The best way to monitor internet activity is with software like SoftActivity. SoftActivity is monitoring software that can be deployed to a network of computers and remotely installed for easy management.

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As a powerful productivity tool, any team size, shape, or type would benefit from monitoring software. Work is compiled of smaller tasks that build upon each other. If your employees can’t track their projects, then they fall behind.


Why would you want to monitor PC activity remotely

And malicious hackers can get to this information in a number of ways. Vulnerabilities in your company’s network allow this, but sometimes negligent employees accidentally provide access to hackers.

SoftActivity is excited to announce a major update of Activity Monitor (pop over to this web-site), a leading user monitoring software for companies. New version 11/0 of Activity Monitor is now officially available.


Keystroke logging: Keystroke logging is software that records all the keystrokes typed by a user during a session. This allows management insight into what is being typed. Keystroke logging might not abide by privacy laws in certain states, and this feature can be easily disabled.

SoftActivity Keylogger - screenshot

Bandwidth controls can be included in internet settings so that employees aren’t able to upload or download a lot of data. Large uploads and downloads are a common practice of malware or malicious individuals that are trying to siphon data away from the source.


Select program: postgres.exe located in C:\Program Files\SoftActivity TS Monitor\postgres\bin, by default

User behavioral analytics (UBAs) is a smart feature that allows upper-level management to understand the typical behavioral patterns of your employees. UBAs identify behaviors from a user or computer that are considered normal to develop a baseline.

Employees are not always motivated to work. Whether there are distractions at work, from their colleagues, and or if they work in a remote environment and can’t stay focused, they might not want to check-in at their computer to work. Not only does this drive employee productivity down, but it also shows signs of poor employee engagement.


Monitor employee computers in real time without their knowledge – from your own device. SoftActivity works invisibly, without slowing down your employees’ computers or your terminal servers.

Why Successful Companies Use Employee Monitoring Software

You can very easily monitor user activity remotely with employee monitoring software. This software can be stealth or it can be used actively with your employees to boost productivity.


Login to the web console in web browser and verify that data from TSERVER1 has appeared in the webapp. You should see the server and user names in the right-side panel.

Protect your company data through remote access controls. Require authentication (multi-factor or two-factor), limit file sharing, and require employees to change passwords regularly.


A few versions ago you were able to review directly from the software. We found this easier and faster but have come to find the web interface does indeed have its advantages.

Architecture of SoftActivity TS Monitor system consist of the components listed below. Each of them can be installed on premise, either on one server machine or on separate servers for the best performance. This allows monitoring users in a range of possible deployments from just one terminal server to a large server farm.


Tracking browsing history can provide deep insight into the Internet life of any particular web user by showing his/her online behavior, most frequently visited websites and interests. Do you suspect that your employees abuse their Internet access at work by chatting with friends, doing shopping online, playing computer games, browsing social media like Facebook or Instagram during office hours? Then it’s high time to monitor their browsing history and find out all the truth.

A guide to uninstall SoftActivity Monitor 11.6 from your system

Fairly easy to deploy agents on user PCs. Frequent updates to keep compatibility with windows OS AND browsers.


Guide to Employee Monitoring Software

Activity Monitor product consist of the following components according to the Deployment Architecture diagram. Some of the components are optional. Server components can be installed on a server or even an admin’s PC, in case of a small office, or scaled to separate servers for better performance in an enterprise environment.

SoftActivity can spy the applications that are used and the duration of the usage. It can record the keystrokes as well as visited web pages. Also the program can monitor (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=973) the emails and IM conversations (Skype, Yahoo, AIM, ICQ, MSN). Screenshots can be taken of the whole desktop or from the active (look at here) window at an interval specified by you. Moreover, Keylogger can be set to monitor the activities of the files that are accessed either from USB or hard drivers.

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In the latest versions, if you select the Last week or Last month in the reports, it should remember this choice. If it does not work for you, our support can help with that.


