A red trigger on the handle at the back of the jetpack flings the wings up and the Zamor launchers forwards. If you pull the trigger quick enough, the launchers can knock the windscreen closed in the same swift motion.

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Talk Wrestling Online - Chatroom Information -

The sides of the box contains the usual warnings and disclaimers, plus some odd alternate language names; Rocka Reactor and Rocka Ultrasónico. I personally preferred BIONICLE’s use of fictional names for vehicle sets, because it avoided a set in story needing multiple distinct names due to a word or pun not translating properly.


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The 807th edition of WWE RAW came to you from the Manchester Evening News Arena in Manchester, England. Confirmed for RAW’s night in the UK was Santino Marella defending his Intercontinental Title against England’s own William Regal.

Why is my screen smaller

This meant you couldn’t view a published course on your local computer. When you clicked View Project on the Publish Successful dialog, your slide content was missing, as shown in this example.


This exquisite template can be used as a course launcher or welcome page in a course. The use of gears and bar graphs makes it ideal for courses based on processes, procedures, functions, business analysis, etc. The background image can be replaced with the one that best represents the course content. This template can be easily customized to meet the course requirements.

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The game takes place five months after the events of the first game; the Locust have survived and they've got the means to sink whole cities. The Locust have their eyes set on Jacinto, the home base of everything Cog. Also, to add to the mix, is Dom looking for his missing wife Maria (which was lightly touched on in the first Gears), so the story is set with, in my view, one of the darkest endings to a video game series to date (as I said in the currently playing thread they have set the stones perfectly for a 3rd game and maybe even a whole series of games). I could compare this to the ending of 'The Empire Strikes Back'.


So, here we are folks, the end of another edition for myself. I don’t think I will be in the next edition of the newsletter due to university commitments (we do work you know, not just sitting in a pub all day getting drunk and watching day time TV). However, I will be back soon with more gaming news, info and reviews.

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Talk Wrestling Online Community Newsletter Issue #203 – 16th November 2008: UnCaged

Warning: Screen readers use alt text to warn learners that the button launches a new window. You can change the default warning—"opens in new window"—in your player text labels.

For all the faults and flaws of TWO, it’s lasted eight years with one constant: Kam. I’ve said many things about the guy, but he knows how to run a wrestling site successfully. Despite the wrestling recession, the site is self-sufficient. If Kam left tomorrow, the site would live on because it still intakes new members on a daily basis. Not all of them post, and many won’t even log in to their new account beyond the first five minutes of lurking. There are enough sign-ups, though, to secure at least one active new member a week. This isn’t a forum about to close its doors. The other major plus of Kam is his willingness to invest. Very few on here will appreciate how much is actually spent on forum software renewal, chatroom software (which is at least cheaper these days since ditching the extortionate Digichat) and web hosting amongst other necessities. The subscription scheme doesn’t cover it and I don’t see donations having much impact.


Android App Development Fundamentals

Al Stevens: This is hard for me. I mean, sure Al Gore found something to dictate to people since he failed to get into the White House. Much like Inno, I do believe that it could be seen as a myth. For example, the axis of the earth moves towards and away from the Sun, and there have been seven ice ages (no, not the film), so it's a natural progression. However, I do think that it hasn't been helped. But another thing which confuses me is if there is a "hole" in our atmosphere, then surely wouldn't the UV rays escape?

It will go down in history as the single most famous finish of a pro-wrestling match in the modern era. Twenty or thirty years from now, this story, more than any famous wrestler jumping promotions, more than any prominent death, and more than any record-setting house, will be remembered vividly by all who watched it live, and remembered as legendary from all who hear about it later.


Toy World Magazine February

DC: Not having TV at home at the moment (stupid Sky, Virgin, etc), I didn't see this until the other day, but had read about it on Tuesday morning. It honestly makes no sense that they would pull the plug on one of the more over angles and then give the title to William Regal for no other reason that they were in the UK. I really hope Santino pulls a "Loophole" Chris Jericho style stunt and gets the switch annulled.

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Street Fighter: How can one medium get it so right (see above), yet another get it so wrong? There are some nice touches in this movie (the origin of Blanka somewhat makes sense and both Chun Li and Cammy are hot), but the rest of it is all kinds of wrong.


They kept my toes all cosy, no matter how cold it was. Now, they have holes in them and have had to be thrown out.

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Timothy Olyphant is Agent 47, the bald assassin who is the most effective of the entire initiative. He is helped by a female target (played by Olga Kurylenko, the third time she's been mentioned in this column) he realises that has been targetted under duplicious circumstances.


