The next FIFA rankings will be posted up next Thursday, and as usual, there will be bitching and moaning about it. And I'll predict that there's gonna be a few who will ask this question: why is Peru ranked so high? Now that all this round of international break is done, you'll find that Peru is now holding the 12th spot, right under Spain. They've achieved their best ranking in their history. I believe it flatters them a bit too much, but by the end of this write-up, I hope it can give you, the reader, some perspective of how they're playing en route to a possible qualification to next summer's big event.

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Another bus tour took me to Summerside via Kensington - a small town nearest to Clermont where the first four of our family were born. I caught a glimpse of the little farm home where your grandparents settled after their marriage in Boston.


Derek Chauvin of Oakdale, Minnesota, the senior ex-policeman who held his knee to George Floyd’s neck was arrested and charged with murder in the third degree and manslaughter in the second degree. His bail was set at a million bucks. He was jailed at Ramsey County, the county of St Paul rather than at Hennepin County, the county of Minneapolis, for Chauvin’s own safety.

Pay no attention to the speedboat. Watch the beach, look at the tiny masajistas waving at clients walking the sand. You want to wave at somebody but can’t tell who’s looking up. You look for Rafael and his red flag. The murmur of the motorboat drops and you hear a whistle, and there’s Rafael in his t-shirt and hat and big black shades frantically waving red, so I reach up to my left with both hands and grab the strap under the flying red ribbons and pull the strap to my heart. Just as I stop still high in space no longer moving vertically I look down at everybody else looking up but there’s no time to wave. I am floating still for a second stuck thirteen stories in the air. Then Rafael blows the whistle and drops the flag to the sand and I leg go with my hands and begin to coast downward, straight down into Donnie and Pedro’s arms and barefoot I land and feel the ropes and the chute fall down behind me and they keep me standing up.


Trump had been impeached, revealing but a furtive glimpse of what is laid plain about him now. The Democrats put up an array of talents vying for the honor of going against Trump this fall. The campaign looked as if it might be fun. Few would argue against the economy was rockin’. My family planned a vacation to Estes Park, Colorado. It was barely February when there was a vibe in the air something bad was coming.

Against all the sharp narratives that have played out the last years, in battlefields imagined on screens and in the world actual, it is to the muddy story about a captain who just goes up a river and back I most often return, a journey that resembles my own. I have only observed the horrors of history, of the present, from a distance, yet they still belong to my world and I have felt their currents, as well as sensed all that lies beneath them, unseen, unknown. Like Marlow, I work for a trading company of sorts—we all do—and my station is modest and my task simple. Like Marlow I have been on a long trek and kept my shoulder to the wheel. I think I am good person, or good enough, and have provided some service, though I know not to make anything of either or rest easy. Like Marlow I keep my distance, like Marlow I do not have any answers, like Marlow I do not forget easily. I have yet to meet face to face, however, anyone with the revelatory power of a Kurtz.


We owe a massive thanks to Dayshine, among others, who have been working on CWTools. It has been an invaluable tool for us and we encourage modders from all Paradox games to make use of it.

There's a restless frenzy afoot. Demands that names of those whose past actions breach contemporary standards of correctness, be removed from any and all institutions, organizations, schools, hospitals, universities, street signs, statues.


It was about the same differential going down there. In between we escaped five weeks of our nominally coldest chunk of winter. There’s a lot to do in the Twin Cities all year but from around New Year to around April Fools Day most leisure time is spent indoors.

Oneiroi is the term referencing a group of gods and demigods in Greek Mythology in charge of dreams and nightmares (at least, according to Wikipedia). This is relevant to the SCP, as we will see soon.


Watching him struggle to breathe, not to escape custody or fight off the cops, you can hear people in the crowd begin to join George Floyd begging for his life. Even one of the original two cops is heard musing whether they might roll him on his side. Twice in the eight plus minutes. The alpha cop relentlessly digs his knee into George Floyd’s neck. As George Floyd suffers the cop seems to gouge his knee subtly deeper into his throat.

The ship docked near the foot of Mount Pilatus. As we travelled up the world's steepest cogwheel railway to the peak, the tour guide told the legend of the dreaded dragons with healing powers that lived on the mountain in ancient times.


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My theory is that the most skilled and proficient provocateurs, whether local or from Indiana, or Russia, are most skilled and proficient at getting away. There was too much destruction to be random. Somebody targeted just about every bombed out building. Not all orchestrated and choreographed by one mastermind, and some of the plots contradict and cross each other in a helter skelter way, but I’m trying to see and to sort out the schemes of who would be exploiting the death of George Floyd to burn down the world’s supply chains of goods and services, the pipelines of goodwill.

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The origins of the popular 'Ring Around the Rosie" nursery rhyme dates back to medieval Europe. Some scholars and folklorists saw similarities between the rhyme's cryptic lyrics and the circumstances surrounding the deadly plague that swept across Europe and killed millions of people. They posited the "Ring" referred to a circle, the red circular rash common in some forms of the plague.


From 1955-1995, monsieur Ronald, spent much of his time toiling in the ample bilingual-bosom of 'Mother Corps'; Canada's public broadcaster, CBC/Radio Canada. One (bosom) was English the other French. Which (bosom) would be given preference depended (largely) on the mother tongue of the respective presidents appointed by the PM to serve a five-year term.

Pipe flow analysis is incredibly important for mining applications in several ways including mine dewatering, ventilation, slurry handling. Sign up for this free webinar on Monday, December 19th from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM (MST) to learn how to solve issues with these types of applications in the mining industry.


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Well, umm, according to the Intergovernmental Affairs Minister, Dominic LeBlanc, "Clearly, the vetting circumstance missed some worrying things that came to light frankly because of journalists, because of reporters last summer. The first time we saw some of the workplace concerns were only last summer".

The number of electors from each state is roughly in line with the size of its population. There are 538 electors in total. California has the most electors - 55 - while a handful of sparsely populated states like Wyoming, Alaska and North Dakota have the minimum of three. Each elector represents one electoral vote, and a candidate needs to gain a majority of votes - 270 or more - to win the presidency.


Was it over a decade ago or a century? It is hard to keep track of time in a world that recreates itself afresh every day. Somehow the Abu Ghraib pictures have been washed aside in the stream of things, of other disturbing images that continue to flow past. The distance between our purpose then and our behavior, between our professed ideals and the horror, however, has not been closed and the pictures still haunt me. I have not found a way to explain or discharge them, or come to terms with other lingering subtleties in a world where I do not know where I stand. I have no idea where we’re headed, though the world tells me we are moving forward. I do not know what to with my hands either.

The day after the Georgia senate runoff was the 6th, the calendar day the Constitution says Congress certifies the electoral college. In the days leading up to both events Trump announced he would stage a rally. He wrote on Twitter: “Statistically impossible to have lost the 2021 Election. Big Protest in DC on January 6th.


The result has been some protests and demonstrations near government buildings against occupation, but nothing too big so as to spark a revolution. The protests were mainly kept under control by the Danish gendermarie, and after the Danes asserted some dominance, the protests dispersed, rarely with any fighting. In the end, the locals' image of the Danes has certainly decreased.

Ultimately “Sleep Cycles” is a fitting title as one minute it’s crushing and aggressively vibrant; wide awake and alert, but they know how to reel it back and soothe you too without managing to make you dose of completely, and they’ve balanced this out really well over the course of the thirteen tracks. Currently unsigned but, it’s hard to see why quite frankly (Unless it’s by choice of course), Heartsick know how to make you feel the feels and this is a solid record all in all .


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Along the tide line the sand of the beach borders squishy and compact. The ocean can get you by the ankles coming and going and you can play a fancy game. On this beach the tide never stands still, it rolls in and out from steady pulsing surf. Most days the warning flags are red.

Only serious people deserved recognition for posterity. Mona Lisa defies the rule of solemnity with a spontaneous spark of humanity ahead of her time.


Through all the commotion, disinformation and uncooperation of the Trump administration, the Biden administration team takes shape. They are the team of professional elites distrusted and despised by malcontent fascists everywhere, and these elements should take notice. They should start packing — their bags not their sidearms. Real promise ahead with liberal leadership could possibly please conservatives interested in common prosperity.

The Krystal is directly on the beach and situated in the middle of the middle of Playa Palmar, a three mile scoop of sand on the bay of Ixtapa between rocky coasts along the blue Pacific where the hotels and condos align the continuous beach from end to end and people are out playing in the surf. Walk from the Krystal left or right, either way it’s a mile and a half to the end where the sand stops at a wall of jagged volcanic rock smoothed by the sea and you can walk no further without climbing gear. So you kick the wall and walk back.


The "new and improved" modern methodology: The objective remains simple and straight forward, but with a subtle twist. Contemporary smart-ass kids are now smart-ass midget lawyers.

The insurrection after his rally that day was the answer to a call the mob had all been waiting for since they were told they were good people, they loved their country, they should stand back and stand by but not stand down. It was standard Donald J Trump operating procedure. Get other people to break the law on your behalf and walk away with clean hands.


The pandemic coronavirus refuses to go away. Covid-19 has not fallen from the news headlines at all, contrary to the prediction of the president, who has not fallen from the headlines yet either. That the two headliners don’t converge under the same story except that the two subjects are disengaged is itself a big part of the story. It’s almost one year since I first read about the outbreak in Wuhan. It’s been the weirdest year ever.

About Mexico I am reminded of the invasion of the conquistadores of Hernando Cortez, how they introduced diseases to the natives. A Mexican friend tells me it is not worth getting sick to make money serving tourists. I have read that Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo were shut down like ghost towns. I tried to contact sources to describe to me what such a lockdown was like, how people were getting along.


We’ve got no one of friend and family breaking our hearts (at the moment or for the foreseeable) or any worries, dangerous looming decisions or nightmares to overcome. We go to the beach at Ixtapa from mid-January to mid-February to escape a coldness that clinches the muscles and seizes the bones and numbs the brain. We supplant the mummy cold with tropical heat. Someday it might be proven that eliminating that one month of zombie coldness from our lives each year enabled us to live longer, healthier lives. As they say, not all the data is in.

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The city council has to sort these things out and create a full-breathing just replacement of law and order before the message and intents to defrock the police get amplified by critics of defunding the police who stroke fear of anarchy and gangster rule, leading to more riots. Look at Beirut, they say already.


Another favorite is the one I call Senora De La Ropa, a middle aged lady who hauls dozens of beach wraps and dresses on her head and her back. With that pile she looks about six feet tall but she’s barely four foot eight. She lays down the pile and selects certain ones to hold up and to lay spread on the sand. She encourages you to try something on. She makes a sale at almost every stop along the way. Roxanne knows you might find the same thing at a kiosk or a shop in town for a few pesos less but La Senora is so friendly and works so hard and brings it right to you at the palapa.

In as little time as it takes the senate to confirm a supreme court justice, the US House of Representatives voted to impeach President Donald J Trump for the charge of incitement of insurrection. Primary evidence are Trump’s own words in his speech that sent the insurgent mob down the street to attack the Capitol now observed as a failed coup d’etat. It’s amazing how fast information comes at you these days.


The most obvious sign that you may be encountering varicose veins is the nearness of swollen veins discovered basically under your skin. In any case, now and again, individuals with this condition also experience developing of lower legs and feet, shivering in locales enveloping the hazardous vein, and pounding and extending of weight in the legs. On occasion, especially for the people who have consistent vein issues, signs can in like manner join skin dryness, appearance of open injuries, and even the improvement of skin recoloring or diminish spots. Concerning varicose veins, an ounce of evasion is unquestionably fundamentally better than fix, especially considering the way that once these swollen veins appear, they are extremely difficult to cover and treat. Since chubbiness is a critical explanation behind varicose veins, you need to keep up your ideal burden to prevent any blood course issues on your legs.

The short version of the story, Dad met Eula’s husband Ezra and one of their sons, Joe, looking up and down Lake Street for jobs. The Pratts were new in town from Mississippi and living in an upstairs half of an old house next to a used car lot, Eula, Ezzie, Joe, JD, Elsie, Melvin, Raymond and Raphael, whom they called Ralph. Dad met the family and interviewed Eula, who was looking for domestic work. Dad wanted somebody steady who would keep up the housework and help mind the kids because it was clear Mom couldn’t keep up on her own and Leenie, Bernie, Molly and I were growing up too fast while Mom regressed and we tried to fill in. Eula was a godsend.


Beyond the OXXO gas station store behind Ruben’s, past the movie theater and the high school where the kids wear blue and dark blue. Past the pink and purple buildings back beyond the dark cantinas at night where nobody we know goes and we wouldn’t think to go, none of our business day or night. From the sky the business district of malls and overlapping plazas of commercial Ixtapa doesn’t seem so almighty big. There are no stop lights on the boulevard or anywhere in all of Ixtapa, where there are over a dozen stop light intersections in Zihuatanejo. There are no high rises in Zihuatanejo either, and from the sky I can see palm trees and swimming pools between them along the beach. There’s the pink and blue delfinium where you can swim with the dolphins. The triangular skylight of the atrium roof of the Krystal. All the walkers and splashers and sun bathers on the sand. The sea curling white down below, silent.

An AFT Fathom model was built, and the data was used to tune the model

After they cannibalized their South American competitors, the Cali Cartel found themselves with more than the lion’s share of the world’s cocaine in their back pocket. It’s believed that the Cartel were directly responsible for the popularity of the drug in Europe, where they introduced it to world capitals and controlled almost 100% of the flow. Needless to say, by the mid-nineties, the Cali Cartel had a net worth to rival that of other colonising multinationals such as McDonald’s and Nike.


Most people’s most recent impressions of Donald Trump recall the raging bully of debate night when he backed himself into a corner on overtime TV declining to denounce white supremacy. As I’ve described, his contrived visual appearances along with audio transcripts of his call-ins to Fox TV are not just not fooling anybody but reveal perversely the irony of reinforcing the 90 minute episode of Trump making his last impression of his best impression, a confessed liar and cheat who expects to get away with it.

