Arc2Earth was designed for ArcGIS Desktop users in any industry who are seeking a bridge between ArcGIS, Google Maps and Google Maps Engine. Arc2Earth provides a simple and cost-effective way to expand on ArcGIS functionality with unprecedented speed for map updates, easy collaboration and worldwide coverage for Google Maps.

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MapAction and Alertnet jointly ran an event that examined the future on mapping in the aid world, on 4 June. The seminar was held at the Thomson Reuters headquarters in London and attracted representatives from international NGO’s, UN agencies and other humanitarian organisations.

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More than half the population of the Comoros Islands live under the poverty line, surviving on less than a dollar a day. People are largely reliant on subsistence farming, so the impact of these floods is a long-term concern for food security.


MapAction has formed its first regional section, which will be based in the Caribbean area. Once operational, the team will assist in regional emergencies including responding to hurricane impacts. Pictured are team leader Vijay Datadin (centre) with Darren Kowlessar (right) and MapAction chairman Andrew Douglas-Bate.

UK, 4 Apr – MapAction invites you to join our Chiltern Challenge bike ride between 6-8 July 2021. We’re looking for fun and friendly people to cycle 170 miles around the beautiful Chiltern countryside. The aim is to enjoy yourself, meet lovely new people and raise lots of money for MapAction’s emergency mapping service.


The Kathmandu Valley is highly vulnerable to earthquakes that tend to occur every 75 years or so – the last being in 1934. Fast urban expansion means that 1/7 million people are now potentially at risk. MapAction studied lessons from the Haiti earthquake in January this year where rapid situation mapping was constrained by the non-availability of base map data: which had existed but was lost beneath collapsed government buildings. A MapAction team was tasked with ensuring that this scenario cannot recur in any similar disaster in Nepal.

Wai-Ming first joined the charity in 2004 and deployed to such humanitarian emergencies as the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004 and Pakistan floods of 2021. When he’s not flying out to disaster zones, he helps the charity develop its technical capabilities, so its operations are as streamlined and effective as possible.


These potent and agile resources must however be focused the priority information needs of aid agencies and other responders, otherwise there is a risk of merely contributing to ‘data noise’. This issue was recognised after Haiti and the volunteer communities have now responded by establishing a ‘network of networks’ with the aim of focusing the response of the ‘ecosystem’ of online groups onto the most urgent information needs during each new emergency.

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UK, 7 Mar – The UK Government has selected the disaster mapping charity MapAction as a standby partner for its new Rapid Response Facility (RRF) mechanism. The scheme means that MapAction will be called on as part of the first wave of humanitarian assistance in major disasters and other crises.


Because the publishing costs have been covered by a generous grant from the Dulverton Trust, the new Guide is available as a free PDF download – Field Guide to Humanitarian Mapping (13mb). A printed version in handy A5 wire-bound format will shortly available to purchase via the online bookshop of the RGS-IBG website page for £16 including postage and packing.

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MapAction has teamed up with the world’s most experienced operator of fundraising treks and challenges. This is aimed at ensuring that the challenge events are well organised and guided, with an emphasis on ensuring participants complete the trip safely. Costs and commitments are transparent and participants can ensure that MapAction will receive the maximum benefit from their efforts before, during and after the trip.


There are concerns that this could result in floods and landslides amongst communities that are still recovering from the devastating impact of Tropical Storm Sendong, which hit northern Mindanao in December of last year and led to a MapAction deployment. Some responders believe that Pablo could develop into a super-typhoon and cause even more destruction than Sendong, which killed more than 1,250 people and displaced nearly three quarters of a million.

One of the four coordinators is Jonny Douch, operations director of MapAction. The other three are from the United Nations, CrisisMappers and GISCorps.


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It sounded like it could be an interesting use of my skills, so I was keen to find out more. The more I found out, the more I liked the sound of the organisation and its work. MapAction presented an opportunity to be ‘hands on’, making a real difference in crisis situations.

