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The Huawei Y6p is a new budget-friendly smartphone from Huawei. It features a 6/3-inch HD+ display, 13MP triple cameras, and a massive 5000mAh battery.


Game money, objects, characters, skills improvement, and actual gameplay are perfect. I’m not trying to sell it ( iphone games that don’t require internet and Free to download).

The word “flow” here stands for pipes. In thousands of labyrinths, you are supposed to find a way of connecting water pipes to make them work. All lines are marked by colors and are of different length. The main achievement to unlock is tricky. You have unlimited tries to complete a puzzle, but it’s quite a challenging task to find the shortest way of doing that.


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After speed-boats and amazing cars, we have bikes. For me, till date there is no bike game that can take the place of Road Rash. Those kicks and chain fights in Napa Valley are irreplaceable. SBK15 is however based on Superbike World Championship so you will be competing against the world on the race tracks.

Gamelofts Asphalt 8 for iOS is First Twitch Streaming Title

According to arcade traditions, car physics are quite toy-like but good enough for fun. All vehicles are licensed by fabricators, so engines’ roar comes very realistic and matches with originals. Damage engine is also quite good, scratches and dents look dramatic.


It’s amazing how far Angry Birds franchise has come. Angry Birds Go is a departure from your usual racing games. The cars look cartoonish but the birds sitting behind the wheels are mean, angry and anything but funny!

Softopia How to install Asphalt 9 & Play Fix Errors Comments Feed

This game has similar physics but simply looks more modern. There are dozens of analogs, which would blow your mind with irritating bugs and stupid controls. HCR2 doesn’t have such problems.


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The animation effects are cool and watching cars explode and fall into bits and pieces is oddly satisfying. Hovercraft Takedown is an 8-bit multiplayer offline game that is free to download but comes with ads and in-app purchases, like all games in this genre do.

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The Asphalt Nitro Hack is an online hack which is easy to use and helps you play the game in a better manner. Since this hack (click to investigate) is online you don’t need to install any software and your device is always safe from virus and Trojan. There are a number of benefits that you can get from this hack (bonuses), but the main element is the unlimited Tokens generator. This helps you buy the best gear in the game and become a strong player. The more Tokens you have the more gear you can unlock and the stronger you can become. This helps you win all the fights without (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=5714) any difficulty. One of the best parts about this hack is that it is an online hack that works every time. It’s been tested on various platforms and devices and it has always managed to work well.


There are a few big names in the racing game genre, and Gameloft has proven that it deserves to be among them with its Asphalt franchise. One of the most popular racing series on mobile, Asphalt leverages insane graphics and tight controls to provide a challenging experience. For the next week, the latest installment is free to download on the Apple App Store so you can get started at no charge.

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Riptide GP2 isn’t actually the most recent of the series, as last year’s Riptide GP: Renegade ($3) is also worth a look. It shifts to a harder-edged “underground” aesthetic and has a different feel to it, even if the actual racing action is about the same. It’s the prettier game of the two, although we slightly prefer the simplicity and less aggressive tone of Riptide GP2.


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While not as large of an experience as the console games, Slipstream gives you a lot to work with for just three bucks: a dozen customizable rides, 20 tracks, more than 100 events in the career mode, and live online multiplayer action. If you’ve ever loved a Ridge Racer in the past, then Slipstream should satisfy—and if you don’t know the series, well, it’s a fun ride.

Another essential app that’s already in the Huawei App Gallery is Microsoft Office which contains Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Installing this makes the user ready for work-at-home and distant learning programs.


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While it’s true that Gameloft hasn’t moved on from Asphalt 8 when it comes to mostly on-road action, the publisher has explored new kinds of terrain with the entertaining Asphalt Xtreme (free). It’s not a big shift in approach: this racer is still all about high speeds, big air, and violent takedowns, but now you’ve got a lot more variety in terms of rides and racetracks.

The Huawei AppGallery also has the mobile banking apps of the largest banks in the Philippines. I was able to install both the BDO Personal Banking and EastWest Mobile apps easily.


Crazy Racing reminded me of my school days when 2D games were fun to play. You can create a server for your friends to join. The graphics are cartoonish in nature but suits the theme and overall feel of the game.

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The Best New Android Games For July

However, potential buyers of the device should know that it uses the Huawei AppGallery instead of the Google Playstore for installing apps. Here’s my experience in setting up the device and installing my favorite apps.

All members do their job simultaneously to perform a good gig. It’s impossible to make a show if someone fails. But would you pay for the gig, if you don’t get the vibes from the artist?


Twitch launched its mobile SDK earlier this month, making the live broadcasting, capturing, and archiving of mobile games available to iOS and Android developers. Gameloft's award-winning arcade racing game (pictured) is the first to jump on the bandwagon, turning its dynamic, high-speed aerial stunts into streaming action.

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This game includes a ton of officially licensed cars that you can race in all sorts of events and upgrade to get better performance. You can make your way entirely with the money earned from racing, but the game also has in-app purchases. Spending a few bucks will instantly give you a more consistent, less grindy experience. Since you can get the game for free right now (usually $0/99), it should maybe bother you less to spend a little on better cars.

There are many sites where you can download the Moded Asphalt 9 APK and OBB data but still many people are not able to play this game. SOme are Getting “invalid License Error in Asphalt 9” or “This game is not available in your country now error“.


Asphalt Overdrive isn't nearly as large as past games—it's under 100MB. It actually looks very nice for being that small, but the on-rails experience probably saves a lot. The traditional racing versions of Asphalt are more open and over 1GB in size. Overdrive has very bright colors to match the 80s setting. The lighting effects are good, and there's no sign of aliasing.

