E-Tech's MR Reporting is a dedicated cloud based pharmaceutical CRM solution that actually increases sales force effectiveness by over 30% and reduces Operating Cost’ by over 80% which finally translates into Higher Profits. It is a winner of the prestigious Best Pharma Software 2021 Award.

  • But selecting right tool to automate E-commerce Website depends on many key parameters
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  • E-Commerce Testing – How to Test an eCommerce Website/Application
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CRM by Optisol is the complete solution for CRM to engage the information of customers across different channels or points of contact between the customer and the company. It parallels delivered the highly flexible and customized solution with the e-commerce solution.

CRM software in following cities

Toolyt is an intelligent assistant for your field officers which will help field officers to increase their productivity by using custom and event driven workflows. The company can track sales and field operations along with sales personals activities.


Salesforce vs Freshworks CRM

Clear and detailed cost recording is highly important for Non-profit organization. So we can get the trust from donors as they can get the forms of accountability of funds that have been given to your organization or institution in details.

That is why A/B testing and Usability Engineering for E-Commerce sites are gaining prominence

Breadcrumb navigation for the categories (highlighted in Red below). If navigation such as that is displayed, make sure every element of it is functional.


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In today’s world, I bet you won’t find anyone who hasn’t shopped online. E-commerce/Retail is a business that thrives on its online customers. Shopping in person vs. shopping online has many advantages. Convenience, time-saving and easy access to products worldwide, etc.


A website should work – not just on computers but on mobile devices too. It needs to be responsive and secure. The Database should be optimized and the ETL processes should help maintain a Data Warehouse that aids for OLAP and BI. E-commerce testing should focus on all of that.

It is designed for middle to up enterprises to manage their complicated business easily, manage inventory, project, production, asset with various conditions. Although it provides complicated facilities, but they are user friendly designed.


Outwork AI is a new generation Sales Management System. This CRM tools has comprehensive mobile and web apps with all the features of a CRM and SFA. It increases the productivity of front-line sales teams and gives detailed insights.

In general Automation Testing starts by selecting right test automation framework which directly impacts on the result of the test automation project. The framework must include the test scripts and the scenarios of various automated processes.


If the user is signed up for a long time, make sure the session is timed out or not. Every site has a different threshold.

However, Retail sites are highly dynamic in nature. There are new offers, new products, new bestsellers, Sales, etc. This means the site doesn’t stay the same for too long. Therefore, it could get overwhelming for many.