A remotely deployed monitoring software will have watch guards in place so that you know the activity is being monitored and that data is being recorded in a safe space. You can then view all of this activity, like website tracking and bandwidth monitoring, from a clear console.

Perfect for any business, this type of in-depth project management and time tracking is ideal for a remote workforce. You shouldn’t have to trust that your employees are working for you, especially during work hours.


We will treat your information with respect. For more information about our privacy practices please read our Privacy Policy. By clicking this button, you agree that we may process your information in accordance with these terms.

Surveillance Features Included in Employee Monitoring Software

The installation process is typical and has nothing new in a world of keyloggers. We pass through the following windows: Welcome → EULA → Installation Type (two options with self-explanatory names are available here: Full Installation and Only SoftActivity Reports Viewer) → Keylogger Password (where we create a password for our keylogger) → Ready to Install → Finish (this one contains "Open SoftActivity Keylogger" checkbox).


Common features of this software include recording the apps, programs, and websites that the user has visited during the recorded time, as well as keystroke logging and user behavior analytics (UBA). By using this software, an employer or organizational overseer can verify that the users were working during work hours and also protect against those insider threats that aim to steal from or harm the business.

Right employee monitoring tool

Check or change connection to the database: Database tab – Database Configuration. Click Check Connection and Check Access buttons there.


On the next page you have an option to enter a password for PostgreSQL database server, or re-use your Activity Monitor password set in the previous steps, and select a TCP IP port number for the database server. Changing it from the default is not recommend, except in rare case when the port is already in use.

  • SoftActivity Monitor – Installation Guide for Administrators
  • Uninstall SoftActivity Monitor 11.6
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  • This activity monitor software is controlled through a web console, which is for admin controls
  • Login to the server where Activity Monitor Server components have been installed and check the following steps

Download Activity Monitor free trial

There is a range of ways that employee monitoring can do such things. Primarily, the features included in employee tracking allows employers to confirm that every payroll dollar spent is going to hard-working employees that deserve it. It also can look into employee insights, like identifying employees who may be struggling to get work done or drowning in too much work.

Check in Task Manager – Service tab if the services listed below are running. Ensure they are set to Startup type: Automatic.


Benefits of User Activity Monitoring Software

If PostgreSQL database server is installed on a different computer, by default it does not allows connections from remote computers. Follow these instructions to allow connections to the database from a remote computer.

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One of the biggest advantages of employee monitoring is that employers, admin, or managers no longer need to micromanage. Instead, you can quickly and easily refer to the employee time tracking sheet to get a clear snapshot of what is going on.


In a larger organization with thousands of computers, multiple Servers can be deployed per department or a physical location, and pointed to the same or separate databases for storing logs. In this case each Admin console would have a different set of Agents in the list and collect logs from those computers.

You can either create a self signed certificate using openssl command line, or get it from a certificate provider. This is outside of scope of this guide.


For threat detection, security teams can implement UAM software neatly into a cybersecurity plan. The user behavior analytics included in UAM software identify normal versus abnormal behaviors. The software can alert administrators to changes in behavior, effectively stopping malicious activities during a planned attack. Whether one of your employees has gone rogue, or they have neglected to lock their computer and were taken advantage of, UAM software can be your second and third set of eyes in mitigating these kinds of attacks.

An employee tracking software might also provide optional features, such as taking periodic screenshots of your employees’ computers and logging the keystrokes. That way you have greater insight into what they are doing while on the clock.


See how SoftActivity TS Monitor lets you monitor employees working on your Terminal Servers. Download 14 days trial fast and get the inside scoop on what they’re doing, right from your own computer screen.

Enter the data folder path on a local drive (or leave the default directory on the system drive), where PostgreSQL database files and, separately, screenshots will be stored. Selected drive must have enough empty space for storage. At least 1 GB per monitored user is recommended. Selected directory must either be empty, or not existing (in which case it will be created during installation).


By activating Beyond Keylogger, you can monitor everything. Beyond Keylogger allows you to register all.

