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I think Aardwolf is a good alternative to Villagers & Heroes

Hi, I am also having a similar issue. Using a MacBook running BigSur and 64-bit, and having re-installed the game, the launcher will not move past the "Initializing" status.


In order to bring some new mechanics to the table I have invented a few spell archetypes for each school. Each of these Archetypes will augment a particular aspect of the school. I invented a school limited 4 pip attack, a school limited 6 pip attack and a pure manipulation spell that can be trained by other schools (given for free to that school and trainable by the other schools for one training point). Since direct card effects are not often felt immediately these cards will be at or slightly above dpp and/or leverage powerful effects for their cost.

Wizard101 The Black Hole

I am also having difficulty with getting the game to work on my Mac. I have uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times and the game will not load.


Wizard 101 was the best game ever for how simple and fun it was to play. It still is, but really stinks that 32 bit systems are no longer able to run the game.

I do not think Starmourn is a good alternative to Villagers & Heroes

Power Play is widely considered to be the worst bubble in the game, due to its high pip cost and an effect that benefits everyone equally in every situation. The vast majority of Balance wizards don’t even carry this spell in their deck. In general, do not use this spell. Although it can have some uses, those uses are certainly not suitable for beginners.


Just wanted to drop in to say goodbye. I've enjoyed playing wizards for over ten years, tonight KingsIsle decided to confiscate my crowns and make my account inaccessible to me. I make a living using a software package that is not compatible with the latest macOS, and it is not an option for me to upgrade my system.

When we first envisioned our sixth world we saw it as a world Wizards would experience after Dragonspyre. This world would have increased the maximum level beyond 50 and the supporting content (new spells, equipment, etc) necessary for the max level increase. However, when we dug into the overall Wizard101 game play and what would best serve our community we decided to launch Grizzleheim(which is stupid and a waste of money by the way), a world that created a parallel experience and offered new content and experiences as players leveled thru the entire game and the other five worlds. While we hope that high level characters find the content enjoyable and engaging the immediate downside to this decision was that no level increase was introduced with this world.


As of Monday 9th February the Wiki link will be on the Wizard 101 Fanpage. This is awesome news - more than likely meaning more people will find the site, make use of everyone's hard work and possibly put in some of their own!

Personally, Sanctuary is tied for the spell that repulses me the most. Despite my bias, this spell does have some situational uses. I think that it is best used to combat opposing bubbles at opportune times, such as when your opponent may be close to attack-ready or if Doom and Gloom is up and a heal is needed. It should not be used to fight an all out bubble war, as your opponent can quickly take advantage of this spell’s pip cost and drain your pips. Keep in mind that this is more of a lower level main deck bubble. Life has more useful bubbles in treasure card form and at top level.


AJAX is an expectation of modern websites. However many of the world best developers still code in Classic ASP - without the use of heavy web frameworks.

Don’t try to start with the second layer before you’re completely done with the first! You won’t be able to add more plots to a layer once you start to add plots to a layer below it. From top to bottom, please!


This is a contract position for a savvy marketing manager who loves the arts. Contract is for $3000 plus box office bonus if goals are exceeded.

The Great Beast on the Starfall Sea is our vehicle. Enemies are White Razors, Whirligig Beetles, and Deep Spawn. Read on for quest details and tips.


Crystal REVS has the best code review, edit and visualization tools. It provides Flowcharts, Tokens Panel, Comment Generator, Auto-Formatting in real time.

After that, move the crates yet again for the length of HALF crate. Keep going like this until your top layer is done. What we’re looking for is a layer of 23 plots. This can be achieved by first putting a 3×3 square of plots in the middle (the beige ones in the picture below). Then, add 3 at each side of our square (the green plots), making the total of squares 21. You can add 2 more (the yellow ones) in any of the corners left open. Don’t bother placing one in each corner, as your plot count will go above 69, which is beyond what a large gardening circle can cover. The next layers you place under the top one will look exactly the same as this first layer.


