We fixed some bugs and polished the users flow on Strikefleet Omega. Please update for better user experience now!

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Doodle Jump’s endearing hand-drawn visuals are straight from a child’s art book. The game is suitable for kids as well as adults and is a fun time-waster on long journeys.


There's more than one way to expand. Either through diplomacy or war, players can write the history of the galaxy themselves.

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Dragon Mania’s graphics are bright and vibrant. The battle arena looks pretty good as well. The game can be played without an Internet connection if you are not interested in its social features (online leaderboard, Facebook connection).


Free Android Games That Do Not Require an Internet Connection

Creative & Evocative ★★★★★ Totally brilliant design. No gameplay quite like it. Highly recommended.

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The game’s simple touch-based control lets you focus on the jumps while Redford does the running. A single tap will make him jump over obstacles, and a double-tap will make him leap.

Tap on the magnifying glass, enter the name of the game. Tap on the game and then tap on Install. Your game will be downloaded and installed to your Android device.


Guys there's a new game from Zynga - Mountain Goat Mountain. It doesn't require Internet connection to play. However, you must be connected to the Internet for receiving daily rewards.

Legacy is a Doctor Who-themed game with backgrounds, enemies, and characters straight from popular television episodes. It borrows gameplay elements from Puzzle & Dragons, with quite a few new features.


Smurfs’ Village lets you assist those blue creatures in rebuilding their village. It’s one of those city builders and includes fun mini-games to keep your fingers busy tapping and sliding. You will have plenty of buildings, crops, and decorations with which to construct your dream village.

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Almost all new mobile games require players to be online. There’s no choice but to sign in to your Google account and intermittently wait for the game to download additional content. But there are times when you just can’t access the Internet, especially when you are on a road trip or a long journey and don’t have any Wi-Fi hotspots around.


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A perfect game for long bus journeys, Zenonia 3 reminds me of 16-bit J-RPGs. But the graphics look much better—more polished and bright. The game offers tons of exploration-based quests, puzzles, and monster battles that will keep boredom at bay.

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While jumping over platforms, you will come across various objects such as springs, propeller hats, and jetpacks that can propel your character up quickly for a few seconds of fun. For example, jumping on a jetpack will make your character zoom up past several platforms, but eventually, the engines will give out, and you will need to go back to tilting your device until you discover another power-up.


Most of these games do not link to any social network. Some may be ad-supported but are free and do not offer IAP. Check out my profile (click on my pic).

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The top-down visuals of Racing Moto aren’t groundbreaking and are in no way comparable to popular racing games. But its straightforward racing mechanics and risk-and-reward system will appeal to racing fans.


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Mario fans will love every bit of Mega Run’s fast-paced runs and jumps. This horizontal platformer lets you guide the adorable monster Redford through volcanoes, forests, and other terrain, defeating enemies and collecting gems and coins. You will also be collecting power-ups that can make Redford run faster or grow bigger, making it easier for him to snag the loot.