In order to have access to other remote computers, you need to install SoftActivity Monitor on them

Keystroke logging will tell you if your workers are being productive or if one of them poses an insider threat. Additionally, you can request that sensitive information like bank account information is not recorded for employee privacy.


Computer monitoring also looks at bigger, structural issues. If through the software you start to notice that there is a high amount of employee turnover, then you might want to dive deeper into why employees are more likely to leave your business than others. Computer monitoring software can highlight personnel or staffing issues, holes in structural processes, poor or deteriorating workplace environment, workflow issues, and other factors that are impacting workplace behavior.

Download 7-Day Free Trial. Monitor Computers on Your LAN

Wait until the installation finishes. Open SoftActivity Webapp Configuration from the Desktop shortcut, Start menu or press Win+R and type: opentsm.


Monitor Computer Usage Software download

SoftActivity Webapp Server – web console for viewing logs and screenshots by administrators and managers. It’s running a web server, accepting connections from web browsers on port 8081, by default. Can be installed on Window or Linux. Install either on a dedicated application server, or a machine shared with the PostgreSQL database server, or in the simplest case, on the terminal server.

The monitoring tool will alert admin or management to user behaviors that deviate from the baseline behavior(s). They may be unhappy at work or in their personal life. Your employee may have shifted into a new role, or someone else is navigating your network while under their username.

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SoftActivity Keylogger 8.2.2 Build 2866 Crack With Serial Number

SoftActivity Monitor 11/6 is a Windows program. Read more about how to uninstall it from your computer.


SoftActivity Keylogger Crack With Keygen

You don’t need to keep Admin Console open, unless you are using it for live monitoring. Agent logs are downloaded in background by SalogSrv service. You don’t event need to be logged in to your computer or server for this to work.

Data breaches, which are widespread, can affect any company with valuable information. And a business that hires employees or even contractors have to rely on other people to do their work; without monitoring its assets and time, a company could lose thousands of dollars to low productivity (and time theft).


Message logs: Message logs record communications in messenger apps, email, and other communication clients. This allows the admin to look at communications logs specifically rather than going through all the keystroke logs.

Select a machine to function as an Application Server (DOMAIN\APPSERVER, in this example). It can be either one of the terminal servers in a farm or, preferably, a separate machine or VM with Windows Server 2021, 2021, 2021, or 2008R2 or newer.


Keep it secure and monitored with computer monitoring software

Generate reports and schedule screen captures. Then show the bad guys the evidence.

Features of User Activity Monitoring Software

Keystroke logging is when software records and logs the keystrokes on a keyboard during a specific time. Keystroke logging collects a lot of data, but it is particularly useful for tracking deviant behavior or communications from a computer.


You may be too busy to focus on all of these issues, or perhaps you have been looking for a way to track them. Use employee monitoring software tools to gain insight into toxic workplace behaviors or trends of poor productivity.

Try a monitoring solution from SoftActivity, which offers software for monitoring workstations and terminal servers. Try it for free to see how monitoring software fits into your business model!


The two main benefits are its ability to monitor insider threats and to track employee productivity

SoftActivity Monitor (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=6742) does not have a free version but does offer a free trial. SoftActivity Monitor (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=8682) paid version starts at USD 189/99.

For this tutorial, we will share this folder with tsm$ name, so that the share is invisible to casual browsers. Allow Full Control of the share to Everyone.


Smart tracking tools can merge with payroll or create a timesheet so that payday is super easy. Instead of asking for employees to estimate their hours or report any off-hours during a normal week, you can instead refer to the employee tracking software. The employee tracking software is the gold standard, the primary way in which employees get paid. This will encourage them to keep tracking up to date, especially once they begin to realize that every minute counts!

It's depth of auditing is fantastic. From logging files copied to a flash drive from specific network locations to its logging of usage to review when an issue presents itself.