Things are pretty similar when it comes to gameplay. You need to win races to earn stars and money. The gameplay is based on energy system and each game you play, your energy depletes, depending on the race. You have in-app purchases to make the game easy, but playing without any helping hand at times becomes too difficult as purchases are really expensive in early stages when compared to what you earn in each race.


It is a lot of fun, especially when you are chilling out with your friends on the couch. Most racing games bring out the competitive side of us, but Angry Birds Go will make you laugh and smile with its downhill maps and cool graphics.

Installing my Favorite Apps on the Huawei Y6p Using AppGallery and AppGo

This makes such a tiny toy game a really engrossing experience. Don’t become misled by Minecraft-like graphics. They create a lion’s share of the game’s absurd fun atmosphere.


It hasn’t been updated in a few years, but Slingshot Racing ($1) still stands as one of the freshest racers to ever hit the App Store. See, you’ll never actually steer your car or manually accelerate—instead, your car automatically whips along the winding circuits, and you’re tasked with using a grappling hook to swing around each curve.

Riptide GP: Renegade offers a very different experience, bringing something new to the table. Hydrojet racing genre has very little options available and this is the only game that I would recommend to my readers who love water sports.


Free Games That Don’t Need Internet – The mobile-gaming year 2021 is led by PUBG. This fact was declared at The Game Awards about a week ago. To be fair, I also became a part of this wave, but, as everyone knows, things happen. So, a friend o’mine invited me to go fishing on the faraway lake. Sorry for that – I’m not a fan of this.

You need some files to play this game without any error so download these files and then follow the installation guide below. You can also follow the video tutorial which is available at the end of the post.


The result is incredibly cool, although it has a different feel from a lot of the games on this list—it’s more rigid, and a bit less forgiving in its design. But that’s part of what makes Horizon Chase so appealingly unique in the App Store, and with 80+ original tracks to take down, you’ll find plenty to play here. It’s a free download with a demo portion, but $3 within unlocks the full game with no freemium annoyances.

The 12 best iPhone and iPad racing games

With the new Asphalt 8 Airborne Hack you are able to easily boost your amount of Credits and Tokens without the need of downloading anything. The Generator is really simple to use and makes sure to provide you with all the free resources you need. To use the Asphalt (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=9250) 8 Airborne Cheats simply read through this whole article. You will find a list of the different functions, some instructions on how to correctly use the cheats and a screenshot of said generator. To open up the Hack click on the “Visit Online Generator”-Button, then type in your Username and select the desired amount of resources you want to add. After that it should only take a few seconds until you are able to spend all the generated resources. We hope you enjoy our Asphalt 8 Airborne Generator.


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There’s no need to install Gmail on the Huawei Y6p because it already comes with an Email app. The user simply needs to log-in using a Gmail, Yahoo, or other accounts to start receiving emails.

Bad guys have taken over the highways and you have to chase them away. There is plenty of action involved as you chase and fire your weapons at them. Once you have destroyed the enemy’s hovercraft, all their tokens and weapons are up for the loot.


JJ is a great example of retro pixel-art 2D non-stop shooters. It includes almost everything what is important for genre fans because it is made by fans. Here’s the example for better understanding – it’s “Back to the Future” season update available right now. If you get what I mean, you had some happy moments in childhood. If not, you’d get a vigorous time-killer. Perhaps, I’d stop here, not to waste your time with excess info.

Real Racing 3 Multiplayer Offline

On the one hand, it’s the merit of marketing. On the other hand, this game is highly immersive. I will describe this alternatively.


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The controls in Asphalt 8 are roughly the same as other racing games, but maybe a bit easier to grasp with a little tweaking. The car accelerates at all times, unless you tap on left side of the screen to brake. This is also how you initiate a powerslide in the turns. Tapping the right side gives you a nitro boost. You gain nitro by pulling off jumps, drifting, and just generally being reckless.

Ridge Racer is one of the most legendary racing series on consoles, especially for PlayStation devices, and Ridge Racer Slipstream ($3) does a pretty good job of translating the experience to touch. Most importantly, it keeps the game’s distinctive feel, putting a big emphasis on powersliding around turns as you speed through an array of slick circuits.


These are my apps on the Huawei Y6p

Play with your friends to beat their time, upgrade your cars or buy new ones, and explore new tracks with hidden passageways. Airborne also have bikes but they are unlocked only after a certain level.

The back of the Huawei Y6p

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There are about 50 laps in 16 picturesque countries of Europe, USA, and Asia. Sightseeing is also complemented by popular energetic music.

If you prefer your racing games with a lot less wheels involved, then maybe AG Drive ($4) will be up your alley. Blending inspiration from console classics like F-Zero and Wipeout, AG Drive is an insanely fast hovercraft racer that sends you speeding around and across looping tracks suspended in midair.


Asphalt 8 Free On iPhone and iPad for One Week

You play for a cowboy, who hides from the law. Soon he meets a new massive threat – creatures from hell. Shooting, shooting, riding, riding. The offline mode got me bored in a couple of weeks. It’s not a very bad result, by the way. Developers are more concerned with the multiplayer mode today which is awesome.

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While the world anxiously awaits the arrival of Asphalt 9: Legends on the Play Store, you can burn rubber in Asphalt 8 which is still cool. No list of racing game is complete without this one, which is so popular that it has become a benchmark for mobile manufacturers to test and showcase their graphics during launch events.