UK, 30 Sep – Prince Harry, MapAction’s Royal Patron, attended a reception on Thursday evening (26th September) at the Royal Society, London. The launch of an ambassador programme was the main focus of the event to further engage long term support for MapAction’s future. The function also provided an opportunity to give recognition and thanks to existing donors committed to supporting the organisation’s work.


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UK, 17 Oct – You can raise money for MapAction at no cost to yourself. Give As You Live is a clever little widget that raises money for MapAction while you shop online. Big brands including Amazon, John Lewis, M&S, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and play.com have signed up to donate when you buy from their online stores.

Project HARMLESS, researching and promoting the use of next-generation satellite navigation technologies for humanitarian and emergency uses, has reached its first major milestone. The project, in which MapAction is a consortium partner, has completed its Critical Analysis phase, with a report recently issued.


UK, 29 Nov – Here at MapAction, we know from our own experience in more than thirty humanitarian crises that disaster preparedness can save lives. Beyond our six emergency deployments so far in 2021, we have also made seven capacity-building trips worldwide and delivered training on another 15 short courses and modules.

Facebook only shows you the ad if you live in town and like to run. That’s how advertisers reach you without knowing who you are.


James Steel has deployed on numerous humanitarian missions with MapAction, including to Haiti, Pakistan, South East Asia and most recently to North Africa in March. For Adia Bey it is her first emergency mission since she joined the charity as a volunteer early this year. She recently took part in a UN disaster response training course in Peru.

Arc2Earth (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=6742) Cloud Services is built on Google App engine which is designed for automatic and instant scalability along with the reliability, performance, and security of Google’s infrastructure. Storage costs are dramatically reduced due to the cost efficient hosting provided by Google App engine. You only pay for the CPU/Bandwidth/Storage that you use.


For raising over £25,000 for our emergency mapping service. Thank you also to everyone who lined the streets to cheer them on.

UK, 9 March – John Lyon, Geographical Association’s programme director, is running the Virgin London Marathon 2021 on behalf of MapAction. John has had some interesting training runs as the photos on his JustGiving website show.


Nationwide flooding affected 270,000 last year. This year’s floods are being considered the worst since the historical marker of the 1988 floods. Darfur appears to be less impacted than initially thought but there are conflicting reports.

Autodesk, Inc, is a leader in 3D design, engineering and entertainment software. Customers across the manufacturing, architecture, building, construction, and media and entertainment industries — including the last 16 Academy Award winners for Best Visual Effects — use Autodesk software to design, visualize and simulate their ideas. Since its introduction of AutoCAD software in 1982, Autodesk continues to develop the broadest portfolio of state-of-the-art software for global markets.


Georeferencing an image with AutoCAD

The Philippine public authorities are making evacuation and prepositioning plans particularly for people in lowlying or mountainous areas where floods, landslides and storm surges are likely. An advanced UN Assessment and Coordination (UNDAC) team has been requested to assist the national authorities and will arrive the morning of 8th November. Two members of MapAction are deploying alongside and are en route today.

The Google Fusion Tables API is a set of statements that you can use to search for and retrieve Google Fusion Tables data, insert new data, update existing data, and delete data. The API statements are sent to the Google Fusion Tables server using HTTP GET requests (for queries) and POST requests (for inserts, updates, and deletes) from a Web client application. The API is language agnostic: you can write your program in any language you prefer, as long as it provides some way to embed the API calls in HTTP requests.


You will have send fewer requests to GeoServer (1 large image instead of multiple small images), so this speeds up the overall tile cache creation time. In a second stage you have to try for your self whether you do a precomputation of the label anchor points or have GeoServer compute the anchor point at the centroid of the visible portion of the polygon on the fly.

The 7/8 magnitude earthquake that struck central China on 12 May has caused at least 40,000 deaths. A MapAction team was placed on standby to deploy if China requested international assistance for coordination. Meanwhile a reference map of the affected area was produced within 24 hours by MapAction and can be downloaded – click here.


Recognising the need for immediate access to map/spatial data from the first hours of rapid-onset disasters, MapAction is using its volunteer resources and partnerships to boost data availability in vulnerable zones. In the Caribbean region, subject to multiple hazards as shown so tragically in Haiti in 2021, MapAction is teaming up with GISCorps to collate available data of highest importance in emergency response. The initiative is known as the Wide Availability for Response Project (WARP).

