants to be there while the work is being finished up. The crew can't really get on board yet, as there's still too much construction going on inside, but being the Top Dog means you get to go aboard when you're ready. He wants to get up to speed on operating the ship.


Pity Sex: Felix Gaeta, who is days away from starting a mutiny aboard the Galactica, has a very hostile conversation with Starbuck in the mess hall. He notes that the illegal tribunal which nearly executed him for alleged treason earlier in the series was largely comprised of covert Cylons, one of them being Starbuck's own husband. As she walks out of the room, he uses this trope as a way to taunt her.

Tom Zarek: Are you the President again? Sorry, I get confused what your job is on any given day.


New Battlestar to Galactica's Port! She's coming right at us

Conservation of Ninjutsu: Early in the series, Cylon Centurions are depicted as being veritable juggernauts in battle, with a small raiding party necessitating headshots with high-explosive rounds in order to be brought down. By the series finale, the Galactica crew is able to drop waves of the things using only pistol-caliber carbine rifles and submachine guns.

Admiral Karl Agathon hated paperwork. And unfortunately, it came in bunches when you were The Man on a Battlestar. There wasn't as much paper as there used to be for the commander of a ship of the line, but it still existed. Most things were stored on the computers that did almost everything on the Churchill. But he still had to print up copies of flight logs, and duty rosters and incident or accident reports, and even if crew members needed new uniforms. All that would go to UED in San Diego via computer but it also required that he have a hard copy of much of that information as well.


Red Oni, Blue Oni: Starbuck and Apollo, respectively. Tigh and Adama, also respectively.

There are ships that do play this trope straight, but it is a case of an Invoked Trope, where the luxury of such ships makes them special. Cloud Nine for instance, was designed as a luxury cruise liner for deep space holidays and features bars, restaurants and a dome that imitates a large open garden space. Characters frequently mention desire to visit it because it is such a pleasant change from the rest of the Fleet, even after it becomes a Wretched Hive due to gangs taking over some decks. It is implied that its loss was a significant hit to the morale of the Fleet in the subsequent months.


Two of Your Earth Minutes: In the re-imagined series, they generally use what the audience would consider standard measurements: they've mentioned that a "day" has 24 hours in it, 365 days a year. It's not clear if this is some sort of universal fleet time that the Twelve Colonies agreed upon as an average of their local times or if it is based on Caprica-time. One exception is that their unit of distance is an "SU" (Solar Unit) instead of an "AU" (Astronomical Unit) - which in real life is based on the distance between Earth and the sun. Seeing as they're from twelve different planets in a double binary star cluster, using an "AU" wouldn't make much sense.

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Unresolved Sexual Tension: This trope was made for Lee Adama and Kara Thrace. If anything, it only intensifies after they have sex.


Big Good: Two major ones among the Colonials - President Laura Roslin among the Civilian Fleet, and Admiral William Adama among the crew members of the Galactica. There's also the "Messengers" - Head-Six and Head-Baltar - who are helping guide both Colonials and Cylons away from yet again repeating their Vicious Cycle.

Air Fiction One: Laura Roslin was aboard a ship called Colonial Heavy 798 when the Cylons attack. When it becomes clear she in the highest-ranking government official, she is sworn in as president and the ship begins identifying itself as Colonial One. The paint job was specifically chosen to resemble Air Force One.


As was often the case, Justin Bond was in a contemplative mood. The American President, always a person with a lot on his mind as well as his schedule was busier than most of his predecessors could ever dream of. He wasn't upset by that: to the contrary. He loved it. But it would take a toll later in life, and he knew it. All he had to do is look at photographs and old footage of his predecessors who had come into office with brown or black, or even blonde hair, and left with nothing but gray on top of their noggins. But it was a price he was willing to pay because he had wanted to do so many things to move his nation forward. Now, he had been thrust into a leadership role unlike any of his predecessors could have envisaged.

Meaningless Villain Victory: The episode about abortion. A girl wants to have an abortion; her parents won't let her, and the religious beliefs of the colony she was from before the Cylon attack forbade it despite its legality. Though pro-choice herself, President Roslin understands that there are less than fifty thousand humans left in the universe, and that they will have to grow their numbers if they're to survive as a species.


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It's as outstanding group of people. They've bought into this, and they're willing to go balls to the wall to protect us if it ever comes to that.

Most Raiders would go back into their alcoves after a battle, but those that needed some work done would go into the hangar. Most could repair themselves, but some would need help from Centurions.


President Bond was getting ready for his trip to the Arizona desert. In four days he would be present along with many other world leaders for the liftoff of the Battlestar Pegasus as she began her shakedown cruise. If all went well she would be back down at her dock west of Phoenix in about a year, spend one week making any minor adjustments or improvements, and then she would be permanently in space, the first ever manned Interstellar Starship constructed on Earth. He wondered what Gene Roddenberry would think about all this.

