How does the eavesdrop perk (unlocked at level 35 "Major") work. I have read it allows you to listen to enemy chatter. Does this mean you can hear the enemy team talking over xbox live?

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In order to unlock (check this site out) the Weapon Master trophy you must locate all weapons in the game and kill an enemy with each one of them. Some can be found in multiple locations, some are in specific locations only. Many of them are starting weapons in certain levels (my sources) and many are dropped by enemies (or fallen allies).


I own Call of Duty 5 for the PC, but my graphics card is too old to play it (Check my spec's below). I learned the hard way when I went to play it for the first time.

Gold Weapons - A Forum Thread for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

I've been playing multiplayer PC games for awhile and never remember this happening with any other game I played online. However, up until the last 2-3 games I have owned they didn't have achievements and weapons unlocks like Call of Duty 4.


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How to use effectively: Short to mid range engagements are what you’re looking for. Don’t try to outgun an SMG user or someone who’s gun has a higher rate of fire. Use short bursts when firing given it has more recoil than the ICR-7. Use your added damage to your advantage and always aim for the upper chest or head.

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  • Each gun in this game is based on real weapons used by militaries all over the world
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I foolishly believed that since my computer could play Call of Duty 4 just fine that it easily play COD 5. So early next year when I am employed I am going to get a custom built gaming machine. I know a guy in my community, he is a genius with computers and built crazy fast/power gaming rigs in the past.

Multiplayer simply is some of the finest I've ever played, even with Modern Warfare 3 on the horizon, it still stands as one of the best examples of simply "Doing it right". Admittedly, I find Modern Warfare 2 more engaging due to the challenges and unlockable (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=4450) weapons, but Call of Duty 4 still stands up today. Also the fact that the multiplayer is so robust that they didn't even feel the need to force people to play it by crowbarring in tedious online achievements.


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Why is it top-tier: It has the fastest rate of fire for all assault rifles, and the recoil is manageable. You can go toe-to-toe with most SMG users even head-on with this with its high rate of fire. Its magazine size is at a default 40, which makes it ideal for engaging with multiple enemies at once (though it’s not recommended).

Desert Eagle: See trophy Desert Storm. An enemy in mission “Crew expendable” has it.


On the whole, Call of Duty 4 is a fantastic game filled with stand out moments with a script that shouldn't really shock or surprise, but actually does. The main problem comes when you realise that it was £40 - £50 (at that time, it was very nearly $80 - $100 to our colonial friends) at release, and for over year in most places. Bear in mind that I'm only referring to single player here – if you rent it, you'll be done before you have to return it, so definite value for money.

With every Call of Duty release, the fan base naturally gravitates toward a certain set of weapons that are either overpowered, easy to use, or just plain broken. The same is happening now in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. In this new feature, we take a look and list down the top five Black Ops 4 best guns regardless of gun type/class.

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Recommended attachments: Reflex or Holographic sight, Hybrid mags and the Penta Burst operator mod. You can also add High Caliber I and II, but with the operator mod equipped, you’ll drop enemies with one burst regardless of it.


Unlike previous games where you feel like a cog in a big machine, here you feel like you are truly making a difference directly. At times it truly feels quite scary and hiding behind cover and letting Gaz deal with all the hassle is an enticing prospect.

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It feels completely like an action-thriller blockbuster in which you play a raw recruit craving acceptance from Captain Price, your new CO. But then, maybe that was just me - the playable characters have enough leeway to them that they could be pretty much whatever you imagine. Either way, when it comes to the denouement and you have to step up to the plate with the big baddie there is palpable tension.


Desert Eagle – This is the most powerful handgun in Call of Duty 4, and is unlocked upon reaching level 43. It does the most damage and has the best range, but the trade-off is that you can’t silence it and the clip size is smaller than the other pistols. In other words, it does more damage, but you need to be a better shot before you unload a clip on somebody. Combine this gun (the original source) with the Last Stand perk and you can rack up all kinds of last-minute kills.

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Cod4 Rank and Weapons Hack + Cracked Server Connection Guide

The primary difference is that this handgun has the lowest recoil out of them all, so it is very easy to aim. If you have the Last Stand perk, you can unload this one into enemy soldiers at a very fast and accurate pace.

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P90 SD: In mission “All Ghillied Up” after you crouch past the tanks and infantry you must kill some enemies. Then you come to an area with lots of containers.

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Recommended attachments: ELO sight, Fast Mags, Stock, Quickdraw. If you’re a chronic reloader (meaning you hit reload after every kill or spray), attach Fast Mags I & II to cut your reload time to about a second.