NOVI, MI — Blood donations typically wane in the warmer months. The Red Cross and other organizations are working hard to shore up the nation's reserves.

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This was close to my graduation. This is before I moved into some crazy shit. So I sent it to Sean and Sean was like, ‘man, this shit hard!


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I’ll have you know that I was briefly very excited to see what looked like a clear differentiation between two sets of four digits, the first 4 seeming brighter and deeper than the last 4. This might have meant that I had an r2po5175 serial number from 1939 rather than an r2p05175 one from 1929. This is just an artifact of the paint flaking mostly from those characters, though, and the characters are all stamped uniformly on close examination. I’m safe in thinking this is r2p05175, a 1929 serial number anyway because 5175 is drastically high for March/April 1939 production, and fits easily into the expected range of March/April 1929 production, about early part of mid-march maybe.

I searched for 3 hours all over the machine and couldn’t find a serial number

When the injury first happens, you can take care of any immediate first aid needs. Basic wound care applies here: Put pressure on the area to slow the bleeding if there is any, clean the wound with soap and water, apply a bandage, and take an analgesic to help with pain if needed (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=480).


The whanau acts as the research supervisors. Smith says that, in this way, research is part of the overall struggle for Maori self-determination.

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  • The Red Cross is holding a series of blood drives in the Grosse Pointe area soon
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Inherent to this view is the notion that western culture is universal while all other cultures are localised and particular. However, the elision of the particularity in which western culture originates is not even necessarily acknowledged.

Doing this helps us consider the impact of what Boaventura De Sousa Santos calls western ‘abyssal thinking’ on thought in general and how the colonial project and the allied colonization of knowledge brought about an erasure of precolonial philosophy, science and art. Part of what we do when we heed the call to decolonize knowledge is both to uncover the processes by which these erasures occurred and return to these traditions in the effort to embed a more global understanding of the social world.


Lugones argues that focusing on the patriarchy alone obscures how oppressive gender formation is not solely the result of male supremacy, but of heterosexuality, capitalism and racial classification in conjunction with each other. We cannot fully understand what she calls ‘the present organisation of life’ without theorising the relationship between the colonial/modern gender system and the birth of global colonial capitalism.

CVAs have proven popular in recent years amongst companies which operate across a large number of leasehold premises, with CVAs used to reduce rents for a period of time, typically up to 36 months in duration. A common approach is to categorise leases into different bands, often using a variation of the traffic light analogy, with each band being treated differently during the life of the CVA depending upon whether they are regarded as a good (green), average (amber) or poor (red) performing site.


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Luminita, the Founder of PurposeFairy, is an enthusiastic student of the arts, psychology, and spirituality. Her acclaimed blog post, 15 Things You Should Give Up To Be Happy, was shared by over 1/3 million people on Facebook. Later on, it became the heart of her book, 15 Things You Should Give Up To Be Happy, book that was published by Penguin Random House. For more details check out the 15 Things You Should Give Up To Be Happy Book Page.

Even if a CVA is approved at the creditor and member meetings, there is then the risk of challenge within 28 days of approval either on the basis of material irregularity or unfair prejudice. Unfair prejudice claims are typically brought where the CVA fails either on the "vertical test" (which compares the anticipated CVA outcome versus the projected outcome on the most likely alternative scenario – usually a liquidation or administration) or on the "horizontal test". The horizontal test compares the treatment of creditors under the CVA as between each other. Whilst there is no prohibition on differential treatment as such, it must be justified on the basis of fairness. The CVA launched by Steinhoff Europe AG in 2021 is a good example of a recent CVA whose implementation was significantly delayed as a result of one such creditor challenge. Given how long it can take to implement a CVA, many companies who launch them are often put into administration pending the approval of the CVA proposal in order to benefit from the automatic stay on proceedings in administration.


A CVA is a consensual process, whereby a company seeks to compromise some of its debts with the agreement of its creditors. The beauty of this process is its flexibility, meaning that the nature of the compromise put to creditors can be adapted to suit the relevant company. Typically, unsecured creditors will agree to suffer some kind of haircut or reduction in the amount of debt owing to them, having accepted that this is a better outcome than if the company were to go into liquidation or administration.

Nevertheless, Indigenous and Black epistemologies and methodologies meet resistance from within the academy. Or where they are taken up, this is done in the absence of the actual people who are affected by ongoing coloniality.


You’ll note that I put “greater than 100,000” for 1926 and following years. This is because we only know what was produced in Nov/Dec of each year due to the new serial numbering system. We can presume that November and December were slow months for Corona parts manufacturing as production orders were mostly filled and there were plenty of parts to assemble already. Add in the holidays, and one would expect to see parts manufacturing slow down drastically at the end of the year. Thus 15,244 units produced would be very low to use for an average over 6 production cycles. If we just average that number we get something over 100,000 units produced over the whole year, which seems low compared to 1925’s roaring success. Thus we have to assume that the previous 5 cycles averaged something along the lines of 30,000 or 40,000 units, for a total closer to maybe 400k-600k. Under that theory, 1926 and 1927 were likely as successful as 1924 and 1925 had been, but we just can’t see the exact number produced.

