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For the most part it's your standard platformer with combat thrown into it, but with a crazy twist. I found the game to be boring at times, but it does try to mix things up with weird mini games such as making you do puzzles or turning into a 2D platformer. The story has its charm and even though I didn't play the first game, I feel like I understood what was going on.


Luckily, combat freshens things up, due in part to the horrific enemies you face. Hideous monsters dripping with black ooze fling projectiles from above, and goblins wielding dinnerware threaten to stab you. Each enemy requires a slightly different technique to bring down, and Alice is fortunate enough to have the right tools for the job. First up is the returning (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=4662) vorpal blade, Madness Returns' version of a light attack. The hobbyhorse does strong attack duty, while the pepper grinder is your basic ranged assault weapon. Then there's the teapot, which you can think of as a grenade launcher, as well as your parasol, which you use to block incoming attacks. Once you get accustomed to the patterns and weaknesses, the vile fiends aren't difficult to fell. But while fights aren't often challenging, facing multiple enemy types at once is still fun, because you must use your entire arsenal in a single battle. Many battles are too easy to feel like anything but filler, and the sticky target lock can push the camera into awkward positions. But the sound of porcelain shattering when you slam your hobbyhorse into a wretched freak crusted with dolls' heads is worthwhile compensation.

Few enemies are actually fun to fight, and there are very few types of enemies at all. Get used to those black tar dolls because you'll be seeing them a lot.


That said, every now and again, the game will surprise you with some funny little hook, tricky puzzle or interesting boss-battle. Unfortunately, these moments are rare and unless you find yourself engrossed in the story (hmmm) there’s probably not much to keep you going. You can see that the developers have looked at previous action adventure titles and tried to emulate their best moments – running from bosses in a scripted event, switching the perspective from 3D to 2D, sliding down ramps collecting, err, collectables.

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Frenzy Returns happens in 1875, a year after Alice’s release

That said, the art direction and imagery on display were fantastic, and the story was gutting. Well worth it if you can at all stand being subjected to the world's longest platformer.

Some cool artistic visuals, and good puzzles. Ultimately about twice as long as it should have been though.


My friend recommended this game to me but I can't recommend it myself to anyone. I think 9 or 10 years ago, when 7th generation gaming was new to me, I was barely a teenager, and I didn't have the income or jurisdiction to buy whatever game I wanted, I would've enjoyed this. But now, there are a million other games that I could be playing and enjoying more.

Un muy buen juego de plataformas y sobre todo graficamente por su estilo y demás cuanto más me acuerdo de él más me gusta. Muy recomendable y un gran acierto.


Decent platformer with a cool macarbre aesthetic. I only wish it ramped up the difficulty and the creepy shit a bit earlier - if it had, I probably would have loved it.

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Alice: Madness Returns Torrent Download

On the plus side, it isn't unplayably bad like the first game, but on the other hand it isn't any fun either. It's just astoundingly mediocre, at least up to the point I played. It also doesn't look anywhere near as good now as the first game did when it was new (which was enough to get me to finish it using cheats), and the idea behind it isn't novel anymore, at least in a game. Some things in it do look rather nice, but then there's random crap that's brown and murky and some disappointing low-res textures that ruin the one redeeming aspect of the game. Mostly it's too much linear jumping and bland combat.


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Wonderland itself is Madness Returns (browse around this web-site)' finest attribute. Each chapter explores a different visual theme, some of them impossible to describe in a few simple words. Rusted platforms float against a cloudy yellow backdrop, next to clock towers from which giant forks and teapots dangle. Gnarled vines twist into an off-kilter heart above a giant castle whose spires lean in all directions. Alice (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=9149)'s clothing changes from chapter to chapter, and her flowery prints and blood-red fabrics subtly match the level art. Wonderland is not the only place you explore, however. At the start of each chapter, you wander about an increasingly morose London. This vision of that city is more grubby and industrial than even Carroll's contemporary Charles Dickens conjured, drained of color and inhabited by impossibly wrinkled old crones and filthy fishermen. This world is not flawlessly rendered, however. Textures pop in frequently (and sometimes back out, and then in again), and the game pauses at bizarre times to load data.