Unfortunately, SoftActivity Keylogger doesn't show the same results in "Monitoring" section. It cannot record the logon password, system keys, creation and renaming of files, clipboard content, printed documents, mouse-clicks and system inactivity time. Yet, it perfectly logs documents' deleting and opening that is usually very important while performing employee monitoring. It also logs system log on/off time, keychars pressed and started applications. SoftActivity Keylogger is very good at visual surveillance: you can configure both the interval of screenshots-making and their quality. Additionally, you can choose whether you want the keylogger to record the entire desktop or an active (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=7115) window only.

SoftActivity Keylogger 8.2.2 Build

If you're looking at the keystrokes view while a user is actively typing, the screen will continue to jump down to the bottom of the page as the keystrokes are updated. Makes it incredibly difficult to go through the history during the day or if someone is actively working at their station.


UAM software is essential for any business that wants to stay on top of its data and inner workings. UAM can combat insider threats or malicious attacks and even stop data breaches from happening. It can also monitor employee behavior to identify if time theft or low productivity is occurring.

Generate reports: The software automatically generates reports on actions such as website visits, email use, and even Internet viewing. The keystroke logging feature (optional) records keystrokes in work applications, websites, and chat conversations – in real-time.


Time tracking: Time tracking features might require that employees indicate when they have begun work and when they have completed it. However, in general, time tracking will indicate how long a project takes. Project managers can section off tasks for projects, general tasks and bigger project timelines, and try to estimate how long each will take.

The view history as a video is a great tool. Being able to see what is going on live and to be able to customize how often a screenshot is saved.


Track websites your employees visit. You can tell how long Brad in accounting spends on Facebook each day or whether Sharon in customer service spends part of her day shopping on Amazon.

Used for storing logs recorded by TS Monitor on terminal servers. PostgreSQL can be installed on Windows or Linux, either on a dedicated server machine, a cluster of servers, or sharing a machine with any of the above components. Can be installed on Windows Server by SoftActivity installer, which will also create a default database. Optionally you can download PostgreSQL from its official website and install it separately.


Verify that SalogSrv service is running in Windows Services or Task Manager – Services tab. If the service is not in Running state, start it and make sure it has successfully started. SlogSrv service downloads logs from Agents and places them into the database.

Organizations in every sector handle business data. Whether they collect information to process orders or they.


Quick Start video for Admin. How to install SoftActivity Monitor system

One other minor thing, the web interface at the moment always opens to ALL history which can take a few moments to open. Would be better for us atleast if we could set it to only show the week or month.

User behavior analytics: User behavior analytics (UBAs) is a machine learning software that identifies baseline user behavior. The software indicates what is “normal” and then alerts management to when the behavior deviates from that normal.


A way to erase SoftActivity Monitor 11.6 from your computer with Advanced Uninstaller PRO

Addressing each of these things, along with other workplace issues, can lead to improved ROI. Additionally, employees will be able to positively contribute to a better working environment knowing that you are knowledgeable in some of these issues and are doing something about it!

Pros: Fairly easy to deploy agents on user PCs. Frequent updates to keep compatibility with windows OS AND browsers.


How you implement the software into your business will depend on your goals. If you want to use employee productivity, then you can remote install or ask each employee to download it onto their computer. This is because the employee will need to be involved in the time tracking process.

Employee Internet monitoring: View your employees’ web surfing histories. The software records all the URLs visited in any browser, even when a user is browsing in Incognito/InPrivate mode, or clears their Internet history. Our software generates a Top Websites report by total time spent on each website for every user in your network.


We may send you occasional email reminders and useful tips about this free trial. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Video Demos and Tutorials

SoftActivity TS Monitor has been designed to keep track of a broad range of user activities, including launched applications, sent and received emails, and instant messaging conversations. Moreover, the program allows admins to view the Internet browsing history even when users navigate in private mode.


Remotely Monitor Without Them Knowing

With the help of this tool, admins can monitor the actions of both local and remote users, as it periodically takes screenshots based on user actions. The utility includes proprietary IntelliSnap technology that allows admins to view all user actions in the form of slideshows.

Security threats, like malicious hackers and insider threats, as well as poor employee productivity, risk the health and success of your business. Any of these issues could get into your company and cost your business thousands of dollars.


