It's worth noting that Assassin's Creed 3 is rumored to be set in Ancient Egypt. Since the next Assassin's Creed is expected in 2021, this survey is likely for "one of the next" Assassin's Creed titles, beyond next year's iteration.

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Use a platform or two to get across the gap to a containment field. Drop through it and as soon as you pass it place a block. You should hear/see the MULTIPLAYER EMBLEM 5 on top of the beams nearby. Now make your way to the shiny hand on the other side of the room. Head up to the beams so you can pass the containment field and get to the new doorway.


Use some platforms to get to the opening on the left wall and into a new room. This room has a moving containment grid. Wait for it to move away to get across to the solid ground. The next room has even more moving containment grids. It isn't nearly as complicated as it looks by the way. Since the containment grids are only a cell wide and move past you, you can power your way through by making blocks for the ones that are destroyed.

Clearly, now that Assassin's Creed Revelations (https://dkluchezar.ru/content/uploads/files/download/assassin-creed-revelations-key-generator-no-survey.zip) – the fourth game in the series – has been announced, things have changed. Unless of course this is an 'Ezio Trilogy', that takes place in the middle of the larger, overall trilogy. Is it a trilogy within a trilogy?


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Before the battle, study the variety and number of enemies you will have to face. This will enable you to choose what units to defend. You can change your defense by using the Edit function.

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Empty blocks are health that is gone, these can only be recovered by a doctor or drinking medicine. Red filled blocks indicated damaged armor slots that need to be repaired at a blacksmith. In order to gain more health bars you will need to buy armor and equip it.


After the scene, use the boxes to climb the wall and back jump to the chandelier. Head from chandelier to chandelier until you reach a ledge.

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The next area has containment field, which basically act as gravity for blocks. Head to the end of the room and drop down the hole. As you get close to the ledge below, place a block to halt your fall and continue on.


After your apprentice tells you what is going on, head for the waypoint. Kill the guards however you see fit, but make sure that you use your Assassin Signal (L2). Go to the haystack and talk to your apprentice. Head to the man on the bench the game indicated and use Eagle Sense. Go to the next green area with Eagle Sense to see the massive bloodstain. Run after the guy and then fight alongside your apprentice.

Weak to Air Assasins

The difficulty is expressed through Odds of Success rating once you assign an assassin. There are two varieties of missions: Generic (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=7673) (marked with diamonds) are always replaced, and Unique (marked with stars) which you can only undertake once. The assassins rank will determine their success, but you can always assign more than one assassin on a mission.


For the first part of this memory you need to avoid the dangers by using the left analog. When the rope frays you will need to get above the damaged spot by holding up on the analog. The second half of the memory will require you to destroy a carriage and then stay alive against the captain's carriage. In order to do this, you need to ram the enemy carriage into the rough terrain on the ground to cause damage, while avoiding the rough terrain yourself.

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The time you must wait before being able to activate the ability again. Ability upgrades, perks, and streaks can all decrease a cooldown.


From now on you can freely renovate Constantinople. See Rebuilding Constantinople for tips.

When you lock on an enemy you will no longer be seen on their compass but you will also not see any other Templars. Making you an easytarget for them and not even knowing it.


Call Assassins during a fight

If you succeed in defending a den you get monetary rewards, crafting ingredients, XP for Ezio's assassins, and unlocks more units for future defenses. If you fail, you will need to recapture the den all over again.

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You can't really argue one is better than the other in the context of gaming. Its simply the ratio of height to width, there's nothing magical about the aspect ratio, its just subjective. I would still own 4:3 or 5:4 monitors if they sold decent quality and large ones for a reasonable price, but since the mainstream went 16:10 and 16:9, that's what's cheapest.


Head to the waypoint and interact with the sewage drain and then head to the next drain to get into the lower chambers. Most of the puzzles down here are timed levers. Pull the lever near you and head up the wall to your left and to the next switch. After the cutscene, jump to the ledges on the block and head down, back jumping to the ledges below and shimmy around the corner to back jump again. Take the obvious path to another lever.

