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Before we get into the difference, let’s talk about what is common between them. They all start by taking a model of all or part of a hardware system. The model can be subjected to stimulus and the results observed. They can all perform this task before availability of the actual hardware in silicon. I think that it is about it for the commonality. The only one of them that does not require special hardware is the simulator which is capable of running on a general purpose computer.


You'd need a good-size nuclear power plant next door. Designers at DARPA are trying to find out how to limit supercomputer power to 20 MW and its size to 500 conventional server racks.

CircuitStudio Vs Altium Designer: Who’s the Winner

The system reached a speed of 17/59 petaflops which put Titan at the top of the list of the world’s fastest. In theory it can reach 27 petaflops (or 27 quadrillion calculations per second) using about 9MW of electricity.


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The mathematics behind neural network processing involves statistics, multivariable calculus, linear algebra, numerical optimization, and probability. While complex, it’s also highly parallelizable. In fact, it’s embarrassingly parallelizable, meaning it’s easily broken down into parallel paths with no branches or dependencies (unlike distributed computing), before the outputs of the paths are reassembled and the output produced.

As you look at frame-grabber hardware and software, keep the future in mind. In the next few years, you can expect to see increasing adoption of the Camera Link standard, higher image-data bandwidths, and larger image sizes. And as the prices for color cameras drop, you'll find more applications that can take advantage of color images. You want to ensure your supplier recognizes these trends and either already has products that work with large-format cameras, color cameras, or cameras that use the Camera Link interface or has such products in its near-term plans.


Cooling did not need to be upgraded since the existing cooling system’s capacity had enough headroom to absorb the jump in demand. Titan consists of the same amount of racks as Jaguar did, cooled by the same EcoFlex liquid-cooling system by Cray.

Powerful Schematic Editor: CS offers a schematic editor that is easy to use and is highly efficient. The files generated are high quality, and saved in standard extensions. So they can be opened using most PCB board viewers.


The download installer for CS is a mere 8MB. And the full-version installer package is 530MB. So as compared to other PCB design softwares, this is a very compact application and the installation is quick.

The idea of scalable processing has been extended to the wider network using the concept of fog computing to close the capabilities gap between the edge and the cloud by performing the required processing at the optimum place in the network. For example, instead of doing NN image processing in the cloud, it could be done at a local Internet of things (IoT) gateway or on-premises server that is much closer to the application. This has three direct benefits: it reduces latencies due to network delays, it is more secure, and it also frees up available network bandwidth for data that must be processed in the cloud. At a higher level, it’s also generally more energy efficient.


Centralized Content Management: CS gives designers access to a growing content library of over 350,000 components, which you can use for your project. It is equally easy to create your own parts from scratch or from existing libraries.

While the GAP8 shows up as being more efficient, clocking at lower speed and implementing inference in fewer cycles due to its eight-core architecture, ARM itself isn’t sitting still. It has already announced the ML (for machine learning) Processor for mobile devices and other adjacent, network-edge applications. These include AR/VR, medical and consumer electronics and drones. The architecture uses fixed-function engines for executing CNN layers, along with programmable layer engines for non-convolution layers and the implementation of selected primitives and operators (Figure 4).


Some camera manufacturers have adopted the Camera Link standard that further simplifies camera-to-PC connections. The Camera Link standard mandates a specific type of connector and cable, so vision systems no longer need expensive custom cables.

As a data team, our goal is to produce software and insights that are proactive, guiding our peers and school leaders towards the right thing to do next, rather than taking a reactive view or simply describing what has been done. For the current stage of our business, our domain, and our customers, we have found that a bias towards reproducible, and more easily interpretable models and metrics is more useful than attempting to ruthlessly optimize an algorithm.


Software tools sold by frame-grabber suppliers ease application development by providing menu choices, drop-and-drag application tools, and configuration wizards. Developers can concentrate on lighting, contrast, image sizing, and so on, rather than on how to pass arguments to algorithm libraries.