In retrospect it must have come as a great shock to city leaders, the governor and public safety and health officials the destructive public outcry. The police were overwhelmed at worst and evenly matched at best in the tit for tat confrontations on the streets. Fireworks sold as commodities on highways through Wisconsin and South Dakota (but illegal in Minnesota) against rubber bullets, tear gas, flash grenades, shields and batons. We do not know what carnage would have occurred if the full force of the Minneapolis police would have been unleashed against the crowds pillaging and setting fire to the city, blocking firefighters from navigating the streets and besieging the 3rd precinct police station. The leaders must have just about freaked out at their miscalculation that Minneapolis people and nice Minnesotans would act out so violently. And at the crux of the matter a bald-faced red-handed occurrence of police misconduct, sheer brutality. Choice: unleash the police to engage rioters to protect not only the police station but all property, or pull back, surrender the property including the police station the most incendiary vandals wanted so much they might have killed some cops to take it over. Yes, the cops would have turned back the insurrectionists with deadly force, killing more than a few peaceful protesters caught up in the cross-clash and possibly driving the arsonists and looters into the residential neighborhoods in hot pursuits. And yet, the buildings would have been looted and burned anyway, maybe worse as the police defensive assaults spurred armed resistance and pinned cops down away from new hot spots. As it was, after the mayhem calmed down there were caches and stashes of incendiary materiel found in residential alleys near commercial strips to be recovered and used the next night, indicating the seriousness of the arsonists.


Sucking on his puffer, eyes bulging through fogged-up nerdy glasses, CBC/Radio Canada's 'Tres-Grand-Fromage' finally drew in enough air to speak, "Ron, thank you, thank you for stopping. At the end of the game I went to the nearest washroom, coming out and turned the wrong way. By the time I got all the way back to where the bus was parked, it was gone.

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Have you got a stash of underwear? You don't want to be left with your knickers in a knot do you?


Chelsea Star: Rooney Better Than Zola

Around 9 pm, the other 7 attendees and the 2 facilitators/translators met me at the Castle, the main house in the village where we had meals and meetings. They went over any last minute questions and concerns. I tried to tune out everyone else’s anxiety, self-absorption, etc.

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At midday Roxanne and I put on our masks and walked the two blocks up 22nd Ave to scout what happened to Lake St. Hi Lake shopping center was in ruins. Years ago it had a Red Owl grocery store, a JC Penney, SS Kresge and Tru Value Hardware. The JC Penney became the Teppanyaki Grill and Supreme Buffet, a good use of the space. The Red Owl evolved into the Savers thrift store. The liquor store moved to where the Pizza Hut used to be, and Wells Fargo occupied the space of the old liquor store. There was a laundromat, an urban clothing shop, a Family Dollar, Subway and the Pineda taco shop.


I’m no antisocial loner but I tend shy and mind my own business usually when left to myself, but with Roxanne I gain privy to people’s inner lives by association on the beach. People accept me and talk freely around me because I’m Roxanne’s husband, and everyone loves Roxanne. Sometimes we meet up in large groups with reservations for dinner. Roxanne has her birthday every year in Mexico and it generates a banquet. This year we celebrated at Bandidos in Zihuatanejo, about fifteen of us. The chicken molcajetes are the rage, a local stew served in a carved volcanic urn, available also in shrimp and meatless, it’s too much for one person.

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Asked if the policy appears to change the definition of the American dream, he said "We invite people to come here and join us, as a privilege. No one has a right to become an American who isn't born here as an American".


There was a certain tension on the beach at the palapas in February as more white anglos from Quebec and the western provinces showed up and found themselves mixed with tanned Americanos still rehashing the impeachment and speculating about the New Hampshire primary. Canadians revel in scolding Americans about their politics and this wave of visitors happened to bond over loathing of liberals like Trudeau and cheers to the policies of Donald Trump in the faces of a bunch of us bumpkin Democrats unfit to live in the free world. A weird alliance conflated with some Quebecois couples and some couples from Alberta lauding the rollback of federal regulations restricting oil, gas and coal. They opposed everything federal. They favored what Trump was doing, dismantling the deep state. When they overheard some of us Americans talking about Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar, the mood of mocking arrogance gave way to shuns. It was like that part in Arlo Guthrie’s Alice’s Restaurant when he describes how the other criminals reacted to him at the draft board, they all seemed to move away from us on the Group W bench.

Neko is fifteen months old and will not remember this. Clara and Tess are teenagers so these are times they will never forget. The lesson of all this for my grandchildren is not to take their generation or their lifetimes for granted. Time passes no matter what you do or don’t do. When you experience interesting times make sure you accept it as a gift and not a curse. Wish with care and it might come true.


The other is the roving musicians, usually trios, guitars, accordions, bass, sometimes a snare and a little cymbal, always dressed in uniform as cowboys with wide Stetson hats, rugged shirts, jeans and elaborate leather boots. Families employ them to serenade their parents and grandparents with old favorites. Roxanne says she thinks Mexican music sounds like Czech polka.

Several of these Republican senators attempted by legislative process to overturn the election in the same procedure January 6 that was in progress when the insurrection invaded the Capitol, when the joint Congress met to certify the state electoral college votes. The mob and those senators were complicit in their coup attempts to force the reversal of the election results based on Trump’s big lie the election was stolen from him by massive vote fraud. The terrorist mob was motivated by their belief in Trump. The senators all know better than to believe Trump but they believe in his sway over 74 million voters, and especially the power of untold countless followers who use their First Amendment rights to commit murder and mayhem to subvert the very Constitution that protects them. Those Republican senators, and more than a hundred and forty Republican members of the House of Representatives, know better, and if they are not in direct collusion with the domestic terrorists they are very much afraid of them.


Mostly wearing masks, at least around their chins. I got caught up in a sidebar about other demonstrators around the world who wore masks to conceal their identities from the secret police, and face coverings for women were prohibited in France. The crowds in small groups from two to maybe six, semi-spaced at arms length or so, casually talked as they walked, waves of them, hundreds, reminding me of students on their way to classes. Some of course supported backpacks. A gentle rain began to fall as their ranks thinned with the sunlight.

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In Mexico the Feast of Epiphany is celebrated by a three milk cake. In the cake is hidden a little figure of a baby. Whoever gets the slice with the baby wins some kind of prize, or else gets to be in charge of bringing the tamales to next year’s fiesta, depending on who explains the cake and baby story.


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Our Balzy governor impressed me with his get-right-to the heart of the matter leadership — again. His leadership through the coronavirus has been stable and convincing. He used to be a high school history teacher and a football coach, you know.

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In the days of the Old Masters, nobody smiled for portraits. They thought it made them look stupid.


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It means more families who will wake up in the middle of the night. It means killing more Palestinian teenagers. Because we have the power, the weapons, and the law at our disposal —. How would you like your occupation? The public discussion in Israel revolves around the question of how exactly we can continue the occupation. Should we do it by attempting to “improve the Palestinians’ economic situation” or should we step up their dispossession in the West Bank? Should we try and “improve trust between the two sides” or instead expel the majority of the Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem? Should we make “gestures” such as putting a temporary moratorium on home demolitions during the month of Ramadan, or should we continue with demolitions, as was the case in Wadi Ajheesh in the south Hebron Hills last week? Either way, Ramadan will end in a week, and we can go back to demolishing as usual. The inner-Israeli discussion is defined, first and foremost, by the arrogance of the overlords and goes entirely above their subjects’ heads. Palestinians are sometimes eligible for residency (and sometimes are not), they sometimes receive water from us (and sometimes do not), and sometimes they get to live (and sometimes they do not).

Every existential decision in life became entwined and calculated towards deference to covid-19. One of Trump’s belated covidian awakenings is to not let the pandemic dominate your life. He’s somebody who has never made his own bed, washed his own laundry, cleaned his own kitchen or dressed his own wounds. In a perfect world perhaps his glamorous playboy image enthralls the fantasies of wannabe tycoons. To me his followers resemble chicks who write love letters to killers in the slammer. In the picture of how this world really works the pandemic has more than magnified how we see ourselves, each other, what we do for a living, the world we live. We realize Donald Trump doesn’t know what it’s like to be us any more than we should want to be like him. We would like access to the best covidian medical attention, like he gets, but none of us should want to be callow, crass and cowardly to attain it. He sues to the Supreme Court to strip away your Obamacare instead, maybe your last strand of health care in this pandemic. Mike Pence said the other night rebutting Kamala Harris that the American People have borne the brunt of sacrifice from this pandemic, as if to prove what she was trying to say. The cheap bastards in the White House are chiseling regular citizens and small businesses who need relief but prioritizing bail money to the airline industry — crying about creeping socialism in one breath and begging to bail out corporations too big to fail who hold customers and workers hostage.


Also that morning after the murder I read the obituary of a Chinese doctor who died from a virus that got him in trouble with the Communist Party. Dr Li Wenliang in December noticed a pattern occurrence of a rather lethal new virus in his home town of Wuhan. When he wrote colleagues in the medical community about local outbreaks of this new virus he was hushed by the Party for inciting panic and disorder and hustled off to detention. Word got out anyway about covid-19 the novel coronavirus, Dr Li was put back into social circulation serving the medical community, where he caught covid-19 infection and died.

Remembering when 'normal' was so routine, it was considered (by many) to be 'boring'. How we yearn for those familiar, boring times to return.


All in all, Harbour Sharks have delivered a decent debut here, there are some elements such as breakdowns which feel dated already because they became the in-thing and are now overdone, but ultimately there’s enough here to keep the listener going, plus the encouraging thought of how these songs play out on stage. They aren’t quite Great White’s but, they’ve still got plenty of bite.

The kind of day that would freeze the balls off of a brass monkey. The field surrounding the stadium was knee-deep in snow.


Grandpa's jacket was on full display. Ironically, jackets are not part of Oceania's dress code. A full schedule of onboard activities was available to passengers plus nightly entertainment in the theatre. However, the most popular "activity" for this crowd was the afternoon nap.

The leadership from the twin mayors of each city remains to be evaluated. Mayor Carter of St Paul always showed up prepared for business and appeared astute if skeptical. Mayor Frey of Minneapolis wrung his hands and projected agony in the garden.


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Dissolve to close up of the face of Anti Christ. At least before the End Days I get a few more massages from Isabel at casa numero dos down the beach from our palapa.

We literally live the life of beach bums residing under a thatched palm palapa in the sand near the sea wall of the hotel. We live a decadent lifestyle of reclining and reading books and walking the beach, swimming in the ocean, dipping in the pool, and staring at the surf.


Studies show that for all intents and purposes half of the occurrences of varicose veins may be a result of heredity. Authorities have insisted that people who have relatives or family members with varicose veins are helpless against developing such conditions since issues in the dividers of the veins and valves may be obtained. In spite of the way that men can similarly have Varikosette audits you will find these jutting veins progressively perceptible in women. One purpose for the colossal number of women having varicose veins is that extra burden during pregnancy can cause blood dispersal issues in the legs, which may incite hurts in the veins.

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Shame on the big banks, who decided to raise their fees (during a pandemic), while making billions in profit every quarter. There's a special place in hell for placing greed ahead of Canadians that are hurting.


Somehow the Magi found the child on their own. They gave Mary and Joseph gold, frankincense and myrrh, which doubtless came in handy. The Magi figured out King Herod had devious plans for their baby and urged Mary and Joseph to flee the country for the baby’s life.

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Roxanne most readily concedes boredom. She orders books for pickup from the public library and bums them off her sister and scouts the little free lending libraries. She’s an expert on Jack Reacher and Mitch Rapp, which is no shock, in the 1970s she was an expert on the works of John D MacDonald. She watches Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney +. She knits. Sews face masks (currently fatigued).


And you might also have guessed that before the months of 'voluntary incarceration', 'Old-Fart-Retirees' (like monsieur Ronald) regularly pursued the 'fine art of philosophy' (with friends and acquaintances), plumbing the deep reservoir of hard-earned knowledge, experience and wisdom to extract therefrom solutions to all of the world's problems. Now ageless-philosophy "experts" are forced to confer and exchange their ideas via ZOOM.

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The word epiphany means some kind of realization or sudden awareness. One supposes that the three Magi, wise men of the Orient named Casper, Melchior and Balthazar undertook a caravan to trek hundreds of miles across deserts following a bright object in the sky without any clear idea what they were looking for. They were wise men, after all, and familiar with ancient legends and prophesies, and the bright star was a sign. Somewhere in Judea they arrived at the notion they were looking for a newborn baby, obviously a special child of consequential existence. Either out of political nicety or naive trust in a fellow monarch they paid a call on King Herod and inquired if the king, being king after all, knew where they might find this special child. Herod knew nothing but piqued with jealousy asked the Magi to inform him if they found this child.


It was a symbol of peace, showing that neither person was carrying a weapon. Some say that the shaking gesture of the handshake started in Medieval Europe. Knights would shake the hand of others in an attempt to shake loose any hidden weapons.

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Trump stoked the flames of resentment. After December 8 he seemed almost laughable, the electoral college a mere formality January 6. When the attorney general resigned saying the justice department found no fraud, Trump said they didn’t look hard enough. The national chief of election security called it the most secure election ever, and Trump fired him. Trump fired the secretary of defense too for good measure.


Vote so you can look back and say you did the right thing. Vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

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An unremarkable nose, she may as well be masked. Without her famous lips her countenance is an unreadable codex whose eyes are indelibly underrated. She knows exactly what she’s seeing. She’s got a skin bleb by her nose near the corner of her left eye. She’s not hiding anything from anybody.

In some ways all the guys resembled Michael Moore. Or Wayne and Garth of Wayne’s World. I didn’t want to make anything of it, but there was a different sense of purpose in the air. Maybe there was some comfort these people trusted our neighborhood to park their cars rather than the Target parking lot so much closer to the action. These kids were looking for action.


He asked how the Acres were doing — he was hanging around when we bought the place in 1981, house, detached garage, yard, trees, jungle garden. Good, I said, nice of him to ask.