Anne had just gone to bed when the blast shattered the windows of her room and blew down the door. She survived with only minor injuries but five humanitarian agency staff died in the blast.


The independent evaluators interviewed external partners and service users and also MapAction’s own volunteers and staff. There was a high correlation between views of the organisation from outside and inside. The consultants described the feedback from users as “incredibly positive”.

Let’s say a gym opens in your neighborhood. The owner creates an ad to get people to come in for a free workout.


COTE D’IVOIRE, 11 Apr – Two MapAction team members are en route to Bouake in central Cote d’Ivoire. They are deploying in support of a UN assessment team tasked with obtaining a clear picture of humanitarian needs in the conflict-torn country.

Replies to Georeference an image with AutoCAD

The airport was now functioning well, although it was a surreal experience to check in and go through security amidst the destruction. Passengers sat in a departure lounge with no wall and just umbrellas to protect from them the rain. We placed our hands over our ears to block out the noise from the military planes delivering aid.

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UK, 15 May – The UK Government’s Department for International Development (DFID) has announced a substantial two-year funding grant for MapAction. The grant totals £291,000 and follows on from a previous grant under DFID’s Conflict and Humanitarian Fund.


The course is designed for humanitarian and development field workers and others who want to use GPS and free/open source mapping tools in their work. The syllabus is grounded in practical, proven methods used by MapAction in disaster emergencies and development projects. It will include advanced use of Google Earth, how to find useful map data, and using the open source MapWindow software package.

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USA, 6 October – MapAction is participating in the first International Conference on Crisis Mapping (ICCM 2009) in Cleveland, USA on 16-18 October 2009. The purpose of ICCM 2009 is to help shape the future of the field of crisis mapping.

Twenty-five per cent of schools are no longer in use because they have been destroyed or have been turned into communal shelters. Thousands of children are unable to go to school.


Thus, the more proven and battle tested an open source solution is, often measured via downloads, deployments, community size, and community activity, usually equates to its long term success. Linux, Tomcat, and MySQL have plenty of statistics to model this lifecycle. This model is no different for open source BI.

The number of organisations arriving was increasing every day, all hungry for the sort of information MapAction was there to provide. The demands on our team were extreme. By the end of this mission, we will have deployed 15 mapping experts, who will have together contributed over 30 weeks of work. We will have produced well over 1,000 different mapped products, which will have been distributed to thousands of responders via web and printed copies. These figures don’t include the efforts our non-deployed volunteers, who have provided unfaltering support throughout– many of whom have taken time off their day jobs to devote their full-time attention to supporting our field team.


It costs approximately £4,500 to deploy a team of two skilled volunteers to the region for a two-week period, including flights, accommodation and subsistence. As demonstrated at the recent international donor conference, the impact of their work makes an important contribution to key decisions about the delivery of humanitarian aid.

CloverPoint’s Insight software content creators will immediately begin to leverage this new relationship within Insight’s 3D Visualization module. By taking advantage of Autodesk’s stack of tools CloverPoint’s clients will immediately benefit from Autodesk’s streamlined and integrated suite of software and support.

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UK, 10 June – MapAction has published the first edition of its Field Guide to Humanitarian Mapping. The guide, which is downloadable free, will help aid organisations to use geospatial tools and methods in their work in emergencies. There are tutorials for Google Earth and open-source GIS software.


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This is the fourth time that MapAction team members have deployed to Pakistan since the 2005 Kashmir earthquake. Last year, a team worked alongside UN and other agencies responding to the humanitarian consequences of the counter-insurgency conflict in the north-west, the same area that is the focus of the current flood crisis.

Arc2Earth Cloud Services Drives Vineyard Power Site Selection

It soon emerged that the area that had borne the brunt of the typhoon was around Tacloban City. I headed there amongst the cargo in a US military plane to assess how and where MapAction could help most.