The Vizier, Part 1 Assign a Leader to the Imperial North Den - Walk with the Den Leader until you head out in a race. After the scene, don't rush after the courier and follow from a safe distance. Join the Den Leader to observe the events and then chase the courier. Killing him yourself will get you a full Templar Awareness meter, but you can sweep his legs and your Den Leader will inflict the death kill. Head to the waypoint and speak to the man. The Vizier, Part 2 Train the Imperial North Den Leader to Lvl 14, with a full XP - This starts with a race to find your Den Leader. For the 100% you will need to find him in a minute with no conflict. Use Eagle Sense to follow the gold trail and hire the Thieves near the Grand Bazaar to distract the guards. Run down the first corridor heading south then take the first right. Blend with the civilians to pass the next set of guards and take the next left, then right.


Other suggestions are more surprising. Would British colonists be the bad guys in a story set during the American Revolution? Would the Spanish be the good guys in a South American conquistador-era tale?

When you defeat the Unfortunate Son Faction HQ Mission, you can visit the dock south of the Mercenary HQ to participate in the Fight Clubs. There are five tiers of combat engagements to unlock, each with its own Award Multiplier that governs the return on your wager.


Next, climb the shaft via the drain and jump over the sewer opening to the south and climb on the wooden beam above. Now, jump over the north and ascend until the camera angle changes to show you where to go. Use the wooden framework to the south to begin the last part of the climb to reach an opening to the north. Back jump from the chain to get to the balcony and run down the steps. Loot the stone container to get Vlad Tepe's Sword.

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I wouldn't call 16:10 "not supported". Adding bars is one way to 'support' a resolution. Whether or not you like it is another issue.


Also, if you're going multi-monitor, 3x1080p is just retarded looking IMO. Games look much better at 5760x1200 and that effect is dramatically increased if you want to flip to portrait mode.

Head straight into the elevator and hit the shiny hand button. Ride the particle field up and then make your way through the maze using platforms and ramps. When you are walking across the data cube walkway, look to your left for MULTIPLAYE EMBLEM 9 and continue.


This is similar to Domination in Call of Duty. It takes less time to capture together than alone.

The next lever is right in front of you now. Use it and jump to the ledge on the hanging black. Shimmy around the side and when the camera indicates, back jump to a ledge. Run along it and swing to a ledge and shimmy right to perform a side jump to a beam. Head across the beams and then swing to the mechanism in the middle. Now use the obvious path, look for ledges in the black weights, to make your way to the key.

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The Trickster, Part 1 Assign a Leader to the Constantine North Den Unlocks Mehmet's Dagger at the Assassin HQ Walk with the Den Leader and then follow the marked Romani. Kill any incoming enemies until you get the cutscene. When you start the fight, you will need to disarm the guards by having the fist activated and then counter them. Hit down again to drop the weapon. The Trickster, Part 2 Train the Constantine North Den Leader to Lvl 14, with a full XP - Make sure you have Poison Darts ready before heading out on this mission. Use Eagle Sense to follow the girls trail, ignoring the guards trails. When you catch up to her, use a Poison Dart to kill her and you will satisfy the 100% and complete the memory.


Use Eagle Sense to identify the target to the right of the Tunnel Entrance and then escort your Den Leader to the docks. The Deacon, Part 2 Train the Bayezid North Den Leader to Lvl 14, with a full XP gauge - Head up the steps to the left of a Romani group, a short walk south from the memory start position. Scan the corpse with Eagle Sense, then follow the Deacon's trail until you reach a waypoint. When your Den Leader lures the target away, chase him. Leave some room and when you reach the ambush area, equip the Hidden Blade. Assassinate the man before the fight can begin for 100%.

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The 100% should be no problem for those who are good at counter kills, but the trick is that it says Ezio's meter must not drop below 50%. This means you can heal yourself with medicine as much as you want, as long as the meter is never below 50%. As you run through the city, Ezio will gradually lose health and the smoke will become dense. You will need to use Eagle Sense to see where you are going and heal yourself regularily.


Firstly, thanks to everyone who takes the time to read this. If you find yourself using my guide and found it to be handy, please consider sending a donation to support the time and effort I have put forth to make a comprehensive and useful guide.

After a conversation with Yusuf, head for the waypoint and hire the Romani group nearby to distract the guards. Run straight for the chain and interact with it before you get detected. After a cool scene, run past the guards and head straight for the canon waypoint. Use this to burn all the ships in the area to proceed. Follow the waypoints and you should make it through the memory just fine. Ignore any guards on your way to the ship.