AFT fig 4 How to Select the Right Pump

Now have reworked or expanded focus trees, decisions, and events. I feel like one of these isn't like the other.

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Trump gave America an ample opportunity to evaluate his presidency. He came unglued in debates with Joe Biden, a calm, sane adult by comparison — so sane Trump characterized him as sleepy, boring and would be very uninteresting as a president. Trump lost his composure in interviews when confronted with facts. He called in and ranted on talk radio and FOX TV, replayed later, parsed and refuted in free mainstream media. Unashamed he boasted conspiracy theories at his rallies and in his Twitter tweets. In the closing month of his campaign he was who he was for everyone to see and hear.


Toscano’s crowd was mostly gringos like us who could barely recite the ay-ay-ay-ay part of Cielito Lindo but couldn’t name That Tune. Violins, trumpets, bass, guitars, the mariachi guys completed their set and took a bow to big applause.

His mother was a social activist and proud fan of Jackie Robinson and Nat King Cole. My dad worked in the car business on Lake Street where Black people were as common as apples and sweet corn.


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They’ve been in Minneapolis five years if you include ZOZO. While they lived in Europe they were little kids. Kitty left America at age four and came back nine. Clara left at seven and came back 12. No telling if time not spent with them those four years could ever have been made up later, it just seems much nicer to know them now and not have to compensate for lost years. Still, they have no idea how much fun they have given us or what it means to us to experience everyday life along with them.



How Roxanne and I conduct ourselves as guests of Mexicans reflects upon America and Americans and how we would treat them if they were guests in our town. Given the official talk of our president they aren’t supposed to feel welcome in American territory, and yet we anticipate being welcomed to Mexico without so much as a pet the dog. It’s been our specialty, as it is with all our international travel, to avoid political unrest if possible. It’s not our mission to infiltrate any grass roots efforts worldwide to modernize humanity, that’s just how it goes when you make friends with people who live in foreign countries. In Mexico we trust Isabel, Anabel and Jesus and so on, that they would never lead us into danger.

Important research is going on in architectural engineering that will design buildings, classrooms and work spaces with more healthful ventilation. The workplace and classrooms of the future are right now being determined by the adapted behavior of the pandemic.


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Critics of course asked when the other three ex-cops would be charged and jailed. The county attorney, who a day or so before asked the public for patience and time to conduct an investigation, and like the police union begged not to rush to judgment, pointed out in reply to critics that this was the fastest arrest and charge of a police officer causing death in state history. Okay, said critics, but what about the other three guys?

It would be nice to have a kitchen but the abundance of delicious affordable restaurant food more than makes up for the extra effort and gets us out of the house. In truth we don’t spend much time in our room beyond sleeping. Morning coffee on our balcony, reading the news from home on our tablets. The sun rises over the hills and the hotels like a stage curtain. On the beach below the runners and the walkers weave rhythm along the waves. The restaurants are busy serving breakfast though the recorded music at the pool does not begin until nine. The sunbathers around the pool stake out their recliners, as we do first thing every day before madrugada to reserve our palapa.


Think about when he "slipped" over. He only took that penalty because he knew he could become the all time biggest hero. He hit the post though didn't he. Good night that was.

The progression in football was pretty clear under Markarian compared to del Solar. But the defensive football played constantly under the Uruguayan was quickly found out by the rest of South America. Markarian's over-reliance on older players, especially with the Cuatro Fantasticos (Fantastic Four) of the Peruvian team, Claudio Pizarro, Juan Vargas, Jefferson Farfan, and Paolo Guerrero, hampered the team. Their failure to win one away match in the 2021 qualifiers. In the end, they finished 7th, 10 points out of a playoff spot.


As Trudeau-the-elder's train was leaving the station, Alberta wheat farmers were protesting on the platform. Their Prime Minister gave them an Italian salute. An insult Albertans never forgot.

Around sundown, I started to drink herbal tea while sitting by the fireplace. I spent about 3 hours reading the Bhagavad Gita and the Dhammapada, listening to good music without any words (Hans Zimmer, Bonobo, classical guitar), and writing in my journal.


Empowering Pumps and Equipment Mine Dewatering System Design Validated Using AFT FathomTM Comments Feed

Chavín culture ends around this time. Salinar culture established around this time. Recuay culture established around this time. Virú culture established around this time. Vicús culture established around this time.

At least you may have noticed I don’t use being-a-prisoner metaphors for the pandemic restrictions, and am careful not to whine about deprivation of constitutional rights. I’m a rich world victim of these circumstances and suffer minor inconveniences compared to a big gulp of the population. I haven’t had a job in seven years and thus suffered no loss of income nor the ignominy of loss of importance and purpose, I’m already there and it makes no difference to me, by choice. We skipped Mexico this winter, needless to say. We got cell service, wi fi, cable TV, newspaper and magazine delivery, postal service, retail deliveries and food and groceries for call ahead pick-up. Roxanne subscribes to digital books from the public library. I have books I got for Christmas I haven’t read yet.


After eight o’clock, when the rally was scheduled to wind down, the exodus people returned to claim their cars. As the long rays of the setting sun cast steep shadows and reddening light between the trees, Roxanne and I observed the transition. Simultaneous to the exodus came more cars jockeying for next available parking. Much as the night before the newer arrivals were mostly male, favored black clothing and ball caps and racially white.

Where were the red lights and sirens? Where were the red and blue lights? Not confined to the midtown neighborhood of the 3rd precinct, fires were breaking out in webs and branches all over the city and all over St Paul.


Face it, white world, it’s a multiracial planet. And in America, it’s high time to live up to the sacred ideals of democracy and liberty we keep raving about to all the world.

For the record, Grandpa has not purchased a sports jacket in several decades. And like most men, he really hates shopping because it makes him kind of grumpy.


On Saturday the president traveled to Florida to laud the SpaceX manned rocket launch from Cape Canaveral, the first NASA space launch in about nine years. In Trump’s speech after the spectacularly successful launch he went off script and began to ramble about what a good man George Floyd was and how he had spoken with Floyd’s family and extended condolences. Mrs Trump did not accompany the president to Florida but presumably stayed behind in the White House bunker. Back home in DC Trump warned protesters they would face vicious dogs if they breached onto White House grounds. He blasted looters and rioters for dragging the economy further down than the coronavirus pandemic, which he keeps blaming on the Chinese as if they unleashed it on purpose.

I only know them for their family loyalty and reliance and loving responsibility. What I see and admire in them looks like success to me in the kind of normal world I expected to live in when I was young and believed racial bigotry was on its way out the door. The Pratts aren’t the only ones, just the ones I know best, Black whose lives matter to me.


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For the Liberal Party it's a simple crass political decision, Carpe Diem! Cease the day, cease the opportunity and screw the consequences.

As he rants his way out on State TV think about all you know about this guy and keep in mind that was Trump and this is Trump on Steroids. He’s on dexamethasone, what Major League Baseball would call a performance enhancing drug. It can have psycho side effects.


They gathered outside the 5th precinct just about how they surrounded the 3rd. The issue was insidious institutional racism and brutality built into police culture. Law enforcement should never be above the law. And it needs to be said at every opportunity, Black Lives Matter.

Mine Dewatering System Design Validated Using AFT FathomTM

Report of first ever ayahuasca experience and most surreal nights of my life. She said to me at the beginning, "I’m going to take you for a ride.


The second thing is the rapid response to the food desert created by the damning of the neighborhood grocery stores. Volunteers created curbside food banks, drop off centers and organized pickup places to distribute groceries to neighbors in need. If people were stranded or quarantined and unable to come to the food, somebody arranged to bring boxes of staples to their homes.

The street is full of folklore of abusive cops cruising roughshod through the neighborhoods disrespecting citizens, making mischief where there was none and instigating shenanigans hostile to the neighbors. Just as there is abundant folklore backed up by facts and statistics that account for lawless behavior involving shootings among citizens who won’t answer to the cops on the politest of terms.


Back in Minnesota Governor Balz asked Attorney General Keith Ellison to lead the prosecution of the murder of George Floyd. Ellison used to be our 5th district congressman, and before that a member of our state legislature. Before that he practiced civil rights law. Reports said George Floyd’s family asked the governor to appoint Ellison to the case. With the county attorney’s assent, Ellison accepted the job and promised a vigorous and fair prosecution. Two days later he announced an additional second-degree murder charge against the ex-officer who kneed George Floyd to death and charged the other three officers with aiding and abetting second-degree murder and aiding and abetting second-degree manslaughter.

Trump is now goading his (guns and ammo toting) supporters into insurrection. Come November, even the basic democratic criterion of holding free and fair elections could end up being flouted.


The mob he sicced on Congress that day put up a noose on a scaffold being built for Biden’s inauguration, and it may as well have been strung up there as the very gallows to hang Trump. Swiftly the participants are being identified, and some arrested. Investigators are looking at collaborators within the halls of congress.

Por qué esa injusticia asia ese pobre señor! No entiendo porque esa toma de medidas, eso es algo demasiado fuerte para gente y porque hacer ese tipo de cosas!


The subtle horrors are as much the fruit of Kurtz’s efforts as of what lies within the jungle, but also are Marlow’s own black projections on its darkness, not returned. The pure savagery brought to light is Kurtz’s symbolic gesture, heads of native rebels he had cut off and put on stakes, lined before the station house. The heads, however, do not face outward to warn tribesmen from transgression but inward towards the house, where Kurtz can contemplate their gaze.

Here are a few of the albums I enjoyed from the past year. Many of these bands have a flaw or two and are so keep an open mind if you are not a fan of lesser known/underground bands or think anything worse than an 8/10 is unlistenable.


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Every day our housekeeping maid Neli left us bath towel origami sculptures with flower petal features. We are a tidy couple but it was luxury to have the floor swept, the bathroom cleansed and the towels and bed linen changed every day. They do not use fitted sheets either. The amount of sand we tracked indoors every day might fill a bucket by the time we went home.

It appeared however that with every commercial building in the vicinity wiped out along with the 3rd precinct, we could very well ask less than cynically what was left to bother with. This night’s rally focused on George Floyd’s final whereabouts, 38th and Chicago, which kept growing as a shrine. It appeared that Minneapolis now had its John Lennon Wall like in Prague.


In Minneapolis the copter cameras watched on Sunday afternoon as thousands held a rally downtown that marched to Interstate 35W and occupied the bridge over the Mississippi that replaced the one that collapsed in 2007. The highway department had closed off the freeway miles away in both directions to stop all traffic for the protest. The rally swarmed over the bridge in all the lanes.

So, the question remains, are the bear and the bull simply part of the set up to a punch-line? Not really no, as they are as every bit as ferocious and intimidating as the animals they represent from a musical standpoint, and if you prefer to be mauled by your metal then be sure to check these out.


Roxanne learned on the internet that an average of eleven people a year drown in the surf off Ixtapa Bay every year. We have watched search and hope activities from afar before but never a rescue.

Prior to the study, many of the pumps were competing against each other hydraulically. There had been 41 repairs on the system within five years costing more than $1/23 million, and the mean-time-between-failures were 14/63 months.


Fulghum's valiant attempt to persuade a child victim of name-calling to ignore the taunt, refrain from retaliation and remain calm, is considered useless nonsense today. How do we deal with anonymous cowards on social media using hateful words as a cudgel to terrorize?

After the man left the store with his smokes the cashier at the store tested the $20 bill and found it fake. The cashier called the cops to report a counterfeit $20 bill. A car with two cops answered the complaint within minutes, parking their squad car across the avenue from the grocery store. The grocery store employee identified the passer of the bad twenty as the man sitting in the driver seat of a car parked on the avenue. The two police offers approached the man in the car with one cop drawing his gun. There were two people in the back seat. When the man in the driver seat put both hands on the steering wheel the one cop holstered his gun and both cops ordered the man out of the car. When the man moved too slowly the cops reached in and pulled the man out of the car and handcuffed him, arresting him for forgery.


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Fionulla Guilded-Sleeves, the third, (the third Mrs. Guilded-Sleeves) rises to address the gathering.

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Canadians receive a daily dose of COVID updates. Information and advisories coming from federal, provincial and territorial authorities are confusing many because they are inconsistent and constantly change.


A rally was scheduled for late afternoon at 38th and Chicago, the scene of the crime, which was already flourishing as a drop site for bouquets, teddy bears and love notes. The rally would commemorate George Floyd and march east by northeast about a mile and a half to the 3rd precinct police station. There they would cry out their cause They would denounce racism and police brutality. They would pledge their hearts to eradicating inequities in the name of George Floyd.

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Like the bucket brigades who saved apartment buildings from fires started at street level retail below, and like the rake, pitchfork and garden hose watchouters, the cleaners and sweepers emerged out of the blue like angels predestined to spruce up after Armageddon and tidy up the Elysian Fields for Paradise Regained. Our better angels, as that Lincoln fella might say.


Those who hoovered up Narcos a season at a time will know that, at the end of the second season, The King of Cocaine was fatally gunned down by Colombian National Police. They’ll also have had a sniff of the infamous Cali Cartel, the gang who – fronted by the Orejuela brothers – made a cameo in season two as the bosom mates of Los Pepes.

While showering, Brain says to Body: Been thinking about our mobility-assist equipment. We currently have three canes, a pair of 'walking' ski polls and a walker. I think it's time to start shopping for one of those "cool", fast and fancy old-fart scooters.


There are several things humans can do when someone invades our personal space. Ironically, virus (COVID-19) has imposed a new kind of personal boundary zone that may be difficult to discard when this nightmare ends.

A Mexican man lay splayed like a rag doll on his back on the pavement between the other fountain and a row of souvenir kiosks on the plaza, motionless and bloody to the chest and the head. Beside him a woman wept with her face in her hands, also bloody. I walked to the scene and stopped when I could see enough and stay out of the way. Men from Blue Shrimp brought a table cloth to shroud the man from the knees up. He wore khaki shorts and his legs were turning purple. The woman, on her knees at the kiosk, wept inconsolably attended by another lady and a young man. A few husky guys in blue t-shirts on cell phones seemed to take informal charge of the scene, and I figured they were plainclothes cops. An ambulance silently parked lights flashing along the street outside the plaza and EMTs rushed a gurney to the aid of the sobbing woman. Troops arrived shortly, or maybe they were federal police, armed with machine rifles and wearing camouflage battle gear. I spoke to one who appeared in charge and told him a description of the act, the gunman and his escape.