Other MapAction donors encompass a range of grant-making trusts, corporate donors and individuals. One of the most important ‘hidden’ sources of support is the charity’s volunteer group, pivoting on thirty or so committed GIS and other professionals who give their time free of charge to deliver the emergency mapping service in response to humanitarian emergencies around the world.

The Google Fusion Tables API does not provide the mechanism for submitting the GET and POST requests. Typically, you will use an existing code library that provides such functionality; for example, the code libraries that have been developed for the Google GData API. You can also write your own code to implement GET and POST requests.


MapAction has deployed a team of two volunteers to map the needs of over 46,000 people affected. Reports indicate that more than 11,000 people have “lost everything” and at least 9,200 are without shelter.

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It’s really quick and easy to set up. All you need do is register some very basic information and you’re off! Each time you visit a Give As You Live retailer, just click on the GAYL logo and you’ll be raising money for MapAction through your everyday purchases.


UPDATE: new Google Earth file updated in design and data. Anyone with Google Earth installed on their computer can now click here to view all MapAction’s disaster relief and capacity buiilding field missions since 2003. Each icon has details of the deployment and a direct link to the maps produced during the mission.

Civil protection official Ismael Mouigni Daho said the situation on the islands was “dramatic”. Some villages are completely flooded, causing the populations to evacuate entirely. In other areas, schools have been cut off and water and electricity supplies have been disrupted. There are increasing concerns about the spread of diseases, including cholera and malaria, making healthcare and hygiene priorities for the response.


Funding for MapAction’s work in Haiti was granted by European Commission Humanitarian Aid (ECHO). Chris Phillips was made available for the mission by his employer Ordnance Survey, the UK national mapping agency, which also provides sponsorship funding to MapAction.

MapAction would like to thank Astun Technology who supplied their offices, lots of tea coffee and refreshments and cup cakes! MapAction are hoping to hold similar events to this in the future. If you are interested in joining the AGI as a member please visit the AGI website for more information. Please keep an eye on the MapAction website for more details and register here for alerts.


Also the Internet is increasingly being consolidated into a few players like Microsoft, Amazon, Google and Facebook, who are unable to agree on agreements to share that data between themselves. Interestingly you can use Yahoo as a data middleman between Google and Facebook.

The award was received by Andrew Douglas-Bate, MapAction’s Chairman, from Jack Dangermond, President of ESRI Inc. The presentation took place in front of some 12,000 people at ESRI’s International User Conference, on 11 July 2009 in San Diego, California.


One of ACAPS’ outputs is its Secondary Data Review (SDR) concept. These reports analyse existing assessment and baseline information to produce actionable humanitarian intelligence focused on key operational issues. Maps are a vital part of SDR publications, and MapAction will in future deliver required maps whenever required for new or updated SDRs. The first of these is the Yemen SDR, issued in September 2021.

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In October 2007, MapAction completed its first 50 field and training missions. Prince Harry, the charity's Royal Patron, attended a reception and presentation to mark this milestone. About 140 guests and members of MapAction met at the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) in central London.


In recent crises, like the 2021 Haiti earthquake, talented and committed members of online technology communities have stepped up to gather, process and share crucial information resources to help aid agencies on the ground. Volunteer communities like the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team, and more recently formed groups like DataKind, are adept at exploiting online technologies and crowdsourcing methods to turn new sources of raw data into useful intelligence that can help aid response on the ground.

There I met Roland Beech (who now works for the Mavericks) and Aaron Schatz (owner of footballoutsiders.com) and learned about the developing field of sports statistics. I then changed my research focus from economics to sports statistics and founded the Journal of Quantitative Analysis in Sports. Through the journal and my published research, I was able to establish a reputation of doing quality, useable work.


Better data and information on the impact of disasters and the needs of affected communities is a key element in ensuring the best possible response. However, aid responders very often do not know enough about local media and telecommunication landscapes pre-disaster, which could help them identify which outlets post-disaster might still be functioning and could be best used to reach affected populations. This is a gap in disaster preparedness and response that the infoasaid/MapAction collaboration aims to fill.