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All Piri Reis Missions are available from the end of the Bomb Crafting Memory in Sequence 03. Each is a tutorial in the use of different bombs. Interact with the boards to the right of his desk in the shop to begin these short missions.

Level 1 # Reward Call Assassins (read review) during a fight x25 Increases success for the first assassin assigned to a medium defense contract by 10%. Call Assassins on a target x20 Level 2 # Reward Use Arrow Storm x15 Increase the rate in which the Assassin Signal Meter recharges.


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TW2, as you said, released at only 16:9, but people were changing it through mods almost immediately, and the HUD behaved like I described above. The reason the game didn't release like that, according to their official statements, was because they ran out of time to implement the menu option to adjust it, which would have required further QA. A few simple things like this weren't in the release copy for the same reason.

From the menu you can find outfits under Inventory > Outfits. There you can select skins unlocked through gameplay or pre-order bonuses. These have no effect on Ezio's capability and are purely visual.


Splinter Bomber 25 150 50 50 Good against large groups and great against siege engines. Caltrop Bomber 15 150 50 25 Best when used at a barricade choke point and with Splinters. Bruiser 10 150 150 - Best behind barricades since they have 25% resistance to damage.

These side quests not only contribute to your overall synch rating, but can offer up some great rewards. They can be completed at any time, once you have access to that guild.


Walk with Sofia to the entrance of the underground. Continue on until you reach the library entrance. When you reach the door, interact with it to bring up the entrance puzzle. Use Eagle Sense to see the puzzle in its true form and solve it. The constellation you must complete is the top right one. Use the keys and rotate them to follow the lines already there.

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These are the only Internet sites that have permission to post this guide. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. In another words, this document may not be redistributed in any form unless you have obtained permission from us.


When a scene mentions making sure he's not followed, use some Cherry Bombs from a blend spot to distract the guards. Keep following him and when you see a set of Romanies, hire them. At the first guard position, send the Romani to distract them. Continue to follow and when you see the Thieves, use them on the nearby guard station as well. When Tarik walks through the arch, head for the rooftops. Make sure to kill any sentries up there as you follow. Eventually, you will get a scene.

Templar Siege Engines Name Health Damage Notes Battering Ram 5,000 500 per attack Can easily destroy any barricade. Greek Fire 4,000 250 per sec Inflicts heavy damage to everything. Machine Gun 4,500 25 per shot Provides covering fire for troops. Cannon 4,500 800 per attack Attacks from a distance at the den. You can distract them with armed barricades. I suggest you place two barricades back to back and upgrade them both once so when they are attacked you can upgrade it to heal it. When the front one is destroyed the engine shouldn't move as it attacks the back one. Replace the front one and upgrade it once and fix the back one.


Firstly, make sure you have enough poison. Head to the waypoint and hire the Romanies. Use the Romanies to blend as you walk around. When you reach your destination, line up a Poison Dart and hit the target. When the guard picks up the chest, follow him until he stops and then shoot him. Do the same for the last guard and then grab the chest and head back to the Romani HQ.

This document may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission from the author. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. Unauthorized reproduction and distribution of this document, or any portion of it, may result in severe civil and criminal penalties, and will be prosecuted to the maximum extent possible under the law.


Secondary Memories are events that are optional to the main story. They will flesh out the gameplay and make your experience that much more enjoyable.

Returning to the Assassin HQ and heading to the marker will trigger a memory of Altair. In order to get the 100% you much kill all the guards marked with a black dot on the mini-map (they will only appear when you are anonymous).


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As with the previous games, you must kill the Templar Captain in a restricted area surrounding a Den and then light the signal flare before you can conquer an area. Now not all captains are the same, some are cowards and will run at the sight of Ezio. Other captain types are bold and will fight Ezio to the end. Some captains are marked when you enter a restricted area, but some will remain unmarked and must be identified with Eagle Sight.

Head to the next waypoint and another lever. Climb the wall that Ezio is facing and swing down to the next level to take a right. Take another right and use the stone arches to get to the ledges on the column. When you climb to the top, perform a back jump and shimmy around the corner to do another back jump. Now head to the other lever and another scene.


