The Master Key is intangible, but it is powerful. It is the privilege of creating, in your own mind, a burning desire for a definite form of riches. There is no penalty for the use of this key, but there is a price you must pay if you do not use it. The price is failure. There is a reward of stupendous proportions if you put the key to use. It is the satisfaction that will come to you when you conquer self and force life to pay whatever is asked.

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When I started The White Coat Investor blog

But her narrow escape does not mean safety. For speeding across the galaxy pursued by ruthless, but unknown adversaries, this young woman will discover a secret which is buried deep inside her psyche—a revelation the universe may not be ready to face.


The Richest Man in Babylon

Do you believe that you will be financially independent eventually? How important do you think mindset is compared to financial knowledge?

While I was still a busy resident, that period of life was soon to be over and I was going to be living in a place where my old hobbies (climbing, mountain biking, etc) were simply dramatically less available than anywhere else I had ever lived. I spent ridiculous amounts of time reading on the internet, participating in forums, and devouring all kinds of financial books.


In June of 2005, I was finishing my PGY2 year as an emergency medicine resident. My net worth spreadsheet tells me that our net worth at the beginning of 2005 was $431/98.

The book is primarily about developing a mindset. Hill was hired in 1908 by a magazine to write success stories about famous men. He went to interview Andrew Carnegie who was so impressed with Hill's perceptive mind that he told him that he believed any person could achieve greatness if they understood the philosophy of success and the steps required to achieve it.


We Are Legion (We Are Bob) is ridiculously fun. If a nerd got three wishes from a genie, experiencing what happens in this book would be one of them.

Master Key to Riches, The audiobook by Napoleon Hill

Curtis has sent to me his correspondence with you, and also the textbooks on his Law of Success course. There are many portions of your textbooks other than that mentioned by Mr. Curtis which would be excellent for publication on our Financial Page, and I am writing to know if I may make use of them, with the understanding, of course, that you will be given proper credit. I would also like to have your course for my personal use.


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I wasn't worth much on a balance sheet, although some would argue I was already ahead of most docs. Those folks forget that at that point in my life I owed a great deal of time to an employer who doesn't pay particularly well. In reality, I had more debt (time, not money but they're really the same thing) than most physicians of my era.

I mean who you are and what you want and what you spend your time doing and what you value. That's going to determine 80% of your success. Sure, you probably ought to pick up some knowledge along the way, but I estimate who you are is four times as important as what you know.


We now give away more money every year than we made in 2005. But what it did do was make me financially successful.

It’s what you do with that knowledge that really matters

It is the second stage of human colonization. The first age, humanity’s initial attempt to people the stars, ended in disaster when it was discovered that Earth’s original superluminal drive did permanent genetic damage to all who used it, mutating Earth’s far-flung colonists in mind and body.


What’s the best way to create artificial intelligence? In 1950, Alan Turing wrote, “Many people think that a very abstract activity, like the playing of chess, would be best. It can also be maintained that it is best to provide the machine with the best sense organs that money can buy, and then teach it to understand and speak English. This process could follow the normal teaching of a child. Things would be pointed out and named, etc.

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The White Coat Investor Podcast

Now, one of Earth’s first colonies has given humanity back the stars, but at a high price—a monopoly over all human commerce. And when a satellite in Earth’s outer orbit is viciously attacked by corporate raiders, an unusual young woman flees to a ship bound for the Up-and-Out.

You know, Roth IRAs and interest rates and SPIAs and standard deviations. However, the truth is that personal finance is 80% personal and only 20% finance.


The 17 principles of the Law of Success are both practical and sound. I was one of Mr. Hill’s first students, long before his philosophy gained worldwide fame. Whatever success I may have attained I owe to the principles covered by this philosophy, some of which I applied unconsciously.

I am glad to know that you will be coming to the Philippines for an extended lecture tour on the subject of your philosophy. If you will ever come, I am sure, that you will be received with the hospitality traditional with my people.


