All in all, Customer Tiles Maker is a great application, apart from two major downsides that we noticed. First, it doesn’t allow you to launch custom apps when clicking a particular tile. Secondly, you have to click each tile separately to pin it to the Start Screen. The application works only on Windows 8.

  • Tile Mosaic Maker Pro Free Download
  • Write a Tile Mosaic Maker Pro Review
  • This is not necessary to use the live tiles you have created with it
  • For this example, we will create a live tile that opens a website
  • Choose type of live tile to create
  • Images collection for tiles image

To start, you’ll need to install the application Pin More from the Windows (you could try these out) Store. Begin by opening up your Start menu, and selecting the Store from the highlighted tile (this may look different in your personal setup).


As you can see here, we’ve chosen the action sports title “Rocket League”. If the game is installed in one of the pre-supported clients, Pin More will already have two resources to use for the Medium and Wide style of live tiles on your Start Menu.

  • However, there is no way to add custom tiles to it for, well, any particular aesthetic reasons
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  • Manage Windows 8 TIles
  • So go ahead and create your first custom tile with the helps of OblyTile app
  • Build a Windows 8 Theme
  • Click “Create tile” when you are ready to create your custom live tile
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The application seems very lightweight and comprises of only a few different options. It has a plain white background, so don’t expect any snazzy colors. Akin to other Modern UI styled apps, it runs in full-screen mode. Creating a new tile grid isn’t much more than following four simple steps. To get started, click Select Photo on the main screen.

I'm a web guy and I like web sites, though. Certainly there's no reason or need for a "Hanselman" app anymore than there's a need for an app for, say, The Verge.com. We have perfectly lovely sites today and work just fine. We also have RSS feeds that contain our content and let folks know when a site has been updated.


Most items will get a default icon based on what you choose. At this stage, you can change the icon to what you want.

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From here, you can edit tiles you have created, quickly create tiles from shortcuts already on your Start screen, create tiles for common tasks such as “Shut Down”, or view a list of installed applications for which you can create tiles. Just click the icons at the top of the Manager list to get started.


Microsoft allows app developers, game makers, and website owners to create custom tiles when you pin one of their products to the Start menu. Sadly, the way some of these tiles look is just plain ugly. But what if you could get more control over the appearance?

You will also need to set the interval at which the images rotate. This can range from ten seconds to one day, with lots of options in between.


Once you have installed Modern Tile Maker, run it and set your choices, check the Preview, and if it meets your preferences, click on Pin to Start. You will now be able to see the App-style tiles (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=7737) for your legacy applications, files and folders too. You can create Tiles with Modern UI for My Computer, built-in Windows tools and all other elements too.

То sum it up, Custom Tiles Maker is а smаll, yet hаndy piece оf sоftwаre. It cоmes in hаndy fоr peоple interested in custоmizing their Stаrt Screen оr Menu. It hаs а gооd respоnse time аnd а user-friendly interfаce.


Edit:This method can change the icon for older applications. Since the icon is what is used in the start menu, this is a way to give older apps a more attractive static icon in the new start menu.

Microsoft has done quite a nice job over the past few years of supporting themes. The company maintains, and continuously updates, a personalization gallery that contains thousands of themes encompassing a wide variety of subject matter, from nature to movies and more. Moreover, the platform is completely open, so anyone can build and distribute themes of their own creation.


From the main screen of OblyTile, you can begin creating a live tile by naming it

Scroll to the right using the scroll bar on the bottom, where you’ll find four drop-down menus. The first gives you the option of whether you want to display your achievements or the amount of total time played.

And that file, is predictably similar. Again, it's not needed, but you can either put the stuff in META tags, or in a file.

  • 4 oblytile types of tiles
  • 5 oblytile tile manager
  • You can also create your own program shortcuts that Windows 8 does not recognize as a live tile
  • Tile Mosaic Maker promises high performance and user friendly
  • The app store only shows apps built for your version of Windows 8 or older
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  • There are many tools out there to create custom live tiles, and OblyTile is one of the best of the bunch
  • Create Windows 8 Metro Tile Icons With OblyTile
  • Windows Phone 'Pin to start' web tile creator

Modern Tile Maker Screenshot

Next, you can choose how many achievements display in a single tile. You have the option of either displaying unlocked or locked achievements, the latter being a way to motivate you to earn more medals in the game the next time the tile updates.


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Now, let's look at those notifications. The service above is speeding things up by making the little Tile Notifications XML file for me. This is similar to Facebook's open graph stuff or Twitter Cards, where you want an image (if available) plus the title of a post to show up as a "card" or in this case, a Tile.

Heading back to your Start Screen, you will see your newly created live tile ready for you to use

There are some ready-to-use Transparent Tile Icons that have been included along with the download. These number over 100 and come in 2 styles.


Currently, Pin More has direct compatibility with Steam, Origin, UPlay, and Battle.net. This means that when you link a service, it will either automatically detect the games installed on your system, or allow you to login using your account details to populate the list of available titles.

Add any File type to the Start screen. Files such as Images launch using their default program.


Download T-Top Map Maker for Windows

Tiles can be arranged in distinct patterns. The drop-down menu under Step 2 houses a number of tile dimensions and arrangements, both in square and wide designs. You may also click Adjust Cropping to drag the image to your preferred position, which helps in bringing your desired area into focus. Once configured, click each tile to pin it to the Start Screen.

You extract the program on your computer and run it afterwards. The application displays four mandatory and one optional field.


When you begin to create the Tile you will be prompted to select your default browser. Choose the Text to display on the tile (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=4246), Text Fore-color or choose to not display Text on the tile.

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Pin More comes in two flavors: the free trial, and the paid version which costs $2/99. The free trial has all the features of the full version and will work for as long as you need it to, however you’ll only be able to pin a maximum of four tiles at a time unless you upgrade.

Add Web Shortcuts to the Start screen. Just enter the address of the webpage you want the shortcut to direct to.


Creating Your Own Tile Images: Custom tiles (extra resources) must be PNG images below 200kB in size. They must also be between 120×120 and 256×256 pixels.

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Montage Maker turns everything into mosaic photographs. You can set both JPEG and PNG into mosaic, the program supports photo mosaic, tile mosaic, shape mosaic and other photo mosaic types. What is more, you can also design photo montage in shape according to any template.


If you have upgraded to Windows 8 and you want to tweak its appearance even more than installing a theme and replacing its default wallpaper, you can start enhancing the look of the Start Screen. Modern Tile Maker enables you to manually create customized tiles (the original source) that would automatically access the file, folder or URL you specify.