Such ferocity does work however on the brief but brutal “Fountain Of Youth” and the groove heavy “The Eternal Fight”, but lead single “Ignite” is a touch generic and disappointing, with its fade-out serving little to no benefit. Ultimately despite some huge promise, this sounds like a band who despite the quality and confidence to deliver a decent album, haven’t 100% decided what album they actually want to deliver, or at the very least are unsure of their preferred market.

It's worth watching it again on Google. Listen to the kid whispering 'Zoom, Zoom, Zoom', the music, pictures of cars and feel the release of a wave of nostalgia as you pine for those 'good old days' of 2021.


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This prompted knowing smiles from Ivana, Maria and Melania. The tweet had accurately described "their" husband.

Virú culture ends around this time. Vicús culture ends around this time.


Suggest as a translation of brief return

Clicking the Show Comparison button from the Scenario Comparison – Selection window brings you to the Scenario Comparison – Comparison Grid window. The options discussed previously that bring you directly to a comparison will also bring you to this window.

The big man in police custody that evening was black. He was not out of place at 38th & Chicago, even during a pandemic. The police were not considered out of place either. This is at the western edge of the 3rd precinct which policed all the way east to the Mississippi and kept law and order at half the south side, including Buffalo Acres, where I live, about five blocks from the 3rd precinct police station where the four cops in this story report. Two of the cops were white, one of mixed African-American and one of Asian descent. The two white ones were of indeterminate heritage of whiteness, but they were white.


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The aftermath of George Floyd keeps coming around and around, as it always will in some vision or another. As the past is never really passed. Yesterday the uncle of Darnella Frazier, the teenager who recorded the last nine-odd minutes of George Floyd’s life, was killed in a car crash with a city police car engaged in hot pursuit of a felony suspect through a residential neighborhood.

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An unedited recording of a phone conversation between Trump and the Georgia secretary of state emerged to shatter my peace. In the hourlong conversation Trump implores Brad Raffensperger, a Republican elected state official, to alter the vote tabulation of the state of Georgia to make him win — implores, wheedles, begs, orders, threatens — and Raffensperger says no.

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Behind The General’s the plaza continues with shops and more places to eat out of doors under awnings and umbrellas. Lalo the renown chef operated a place along this corridor before he passed away year before last. Now the space features barbecue ribs and pulled pork six nights a week.


The latest talk in city government currently is a resolution to abolish the police department supported by nine of the 13 members of the Minneapolis city council. Mayor Jacob Frey went on record at a rally and got booed off the stage for saying he did not support the resolution. Everybody including the chief supports police reform. Attorney General Ellison and state Public Safety Commissioner John Harrington wrapped up a report to stop deadly police encounters just when the covid-19 pandemic hit and both of those public servants wanted to keep working for reform.

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Somewhere out of the piercing windchill. Someplace where one false step on icy pavement and maybe you get your hip replaced anyway when it was just perfectly fine before you slipped and fell. To escape the cold we surrender to a place warm all the time, where the ocean crashes the sandy beach about once every twelve seconds, palm trees sway — salsa sway — in the fresh sea breezes, and the sunshine pours down upon people going in and out of the shade.


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Another good restaurant called Deborah’s faces the main boulevard. The place used to be called the Hacienda, all archways and high ceilings and wrought iron. The service was slow, dinners so so but we would go for a cheap breakfast. An older fat lady was always there behind the bar handling the cash. There was a vivid portrait of her almost painted on velvet in her younger days when she was boss and still beautiful. Always at a table near the bar sat an old skinny French guy with a dog at his feet. He and the woman would exchange words or he would read a newspaper. Roxanne and I would sit at a table as far from the kitchen as we could near the open air but I recall the unshaven white haired guy spoke French when he spoke to the lady.

Currently certain individual and group elements of our society have gone on sprees of carjackings, shootings and armed robberies in brazen headlining escapades taking advantage of the perception the cops are weak and afraid to patrol the streets. They shoot at each other mostly but occasionally hit a bystander who might be a kid or somebody’s mom or just somebody who got in the way who might have looked too ugly. One ponders whether their is an algorithm predicting a sequence where gangsters keep shooting each other until none are left. That would solve the police problem. Meantime the citizens of the neighborhoods affected by crime driven violence do not want to disband what they already see as too little police protection.


I stayed close to the nearest bonfire. I did not pretend to sing, but it felt joyful enough to be in proximity to my family and observe their presence and feel their vibes in some kind of celebration.

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A pet favorite of ours is a sidewalk cafe behind the plaza called Los Bigotes de Zapata — Zapata’s Moustache — also called Martin’s. While many restaurants in Ixtapa promote themselves extra for their fine kitchen skills and dining atmosphere — why there are so many Italian restaurants on the Guerrero coast I’ll never know but collectively there is no better bolognese sauce found on the planet — Martin’s menu sticks to Mexican recipes.


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A shuttle bus took us to the Miami airport where we faced another "glitch". The American Airlines agent advised AA would not honour Oceania's complimentary checked luggage document. We had to fork over another $30 USD X 2.

The puzzle continues to confound cultural historians. Many theories have been put forward about how the custom began. Unfortunately, none of them are very compelling.


However, in giving fealty to the delusional man-child, those elected must subordinate their oath of office and any notion of decency, honour, principle and country. All but a very few have already taken this sad, dishonourable and dangerous step.

Way back in 1954-55, a stipulation for employment with CBC was 'swearing allegiance to the monarch'. In order to become an employee of a Canadian Crown Corporation, it was required protocol.


Been a lot of hopes and dreams and expectations since June. All the more exciting to get jittery for the rest of the year.

I used to read a newspaper in English called The News which was peddled by a guy named Victor on the beach every day but Sunday, a paper published in Mexico City that covered the whole country, which cost $15 MX pesos a day — 75 cents USD. I read it for signs of progress. Too often it told stories like the 43 students from a teachers college who went missing in Iguala, a town in the hills of northern Guerrero, in September 2021 and never turned up. Follow up stories in The News never solved the crime by the time the newspaper ceased publication a couple of years ago leaving Victor selling soccer t-shirts. Victor says it’s the internet did in the paper. That itself should have been another sign of progress, universal technology. I preferred newsprint partly because of all the trouble it takes to put a newspaper together every day and ship it a few hundred miles for somebody to read on a beach instead of thumbing up down and sideways with a smartphone like all the Mexicans now do.


We mosey the public plazas of Ixtapa our first nights looking for dinner. In five weeks we will dine at several places more than once and try new places at least once. Word got around fast among the annual anglos on the beach that El Camaron Azul, the Blue Shrimp, had changed ownership and the food and the service wasn’t as good anymore.

Open AFT Impulse. Easy

GAZA (Ma‘an) 2 July — Egyptian authorities Saturday reopened the Rafah crossing between Egypt and the besieged Gaza Strip, following a one-day closure on Friday, for the third day of openings expected to last until Monday, according to Egyptian sources. Two buses have reportedly traveled through the crossing from the Gaza Strip into Egypt on the third day of its opening, according to the crossing’s media office. Egyptian authorities closed the crossing on Friday after opening it for two consecutive days which allowed the passage of several hundred people to enter and leave the besieged Palestinian territory. The Egyptian authorities are expected to open the crossing until Monday. The short reprieve from heavy border restrictions comes as Israel’s military blockade of the Gaza Strip approaches nearly a decade.


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By this time world journalism was covering the pandemic though only a few cases were confirmed in America, nobody known dead. Epidemiologists predicted a spread across the planet. The president canceled foreigners traveling from China. China went into a lockdown of social quarantine. They erected massive field hospitals in record time. From trying to keep a lid on it, the Chinese were now informing the world of its research and real time coping strategies for this highly contagious disease. Nobody is immune to it. Pessimists said it would eventually infect 80% of the world population.

In AFT Fathom 9, we said Goodbye to Graph Sets and Hello to our brand new Graph List Manager

Maybe I’m just slow on the uptake. My 8th grade nun teacher at St Simon of Cyrene used to use that phrase — slow on the uptake. She’s the one who taught the class the definition of the word niggardly, to be stingy, just in case anybody had any ideas it might mean anything else. Our parish school — entire parish — was a hundred percent not Black, so literally all our liberal attitudes about race and civil rights were purely academic and shaped by a church which preached charity and social justice, John XXIII style. There was one Black family in our whole suburb at the time, and they belonged to St Richard’s parish, west and south of St Simon’s on the Edina border. Curious, now, that they were also Catholic.


Mr Pratt, Ezra, let us call him Ezzie. He mowed our lawn and tended Mom’s flower gardens and bushes and kept the white picket fence painted. His Mississippi drawl, thick as the river south of Memphis, sounded to my ears like he spoke in tongues.

IMEMC 1 July — Israeli navy ships opened fire, on Friday morning, on a number of Palestinian fishing boats near the shore of Gaza city and the Central District, causing damage and forcing the fishers back to shore. The fishers said the soldiers fired many live rounds at their boats as they were trying to fish, in Gaza territorial waters, causing damage but no injuries. Several navy ships also chased some of the boats back to the shore in Central Gaza, while firing at them.


We contemplated her gaze and that gesture, at least for a while, as she faced us, the smiling Army Specialist Sabrina Harman, who aided in the gathering of intelligence at her station, Abu Ghraib, the prison deep inside occupied Iraq. Or rather we saw her in pictures brought to light after years of subtle horrors in a war we thought was going well and whose mission we were sure of, the pictures bringing a clarification, an obviousness, a relief, their own kind of rightness. She does not look at what she smiles over or what she thumbs up but we see them, the pile of grotesquely hooded, naked men, the blackened corpse.

Trump's betrayal and abandonment of the Kurds now also belongs to Republicans who stubbornly continue to back him. How many more lives have to be sacrificed before they act to remove the madman.


Conversation was of little interest to children. This was the last place we wanted to be on a Sunday afternoon and our impatience to leave must have been palpable.

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Monsieur Ronald's fingers (aka his ten "pinkies") struggle ever-more with computer keys. Arthritis; the enemy of dexterity is making work on the (200th) article somewhat difficult.


Police asked the crowd to disperse, it was eight o’clock. Anybody found on the street after curfew was subject to arrest. The copters with cameras had moved on from here to cover the area around the 5th. Some of the crowd looked a little bewildered, not sure what to do, just hanging around. Others took the request to disperse seriously and thinned out. A significant contingent engaged and harassed the cops at the precinct perimeter. What the copter cameras caught in the background begged alarm. Fires started at several buildings in the vicinity.

The while I listened from my window to the sirens, the heckacopters and the rips, pops and pows of the pyrotechnics somewhere out there in the dark. TV news depicted a facedown standoff between taunting protesters and lines of cops in riot gear assembled around the police station denying the crowd access to the building. The crowd pressed the cops but did not breach the front door.


AFT Arrow is 25 Years Old .and Still Going Strong

The clean vocals are much more prominent and there’s a fun, almost pop-punk tone to the chorus and it all flows so smoothly, before the album eventually closes up on “GATES OF PARADISE”; another fine blend of mauling metalcore and melody, even including some almost rap-inspired vocals towards the breakdown. There was a lot of hype and anticipation around this record, and I will gladly point out that it IS a quality modern metal record; the riffs, the aggression; it’s all on point, just as the softer moments are and it’s a well-balanced album overall. The metalcore aspects themselves ARE growing tired truth be told, there’s only so many screamed vocals and breakdowns you can hear before you begin to feel you’ve heard all of it as many bands apply a copy and paste formula, but there’s enough here to warrant repeat listens, switching up JUST enough to keep their sound fresh. They aren’t quite on the same level as their fellow Sheffield residents BMTH right now commercially, but the music speaks for itself, and this is an album well worth checking out.

The man with the clipboard and half the beach ran to watch where the parachute hung in space in open water beyond the breakers and slowly descended. The flag and whistle boss of the ground crew and a lifeguard commandeered a jet ski from the rental guy. The parachute rider plunked down in the water behind the boat and the chute draped around him while the boat guys yelled at him and made sure he was all right while the guys on the jet ski went out to get him back to land. Roxanne and I resumed our walk speculating whether the parachute vendor was going to demand the extra $1500 MX pesos in cash, or would they send somebody to collect from him at his hotel — filling out the waiver they asked you to disclose your hotel.


Otherwise there were (only) three recorded fatalities to the riots, none at the hands (or knees) of the police. Two would be looters were shot by shopkeepers, and one shopkeeper shot by a looter. There were countless reports of injuries including other shootings and incidents of mayhem, pepper spray and tear gas and bricks and bottles and batons, but overall few casualties. Just a lot of commercial real estate destroyed.

The final way to change your view of the comparison grid is the toggle near the bottom of the window reading "Highlight Unique Values". As the name implies, this toggle will give visual ques in the comparison grid to help you better grasp where values are different. In the example shown in Figure 6 above, we can see that Pipe P4 has a different size across all three scenarios, so it has three different colors visible.


Estimates of Peacetime Soviet Naval Intentions: An Assessment of Methods

To customize your comparison further, open the Scenario Comparison tool from the Tools menu or by right clicking in the Workspace or Quick Access Panel. These actions will bring you to the Scenario Comparison – Selection window, shown below.

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The pandemic death toll was more than four thousand a day. A frequent comparison is with 9/11, when 3,000 died. Or eight jumbo jet plane crashes a day. What I’ve always stressed over and disliked the most about the pandemic is the daily body counts, but you can’t look away. Much less pretend it’s not happening and that the whole experience is a hoax that would dispel if we all stopped paying attention. If we paid attention to our freedoms. If we paid attention to our own gratification. If we are Oath Keepers not our brothers keepers. If we simply stopped acting as if we have any earthly control of this disease until herd mentality reaches herd immunity and meanwhile an immense share of our population gets wiped out — survival of the fittest.