I honestly dont remember, its that long ago. My first memory of it is watching WOS at my grandparents house.

My Wrestler of the fortnight has o be Jeff Hardy, everything he did on Smackdown the week was brilliant, from ripping up the Survivor Series contract to his match with the Undertaker. I am really enjoying Jeff at the moment and hope this attitude and passion continues.


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There was a sequel that also sucked balls. Kristana Loken didn't star as she was too ashamed after this one.

A moment many of us will remember, one I certainly will never forget. The day Bret Hart left the WWF for good.


66 thoughts on “A Counter-Offer”

Perhaps the most powerful weapon seen on the battlefield alongside the plasma cannon on the robots’ Thunder Fury, the mega cannon mounted to the right arm releases a pressurized stream of high-energy particles continuously the diameter of a telephone booth out to a mile away. And as it dissipates beyond this, the particles begin to scatter and create a hazy fog which interferes with all electronic circuits, making for an effective long-range deterrent. The only downside to this is the long recharge time needed between shots, as the mega cannon must completely discharge before the next round can be energized. To compensate for this, a smaller-scale plasma launcher- which shoots small condensed fireballs of high-energy particles- is used, though it too can cause massive damage. A single heavy concussion missile rounds out the armament of the three weapons- and that’s all on just the right arm! Two homing missiles- one attached to either shoulder- easily track and destroy air targets, rounding off its offensive weapons. The shoulders themselves are huge radiator vents for the high amounts of heat and excessive energy build-up that the Golden Guardian can put out in the heat of battle. For defense, the Golden Guardian’s left arm mounts a large broad shield covered in blazing gold and razor-sharp edges for slashing through Battle Machines that get too close. The anti-beam coating on the shield also adds to the resistance the mecha can offer up. After its discovery, lead Exo-Force technician Ryo actually upgraded the already-impressive Battle Machine with a set of leg-mounted jump thrusters to carry it short distances through the air! It was only through a hurried game of Rock, Paper, Scissors that Hayato won the honor of piloting this powerful centurion away from Hitomi.

The Lava Chamber Gate is made out of two Towers and a bridge in the middle. The bridge can be collapsed if a panel on top. More of each tower will be pressed.


Do you know someone who, let's say, has had his or her XBOX360 modified/chipped/whatever you want to call it? Have you had a phone call or text message from said friend saying their XBOX Live as been suspended?

Talk Wrestling Online Subscriber Scheme

I'm not sure how I feel about CCBS inclusion, either. It's an awesome and super-versatile constraction system, but a lot of what I liked about Exo-Force was the fact that it was SYSTEM-based. To me it gave a much more "giant robot" feel. The click hinges felt like something that would work as a large-scale joint, whereas ball-and-socket doesn't quite seem as right. A lot of that might just be bias from me seeing constraction as figures for six years before Exo-Force even happened.


In the corner to your rear are the gone-by years of TWO as a small wrestling site inhabited by a minimal but loyal user base that enjoyed spending time discussing the professional wrestling industry with each other. At the time, the internet was still in its growing stage. It still is, mind, but had yet to discover the glorious perks of RSS feeds, podcasting, YouTube and Facebook. Some might argue that the world is better off without those features, and they may have a point; it’s a lot easier to stalk your ex-Japan-kicking lard fairies and post videos of yourself discussing Vince Russo in front of a webcam whilst your Mom opens the door with a confused face as she leaves your dinner on the shelf.

Nimf: Well, it's just bonkers, isn't it? I wonder what Santino has done backstage to piss people off so much.


You’re also welcome to meet new creatures, ranging from Tickers, which are like land mines on legs (or if you have seen Cloverfield the little hatchlings off the monster in the film), all the way to Skorge, who is the main boss you fight in Act Four. For myself personally, I feel that he is more of a pain in the arse that RAMM from the original Gears of War. However, the only major disappointment is the lack of Berserker, because I felt that was an iconic monster within the game. One cannot grieve for too long, though, and to help you to get over that, there is the addition of new weapons that range from the chain gun to a flamethrower. These actually feel weighted rightly and the chaingun is perfect for cutting down rows of enemies.

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This also pushes the knock-on effect of the users taking it as seriously as the owner does. TWO members are passionate – no two ways about it. Some are willing to put their own money into helping with the upkeep of the site. Others have put time into extra features such as keeping the newsletter running, moderating, and keeping the sister news site Wrestling101 active. This is something that hasn’t diminished as the years have gone on. In actuality, it has improved year upon year as more people are willing to lend themselves to an obviously committed and proven brand. There’s also the gradual building of trust that has allowed members of the site to become friends outside, in the open air of real life.