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This will lead you back to chamber 1. Now head back to the room just past the one with the farm. At the top of the column, next to the door you should find the MULTIPLAYER EMBLEM 2. Now head back to chamber 1 and through the portal.

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Although getting kills is what gets you points, the way you get the kills is the real way to score. If you kill a player by openly running up to them you will probably only score 100 pts, but if you stalk them or kill them from cover you will get a bonus for being so clever.


These bomb missions are actually more like tutorials. They are given at Piri Reis near the Grand Bazaar in the Imperial District. The icon is black with a white bomb and beakers. It shows up after you progress through the story and learn about bombs. Inside you must go to the wall near his desk.

HP Price Available Azap Leather Bracers X XX 200 1,150 Sequence 03 Mamluk Metal Bracers X XXX 300 4,002 Sequence 05 Sepahi Riding Bracers XX XXXX 400 12,696 Sequence 06, Memory 5 Legs Armor Name Health Res. HP Price Available Azap Leather Greaves X XX 250 1,265 Sequence 04 Mamluk Metal Greaves XX XXX 300 4,416 Sequence 05 Sepahi Riding Greaves XX XXXX 400 13,662 Sequence 06, Memory 5 Shoulder Armor Name Health Res. HP Price Available Azap Leather Spaulders X XXX 300 1,675 Sequence 02 Mamluk Metal Spaulders XX XXXX 450 7,038 Sequence 06 Sepahi Riding Spaulders XXX XXXXX 550 15,456 Sequence 07 Chest Armor Name Health Res.


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Travel to Galata graveyard and watch the scene. Head to the waypoint to meet up with Ahmet. When you have control again you will need to climb Galata Tower in the given time. Experienced climbers should have no problem climbing it in half that. After the scene, jump off the ledge and head for the next waypoint. Avoid the bullets by veering left and right and when you get to Sofia save her.

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When the odds are against you in close quarters combat, ranged weapons provide the means to strike from a distance. In some cases you may find that ranged weapons are the easiest way to 100% synch some missions.


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Aspect ratios are a matter of preference. With a Horz+ game a 16:9 screen will give you a very slightly wider FOV than 16:10 but that's not necessarily a benefit, it depends entirely on your preference. You can also alter the FOV in most modern games and set it however you like.

Use the wooden beams to cross the hole in the floor to the south and perform a long jump to swing over another. Head through the archway and climb over the obstruction to the left. Jump over to the beam to the north via the barrels and head up the left wall. Back jump, making sure to use the hookblade, onto a platform behind you. Follow the cameras line of view to go up the wooden planks to the ceiling. Shimmy left and back jump to another chandelier and take the zipline.


Listen to Desmond talk about his childhood and then take a right up a ramp to the upper level. Interact with the hand to open another door.

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Head to the back wall and find the apple. Watch the scenes and enjoy the credits. Afterwards, you will be in a pre-sequence 08 state where you can finish any missions you need.


Poll: Favorite Assassin's Creed game, ranking games

Templar Units Name Health Dmg on Assassins (look at this now) Dmg on Barricades Notes Militia 34 35 7 Weak to Crossbowmen. Almogavar 100 75 7 Weak to Riflemen. Scout 80 75 - Can climb barricades and attack units behind them. Infiltrator 68 50 - Can climb barricades and will go straight for the den.

For a movie I'd agree with you, as it is shot with a camera of fixed FOV and aspect ratio which has been used to capture a world that no longer exists. Gaming is not the same, the game world exists and the monitor is your window into it, the developers might have a particular FOV and aspect ratio they want you to view the world, but I see no good reason it should be fixed and the user unable to change it, we are on PCs after all, not dirty stinkin' consoles.


Rumor: Ubisoft survey explores future Assassin's Creed locations

After the scene run straight ahead across the poles in the water. Use Hook and Run to bypass the guard and then climb the tower. Use the zipline to do an air assassination on the boat and continue on.

The trick to the next area is to stick to the right wall and go forward as to array moves away to the left. Make sure you start low so you can grab the MULTIPLAYER EMBLEM 8 and then use ramps to get to the exit.