Mondoweiss Pregnant Palestinian woman, 27, is killed in Hebron Comments Feed

Now that I have introduced the powerful new Graph List Manager, let me re-introduce you to the brand new Graph Results window itself. Figure 3 shows all the different features and functions of the Graph Results window. My "painting" is a bit busy, so sit back and enjoy looking at it for a bit! The Quick Access Panel is located on the right hand side of the Graph Results window by default. The Quick Access Panel here contains the Graph Control tab where you can define and generate your different graphs in the Graph Parameters section. You can also access the Graph Formatting options here. The Graph List Manager is located in the top area of the Graph Control tab.

Ariel was sleeping when the Palestinian assailant, identified as Mohammed Tra’ayra [Tarayra], 19, broke into her house and stabbed her, after jumping over the perimeter fence of the Kiryat Arba settlement. Security guards rushed to the scene, and shot the assailant dead.


Roxanne and I made a pact not to tell our kids. They would never allow us to come back.

Gradually as sunset approached the police lines evacuated the Capitol and pressed the crowd in layers down the steps. There was a scene of a police officer daintily escorting what looked like a white haired lady in a long red coat down the steps hand in hand. More video came in showing the rampage inside. Reports confirmed looting and defecation.


Still troubling the politicization of the military by the fuhrer to execute crowd control by threatening to invoke the Insurrection Act of 1807 to place troops in the streets. The guy who got out of the Vietnam war draft with phony bone spurs now likes to play Commando in Chief with his mix and match generals and acting defense secretaries who don’t know how to act. His bungling of the pandemic both in America and in global relations exposed his feckless leadership in one big candid expose, and now he’s trying to make up for lost popularity by using the George Floyd reactions as cover to seize power trying to distract from the basic right of people to assemble and scream and yell about perceived wrongs. In that he mimics the anarchists and looters who use peaceful protesters for cover to destroy and steal.

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The Nextdoor network buzzed with rumors, some true. My favorite post said she had her go bag ready and was buggin’ out.


Following a phone call from (I'm not a tailor) John, on the day before we left on the cruise, Grandma picked up the jacket. Had Grandpa picked it up, there would have been casualties. John kept apologizing to Grandma for the unacceptable service, concluding with "for the inconvenienced caused, the cost of Mr. Devion's made-to-measure jacket has been reduced by $500".

The Visual Report window is customizable in many ways by using the Visual Report Control window shown in Figure 2 which can be accessed from the Tools menu. There are many other formatting features available in the Visual Report Control window as well so you can customize the Visual Report to your liking.


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George Floyd was laid to rest in his beloved Houston, Texas, next to his mama. Nonstop for several hours an array of eloquent black people gave white America hell, and I watched on TV from my home and didn’t take an iota of offense. What they all said was true and I felt grateful for instruction and the expressions of mercy.

We rationed our iPhones so we would conserve power until the electricity returned. Another rich world problem, we were unable to do our laundry with our automatic appliances — as if we were about to run out of clean clothes, linens and towels.


Only this year we learned she was married to Martin (another Martin) one of the lead waiters. We also learned that Letty, a friend of ours through Anabel who works in the laundry, has breast cancer.

In the aftermath, turned out John's delivery deadline predictions were fiction. A month went by before the jacket arrived for alterations and then had to be sent back to Hamilton. Another week went by. Exasperated, Grandpa called the store and demanded to speak to the owner. A heated exchange ensued during which the owner accused Grandpa of threatening him and his staff and hung up. Grandpa's thoughts turned to retrieving the $500 deposit.


Trompe l’oeil, pronounced tromp loy, meaning trick the eye, is a style of painting designed to appear three dimensional like a shadow box. It sounds like a pun: Trump Lie.

Political ministers can no longer be added manually so performance cost-heavy checks could be removed. Removed the intelligence minister and theorists. This has lead to sizable (up to a 15% raw improvement, though your mileage may vary) performance improvements.


I don’t remember any specific conversations, only a mutual confidence tied to his beloved mom. I likely did most of the talking — I was a chatty young fella and Ray was the quiet type. I didn’t manage to introduce him to my neighborhood friends. All the times showing Ray around my world nobody came out to join up with us. Personally I didn’t mind, Ray was my friend and I almost preferred to keep him to myself, especially if nobody else seemed to care what was going on. I never brought him around to call on anybody.

On TV the crowd looked larger because everybody seemed to be trying to keep social distancing, so they occupied more space, spread out among blocks. Still, there were hundreds with more on the way.


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Whats the amount you would recommend me to purchase? Ive heard about traditional recipes that have a ratio of 1/10 chacruna to ayahuasca while others recipes say 1/2.

The London Economist, a newspaper, was covering the story of George Floyd, the cops and the riots. Our city’s dysfunction was now an international story.


When we came home we faced almost a 100F degree temperature differential. It was near 90F when we left Ixtapa. Five hours later it was -4F in our back yard.

UPDATE: Apparently the original lead designer (Doug Church) for the project IS on the development team for SS3 even though Irrational Games itself is not. How that plays out with EA's bean-counters at the helm remains to be seen.


Further down the alleyway of shops called La Patio there’s Frank’s, seemingly at the depth of a dark mysterious corridor there’s an oversized hut selling beer and wood oven pizza. As you emerge to open public lighting there’s another patio cantina before you get to the end called Tequila y Salsa which serves exquisite barbecue ribs. On the way back to the hotel along the main boulevard there’s a grocery store and both an ice cream shop and a gelato stand almost side by side.

The leaders got off lucky, only two lives lost, both connected to two different pawn shops. One was shot by the proprietor for attempting to break in and loot. The other wasn’t discovered until about a month after the riot, in the ashes of the cleanup, a man presumed to have been a looter who didn’t get out in time.


Ynet 1 July by Itay Blumenthal — The Tel Aviv Magistrate’s Court extended by five days the arrest of a man who is suspected of providing assistance to a terrorist who stabbed a 40-year-old man and a 62-year-old woman in Netanya. Mohammad Kabaha (30) from Jaffa stands accused of, amongst other things; destroying evidence, the obstruction of justice, and transporting an illegal alien in his car from Qalandiya to Netanya. Members of his family who were present at the legal procession claimed that he was unaware that he was driving a person who intended to carry out an attack. Kabaha, who was arrested on Thursday night in his home in Jaffa after security cameras recorded the terrorist exiting his vehicle, has been arrested in the past for transporting illegals into Israel. As he made his way home and heard that an attack was taking place, Kabaha immediately realized that it was being carried out by the terrorist he had transported to Netanya. In an effort to cover up any evidence that had any part in the attack, he immediately erased messages from his cell phone showing that the two had coordinated with one another and that he would provide a lift from Qalandiya to the Netanya market.

We have two new tourist attractions in our very own neighborhood, 38th & Chicago and Lake & Minnehaha. Is it too soon to consider the future market of an Aibnb, I asked Roxanne.


Even if I was on to something I quit too shallow to conclude. I offered a separate peace, if I apologized I hoped to be forgiven, one on one.

The vista offers a memorable glimpse back to another place and time. A place where British monarchs reigned and Francis Rattenbury was murdered (at age 67) by his second wife's lover.


I am cheered by the Washington NFL football team to change the nickname of the franchise. Thus far they haven’t picked a mascot. I suggest they call themselves the Washington Pigskins. Not long ago their offensive line was known as the Hogs. And fans can still endearingly call them their ‘Skins. Their logo can be a simple profile of an NFL football, laces up.

Speaking of gentrification, the restoration of burned down commercial buildings will alter our cityscape forever. Corporate retailers like Target, Cub Foods and Walgreens have already begun to rebuild in situ to serve their neighborhood clientele. The smaller shops, storefront businesses and bistros who rely on landlord developers to determine what form reconstruction will take are undercapitalized and under-insured, so their pathways to regain viability will require creative financing at the grass roots level. Sadly, a lot of these small businesses were owned and run by ethnic or minority entrepreneurs. This calls into question the identities and motives of the looters and arsonists. Much is being debated about the role of white supremacist agitators framing Black Lives Matter for the riots (my daughter-in-law prefers the word insurrection) to incite race war. It defies logic why an angry mob would burn down its own livelihood. There must be nihilists at work here.


We waited for signs we should evacuate. From our front porch it sounded relatively calm. The heckacopters up above staggered their orbits and stayed east over the precinct.

The room was kept air conditioned during the day but we would shut it off at night and open the balcony to the night air and to listen to the surf. Most nights were clear but some cloudy and the nights cooled off less than usual for perfect sleeping. It wasn’t the heat so much as the humidity. Like summer heat in Minnesota, which I tell myself I revel in. I read a couple of English spy novels about the Cold War and some nonfiction from a thinker named Harare and the London Economist, a newspaper. I read a detective novel by the daughter of Tony Hillerman, a legacy story of the Navajo tribal police. I thought about a guide we encountered on the beach a few years ago named Luis, who scolded us for sitting on our asses drinking beer all day. We actually wanted to sign up for one of his natural habitat tours but he hasn’t come around since. I am hoping he has not become a guerrilla of the hills plotting to overthrow lazy ass yanquis.


However, political leaders are doing the exact opposite. As the slogan suggests, the logical/common sense course of action to deal with the worldwide pandemic should be/must be for nations to collaborate, cooperate and work together for the common good. Otherwise, there is no effective way to control the spread of this virus.

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A year ago despite trade and tariff conflicts the American economy was rocking. An economy built during the Obama Biden administration was still strong despite Trump’s tampering, such that Trump kept claiming he built it from a wreck as part of making America great again, which was one of thousands of lies he told. A year or so ago that lie was becoming an easy sell, a myth he might succeed in parlaying into a victory in November. Remember the old saying, it’s the economy stupid, well by the American standard of living in January 2021 it was stupid high. The argument against socialism was easier when capitalism thrived and there was general prosperity and what most economists agreed was an era of statistical full employment. Last Christmas was a retail high.


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We take up residency at the Krystal hotel. We get a room for five weeks or so, and with it comes access to the hotel facilities, swimming pool, towels, shows on the stage in the big back yard, all the bars, food stands and restaurants within the hotel campus and all amenities available to guests of the hotel, such as daily room cleaning. Our loyalty to the Krystal goes both ways, as the hotel team has as long as we remember welcomes us with the most gracious hospitality we have experienced anywhere. It’s not that we think we’re special, they just treat us special in a way that projects how they treat all their guests. The service standards are very high at the Krystal. We do not take an all-inclusive package, even if we partake of one meal a day at one of the hotel cafes. We pay as we go and don’t feel compelled to overeat or drink to get our moneysworth. The food is good, the buffet sometimes very good, but all over Ixtapa and Zihua there are as many good places to eat as you care to frequent your whole stay, a pair of cities in a region with apparently a lot of quality kitchens.

Embarkation on the Oceania ship "Riviera" took place around noon at the Port of Montreal. That's when passports are confiscated and credit card information is provided to Oceania. Passengers then receive a "Oceania Cruises World Card" that functions as a stateroom key, concierge lounge key and onboard credit card.


Even our heritage didn’t seem that enticing. Then in 2004 Roxanne got the opportunity to attend the international Plant and Animal Genome conference in Dijon, France, sponsored by her employer, the University of Minnesota. Her boss was a distinguished professor and she had been helping him map the genes of various legumes, notably medicago. She co-authored a paper with him which he would present in Dijon and he wanted her there. The university offered to fly them and their spouses and pick up the hotel tabs in Dijon. It was the opportunity of a lifetime. We already had passports from our habitual winter vacations to the tropics. Life as empty nesters seemed to offer Roxanne and me bonus opportunities to travel and mostly we favored the western States.

The author of the essay seems to be from the Jewish ethnicity, which helps me understand the perspective. Jews hate Fascism, and tend to actively subvert their host societies toward their own preferences.


Worth considering: The pandemic crisis prompted unprecedented cooperation amongst nations. This should give us all hope that it could happen again, this time to save the planet.

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Either way, on the ballot this November or next November, a sincere discussion is due about what a city owes its citizens for professional law enforcement, peacekeeping, public health and safety and what requirements must be met and respected. This is our city’s golden opportunity to go past banning chokeholds and no-knocks and setting up a database of bad cops. We can collaborate to create a police system the jewel of the world. A system so just and humane the recruits to join will compete to get in the door. To design such a new human justice and public safety system will not please everybody. There will remain a force with power of coercion to protect the public, but citizen oversight like a kind of charter commission would keep things real.


In the car Vincent plays classical music radio. On the way home I recalled aloud my childhood and going sledding on the Feast of Epiphany.

It's predicted that going forward, tens of thousands of workers will be casualties, joining the ranks of the unemployed as a result of the pandemic's impact on thousands of self-employed, small and large businesses across the economic spectrum. And, at the same time the cost of just-about-everything will rise.

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The pandemic separation has been hard, but not as hard as depending on Skype once a week. As a family we’ve distanced, but we’ve pushed the boundaries to greet in person within limited intervals. If not due make up lost time we try to keep up, and it’s working. It helps when we as a family live in the same metro.


This is the part why some Googlers search my blog looking for sexual prostitution, and I’ll tell you again there’s none to be had from the massage huts on Playa Palmar. They got some guys with muscle keeping an eye on the premises and carrying water in five gallon buckets from the sea to wet a cool path in the sand up to the massage hut doors or to use for washing feet. And spending eight to ten hours massaging bodies all day, six days a week, the masajistas themselves are in physical shape to defend themselves against anybody who might get out of line, much less team up to stop somebody from getting aggressive. It’s not a totally private place, there could be six other masajes going on around you and the reason it seems private is half the time everybody’s face down on the tables and when on your back they cover your eyes.

