Let's spend the next three real-time days together uncovering the mystery of what went horribly wrong on a derelict generation ship, with the help of a spunky/more-than-slightly-traumatized AI sidekick! A sequel to Analogue: A Hate Story that tells a whole new hate story of its own.

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A supernatural adventure game about a group of teenagers who unwittingly disturb something ancient and evil on a remote island. It's the familiar premise of countless horror films, but Oxenfree is no clichéd homage to teen slasher flicks. It's a game about people, relationships, and growing up that cleverly uses its horror movie setup for something much greater.


CLOP is thoroughly derivative of Bennet Foddy's previous game, QWOP, premised more or less on the same principles of using complex controls to accomplish simple, yet ultimately gargantuan tasks like trotting up hills, going over small rocks, and generally not being in a state of on your back. But since nothing else like QWOP has otherwise come out after its original release years ago, CLOP is still notable because it proves just how integral controls can be in creating very specific, evocative gameplay experiences.

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I enjoyed quite a lot this year and am a gigantic pussy that couldn't quite bring herself to cut some of the more interesting selections from the list because I felt they deserved some love too. So, let's get things started with some honorable mentions!


PC gaming's greatest stories

All that said, if you missed Bully the first time around, it's certainly worth a look. There's enough charm, comedy, fun things to get into, and great acting to keep the tedium of an overworld game from creeping up too often, just be aware that the payoff might not be exactly what you were hoping for.

Alone in the Dark: The Trilogy

On XBLA, Microsoft’s limitations on the number of DLC packs meant Farsight had to try and lump them together. Then their publisher went out of business, and since you can’t self-publish on XBLA anymore, they’ve been months behind as they try to get a new publisher lined up.


Scriptwriter Hubert Chardot had more than a mouthful of croissant to chew in tackling this sequel. For the uninitiated, Alone 1 was loosely based on the work of occult writer, H. P. Lovecraft (whose spooky stories also form the basis of Infogrames' other chart-topping adventure classic, Shadow Of The Comet). This gave rise to the creation of a house brimming with ghoulies and ghosties, pentangles and goggle-eyed monsters. Alone 2 continues with the occult theme, but this time it's all caught up in voodoo. The monster element is made up of a motley crew of 18th century pirates who made a pact with a voodoo witch in exchange for immortality. Still alive and kicking in 1924, the pirate leader, One Eyed Jack, and his henchmen are continuing their villainy in 1920s-style as bootleggers. All operations are run from Jack's mansion, Hell's Kitchen, off the coast of California. A lot of infamous racketeers were up to this sort of stuff during Prohibition and for anyone who was not a raving Bible basher, illegally selling alcohol was not the most heinous crime of the century. But One Eyed Jack is no A1 Capone or Dutch Schultz, so to keep his immortality he has to sacrifice a young girl every 100 years. This raises the evil crime stakes slightly and gives good reason for the extreme violence that is about to follow.

Ladykiller's dialogue system doesn't give you every option up front. It's more like ideas pop into your character's head, and you can choose to open your mouth when you please, even if it lands you in boiling hot water. The result is that you're not some dangerously slick dating sim protagonist.


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A real estate conspiracy might not sound like the most thrilling storyline, but Yakuza 0 brings its twisting plot to life with humour, pathos, and theatrical violence. Set on the vividly realised streets of Osaka and Tokyo, this is an emotional rollercoaster of a game—and the perfect place to start if you've never played a Yakuza game before.

To make video game sex both sexy and essential to the experience

Unless they brought back Interglobal Films and just based it on a smaller film production company trying to go big. Or, like you said, just make it about pr0no again or make that part of the story about a politician and give Michael political ambitions instead of film ambitions. That's about the biggest change needed to a story that would otherwise fit totally fine in Vice City.


The hardest game ever to hear some people talk, but in all honesty, the game's difficulty is vastly overstated. Yes, it can be brutal, and yes it's going to drop you into a big mean world full of intimidating uglies that want nothing more than to paint the walls with your warm red fluids, but NOTHING in Dark Souls is insurmountable. It's a game that merely plays on some of your worst habits as a player of games and will punish those who think they can rush things their first time through.

Do You really think the next GTA will be in Vice City

Asura's Wrath is certainly an experiment I'd like to see elaborated upon, but it's hard to say what the right balance between gameplay and story might be. Maybe the game's just as enjoyable if you simply YouTube a playthrough and treat it like an anime series. That's how I approached the ending DLC and it felt just the same as when I was "playing" it.


More games like Analogue: A Hate Story

An XBox 360 pad or 360 pad emulating software is highly recommended to play this game properly. Other configurations can work, but it works best with 360-styled controls.

Having never played any of the original Ys releases, I was interested in how this whole "bump" combat system would work out, and to my surprise, it was actually pretty satisfying and an interesting approach to RPGs. Even though it was initially born out of hardware limitations at the time, there's still a great feeling one gets from steamrolling through enemies like a Mac Truck, and save for the last three bosses of the game, the system works pretty damn well.


A lot of this stuff sounds like common sense, doesn't it? Of course sex is a major, ongoing part of relationships.

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Super Meat Boy is goddamn fantastic, and it took me a long time to warm up to it. Like GTA IV, I took a lot of swings at since it came out, but it only really snagged me this year. It's like suddenly something just clicks and the ease of pulling off super death-defying leaps and bounds becomes nearly effortless thanks to the spot-on, intensely responsive controls. I found that the more I played the game, the less I stopped thinking about obstacles and hazards in front of me and instead learned to feel them. It was like a natural internal rhythm that set in and let me just KNOW how I was supposed to handle each new challenge and that's one of the most rewarding and satisfying feelings a game can give you. The difficulty curve and stage designs escalate brilliantly, and you'll always feel equipped to handle each new level since the game subtly teaches you its new tricks without having to throw intrusive tutorials in your face.


I didn't dislike the gameplay on the basis of its 'theme', rather I found the gameplay to be unfulfilling of its original premise. Basically, it wasn't explosive enough. Rather than a big storm of fireworks which is how they planned to send-off with, it was ironically a lot less impactful than what GTA IV and Lost and Damned actually managed to deliver despite the lack of helicopter gunships and explosive shotgun. Whereas those two other entries managed to deliver dramatic action through the basis of meager weaponry and grim situations, Ballad wishes to turn it up to eleven, and instead only vaguely looks like one instead of actually feel like one.

The connection and element Luis has to bring to the Trinity situation is also a bunch of events that didn't needed to be seen again, mostly because it brought nothing new to the table, there was nothing that occurred to Luis that we didn't already knew from Niko's viewpoint. Aside perhaps from the angle with Ray Bulgarin, but that was probably designed just to close off the GTA IV series rather than to make dramatic sense.


