The Tulip comes in 4 colours, red, white, pink and orange. They are rarely found in plains and sunflower plains, but are often found in flower forests.

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Some climbedonto ice floes and joined the penguins, playing and eatingfish as the penguins did. In time, they turned into largepenguins.

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The wooden people, an early version of humanity, wereimperfect because there was nothing in their hearts andminds, and they did not remember Heart of Sky. So Heart ofSky destroyed them with a flood. He sent down a black rainof resin; animals came into their houses and attacked them;and even pots and stones crushed them.


The creator god Viracocha made the earth and sky, and hecreated stone giants to live in it. After a while thegiants became lazy and quarrelsome, and Viracocha decidedto destroy them. Some he turned back to stone, and thesestone statues still exist at Tiahuanaco and Pucara. Hedestroyed the rest with a great flood.

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Long ago, when men had become evil, the Strong SerpentMaskanako came. He was the foe of people, and theybecame embroiled, hating and fighting each other. The smallmen (Mattapewi) fought with Nihanlowit,keeper of the dead. The Strong Serpent resolved to destroyall men, and the Black Serpent brought the snake-waterrushing, spreading everywhere, destroying everything.


We can guarantee that you will like it more than any other FTB mod-pack. You can call it the upgraded ultimate, or you can call it the improved version of monster.

The girlwhom he had asked to marry came down to get water, but shebegan sinking in the mud. As she cried for help, the youngman said it was her own fault, and she soon sank out ofsight. The girl's mother saw this, and to avenge her deathbrought some tame brown bears to the water's edge and,holding their tails, told them to raise a strong wind,hoping in this way to drown the rich youth. The bears beganfuriously digging, raising great waves. The young man'snephews drowned, as did all inhabitants of the villageexcept the infant's mother and her husband. The young man,though, had a magical white stone which, when he threw itahead of him, clove a smooth path through the billows. Thenhe threw a harpoon at the crest of a wave. When it hit, thewave became a mountain, and the harpoon rebounded and stuckin the sky, where medicine-men can see it today. Land hadbeen formed again, and the youth found himself in a spruceforest. Turning to the infant, he found that she had becomea radiant woman.


Being angry with giants, God commanded a man to build alarge canoe. The man did so, and when he embarked, thewater rose till no land was visible anywhere.

In Mario Kart 7, an unlockable kart part called the Koopa Clown is modeled after the Koopa Clown Car. The kart part features a handling boost, but it hinders acceleration and off-road during the process. Actual Koopa Clown Cars appear in the retro battle stage, N64 Big Donut, and in the tracks Wuhu Loop and Neo Bowser City, blowing wind for drivers flying above with gliders; the ones in N64 Big Donut and Neo Bowser City have a green rim and feature Bowser's emblem instead of a face, while the one in Wuhu Loop is featureless and has a teal rim.


Minecraft - finally added gui textures for the Furnace

As in the Huichol myth, a woodman was warned of a comingflood by a woman. He was bidden to take the woodpecker,sandpiper, and parrot with him, as well as the bitch. Heembarked at midnight as the flood began. When the floodsubsided, he waited five days and sent out the sandpiper,which came back and cried, "Ee-wee-wee", indicating theearth was too wet to walk upon.

The first people neglected Kuma the creator, so she madeit rain until only one sand dune and one tree stayed abovewater. People escaped into the tree, but there were onlyleaves and rotten fruit to eat, and when people sat withtheir bottoms towards the water, a big fish would come byand bite them.


When you are walking in one block deep water you can switch to diving by pressing the sneak and then the grab button. If you press the jump button before the grab button you will switch to swimming instead.

The people were unsure how to lowerthe water. A wild pig offered to swim off and break a banklower in the river, and it asked the people to care for itschildren if it drowned. The people agreed, the pig swamoff, and soon the flood water sank. The people decided tomake a new river, with the help of the animals, to preventanother great flood. A snake guided the people and hollowedout the bed of the stream. Thousands of birds paved thechannel with pebbles. Other animals worked to fashion theriver banks and valleys. Only the eagle didn't help, and inpunishment, it is not allowed to drink from the river. Thegoddess Hipararasa came from the south and formed plains bycrushing the mountains. At the central ranges, though, anangry bear protecting its homeland confronted her and bitand wounded her child, so the goddess desisted.


Quilla alwayscame unseen at night. One night Jilucu smeared genipa juiceon his face, telling him it would make him feel fresh. Bymorning the juice turned dark, and Jilucu saw that herlover was the moon. The stars also knew from the moon'sspotted face that they were descended from an incestuousrelationship. They all cried, and their crying producedrain, earthquake, and flood. Volcanoes erupted, new hillsformed, rivers swelled; the earth people were swepteastward by a great river into the sea. From this rivercame the sun, who began his regular course and brought anorderly axis to the world. The moon and stars lost much oftheir power because of the incestuous relationship, makingnight lose most of its light.

A Koopa Clown Car in Super Mario Maker

The first people Etim 'Ne (Old Person) and his wife Ejawcame to earth from the sky. At first, there was no water onearth, so Etim 'Ne asked the god Obassi Osaw for water, andhe was given a calabash with seven clear stones. When Etim'Ne put a stone in a small hole in the ground, water welledout and became a broad lake. Later, seven sons and sevendaughters were born to the couple. After the sons anddaughters married and had children of their own, Etim 'Negave each household a river or lake of its own.


Flowers and Where to Find Them

A fight between the great forces of Good and Evil wasfollowed by an immense flood. It wiped out all traces ofthe previous world and covered all the earth except twoislands. Coyote, the only living thing in the world, stoodon one of the islands (Mount Diablo or Pico Blanco). Oneday, he saw a feather floating on the water. It turned intoEagle as it reached the island. Later, they were joined byHummingbird. This trio created a new race of people. Eagletold Coyote how to find a wife but did not tell him how tomake children. Coyote told the girl to louse him and toswallow the woodtick she found.

Thunderbird was once so angry that he sent the oceanover the land. When it reached the village of theQuillayute, they got into their canoes. The water rose forfour days, covering the mountains. The boats were scatteredby the wind and waves.


Also of note, the platform used by Bowser to power himself up during his final battle against Mario resembles a long, flat version of the Koopa Clown Car, while several smaller, 3-dimensional versions of the Koopa Clown Car can be found in the hangar of Bowser's Castle. All iterations of the Koopa Clown Car use the "angry" face by default in this game and the next.

Sprite of the Koopa Clown Car from Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam

The lake of Llion burst, flooding all lands. Dwyfan andDwyfach escaped in a mastless ship with pairs of every sortof living creature.