We use Mailchimp to send you email reminders about this trial. By clicking this button, you acknowledge that the information you provide will be transferred to MailChimp for processing in accordance with their Privacy Policy and Terms.

Click a computer name in Activity Monitor to start monitoring user activity

An employee monitoring software can keep your team accountable. Your project managers can keep your team on the right track with clear analytics and productivity goals. You can also use data to clearly show what’s going on. When things like productivity and project scope make sense, then your employees are overall happier and willing to work for your company.


Upon expiration of 14-day trial period there is NO warning message shown to monitored users. Program remains hidden but not functional.

Monitoring software can monitor internet usage, log the browser history of a computer, and also alert the admin to file transfers. While the actual monitoring software cannot control any of these activities, such as the bandwidth usage or file transfers onto or from a device, it can alert management to these types of activities.


Running a business is no easy feat. And when your business is successful, you must do everything that you can to protect it against losses. Two significant losses that a company can face are data breaches and low employee productivity.

Data loss can wreak havoc on any industry. As long as a business collects sensitive data.


Low productivity is also a financial and time suck. However, tracking productivity levels without UAM software is next to impossible. UAM software will track time, but it will also report on the applications and websites an employee visits the most. That way, management can verify whether or not their employees were doing their jobs.

For surveillance purposes, you’ll want your employees on a connected network with you having admin access. That way you can control the settings and remotely install it without your employees knowing about the software.


Record keystrokes in work apps, emails, websites and IM chats in real time. See what’s happening as it’s happening.

Download Activity Monitor installation package from SoftActivity website. It is recommended to open the file’s Properties – Digital Signatures tab and verify that the file has been signed by Deep Software Inc. This ensures the installation package has not been changed by anyone and indeed originates from SoftActivity (here are the findings).


All in all, SoftActivity Monitor offers an intuitive environment for helping users monitor remote computers efficiently and easily. Its straightforward approach and useful features make it an ideal tool for all types of users, regardless of their experience level.

Upgrade your SoftActivity Monitor to the latest version

Chances are sensitive information is stored digitally in this network. If this is the case, you need to put some protections to keep those assets secure.


Activity Monitor can help you prevent information leakage. We all know that instant messaging software, FTP, email, and USB sticks are the main sources of current corporate information leakage. Activity Monitor can help you monitor employees' Skype, iMessage usage, email sending and receiving, and USB Driver usage. It also has a screenshot control, which you can prevent or identify to prevent leakage of information leakage.

Download SoftActivity Keylogger + Crack

Check the event log for recent errors. There might be errors with access rights to folders, etc.


Keylogger software is best solution to find out each key pressed on your PC everywhere either home or in office when you are away. Keylogger software capture your children’s or employees what they are search online on Yahoo, Google etc instead of studying. Invisible keylogger helps in finding out other users searching habits by keeping record of all typed website URL’s along with detailed report of accessed time, name and title of websites.

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SoftActivity™ TS Monitor full version online on the secure site

Improved compatibility with antivirus products. Remote installation and update of Agent now use Agent’s folder for extracting temporary files.

Cons: It does not allow for running reports. Also looking at a web address I cannot always tell if it is personal or business and have to revert to looking at each individual screenshot. I have demoed other software and although this one is easier to navigate others gave report options.


Because employee monitoring software tracks back-end computer usage, employers can see exactly what employees are doing when they are saying they are working. This software can track data behind-the-scenes in real-time and over time.

UAM software should be a part of every business’ security toolkit. See how UAM software can benefit your business.

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Monitoring software also permits you to perform productivity monitoring. Review the internet activity of a user to determine if they are slacking off at work or if there is an issue in their workflow. Employees regularly visit social media during work hours or watch TV, especially if they are remote workers.


You can quickly install it just by clicking Next on each page and it should work out of the box. No advanced configuration is required.

It allows you to secretly track all activities from all computer users and automatically receive logs. By activating All In One Keylogger, you can monitor everything. All In One Keylogger allows you to.


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