Sure, you can try using Weaknesses, but each Weakness counters maybe one blade (a 35% blade and a 25% weakness will nearly exactly cancel each other out), Weaknesses are nearly impossible to stack, and you can easily break a Weakness with an off-school wand while keeping all of your school blades. Think of the last time you faced a Snow Angel boosted by five different sets of blades, and you’ll see what I mean.

We've opened the Test Realm for just a couple of days, and we're asking you the players to test the limits! We want to see how many players can be in one area at a time, and the best way we can do that is to ask you to join us for a party at the Stormdrain tower!


As soon as you’ve identified what you desire, ask yourself why you desire these things for yourself. By doing this, you can guarantee you really want what you think you desire– and for the right factors. Sometimes, we desire specific things because we are affected by others.

I do not think Wheel of Time MUD is a good alternative to Villagers & Heroes

Don’t space out your plants too much! You will only be able to fit in 69 plants if you position your plots exactly like they should be.


Enfeeble is a three pip Storm spell which removes all positive charms from the target. This includes all blades and healing boosts, although negative charms like Infections and Weakness stay on.

There is going to be alot of people out of luck with 32 bit systems. Not everyone is able to afford to upgrade their systems, especially now with many still not able to work due to covid. It would have been nice if KI gave some advance notice about system requirements may be changing, in order for those that needed to update, could figure out how they were going to do so, or be able to save up for upgrading purposes.


All those compensated also received an email with more details. If you did not sign up with a valid email address, you cannot receive communications from Wizard101.

Our Zazzle t-shirts are so popular that we wanted to give our fans a chance to design a t-shirt that could be featured on the Zazzle store! For more information, visit our Contest Page!


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Two Myth Shields spin around your feet, which would have been enough in earlier times. However, in the era of the Basilisk, this no longer suffices. Meanwhile, eight pips glow at the Conjurer’s feet; a mass of blades of different sorts whirl around his head. Even worse, those blades all stack: a Mythblade, a Spirit Blade, a Treasure Spirit Blade, and a Dragonblade.

Learn How To Manifest Pet Traits Wizard101 Fast

When asked what’s in store for pet-owners, Merle Ambrose, headmaster of Ravenwood School of Magical Arts, replied: “This spring, pets will be able to do more than you have ever dared hope! These fine creatures will serve alongside you in wonderful new ways, taking you to unseen parts of familiar worlds, and in time to come, worlds beyond those you know!


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I do not think PlaneShift is a good alternative to Villagers & Heroes

To promote the launch of the new world, later this month KingsIsle will launch a quest featuring one of the hottest teen icons on the planet. The quest, which will introduce players to new underwater environments and preview features of the upcoming Celestia expansion, will be available to all players in the game.

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Wheel Of Time MUD - Free Wheel Of Time Game Online, Authorised By The Late Robert Jordan. A Free Online Role-Playing Game with the Wheel of Time theme!


You can earn codes for gold and in-game rewards. The higher your score, the better your reward!

Wizard101 hacks for crowns


Best Fit Source Code In C

Salsa Lab's new Client Adoption program combines product implementation and onboarding with online fundraising and constituent engagement best practices to give our non-profit customers a unique plan for reaching their fundraising goals. Our Product Adoption Specialists are responsible for leading the execution of Adoption projects including delivering 1:Many and 1:1 client presentations, guiding clients through asset development in the Salsa Labs product suite and providing strategic fundraising advice to clients regarding constituent segmentation, messaging and follow-up.

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At level 110, you have a base of 110 energy. So 138 energy is achieved by getting some items that give you energy.

Re: Updated System Requirements

About It's Just Lunch: It's Just Lunch Austin is a top franchise of the IJL system. We offer a fun, energetic and professional office environment in Downtown Austin area, along with a comprehensive training program, many extra perks and ongoing training.


Selena Gomez will be leaving the Spiral when Celestia arrives in the Live Game very soon! Take the opportunity to complete the quest now, before it's gone!