Some time after their creation, men grew disobedient. Inanger, Puluga, the Creator, sent a flood which covered thewhole land, except perhaps Saddle Peak where Puluga himselfresided. Of all creatures, the only survivors were two menand two women who had the fortune to be in a canoe when theflood came. The waters sank and they landed, but they foundthemselves in a sad plight. Puluga recreated birds andanimals for their use, but the world was still damp andwithout fire. The ghost of one of the peoples' friends tookthe form of a kingfisher and tried to steal a brand fromPuluga's fire, but he accidentally dropped it on theCreator. Incensed, Puluga hurled the brand at the bird, butit missed and landed where the four flood survivors wereseated. After the people had warmed themselves and hadleisure to reflect, they began to murmur against theCreator and even plotted to murder him. However, theCreator warned them away from such rash action, explainedthat men had brought the flood on themselves by theirdisobedience, and that another such offense would likewisebe met with punishment.

Manabush wanted to punish the evil manidoes, the Anamaqkiu who had killed his brother Wolf. He invented theball game and asked the Thunderers to play against the Anamaqkiu, who appeared from the ground as bears. After thefirst day of play, Manabush made himself into a pine treenear where the manidoes played. When they returned the nextmorning, the manidoes were suspicious of the tree, so thesent for Grizzly Bear to claw it and Serpent to strangleand bite it. Manabush withstood these attacks, allayingtheir suspicion. When the ball play took everyone else faraway, Manabush shot and wounded the two Bear chiefs witharrows and then ran away. The underground Ana maqkiu sooncame back, saw the wounded Bear chiefs, and called for aflood from the earth. Badger hid Manabush in the earth, sothe Ana maqkiu gave up the search just as the water wasstarting to fill Badger's burrow. The underground peopletook their chiefs to a wigwam and sent for an old woman toheal them. Manabush followed, took the old woman's skin anddisguised himself in it. He entered the wigwam, killed thetwo chiefs, and took the bear skins.


The people baked a greatearthen pot, in which two people saved themselves. Sincerattlesnakes were then the friends of man, two rattlesnakeswere saved in the pot, too. The red-headed woodpecker clungto the sky, but the waters rose so high they wet and markedhis tail. When the waters sank, the woodpecker was sent tofind land, but he could find none. The dove was sent nextand came back with a grain of sand.

Hitch a ride in a Koopa Clown Car

The god Burkhan advised a man to build a great ship, andthe man worked on it in the forest for many long days,keeping his intention secret from his wife by telling herhe was chopping wood. The devil, Shitkur, told the wifethat her husband was building a boat and that it would beready soon.


A man's two wives ran away from him. He pursued them toEncounter Bay, saw them at a distance, and angrily criedout for the waters to rise and drown them. A terrible floodwashed over the hills and killed the two women. The watersrose so high that a man named Nepelle, who lived atRauwoke, had to drag his canoe to the top of the hill nowcalled Point Macleay.

Lalohona, a woman from the depths of the sea, wasenticed ashore by Konikonia with a series of images. Shewarned him that her parents, Kahinalii andHinakaalualumoana, would cause the ocean to flood the landso that her brothers, the pao'o fish, may search forher. At her suggestion, they fled to the mountains andbuilt their home in the tops of the tallest trees. Afterten days, Kahinalii sent the ocean; it rose and overwhelmedthe land. The people fled to the mountains, and the floodcovered the mountains; they climbed the trees, and theflood rose above the trees and drowned them all. But thewaters began to subside just as they reached the door ofKonikonia's house. When the waters retreated, he and hispeople returned to their land.


To sprint you have to move forward and click and hold the sprint button (default “TAB”). Sprinting is currently possible for walking, swimming diving, crawling, and climbing.

Makunaima created the birds and animals and put his son,Sigu, in charge of them. Makunaima created a great treefrom which all food plants grew. Agouti discovered it firstbut kept it secret, but Sigu sent Rat to follow him, andthe secret was out. Sigu decided it would be best to chopdown the tree and plant the seeds and cuttings so that thefood would be widespread. This they did, but Iwarrika, themonkey, didn't help, so Sigu sent him to fetch water withan open-work basket. When the tree was felled, the animalsdiscovered the hollow stump was filled with watercontaining all kinds of fresh-water fish. But the waterbegan overflowing and threatened to flood the land, so Siguwove a magic basket and covered the trunk with it. WhenIwarrika returned, he saw the basket and, thinking the bestfruits were under it, lifted it to look. A torrent of waterflooded out and covered the countryside. Sigu led the birdsand climbing animals to tall cocorite trees on the highesthill. He led the other animals to a cave and covered itsentrance with wax, first giving them a long thorn withwhich to pierce the wax to determine when the water wentdown.


Once a tribe, digging forbadgers, dug deep into the earth and cut through the shellof Tortoise. Tortoise began to sink, and water rose throughthe knife cut. The water covered all the ground and drownedall the people except one man, Nu-mohk-muck-a-nah, whoescaped in a large canoe to a mountain in the west. Today,a plank structure called the "big canoe" stands in thecentral plaza of a Mandan village. The Mandans celebratethe subsidence of the flood every year with a ceremonycalled Mee-nee-ro-ka-ha-sha, held when willow leavesare fully grown because the twig that the turtle-dovebrought home had such leaves. In the ceremony, a manrepresenting the survivor collects edged tools from eachhousehold; these are later thrown into a deep pool.

Animals emerged from bamboos which cracked open and went to live in deep forests

Shortly after the peopling of the world, a fishermancarelessly let his hooks get entangled in the hair of thesea god Ruahatu, who was reposing among the coral, anddisturbed the god's rest when wrenching them out. The angrygod surfaced, upbraided the fisherman, and threatened todestroy the land in revenge. The fisherman prostratedhimself and apologized profusely. Moved by his penitence,Ruahatu told him to go with his wife and child toToamarama, a small low island (not more than two feet abovesea level) in a lagoon on the east side of Raiatea. This hedid, taking also some domesticated animals. As the sun set,the ocean waters began to rise and continued rising allnight. The other inhabitants fled to the mountains, but atlast even these were covered, and everyone on Raiateaperished.


In its early appearances, the Koopa Clown Car has a similar appearance to its Paper Mario depiction. Starting from Mario Party 9, it has since used its usual appearance.

However, these weapons are not all revealed in the beginning of the battle. The battle starts out with just laser gun blasts, and for approximately every four times Bowser is hit with blasts from the Star Rod, he becomes angrier and summons additional weapons, eventually progressing to a full-scale assault, with laser gun blasts and Bullet Bill cannons being fired simultaneously. In Mario Party 9, Bowser appears in the Koopa Clown Car at the end of a stage. Bowser and Bowser Jr. also ride their vehicles together in the ending. In Mario Party: Island Tour, Bowser uses the Koopa Clown Car for transportation and during Bowser's Ballistic Blowout. The Koopa Clown Car is used by Bowser for all three of the Bowser's Gauntlet minigames in Mario Party: Star Rush. The Clown Car makes a minor appearance in Mario Party: The Top 100 where it replaces Bowser's unnamed hovercraft in The Final Battle!


JMCT's Fiskheroes Pack Minecraft Mod

To swim stop holding the forward button and press and hold the jump button instead until you reach the surface. Then press and hold the forward button again to swim.