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Commenting on CSR’s gesture, Liz Hughes, Chief Executive at MapAction said, “MapAction volunteers are on standby 24/7 to respond to any humanitarian emergency anywhere in the world. It is wonderful to have the support from CSR for a second year. It goes a long way in ensuring we can be deployment ready. MapAction supports humanitarian partners in saving lives and minimising suffering when a disaster strikes.

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Although MapAction has undertaken many missions in central America and the Caribbean, this is the charity’s first deployment to South America since severe flooding hit Bolivia in 2008. Chief executive Nigel Woof said: “This is typical of many very nasty natural disasters that don’t hit the global news channels, yet still leave poor and vulnerable people in real need. Creating a comprehensive picture of these needs is essential to make sure every community gets the right help.


A United Nations disaster assessment team was mobilised on Wednesday 19 October to assist in Nicaragua, where the government declared a state of emergency after more than 130,000 people were reported as affected. A MapAction team was requested to support the UN mission.

As flooding spreads southwards from the initial impact in the north-west, practically every province in Pakistan is either affected or forecast to be soon. At time of deployment, approaching 14 million people are suffering from the effects of the worst monsoon rains in 80 years. With such massive humanitarian needs for food, clean water, emergency healthcare and other resources, across a huge area of the country, good analysis of geographical priorities becomes essential for the most effective aid response.


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MapAction simulated a field operation and demonstrated the organisations’ role in a mock earthquake based on past deployments. Prince Harry congratulated the MapAction team of many volunteers on their achievement in deploying to over 40 emergency missions during the past 11 years, helping millions of people affected by disaster.

MapAction’s chief executive Nigel Woof commented:”Although we’re a small charity, DFID’s decision endorses our role as a vital first-mover in the international disaster response system. When big disasters happen we need immediate funding decisions to allow us to get feet on the ground in hours, to start creating a shared picture of humanitarian needs.


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ESRI Inc is the world’s largest GIS software and services company. It supports MapAction by providing free licences and support for its powerful software, for MapAction volunteers to use in the field during natural disasters and other humanitarian crises.

The event couldn’t have gone ahead without the enthusiasm of the participants who brought their knowledge of data, programming, GIS and visualisation from their day jobs to help MapAction. Technical Project Leader Andy Smith commented “We’ve already made progress with implementing some of the ideas and we’ve passed on the ideas for the population movement arrows to our volunteers.


Reports indicate that at least 223 people have died in the blasts and a further 2,300 were injured. Approximately 14,000 people have been left homeless, making the provision of shelter, clean water and sanitation a priority. Hygiene is a particular concern as the Republic of Congo typically experiences heavy rainfall and high temperatures at this time of year, making displaced people more vulnerable to outbreaks of disease.

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The success to date of Jaspersoft is directly tied to its solid proven technology and the vibrancy of the community. We proudly and openly claim to have the largest BI community with over 14 million downloads, nearly 230,000 registered members, representing over 175,000 production deployments, 14,000 customers, across 100 countries. Every day, 30,000 developers are using Jaspersoft to build BI applications. Behind Excel, its hard to imagine a more widely used BI tool in the market. Jaspersoft could not reach these kind of numbers with crippled or poorly architected software.

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Sponsors can sign up with a few clicks at Virgin Money Giving, and UK taxpayers’ donations will have Gift Aid added. Visit: MapAction Midsummer Meridian.


One of the cyclists, Matthew Sims, said: “We’re mappers so we thought the idea of celebrating the two meridians would be nice. But really the aim is to raise as much money as we can for MapAction to help the victims of disasters all around the world.

Matched funds will remain available until 19 December (subject to availability), so it’s not too late to take part. If you would like to make a contribution, please visit Every £1 donated could be worth £2/25 with matched giving and Gift Aid.


TANZANIA, 20 Oct – A challenge has been laid down to people who want to help MapAction in its vital work. The charity is inviting supporters to climb Africa’s highest peak and the highest freestanding mountain in the world, Kilimanjaro.

Torrential rain from Tropical Depression 12-E has caused extensive flooding across Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua. Damage to roads and infrastructure from landslides has left many communities cut off from help.