Games like Mystic Messenger

Fractured Soul's main sticking point, however, is that its level design requires an almost inhuman ability to perform pixel-perfect screen swaps and jumps to ever see the end. The frustration sets in early and only actually gives you any time to breathe during the final stage. Being asked to perform so flawlessly not only for ratings but just to advance just gets irritating and it took me a good month or two of putting this one down and picking it back up to finally see it through.

Bleed adds its own little variations to the formula by allowing you to slow down time as well as a triple dash jump that can be continuously aimed. These mechanics, when used in conjunction with one another, feel satisfying and evoke the action-movie flair that the game wants to emulate so badly.


If I had a gun to my head and had to choose right this very second, Dark Souls would probably easily be my Game of the Generation. For now, let's just call it Game of the Year 2021.

Tokyo Jungle is a beautiful marriage of disparate game mechanics that, like Hotline Miami, brings new meaning to how raw violence in video games can be portrayed. Given the random nature of how certain variables unfold, it's also a superb game for improvised, player-driven storytelling.


In this powerfully gloomy horror game you to trudge through the battered psyche of James Sunderland, a troubled man with a dark secret. And all the horrors you witness, from twitchy, bubble-headed nurses to rusting, filthy hospitals have all been conjured up his broken mind, making this a very personal Hell. A masterclass in understated horror.

Alternatively, you can refuse the offer, stick by Tony and protect him from the mafia onslaught, however Tony's business will be effectively ruined and can never be rebuilt. Both Tony and Luis survives, but they will loose all of their fortune, and no reward whatsoever to reap other than this 'friendship no matter what angle'.


My only real issue is that the game's balance can be a bit wonky and a few boss encounters border on unfair and completely luck based. It's just really weird how a few times simply gaining one level or piece of gear will suddenly cut enemy damage down by 50-75%, and a few bosses can get really cheap in their patterns by either canceling their vulnerable states with attacks you simply can't dodge or unleashing a combination of attacks that trap you in a way that's really unfair.

It's a shame therefor that the Ballad didn't reached beyond this statement. When the trailers and screenshots appeared, I was surprised to see it as a relatively different piece compared to what we've come to embrace, and knowing that I was certainly going to have a bit of bias favoritism with Lost and Damned I decided to tackle Ballad first. What I had dreaded the game to be was exactly what it was. And so too was the near universal fan praises a rather terrifying outcome.


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While we’re on the subject, Rocktar, I’d like every new GTA to include Chinatown Wars’ drug-dealing mini-game. It’s fun, it’s satisfying, and it’s almost my favourite thing about the whole package. In essence, dealing in this game works a bit like stocks and shares – only you carry the goods yourselves, and the cops will kill you for doing it. Huang is forced to start selling drugs early on in the game’s plot, and from that point on it becomes your main source of cash flow. As you explore the city, you’ll spot little blue dots on your radar; go and visit them and you’ll find a dirty new friend who’s eagerly waiting to sell you something. A handy little buyer’s guide will tell you whether what you’re getting is a good deal, and how much profit you stand to make. Buy low, sell high and you’ll make a fat little profit.

It’s intimidating enough that it might drive away those who feel like playing a game without studying it, and despite its more harrowing fiction it will not stay with me the same way don’t take it personally, babe, it just ain’t your story will. But if you have $15 to spare and you want to support the truly adventurous among game developers, if you can appreciate fearless writing and a payoff that requires some investiture from you, then yeah, Analogue: A Hate Story (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=887) is worth the money.


If you haven't heard of Alone In The Dark, I'll take it that you're new to pc games. It's a 3D arcade adventure loosely based on the works of H. P. Lovecraft. Playing either private investigator Edward Carnby or legatee Emily Hartwood, your task is to enter the mysterious old house, Decerto, to uncover the facts behind the strange death of the reclusive Jeremy Hartwood. While exploring the house, you come across more than you bargained for.

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It may sound a bit confusing, but once you experience what I'm talking about it'll make total sense. The latter portions of the game that play up this narrative-to-control connection start to hit a little harder and feel a lot more real than they would with any other control scheme. The emotional impact comes from you connecting to the pretty visuals and sounds coming out of your monitor and speakers and that little bit of stress and discomfort you may feel in your hands. It's something I've never experienced a game trying to do before and I can't help but think it's an ingenious and deliberate design decision meant to heighten the immersion and connection to these characters.


While DuckTales Remastered offers a solid recreation of the original game and is genuinely fun if you're up for something simple, the project just doesn't feel like WayForward went quite far enough in trying to make the project truly shine in the same ways that GRiN's Bionic Commando: Re-Armed succeeded. I won't call it lazy, because there's a clear love of the material here with the sprite work, reworked soundtrack, and tracking down all the original voice actors and actresses. At the same time, it does feel like the game had a lack of ambition, time, funds, or all of the above.

The anger quickly subsides when I immediately respawn at the stage's entrance, eyes once again glazing over as a sudden calm once again takes over. This is the Super Meat Boy cycle.


The one thing I really noticed was the lack of normal suburban neighborhoods and stuff like that, I'd like for them to kinda explore more in the next game. After all the suburbs are a good representation of american culture.

Listen, we know we're picking on BioWare a lot for sex issues, but in a way, their constant, staggering screw-ups are actually commendable. Because they're the only ones even daring to dance around the bush (also no pun intended) in this regard. If any other game franchise is even touching this stuff, it's only with blatant stereotypes, like Gay Tony in GTA IV, or closeted characters still ashamed of their sexuality, like Player 2 from Contra (that guy had some serious issues. You could see it in the pixel that made up his face).


You progress the story by interacting with the two while reading an abandoned vessel's log files, which document the society which previously inhabited the place, and more importantly, elaborates on the pasts of your computerized companions. Each respective AI gives you their take on each situation, fleshing out their personalities even more with even a few bits of comedy sprinkled in here and there.

GTA6 shows something which almost never happens in fiction involving the "nagging wife" stereotype and that's said woman leaving her husband when things get sufficiently bad. The stereotype is based on the nagging wife being a leech on a male provider and while Michael accuses her of being so, Amanda leaves because of emotional reasons rather than financial. As a character, Amanda's certainly not progressive, but the anger is more justified and her actions are self-driven rather than reflecting her husband.


Travel to the famous city of love as you are surrounded with a romance and mystery filled drama set right in the heart of Paris and the associated lifestyle. Meet all sorts of unique characters as you build relationships with them to move the story forward. City of Love: Paris opens right up in the beautiful city with an equally beautifully animated character that feels realistic as she stands in front of the Paris backdrop.

To make video game sex both sexy and essential to the experience. Love also wants to navigate around the thematic pitfalls of blockbuster games like Grand Theft Auto and niche dating sims, to prioritize care and consent over crassness.