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After asking the tree for permission, the boy gavethem refuge on the branches of the laurel. Later, a groupof mosquitoes flew by and also asked to be saved. Again,the boy asked the tree for permission, was granted it, andgave the mosquitoes rest. Then another boy floated by andasked to be saved. This time the tree refused permissionwhen its son asked. The son asked twice more, and after thethird time the tree said, "Do what you like," and the sonrescued the other boy. At last the tree came to rest on thesummit of a mountain. The insects expressed their gratitudeand left. The two boys, being very hungry, went and found ahouse where an old woman lived with her own daughter and afoster-daughter. As everyone else in the world had perishedand the subsiding waters allowed farming again, the womandecided to marry her daughters to the boys, her own goingto the cleverer boy.


The woman's mother gave him anaphrodisiac, and he became her husband. When he returned tohis home on earth, she took the form of a snake. She becamepregnant, and the man had to go out hunting. While he wasout, his two earthly wives discovered the snake andtormented her, and she returned to her father.

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Because someone displeased the gods, a heavy rain beganpouring down, and water gushed from the broken ground,swelling the rivers. For the first time, the wise Se-eh-ha(Elder Brother) did not know what to do. Some people ran upSlanting Mountain (Superstition Mountain) and prayed to theGreat Spirit to stop the flood, but when the waterthreatened to swallow them up, they turned into rocks infright. Se-eh-ha and his brother Juvet-Makai (EarthMedicine Man) hurriedly made canoes and rode out the floodin them. Coyote used his magic to turn himself small andcrawl into his bamboo flute, in which he floated. Somebirds, including the swallow, buzzard, raven, oriole, andhummingbird, clung to the sky with their bills. The floodrose high enough to drench their tails, leaving themdrenched-looking for all time. The flood lasted four days,and Se-eh-ha, Juvet-Makai, and Coyote were tossed indifferent directions. Coyote landed on a high mountain nearthe Colorado River; his flute was tightly stuck in therocks, so he left it there. He left to look for Se-eh-haand Juvet-Makai, finding them at Slanting Mountainsurveying the desolated land. Elder Brother rubbed somedust off his chest onto the ground, where it turned intoants.


Five days later, the woman and her family left. Theother villagers continued drinking without a care. PariaCaca climbed Matao Coto, a mountain which overlooks thevillage, and rising up as red and yellow hail, caused atorrential rainstorm.

Then Christ sent down the hawk andhummingbird and finally came himself. He turned the peopleupside down, and they became monkeys. Christ repopulatedthe world by turning the dead fish back into people.


Two boys found that the game they had hunted for a feastkept disappearing while they were gone. One stayed in campand discovered a large snake was responsible. They built afire to drive the snake out of the hollow in a tree, whereit lived. The snake fell in the fire, and one of thebrothers ate some of its roasted flesh.

A buzzard told a man working in the fields not to workanymore and caused all the trees that had been cut to riseagain. The buzzard told the man to make a box for himselfand take along in it a dog and a chicken. The man survivedthe flood in this box. When the waters lowered, the chickenturned into a buzzard, and the man lived with the dog. Theman found that someone prepared tortillas for him while hewas away at work. One day he returned home and saw thebitch remove her skin and grind corn.


The Meiji Era Flans Content Pack Minecraft Mod

The good spirit Makunaima ("He who works in the night")created the heaven and earth. When he had created plantsand trees, he came down from his heavenly mansion, climbeda tree, and chipped off bark with a large stone axe. Thechips turned into animals of all kinds when they fell intothe river at the base of the tree. Next, Makunaima createdman, and after the man had fallen asleep, he awoke to finda woman beside him. Later the evil spirit got more power onearth, so Makunaima sent a great flood. Only one mansurvived in a canoe. He sent a rat to see whether the floodhad abated, and the rat returned with a cob of maize.

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He stories below are flood storiesfrom the world's folklore. I have included stories here if(1) they are stories; (2) they are folklore, not historicalaccounts or fiction by a known author; and (3) they involvea flood. In most borderline cases, I included the storyhere anyway. For example, one story (Hopi) tells of a flood which was avoidedand never occurred.


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When the rainscame, only a few people made it to the mountain tops andshut their eyes. Those who looked at the flood turned intoa fish or frog (as did some who were caught in the flood);if they looked at the sky, they turned into a bird. Thepeople sitting on the mountains were told, when they gothungry, to think of food, and Dios would feed them. Aftereighty days, Dios told the 24 people remaining to opentheir eyes and come down. These 24 people went into 24mountains. Eight other people survived the flood who wereable to travel by looking where they wanted to go, and theywere there. These people told the Apaches about the floodbefore going into two mountains themselves. Dios told themto stay there until the world is destroyed.

The sun and moon are man and wife, and their best friendwas flood, whom they often visited. They often invitedflood to visit them, but he demurred, saying their housewas too small. Sun and moon built a much larger house, andflood could no longer refuse their invitation.


Coyote lived with two little boys whom he had got bydeceit from one of the Wood-duck sisters. Everybody abusedthe boys, so Coyote decided to set the world on fire. Hedug a tunnel at the east end of the world, filled it withfir bark, and lit it. With his two children in a sack, hecalled for rescue from the sky. Spider descended and tookCoyote back up through the gates of the sky. When they cameback, everything was roasted. Coyote drank too much waterand got sick.

Puti-orla-bulan had three sons and three daughtersfrom whom the human race is descended. Later, the earth wasreplaced onto the head of the snake, and there has been aconstant struggle between the snake, wanting to be free ofits burden, and the deity. Batara Guru sent his sonLayang-layang-mandi ("Diving Swallow") to bind NagaPadoha's hands and feet, but the serpent still strugglesand causes earthquakes, and it will again throw the earthinto the sea when it breaks its fetters.


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Meanwhile, Elder Brother had begunfashioning, out of black gum, a jar in which to savehimself, and he announced his purpose to the Creator. TheCreator called the people together and warned them of thenearing flood. He thrust his staff into the ground, boringa hole all the way through the earth. Some people tookrefuge in the hole. Other people appealed, futilely, toElder Brother. Elder Brother did tell coyote to find a biglog on which to float safely on the flood. Elder Brotherclosed himself in the jar, known as Black House, and theflood came. The jar bobbed on the waters until it came torest near the mouth of the Colorado River. It may be seenthere today; it is called Black Mountain. The Creatorsurvived the flood by enclosing himself in his reed staffand floating.

When the flood waters began to rise, a man named Tezpientered into a great vessel, taking with him his wife andchildren and diverse seeds and animals. When the watersabated, the man sent out a vulture, but the bird foundplenty of corpses to eat and didn't return. Other birdsalso flew away and didn't return.