Design World January 2021 leadership pages

The wave has not yet crashed on its beach. The government of India demanded Facebook take on European-style data protection for Indians. Other governments, seeing an opening to be popular in the eyes of voters, are also tut-tutting over Facebook breaking its four-year-old promise to never access the data generated unknowingly by WhatsApp users.


To take down Wall Street, the Reddit writer r/WallStreetBets engaged his 3/5 million (or maybe 2/0 million) followers to take advantage of free share trading services offered by the likes of RobinHood. He was angry at the favoritism shown by government in protecting financial giants while amateur investors can go bankrupt.

In general, frame grabbers offer either 8-bit or 10-bit resolution. Some provide both and let you choose which resolution to use. Most machine-vision applications operate nicely with 8-bit data, although some metrology applications that use subpixel measurement techniques can benefit from the higher resolution. For this article, I'll assume 8-bit pixel data.


Main Differences Altium Designer Vs. CircuitStudio

Just as Silicon Valley moved quickly - in just one day - to quell discussion of problems that may have occurred during the November USA federal election, Wall Street moved quickly to quell the mass share purchases. Reddit and RobinHood shut down the action - or, according to some theories, were pressured to shut down by their investors from Wall Street.

These process launcher trees map to menu items, toolbar buttons or a hot keys in Altium Designer

The digitized image data—whether it comes from an onboard ADC or from a digital camera—must eventually get transferred onto the host PC's data bus and into the host's main memory. Some frame-grabber boards transfer the data onto the bus immediately, while others (Figure 3 ) give you the option of temporarily storing the data before moving it to the PC.


This is done by introducing additional server configuration files and modifying the existing files to implement suitable process launchers, menu items and toolbars. In effect, this process links the new resources into Altium Designer (his response), or more specifically for the AddOn example project, into the PCB Editor itself.

David Goldman from CNN listed the top five supercomputers in the world back in November 2021 and I believe these five still hold these positions. One thing to keep in mind is that the United States has 251 of the 500 fastest supercomputers in the latest list.


CircuitStudio can be used to create projects and output files for PCB circuits, assembly and even manufacturing boards. Projects designed in Altium Designer (click here now) can be opened and edited in Circuit Studio as well as vice-versa.

Visit the Altium Academic Programs page to learn more

Everytime there is a change on PCB it keeps asking if you want to repour or make the polygons unpoured. Make it a setting in Preferences (like it is in AD). Actually on the same window popup there is a reference to "Jump to PCB preferences" in order to disable that popup window, but it doesn't work because there is no such a setting in the PCB Preferenes.


Save all the files and re-compile the project. Don't forget to update the resources file, installation file and the server module (DLL) in Altium Designer's \System folder. Once you have copied the files to this folder and have Altium Designer up and running with a PCB document open, you can then invoke a command from the AddOn extension via one of the three new menu items in the PCB's View menu.

Then a new Tree block is defined with links to toolbar buttons in the project's resources file. Finally a BarLayout block for the toolbar in the TLT file (don't forget to specify the BarName and BarDocumentKind clauses).


This is clearly still scratching the surface of the differences and will be continued in another blog. If anything I have covered so far is not clear, please let me know. That way I can refine it before I move on.

The XSYS Smart Framegrabber from PLD Applications provides access to the onboard complex programmable logic device (CPLD) that controls operations. Developers can adapt the CPLD to handle special-purpose operations or to apply algorithms to image data.


A good example of the work in progress for accelerators (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=6341) is Nvidia’s addition of 640 Tensor Cores to its Tesla V100 GPU. Each core performs 64 floating-point (FP) fused-multiply-add (FMA) operations per clock cycle, providing 125 TFLOPS for training and inference applications. With the architecture, developers can run deep learning training using a mixed precision of FP16 with FP32 accumulate to get a 3X improvement over Nvidia’s own previous-gen Pascal architecture.

