Asynchronous digital subscriber line (DSL or ADSL) modem is a device used to connect a computer or router to a telephone line which provides the digital subscriber line service for connectivity to the Internet, which is often called DSL or ADSL broadband. In this guide I will show you show you how to scan IP range for connected ADSL or DSL modem routers and find DSL ADSL router hack remotely. This guide applies to Windows, Linux or MAC, so it doesn’t matter what’s your Operating system is, you can try the same steps from all these operating systems. The term DSL or ADSL modem is technically used to describe a modem which connects to a single computer, through a USB port or is installed in a computer PCI slot. The more common DSL or ADSL router which combines the function of a DSL or ADSL modem and a home router, is a standalone device which can be connected to multiple computers through multiple Ethernet ports or an integral wireless access point. Also called a residential gateway, a DSL or ADSL router usually manages the connection and sharing of the DSL or ADSL service in a home or small office network.

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  • As a part of security measure, every router, by default has this remote management feature turned Off
  • Some routers called it Remote Access and it’s usually found under Advanced Settings
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  • TP-Link Routers Vulnerable To Remote Intrusion Attacks, But Users Also At Blame
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  • How to automate SSH remote connection with a shell script
  • Easy local and remote backup of your home network
  • INDUSTRIAL V.DSL / ADSL / Fibre Router Features

The most popular open source firmware are DD-WRT, OpenWRT and its fork Gargoyle. You can install them only on routers included in the list of supported devices, that is those, for which the chipset manufacturer has disclosed its full specifications.


The trouble rarely comes alone, as activating WPS automatically enables UPnP. In addition, the standard PIN code used in WPS or a pre-authentication key negates the advantages of WPA2-PSK cryptographic security.

The > online test takes just a few seconds. In a stand-alone program, you can specify a range of IP addresses, so the test takes a longer time. By the way, the > registration fields of ScanNow are not checked.


After the test, the utility will display a report and offer you to try Nexpose, a more advanced vulnerability scanner oriented to corporate network. It is > available for Windows, Linux and VMware. Depending on the version, the free trial is limited to a period ranging from 7 to 14 days. The restrictions are related > to the number of IP addresses and scan areas.

It is a good idea to often check the router settings and immediately specify the alternative DNS server addresses. Here are some of them that are freely > available.


The 6540 also contains an Ethernet switch with 4 x 10/100Mbps ports and two 10/100/1000Mbps Mini GBIC Ports. Furthermore the 6540 also has the ability to provide PoE / PoE+ to attached devices such as Pan and Tilt CCTV.

And finally, you can connect an external hard drive to your router and access it from anywhere

My problem is I haveto manage remote backup over internet. So I had to open 2 ports onADSL router (I can recall winexe is 139), two port on windowsfirewall; compiling the package and I don't have too much control overVPS I had ecc.


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Most router's use "admin" as the username and password. You can also try "Password" or "12345678" as the password. For some router's, the username or password is left blank.

Together with the experts from Rapid7 and CERT, the employees of DefenseCode found about seven thousand vulnerable models of devices. In the six months of active scanning in the random range of IPv4 addresses, they identified over 80 million hosts that responded to a standard UPnP request on WAN port. One in five of them supported SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) service, while 23 million allowed to execute any code without authorization.


Wireless ADSL Business Router

It works over ssh and rsh but I chose to use the rsync daemon over TCP on my server. It's very quick to configure and poses little extra risk because it all happens on my local network shielded from the rest of the world.

Adsl hacker v 2 1 rar


Furthermore the 6401 is managed locally and remotely via a user friendly Browser, CLI or via a network management system running SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol). It’s possible to up and download the 6401 configuration, making it quick and easy to install and configure the 6401.

It's not clear whether Shenzhen Gongjin Electronics even knows about this vulnerability in its firmware at this point in time, or whether it has already patched the firmware and has sent an updated version to its router vendor customers. The researcher has already notified the makers of the routers in which he personally found the vulnerability. He disclosed this vulnerability on Wednesday, at a security conference in UK, which focuses on finding vulnerabilities in embedded devices such as routers, network attached storage appliances, IP cameras and so on.

8 is my router's configure IP address

See How to Set Up a Wireless Router. Certain desktop computers, especially older ones, may not have a built-in wireless network adapter, in which case you can buy and plug in a USB wireless adapter.

Since you are sharing your router web portal remotely, it’s a good security practice to change your default port no. from 8080 to something else. Also, make sure you don’t use default login credentials. Change it to something complex else anyone can log in to your network with a brute force attack.


Since most people rarely check the settings of their router (or even entrust this process to technicians from ISP), the problem stays undetected for a long time. It is usually discovered by process of elimination after the money was stolen from the accounts and computer check revealed nothing.