BOLIVIA, 25 Jaunary – A MapAction team deployed to Bolivia on 26 January in response to the severe flooding that is affecting much of the country. A state of emergency has been declared by the government and more than 240,000 people are reported as affected.

The UN set up a website where people could contact the rescuers. When we had reliable information backed by GPS co-ordinates, we could pass this to nearby search and rescue teams.


2 thoughts on “Links: Mapping Twitter, Arc2Earth Publisher”

When I heard about R and learned more about it, I become very excited and inspired by what the project had accomplished. A group of extremely talented and dedicated users had created the software they needed for their work and then shared the fruits of that work with everyone. R was a platform that everyone could rally around because it worked so well, was extensible in all the right ways, and most importantly was free (as in speech) so users could depend upon it as a long-term foundation for their work.

Since 10 December 2021, a coalition of rebel groups in CAR (the “Seleka” coalition) has taken control of a number (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=2995) of towns across the country, stopping just short of the capital, Bangui. The on-going insecurity is taking a toll on close to 1/5 million people (some 33% of the total population of CAR), comprising approximately 800,000 people who reside in rebel-controlled zones and 700,000 in Bangui.


It was an eerie scene, with just a few lonely soldiers at the road blocks to wave us past. It was impossible to see how anybody could have survived here. Bodies were still being recovered from the debris; body bags lined the side of the road awaiting collection.

MapAction News Category Feed

For students, I recommend developing very strong data management (my review here) skills (sql and the like) and thinking carefully about what sort of questions a general manager or coach would care about. Being able to demonstrate analytic skills around actionable research will generally attract the attention of pro teams.


The Triplex exercise is held every two years and involves more than 200 disaster response professionals from many countries. The organisers are the International Humanitarian Partnership in cooperation with the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.

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The problem of making a ‘business case’ for investment in mapping resources was debated at the seminar. The question of who will pay for new technologies — and the data, much of which remains proprietary — is not yet clear.


Chris also facilitated a visit to Haiti by two members of OpenStreetMap (OSM) who trained Haitian and international staff in how to collect and work with OSM data. The map data of Haiti produced rapidly by the OSM community worldwide, within days of the earthquake, were used by MapAction as vital base mapping from the first stages of the crisis and remain an important resource.

MapAction will be training engineers and disaster response professionals in the use of GIS and GPS technologies in a two-stage mission to Mozambique over the coming months. The project was instigated by the Dean of Mozambique’s technical university (UDM) who, recognising a need for predictive flood mapping, sought MapAction’s help.


My first task in Tacloban was to set up MapAction’s base within the United Nations’ coordination centre, where responders would come for the latest information to coordinate relief efforts. It was particularly poignant to reflect on the fact that most of the local people we were working with had lost friends or family. Although you try not to think of these things while you’re there, when you get home you have time to reflect on the immense loss you have witnessed.

At the same time, MapAction, as part of its standard humanitarian response, will strengthen its capacity to produce maps that help relief agencies communicate better with affected communities post disaster. The recent volunteer training focused on communicating with affected communities was attended by the Director of Humanitarian Media and the Head of Innovation and Technology from Internews, representing infoasaid. A simulation exercise looked into the importance of effective two-way communications with disaster affected populations and a series of maps to improve communication with affected populations based on the infoasaid media and telecommunication landscapes were devised.


Tired of everyone calling everyone else a social media expert. What seperates the social media men from the fakes.

The grant covers a substantial proportion of MapAction’s core costs until March 2021. However, the charity’s fundraising efforts from other sources will be accelerated to enable additional humanitarian work to be done. Plans include the expansion of MapAction’s programme of assistance to help organisations in developing countries to use GIS and related methods to reduce disaster risks.


James Steel commented: “The MapAction team has completed the preparation for this mission with their usual speed and efficiency. Two hours after the ‘go’ decision yesterday evening a briefing about the available map data, a list of the mission kit that will be waiting for us at Heathrow airport, and a full security risk assessment had all been forwarded to my blackberry!

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This is MapAction’s first mission to the Republic of Congo, our eleventh to sub-Saharan Africa. It is running concurrently with another emergency deployment, helping with the impact of tropical storms on local populations in Madagascar.