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By the third year, this stream driedup. Bubo climbed the sun-moon tree on Mount Bachi to heavento fight Thunder God. Qigao, one of the thunder soldiers,told Bubo that Thunder God was determined to kill peoplewith drought and pointed out his location. Bubo caught himand made him promise to send rain in three days, butThunder God went back on his promise. Qigao brought worldthat Thunder God was grinding his axe. Bubo put a slipperysurface on his roof and instructed his wife and children tostand ready with clubs and a net. Thunder God came in arainstorm and tried to land on Bubo's house but slipped offand was captured. Bubo imprisoned Thunder God in a granary,warning his family not to give him an ax or any water, buthis children, Fuyi and his sister, were enticed to give himsome indigo ink, and the moisture gave Thunder God thestrength to escape. The children were angry that he hadtricked them, but Thunder God promised that he would repaythem by saving them from the flood that he would bring in afew days. He gave them one of his teeth and told them toplant it. They did so, and it grew into a vine with a giantgourd fruit.

Unktehi puffed up her body to make the Missourioverflow, and the little water monsters, her children, didthe same with other streams and lakes. This caused a greatflood which covered the country. Only a few people escapedto the highest mountain, and the waves threatened to killthem. The thunderbirds liked people, so they fought thewater monsters for several years. In time, it became clearthat the thunderbirds were losing when they fought close,so they retreated to the sky and, all together, sent theirlightning bolts. This burned the forests, boiled the water,and turned the earth red hot, except where the people hadtaken refuge.


He smoked it until hefell senseless. They took him back to their village, wherehe awoke and began to dance and sing. But his behavior andunintelligible speech so alarmed the Carayas that theypacked up and left. This angered Anatiua, and he turnedhimself into a giant piranha and followed them, carryingmany calabashes full of water. The Carayas didn't heed hiscalls to stop, so he smashed his calabashes one at a time,making the water rise until only the mountains at the mouthof the Tapirape River were exposed. The Carayas took refugeon the two peaks of those mountains. Anatiua called on thefish to drag the people into the water. The jahu,pintado, and pacu failed, but thebicudo managed to scale the mountain from behind andpull the people from the summit; a lagoon still marks wherethey fell.

A few people escaped to thetops of high mountains, but more were saved in theircanoes. They were scattered and, when the waters went down,they landed and settled in various spots.


The waterrose to cover the earth, and people took refuge in thehighest trees. There they perished from cold and hunger,for it continued to be dark and rainy. Only Uassu and hiswife survived. When they came down after the flood, theycould not find even a sign of a single corpse.

Smart Moving Mod 1/8.9/1/7.10 adds many animations and new functions, giving two controls that you need to key bind, the sprinting key and the grab key. Smart Moving Mod is very intuitive with it’s controls allowing for a lot of new functions that allow you to navigate the terrain much faster, smoother and overall much more effectively.


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To slide on the ground you have to start sprinting first. Then press the sneak button while pressing the grab button.

Finally,they came to rest on a small piece of land, and SpiderWoman unsealed their reeds and pulled them out by the topsof their heads. They still had as much food as they startedwith. They sent out birds to find more land, but to noavail. They grew a tall reed and climbed it, but they sawonly water. But guided by their inner wisdom (which comesfrom Sotuknang through the door at the top of their head),the people traveled on, using the reeds as canoes. Theywent northeast, finding progressively larger islands. Thelast of these was large and fruitful, and people wanted tostay there, but Spider Woman urged them on. They wentfurther northeast, paddling hard as if going uphill, untilthey came to the Fourth World. The shores were rocky withseemingly no place to land, but by opening the doors at thetops of their head, they found a current that took them toa sandy beach.


In another version, the buzzard stayed to eat the deadand was condemned to be a scavenger. A heron was sent next,fulfilled its mission, and was allowed to eat fish as areward. A raven was sent, and its obedience was rewarded bypermitting it to eat fruit and corn.

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The Creator molded new peoplefrom clay at Tiahuanacu. On each figure, the Creatorpainted dress and hair style, and he gave each nationdistinctive language, songs, and seeds to plant.


Water covered the world except for the top of thehighest mountain. People escaped to there, but they werestarving. The water went down, leaving the ground a softmud. The people rolled down rocks to see if the mud washard enough to support them. When the rocks stayed on topof the mud, the people went down. But the mud was not hardenough, and the people sank out of sight. Ravens came andstood at the holes where the people had gone down, oneRaven at each hole. When the ground hardened, the ravensturned into people.

A man fishing in a lake caught a young bunyip, afearsome water monster. His companions begged him to let itgo lest he anger the water monsters by killing it, but herefused to listen and began carrying it away. Thebunyip's mother, in a rage, caused the waters of thelake to follow the man who had taken her young. The watersrose higher and higher, covering all the country.


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Two brother escaped a great flood on top of the tallmountain Huaca-yñan. As the water rose, the mountainalso rose. When the water lowered and their provisions wereconsumed, the brother descended, built a small house, andate herbs and roots, living a miserable existence of hungerand toil. One day, they returned home to find food andchicha drink prepared. After ten days of this, tofind out who their benefactor was, the elder brother hidand presently saw two macaws, dressed like Cañaris,enter the house and begin to prepare food they had broughtwith them. The man saw that they were beautiful and hadfaces of women, and he came out of hiding.


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Later on in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, Bowser, after failing to get a ride on the Cheep Blimp, uses his Koopa Clown Car to get to Glitzville. Unfortunately, the Koopa Clown Car breaks-down in mid-flight and crashes into the ocean, where Bowser apparently left it.

The sky fell and hit the water, causing high breakersthat flooded all the land. That is why one can find shellsand redwood logs on the highest ridges. Two women and twomen jumped into a boat when they saw the water coming, andthey were the only people saved.


Léxuwakipa, the rusty brown spectacled ibis, feltoffended by the people, so she let it snow so much that icecame to cover the entire earth. This happened at the timeof Yáiaasága, when men seized power from thewomen. When the ice melted, it rapidly flooded all theearth. People hurried to their canoes, but many didn't makeit, and more perished when they couldn't find shelteredplaces. Some people reached the five mountaintops whichstayed above the flood. These mountains were Usláka,Wémarwaia, Auwáratuléra,Welalánux, and Piatuléra. The water stayed atits high mark for two days and then rapidly lowered. Signsof the floodwaters still show up on those mountains. Thefew families which survived rebuilt their huts on theshore.

Menaboshu regarded all animals as his kin. Once, whentimes were bad, he asked the wolves for some food. The foodwas so good that he asked to hunt with them, which theyallowed. After ten days of hunting, they reached acrossroads; the wolves determined to go one way, andMenaboshu went another, taking with him a little wolf whomhe loved dearly as a brother. They then hunted sometimestogether and sometimes alone. Menaboshu warned the wolf tostay away from a certain lake, knowing that his worst enemythe serpent-king lived there. But this warning just madethe wolf curious, and three days later he ventured out onthe ice of the lake. The ice broke under him, and he wasdrowned. Menaboshu waited five days for the wolf's return;then he began wailing, knowing that the serpent-king hadgot him. Menaboshu could not get the serpent-king in thewinter, so he came to the lake in the spring.


Two great serpents made the sea rise to determine whichof them had the more powerful magic. The flood came after astrong earthquake and volcanic eruption. The people tookrefuge on a mountain called Thegtheg ("thundering" or"sparkling") which floated close to the sun.