Mobile Wi-Fi & 4G Router

IGMP is an integral part of the IP Multicast specification, and it is analogous to use IGMP for Unicast connections. IGMP can be used for online streaming of video and gaming, and it allows more efficient use of resources for these kind of applications.

  • Please refer to How to set up a Dynamic DNS service account on AC VDSL/ADSL Modem Router
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  • How to use OpenVPN to access your home network on AC VDSL/ADSL Modem Router
  • Industrial modem-router with ADSL/VDSL2 and Ethernet WAN ports
  • The 6401 Industrial ADSL Router has a choice of 3DES and AES Encryption modes
  • Example: Remote CE Router Configuration
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I have created the directory /var/backups/rsync on the server. Each of my computers will back up to a subdirectory of that one, named after their respecive hostnames.


Most home users are assigned a dynamic IP address, which means, every time you restart your router, your public IP changes. So, we need to figure out a way to bypass the dynamic IP address problem. And for that, we’ll use Dynamic DNS services like Dyn DNS or NoIp.

So, this Dynamic DNS is similar to a friend in the middle. When you sign up with their service, you have to link your dynamic public IP to a domain name. And you can use that fixed domain name instead of your public IP. And they will do the job of updating your IP address in the background.


Disconnect Router 1 from the computer

Note: the W1 and W3 WWAN versions have been discontinued. LTE Cat-4 versions for global band support will be available soon.

In addition to routers, this vulnerability affects VoIP phones, network cameras and other equipment that allows remote configuration via CWMP. Typically, this is done by using port 7547. You can check its status on the router with Shields Up, a free service from Steve Gibson. To do this, enter its URL (grc.com), and then add /x/portprobe=7547.


Disable DHCP on Router 2

Because the 6540 is equipped with 4 x 10/100Mbps PoE / PoE+ ports and has the ability to transmit upstream at 20Mbps. This makes the 6540 ideal for high bandwidth applications such as IPTV, CCTV and monitoring in real time as well as Industrial Applications. Input voltage to provide PoE is between 23vdc and 55vdc.

Disconnect Router 1 from the computer. Remove the Ethernet cable between Router 1 and the computer. Everything else can remain on and plugged in.


Turning on remote sharing on the router is easy. All you need to do is type the router (source) IP or default gateway address in the web browser. Next, enter your username and password. Now, once you are in the router’s web portal, look for the Remote Management option. Some routers called it Remote Access and it’s usually found under Advanced Settings.

This method works best for the cases where the customer provider edge (CPE) router is a single PC or is limited to only one subnet. If the user has multiple subnets, Layer 2 (L2) bridging, multilink subnets or proxy RA can be used. The prefix advertised in the RA can come from an authorization, authentication, and accounting (AAA) server, which also provides the prefix attribute, can be manually configured, or can be allocated from a prefix pool.


Anyway, you can check it by comparing the known ADSL (website link) username and its encoded equivalent, and to build your own table. After you finish password decoding, you can try to connect to the Internet using your ADSL (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=9644) modem.

It is interesting to note that although TP-Link was rather quick to patch the security vulnerability in its routers, the patched firmware wasn’t openly available to download until recently. Apparently, the rectified and updated firmware for WR740N which will make it immune to the exploit wasn’t available on the website. It is concerning to note that TP-Link made the firmware available only upon request, as indicated a TP-Link spokesperson.


For example, a vulnerability in the OpenSSL library also affected the routers with *WRT

Teldat Regesta-PRO ER is an advanced IP rugged router with a rich interface selection. It securely transmits critical telemetry and telecommand data in harsh environments.

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In most cases, the attack against the routers with such hole in UPnP can be launched through a modified SOAP request, which leads to error in data processing and allows the remaining part of the code to get into randomly selected area of router memory, where it runs with root privileges. On home routers, it is better to completely disable UPnP and make sure that the requests to port 1900 are blocked. The service from Steve Gibson, that I already mentioned, can help you to do this.


Test your network and internet connection. Visit any website (like to verify that you can connect to the Internet. Make sure that the physical configuration of your network leaves room for one LAN port to be open on Router 1.

The 6401 Industrial ADSL Router (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=1061) evaluates the power requirements and adjusts the power drawn by the router. In active mode the 6401 draws 1/8 Watts and in Low Power State 0/6 Watts.


Tick the check box to enable Remote Management. Enable Remote (look at this site) Management via HTTPS to allow for HTTPS connection. Keep the Port as the default setting.

Cellular Gateways & Routers

Note that the above example is for contacting an rsync daemon directly over TCP. If you want to use SSH as a transport layer, replace the double colon ( :) with a single colon (:). It depends on your rsyncd setup.


How To Hack Remote ADSL routers

Enter Router 1's IP address in the address bar. Type the IP address for Router 1 into the address bar at the top of your web browser. This opens the router's admin login screen. Check the user's manual or manufacturer's website to find the default IP address for Router 1.