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The game has some really weird audio mixing too. Sometimes characters will talk over each other; other times vocal inflections will be inappropriate, as if something is more or less dramatic than it should be. The dialogue itself often times tries way too hard to be meaningful or clever.

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Near perfect, graphics wise as well as story wise. Very gripping story, very interesting characters, nice action and customization. Only sometimes the camera is a bit awkward and the controls not as smooth as you could ask for a platform game. But these are minor grips, it's still a wonderful experience!

Alice has many different weapons at her disposal, ranging from a blade to a thing full of pepper. What is great about this is that not only are the weapons in Alice: Madness Returns very satisfying to use and very cool to look at. The game has a very well-done combo system that lets you switch between weapons very quickly and unleash some very powerful and really cool looking combos.


But it’s not long before she’s flung back into Wonderland, Vorpal Blade in hand, to continue the fight against the forces that threaten to tear her mind, and her life, apart. Wonderland certainly doesn’t disappoint; incredible art design coupled with extraordinarily creative enemies and set-pieces set the stage from the moment you arrive. From dripping black tar creatures to Donnie-Darko style rabbits, alongside our host – the Cheshire cat with bloody bits of flesh in his teeth.

On one hand, Alice (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=2518): Madness Returns presents a fantastically imagined vision of Wonderland full of secrets, collectables, and wondrous areas of classic platforming to explore. But through questionable level design, graphical inconsistency, and repetitive gameplay, I was pulled out of the experience more than I would have liked. Alice: Madness Returns is a memorable peek through a flawed looking glass.


I really enjoyed MOST of this game. It's very stylish and unique and plays really well. Voice acting and character design is fantastic and immersion is always there. My only gripe with the game is how repetitive it can get. Around chapter 4 I had more of an urge to play as it pulled me back in again with a more interesting location. Give this game ago if you even remotely have any interest in it.

Graphics and Concept art are very good, but the gameplay gets boring after a while, it's the same thing over and over again: Jump, Jump, Jump, Active or collect something, Jump, Jump, Jump, defeat some enemies, Jump, Jump, Jump. Sometimes it seems it will never end.


Leaping in Madness Returns is like floating on a summer breeze. After taking LSD

Gameplay: Las mecánicas son variadas, las del barco particularmente me han gustado xq no había jugado algo así hasta ahora. La variedad permite que no resulte aburrido y los puzzles están bien para alguien como yo que soy un desastre con esas cosas. Las peleas están entretenidas pero si debo admitir que no hay mucha variedad de enemigos. La dificultad varía en la cantidad de enemigos que te ponen en las peleas o en la variedad de ellos, algunas combinaciones de enemigos por separados los podía eliminar fácilmente pero combinados me fueron un dolor de cabeza y morí un par de veces hasta que pude derrotarlos.

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Everything looks absolutely stunning, and gameplay is solid and tight. It's a bit easy compared to its predecessor, but then again its predecessor was stupidly hard sometimes. Just ramp up the difficulty if you need to. A game not to be missed.



It doesn’t help matters that the PC version seems to have some serious performance issues; I recently updated to a HD6950, alongside an i7 with 6gb of RAM and the game seemed to struggle rendering the textures at times and the frame-rate would dive during fight-scenes. Control issues are abound when using the traditional WASD/Mouse combination; the lack of analogue control means that your mouselook is super sensitive - look forward to falling while making those crucial jumps.

Clunky combat, some weapons become obsolete by the end of the game due to lack of enemy variation. Levels drag on to become boring and uninspired. Some of the mini games clash badly with the rest of the game - the one that leads to the underwater area. Levels build up to a boss fight that is ultimately killed in a cutscene leaving you feeling unsatisfied with every level end. Frequent graphic glitches, lighting, z-fighting etc. Felt like more effort was put into the character model than that of the environments, to the point that it makes Alice stand out badly against the environments and other characters.