Citizens from all walks of life mix and wait in the sun: a revolutionary journalist, a sheikh, a poor woman concerned for her daughter’s health, and even the brother of a security officer killed in clashes with protestors. Among them is Yehia, a man who was shot during the Events and is waiting for permission from the Gate to remove a bullet that remains lodged in his pelvis. Yehia’s health steadily declines, yet at every turn, officials refuse to assist him, actively denying the very existence of the bullet.

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One thing of which we can be sure—that we wish no such New Order as the European dictators have forced upon their people. We have had liberty, freedom and the right to exercise personal initiative for so long that we could not, and we shall not, willingly give up these privileges.

Kindred is one of the most intense, anxiety-inducing books I’ve ever read. It’s a tightly written, unconventional thriller.


Best Computer Science Fiction Books

He will soon be going back to school to become a PA, which will improve his earning potential significantly. But that wasn't what impressed me so much. He is also a serial entrepreneur, having already owned two businesses on the side.

Who kindles thee devoutly in his dwelling, to him be wealth secure and freely giving dashmaster vag k can tool

A huge international corporation has developed a facility along the Juan de Fuca Ridge at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean to exploit geothermal power. They send a bio-engineered crew—people who have been altered to withstand the pressure and breathe the seawater—down to live and work in this weird, fertile undersea darkness.


A counterpart of this same story is found in the migration of subdued people from Old England to the New World. They came not only in search of a land of material plenty, but for a land which afforded plenty of opportunities for the expression of personal initiative, freedom of worship, freedom of speech, and the very purpose of their migration served as an assurance of the success of the most outstanding step ever taken by any group in modern history.

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The first man to whose life-work Mr. Carnegie directed Napoleon Hill’s attention was Henry Ford. That was more than thirty years ago. Step by step the dramatic career of Mr. Ford was analyzed and carefuly written into the Philosophy until it now represents a priceless portion of the philosophy.

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Hill alludes to the “secret to success” in the book but never really spells it out. However, the astute reader, (who according to Hill must be ready for it) will readily pick it up during the reading of the book.

In the near future, the nano-drug Nexus can link mind to mind. There are some who want to improve it. There are some who want to eradicate it. And there are others who just want to exploit it. When a young scientist is caught improving Nexus, he’s thrust over his head into a world of danger and international espionage, with far more at stake than anyone realizes.


The four Ware novels (Software, Wetware, Freeware, and Realware) explore consciousness as an information pattern in a fearlessly absurd, awesomely readable way. All together, they’re a dadaist cyberpunk tour de force that’ll make your brain feel like it’s in a bath of seltzer water. The books all move like a bat out of hell, are packed with enough ideas for forty normal science fictions books, and you can feel beat poetry in the background as you read them.

These books are all excellent and I believe they will pass the test of time. The general rule for being a modern science fiction classic is that it was written in the 21st century, or just so good I felt like including it anyway.


The Best Modern Classic Science Fiction Books

Eventually, that idea ripped from The Millionaire Next Door took root in another way when I started The White Coat Investor blog. As long-time readers know, this was a for-profit enterprise from the very beginning.

Several of my friends have read my copy of the Introductory Lesson. They have requested me to get the balance of the lessons for them. I believe that any person who reads this course and assimilates it will be better prepared to negotiate his way thru life successfully.

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I do not have In mind the sale of your books to these boys but some lesser expensive plan that will give them all they can absorb and use of your philosophy at very little expense to themselves or the Government. I have done considerable speaking for these boys recently and I feel I know what are their needs. The Government has no program of education that approaches, in practical value, your philosophy and If these boys need anything they need the sort of training you can give them. Also, they need the same practical inspiration that you gave me at a time when this added touch helped me.


The privilege of using the philosophy of success which was organized from the life experiences, by the trial and error method, of more than five hundred successful men, among whom are Henry Ford, Thomas A. Edison. William Wrigley, Jr, Cyrus H. K. Curtis, J. Ogden Armour, Elbert Hubbard, Charles M. Schwab, F. W. Woolworth, Frank A. Vanderlip, Edward Bok, Dr. Alexander Graham Bell, Clarence Darrow and Luther Burbank.

He has only the vaguest idea of what to expect. Because the actual fight, light-years from home, is far, far harder than he can imagine. And what he will become is far stranger.