MEMO 30 June by Gerard Horton — This month marks four years since a delegation of prominent British lawyers published a report on the treatment of Palestinian children under Israeli military law. The Foreign Office funded report – Children in Military Custody – found undisputed evidence that the military detention system violated at least six articles under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and two articles under the Fourth Geneva Convention.


I know we like to make fun of the left for still praising Venezuela after all that's happened, but seldom do you see the same kind of attention to news telling what's really going down there right now. It's understandable, with all the shitty things going on around the world, losing focus it's easy.

We open up with a track called “Shattered” and the virtually instant impact of hard hitting chords, with the duel pummelling of riffs and percussion gives this an intense start! It’s bass-heavy and subtly down-tuned but doesn’t compromise whatsoever when it comes to delivering a harsh dose of surging metal.


Any route would allow a view towards the mountains beyond the valley of Ixtapa town, over the rooftops of the condos and hotels. The view from this direction offered yachts in the harbor and a longing glimpse of the terraced private haciendas along the rocky coast west of the beach.

It was too much trouble to convict his impeachment. It would have been nice, just think of the head start we could have had with the pandemic if someone else had been in charge — maybe. In this upcoming election it seems only fair to acknowledge he’s got a running start. And it is important to beat him fair and square, popular vote and electoral college, cleanly and convincingly. It’s important for the sake of liberal democracy to un-elect him publicly and transparently. Anything he can do to un-elect himself in terms of rope and a Last Straw will be welcome for further entertainment purposes so long as it doesn’t screw up the country. It’s apparent to anybody who’s counting that Trump has no positive effect on the national economy.


In terms of the tensions in Colombia - The government there must allow a watchdog organization created by the radsoc partisans to audit the soc dem government's laws. In return, the radsocs will end their guerrilla raids while not disbanding themsleves, but rather becoming a new part of this government with the powers to conduct surprise inspections of all coffee plantations to uncover labor law violations.

He delivered a speech in the Rose Garden blaming the civil unrest on professional anarchists and declared himself the law and order protector of the nation. He said he would call out the armed forces to restore order and dominate the streets.


Have you ever inherited a model from a coworker, or returned to a model after a few months and struggled to understand what was changed with each scenario in the model? Or maybe, if you're like me, you left notes that made sense when you wrote them, but are unintelligible now. The new Scenario Comparison tool changes that. This tool helps users create a detailed analysis to compare almost any model parameter across any combination of scenarios in the model.

Elessar - Kosmos (Argentina) - Female fronted symphonic power metal. While the vocals are a little lacking, the songs are good shit. Fite me irl if you don’t enjoy this.


It’s no secret I have a low opinion of Donald J Trump. To me he’s beyond the pail — the pail — the bucket of slops you feed pigs. His conceited racist lying demagoguery and attempted tyranny over American culture has not just corrupted politics but broken society and crushed the pieces, destroyed the tools and buried the cement of reconciliation. The man who would be fuhrer mocked the rule of law and metaphorically pissed on and wiped his ass with the Constitution. He preached hate and rallied thousands with his phony evangelism, a perfect Antichrist. He called the free press the enemy of the people and called stories of facts contradicting his lies fake news. His immoral narcissism of self above country disgraces his office. His glib international stupidity makes him a supreme risk to national security. His botched denial of the covid-19 pandemic illustrates in epic detail what a failed leader he is.

The occupation quickly got off to a bad start. The Lithuanian military and Partisans had left large numbers of explosives littered throughout the Lithuanian countryside causing hell for the red armies regional sweeps, while the Partisans tendency to blow up bridges and roads further stangled the armies supplies. In Response The Soviet’s opted for a mixture of violent suppression and hearts and minds. Collectivising farms while also trying to recruit informants and win over the people. These policies were initially fairly successful and despite their immediate setbacks the USSR was able to make headway against the insurgents.


The city cannot fully police itself. Given the lag of the MPD standing down and retreating to other precincts and the muster of the national guard the vacuum sucked in more rioters and looters who spanned both twin cities smashing, grabbing and torching a path ten miles straddling the Mississippi. The heckacopters hovered over the stoking of the plywood kindling that inflamed the 3rd precinct, recording the event live in real time as the ten o’clock news went late after midnight.

And be replaced by what other names that may be shamed in future? Good luck finding one leader without flaws.


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Many animals use scent-marking to advertise their territory - they urinate in strategic locations - to communicate their social status and ownership. It's suggested that markings serve to attract females and warn off competitors.

Complaints had to be made at the reception desk. The clerk in turn forwarded emails to a manager. It took three days to have any conversation with said manager.


EA consists of many teams, some of which actually have some talent. Since there's no release date on the horizon and it's not a sports title, there's even a chance that they'll give the game enough time to be finished as well.

The mystery: Which senior member of the family told Harry 'the palace has concerns about the skin tone of baby Archie? Harry has ruled out his grandmother and grandfather. British media is on the hunt for the royal culprit.


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Far as I know nobody set up a Go Fund Me page for the widow and kids. Nobody seemed to know who they are.

So far, there is no light at the end of this tunnel of uncertainty; no collective guidance or leadership. Hence, no roadmap to illuminate a way forward to reduce humans' anxiety.


Clients will welcome the additional comfort and will recall the store that gave it long after they have made their underlying buy. Exclusively in tui giay gia re are, obviously, an extraordinary choice for retail organizations that need their clients to walk bulletins from the time they leave the store. Notwithstanding, they can likewise be utilized by whatever other organization that needs to send a customer a blessing that has a customized touch. When utilizing the bags for retail designs, make certain to pick a reusable material for the comfort of the client. Exceptionally printed bags can enable your business to make its own personality. For a little venture, your items will never be mixed up as originating from another store again.

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Just across Minnehaha Avenue from the precinct station the rear guard of the protesters in full sight of the cops busted the glass out of the storefront of the Minnehaha liquor store and began to cart away cases of beer, wine and spirits, then help themselves to single bottles and sixpacks. This could have proven to become a tactical diversion from the goal of seizing the 3rd precinct, distracted by free alcohol. The precinct held that first night as the crowd pulled back and dispersed.


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It will not transform us like magic, but it could feel almost magical. Like a light in the sky America proves to the world a peaceful transfer of power at the most powerful nation on earth.

After 70-something days of covid-19 stay-at-home lockdown, the state governor announced a phase one of opening up of some of the restrictions of commerce and social gathering, and already people were sparked to get outside and walk around, even if wearing masks. A small crowd formed at the intersection next to the grocery store to watch the commotion.


Few events in my somewhat more than half century lifetime have galvanized such a vast array of people around such a united theme. The old Peace movement comes to mind.

Both hands and pull it all the way to my heart. When I hear the whistle again and Rafael drops the flag, let go. The chute billows behind be as they buckle my harness to a thick rope. The rope goes taut and Rafael says, okay start walking. I take one step the direction of the rope and a speedboat taking off beyond the breakers into the bay and I am lifted off the sand into the sky.


Backed by a puppet government in Bolivia, a military strong armed one in Colombia, and fully economically and infrastructure reliant ones in Paraguay and Uruguay Brazil's pushes for unification were quick to pass, aided by Brazilian control of internet and education preventing the formation of any centers of dissent in the regular places. Ideological militias were quick to drown out protestors and generous jobs programs won over the poor. Brazil quickly gained de facto control over much of south America, the intelligence community put in place supportive leaders and Brazil was replaced by United Southern America, a new superpower for the Americas.

I want all of you to get up out of your chairs. I want you to get up right now and go to the window. Open it, and stick your head out, and yell.


There he meets a mysterious stranger with a long beard wearing antiquated Dutch clothing and carrying a keg. He asks the farmer for help carrying the heavy keg filled with liquid.

The unsaid thing about the governor calling out the national guard is that these citizen soldiers don’t just all duck into their closets like Clark Kent and emerge dressed and ready for deployment and they don’t just check their smart phones and go, aha, I’m due to muster with my unit at Lake and Minnehaha in an hour — click, I’ll be there captain. Saying the national guard is coming serves verbal notice that violent horseplay would be met with force if necessary to maintain order and decorum. The tactical issue is for the leaders to devise a deployment plan with objective orders as to who is stationed where, who deploys where and under what circumstances under whose direct command and why. Troops cannot be dumped scattershot across the city. Somebody has to formulate a coherent plan, drawn up on a napkin or taken from a file of prepared contingencies — a plan.


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On a sunny day in late May 2008, our tour boat left Basel and cruised quietly across Lake Lucerne. Our tour guide spent the voyage taking his afternoon siesta.

Most memorably Donald J Trump said it would go away and disappear like a miracle. People believed him, took no precautions and people went away and disappeared like mirages. Over 212,000 dead in America in just seven months.


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Our Senator Amy Klobuchar was on TV calling herself one of the Coup Fighters, prepared to take part in all five debates challenging those states’ electoral votes no matter how late it dragged the proceedings in order to stop the coup. My son Vincent texted what are we doing and I said, Mom’s at work and I’m home guarding democracy. He invited me to go sledding with him and Neko for an hour before lunch. The joint session of certification wasn’t scheduled until after lunch. The only thing going on was Trump’s speech to the protesters in DC about an hour before Congress was supposed to convene. I knew what he was going to say, I’d heard enough of Trump Lies, I didn’t need more Trump if I could do better. So I texted back, Sure, and he said to be ready when he picked me up.

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Friday dawned with fresh smoke smoldering in the air and offering a red sky at dawn. It was getting scary to already be used to nights of riots and days of protests.


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I turned to the hipster blogger ZihuaRob but his bare threads aren’t gazette quality updates and overlook the general population to favor the view of the Canadian and American ex-pats. I’m sad to be banned from our favorite winter destination for their own and our own good and not to know how people are doing day to day. I don’t know how to interpret a blog with a logo like this.

It seemed like everybody got a free pass out the door. Pipe bombs were discovered at two nearby buildings, so far unattributed. The it was announced a Capitol Police officer died from head injuries suffered from being clobbered by a fire extinguisher.


NINJA SEX PARTY on the other hand proved they remain one of the funniest groups around with their bonkers writing style, comedic lyricism and story-telling and wholesome attitude. Yes, 2021 has been a bit of a mess to say the least, but we've still got music, and as fans of that music, we've still got one another, and as a community, we need to hold on to that. With that said, below, is my official GTGC Spotify playlist of 2021, with 40 hand-picked tracks spanning the above records, and it is dedicated to my very good friend Scot 'JD' Rees, who is sadly no longer with us in body, but will forever be with us in heart and spirit. Whether he had a Jack & Coke in his hand, or his guitar, he was always laughing at something, and his energy for enjoyment was infectious. I will miss you Scot, and this compilation is for you.

FIFA delegation visits Gaza and meets Israeli authorities

They rushed to the scene and saw their brother sitting on the ground, bleeding. The soldiers ran off, not bothering to check his condition or summon medical aid. Arif died a month later, from complications of his stomach wound. Arif was a young man of 23 with Down syndrome. We can assume that the soldier who shot him noticed this; it should have been obvious from looking at him.


This is no more a comic book president. He has tapped into the very spinal cord of a dangerous and radically wrong social community and he was deliberately milking it to stay in power. They milked him to control the power.

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As tales unfold, a cohort of militia conspirators got busted for organizing a plan to abduct (adultnap) the governor of Michigan and seize control of the state. This news both shocks you with fear and reassures you and Donald Trump that plans like these are doomed to fail in the USA and any fool notion that a bunch of jackboot yahoo warriors will come rushing to the White House lawn to liberate the presidency when Trump loses the election best be dreamed in a whisky jag and a dime novel.


One thing that has barely changed in twenty years is the aggressive street marketing campaign the Pacifica puts on to attract loyal guests. Everywhere in town you meet neatly dressed guys with ring binders who will pick you up at your hotel for a free breakfast and a spiel and tour of the resort. The charms of Pacifica are hard to resist. The condos are terraced little haciendas on the cliffs facing westward to the sea. The amenities are sumptuous and shady. It boasts a little cable car from the main facilities up over the alligator creek to the condos. The beach is at a quiet corner of the bay where the surf rolls in most gently. Roxanne and I walk down there to swim in the sea when it’s too rough at the Krystal. Maybe Roxanne and I are known for twenty years of saying no gracias to the guys with the ring binders, with all gracious due respect. For all intents and purposes it’s a time share thing a few notches above our budget.

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We strongly recommend next time you're in Costco, pick up some Depends". Now you're being cruel to monsieur Ronald.


Our dinner party settled our checks with the waiter, who was shaking. Most of the restaurant patrons and the plaza crowd went away. The pan flute guy with guitar packed his gear and slipped away. The classical guitarist, an anglo Aussie with a shaggy beard and hair shaved off one side, on deck to play next passed by me and said, “He ran right by me,” and kept going the opposite direction of the shooter. The EMTs calmed the woman, put her on oxygen and took her away on the gurney to the ambulance.

Bid on every star player and cross fingers that they will be tempted by all the zero's on the paycheck? Those zero's might also represent the amount of trophies those players will see if they sign on.


I could go on (Literally I can read them for hours and laugh to myself quite contently) but it’s that last one that tediously links me to today’s band because I am unable to just, review things normally. Yes, allow me to introduce you to today’s band; L’HOMME ABSURDE.

I was awestruck by Paris and my epiphany inspired existential awareness of my surroundings motivated by the sense that I may never get another opportunity. Twice we visited the Cathedral of Notre Dame that trip. It stands on an island in the Seine called Ile de la Cite. Started in 1163, completed about two hundred years later it has stood more than 850 years. For its high arched vaulted ceiling, its prolific stained glass windows and flying external buttresses to ease stress on its walls, Notre Dame is the seminal example of Gothic architecture. Visitors amassed in a procession up the aisle on the right side of the immense nave, the central place of people’s pews, proceeded in a loop behind the altar and back along the left aisle to the exit at the main door.