His Chief of Staff had made sure the few days leading up to the departure for Arizona weren't going to be too stressful. Congressional leadership had planned well in advance that there'd be no major business or legislation for the President to deal with in his week-long absence. And since there were no real crises of any consequence in the world right now, that was easy to accomplish.


Lieutenant Diana Seelix, Call Sign "Hardball" had been flying Vipers off of Galactica for a year when she made the decision that changed her life. Like most in the fleet at the time on Galactica, she hated Cylons with a blinding passion and, like many, had become disillusioned with Admiral William Adama's alliance with the rebel Cylons. On top of that learning that Sam Anders and Galen Tyrol, among others, were Cylons had made her even more vengeful. She had fought side-by-side with Anders on the world New Caprica during the Cylon occupation; she had also fought next to Tyrol on both Kobol and New Caprica. And on top of that Chief Tyrol had been instrumental in getting her into Viper training.

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He glanced down and to his right. Bill Adama had been thrown a good 15 feet away from his post and was lying face down in a heap of glass and metal.


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As Baltar's trial comes to a conclusion, key members of the fleet discover that they may be the Final Five Cylons. Tigh attempts to decipher the strange music he is hearing in his head, while a Cylon fleet approaches.

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She carried no second thoughts about this mission. She did appreciate the irony of the whole thing. A Cylon trying to destroy the last of the Cylon race. Cylons were created with a ready-made hatred for Human Beings. But for all the hatred that had been instilled in her towards humans, she had learned that humanity had far more redeeming qualities than her own people, perfect as they thought they were. They loved in a way Cylons never could; felt in a way that Cylons never could; cherished life in a way Cylons couldn't.


The Colonials aren't the only ones bolstering their firepower. The Cratus basestar is a new evolution in Cylon ship design.

And this leads me to a discussion of things that are wrong with Deadlock. It has clearly been built around a PC control model, with a mouse and more than a hundred keys to play with. Simplifying all that and translating it to a controller hasn’t really worked, if I’m honest. Let me give you an example – it is actually the work of several menus and many button presses to launch a mission, even when you can see the mission on the galaxy map overview thing you can view in the command screen.


Both he and Kara were quiet and lost in thought. Kara was now a Commander, and soon to be in charge of all Earth Raptor, Falcon, and Viper forces. She would be responsible for training, recruiting, and even research and development on future fighters. She was as at peace as she ever had been. The war, as destructive as it was, and with as much as had been lost, was a salvation for her, and she knew it. She was a new person. And she intended to live a life that would live up to the miracle that she had been given. She knew she'd push future Nuggets hard, but she knew she would also instill in them a sense of humanity that had taken her two wars to find.

A few seconds later, the ancient ship, that had seen such a glorious existence, and had beaten off the Cylons time and time again, disappeared in a cacophony of bright explosions. When the explosions ended she was gone.


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Much has been made of how the show reused SFX shots every episode; the criticism usually ignores the reality that no sci-fi series of the time could afford not to reuse stock SFX footage - Galactica's practice was hardly unprecedented to fans of the earlier Land Of The Lost series. Made today of course the show could feature new SFX each episode given the advances in SFX technology.

The debate had become lively after that and went on for almost another hour. No one had expected anything like what Bill Adama was proposing. But neither did anyone challenge his assertion about the chances of one old, broken ship and one new one taking on four fully loaded Cylon Baseships.


It was nice to be building, not destroying or being destroyed. Galen took a moment to realize that, in the last five years, the survivors of the Holocaust on The Colonies were no longer a "gang", as Lee Adama had stated at Baltar's trial so many years ago.

A research and fabrication facility for robotics. It was used to construct the android Muffit II, analyze captured Cylons for weaknesses, and reverse-engineer the technologies of newly encountered civilizations. It also contains forensic equipment for analyzing weapons and cleaning up garbled audio and video transmissions.


The Cylons were finally closing in on Earth and the two Battlestars defending her. Cavil had wanted to move but also remained cautious because, as Doral had said, there was no telling what new surprises this new ship might have in store for them.

Enemy shots lose 1D+1 of Fire Control to land a hit on this ship's hull. If the Reactive Armor (below) loses pips or dice to damage inflicted upon the ship, then the Ablative Armor loses the same amount, as these are both built together into the ship's hull.


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One 'Cavil': John Cavil is a sarcastic and humorous Cylon. Cavils have a heightened sense of awareness.

Hyperspeed Escape: Several times. Of course, the entire fleet needs time to escape, leaving Galactica to Hold the Line while the other ships make their getaway.


Of course, since in the Miniseries they were basically checking off days on the calendar until the ship was mothballed and turned into a museum, it's clear that no-one cared if standards had become somewhat lax. Colonel Tigh even says as much in Season 1 when he orders Boomer to cease her relationship with Chief Tyrol.