You know Day N’ Night or Pursuit of Happiness, you know Man on the Moon II, and even Indicud. You may even know his mixtape A Kid Named Cudi, or his rock albums WZRD and Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven but there is a collection of songs only the real Cudi fans know about. From unreleased singles to obscure features, Kid Cudi did some of his best work behind the scenes and out of the spotlight. Here are the best Kid Cudi songs that never made it to the mainstream.

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Drew Millard recently wrote an article for Complex that crowns Soulja Boy as the forefather of modern rap, a stretch but he was undeniably the first rapper to prove the internet could produce music industry stars. Meaghan Garvey wrote an excellent piece for Pitchfork last year on Soulja’s decade of influence, so did Zach Blumenfeld for AV club. In each article, you’ll find proof that he is the Julius Caesar who reigned as the first rap online king. He's no longer the biggest artist in the mainstream but he has birthed plenty of sonic offsprings and even more who adapted to his approach. From marketing to fan interaction, you can feel his influence. Soulja Boy benefited from being right on time, the first to use the resources that were available to him, you can’t have Soulja Boy without Myspace, Soundclick and YouTube.


Back in 2006, I was in school but I had told my dad that I wanted to get into the music business. He told me that I had to look for the hottest thing, to find someone who had a buzz. MySpace had a music explore page at the time, and you could see who was trending by zip code or whatever. I ran across all types of artists on there, like Soulja Boy, but Drake was the one that caught my eye. He was ranked number one or two on the unsigned trending artists list. His page just said that his name was Drake and he was from Toronto, and there was a picture of him and he had a video on there for the song "Replacement Girl" with Trey Songz. You know how MySpace had a little radio player on the right side? He had a couple of songs on there, and I was listening to him like, Damn, he's pretty dope. So I kind of slid in Drake’s messages and was like, "Hey, what's up?

The Kid Cudi Handbook - Everything You Need to Know about Kid Cudi

Nicki wasn’t the only Young Money star that got her first big break by being friends with Tom. By now we all know that Jas Prince of Rap-A-Lot Records discovered Drake and took him to Lil Wayne, but there’s a small part of the story that occasionally gets overlooked - Jas wasn’t in Toronto actively looking for a Canadian singing rapper that he could take into the States. He was on Myspace, no different than most web browsing citizens. He came across Drake’s profile, at the time Room For Improvement and Comeback Season were both uploaded to his account. There he heard something that couldn’t just be scrolled by, he had to snatch this kid up, but instead of signing him to Rap-A-Lot he took this potential star to Lil Wayne, who was completing the Carter III at the time. We look at Drake and see a man destined for stardom but without the internet Jimmy might be still at Degrassi High, in his wheelchair, wondering why he never made it as a rapper. Drake never forgot what Jas did for him, he recently performed at Jas Jr's Birthday Party.


The rise of Soulja Boy's "Crank Dat" was proof. A teenager, no older than me, created a dance that may look silly but it became a sensation. It seemed overnight the whole world was beginning to Superman and it was all because of a video on the internet. I remembering witnessing DJ Unk’s “Walk It Out,” Dem Franchize Boyz “Lean Wit It Rock Wit It,” even Lil Jon’s entire era of crunk, but their presence was felt through the radio. In comparison, this kid was receiving millions of views online from Myspace and YouTube. It was a different kind of hit before radio was aware, he had won the internet. Not only were his views and plays skyrocketing, but I also started to see it offline: in the classrooms, in the streets, everywhere I turned there was a dance or phrase that Soulja originated. When it was announced that he signed to Mr. Collipark and then worked a joint venture with Interscope, it was the beginning of a major shift. This kid from the internet got a record deal? Not only a deal, but the mighty machine also took his song from laptops to the top of Billboard.

The music industry moves in phases, big moments that bring small changes but the combination of Soulja Boy and the internet caused an industry-altering big bang. The aftermath of "Crank Dat" had the labels scrambling for the next big act or craze. It's likely the reason Asylum Records signed Lil Wil, who turned out a fairly big single with “My Dougie,” but a better example is Universal signing the Pop It Off Boyz who made “Crank Dat Batman,” the Barter to Soulja’s Carter.


If that was it, people would have been happy. But that wasn't it. In the middle of "The Light" former Com flame Erykah Badu came out to do some hook work. Erykah is a force; even Kanye had to stand back in awe, smiling.

I found out about the Website SoundClick. You’d post MP3s and people would rate on your music and you’d get put on charts.


Kid Cudi freestyles on an 88 Keys beat

Once the search for America’s next dance ceased, the A&R’s and executives never left the internet. Until its dying day, they browsed Myspace hoping to uncover someone who would change the game like DeAndre Way. Every artist and band had a page, some even had multiple, you could be one click away from a goldmine. Big Fendi came across Nicki Maraj's Myspace page and it was the moment her life began to change. From there he brought in Debra Antney, mother and manager of Waka Flocka Flame and Gucci Mane, but before he made any moves to push her career to the next level the myth is that he convinced her to change one thing, her name.

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Regardless of if my mom was right or wrong, Myspace was the wave. At its height, millions of users flocked to the site. Kids in high school treated Myspace like it was more magical than Hogwarts, more revolutionary than the first Playstation, and one of the first real doors that opened to life online. It became so big it felt like there were two separate islands—a deserted one for the few who didn’t have Myspace and this sacred land that couldn't be reached without dial-up. I may have been without an account but I vicariously caught a glimpse of the other side. Top 8’s told you everything about friends and cliques, selfies became more important than professional photo shoots, the more artistic and attractive your web page the better, and the Myspace's personal music player was a direct reflection of your taste. Keeping the playlist updated with the latest and greatest was critical. Friends would spend hours drooling over pictures of girls they messaged and even longer praying that they would reply. Hours updating their page, searching for friends, I didn’t quite see why they were pouring so much time into this website.


The duo introduced the name “88Glam” on November 1, 2021, premiering their first music video “12” via Billboard which featured a cameo from The Weeknd. This was followed by the release of another music video for “Bali” featuring Nav and the debut of their self-titled mixtape 88Glam on November 7, 2021.

The first half was dubious - there are reasons why guest appearances on Kanye records haven't led to anything for the likes of Really Doe, GLC, and Malik Yusef. And West's own questionable engagement spoke volumes.


In 2009, Cudi (see post), alongside record producers Plain Pat and Emile Haynie, launched Dream On, a record label in partnership with Universal Motown and Kanye West's GOOD Music. In October 2021, Cudi (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=2087) had announced he was teaching himself how to play the guitar and the he would be forming a rock band, now internationally known as WZRD, with frequent collaborator and longtime friend, record producer Dot da Genius. On February 26, 2021, Cudi (basics) announced that the Dream On label had been dissolved due to differences. In April 2021, while performing at New York City's Roseland Ballroom, Cudi announced he was launching his very own label, Wicked Awesome Records. WZRD ultimately released their eponymous debut album on February 28, 2021. The album debuted at #3 on the US Billboard 200 chart and at #9 on the Canadian Albums Chart, while also debuting on the Top Rock Albums and Top Alternative Albums at #1, respectively.

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