Does anyone know what is causing all this problem? Any pointers or help will be appreciated. If there is any place else that you think I can get the answer, please kindly let me know.


In an OpenVPN connection, the home network can act as a server, and the remote (my company) device can access the server through the router which acts as an OpenVPN Server gateway. To use the VPN feature, you should enable OpenVPN Server on your router, install and run VPN client software on the remote device. Please follow the steps below to set up an OpenVPN connection.

Connect a computer to the Router 2

The attacker can also specify a fake DNS server for the victim router and could carry out phishing attacks. The attacker can change the ISP's DNS servers to his own controlled DNS server, thus making a redirection of DNS for phishing. This attack is believed to be one of the most stealth attack on this kind of scenario.


Now we need to set up GPG in order to encrypt the backup. You only need a public key for this. If you already have a GPG key, simply import your public key into root's keychain on the local server. If you don't have a GPG key then you need to create one.

On the screenshot, only positive result can be indicative that there is a vulnerability. Negative result does not guarantee that vulnerability is not there.


If you do not succeed to gain access, select another IP from the list and repeat the step-5. At least 1 out of 5 IPs will have a default password and hence you will surely be able to gain access.

Yes, as long as you follow the steps above, but replace the steps for router 1 to router 2 and router 2 to router 3 and so on. Keep in mind the speeds will slow down with each router you add. It would be better if you could hook router 3 to router 1, but if the distance makes that an issue, the daisy chain is the way to go.


The 6540 supports Multicast using PIM SM making the 6540 ideal for IP TV and CCTV Broadcast networks. Consequently as an Industrial router with Multicast support the 6540 is ideal for CCTV and security networks.

While you can also access your router with apps like TeamViewer, you need to keep the computer turned on at your home all the time. This is not practical if you are out and about for more than a couple of days. But routers are always ON whether you are at home or not. And on top of that, you don’t have to install any additional software. All you need is a web browser and you can access your router from any part of the world.


Layer 3 Switches & Routers

It costs a lot of time and usually I have far better things to do. Long ago (in the Windows 98 era) I made backups to CD only before I needed to reïnstall the OS, which was about once every 18 months, and my code projects maybe twice as often. A lot has changed since those dark times though.

Enter a VPN Service Port to which a VPN device connects. The port number should be between 1024 and 65535.


Another way to perform free audit of your home network is to download and run Avast, an antivirus. Its new versions include Network Check, a test wizard that > identifies known vulnerabilities and dangerous network settings.

In most cases, unless you already have a router to expand the network, a better option would be to buy a switch to expand your network. If you want to extend wireless range, then consider a rage extender.


All in all, I hope that this article has been of use to you. If you have any feedback then you can leave it in the comments section.

All you need is a web browser and you can access your router from any part of the world

There are a few downsides as well ofcourse. The most important one is that this method copies the entire backup for all the clients to the remote server each time it runs. This is unavoidable because we want to encrypt the backups before sending them over the internet which makes incermental backups like rsync impossible. Another issue is that the weekly remote backup takes quite a bit of processing power and bandwidth. Creating the GPG files takes about 40 minutes on my Dual PII and sending them takes another two to three hours. If you use your server for 24/7 services the you should schedule the remote backups during the slow hours or find a way to throttle it.

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Regesta-PRO ER rugged substation router – Cellular/DSL/Ethernet/ Serial

Assigning addresses using the stateless address autoconfiguration method can be used only to assign 64-bit prefixes. Each user is assigned a 64-bit prefix, which is advertised to the user in a router advertisement (RA). All addresses are automatically configured based on the assigned prefix.


If it’s not there, then you can download IP updater software from any Dynamic DNS provider. And put it on the computer which is used frequently. But, almost every router (even the cheaper ones) have this Dynamic DNS options inbuilt, so you don’t have to worry about that.

Note: You need to install the OpenVPN client utility on each device that you want to be able to use the VPN function. Mobile devices should download a third-party app from Google Play or Apple App Store.


SSH connection drops in 5 minutes

Geppetto is a remote (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=4308) system automation for restricted environment with an easy to use web interface. Especially useful for a park of machines behind an ADSL box/router (https://dkluchezar.ru/content/uploads/files/download/remote-adsl-router-hack.zip) (floating IP / no incoming connection allowed).

Lovett found that all of these routers had something in common: the vast majority of the routers were using firmware from the Chinese company called Shenzhen Gongjin Electronics, which also does business under the trademark T&W. This company manufactures networking equipment for router vendors such as D-Link, Asus, Alcatel-Lucent, Belkin, ZyXEL and Netgear.


Go to Advanced > System Tools > Administration page. Locate the Remote Management section.

VoIP Router – Viper

Contrary to IPv4 address assignment, an IPv6 user will be assigned a prefix, not a single address. Typically, the ISP assigns a 64- or 48-bit prefix.