Huang’s PDA also allows him to receive emails from his bosses and from his drug-dealing contacts (more on these later), and there’s a handy little menu that lets you order weapons over the internet: two minutes after placing your order, you’ll get an email saying that your package has been despatched. Head to your nearest safehouse, and your guns will be waiting for you in a box.

Once you are used to the idea of dealing with walls of text, it's the perfect time to get into Analogue: A Hate Story (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=6249). Christine Love's tragic story is steeped in South Korean historical conventions. Fans of historical fiction will feel like an archeologist, sifting through ancient texts in an attempt to discover the truth behind the Mugunghwa, a rogue, abandoned spaceship. Along the way, there's also an opportunity to bond with the two remaining AIs on the ship.


Alone In The Dark 3DO Screenshot

Were that not enough, the UI and infrastructure for the game has gotten progressively worse. Table purchases need to be restored on occasion, especially if you backed the Kickstarter campaigns and have a mixture of bought and comped tables. Facebook integration flat out didn’t work for a few months, and even now is pretty shoddy. Game Center achievements don’t fire from time to time. And the recently introduced “new UI” to handle the increasing number of tables looks laughably bad on a Retina display. I would embed the screenshot I took but I don’t want to force anyone to endure an eye injury – so here’s a link.

It's probably a little disputable whether I personally should be putting Persona 4 Arena on a GOTY list. My first exposure to it was back at TGS 2021 and while I didn't get to regularly play it until its Japanese arcade release in February this year, I have a personal history with the game that dates back a lot farther than most of my Western counterparts. But when considering that it didn't exist in a complete state until this year, when it comes to giving it its due accolades, it's one of those instances of if not now, then when?


That's why Love is doing this, digging so deep into sex and sexuality despite a minefield of taboos and possible missteps: because, in her eyes, nobody else is making that game. No one's trying to make sex sexy, essential, and consensual in a longer form experience.

On that front, Love feels not only a desire to do things right, but a responsibility. No, media obviously doesn't directly cause us to do things, but it does inform how we view the world, the things we think we know when we don't know much of anything at all.


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Nothing is more satisfying than crafting a plan on the fly and having it work out, and nothing is more humbling when you go all-in and know you've already fucked up before your opponent has even reacted to your mistake. That's the true essence of Divekick's moment-to-moment gameplay loop.

Like a few other games on this list, technically speaking, this game could have shown up in a few other years, given that the game originally appeared on PCs in Japan in 2005 and the PSP version came a few years later. But it arrived on American PCs just this year and that's how I finally beat it, so that's why it's here now.

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I’m from Jacksonville and trust me we are more Georgia than Florida. We this guy means is that most of Florida has much more Spanish culture. In north Florida by Georgia and Alabama it’s much more stereotypical southern white-confederate flag-waving-shotgun toting rednecks. I remember on this forum for the Jaguars that showed this old scrappy white guy in a Harley-Davidson tank top putting up promotions and someone commented ‘that guy is as Jax as it gets’.


The demo I played—which was not a segment snipped from the full game, but rather a self-contained appetizer—saw my character going over a hypothetical infiltration of a fancy cruise with the domme, Beauty. The game would flash between real life and the what-if scenario, which I had free reign to fuck up as much as I wanted, again for a price (a sexy price). If I did anything too stupid or out of character, I'd get a stinging slap, thwap, or wallop.

Yes, you see how Luis and Tony follows Packie around town until they located the first safehouse Gracie is kept hostage. An event that is eventually moot since Gracie is then moved to another location before finally being given back to Tony and Luis.


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I already knew most of the game by this point, but still felt there was much more for me to do and experience as a chosen undead. There are many ways to tackle Dark Souls, and though you'll get a real good look at how customized your experience can be your first time around, it feels like the next playthrough is the one where you finally understand all the potential you've had all along. It's the most balanced and satisfying experience I had all year, and even though we didn't always get along, I never once had the feeling that I was ever completely fucked or that something had happened wasn't entirely my fault.

Kinda like when people are having sex for the first time, and they try applying the appallingly poor form they learned from porn. Not that I (or you or you or you or you or probably, like, the president) would know anything about that, of course.


Everyone here is just thankful they're in America. The rule here is "By any means" so. No, we don't want to be celebrities, we want to rob them. We don't use social media for "likes", we use it to see where you're "likely" at so we can rob you. We are not interested in looking good cuz then we'd be too noticeable when we eventually rob you. Miami is a major city populated by 3rd world immigrants that was built off drug money, that alone sounds like a GTA setting.

I can look past the flaws and approval delays because Farsight is not only doing important work, but deeply cares about pinball as a thing. The recent posts on the fan forum about one member’s trip to the studio illustrate that this is a company that is trying – passionately, desperately, possibly even foolishly – to give pinball its due.


The keys to Rogue Legacy's enjoyability lie in its incredibly easy to pick up and play nature, snappy controls, and a feedback loop that always makes the player feel like each run, though it may have ended in death, was progress. It's easy to play in short 20-30 minute sessions, or hour long bursts thanks to the game's take on randomized classes and map layouts, but what really feeds the addiction is spending all that gold you just collected on new equipment, stat upgrades, and even more new classes to play as.

Some of the most popular pinball titles of all times have pretty major licenses attached to them – Twilight Zone, Star Trek, or The Addams Family to name a few. As anyone who remembers the struggle to get Freaks And Geeks released on DVD because of all of the music clearances they needed, so too do pinball games need a lot of licenses holders made happy before a game can be recreated.


But the problem runs deeper than that. Love's biggest beef with the way games portray sex is that, even when characters aren't forever in a committed relationship with multiple layers of clothing, sex is rarely a key part of the experience. It's lacy, frilly window dressing, as evidenced by games that have censored or cut their hanky panky and only suffered slightly for it.

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SOMA is a deadly game of hide and seek with bizarre mechanised monsters. You have to make it from one end of underwater facility PATHOS-II to the other without being spotted. Along the way you learn about the base, the sinister experiments going on there, and what happened to its mysteriously absent employees—and the ending will haunt your dreams.


This doesn't sound as dramatic as it is until you realize just how simple and easy each missions are. The museum mission where you use the buzzard to flee the scene and gun down chasing police choppers is one exemplary disappointment. You get to gun down three choppers, in two waves.

Illustration for article titled A Better Take On Video Game Sex

There are better LucasArts adventures in terms of puzzle design, but Grim Fandango’s stylish fusion of Mexican folklore and hard-boiled noir is superbly done, with a mystery-filled story that spans years of hero Manny Calavera's life. It’s a game stuffed with funny, memorable moments, including performing freestyle poetry at a club filled with skeletal beatniks.