Colour Scheme - 10/10 – The colour design on this set is excellent – the aeronautical White and Light Greys of the jetpack neutrally fit with a wide variety of potential pilot colours, while the Apple Green cohesively ties Rocka and the Jetpack together. There is a clear separation between the White aerofoil areas and the Light Grey mechanical underworkings, and while there are the usual blue and red pins, they don’t stand out in garish locations.

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When Gears of War 2 was announced, Cliffy B did say that this game would be “bigger, better and more bad-ass”. As a massive fan of the first Gears game, I honestly thought that this would lead to a massive disappointment. The issues which arose, for example, in the first game, like a semi-working multi-player mode, a very short campaign and stories which had more holes in them than Swiss cheese. However, after giving this game a complete going over, the first impression of the game is that it is a very good one.


If you are ready, let's submit your review for quick moderation. It will go live once it's checked, usually within a few hours.

Talk Wrestling Online Community Update -

The jetpack can’t stand in an upright position on its own, instead adopting a form that looks a bit like a bird of prey. The jetpack attaches to the back of Rocka via a Phantoka-Matoran connector, and the windscreen fits comfortably over his shoulders. One unfortunate problem with the connector is that it has no preference over whether it will stick to the jet pack or the rider when you detach the two again, but it’s only a minor hassle and you’ll spend most of the time with this set with the two paired up in flight, not continuously linking up and breaking apart.


Articulate storyline 2 crack

DC: Global warming, on the scale we are told about, is a myth. Take my favourite example; the ice will melt and the seas will rise, swamping the planet and turning us all into extras from Kevin Costner's Waterworld sequel. If the ice melts, it'll only take up the space it already does just now (which is the same principal with ice-cubes in your glass - they melt, but they just change state, they don't suddenly increase in volume and make your drink flow out of your glass.

All of this goes to show that there appears to be no end in sight of games that will be made for the movie-going public. But remember on thing; no matter how many bad videogame movies are made, the horrible translations going the other way will always outnumber it.


Failing that, you could just say “Well you’re wrong and anyone who thinks otherwise is an idiot” over and over and over again whilst pretending to be an internet tough guy. Just don’t insult his family or he’ll tell you that he’s going to fly over and kick your head in, and there’s nothing scarier than empty online threats.

LEGO Bionicle Lava Chamber Gate thumbnail image

Lafdugga: I was gutted; when they rolled out the Honk-a-Perfect-Mountie meter, I thought everyone who said Regal would win was wrong, as why do a new meter stick? Obviously to lure us into a false sense of security. Stupid, really stupid; the greatest thing to happen in WWE for a long time and Regal, from nowhere, gets a push!


First off, we jump into more details on Halo 3: Recon. From the daya new Halo 3 project was announced, rumours flew everywhere. This, in fact, was the Bungie video which was pulled from this year’s E3 for undisclosed reasons. However from reading Gamespot’s website earlier this week, it has been reported that the release is not a stand alone game; there are rumours that it’s leaving the first-person-shooting genre and is going to be a mixture of Ghost Recon Advance Warfighter and Gears of War.

Unfortunately, you couldn't be more wrong if you tried. The movie is a complete and utter shambles. It's so bad, I don't think even Uwe Boll could have made it any worse. Kristina Wagner (super hot) and Alyssa Milano (also super hot) do provide something nice to look at (which seems to be a running theme with the movies in this article), but the fact the movie was never even released outside the US tells you all you need to know about how bad it is.


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Now, I know there are a lot of people which are not going to agree with me for saying this, however, knowing that the game is about surviving a post-nuclear world where every choice is measured on the good guy all the way down to being sitting next to Satan. So, removing the town/city of Megatron is, in my eyes, one of the perfect ways to measure the levels of moral fibre within gamers.

Double Dragon: One of my favourite movies, as well as one of the original scrolling beat-em-ups (I believe Renegade - an influence on this - was the first), had a story that was tailor-made for a B-movie martial arts revenge film. Roping in Marc Dacascos, Alyssa Milano AND Robert f'n Patrick and you'd be forgiven for thinking this would be a "can't miss" scenario.


How, in the name of all that is holy, can a movie that stars Jaime Pressly, Holly Valance, Sarah Carter, Devon Aoki and Natassia Malthe in skimpy clothing, fighting each other and getting sweaty, be a chore to watch? The answer is if that movie is DOA. Seriously, not even the combined cool of Eric Roberts and Kevin Nash (playing a character originally based on Hulk Hogan) can save it.