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Messou was hunting with his dogs, when his dogs gotcaught in a large lake. He couldn't find them until a birdtold him that it had seen the lost dogs in the lake. Messouentered the lake to rescue them, but the lake overflowed,covered the land, and destroyed the world. Messou sentfirst a raven and then an otter to find a piece of earth,but neither could find any. He next sent down a muskrat,which dived and returned with just a tiny amount of land,but enough for Messou to form the land we are on. Messoufired arrows into the trunks of trees, and the arrowsturned into branches. He took revenge on those who haddetained his dogs.


Nenebojo went hunting every day while his brother stayedhome. One day, he returned to find his brother missing. Hissearching brought him to the shore of a lake, where he sawa kingfisher looking into the water. The bird would nottell Nenebojo what it saw until Nenebojo painted itsfeathers; then it said it saw Nenebojo's brother, whoseskin the water-spirits were using as a door flap. It alsotold where the water-spirits sun themselves. Nenebojo wentthere and, using his rod, assumed the shape of a rottenstump for a disguise. When the lions came out of the water,they were suspicious of the new stump until one broke off apiece and saw it was rotten. When they had gone to sleep,Nenebojo struck them on their heads with his rod. As he didso, the lake's water rose. He fled; a woodpecker directedhim to a tall pine tree on a mountain.

Half of the land mass Kumari Kandam, which was south ofIndia, sank in a great flood, destroying the first TamilSangam (literary academy). The people moved to the otherhalf and established the second Tamil Sangam there, but therest of Kumari too sank beneath the sea.


Two twin sons of a great wizard, one good and the otherevil, were always arguing. One day the angered good brotherstamped so hard that the earth opened and water gushed out,shooting as high as the clouds. The water covered the wholeworld.

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Menaboshu fled,hopping from mountain to mountain, but the waves followedhim. He climbed to the top boughs of a fir tree on the topof one tall mountain, and the waters stopped rising just asthey reached his mouth. Menaboshu stayed there five daysand nights. Finally, he saw a loon swim by, and he asked itdo dive for some earth. The loon did so repeatedly, butwithout success. Then Menaboshu saw the body of a drownedmuskrat. He breathed on it to restore it to life and askedit to dive. The muskrat dived and, though it came up dead,it had a few grains of earth. Menaboshu dried these andblew them over the water. Where they landed, they grew intoislands, and these grew together, with Menaboshu'sguidance, into continents.


Wenebojo prepared two arrows by rubbing them on the lips of women having their first menses

Masmasalanich, who created man, fastened the earth tothe sun to keep the earth from sinking and to keep the sunat the proper distance. One day he stretched the rope, sothe earth sank and the water ran over it, eventuallycovering even the tops of the mountains. A fierce stormbroke out at the same time. Many people who had taken toboats were drowned in the storm, and others were driven faraway.

Oye, Coyote-man, and Wekwek, Falcon-man, quarreled. Oyetook all the people with him across the ocean and made rainto cover the world with water. Wekwek flew and flew butcould find no place to rest.


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Wenebojo went on and met an oldlady carrying basswood bark. He told her he wasn'tWenebojo, and the old lady told him that they were layingout basswood to detect Wenebojo, and that she was doctoringthe wounded kings. Wenebojo learned her song and her route;then he killed her, skinned her, and put on her skin. Hehad to shave off his calf muscles to make it fit. With thisdisguise, he got entrance into the king's house. He saw hisnephew's skin hanging there, which made him angry. Twosnakes on either side of the door watched him suspiciously,but he told them his medicine wouldn't work with themwatching. He went to the kings and pushed his arrowsdeeper, killing them. He ran out, breaking through basswoodstrings in his escape. The manidog saw the basswoodmoving and sent water there.

Iskender-Iulcarni (Alexander the Great), in the courseof his conquests, demanded tribute from Katife, Queen ofSmyrna. She refused insultingly and threatened to drown theking if he persisted. Enraged at her insolence, theconqueror determined to punish the queen by drowning her ina great flood. He employed Moslem and infidel workmen tomake a strait of the Bosphorus, paying the infidel workmenone-fifth as much as the Moslems got. When the canal wasnearly completed, he reversed the pay arrangements, givingthe Moslems only one-fifth as much as the infidels. TheMoslems quit in disgust and left the infidels to finish thecanal. The Black Sea swept away the last dike and drownedthe workmen. The flood spread over Queen Katife's country(drowning her) and several cities in Africa. The wholeworld would have been engulfed, but Iskender-Iulcarni wasprevailed upon to open the Strait of Gibraltar, letting theMediterranean escape into the ocean.


The Master of Spirits, angered at the people for notgiving the offerings due him, caused a heavy rain to fallfor several days, drowning the people. Only a few survived,escaping by canoe to an isolated mountain.

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All the honeycombs that a man cut out were no good. Hewent on and cut and ate a palm tree. He heard bees talking,saying "Gu-gu" ["water"]. He ran back to others and toldthem that he had unknowingly done wrong to a djangpalm tree. They tried to burn the tree, but water came upfrom it. One girl ran up a hill calling out; the othersclimbed a manbaderi tree. The tree fell, and thosein it drowned.


A prophet was sent by the high god to warn of a comingflood, but nobody took notice. When the flood came, theprophet took to a raft. After several months, he saw ablack bird. He signaled it, but it just cawed and flewaway. Later, he sighted and signaled a bluish bird. Thebird flapped, moaned dolorously, and guided the rafttowards where the sun was breaking through. Next morning,he landed on an island with all kinds of animals.

When the deluge came, Pawpaw Nan-chaung and his sisterChang-hko saved themselves in a large boat. They took withthem nine cocks and nine needles. When the storm and rainhad passed, they each day threw out one cock and one needleto see whether the waters were falling. On the ninth day,they finally heard the cock crow and the needle strikebottom. They left their boat, wandered about, and came to acave home of two nats or elves. The elves bade themstay and make themselves useful, which they did. Soon thesister gave birth, and the old elfin woman minded the babywhile its parents were away at work. The old woman, who wasa witch, disliked the infant's squalling, and one day tookit to a place where nine roads met, cut it to pieces, andscattered its blood and body about. She carried some of thetidbits back to the cave, made it into a curry, and trickedthe mother into eating it. When the mother learned this,she fled to the crossroads and cried to the Great Spirit toreturn her child and avenge its death. The Great Spirittold her he couldn't restore her baby, but he would makeher mother of all nations of men.


In early times, the earth was full of malign creaturesfashioned by the evil Ahriman. The angel Tistar (the starSirius) descended three times, in the form of man, horse,and bull respectively, causing ten days and nights of raineach time. Each rain drop became as big as a bowl, and thewater rose the height of a man over the whole earth. Thefirst flood drowned the creatures, but the dead noxiouscreatures went into holes in the earth. Before returning tocause the second flood, Tistar, in the form of a whitehorse, battled the demon Apaosha, who took the form of ablack horse. Ormuzd blasted the demon with lightning,making the demon give a cry which can still be heard inthunderstorms, and Tistar prevailed and caused rivers toflow. The poison washed from the land by the second floodmade the seas salty.

