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Damn, I need to get that software! Which one is the latest version?

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So recently, I stumbled upon these PayPal Money Generator/Adder hacking programs that say that they legitimately work on changing one's PayPal balance amount to whatever amount he or she desires. I haven't found any that work but I've seen very very few YouTube videos and other videos on the Internet with users' comments that say their programs do work, and the users say that they were able to pay off debts, pay bills, and get extra money (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=3984) to buy things that they always wanted without getting caught nor getting banned from PayPal. And the download links are typically provided from ShareCash.org or other websites that pay money to upload files.


Those things are illegal & most of the time don't even do what they're supposed to. Take the paypal (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=8939) one for instance. You download it, then log into your paypal account & try to adjust your amount. Instead you've actually activated the keylogger in the program which just sent your paypal account information & password back to the programs creator. They then have access to your accounts & will run up your bills & steal your identity. Of course they say they don't have malicious intents, you wouldn't be fooled into trusting them if they said they did. Would you expect a con artist to admit they were trying to rob you blind? The videos are all easily faked too.

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