Once you're over the starting hump, missions and activities remain consistent for the most part, and getting to know Liberty City and the Bellic cousins was a fun and immersive experience. That said, the game does drag on a bit too long near the end, and the lack of in-mission checkpoints led to some frustrations here and there.

If you can take out the sex scenes from your game and you're still willing to sell that, what are you doing

I’ve spent a lot of time in 2021 playing games, but not a lot of time writing about them. As I did last year, I’d like to tell some stories or share some thoughts about the ones that meant the most to me this year. I’ll be posting one a day until Christmas.


The Ballad of Gay Tony wishes to do the same, unfortunately it has nothing much to tell on its own. The story is hindered by lacking a precise conflict or situation, and the tie-ins with the Trinity carries no weight or consequence on its own.

Analogue: A Hate Story giveaways

Carnby played the right hand and took a nosedive to the cellar. Secret passages and underground caverns were the staple diet of Alone 1 and the sequel turned out to be loaded with both. You can bet your last shot of bourbon for every clue down here, there'll be a blobby sourpuss on your tail. This pooch stood out like a kangaroo in a dinner jacket; others ain't so accomodating.


We've mentioned before that movies still inexplicably revolve around prejudices that we thought we had outgrown decades ago, but that can at least be attributed to the age of the medium. Movies came into their own nearly a century ago; those prejudices are likely just strangely persistent moral throwbacks. But video games are different, because they're ours, right?

In actuality, this list is out to make political statements about the state of the industry more than anything else. That doesn't mean I don't genuinely believe the games deserve the spots that they garnered. However, seeing how the industry has changed socially and economically in the past year and how my own outlook on games has positively changed as a result of the forced Japanese-language diet, the reasons I like a lot of these games have as much to do with what they ultimately represent as products as much as their actual quality.


Games Like Choices: Stories You Play

Bleed is a balls-out arcade style run and gun shooter that's honestly not a bad way to spend an evening. Nothing the game does is ever truly remarkable or original, but the near-flawless execution of fundamentals in enemy and level design definitely allow it to stand side by side with all those old-school games that it most admires.

It wasn't anything new, though: Look at the most popular video games out there, like Uncharted and the God of War franchise. Both feature rugged, strong-jawed white men slaughtering hordes and hordes of not-white people. Sure, there are white enemies mixed into all of these games, too - but they're almost always visibly monstrous, differentiated from the player by snake heads or tentacle arms. You can bet if there's just an ordinary-looking guy you have to shoot, stab or knife-whip into oblivion, his skin is going to be a bit more Burnt Sienna than Driven Snow.


The real bummer is Blade Kitten has a ton of technical issues including terrible framerates, dodgy input detection, and Kit getting stuck inside geometry, forcing checkpoint and stage restarts. The technical issues are common enough to become a hindrance, and there's not really anything you can do on your end to fix them. It's just a game that didn't get to spend enough time in the oven.

I don't get this whole "different era" debate when irl not everyone drive up-to-date vehicle models, most hipsters of today wear what is essentially "retro-style" clothing and hairstyles, and NONE OF THE BUILDINGS IN MIAMI HAVE CHANGED STYLE OR COLOR. Honestly guys Its not hard to add 80s inspired NPCs and car models into the game, especially when the city itself is style built in 70s/80s architecture with neon/pastel colors. Where can you find retro cars/ BAM!


If you have any questions about The Stanley Parable, the best advice I can give is to just download the demo. The demo contains no content from the actual game, but gives you a perfect idea of what this little experiment actually is and if it's something you'll enjoy or not.

In the Ballad we saw that Evan, Tony's friend, got himself involved just for the apparent sake of it. We also learn that Luis has no prior knowledge of the diamond deal until it was already underway. It again contributes to this whole 'innocent bystander' image of Luis, but where's the narrative sense in it?


Set thousands of years before the original trilogy, this Star Wars RPG is one of the most unique stories ever told in this universe. As the Republic and the Sith go to war, an amnesiac joins the Jedi Order and learns a shocking truth about themselves in the process. A huge, sweeping epic, but in true BioWare style, also filled with small, memorable character moments too.

GTA IV was a nice little surprise. A game I'd started countless times in the past, but never quite clicked with until the last couple of weeks. I won't go as far as saying the game's quite the masterpiece initial reviews made it out to be back in the day, but it's definitely a fun little experience with a solid set of characters and greatly realized world. I found Niko Bellic to be the most interesting protagonist of the series. Despite the horrible things he'll have to do to survive, there's a very down to earthiness to him that makes him and his "stranger in a strange land" story worth seeing through to the end.


I hated the big-ass-wide-highways all around Los Santos in GTA V

The two-button (attack and jump) approach simply doesn't work for this game. There are too many different types of attack and defensive actions all assigned to one button. Using the wrong attack happens far too often, and large portions of every stage in the game feel like they're designed purposefully around the idea of you using the wrong attack. The way slashes and kicks are set up is entirely backwards from how one would want to actually use them. It just feels like bad design on purpose on the part of the developers.

That said, I did run into a common problem with JRPGs near the end, and that's the game forcing characters into your active party that you probably didn't spend time leveling up over the course of the adventure. This damn near kept me from finishing the game and made the final moments feel more like an exercise in frustration and attrition rather than the elation one should feel when toppling a big mean nasty.


The cream of the crop, the best of the best, the overused, needlessly exaggerated expression that portrays the finality of my opinion! The ten games that made me all happy inside and the reasons they did so are presented here to you! If you're in the need for some prime gaming funtimes and joy over the course of the next year, you'd definitely be doing yourself a favor by checking out any of the following.

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In this loose adaptation of the Jules Verne novel, Phileas Fogg and his loyal valet Passepartout attempt to circumnavigate the globe in 80 days. This is arguably the best interactive fiction game ever made, with sublime, evocative writing that brings its alternate history setting to life, underpinned by compelling systems that make achieving the titular feat genuinely challenging.


Dan Dickinson: The Primary Vivid Weblog Feed

Relationships need to serve a purpose in video games, and since writing a quality story arc is, like, really hard, most game relationships end up functioning as just another way to earn in-game perks instead of advancing the plot. Grand Theft Auto's relationship system revolves around the male player tricking women into falling in love with him so he can use their stuff (sleep with a mechanic for free car repairs, or a cop for getting treated nicer by police), and he can "romance" as many as he'd like, consequence-free. While this kind of thing appeals to the "nerdy gamer who can't get a real relationship" stereotype, it's pretty frustrating and more than a little insulting for the millions of gamers who actually have emotionally matured beyond the age of 14.

The mechanics are rather simple for this kind of game, but it works with keeping the pace lightning fast while at the same time offering up a suitable challenge. The "cut anything to bits and pieces" mechanic is super satisfying and you're afforded so many chances to actually use it, and despite the fact that it's pretty broken, the game still maintains a satisfying level of difficulty with tricky enemies and over the top boss encounters.