A woman "clothed with the sun" gave birth to a man childwho was taken up by God. The woman then lived in thewilderness, where the Devil-dragon, cast down to earth,persecuted her.


To start climbing along ceilings hold the grab button when below, but not too far below, the climbable ceiling. To stop ceiling climbing simply release the grab button.

The people coughed andchoked but continued their evil ways. The Great Spirit sentrains to extinguish the fires and destroy the people. Thepeople moved to the hills as the waters rose. Spotted Bear,the medicine man, said they would be safe as long as theyhad buffalo, but there were no buffalo around. The youngmen went hunting for buffalo, revising their treatment ofnature as they went. The waters rose, and people climbed tothe mountains. Finally, two men came back with the hide ofa white bull buffalo which had tried to climb to themountains but had drowned in the floodwaters, though a cowand young buffalo survived. Spotted Bear announced that,since the people were no longer destroying the world, thatbuffalo would save those who were left. With help fromother medicine men, he scraped and stretched the hide,stretching it over the whole village. Each day the wet hidestretched farther, until it covered all of YellowstoneValley.


The earth split open, and water flowed from thecracks and covered everything. The Creating Power floatedon the sacred pipe and his huge pipe bag. All people andanimals were destroyed except Kangi, the crow. It was verytired and three times asked the Creating Power to make aplace for it to rest. The Creating Power opened his pipebag, which contained all manner of animals and birds, andselected four known for their diving abilities. He sang asong and commanded the loon to dive and bring up mud, butthe loon failed. Likewise, the water was too deep for otterand beaver. But the turtle succeeded in bringing up alittle mud. The Creating Power took the mud and, singing,spread it out on the water. After the fourth song, therewas enough land for himself and the crow.

At one time, people didn't die; instead, they just sleptawhile and woke up refreshed. After many lives, some gottired of being human and turned into rocks, clouds,animals, and such.


The Koopa Clown Car is seen again during the ending of the game, with a Shy Guy riding inside while Bowser and his troops are repairing the damage done to the castle by the Smithy Gang. The Koopa Clown Car makes a final appearance during the credits, emerging from a float made in the likeness of Bowser's Keep when Croco and his flunkies are attempting to loot it. Bowser, from within the Koopa Clown Car, gives chase to Croco until Booster hijacks the Koopa Clown Car from him.

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In the Nintendo Switch port, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, the Koopa Clown returns from Mario Kart 7 as an additional kart body. The Koopa Clown Car appearances from the Mario Kart 8 DLC are also present in the base game.


This map features a large area to explore and loot, including cities, farmland, highways, open road, mountains, and much more! A massive amount of time went into crafting every small detail of our world!

After the earth had become peopled, the great eagle tolda seer in the Gila valley, on three occasions, to warn thepeople about a great flood that would soon come, but theseer ridiculed him and ignored his warnings. Scarcely hadthe bird gone for the third time when a tremendous clap ofthunder was heard. When morning came, the earth trembled,and a great green wall of water roared down the valley anddestroyed everything in it. Szeukha, son of Chiowotmahke(Earth maker), saved himself by floating on a ball of pineresin. When the water receded somewhat, he landed on amountain above the Salt River; his cave and tools can stillbe seen there. Szeukha made a ladder that reached into theclouds and went to fight the great eagle, whom he thoughthad caused the flood. They fought long, but at last hekilled the eagle. He found the bones and corpses of thepeople which the eagle had abducted and returned them tolife. He also rescued a pregnant woman and her child. Theeagle had stolen her and taken her for his wife.


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I've already reached out to some people and they haven't been able to come up with anything, so I figured I would see if anyone here is able to help. Also, because money helps motivate, I'll be giving 50k to the first person to find each of these two images.

The descendants of Captain Ouiot asked Chinigchinich forvengeance upon their chief. Chinigchinich appeared to themand told them that those of them with the power to causerain were the once to achieve vengeance by inundating theearth and so destroying every living thing. The rains came;the sea swelled in over the earth, covering all the landexcept a high mountain, where a few people had gone withthe person who caused the rain with songs of supplicationto Chinigchinich to drown their enemies. Every other animalon earth was destroyed.


The Sun, the Moon, and their two children "Old Man" and"Apistotoki God" began creating the world. They were givensand, stone, water, and the hide of a fisher with which tocomplete the creation. A flood came, and they could saveonly those four things. Later, they created an old man, adog, a man, and a woman.

The great sage Manu, son of Vivasvat, practiced austerefervor. He stood on one leg with upraised arm, looking downunblinkingly, for 10,000 years. While so engaged on thebanks of the Chirini, a fish came to him and asked to besaved from larger fish. Manu took the fish to a jar and, asthe fish grew, from thence to a large pond, then to theriver Ganga, then to the ocean. Though large, the fish waspleasant and easy to carry. Upon being released into theocean, the fish told Manu that soon all terrestrial objectswould be dissolved in the time of the purification. It toldhim to build a strong ship with a cable attached and toembark with the seven sages (rishis) and certainseeds, and to then watch for the fish, since the waterscould not be crossed without it. Manu embarked as enjoinedand thought on the fish. The fish, knowing his desire,came, and Manu fastened the ship's cable to its horn. Thefish dragged the ship through roiling waters for manyyears, at last bringing it to the highest peak of Himavat,which is still known as Naubandhana ("the Binding of theShip"). The fish then revealed itself as Parjapati Brahmaand said Manu shall create all living things and all thingsmoving and fixed.


The young wolves divided the spoils into four, but one of them retained the tongue and upper lip

The one who had dreamed stayed outside andtold the others it was raining, the water was coming, theearth will be destroyed. All the other houses were blownaway. He came into the earth lodge and leaned against thepole. At last the pole came loose too. The one who dreamedwas the last destroyed of all the people. The world wasdestroyed and water alone was left. After some time,Olelbes (He-Who-Is-Above) looked down all around andfinally saw something barely visible in the north in themiddle of the water.

Crawling can be made togglable via the configuration file. When toggled on it can be toggled off by pressing the sneak button again to enter sneaking of by pressing the jump button to stand up immediately.


People are digging up all sorts of unused art assets from the latest Nintendo leak. Here's some screenshots of some examples. Bowser from SMW apparently had legs at one time?

Also in the beginning of Paper Mario, Bowser uses the regular Koopa Clown Car to invade Star Haven and burst through a window in Princess Peach's Castle. Bowser also uses the Koopa Clown Car to temporarily escape after being beaten in Princess Peach's Castle.

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God told a man to stop working, because a flood wascoming. The man was told to build a canoe to save himselfand his family. After the deluge came and went, the manbegan to cook the bodies of the dead animals. Saint Petersmelled the smoke and came to investigate.

Zombie Apocalypse City Map for 1.8

People made the lizards angry first by making a lot ofnoise and then by teasing them. Finally, the peopleincurred the wrath of the Lizard Man, who caused it to rainfor days, and the water rose. People climbed to the highestmountain, but still the rain came and the water rosehigher.