Assassin's Creed: Is This Really a Revelation

Whenever the Templar Awareness meter is in the Aware status, doing certain things to increase the meter may provoke a Templar attack on an Assassin (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=1854) Den. This will shift the Den status to contested. This will cause enemies to spawn around the area of the den and you must infiltrate it and interact with the front door to trigger a Den Defense.

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Head into the tent on your left and out the back. Use the walking Janissaries to get to get past the guard post.


Ride the platform up and take the ramp to the portal. Now use the spawn blocks to make your way across the gap. Drop down as far as you can and then use the flat block to make your way to the other side, you will probably need to aim the camera low to place blocks far below you and drop down. Pick up the MULTIPLAYER EMBLEM 1 and the use the ramp blocks to head up.

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Every melee weapon is rated by three things: Damage, Speed and Deflect. These define the effectiveness of the weapon in combat. The higher the rating in each category, the better the weapon is overall.

Name LVL Effect Disguise 5 Change your appearance to look like another Persona and surprise opponents. Decoy 5 Change the appearance of a civilian to mimic yours and run away, tricking pursuers. Tripwire Bomb 9 Explodes when a target or pursuer steps on it preventing them from moving or performing any actions for a short time. Closure 9 Triggers all Chase Breakers around you. Templar Vision 11 Reveal the identities of other Templars within your line of sight. Firecrackers 11 Drop firecrackers that blinds opponents and scares civilians. Civilians drop to reveal opponents. Bodyguard 15 Create a duplicate or you that will protect you from pursuers. Morph 15 Transform civilians near you into duplicates. Throwing Knives 17 Throw knives to slow down your opponent.


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Instead of heading straight for the target area, turn around and head through the archway to climb to the roof. You should easily be able to get around without being detected.

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Four types of challenges are recorded in the Progression menu, unlocked by repeating the corresponding feat a certain number of times. You also receive the corresponding Title.

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Drop down and follow the newly formed path. When you reach a platform moving up and down, jump across to activate the shiny hand.


Scale the scaffold and head to the left to reach an opening in the railing and climb up. If you have time there is a Bomb Stash to open in the northwest corner. Run through the archway to the east and perform a long jump on the hanging fixture to reach the opposite balcony. There is another Bomb Stash close to the east wall here. Climb up the boxes to a ledge at the south and follow the route to back jump to a chandelier and take a zipline to reach the west balcony.

Descend the staircase and leap over to the platform. Guide Ezio as he falls and when you get control switch sides of the mechanism and climb up the back side. Continue to climb and then perform a back jump to one of the ledges. Head to the right and jump to the platform. Take the nearby zipline and head through the open doorway.


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Time to learn about free running and climbing. Follow Altair to reach the roof to perform a Leap of Faith to reach the foot of Masyaf's keep. Counter kill the Byzantine Templar and run along to kill some more before talking to the man by the door.

Shops provide the best cost to reward ratio for opening them, but each succession costs more. The other bonus is having a vendor nearby.


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Weapon classes differ in the number of hits required for a finishing blow. While size of a weapon will also have a bearing on its efficiency in both combos and streaks.

So I wouldn't exactly call 16:10 dead. That being said when I played the first two AC's on a 16:10 I didn't even notice the black bars. If it was a FPS sure - but the game is rather cinematic and the bars weren't distracting at all. I believe the second Witcher only supported 16:9 on launch as well. It's much simpler to program an interface when you know exactly where each element is going to be (See: websites with fixed width layouts).


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At the end of the tunnel, climb the wooden surface to your left (marked by a wheelbarrow of sorts) and then perform a long jump via the lamp. Cross the wooden beams and then right around the corner to back jump to a pole and swing. Head across the beams to the zipline.

The next major room will mix particle fields and containment fields. Instead of going across, you need to go up and over the containment field and drop down into another particle field to get across. Then you will need to get up the wall on your left as you ascend and are forced away from the exit. Head into the room and immediately start making ramps behind you to get up there.


Didn't brotherhood support 16:10 no problem? I'd have to boot it up again to be sure, but I don't remember having any black bars when playing that game. Makes it even more stupid imo, since the engine is pretty much the same in both games.

Thrown weapon means either Heavy or Long weapon types hurled forcefully into opponents bodies with a special attack move (NOT throwing knives). Polearms require you to NOT be locked to throw it.