Smith & Corona Typewriter Company” in 1925. The following January, a new serial numbering system was introduced for the Corona 4 which now disguises the full production output. A Month Code is introduced, 1 through 6 with each number standing for a 2-month production series. Since we only have the final serial number produced in each year, we now only know the production of the final 2 months of each year from then on, but we can make educated guesses from that information.


Here are the Red Cross blood drives coming up in the Grosse Pointe area in the next few weeks. You can search for additional Red Cross blood drives from a wider area here.

However, to see things from this perspective would be to ignore the example of the cotton mills. Modernity, and today globalization, should be seen as a series of ‘conjunctions and connected and entangled histories’.


Your relationship with your career can often follow a similar fate. Whether you're an entrepreneur or a CEO, there are several things you give up for the success of your business, and many unexpected challenges you face. You get stuck in a rut for various reasons, until it comes to the point when ask yourself whether or not it's worth staying.

For Lugones, Quijano’s understanding of gender reduces it to a question of ‘the organisation of sex, its resources, and products,’ which is a dispute among men. This does not take into account the role of women and variably gendered people, and their specific articulation under colonialism.

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The voting thresholds can be difficult to reach where approval of any CVA is heavily dependent on approval by landlord creditors, as landlords tend to be the category of creditors who are most likely to be significantly impacted by the CVA (at least as evidenced by the most recent CVAs). Some institutional landlords harbour an inherent dislike of the CVA procedure because of the loss of control around lease amendments and therefore often vote against any proposal.


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We all feel this way at one time or another. What was once a blossoming career with so much hope and promise has become a boring, negative, and draining component of your day to day. And while it's okay to admit if something is over, it's also important to recognize whether you've just hit a temporary rough patch. The good news is that you can usually find your way back to why you fell in love with it in the first place, and even ignite that sleeping passion.

Therefore, modernity should be decentred from its alleged linear progression from Greece to Rome, through Christianity and modern Europe. Instead, a new spatial and temporal conception of modernity should consider the role of Spain and Portugal in the conquest of the Americas as fundamental.


It was published right as the Corona 3 and 4 ended, in 1941. Oddly, the Corona 4 numbers end in 1934 on this list, even though there is data for other models up to 1937. The list is very fresh, though – compiled while both the Corona 3 and 4 were still in production. NOMDA 41 is also the earliest list I know of for Corona, other than BMED 27, and it’s specificity suggests that NOMDA had direct access to Smith Corona’s production numbers.

Allow yourself to expand your mind a little more day by day, give up labels and you will be happier. If you constantly say no to ‘strange’ ideas, things, events, people, how can you expect to progress through life? Try new things, if it makes your life better, stick to it and if it doesn’t, let it go. It’s that simple.


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But, for Lugones, it is not only white feminism that has ignored race, but decolonial approaches that have sidelined gender and sexuality. Her approach is to examine the workings of the ‘coloniality of power’ from a perspective that sees gender and sexuality as central to ongoing colonial practices.

Smith typewriter with the serial number of 148 1248-14A

Things get more strategic when it comes down to the detail, with Tracey advising, “Have three or four choices in mind. When picking sofas, especially corner ones, ask yourself is it left or right facing? Where is the TV and the fireplace? If it’s for a new house, bring in the plans.


Once upon a time you were inspiring your team, winning awards, and leading innovative projects. But now that they company's grown, you've found yourself removed from the part you loved the most, exhausted with administrative tasks and endless meetings.

As a result of seeing colonialism as constitutive of modernity, it is necessary to see modernity as a world-wide process rather than an intra-European phenomenon which is then rolled out across the rest of the world. Enrique Dussel proposes the notion of trans-modernity as a way of encapsulating this. Most critiques of modernity (including postcolonialism if we accept Dirlik’s critique) are in fact eurocentred critiques of eurocentrism.


If your daily grind is draining your passion for the role, start hiring people that can help you get back to the work that you actually want to be doing. Outsource or delegate the tasks that are holding you back so you can get back to thinking big picture.

Johnson had one resource that Dirk Schumann did not: the 1927 Business Machines and Equipment Digest. This source illuminates Corona’s date coding and serialization method greatly, and Johnson modeled his page on BMED 27 very heavily and explains the date coding and color coding (for DUCO-finished machines) very well. There are some ambiguities, though, and I sought to incorporate Johnson’s findings into the TWDB and clarify the ambiguities.