The sea monster continuedits exertions, and the water continued to rise, until eventhe highest mountain was covered. Wissaketchak sent a duckto dive for earth, but the duck could not reach the bottomand drowned. He then sent the muskrat, which, after a longtime, returned with its throat full of slime. Wissaketchakmoulded this slime into a disk and floated it on the water;it resembled a nest such as muskrats make on ice. The diskswelled, and Wissaketchak made it grow more by blowing onit.

Right after its absence in Super Paper Mario and Paper Mario: Sticker Star (Junior Clown Car notwithstanding regarding the latter game), the Koopa Clown Car makes a cameo appearance in Paper Mario: Color Splash during the end credits where Bowser rides it, attached to the airship float. The Junior Clown Car also can be seen in the storage room behind the Emerald Circus tent, but concept art shows that it was originally going to be the Koopa Clown Car.


Additionally you can start sliding from forward jumping or flying. Just hit the ground while pressing the sneak and the grab button.

Resident Evil 2 Rebitten Bedrock Minecraft Map & Project

Nexquiriac sent down a great flood to punish mankind forits very wicked ways. He instructed one good man to make alarge box and to preserve himself in it, along with manyanimals and seeds of certain plants. When the flood wasalmost over, Nexquiriac told the man not to come out, butto bury the box, along with himself, until the face of theearth had been burned.


Lip meets Bowsette by kkusanagitw

Theone man survived in a canoe he had built, and he rescuedanimals from the waters as he sailed about. In time, hesent the beaver, otter, muskrat, and arctic duck to diveinto the water in search of earth, but only the ducksucceeded, bringing some slime on its claws.

The first people were living in what is now the middleof the sea. In ignorance, some of them knocked amaar rock, a dangerous Dreaming rock. After theywent home, rain fell for a long time, and fresh water camerunning in search of them. In panic, the people swam aroundtrying to get to dry land. There was no place they could goexcept for the rock Aragaladi, but Aragaladi was not a realrock; Snake had made it rise up for them. Snake camelooking for the people, urinating salt water. A man camefrom the mainland in a canoe, but he drowned in the middleof the sea. Snake came and swallowed the people and latervomited their bones. She made the place deep with seawater. Those first people became rocks.


Sprite of a Shy Guy piloting the Koopa Clown Car from Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

The ocean was once enclosed in a small pot kept by a manand his wife under the roof of their hut to fill theirlarger pots. The man told his daughter-in-law never totouch it because it contained their sacred ancestors.

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The nextmorning, all but those three children had been transformedinto deer. The children went to a very high mountain. Raincame and flooded all but the mountaintop. The childrenasked an old man what he could do; he said he didn't know,but he dug all night while the children slept. In themorning, he woke the children.


The old woman of the sea, jealous of Eagle's power, camewith her basket in which she carried the sea. Shecontinually poured out water until it covered the land,almost to the top of Santa Lucia Peak where the animalsgathered. Eagle borrowed Puma's whiskers, made a lariatfrom them, and lassoed the basket. The sea stopped rising,and the old woman died. Eagle told Dove to fetch up somemud, and he made the world from it. Eagle shaped the firstpeople, a woman and two men, from elder-wood. Aftersweating in a sweat-house, he blew on them and gave themlife.

A man survived the deluge in his canoe. He sent forth araven, but it did not return, and in punishment it waschanged from white to black.


Debata, the Creator, sent a flood to destroy everyliving thing when the earth grew old and dirty. The lastpair of humans took refuge on the highest mountain, and theflood had already reached their knees, when Debata repentedhis decision to destroy mankind. He tied a clod of earth toa thread and lowered it. The last pair stepped onto it andwere saved.

Survivors of the flood escaped in a canoe. God sent thevulture out to see if the earth was dry enough, but thevulture didn't return because it was devouring the drownedcorpses.


God sent the buzzard, turkey buzzard, and churn-owlto investigate, but they stayed to eat dead bodies. Godcondemned them always to eat dead bodies. God then sent thehawk, which reported back.

Nenebojo climbed thetree and began building a raft, which he finished just asthe waters reached his neck. He put pairs of all kinds ofanimals on the raft and floated about. After a while, hesent otter to dive for some earth, but the otter returnedwithout any. Next, beaver was sent, but in vain. Next hesent muskrat, who returned with a little sand in its clawsand mouth. He dried the grains and blew them into the waterwith the horn he had used to summon the animals. Theyformed an island, which Nenebojo enlarged. He sent a ravento determine its size, but it didn't return. He next sent ahawk, which reported back that the raven had been eatingdead bodies on the shore, so Nenebojo cursed the ravennever to have anything to eat but what it steals. Afteranother interval, Nenebojo sent a caribou to explore thesize.


When the Squamish saw the great flood coming, they helda council and decided to make a giant canoe. The men workedday and night to make this canoe, the biggest ever, and thewomen made a long rope of oiled cedar fibers with whichthey tied the canoe to a giant rock. They put every babyinto the canoe, with food and water. They selected thebravest young man and the mother of the youngest baby to goas their guardians. No one cried as the waters rose anddrowned everyone else. After several days, the man saw aspeck far to the south. By the next day, he could see thatit was a mountain top, Mount Baker. He cut the rope andpaddled to it, and made a new home there.

Both the normal and the paper versions of the Koopa Clown Car make a reappearance in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam. They are used by the Bowsers as they kidnap the two versions of Princess Peach and later to escape from Mario, Luigi, and Paper Mario. The normal Koopa Clown Car is later used in Neo Bowser Castle where Bowser attacks the bros to prevent them from taking one of the two Fire Ores. Additionally, faceless variants are used by Roy, Iggy, Wendy and Morton during various quests. The paper Koopa Clown Car has had a slight redesign, resembling the normal Koopa Clown Car and both versions of the Junior Clown Car.


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Shortly after people arrived on earth, all crops grew ona single tree. The culture hero Makunaima and his fourbrothers cut down the tree, and water immediately pouredfrom the stump, and with it came fish. One of the brothersmade a basket to stop the water, but Makunaima wanted a fewmore fish for the rivers. When he lifted the basket just alittle, water came out full force, flooding the earth.

One of the Tezcatlipocas (sons of the originaldual god) transformed himself into the Sun and created thefirst humans to show up his brothers. The other gods, angryat his audacity, had Quetzalcoatl destroy the sun and theearth, which he did with a flood.


People were saved from a universal deluge in a giantark. The ark struck a rock and split in two. The Tlingitswere in one half of the ark, and all other people were inthe other half.

Raven had put a woman under the world to govern thetides. Once he wished to see the undersea world, and hecaused the woman to raise the waters so that he might do sowhile remaining dry. He directed her to raise the oceanslowly so that people might have time to provision theircanoes. As the waters rose, bears and other animals weredriven to the mountaintops, and many of them swam out tothe people's canoes. Some people had taken dogs into theircanoes, and the dogs kept the bears off. Some people landedon the tops of mountains, building dikes around them tokeep out the water. Uprooted trees, devil-fish, and otherstrange creatures washed past. When the waters ebbed, thesurvivors followed the tide down the mountain, but thetrees were all gone, and the people, having no firewood,perished of cold.