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12 comments on “Slideshow: The top 5 fastest supercomputers and their power management challenges”

For a developer looking to explore such a design, it’s not necessary to invent the wheel. Instead, pick a well-supported platform with a wide range of CPUs, GPUs for video and graphics, fast memory, built-in wireless and wired communications, and appropriate OS support and a wide and an active support ecosystem.

Wall Street suffers far more than Silicon Valley in being unpopular with the general media and politicians, and so the backlash came from conservative and far-left media and politicians alike. Tech writers, of whom too many are beholden to Silicon Valley firms, this time dug eagerly into reasons for the financial blockages.


While there are many other, emerging architectures for NN processing, there are also many currently available processors and kits that are perfectly capable of implementing at the edge, assuming reasonable expectations for compute power versus real-time performance requirements. A basic home security system, for instance, could comprise a camera with face recognition processing and a Wi-Fi connection to a home gateway or router, and a processor or kit already available can be used to implement it.

Python Jobs - January

The tools layout file is defined so that the new toolbar is set to floating, and the location and size of the toolbar is set in the PCB workspace. Make sure that the BarName is set to TLAddon and it corresponds to the TLAddon entry in the corresponding resources file. The BarState identifier is set to BarStateFloating and the BarDocumentKind identifier is set to PCB.


Well, Titan owes its energy efficiency gain to an atypical architecture, which uses graphics processing units (GPUs) to accelerate performance. GPUs – originally created to make video games run better – they are slower than CPUs (so lower power), but they can handle hundreds of calculations simultaneously, according to ORNL.

Altium designer 2020 crack


Figure 1. The Data Translation DT3162 provides a complete frame grabber that puts out several camera-control signals that let the board work with a variety of camera types. This board streams its data to main memory over the PCI bus.

In this chapter, China, India, Australia and New Zealand, ASEAN and Rest of Asia Pacific countries are the prominent countries in the Asia Pacific excluding Japan region that are the prime subjects of assessment to obtain the growth prospects of the APEJ radiopharmaceuticals market. Readers can find detailed information about the growth parameters of the APEJ radiopharmaceuticals market during the forecast period of 2021 – 2021.


With the ML Processor, ARM also underscores the importance of a heterogenous approach to NN for AI, but within the relatively narrow confines of its CPUs and GPUs. Taking a broader view, Intel’s OpenVINO (Visual Inference & Neural Network Optimization) toolkit enables development across a heterogenous mix of CPUs and GPUs, as well as FPGAs and of course Intel’s own Movidius Vision Processing Unit (VPU) and Atom-based Image Processing Units (IPUs). This, using a common API and with optimized calls for OpenCV and OpenVX. Intel claims up to 19x performance increase in deep learning performance.

This multi-dimensional layering is important to understanding the nature of the acceleration (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=1802) required for CNNs. The process of convolution mathematically “rolls” two functions together using multiplication, hence the wide use of multiply-accumulate (MAC) math. In object recognition, for instance, one function is the source image, the other function is the filter that is being used to identify a feature, which is then mapped to a feature space. This rolling is done multiple times for each filter that is required to identify a different feature in the image, so the math gets very repetitive, and embarrassingly (or pleasingly ) parallelizable.


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Not everyone needs an onboard processor, though. Computers with lots of memory, dual Pentium processors, and high-speed buses can tackle all but the most demanding image-processing and machine-vision tasks.

Become An Accelerator/Incubator Partner

In all other scenarios, the two are much alike. Hence the answer to CircuitStudio Vs Altium Designer is based on your specific requirements.


Software Radius CircuitStudio Vs Altium Designer What’s Best For PCB Designing Comments Feed

Because a frame grabber that processes analog signals relies on reconstructed timing information, the board's circuits can introduce errors in digitized data. Two types of errors, rms noise and nonlinearity, arise from the analog electronics. The rms noise represents the electrical noise produced in all electronic circuits.