How to Convert EML Files to PST Format

KingsIsle Entertainment is a developer and publisher that specializes in creating high-quality massively multiplayer online games which provide entertainment for the entire family. Wizard101 (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=3894), KingsIsle’s flagship property, has received the Parent Tested Parent Approved Media Seal of Approval in 2009 and has been recognized by the National Parenting Publications Awards. The company’s experienced and creative team is raising the bar in online entertainment by offering products with rich storylines, friendly navigation, top-quality art and fully-voiced characters. KingsIsle is headquartered in Plano, Texas, and has a development studio in Austin, Texas.


The stand-alone WizardBlox application is based on the mini game Sorcery Stones from Wizard101

Wizard101 (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=6061) the game will be offline during an extended maintenance period of 3am to approximately 5am Central US Time on Wednesday July 29th. During this time, players will be unable to log in to the game, and players who are in the game will be prompted to log out.

KVUE News dropped by the KingsIsle Entertainment office today to talk to Todd Coleman and Josef Hall. See some sneak peeks of the new world in the report: Austin gaming company focuses on family fun.

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I have a macbook pro 13 with the newest software and nothing I do is working. This is crazy I just spent money on this game and now I am going to have to stop. I do not know what else to do. I do not have any wizard 101 flies that I can find.


I remove the Mac versions of the game and reloaded a windows version into a 64-bit bottle in my CrossOver Mac windows emulator. After I rebooted, the version in the emulator works just fine.

I think PlaneShift is a good alternative to Villagers & Heroes

You will receive the message Failed to Load Instance Zone if you attempt to teleport to your Dorm, or Castle. Thank you for your patience, your houses will be open again soon.


For a given real-valued function of one real variable on an interval, the code calculates the best approximation in the uniform (max) norm by a polynomial of a given degree. Approximating in a uniform norm is much computationally harder compared.

I do not think Talion Online is a good alternative to Villagers & Heroes

How many times has it happened to you? You're surfing the internet and notice another site with the exact design as yours.


EML files in Word

After the new update, my Wizard101 would not open. It would initialize, but never open. No matter how many times I uninstalled and re-installed, the app would NOT open. I noticed someone on this thread say that the only way it worked for them was because they uninstalled ALL files using the app "CleanMyMacX" and.

Pagoda of Harmony and Hollow Mountain. Leah guides us through these level 25 instances.


I think Wheel of Time MUD is a good alternative to Villagers & Heroes

Explanation: A pressure tool that is particularly potent from second. It is balanced by the fact that it discards any sideboard card from both player’s hand which means it requires careful timing and play.

Download: Sync Breeze Free Download – Get Into PC Free 2021 Last Version

Wizard101 Test Realm Opens for AprilAs a special bonus for Subscribers of Wizard101, we have opened the Test Realm to allow you to get a sneak peek of what's coming in Wizard101 before it's released to everyone! You'll log into a new realm that only Subscribers can access. If you find any bugs in the Test Realm, please use the Bug Report button to let us know!


You will have high energy, be competitive, and an achievement driven individual to fill our Corporate Market Director - HW opportunity while focusing on our **Heart Walk in the Austin, TX territory**. You are responsible for leading this major event! Your total fundraising goal of $500k with an event date of fall 2021, requires you to have experience with large fundraising goals and large events. If you have a strong fundraising or outside sales background where you traveled in an assigned territory OR if you have an event coordination background coupled with successful, proven sales or fundraising we want to hear from you!

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Special:Browse/Previous Site News Archive

Each card offers a limited edition collectible pet available upon redemption from one of four special sets: Protectors, Assistants, Adventurers, and Heroes. Pets from these sets will give players better powers such as increased accuracy, defense, damage, and a special spell card that can be used during duels.

The BEST TIC-TAC-TOE game with code provided has enhanced menu, graphics and controls. You can play against computer or against a friend!


Are you a single mother who is deployed or has returned from deployment and plays Wizard101 with a child? If you are, we would love to hear from you! We’d like to share your story with others who are looking for ways to connect with children over long distances.

But I can see that some of the thoughts from the notice of the sale of the game may be founded. I don't think anyone expected such a drastic change so quick. I know this is the last thing I or my grandson expected. Granted there needed to be changes, but is there no way to still make it possible for all of these players to access their games? I know I won't be paying for accounts that can't be played.