Mike- Jaspersoft 4/1 was an exciting release for our customers because we were able to extend the latest UI advancements in our ad hoc report designer to the data analysis environment. Now customers can use a unified intuitive web-based interface to perform several powerful and interactive analytic functions across any data source, whether its relational, non-relational, or a Big Data source.

UK, 12 Dec – MapAction would like to thank all its supporters for contributing to the Big Give Christmas Challenge this December. So far £8,531 has been raised for its Rapid Response Fund, which will be channelled into its emergency mapping service.


Creating and Using an Arc2Earth Cloud Service

To support its members in making an informed decision Vineyard Power needed a way of distributing this data in a meaningful way to a broad audience. Using Arc2Earth (https://dkluchezar.ru/content/uploads/files/download/arc2earth-serial-number-manager.zip) for ArcGIS Desktop and Arc2Earth Cloud Services, Vineyard Power was able to export these data layers to the cloud where they could then be integrated into a Google Maps viewing application using the Arc2Earth Cloud Services REST API. You can see a screenshot of the application below. Tilesets are displayed in the viewer as the user clicks an item from the table of contents on the right hand side of the application or when clicking a subject tab just below the map.

Use secure cloud computing for fast, two-way communication and updates with Google Maps Engine

When the whole area gets rendered each polygonwould be labeled exactly once. Anchor point would always be exactlythe same so I guess that rendered partial labels could be set side by sidewithout any visible seams. Handling the conflicts with overlapping labelsshould be set to a stupid mode so it would not ever move the labels butonly decides whether to render the label or not. Probably this is the placethere this plan fails.


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Nigel Woof, MapAction’s Chief Executive commented: “It’s unusual for MapAction to deploy a team before the disaster has actually hit, but this means we will be on the scene and ready to help as soon as the storm passes through. We got the call for assistance from the UN on Saturday and were able to have our team in the air by Sunday evening. One volunteer arrived in Manila this morning from Bangkok, where she is based. Another is flying from the UK and will arrive later today.

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, a two-stage pilot project has been completed with partners of the international NGO CAFOD. The project aims to provide appropriate low- or no-cost tools for local NGOs to map the indicators of re-emergent conflict, and to use that data for the prevention of conflict and to advocate for change.


The Syria Crisis Appeal will be directly channelled into MapAction’s humanitarian mapping service for the Syria Crisis. In the unlikely event that the charity raises more money than can be reasonably spent, any surplus funds will be channelled into the charity’s Rapid Response Fund – a designated fund that supports the direct costs of deploying skilled volunteers to humanitarian emergencies anywhere in the world.

UK, 12 Oct – MapAction has just received an independent evaluation report in its work. The review was done as part of the charity’s commitments under the DFID Programme Partnership Agreement (PPA), in which MapAction receives strategic funding.


Integrate Google imagery and content into ArcGIS

After the sale of his company, Allaire became frustrated at the difficulty of keeping track of research he was doing using Google. To address this problem, he co-founded Onfolio in 2004 with Adam Berrey, former Allaire co-founder and VP of Marketing at Macromedia.

Anne returned to Islamabad where she is continuing her MapAction mission in support of the Logistics Cluster. Two other MapAction team members are also deployed in Pakistan, where more than 2 million people have been affected by conflict between the government and insurgent groups in the north-west of the country.


MapAction’s partner the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) requested MapAction’s help on the afternoon of 2 March. The first team mobilised the same evening, for a 6am flight to Tunis. A second team meanwhile packed to fly to Cairo later the same day.

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A hand-picked and thoroughly trained volunteer group is the backbone of MapAction’s unique capability to respond immediately to disasters anywhere in the world. Team members commit to making themselves available to deploy at short notice in emergencies. Continuation training is ongoing throughout service with the charity and involves monthly face-to-face weekend workshops – for that reason volunteers must be UK based.


This is MapAction’s third deployment to the Sahel region. In 2005, our volunteers helped map priority needs in a food crisis in Niger and in 2009 we responded to floods in Burkina Faso.