Farsight’s vision neglected one key point about digital distribution platforms: they’re all different. So when they planned their monthly updates, they ran into issues – LOTS of issues.

Niko seemed beaten down by life, and when the opportunity to make a new start in America turned sour, he essentially accepted that he's dead inside and turns to what he knows best in order to exact revenge on those who'd wronged him in the past. There's no real redemption for him, but he doesn't wallow in that fact. GTA IV is essentially a game about bad people who know they're bad people and that's just how it's going to be. It's the writing that manages to keep Niko, Roman, and their small circle of friends likeable through some really shit situations.


The world of Brothers is deceptively large and incredibly varied, and the pacing feels like that of a two or three hour fantasy adventure. You move from set to set at a brisk pace, with the next location and its inhabitants being more fascinating than the last. It all leads up to a satisfying and emotional conclusion that, though predictable, still feels earned because of everything you and your brothers had to overcome to get there.

The stealth mechanics couldn't be simpler. If you're in the shadows, you're hidden. Your goggles always point out whether you're fully or partially hidden with their color, so there's never any question and enemies have vision cones to make skirting around them a breeze. Each stage is one huge puzzle full switches, platforms, and strategic placement of lights and shadow that will require a lot of playing around with to see how everything works. Nearly all of Stealth Bastard's challenges are executed well, with almost every victory being cemented by a tense, skin of your teeth escape.


It would spoil the fun to reveal all the things you’ll do in Chinatown Wars – and in any case, it would take me ages – but let’s just say that the game boasts some of the most inventive missions in GTA’s history. Niko Bellic’s adventures occasionally leant too heavily on the “go to place A, kill person B” mission template, but here you’ll rarely be bored. It’s quite a tricky game, however, and you may hit the odd difficulty spike, but there’s nothing here that’ll keep you stuck for long. When you do fail a mission you’re immediately given the option to restart, and there’s usually a “skip trip” option to save you traipsing across town. If you particularly like a mission you come across, you can also replay old assignments via a noticeboard in Huang’s apartment. This is a long overdue feature for GTA games, so let’s hope it becomes a standard issue for future titles.

Women in GTA 5 - An essay on their handling

Despite all my glowing praise for Alone 1, it did have its faults. It ran slowly and experienced puzzle-solvers felt it was a few puzzles short of the full shilling. Both problems have been eradicated in Alone 2. Fine tuning the game engine has made it run up to three times faster, and a substantial increase in size means the gamemap now includes a house, its environs and a pirate's ship. The speed is most notable on Alone Vs most irritating flaw, taking a trip up the apples and pairs. Old Edward Carnby (or Emily Hartwood) would do a painfully slow glide up or down stairs, best described as a zimmer-ffame shuffle. New Edward Carnby bounds up the stairways in proper, healthy, manly strides.


How to get Analogue: A Hate Story key free

The game opens with Luis being a hostage in the bank heist. The scene plays out exactly the same way it did in IV. I suspected that, acting as the game's opening mission, it would have make us retrieve the last bag of money in the vault, the one meant to be carried by Saint Michael, the one who gets shot by a hostage who engaged into a conversation with Luis. It would added an interesting dynamic of how one character basically took advantage of a situation laid by a successive of others. And cheekily made it as the walking and driving and navigation tutorial at the same time.

Fandoms: Analogue: A Hate Story/Hate Plus

Alone 2 is also stacked with film references - you find out that Eliot Ness has been on the tail of One Eyed Jack and that the new head of police for San Francisco is one Lieutenant Callaghan, otherwise known as Crazy Harry (aka Dirty Harry). And, I'm not sure about this one, but One Eyed Jack's was the gambling joint in David Lynch's surreal tv show.



While your ultimate focus is on inviting guests for the third official party of RFA members players will uncover the truth of RFA and explore one of many character paths that are available. In total there are 6 such routes available which are split between the game modes of Casual Story, Deep Story and Another Story.

The fast and frantic nature of the gameplay is satisfying and visceral, and it's hard not to get just a little giddy while you paint the floors and walls with your enemies' remains. There's so much moment to moment fun in Hotline Miami that it's easy to recommend on that alone.


Obviously the only reason this game is able to qualify for this list is by virtue of the PC version, which is how I finally got around to playing it for the first time this year. To be certain, I wouldn't blink an eye over excluding most other PC games that have the sorts of problems that Dark Souls' port has going for it out of the box.

Like, what I'm doing in a relationship is often informed by what I'm familiar with. If you don't have useful scripts about negotiating consent, you might not know what that looks like.


We're not saying that this stuff exists because of some hidden malice or secret industry-wide conspiracy to keep minorities in America down. The much sadder truth is that all this bullshit comes from simple, old-fashioned laziness. There's no good reason video games can't be infinitely smarter, more responsible and better than this - it's just going to take time, thought, hard work and a bit of empathy.

The meat of the game is combat, which employs a party system new to the series and is immediately reminiscent of Secret of Mana crossed with the Tales of series. It gets to feeling a bit mashy after a while, but once enemies begin presenting themselves as true threats and bosses enter the picture, things tend to involve a bit more strategy and success in combat feels both satisfying and rewarding.


Way back in 1974, Dungeons and Dragons took a cue from Tolkien and set a fantasy standard in gaming that lasts to this day: The race of your character influences gameplay in a meaningful way. Elves are good at bows and magic, dwarfs are heartier and use axes, and humans are for players who are unimaginably boring or painfully indecisive. Now, more "realistic" fantasy games like the Elder Scrolls series allow your characters to choose real-world races - but still base their in-game stats around race. For example, the Redguard share skin pigmentation and cultural signifiers with the Moors.

If Luis kills Tony, the club business as promised by Rocco, will be saved. You still get your income from the success or failures of your management, but you won't be able to improve it anymore, you just reap your reward of it, but only through Luis, never with Tony again.


Analogue: A Hate Story

In all honesty, Brothers' story is fairly predictable, and its silent narrative approach to storytelling has been done before by games like Ico and Super Metroid. That's not to say the game's story lacks any sort of emotional impact. In fact, I believe the reason it does have the power that it does over most that play it is because of its unique ability to transport you into its world by way of marrying its narrative directly to the in-game control scheme. The reason Brothers hit me as positively as it did is because it's a game that does something with storytelling that only a videogame can do: Make you a part of the story through your own interactions instead of "sit here and watch this" cutscenes.

The design philosophy of the two simply don't work that well together. Which is why Ballad never reaches the same high of insane video game fun of older GTA, while at the same time appears too loud for the new GTA design.