Articulate storyline cracked idm

The main plot revolves around Osama Bin Laden (who is, in this film, President Bush's best friend) and his Al-Qaeda terror squad, who have been hiding out in Paradise, Arizona since September 11th (it gets worse), trying to steal a shipment of scrotum-shaped dolls. Dude, a young waster, also wants the dolls, so when he ends up crossing paths with Osama and friends in the middle of a Nazi theme park (I told you it got worse), all kinds of crap happens. Uwe Boll deserves to be boiled in molten lave until he evaporates for even having nerve to release this pile of sh*t.


For my bit I was going to tell you one of my favourite wrestling moments Eddie and Benoit hugging in the ring, one of the few times I have truly cried at wresting. I had been thinking a lot about Eddie as his anniversary has just passed so thought I would do my own small tribute.

ThePowerIsBack: Fact, no question. Not so much because Al Gore and scientists say so, but because it is obvious by the weather.


I just ran CCleaner and I had at least 100 app data roaming entries, which have never appeared before when running a scan. I’ve been reading articles about app data roaming and I’m a little fuzzy on what it means. My computer’s hooked up to a modem and a router. I do not use wireless for this computer, but I do have it enabled for my iPad touch and the appdata roaming is showing all my activity on this computer. I’m a little concerned about this. I recently did a clean install of Windows due to a virus and I’m about a week in on that clean install and now this has appeared.

Bags Two and Three contain the pieces required to build the jetpack, and they consist largely of Technic (he has a good point) beams, connectors, pins and axles. This set is invaluable for creating larger MOCs with a Technic (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=9040) based construction, but you get very little in the way of weapons and armour parts compared to a regular sized Hero Factory set. Pieces of note include 8 total Phantoka/Makuta – Matoran connectors, 6 White panel fins and a large selection of Light Bley connectors/beams, including 6 new 1x3 beams with perpendicular axles, which serve the purpose of the 1x2 beam versions, but without the half-stud offset on the perpendicular axle.


Outside of large Windows installations like I’ve described, the concept of roaming simply isn’t used that much. At home I’d dare say it’s not used at all.

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The members of the time were slightly more memorable than those of today and although a level of quality posting goes along with that, there were far fewer members to have to recall. I can vividly recall several posts and threads with people such as Jayden, Jung, Russ, Tajiri, Singhy/Rikidozan, and so forth. Today, I could probably count a handful of quality posts and individual quirks of the newer site members. There just isn’t the personality that used to come out in the site. Either certain freedoms have limited people from being entertaining in any way, or the site is attracting the population of Boreland, South Boredonia. Surely that’s a little unfair a portrayal though; I’m sure that there were a bunch of crappy posters who contributed nothing even as far back as 2002, and were as non-sensed as some are today. There have always been people who brought the quality of the site down. Hell, some even made it to modship – right, G2G?


I miss Eddie still, it is still hard to comprehend it has been three years since he died. Eddie I love you, here are my favourite moments including the RAW tribute show.

Once again, hot females (and Jürgen Prochnow) can't save this from being anything other than an embarrassment to the genre. The film uses actual scenes from the games at times (whether that's a goof thing or a bad thing, all things considered, is up to you) and the SEGA logo appears throughout. There is also some nice nods to the game series, but these are mostly at the end of the film, so I recommend you simply skip to the last ten minutes and watch from there; it's so bad, Uwe Boll passed on the sequel.


The second half of the Hero Factory sets this year continue the Brain Attack theme and style set by the first, with bright green packaging seeping with the infectious yellow influence of the brain slug creatures. Jet Rocka is the largest set of the year, and is the only set to come packaged in a traditional cardboard box, since both Funro XL and Dragon Bolt have made the transition to the resealable plastic packet.

Storyline: New Launch File for Tin Can API Courses

You'll find all your old favourites; Member Spotlight, Inno's Big Question, Al's gaming column, etc, but there is also one addition for this fortnight's opus; TMJ (otherwise known as DraVen, Mitch and/or M1tch3ll) was asked to provide a column on the site as he sees it today. He kindly agreed to deliver on that request, so at some point in your scroll to the bottom, you will read what he has to say.


If you have a sharp eye for pointless threads on internet forums, you’ll have noticed one hovering around the top of the Feedback Forum entitled “Veterans not respecting rookies” by a poster named Bryp13. You may never have heard that name before, or have any inclination of who he or she may be, but regardless, this member of the Talk Wrestling Online community (the original – take a backseat, WWE Universe) has decided that the division of ‘veterans’ and ‘rookies’ needs to be addressed – a divide of past vs. present.

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