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We took family road trips with the Kysylyczyns to Germany, France and Italy. On our own we took trains, planes and boats from Madrid and London to Athens via Zurich. The kids taught us how to ride Swiss transit, and if you can ride Swiss rail you can ride trains everywhere (it’s not hard). I retired from my job about two years into the Kysylyczyns’ Swiss residency and had unlimited time to travel. Roxanne had enough accumulated vacation she could take off for weeks and weeks, and in two years after me she retired too. Roxanne told people we were on a senior backpacking tour, although we lugged suitcases on wheels and didn’t subscribe to any formally institutionalized fraternal itinerary. We are not wealthy but we could not afford at this place in our lives to not take every advantage of opportunities to mosey around Europe.

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Roxanne and I spend most of our life in a kind of lockdown mode at our hermitage sanctuary urban cabin love nest. Apart from our amorous romantic disposition we amuse and look after each other the nicest we can the other five or six days a week.


Rather than endure inevitable personal injury due to outright combat between protesters and police, Mayor Jacob Frey ordered the police to abandon the 3rd precinct. Somehow all the cops disappeared and the rioters invaded and occupied the building. A crew from the back of the mob across the avenue tore the plywood panels remaining across the gaps in the walls of the Minnehaha liquor store ruins and carried the plywood to the entrance to the police station, where a bonfire began amid fireworks exploding in colorful arcs illuminating the crowd cheering the ones lugging the firewood to the scene. Mayor Frey explained that it was better to sacrifice a building than risk lives with a confrontation the cops would likely lose. Unspoken was if the cops would win the brutality and loss of life it would have cost to do so would have forever cost this city any moral karma.

On the right side of the window, you can select which parameters you want to be a part of your comparison. By default, the comparison is set to examine all parameters for all objects in the active scenario, along with settings for system properties and solution control. If your main objective is to understand what all is different between two scenarios, it's usually helpful to let the comparison look at everything. You can always hide information that doesn't change between scenarios in the Comparison Grid view.


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Toscano’s, across the courtyard in the same plaza, still draws a full patio; whether old man Toscano is really Florentine his cuisine boasts lasagna the envy of all the Italian cosinas on the coast, and they bake their own bread. Ruben’s on an extension of the same plaza boasts top grade hamburgers and New Zealand cheese in a malt shop setting. There are souvenir kiosks outlayed for browsing amid the dry monumental fountains in the plaza. A mall of taco shops, a farmacia and pop up cantinas fronts a bare vacant lot almost one block big. It’s a blight, fenced in, weedy with rubble and trash and inexplicably undeveloped as it stands virtually at what could be the commercial heart of Ixtapa. It’s been a wasteland like this for twenty years, and like some things one might question, nobody seems to know why. It’s kept fenced, and its perimeter is surrounded by variously going concerns and some not going, like the former internet cafe now formerly a Zumba studio.

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Good leadership provides an edge in troubled times. Empowered leaders establish practices that foster trust and engagement to give people the support they need to stimulate creativity, collaboration and innovation.


The time of the broadcast draws near. Excitement and anticipation fills the room.

The individual existences of celebrities are consistently on the spotlight. Regular you would hear another celebrity biography. This is because of the interest of individuals everywhere throughout the world on what’s going on with the lives of their preferred stars. The vast majority of us are liable on poring over magazines on what is the most recent celebrity biography. We generally anticipate what’s going on between Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise or the most recent occurring with the hot couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. This celebrity biography has to some degree captivated the majority of us. Do not have the foggiest idea why however am constantly topped with what is the current issue between my two most loved stars, who happens to be Brad and Angelina. Is their family developing or are they staying in bed separate beds. Cannot clarify why, it additionally astonishes how in a split second check out celebrity news when open the TV.


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Given the grandeur of her 'digs', we were obliged to dress in what was referred to as our 'Sunday best' - shirt, bow tie and itchy pants for me, and dresses for my sisters. It was considered 'all very proper'.

This differs radically from what I would be doing at home except for the reading and reclining. After sundown we go somewhere for dinner.


Profile for Doha College

Inspectors also provide advice on a range of educational issues to school communities, policy makers in the Department and to the wider educational system. Use these resources to help us get the critical funding we need to support our schools and communities. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google “In areas where there are hot spots, remote and distance learning might need to be adopted for a certain amount of time,” Deputy Education Secretary Mitchell Zais "“Now they’re angry and afraid," Weingarten said of her members.

This particular year revealed realities challenging my serenity. I perceived changes I did not choose. The whole aura refocused the dimensions of choices of what to do and made me wonder what we were doing. Wherever we went, on foot or by taxi or bus, familiarity didn’t get in the way of perception and it seemed at times surreal and unromantic to be living there an entire five weeks for no good reason other than pure leisure. If I contradict myself, I’m sorry. I go there to spend days and nights worry free and then find my mind looking for signs of deeper meaning. It isn’t sufficient to blow it off on vacation. Ixtapa Zihuatanejo is not some guilty pleasure, nor is it a mission. It exists without me, I have no say in its history or destiny. It exists within me because somehow I made it part of my history and I want it to be significant.


No refrigerator or freezer, meaning to keep the doors shut unless absolutely necessary. The power company on the phone acknowledged my power outage report and even knew I was calling from a different phone number from my landline phone number of record on my account. My iPhone afforded wi fi so the power company emailed me they estimated our electric power to return by 6:00 pm. It had gone out at about 3:00 am. Our electronic clocks were blank. Our analog clocks and any time pieces on batteries ticked away the morning. I caught up on the news via wi fi on the smart phone like I was in Mexico.

Tipped off by the FBI, Canada Border Services Agency officers "detained" Meng until FBI agents arrived. She was "interviewed" for three hours.


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Unless he says something really really stupid nobody quotes him any more or gives a crap about his opinion. Except among his dire supporters, and they’re all daring the devil and dangling over the edges of the pier in the path of a tsunami, soon to be lost in the Flood.

What a hell of a way to begin a restful vacation. Air Canada has finally managed to create a unique no-frills flying experience.


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Governor Balz himself served 25-some years in the Minnesota National Guard, retiring in 2005 as a Command Sergeant Major. At the the mayors’ eventual behest and behoovement the governor took charge and assumed full responsibility for the Guard’s activities and went to work planning deployment with the Guard’s top commander, who commenced mustering troops to their armories.

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I asked him why, of all countries, Switzerland being neutral, needed military aircraft. He proceeded to explain something surprising and illuminating.


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Local news reporters embed with the troops. Fire responders arrive under escort and go to work pumping water but they still don’t know where to begin and it’s too little too late. The Guard columns scare the innocent stragglers into getting seriously off the streets and tease the provocateurs who remained.

During my time there, and before leaving for another assignment at CBC Vancouver, we managed to increase the annual sports program output on the network to 700 hrs. The large audiences attracted to sports television always brought with it concomitant revenue from advertisers seeking to associate their brand with high-quality CBC sports programming.


Answer: Le Premier Ministre du Quebec (Quebec's Prime Minister), Francois Legault (leader of the Coalition Avenir Quebec Party), introduced Bill 96 aimed at protecting and promoting French. However, the Bill includes the constitutional plan to declare Quebec 'a nation' and make French its only official language.

West from the hotel set back from the widest stretch of beach are the massage huts. There are seven huts, each staffed by seven masajistas and configured to hold seven massage tables. The huts are a cross between a FEMA trailer and a pre-fabricated one car garage, built of sturdy lumber on solid pilings with airy windows and corrugated tile roofs.


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Since 1957, the Queen has sat down at the end of each year to deliver her verdict on the 12 months just gone, but only ever tacitly acknowledges the history-defining events that shape a turbulent world. It is a masterful annual display of wink-wink, nudge-nudge genre of communication.

Across Minnehaha Ave a mob tore the plywood panels off the broken windows and doors of what remained of the Minnehaha liquor store. The intersection of Lake St and Minnehaha Ave was closed for the rally and now sprawled with hostile mobs controlling both streets in both directions with the police station at siege in the crux. In the dark and due to the perceived danger the TV stations watched from afar and from overhead as the rally that became a protest turned into a riot.


Norah O’Donnell broadcast her CBS Evening News from 38th and Chicago, the extravagant four corner shrine to George Floyd. CBS interviewed people from all over the US, Europe, South Africa and Australia who came to the site to grieve and express solidarity. Everyone said from now on everything forever changed.

Eventually: An X-Ray technician will take pictures and send you back to the waiting area to continue reading the book. Several chapters later a doctor introduces himself as you embarrass yourself explaining how the injury occurred.


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From the outset our visit is shadowed by sorrows, much as last year when we arrived to learn Fernando the philosopher guide and the boat captain Antonio of Big Ben’s Fishing, Benny’s stepson, both passed away the previous summer from cancer. Lalo the chef only died the previous winter. It didn’t seem like justice for this kind and gracious society to suffer sorrows of this succession, yet what patron saint keeps them safe and exempt?

Meanwhile, madame Ronald was "busy" removing the bedsheet for washing. Following the dryer-cycle, she called to her husband for help to place the clean fitted bedsheet back onto the mattress.


America is going to decide in November which crazy uncle to put in charge of their country. And for the rest of us to ponder, are these two the best America can offer the world?

The only light, a flickering glow from several television monitors. Without orange makeup, his face a ghostly white. Transfixed, he stares at the pictures muttering 'tear it all down, tear it all down, tear it all down'.


Israeli soldiers kill a pregnant Palestinian woman in Hebron

EA has as much of a chance to make a sequel as anyone ever has. If Doug Church is on board, things are looking up.

If you ever take such a ride, my first advice is don’t look down. Not because it’s scary but because looking down is a waste of the view, it’s just water down there and being tethered by a rope to a speedboat. The true thrill is flying high above it all.


Aft educational issues departmental leiter hall of fame

I think it would be best to bury the franchise for good and continue the spirit in a different setting (so I am happy for BioShock), but if you really wanted to see a direct sequel, let's be reasonable: this is the only way SS3 was ever going to be developed, and Doug Church is an important name. He was not only the lead designer of the original, but also the main thinking brain at Blue Sky Productions / Looking Glass when the Underworlds and SS where made. I don't know who else is on EA's SS3 team, but it is possible that they have now more claim to the Looking Glass legacy than the developers of Deus Ex or Arx Fatalis had, and just as much as Irrational has.

The object was the International Space Station (ISS). Seeing the ISS with my own eyes was a first for me; especially given it has been aloft in the heavens for more than 15 years and orbits Earth sixteen times each day.


Montreal airport: After retrieving our checked luggage we noticed a diminutive "mature" lady holding up a sign "OCEANIA". A dozen sleep-deprived strangers huddled around her. My name is Marie-Jose she announced in a familiar French Canadian accent.

Cops relieved the crowd of the driver and arrested him. He suffered some bumps and scrapes but nothing bad except somebody picked his pocket and got his wallet. None of the news reporters could explain why he drove the truck towards the crowd or how he evaded the barricades the highway crews swore were in place. The news stations replayed the truck barreling through the crowd over and over, the bicycle girl falling down right in line with the right front wheel. Showing the replays the live action coverage went away while the truck was removed from the bridge and probably searched for detonators. Just thinking of what could have happened between the truck and that crowd almost blew my mind. A sensational tragedy in the making averted miraculously before our eyes.


The office is too powerful and the consequences are too dangerous, to allow a person to become president who views morality only through the prism of whether an action advances his own narrow interests, his own distorted desires, his own twisted impulses. When an individual comes to believe his interests and those of the nation he leads are one and the same, it opens the door to all sorts of moral and constitutional devilry.

Regardless, we have been assured by our great leader, Justin of 'Sunny Ways' not to worry. Despite the ever-changing 'plans', the PM will provide an update each and every weekday morning. These updates will be interpreted and decoded, by those who govern us provincially, each and every weekday afternoon. We are asked to remember patience is a virtue and that they are flying the airplane while it's being built.


I think her name is Margarita but I’m not sure. She marches right past us because she’s right, we never buy. The default answer for the most is no. Except for the proud Tamale Lady at 3:15 the vendors don’t act insulted to hear no thanks, no gracias, and let it go at that, move on. They never hassle. They sometimes plead with their eyes. The Tamale Lady lets me know I’m missing out on a luscious taste but we’re not supposed to eat meals on the beach. Vendors never interrupt conversations or deliberately get in your face.

Many model inputs for AFT software are graphical, or curve fit data. The comparison grid lets you compare that data graphically across scenarios as well. Figure 7 below shows how anywhere you see curve fit information in the comparison grid, right click that data to see those graphs for all scenarios in the comparison.


Not that I expect to see them play any time soon. I do look forward to Le Tour de France late this month. I need something to sustain my cheerful optimism that we will all get through this together. The sport of cycling is based on team sustenance. Team members serve one another as domestiques to advance each others’ goals. And I love to watch the lavish video of the rich landscapes of France.

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Marlow as a boy was fascinated by the mystery of Africa, as was Conrad, who made a similar journey upon which his novel is based, inner Africa then a white, undifferentiated patch on the map, a blank slate that stirred his curiosity. Rumsfeld, our Secretary of Defense, talked about what we know and what we do not know in a press conference to justify the invasion of Iraq based not on the possibility of the presence of weapons of mass destruction but upon the possibility of possibilities unknown, the blank space where he plotted his course and let his imagination sail.


There’s a dude arrested and charged for the breaking and entering of the 3rd precinct who showed pictures of himself on social media with loot from the police station before it burned down including a bulletproof vest which he emblazoned with his own name on the back. Who’s going to bail that guy out of jail?

Gentrification properly defined means a flow of infusion of populism in the form of middle class manners and folkways. This offends people as elitist ethics but in truth a flow of upward mobility characterizes a desired outcome. The idea is to rebuild a human habitat more sustainable than before, more attractive and thriving for those who live and work here, not worse. Means have to be built into the plans for the local entrepreneurs to reopen and future ones to invest. This may sound like bourgeois BS to some, but I cannot think of one poor person who would not like to be middle class.