You need only the left and right mouse buttons to begin painting your screen with the vital life fluids of your stick dude-ish foes. If enemies approach from the left, let them get in range and left click. If enemies approach from the right, let them get in range and right click. You honestly couldn't ask for anything more simple. As you progress, enemy types become more varied requiring more inputs and you'll unlock several equippable power-ups to bring into each stage with you. These small additions continue building throughout the game to create an experience that goes beyond its initially simple premise, but never becomes overwhelming or bogged down.

The game itself is sort of a Strider-lite, padded out with "COLLECT EVERY SINGLE THING EVER" elements. Attention was paid to making sure Kit was as agile and zippy as the game's title might imply, and stages are huge enough for you to explore around in for quite some time. Combat however, is largely unsatisfying and the simple weapon upgrades are hardly distinguishable from one another other than attack power and their various special attacks, which all do the same thing anyway (one-hit kill normal enemies).


On that front, the game most certainly accomplishes that objective in spades. Bonus points for including the concept of a lame horse mode if you try to cheat your way with just two legs for too long, though.

Another major disappointment are the enemies: after the story setup and visceral cracks appearing in walls, you're suddenly confronted by a bog-standard female zombie straight out of The Evil Dead. Other creatures are taken straight from Half-Life (headcrabs) or other horror shooters, such as Doom, all of which shows off the developers' desperate lack of imagination. Plus, their Al is average at best, as they lurch and make grabs for you, or simply turn away and stand still, as if all their hellish malevolence has finally tired them out.

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These range from BioWare's plot-spanning and game-changing "Romance" side quests to God of War III's completely ridiculous, sexual-insecurity-overcompensation mini-game. But if anyone has figured out how to make a video game relationship that isn't utterly horrifying, we haven't seen it yet.


I wouldn't call Rise of the Triad essential. It's a fun curiosity, but the other games you know from this specific era of PC gaming are just better. Even Rise of the Triad's over-the-top nature isn't enogh to really make it stand the test of time like Doom, Duke 3D, and Quake have.

So, overall, what is the level of sexism in Grand Theft Auto V? Overall, I'm going to give it a C+ and maybe even a B- because I'm a ridiculously generous human being. Yes, it's a game with topless strippers, nagging wives, caricatured feminists, and old men trying to recapture their glory days by buying younger women. It's also a game which shines a light on the nastiness of youth and beauty obsessed culture. Women are objectified and misused in Grand Theft Auto V but so are the majority of people in the game -the game showing its dark side as un-glamourous and sad.


The game's only real barrier to entry may be the controls, which will take some getting used to. Trying to shoot enemies at precise angles while jumping around and slowing down time is quite the workout for your hands whether you're on a keyboard and mouse or just a gamepad. There's also some real balance issues when it comes to all the weapons you can unlock, as nothing ever feels quite as versatile as the twin pistols you start the game with, so upgrading doesn't feel quite as exciting as it should.

Evolving the visual novel — Analogue: A Hate Story review

Luis then participate in the diamond exchange with Tony, as we've already seen with Niko. Throughout this time our leading characters debate on whether or not they should perform this exchange, leading to the "we have to do this" doomed by cannon stance, and I fail to see the joy in it, dramatic or otherwise.


The sims 2 pet stories crack

I’m just going to say this: after thinking about it for a bit more, there’s no doubt in my mind. GTA: Chinatown Wars is my favourite handheld game of all time. It’s funny, it’s full of great ideas, and above all else it’s wickedly fun. Whether you’re a GTA veteran or someone who’s never played one of these games before, you should know that this is one of the best titles available for your PSP – or, indeed, for your DS. To miss it would be criminal.

Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars Screenshot

I have less of a problem with the crack (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=6466)-addicted prostitute Tonya. While a complete mess, Tonya is desperate to survive and reduced by circumstance to doing whatever she needs to do. She attempts to use her sexuality on Franklin but is soundly rebuffed, the latter pitying rather than aroused by her. Much like the character of Big Bear in GTA:SA, she is a illustration of crack (additional reading) cocaine's dangers. She also is a good deal more responsible than her husband, trying to keep things from reaching complete destitution.


When controls aren't the issue, lousy hit detection on the 800,000,000 buzzsaws you'll see (and moving spike pillars later) in the game will be a constant thorn in your side. It's especially bad when the game is asking you to navigate tight corridors and make pixel-perfect wall jumps anytime a stationary or moving buzzsaw is around.

FEZ isn't your typical platformer. In fact, the platforming aspects of FEZ aren't even the real meat and potatoes of what FEZ is all about and why it's so damn fun. It's about letting yourself get lost in a bizarre cubic world, enjoying the sights and sounds, and gradually picking away at the incredible variety of mysteries and puzzles buried below the game's simple platforming surface.


The story would have dealt with the various relationships, both friendly and adversarial, between the many Italian mafia syndicate in Liberty City. The mafia in Liberty City has a pretty elaborate backstory which you can piece together by going through the various police reports found in the database, and yet they only appear on rare occasions within the actual story of the game. Much like Ballad, the Ancelotti would still have its fair share of involvement due to Gordon's participation in the kidnapping, but the different families can always get involved in one way or another. Gordon is gambler for example, a first for a GTA protagonist, which would also continue to pursue this entire grounded approach set forth by IV and Lost and Damned.

You're given near-effortless control of Meat Boy to tackle the challenges in this game. It may feel foreign at first because, save for a few rare older exceptions, games don't usually provide this much precision in control and then present you with obstacles that ask you to utilize that precision. This is absolutely not a game you can blame the controls for when you die, so don't even try.


Are they treated well in the game? Are they dismissed as sex objects or shrill harpies? Are they simply as bad as the men in the game (who are boorish at best and psychopaths at worse)? Are there a mix of good and bad elements which need to be taken together? This essay will attempt to answer that objectively, coming from a long time feminist as well as GTA fan.

Hotline Miami is a game that, despite its low-fi presentation, managed to make me feel disgusted with myself at times for enjoying its brutality so much. It's a great game if you're like me and enjoying hard experiences for the sake of proving your own worth as a player, but it was refreshing to be forced to ponder how much that satisfaction was worth as I regularly watched myself slice guys in half and break their skulls with crowbars as the protagonist. The true ending ultimately isn't really worth the trouble of unlocking since it fills in too many blanks in an unsatisfactory way, but the journey that first time through is otherwise an incredible one from a twitch gameplay design perspective. It also probably doesn't hurt that the visual style and soundtrack also do a very effective job in evoking the rough and tumble culture of 1980s Miami in ways that haven't really been seen since GTA Vice City a decade before it.


Analogue: A Hate Story CD Key For Steam

In short, they're a bit misplaced. The fight club for example seems like a missing content from Lost and Damned, whereas the parachute, as I mentioned in the beginning, is there for the sake of being there.