Altium Accelerates IoT Hardware Development with Modular Design and Toradex Collaboration

Design, verification and integration test of a digital hardware (FPGA based) control board for a DIRCM (Directional Infrared Counter Measures) laser unit. The design, which includes a discrete PID thermal control system, RS-422 serial interface and jamming code modulator, was made according to RTCA/DO-254 "Design (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=9761) Assurance Guidance for Airborne Electronic Hardware". Several integration testing activities have been performed accordingly to MIL-STD-810G " Environmental Engineering Considerations and Laboratory Tests" standard, together with ground-based test in cooperation with Italian Air Force at “Pratica di Mare” airport.


The importance of AI acceleration (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=4797) is such that its requirements are moving the sweet spot of processing from classic CPUs and FPGAs, to GPUs and VPUs, or a heterogenous mix of all of the above, again depending upon the application. In the meantime, the critical control function of CPUs will remain, even as AI acceleration (you could look here) for increasingly large sets of data take center stage.

To use advanced processors or FPGAs, you don't need to understand their architecture. The MaxRevolution frame-grabber board (Figure 5 ) from Datacube comes with high-level programming tools—Visual Chip Studio and Video Layered Library—that let users program an onboard Xilinx FPGA. The tools provide algorithm building blocks that you connect graphically during program development.


One of the main features about CircuitStudio is its competitive pricing. For any entry-level program to have these many features is rare. CS is not a fancy or decorative software application that is loaded with features.

An hour later, Robin Hood opened up again. During that hour, GameStop yo-yoed between $300 and $200. In the meantime, r/WallStreetBets targeted further firms - revving up more stocks that had been shorted.


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The mixed-precision approach is important, as it has long been recognized that while high-performance computing (HPC) require precision computation with 32- to 256-bit FP, this level of precision isn’t required for deep neural networks (DNNs). This is because the back-propagation algorithm that is often used in training them are resilient to errors, so 16-bit, half-precision (FP16) is sufficient for training NNs. In addition, storing FP16 data is more memory efficient than storing FP32 or FP64 data, allowing training and deployment of larger networks, and for many networks, 8-bit integer computations are sufficient, without too much of an impact on accuracy.

At the other extreme, a task such as keyword speech recognition, which then opens up a connection to the cloud to execute further commands using natural language recognition, can already be performed on a battery powered edge device based on GreenWaves Technologies’ GAP8 processor. This was designed for the edge and so emphasizes ultra-low power. In the middle, something like a camera in an autonomous vehicle that needs to respond as close to real time as possible to identify road signs, other vehicles, or pedestrians, all while still minimizing power consumption, particularly for electric vehicles, might benefit from a third choice. In such applications, a cloud connection is also important to allow updates of the models and software employed, to continually improve accuracy, response times, and efficiency.

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CS has a Ribbon-based UI, which Designer does not have. This user interface has tabs grouped by functionality for easier access and a neat layout.


In the K’s case, such analysis was able to reduce about 1MW from the system’s total power consumption and reduced the annual operating cost by $1 million. The systems are also water cooled (water being substantially more efficient than air), which helps reduce costs and improve performance.

Mr Tofler was correct in some predictions, such as forecasting that technology would allow the advent of the micro-war, which we today call terrorism in some cases. The great truth he uncovered is that technology leverages individuals, like me, to have as much impact as corporations and governments.


Applications that can tolerate some latency between acquiring an image and processing it may route image data into onboard memory and later transfer it to main memory all in one block rather than in small pieces. Or, an application could set up the memory to act like a first-in, first-out (FIFO) buffer. As the onboard memory accepts new data, the memory pushes the previous image onto the bus.

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EDN Slideshow: The top 5 fastest supercomputers and their power management challenges Comments Feed

These files are essential to the process that inserts three new menu items in the PCB editor's View menu interface and two toolbar buttons on a new floating toolbar. The toolbar will need new buttons, and their bitmaps (18x18 pixels in size) are added to the \System\Buttons\ folder in the Altium Designer installation. The same bitmaps are used for the images beside the menu items.