As a locksmith, we understand the importance of prompt response when your keys are locked in the car. All Around Locksmiths are determined to help you get back on the road and back to your daily routine or schedule as quick as possible. If you need (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=2956) help fast, call us right away.

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It is noteworthy, in this regard, that a significant number of businesses which implement CVAs find themselves forced to return to the negotiating table within a relatively short time in order to seek a further restructuring of their financial indebtedness, having failed to make deep enough cuts the first time around. If a further restructuring is not possible, the debtor ends up filing for insolvency. All of which is good news for professional advisers who thrive on multiple restructurings and insolvencies, of course, but a pretty dismal outcome for the other stakeholders.


The Heavy Lifting: Smith-Corona Serial Number Page Update

One of the areas in which inroads have been made has been in research methodologies in the humanities and social sciences. Maori scholar Linda Tuhiwai Smith’s ‘Decolonising Methodologies’, first published in 1999, has been one of the most important contributions.

Most fingernail injuries affect the nail plate (the hard part of the nail that grows out), which can crack and potentially fall off, and the nail bed (the skin underneath the nail plate), which can bleed and bruise. So when we’re discussing a nail bruise, we’re really talking about a nail plate bruise.


After a six-game road trip which produced a 2-4 record, the New York Yankees open a brief five game home stand against the Tampa Bay Rays and Atlanta Braves. As tensions are always high between the Yankees and the Rays, the timing is perfect for the offense to finally get on track. The Yankees are bursting with talent and high expectations but have become unwatchable unless Gerrit Cole is pitching. Questions far outweigh answers right now but a strong weekend against the Rays can at least begin to build positive momentum for the Yankees as they desperately search for a rhythm on offense.

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This is similar to what is proposed by the subaltern historians who uncovered the unauthorised and silenced histories of peasants and other subaltern people in the Indian subcontinent. So, for example, Escobar talks about giving value to some of the landmark experiences of decolonisation in the teaching of history including the Tupac Amaru rebellion, the Haitian revolution or the more recent anticolonial movements.


People who donate blood, platelets or plasma in May through the Red Cross will be automatically entered for a chance to win a travel trailer camper that sleeps five from Suburban Propane. Anyone who donates through May 15 will receive a $5 Amazon gift card by email courtesy of Suburban Propane.

Besides Stanton, the Yankees are eagerly awaiting center fielder Aaron Hicks to break out of his slump. As Luke Voit recovers from surgery to repair a torn meniscus in his left knee, fans have become increasingly frustrated with Jay Bruce’s lackluster performance at first base.


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Below is the info for a Red Cross blood drive coming up in the Novi area in the next few weeks. You can search for additional Red Cross blood drives from a wider area here.

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Amaire [Johnson] worked on it on the co-production side. It was a good teamwork effort on that record.


Clearly, the 1930’s saw the popularity of the Corona 4 plummet. Less than 2000 made in 1932, and although 1933 was better at 6,011 (similar use of leftover parts and a production run in Jan/Feb gives us an exact number for 1933 too), Corona 4 production would never reach greater than 10,000 units a year again. The Depression and fancy new segment-shifted models from Smith-Corona and other manufacturers left it in the dust. Production limps along like this, perhaps anywhere from 1000 to 8k or 9k units per year until January of 1940, when one final run of 1035 frames are built. Only 100 of them are assembled that year, and the rest were most likely shipped to a company in Philadelphia to be assembled along with the last of the Corona 3’s in 1941.

Vaccination Procedure Guide 34 TABLE 5 Indications of Titer

Donors are asked to schedule an appointment prior to arriving at the drive. Appointments can be made via the American Red Cross Blood Donor App, online or by calling 1-800-RED CROSS.


In Cedric Robinson’s magisterial work, ‘Black Marxism’, he takes European Marxists to task for their failure to understand the imbrication of race in European capitalism. So, for example, Marx’s notion of ‘primitive accumulation’ as a period preceding full capitalist development, excises slavery from the practices of capitalism, which he theorised as a more fully developed – and thus more efficient – mode of production.

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The dreams are where I throw the bits around until the things whizzing around me collide and stick. Answers form from these sticky bits.

Smith/ Corona portable typewriter in a slanted wood case

Whenever you get that restless feeling, it's important to step away and recharge. Not only do you need it for your personal health, but coming back with a fresh perspective will be beneficial for your business and your passion for it. Sometimes a break is all you need to realize how much you really do love what you do, and discover a newfound appreciation for what you have.


This would not matter if Indigenous approaches were placed on an equal footing with postcolonialism. However, Moreton-Robinson is clear that the problem appears not only because Indigenous knowledges are deemed illegitimate from a white perspective, but also because they are either subsumed under postcolonial studies, and other studies of ‘difference’, and treated as suspect by them also.