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Maybe that's why GTA V and VI has been in development for so long. Apart from social media, the CIA waterboarding scandal and the city experiencing a boom in suburban life, nothing major has happened since it peaked in the 90s.


Except for the fact that literally everything else about the character - gender, how he or she looks, whether he or she is a genocidal maniac or an idealistic paragon - are left entirely up to the player. You can even have sex with aliens from other planets, because that's somehow less weird that homosexuality. Oh, and then there's the fact that if you're a female, you can be gay. Even the "progressive" BioWare makes games like teenagers watch porn: Lesbians are fine and kinda hot, but dudes touching other dudes?

The main mechanics are your super jumpy hyper trousers and the ability to re-wire the electrical circuits in every building. The former provides fantastic mobility, letting you launch yourself like a dart at enemies, through windows, and land safely from any ridiculous height you can reach. The latter is how you'll spend a lot of your time working your way through the game's puzzles. With the crosslink ability you'll be hooking up light switches to open doors, security cameras to call elevators, and a number of other fun and easy to execute chain of events. Your creativity and the ease of how all these mechanics work is really what sells the gameplay and makes it fascinating.


Okay, one can never really beat Animal Crossing, but spending about a month with it already, having significantly upgraded my town and house, and played every single day, I think it's safe to put this here given that I got a credit scroll tonight. I'll still be playing, but let's just say I beat it.

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Additional possible outcome from this second ending comes depending on whom your club business has been profiting with. Yusuf Amir will perhaps promise to take care of Tony in the future if Yusuf was satisfied with Luis' help. Alternatively Luis might not even survive the mafia onslaught and Tony will be left alone in Liberty City. Whichever the case, this was not going to end well and cheaply. Everything indeed, has its price.


This sweeping Western adventure tells the story of the Van der Linde gang: a group of outlaws trying to make a life for themselves in a rapidly changing world. Main character Arthur Morgan is a man out of time, reckoning with a dark and troubled past, and his personal journey is a powerfully emotional one. Red Dead Redemption 2 is mature, understated, and truly epic.

There's more than one way to fool a zombie and dressing up as Chris Cringle proves the point. In Hell's Kitchen's kitchen Carnby Claus prepared to fry the fat guy in the chef's get-up. He knew this was just the beginning. He had Santa's Big Red Suit now, but these zombies weren't proving to be good or nice.


Cubans and the like aren’t really that notable anymore. It’s all about the Haitians and Jamaicans.

Let's Play Analogue: A Hate Story

Furthermore, none of Shantae's arsenal of hair flips, kicks, and elbow smashes ever feel worth the time to get because the enemies weren't really designed around them. Most of the time, using a special move will just launch you right into an enemy sprite making you take damage anyway, and even the default hair whip has an unpredictable hit range, making the simplest of enemies a chore to fight.


But Alone in the Dark's next-gen debut should be chilling

So when Farsight announced Pinball Arcade earlier this year, and promised “REAL PINBALL”, I was listening. They laid out their grand plan: an expansive digital platform, available digitally for every console and handheld device imaginable. Perfect recreations of the best pinball tables, released on a regular basis for reasonable prices.

Ostensibly science fiction, Analogue: A Hate Story delves for its story into Korean history, and specifically the comparison between two periods, to inform its story of an investigator searching through the archives of a long-lost generation ship. Guided by ghosts in the ships machine - a pair of artificial intelligences guiding the player through logs and letters from the missing would-be settlers - a story (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=2615) emerges of repression and cultural decay.


And even though holding an iPad is a poor replacement for a giant table you can bump and nudge and thump, the same thrills are still there. Making a tough shot, popping an extra ball, and entering a wizard mode still gives you that high. Watching a ball drain straight down the middle still makes you want to swear.

Analogue: A Hate Story (https://dkluchezar.ru/content/uploads/files/download/analogue-a-hate-story-crack-gta.zip) isn’t just one of the best visual novels made this year; it is possibly the definitive English Visual Novel. Do not deny yourself this experience.


Analogue: A Hate Story/Hate Plus

Exploring the dark side of life Depression Quest is a tale contained within over 40,000 words of everyday experiences and encounters with a darker tone attached. Your goal is to make it to one of the several endings which are based on how you’ve managed your depression throughout the game.

Analogue a hate story kardashian.png

The challenges the game presents will seem daunting and maybe even insurmountable at first, but it's a game that is entirely about feeling as if the gamepad is an extension of your body. You don't think about those daring wall jumps between saw blades and over wide chasms, you just "feel" them. It's a game that can really only be truly enjoyed when you shut your brain off and just go with it.


I originally reviewed this game on my site January 17th, 2021, and that was after already spending a good month or so with it. Three years after the fact, I'm adding this game to my 2021 list because, after three long years of chipping away at all the content this game has to offer, I have finally completed it 100%. All main game routes and challenges have finally been crushed and I had a hell of an awesome time doing it over the last few years.

Little Inferno is a delightfully relaxing little game. There's really not much to it. Toss things in the fireplace, set them ablaze, enjoy the spectacle, and just keep adding to the pile. There's no fancy gimmicks, no fail states, no time limits. Just you, your fireplace, some awesome tunes and visuals, and the simple, yet effective narrative that unfolds as you make progress.


This review was first published on December 18, 2021. Read our update policy to learn more.

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I'm all for making a bigger city and maybe throwing in a suburban area but not at the expense of the highways and some sort of nature. I want that variety, not just visually, but in driving scenarios, too. GTA V was the first GTA where I really, really enjoyed driving and a lot of that was down to the wide variety of roads to travel on.


I've shown this game to quite a few people since I played through it, and everybody starts the experience out bumbling around, unable to keep track of their brothers, and struggling to solve some earlier puzzles because of their disorientation. Even when I was fully familiar with the game, a sequence about halfway in damn near made my hands cramp with how I needed to manipulate the controls. This isn't a case of badly designed controls. It's done with the purpose of supplementing the narrative. To make you feel like a part of what's going on.

The first, and overwhelmingly major, problem you encounter is the game's control system - using the PC keyboard and mouse is virtually impossible. I don't mind using a key-plan for an RTS, but for a console-style action game? You use the standard W, S, A, D to move around in third-person (using the awkward old-style Resident Evil "rotate and move" system), but that switches to standard FPS movement when you press Tab to go into a first person view. To close your eyes and blink, use X. a quick turn is Left Alt; H brings up healing mode; E is use, etc. Asyou progress, the game keeps you informed of the growing list of I commands, that change subtly in a different context, like when you're in a vehicle for example. However, in third person, you can't use a fire extinguisher to put out any blazes until you switch to first-person.