Wizard101 Alternatives for Android

Now you can move all the crates out of the way and place the plots on the ground level. Placing the first ground-level plot is usually a little difficult. Be prepared to have to plow the plots you place in the wrong place a couple of times. You just did the hard middle layer though, you’ll get the bottom one right through trial and error.

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I have a high-end macbook pro, 64-bit and fully updated. My existing Wiz launcher won't initialize. Just in case, I replaced it with the new Mac wizard launcher.

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Hi, I am running on an Intel Dell 32-Bit laptop Wizard101 (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=7500) used to work fine for me but whenever I try to log in now it's saying that my operating system is 32-bit, which is not compatible. I am not completely sure how I can fix this and would like some help on how I can fix this so I can play Wizard101 again. I've watched videos on how to upgrade my system from 32-bit to 64-bit so I can play Wizard101 but none of those have helped me. Thank you for your help.

Letter to the Wizard101 Community

I am also having this issue on my MacBook Air. Wizard 101 will not open after a new install.


Although I have personally never seen anyone use this card in a pvp match due to Myth already having a 2 pip damage bubble with treasure card variants more powerful than this, I feel like this card is somewhat underrated. Its use is very much situational, and this use is to recover the tempo of the match. For example, if your opponent has their bubble up and two Tower/Myth shields on them (not an uncommon scenario vs Myth) using one of these will clear one of the shields, as well as denying them their bubble. A downside of this is that it also destroys your blades, so I wouldn’t use it with blades on. This can be a powerful tool if used right.

W101 Dungeon & Boss Guides

As a small gesture of thanks to the wonderful denizens of Wizard City, KingsIsle Entertainment is offering every Wizard a complementary “Party Pack” and encouraging them to throw a grand celebration welcoming Wizard #10,000,001 to the Ravenwood School of Magical Arts. Each Party Pack will contain a decorative banner, balloons, a festive party hat and a celebratory cake.


This is Life’s only variation of a damage bubble. It works much like White Rat Magician, except that there is no alternative to its bubble. This is probably Life’s best bubble war tool, but the availability of this card makes it unreliable. It can replace Sanctuary at lower levels because of a more Life-specific bubble, and Namaste at top level due to the pip cost. Keep in mind that it does eat blades, so you may not want to make this the only bubble you have.

In addition to the special abilities listed above, the gift card pets will be available in colors, patterns, and clothing that cannot be found anywhere else in the game. The first set, Protectors, are available now. Each month beginning in May, a new set will become available to gift card purchasers upon redemption.


Final Bastion Myth’s Archetype: Card Petrify Comments Feed

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Overview of Sync Breeze

Wizard101 will be offline between 3am and approximately 4am Central US Time on February 14th. During this downtime, you will not be able to log in to the game. We apologize for this interruption, and thank you for your patience as we thwart the harmful spells that Malistaire cast on our Wizards today.


Farm the Spiral Cup to get Greenwarden’s gear. I got the hat, which gives 18 energy. You don’t need to do the whole thing, just fight your way up to the second fight. Piper StormTree drops Greenwarden’s Energetic Mask.

We have identified all characters that were affected and will soon be initiating a reimbursement process for all lost items. We believe this will resolve all outstanding character issues, and in the case that we are not able to exactly match any data that was lost, we will err on the side of caution and offer Crowns as compensation to both paying customers and to our Free to Play users who were affected.


Wizard101 (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=1171) the game will be offline starting at 3:00am Central US Time and lasting until approximately 4:30am Central US Time. To find out more about the updates being added at this time, please see our Patch Notes page.

PLANO, TEXAS (September 2, 2021) – Since its launch in September 2008, KingsIsle Entertainment’s flagship game Wizard101 has become one of the most popular online destinations for family entertainment. Over the last two years Wizard101 (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=2582) has received critical acclaim as one of the best massively-multiplayer games on the market. Millions of players have discovered the mysteries of the Spiral, explored hundreds of hours of epic storyline, and joined to create a vibrant player community.


Our terms for in-game communication with other players will remain the same. Violent and abusive behavior, as well as the exchange of personal information is still not acceptable.