On my nightwatch Roxanne asked if I was worried about more fires and I said, what’s left to burn? Tactically the rioters used the advantage of having nothing left in the vicinity to loot and burn to distract the growing mob from crushing the police line by forcing a head on collision with the cops that the cops could only win by brute force. The mob leaders probably calculated it was now or never, they could crush the cops by sheer numbers before the citizen soldiers of the national guard could possibly arrive, even if they provoked gross casualties the mob leaders must have calculated they would sway open the doors of the cop shop and invade the place at last.

1 9 70%
2 10 87%
3 11 4%
4 12 100%
5 13 87%
6 14 41%
7 15 85%

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What they only see is a political opportunity to win a majority now, in the Fall of 2021. They appear prepared to hang onto power even if they have to bankrupt the country to get it.

This was followed by the revelation that Finance Minister, Bill Morneau's family also has WE charity ties. Mr. Morneau also did not recuse himself from participating in the decision.


He made a big deal about the size of the crowd and said the fake news, enemy of the people would never show the entire crowd, which he estimated at 250,000. He tore apart the elections in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia and Wisconsin, Arizona and Nevada, all with detailed precision describing fraud. He said he didn’t want to bore the crowd with detail, but he spoke in detail — so fluently you might think, if this stuff really happened this way then maybe the election was stolen after all. He belabored his insistence of fraud until his conclusions made common sense. He bragged about saving the Veterans Administration, deregulating the economy, cutting taxes and the usual accomplishments of prosperity, but he said nothing about the covid-19 pandemic except to blame China for what it’s done to the lives of those in the crowd.

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We usually eat breakfast or lunch at one of the two restaurants at the hotel, the Aquamarina which is attached to the hotel lobby and faces the pool, and the Velas which is across the pool deck under a separate roof and facing the ocean. Sometimes we go for the buffet and sometimes the menu. The quality of the food is the same either place, and same with the service at table. More than their uniform etiquette of high standard hospitality, they befriend us, and through the years we know a core group who have worked on staff about as long as we have been guests, and several who have been on the team at least five years. The Krystal employs 152 people at peak season. Most of the ones we know work in visible service positions.


One thing to note is all the numbers are expunged. These numbers are important, but we don't know why yet. On note are the seemingly random tastes and the random deaths that occur from ingestion. There appears to be no pattern to it.

Ignoring the feckless president Governor Balz-to-the Walz instituted a curfew from 8 pm until 6 am. Peaceful protesting would be allowed until 8 but then everyone was expected to go home, stay indoors. Again he was counting on the good will of nice Minnesotans. Again directing attention to troublemakers from elsewhere the governor said that by obeying the curfew the peaceful protesters would expose the bad guys who would otherwise use the peaceful ones as shields and cover to destroy property and create havoc. Anyone out on the street, walking or driving past curfew without a good reason was subject to arrest.


As can be seen in Figure 4 below, many of the same tools available for selecting objects and parameters in the workspace are available here. In the Properties list, you can choose to only display properties listed in the Model Data window. In the Pipes and Junctions list, you can use the same Select Special tool used elsewhere in the software to select objects based on their inputs, outputs, special statuses, and much more.

I'm momentarily speechless, overcome by the shear thrill of actual human to human contact. Ten short minutes pass as I provide required information.


Trump firmly believes his "knowledge" is superior to the scientists, doctors, researchers and economists advising him, and would rather rely on gut-instinct to guide his unpredictable decisions. Which makes him dangerous, really dangerous.

The man under arrest gets jostled back and forth on the sidewalk outside the cop car. He is a large man, difficult to move back and forth, possibly bigger than the biggest officer. It’s an awkward dance they do on the sidewalk as the officers in blue jostle the big man in handcuffs towards the cop car.


Every table at Toscano’s was sold out and the servers kept hopping to fulfill the food orders while a ten piece band in full dress regalia like old Mexican tuxedos gathered around the nearby non-functioning fountain in the plaza and played their hearts out. The crowd was not limited to the patrons of Toscano’s but included pedestrian passersby, browsers at the souvenir kiosks, and anyone within earshot of the music dining at Blue Shrimp or Ruben’s or on up and down the plaza, but the band faced towards and played towards Toscano’s where the sound was most fresh and clear to the audience.

What good of it came out of things today? Did Trump sign legislation barring choke holds?


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The prepaid cards used to feature a picture of a futbol star or Our Lady of Guadeloupe. The former internet cafes have changed hands and become cantinas, restaurants, even farmacias. For a while one was a Zumba studio. In the lobby of the Krystal people peruse their smart phones. Old time blues plays from the ceiling. I would like to meet this new manager.

The shear number of votes effectively silenced any opposition from elected Republicans, who cower in fear of Trump's army. Despite some of them also being targets of an attempted coup by 'his' mob, hell bent on murdering his most loyal supporter, Mike Pence.


Bigger pops — M80s or rubber bullet rifles. Some of the commotion in the distance involved firecrackers and fireworks pyrotechnics brought by the usual yahoos who cross state lines to stock up on firepower illegal in Minnesota and then entertain the neighbors and get all the hounds to bark anticipating the 4th of July. I could recognize a Silver Salute or at least hope it wasn’t a grenade. Rockets announced themselves by the fump and whoosh of the launch and the subsequent crackle after the explosion. Thus I rationalized what I was hearing was a mock battle of sub-Francis Scott Key quality between fireworks yahoos in town raising hell and a mortified police precinct keeping a semblance of order on home turf.

This matters because Trump debated Joe Biden in a closed auditorium within three days of admitting to testing positive for covid-19. The weekend prior to the debate he hosted a garden party at the White House to present his nominee for Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s open Supreme Court seat. The event has now become famous as a superspreader of the virus and calls into question the basic judgement of the nominee, Amy Coney Barrett, to attend and participate in such an event flouting masks and social distancing and every mitigating effort to stop the coronavirus. So many Trump VIPs came down with it the event became synonymous with the White House’s failure to guide the country the past nine months. What’s more, Trump held a rally in Duluth, Minnesota the night after the debate, where his top aide Hope Hicks fell ill with symptoms — the first of more than twenty White House personnel. Even more, Trump met with Minnesota GOP party VIPs and donors in private in the Twin Cities hours before the Duluth rally. And the next day he met with more backers and donors at his New Jersey golf club mere hours before admitting he tested positive.


As the pedestrians walked westward towards Powderhorn Park and the origin of the rally, cars of young people about the same ages as the pedestrians came jockeying for the open parking spaces. That too reminded me of students who jockey for parking spaces around our house when South High is in session, a block away — only it hasn’t been like this with parking since the coronavirus canceled classes. Anyway, this wave of young people — kids — in Toyotas and Hondas parked their cars and went walking north towards Lake St or eastward towards the police station.

Figure 4 - The Graph List Manager toolbar

IMEMC 30 June — Israeli soldiers have kidnapped, late at night and earlier on Thursday, at least fourteen Palestinians in different parts of the occupied West Bank, especially in the districts of Hebron and Jerusalem. The Hebron office of the Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS) has reported that the soldiers invaded many homes in the district, in the southern part of the occupied West Bank, and kidnapped five Palestinians. The kidnapped, largely from Yatta town, have been identified as Odai Masalma, Mohammad Manasra, Yazan Mohammad Zein, Mahmoud Jaber Zein, and Zein Makhamra. In Jerusalem, the soldiers also invaded and searched homes, and kidnapped four Palestinians, identified as Obeida ‘Ameera, Rami Fakhouri, Ahmad ar-Razem, and a child identified as Yousef Shaweesh. Israeli Soldiers Kidnap Three Palestinians In Bethlehem, One In Qalqilia In Bethlehem, the soldiers kidnapped two Palestinians, identified as Mahmoud Da‘amsa and Mohammad Omar Salah. In the northern West Bank district of Tulkarem, the soldiers kidnapped two Palestinians, identified as Ammar Bassam Majdouba, 30, and ‘Eqab Jamal Zabadi, 24. In addition, a Palestinian, identified as Mahmoud Rasem Ekhzaymiyya, 25, from Qabatia town, south of the northern West Bank city of Jenin, was kidnapped in Jerusalem.


Mixing up the messaging instead of making sense, the whole time President Trump lied and lied and lied. Not just the biblical three times and cue the rooster, but continuously and incessantly. He says it was for our own good, so we would not panic. Distruth, confusion, unbelief, misinformation and utter bazzfazz encryptified what could have been — and should have been — a simple unifying theme based on science and reason. Instead he blew it off as a hoax and we the people got hoaxed by Trump.

The same president who weeks earlier got out in front of sentiments to lift the covid-19 lockdowns and open the economy by encouraging protests via Twitter to Liberate Minnesota. Protests in front of the governor’s residence were okay then, and there wasn’t a big fence around the governor’s yard. Now this president tweets that the mayors and governors need to dominate the crowds. If they don’t call out their own national guards he threatened to do it for them. He threatened to mobilize the United States armed forces under the Insurrection Act of 1807.


Gave him the silent hairy eyeball. He never apologized or mentioned the Pratts again.

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Take the Minneapolis City Council voting to deconstruct the police department. My first reaction was, Are you out of your fucken minds! Looked like a grandstand play to me. The city saw some dark days and blazing nights after George Floyd got tortured to death by a cop with a knee on his neck, two more cops who held him down and another stood over the scene to keep onlookers away. We know all this because an onlooker who kept a polite distance recorded the event on unedited video, exercising her First Amendment right to bear witness. She’s an ordinary girl from the neighborhood, goes to Roosevelt High (when it’s in session) and is named Darnella Frazier. She is the Abraham Zapruder of our time. She has been likened to Rosa Parks.


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This is one remarkable and rare example of humans collaborating, cooperating and working together for the common good. Precisely what is needed now to defeat humanity's common enemy, COVID-19, before it defeats humanity.

Co-owner and Pierre's wife, Bev Koffle, remarked "Anyhow, you know what Pierre's like. We'll see what happens" she laughed, adding she wants them to enjoy their time here.


Papathanasiou created a steady-state model in AFT Fathom™ to simulate the cooling water hydraulics during a major upgrade to a refinery in Kuwait. Part of the Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) Clean Fuels Project (CFP), the Mina Abdullah Refinery was expanded to refine 454,000 bpd via this multi-billion dollar project.

The season-ending game is considered one of the few remaining events that ties the country together for one day each year. Millions of Canadians gather together to party and watch, on television, the classic East vs West rivalry for the Canadian professional football championship.


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So, I dislike and despise groups of people but I love individuals. Every person you look at; you can see the universe in their eyes.

Would you calmly but in a loud voice tell the jerk "the line starts around the corner"? Never turn your back on some small problem just because it's none of your business or because you aren't bothered.


It's sometimes amazing and mysterious how things turn out. Being thanked for almost killing the CBC president was totally unexpected.

The best laid schemes o' mice an' men / Gang aft agley

Phil Sneeringer, Tier 1 Reliability Engineer at Flowserve Corporation, used AFT Fathom (web site) to perform a reliability study of a raw brine injection system consisting of five vertical pumps and five horizontal pumps. The system was used to displace product in an underground cavern storage facility at an undisclosed North American chemical plant.


Obsequious TV reporting and media. The conversation about racism structurally embedded in modern culture was underway.

The VP, Mickey the Pence and his one and only Mrs. P. (who will function as the "real" president).


As vain villains these two are, they each command formidable followings among scary thugs and deplorable bullies who have the capabilities to scare otherwise normal people with prophesies of armageddon. Small a. To most people life without a police department is unthinkable even if most people don’t really meet up with the police that often and the least they are seen the more people feel secure because they are not reminded as often that police exist. Then there are criminals who never want to see the police but see them too much, all the time. Most people imagine a city without a police department as a city in free fall where outlaws with guns rule the streets.

The outer edge of the plaza leads to passageways between shops and more places to eat. We find Danny Boy’s located in what used to be Mama Norma’s. Danny Boy and his father Daniel used to work for the Blue Shrimp.


I have said before: there’s an abundance of good food at Ixtapa and Zihuatanejo. Keep moseying to the main plaza where a big elaborate bandstand like a grand gazebo centers the plaza like a courthouse or city hall. Sometimes singers, musicians and dancers in old time Mexican traditional clothes perform a show. Around the bandstand the vendors display their kiosks. I have purchased mobiles, small bowls, a ceramic skull, wall plaques and other bright colored trinkets from these vendors, plainly family ventures, mom and pop, kids, sometimes grandparents, their stalls neatly arranged under the bright plaza lights. More shops and restaurants encircle the open plaza. Cafe New Zealand in neon dresses as an innocent ice cream parlor featuring burgers and fries. Another upstart, Sabrina’s, in its second year, is located in the back of the plaza, still trying to organize itself and establish an identity behind its owner and namesake. It offers Italian cuisine and for some reason seems to attract sophisticated French Canadiens. The night we were there they ran out of lasagna.

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The one about the elite beings who live in Brexit Land. The caste of special people that belong to a secretive organization called 'The Firm', who decided to cast out, excommunicate, ostracize, exclude and shun one of their own and his family.


Everything he does from here on will be directed to his re-election. He laments he cannot deliver his renomination speech to a roaring arena of free will partisans. He could cop an idea from Major League Baseball. He could stage his speech in a vast arena where all the seats are filled with cardboard cutouts of his true supporters (critics will scan the videos for duplicates and triplicates) and provide frenzied applause from pre-recorded crowd noise. If that scenario sounds like preaching to the album cover of Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, maybe the Republicans with their deep pockets can pony up to make the crowd all holograms. His is governance by illusion and delusion all the same.

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He speaks of his hundred days, between December and April when he does most of his business. This year he says he’s doing well, three fishing bookings a day all week. He says it’s different now, 90% of his clients used to be Americans, 10% Canadians, now it’s the other way round. Has to charge more in Canadian money because of the exchange rate. Mexicans don’t book fishing excursions. Never treats us grudgingly that we haven’t gone fishing in three or four years, he’s always asking if we might like a whale watch, a trip up to Troncones. He says the one thing he won’t get for people is drugs. A few years ago he used to muse about running for mayor, El Presidente de Zihuatanejo. In his way I could tell he was serious, truth in jest. He could be a civic leader who would organize for the good, a true public servant.