This article is about the helicopter-like vehicle often piloted by Bowser. For the kart part from Mario Kart 7, see Koopa Clown.

Yima, under divine superintendence, reigned over theworld for 900 years. As there was no disease or death, thepopulation increased so that it was necessary to enlargethe earth after 300 years; Yima accomplished this with thehelp of a gold ring and gold-inlaid dagger he had receivedfrom Ahura Mazda, the Creator. Enlargement of the earth wasnecessary again after 600 years. When the population becametoo great after 900 years, Ahura Mazda warned Yima thatdestruction was coming in the form of winter, frost, andsubsequent melting of the snow. He instructed Yima to builda vara, a large square enclosure, in which to keepspecimens of small and large cattle, human beings, dogs,birds, red flaming fires, plants and foodstuffs, two ofevery kind. The men and cattle he brought in were to be thefinest on earth.


In Mario Kart 8 DLC, jack-in-the-boxes shaped like Koopa Clown Cars are hazards on the glider portion of GBA Ribbon Road. The Koopa Clown Car on 3DS Neo Bowser City returns, but has been slightly redesigned.

U styles, where it will simply bob up and down in place when not in use. Mario or any enemy can ride the Koopa Clown Car, including Bowser and Bowser Jr. themselves. When the player rides it, it functions similar to Lakitu's Cloud, though it is a bit slower and less soft than the cloud, but can be used indefinitely. If Mario is riding it, he can attack most enemies by hitting them with the car's propeller, which will have the same effect as a jump; however, an enemy cannot hurt Mario through the car, and only pushes him back. Fire Mario can throw fireballs from inside the car. When the car hits something, including another car, it will bounce against it. If it hits Spike Traps, the Clown Car will become dizzy and uncontrollable for a limited period of time. The Clown Car is defeated if it is crushed by more than one Bill Blaster or Muncher. The Clown Car takes the form of the Junior Clown Car in the New Super Mario Bros.

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In themorning, he told his nephew to go hunting, but warned himto throw a stick over every valley and hollow place beforejumping over, or some evil would befall him. The wolf,following a deer, forgot this warning, jumped a hollow, andfell into a river where he was killed and devoured by waterlynxes. Wis followed when his nephew didn't return. When hecame upon the river, he guessed what had happened, and thiswas confirmed when a kingfisher told him it saw the wolfskin serving as a door mat of the water lynxes. The birdalso told him that the water lynxes often come ashore, andWis must turn himself into a stump close by to get hisrevenge. In gratitude, Wis began to put a ruff around thebird's neck, but the bird flew off before Wis could finish,which is why kingfishers have only part of a ruff at theback of their head. Wis returned to his camp to prepare;among other things, he provided a large canoe and in itembarked all animals that could not swim. He returned tothe area of the lynxes before daybreak, transformed himselfinto a stump, and waited. The black one crawled out of thewater, then the gray one. Then the white one, who hadkilled the wolf, emerged, but it grew suspicious on seeingthe stump.


A kite once quarrelled with the crab and pecked a holein its skull (which can still be seen today). In revenge,the crab caused the sea and rivers to swell until thewaters reached the sky. The only survivors were a brotherand sister who took a pair of all kinds of animals withthem in a huge chest. They floated for seven days andnights. Then the brother heard a cock crowing outside, sentby the spirits to signal that the flood had abated. Alldisembarked, birds first, then the animals, then the twopeople. The brother and sister did not know how they wouldlive, for they had eaten all the rice that was stored inthe chest.

He thrust the arrowdeeper, killing her. At once, water poured out of the cave,and the lake began to rise. Nenebuc built a raft, which wasready no sooner than the flood reached him. As the raftfloated on the flood, Nenebuc took on animals that wereswimming in the waters. After a time, Nenebuc tied awillow-root rope to the beaver's tail and bade him dive tofind earth below the water, but the beaver returned withoutfinding a bottom. Seven days later, Nenebuc let the muskrattry. The muskrat stayed down a long time and came up dead,but it held a little earth in its claws.


Two brothers-in-law of the hero Tawhaki attacked him andleft him for dead. He recovered, and retired with his ownwarriors and their families to a high mountain, where hebuilt a fortified village. Then he called to the gods, hisancestors, for revenge. The floods of heaven descended andkilled everyone on earth.

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Paria Caca, a god born from five falcon eggs, heardabout a man called Tamta Namca who called himself a god andhad himself worshipped, and about other people's sins. Hewent into a rage, rose up as rain, and washed them all awayto the ocean, together with their homes and llamas. At thattime a tree called the Pullao formed an arch between theLlantapa and Vichoca mountains; in it lived monkeys,toucans, and other birds.

The rocks were sosoft that their feet sank into them, leaving footprintsthat can still be seen today. They planted the corn, sleptand dreamed, and harvested.


Flood Stories from Around the World

The canoe landed on the prairie. Doquebuth,the new Creator, was born of a couple from the canoe. Hewas told to go to a lake (Lake Campbell) and swim and fastto get his spirit powers, but he delayed. Finally he did soafter his family deserted him. The Old Creator came to himin dreams. First he told Doquebuth to wave his blanket overthe water and the forest and name the four names of theearth; this created food for everyone. Next, at thedirection of the Old Creator, he gathered the bones of thepeople who lived before the flood, waved the blanket overthem and named the four names, and made people again. Thesepeople couldn't talk, so he similarly made brains for themfrom the soil. Then they spoke many different languages,and Doquebuth blew them back to the places they livedbefore the flood.

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In the corridors of the final castle in World 6 (and World Star), the Koopalings are seen "flashing" with the Koopa Clown Car's eyes. Mario can evade said "flash" by passing between the castle's pillars. If the flash touches Mario, he will be turned into stone. After Mario defeats Bowser for the first time, the Koopalings use their magic to enlarge Bowser, but in doing so they and the Clown Car get knocked into the lava. The Koopa Clown Car was used one final time in the ending, where the Koopalings attempted to carry Bowser with it. However, because Bowser's size exceeded its capacity, the Koopalings and Bowser were scattered throughout the trees and floor. The Koopa Clown Car was also revealed to have an autopilot function, as demonstrated when the Koopa Clown Car delivered a caged Princess Peach to Bowser's castle shortly after Ludwig von Koopa's defeat at the hands of Mario in the game.


The world was flooded, and one man and one womansurvived on a raft on which they collected all kinds ofanimals and birds. The man sent a beaver (or, some say, amuskrat) diving to the bottom, and it brought up a littlemud. The man shaped this to form a new world.

Open World Zombie Apocalypse

Theyenclosed their children, along with supplies, in hollowtrees. The water rose further, and all other peopledrowned.


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Delve into a world where zombies have destroyed humanity. Only you and your friends can stop it! Loot people's things, discover other survivors' stories, roam the wasteland, survive, and own the Zombie Apocalypse!