We first meet Old Cob in the Black Hole. The dungeon is about halfway through the Hive in Khrysalis.


Balance’s version of the critical/pierce bubble. This is your best bet at top level if you for some reason desperately need to change an opposing bubble. Do not get into a bubble war with this, use it to counter your opponents bubble when your pips will allow it. It also works to add pierce against high resist opponents, like the other critical/pierce bubbles.

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We’ve provided the background, you just have to use your creativity to visualize what Merle and Gamma are talking about in the Crystal Ball. We've made some examples to help spark your imagination. Follow the instructions on the page linked below and once you're happy with your video, post it on an internet video hosting website and email us the link!

If so, you could begin to manifest things you don’t want in your truth. When you have actually determined what you want, ask yourself why you desire these things for yourself. Sometimes, we want certain things because we are affected by others. Knowing what’s true for us and revealing if the things we desire in our lives, are what we truly desire is an essential part of the manifesting process.


If you participated in this exploit, know that we will not tolerate abuse of the systems in place. Using exploits in game is a violation of the Terms of Use and continued exploitation may result in permanent account bans.

This December, Wizard101 is introducing more housing options for its players. In addition to the houses based on the worlds of Wizard City, Krokotopia, Marleybone, Moo Shu and Dragonspyre, players can indulge their inner-decorator by purchasing a house based on one of the seven schools of magic. The houses’ décor reflects the magic schools of life, death, fire, ice, myth, storm and balance.


I think Lineage is a good alternative to Wizard101

If you wish to add a page, bravo, you will be helping everyone who uses this Wiki. A simple request however is to use the templates to ensure that it fits the look of the other pages and ensures your new page can be found. We generally do not delete content but may move it to a more suitable location, or merge it if it is pre-existing.

We also have something special for our young Wizards for this year's Friendship Festival! You can download and print your very own Wizard Valentines!


Starting tonight, we are adding web-based account controls for 18+ chat. Please be aware that although the control will be added to your account, 18+ Chat will NOT be launched tonight.

Previous Site News Archive

If you cannot find an answer within the wiki leave your question on the FAQ page. If you know the answer to question there or have more information to share on one of the questions please edit.


Employers In ATX And Surrounding Areas Seek Qualified Candidates

This chat feature is in response to our community's requests. To ensure the highest level of safety, we have chosen to launch this for our active Subscriber community only. Please note that this option is off by default, and you must actively select this option under Account Management.

Write, edit, and proofread content across mediums including blogs, social, emails, landing pages, case studies, and instructional posts. The emphasis will be on blog content.


Features we need you to test: 1. New Quest helper system - If you're stuck on a quest, highlight it in your Quest Journal and click on the Yellow Arrow Button. You will see an arrow appear on your screen indicating direction and approximate number of steps to the destination for that quest.

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There is a risk about casting Enfeeble from second: if you wait too late, your opponent might have already attacked. This means that not only did your opponent’s attack come fully bladed, but you have wasted three pips on attempting to prevent it. Enfeeble from second works best if you can tell that the opponent will not attack this turn. Alternatively, you might choose to cast the spell when you know that an attack this turn would not really do enough damage to be worth it. That way, even if you did guess wrong, you are still alive and, having only spent three pips against your opponent’s seven to nine, you are still ahead in pips!


With the release of Grizzleheim, Crafting, the Bazaar and updates to our Player vs Player system, we will be starting a new Player vs Player Preview Season. This means that all Player vs Player ranks will be reset. Your Arena Tickets will not be affected, nor will any items that you purchased with your Arena Tickets. This only resets your Player vs Player Rank.

Returning to the match, you select your spell. Your opponent casts one more buff, a Treasure Mythblade, and then you cast your Enfeeble and smirk as all the Conjurer’s blades get destroyed: the Mythblades, the Spirit Blades, and the Dragonblade. Even though your opponent has enough pips to cast Basilisk, it would now only do about 1500 health TOTAL through your resist, even not counting the shields. You breathe a sigh of relief: no matter what, you know you will live to see another turn.