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As such, the number of games I was able to play that came out this year were relatively few and if there are some choices that seriously look like they come from out of left field, that's likely the reason why. There are also some notable omissions in here that sadly resulted from a lack of time and money, especially during the fall season. Had circumstances been better, I expect games like The Walking Dead and XCOM would have been very serious contenders for the list and are definitely on the to-do list in the coming year. But even then, my love for a lot of the more unconventional entries on this list is still so strong that I think a lot of them would remain on that list even if they came up against such juggernauts. A few games also arguably have dubious qualifications for appearing on the list in the first place, but I like to think I provided decent reasons for their inclusions, if only because I didn't think the alternative choices I had could otherwise replace them in good conscience.

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If you can take out the sex scenes from your game and you're still willing to sell that, what are you doing? If you can remove it, if it's an extricable part of your game, then why was it there to begin with?


Outside of the standard actions, you’ll also find yourself doing a whole lot of unusual things – from hotwiring cars to rummaging through bins to assembling sniper rifles. On the DS, all of these activities were conducted via the touch screen – a design quirk that I absolutely loved the first time around: one minute you’d be swiping the stylus to smash the lock off a security gate; the next you’d be rubbing the screen in a bid to perform heart massage to a dying man in the back of a stolen ambulance. This PSP version uses a combination of the shoulder buttons and the nub to replicate these actions, and I’m happy to report that they work almost as well. You don’t get quite the same feeling of interaction, but you do get the same sense of glee when you make your first Molotov – and that’s what counts.

Analogue a hate story cracked

In this laid back sci-fi adventure game, two doctors travel through the memories of a dying man and relive his past. It has the appearance of a SNES-era RPG, but is essentially a piece of interactive fiction. The voyage through the dying man's life is incredibly moving, and the ending will have all the but the stone-hearted quivering at the lip.


Seen is a free to play Android title that sends you back to the days of high school as you engage in an interactive story of love with multiple attempts available to explore the branching stories. Playing as Mark Blythe (or a name you select yourself) you’ll fall in love with Nicole Tyler, a fellow student that you’ll have to pursue while also learning more about the other main characters of Mike, Jake, Jenny and Vale.

Some developers seem incapable of making a female video game character who isn't submissive, emotionally vulnerable and entirely dependent on men. Even our icons aren't safe: Take Samus Aran, from the Metroid series. She ranks among the most seminal of video game action heroes, and has been literally rolling deep since the bad old days. In the original Metroid, she spent the entire game in androgynous power armor, so most players never even learned she was a woman until the end. And the reveal of her gender taught us all a valuable lesson: Everybody can shoot missiles at jellyfish equally well. Exploding space invertebrates is not just a man's game.


If you've played Alone 1, then I'm preaching to the converted; if you haven't, then I strongly urge you to buy both and play them in order. I'm not saying this because Infogrames is my best mate and sent me a case of brie and Beaujolais before I did this review - the truth is that Alone 2 is simply the best game in the adventure genre that you can buy. As PC was launched after the release of Alone 1, we never reviewed it. This has to be a good thing, as if I had rated it back then it wotild surely have been a classic and had a score of about 93.

The various dances and transformations Shantae receives aren't really all that impressive or useful beyond their few utility purposes. The exploration done with these powers rarely leads to anything that you couldn't just get farming a few chump enemies, save for the few heart containers that can be found.


The Sims 3 has a moodlet that makes pregnant women automatically happy throughout the entire pregnancy. Even though that is just insanely wrong, it fits right into the weird, subconscious idea held by most teenage boys that women only exist to please men while simultaneously creating more of them. The race of Asari in Mass Effect, who we're told are one of the oldest and wisest races in the galaxy, are all incredibly attractive pansexual women, the majority of whom work as strippers. The three most prominent Asari are a nurturing mother figure, a devoted lover and a dominatrix sex-vampire. Look at their character quotes - the one line of dialogue they've said in game that most encapsulates their characters.

It's a rather poor show when you consider how the trailers delivered a better experience than the game itself. Not to mention that the trailers actually spoiled three quarters of the story missions, the final unspoiled quarter are in fact the most plain and boring missions that ever existed in the GTA series, missions that simply asks you to go from one spot to the other, where no interesting plot or character exposition ever occurs. And in an already short dlc game as it is, how can you afford to waste away missions like this?


Meanwhile, although much of the plot is amusing, yet throwaway fare, it does a surprisingly impressive job of just barely justifying the basic setup of the game to the extent where the ending actually manages to pull a few heart strings. As someone who all but expected that the game would have to be imported due to its original retail release in Japan, I'm just glad the West has a chance to be reminded of what sort of wonder can still be felt from inventive Japanese game design when the stars properly align.

This isn't the stuff of yesteryear; it's all still present in video game design. Despite the fact that African-Americans and Latinos play more video games than any other race, they're still getting treated as second-class citizens in the properties themselves. That's right: Even in an interactive medium completely free from the boundaries of reality, we're still slapping up "no coloreds" signs on all the Fairy Fountains.


Did you ever wanna play a faster, better playing, better looking, better sounding Secret of Mana but with story and characters that are just as dry, uninspired, and predictable? Well, Ys SEVEN is the answer to all your prayers!

Magical Diary: Horse Hall (originally just Magical Diary) is a visual novel that takes place in a magical school with a Harry Potter style theme albeit with significantly more romantic opportunities. Originally released in 2021 and allowing players to experience the magical school as a female character a 2021 sequel (Magical Diary: Wolf Hall) allows players to experience the school from a male perspective instead.


On PSN, Sony’s approval processes take weeks and demand recertification for each region. So while the US might get tables released, Europe would have to wait, which made Europe cranky.

Kratos in GoW2 doing his Kratos things. I really need to catch up on this series and get a 2nd hand PS4 so I can play the new one.


This is increasingly noticeable when Luis protests with the ideas and plans of Ray Bulgarin and Yusuf Amir, who offers the most daring missions in the game as well as some of its finest. Yet Luis would complain about the work he is being given in spite of the fact that he deliberately chose to work for these people in the first place. Yusuf even retorts this at one point to Luis, asking him why does he keep coming back to work for him if he isn't having fun.

About the only sticking point I have with the game is that the bosses are very reminiscent of early 1985-86 era NES bosses, in that they'll require a lot of beating your head against a wall, precise classes and loadouts, or luck to defeat. Other than that, Rogue Legacy is definitely a game for anyone in the market for a great 2D platformer with a fantastic gimmick.


Gunpoint's title does it a slight disservice. In no way is this game the pixelated platform shooter that images and its title art may make it seem. Instead, it's a crafty, awesomly mechanical stealth puzzle game that's easy to pick up and play that feels genuinely rewarding when you're able to clear out missions in your own ways with whatever gadgets and power-ups you may have.

This is essentially signature Platinum over-the-top ridiculousness that works really well within the confines of the world and character. It's also fairly easy to pick up and play, so it may be a good start for folks looking to get more into these kinds of games.