Master Degree in Electronic Engineering

Extensive Content Library: Plan in advance and achieve your production targets with real-time part information and pricing from suppliers. CS also has vast libraries of professional components that are ready-to-use.


Capture and process camera data

Now, this is where we have to be very careful, because a prototype can be configured to have almost unlimited debug capabilities, and when it is used in this manner, it starts to look very much like an emulator. In addition, some emulators use field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) which is the same hardware component used to build prototypes. Some emulators and accelerators use custom chips, but this is only a manifestation of the implementation, it does not mean it is an emulator or accelerator (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=3178) because it uses custom chips.

Hence the answer to CircuitStudio Vs Altium Designer is based on your specific requirements

You also could use an LUT to produce binary—black-or-white—pixels in an image. Pixels with gray-scale values equal to or less than a threshold you set get translated to black, and pixels with values greater than the threshold get set to white. The resulting image contains only black and white pixels.

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Re: Circuit Studio survey & prize draw

The figure above is a screen shot depicting the AddOn extension's toolbar floating on the PCB work-space. The first step is to define the resources file for the project that define the process launchers for the new floating toolbar on the PCB workspace (specifically, only when PCB type documents are open). For this exercise the floating toolbar will be called TLAddon.


GameStop was seen as the Blockbuster of the 2020s, a chain of five thousand retail stores in multiple countries still selling games in outmoded physical format. A few months ago, its share price was around $3 and some investors borrowed money to short the stock, confidently assuming that they would profit handsomely when the company eventually pulled a Blockbuster to send the share price into the pennies, perhaps.

Altium Designer will recreate these files, but it may be prudent to back up the existing files first

Based on nature of humans, we can predict that international populism will spread. As it does, we will see the desperate become the greedy that they seek to displace, because that's the way we are.


Traditionally, monochrome and color machine-vision systems have relied on analog signals to transmit video information from cameras to host computers. But the ambient electrical noise present in industrial facilities can disrupt those signals. To help alleviate the noise problem, camera manufacturers have started to transfer some frame-grabber functions from the host computer to the camera itself. Thus, many newer camera perform analog-to-digital conversions close to the image sensor to help eliminate timing errors and reduce the effects of ambient noise. Unlike the NTSC or PAL signals that require only a single coaxial cable, digital-camera transmissions require a set of parallel wires.

After a recent upgrade, Juqueen became Europe's top supercomputer. The 5 petaflop system, housed at the Forschungszentrum Juelich in Germany, is used for open scientific research.


A supercomputer of the 1980s could carry out about a billion floating-point operations per second. Today's supercomputers exceed that by a factor of a million. For example China's Tianhe-1A supercomputer, achieved 2/57 petaflops—that's 2/57 quadrillion (2/57 x 1015) flops—in benchmark testing. To get to exaflops, we have a factor of almost 400 to go.

Human nature, on the other hand, is predictable, as it never changes. The greedy will continue to be greedy; the desperate continue to be desperate; the clashes will continue.


The initial wave of international populism was quite unintentional. As resentment grew against corporations abusing us thru their obsessive data collection, it became a question of how, not when, the revolt would launch. Facebook, in its arrogance, made the "mistake" of openly telling its two billion WhatsApp users that yet more data would be siphoned from them and sold to bidders (Google, mostly). Facebook gave users two choices: agree, or be cut-off from family and friends (except in Europe, which has an aggressive data protection law).

But before that, I want to say that right now there is a very big difference in performance between AD <=17 and AD18 (which I enjoy at work). It may be now the time to either upgrade CS to 64bit code base / multithreading therefore adding 64bit performance, or even better: add more features and leave the CS performance as it is.


Shorting a stock is where an investor bets a share will fall to a specific price by a certain day. If the guessed-at price is higher than the actual price on that day, the investor profits. If not, then the investor loses. If the investor leveraged the purchase (borrowed money against the share purchase, and so only paid 10% in cash, say), then they really lose: they have to pay the higher price for the shares and pay back the loan, resulting in bankruptcy, possibly.