Third World identities have to resist this attempt by foundationalism to be fixed. They must be constituted as relational and heterogeneous. Rejecting essentialisation, they suggest engagement not insularity. The Third World refuses to stay in its place. Rather, it has ‘penetrated the inner sanctum of the first world’ and has affiliated with other subordinated subjects in the first world. So, according to the postcolonial critics, there is a strong role to be played by postcolonial actors in alliance with other marginalised groups and activists such as socialists, radicals, feminists, and other minorities.


Secondly, nationalism should also be debunked because it reproduces the essentialisms inherent to Orientalism and Eurocentrism by constructing an authentic and reified national subject. National identity does not take into account Bhabha’s hybridity or the notion that Stuart Hall introduces of the postcolonial subject as inherently split – the colonial exists within the colonised and, thus in the postcolonial, and vice versa.

Take a moment to ponder your serial number as you focus

Lastly, the idea of foundationalism has to be repudiated. Foundationalism assumes that it is possible to look at history as represented by an identity – a class, for example – that cannot be broken down further – that cannot be seen as heterogeneous; hence the universalisation of the ‘proletariat’, for example.


When you compare a CVA to the more draconian alternatives of an administration or liquidation, it is easy to see why CVAs continue to prove popular. Going down the path of a pre-pack administration sale, for example, tends to be much more speculative (given the inevitably uncertain outcome of an accelerated administration sale process), puts directors at risk of investigation and can require more work in terms of assigning leases and contracts with counterparties. A liquidation is often the worst possible outcome, potentially jeopardising many more jobs and leaving stakeholders heavily out of pocket. Importantly, management retain control of the company during a CVA (with oversight from the CVA supervisor), where they would typically (and immediately) lose control in the event of a formal insolvency. Whilst a CVA may be a difficult pill to swallow, management, employees, landlords, creditors and suppliers tend to reluctantly accept that the CVA often represents the "least worst" solution, at least in the short term.

The language of power is English and that becomes internalized. You normalize the abnormal and the absurdities of colonialism, and turn them into a norm from which you operate. Then you don’t even think about it.


The Third World postcolonial subject is deterritorialised. Postcolonial politics are a politics of positionality – where I position myself and am positioned by others in an imbalanced power relation undergirded by a colonial logic – rather than a politics of location, grounded in a particular localised space.

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This table appears to be the source utilized by other sources. Starting with Berghagen 1953 (and 1962), which mirrors these exact numbers. It is typed using a manifold-style all-caps machine which prints the capital letter “O” exactly the same as the number zero “0”. This is important because all later lists for Corona seem to have been distilled from versions of this list and I believe this caused a certain ambiguity about serial numbers past 1934.


The Demons of Gologotha have been banished, yet the cost has been terribly high. The Creator, god of the Fyllid, has been defeated and the faith of the people has begun to wane.

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An emphasis on the conquest of the Americas as the starting point of modernity, rather than the Enlightenment or the end of the 18th century as is more commonly accepted. Doing this would immediately reveal the relationship between the advent of modernity and colonial domination and uncover the dependence of the western project of modernity upon European domination over the majority world. One is unthinkable without the other.


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Shift your company focus to innovation, and hire new talent to lead the way. There is always a solution to a problem, you just have to breathe, stay calm, and focus on how to get there.

I cracked open all the books and read for 3 days while sorting through the data

Lugones cites research by Yoruban scholar Oyeronké Oyewumi, for example, that demonstrates that colonial rule had a direct effect on the organisation of reproduction. Native American scholars, such as Paula Gunn, have demonstrated the acceptability of third gendering and homosexuality within their cultures prior to colonisation.


I just know what I sent was the main portion of the beat with the [*hums melody*]. And the part of my drums and some of my 808 was included in the bundle. I know The-Dream, Timberlake were on there. It was crazy to be included in the situation with a bunch of greats, especially on a Beyoncé record.

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When you first started your role, every day was exciting and different. New challenges left you feeling accomplished and fulfilled. And while it was always your end goal to have the company running itself, that thrill you once had is no longer there. The risks are less risky, and that deal you're riding on isn't necessarily make or break anymore. It feels like you could get through each day with your eyes closed, going through the motions of predictability.


There you have it in a nutshell. This is the nut that Johnson couldn’t crack, and that I cannot crack without the help of you Typewriter Hunters. Every single one of you with a Corona 4 should (if you choose to accept this mission) take close-up, well-lit photos of your serial number and add it to the machine’s gallery in the TWDB. Those of you with those newfangled iPhone microscopes, please go nuts. What I’m looking for is a serial number where a capital letter “O” can be distinguished from the number Zero “0”. Just finding out that it *can* be distinguished is key, so if your serial number qualifies, it’s very important you get a good photo and add it to your gallery.