Imagine everything that you can do on your phone with the Kali OS. Well, not everything that you can do on your computer but most of the features will be available like command terminal/shell and other useful features. You can install it on any Android phone that has either root privilege or not. Yes, you can install it on any Android phone. But in both cases, you need to have a phone with an unlocked bootloader. Many brands do not allow unlocking bootloader like Vivo, Oppo, Nokia, it means you can’t install Kali OS on these phones.

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Now how to move it to memory card? How to copy a url or text from opera mini to phone clipboard and then paste it to uc browser or bolt browser?


Why Loud speakers, when you have headphones? Prefer using headphones for music or calls rather than putting your phone on loud speakers. I am not talking about the normal one for calls, but Loudspeaker option only.

Hey guys if you want your HOMESCREEN and MENU STYLE like HTC and IPHONE,then download VOYAGER HOME SCREEN from Nokia OVI store and install it. It looks great. For that u don't have to install any FIRMWARE. You can edit it and arrange it. If u don't wanna use it all you have to do is EXIT Voyager Home Screen. It also provides you with weather update.


Certificat expired whats this error in my phone in installing appes

Yeah I know that this was taken as negative to Symbian^3 that why it has only 3 home screens and not more like Android etc. While having more and more home screens facilitates you larger space to customize the device as per your needs by putting different class of widgets over different home screens, on the other side, do you know that how hard this all goes on your battery? Unfortunately as of now, Symbian^3 seems to be loading the home screen widgets each time, when you visit the particular home screen means more battery drain and worse if you have widgets, which needs internet connection or GPS for displaying/ refreshing their info. You need to constantly question yourself that why you need them. Putting offline seems to be a solution, but still there will be widgets, which will be processing in background like Nokia Battery Monitor etc. For me, its Notifications, Default Shortcut bar (Web, Contacts, Maps, Ovi Store) does on one home screen and mails on the other. Think once, if you really need more widgets and screen, they are gonna cost you in terms of battery.

Do you really need 3G all times? Not sure about other regions of world, but for Indian continent, 3G network is yet to be established in all areas and keeping your phone in dual mode or UMTS mode might be good for data usages but gives a lot of stress to phone due to constant switching between 2G and 3G due to variation in signals. While 3GLife sounds awesome to geeks, it wont be that efficient for daily usages.


Nokia expired certificate software

Kashi, 10 Jul 2011What is reset koad plz tellReset code for all symbian phone is *#7370# and press dial key. This formats your phone memory completely.

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How to correct the website expired certificate error

Hey Guys, I'm back with anAmazing Lumia Style Windows Phone 7 Theme for Symbian S60V5 and Other Symbiandevices. This theme runs on SPB Mobile Shell, It is really smooth and does notlag. It is easy to use and does not slow your device.


I want to buy a telephone, but I'm not sure if it is worth to buy? I had read all comments but I want to know is there a good quality of music?

Nokia 5230 expired certificate error
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But after spending a little time with it, you started to realize that like the way, you see even 1GHz Androids struggling in front of just 680 MHz of Nokia N8, when it comes to Gallery performance etc, there is just another story around, when it comes to battery performance of Symbian^3 vs Specs. You just need to learn a few basics.

How we upgrate nokia 5233 to nokia 603

This will allow you to write or edit addresses with the phone's default keyboard. So, now all you have to do is select all the text and copy them. If you don't want to disable the opera keyboard option then just hold any point in the address bar for a couple of seconds and a little menu will pop up. Select 'fullscreen edit'. This will take you to the default keyboard.


Also, idk where u r from but a USB data cable is not included in the box so you might have to purchase that too. Mine came with none of the above at 1st i was a bit disappointed but then i remembered the price. Also you might want to change the ear phones and use better one's, since the ear phones provided are not good enough to hear the true sound quality of the music player. In addition becuz i adore my phone and bought it with my own money, I bought a screen protector ( the 5800's screen protector can also be use since they have the same screen size).

JUSTSOLD5233, 19 Nov 2010Just make your perspective correct boy. Do not try to whitewash the bluish camera with some va. moreNewspaper letters can be captured clearly and is more than just readable provided you have good light source and steady hands.


But still you have to decide that do you really want a much brighter screen on the cost of battery or it’s just a show off. Best is to choose Settings->Phone->Display->Light Sensor as lowest level. Works perfectly for me as you can always choose white background in application like Gravity while under sunlight.

Most of the symbian apps on internet are unsigned or with (visit) an expired certificate and if one tries to install such an app on their Nokia or Symbian device then they get error like “Certificate Expired“. To fix this error you'll need a developer certificate and a key for your nokia (click here to find out more) device. The Certificate and key file is unique for each IMEI number, You cannot use somebody else certificate and key file, You'll need to apply on your own.


Certificate error when install application in nokia 2700 c

It hadn't given any problem with (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=1677) apps i filter use of apps before using it. I had signed and used most of the apps and even had spbmobile shell but i had to uninstall bcoz of memory lag. The apps i had was gmail, opera mini and that's it. I like music alot so its a great phone for that and also for phone purpose like receiving calling its best even better than my htc desire which lacks contacts and some phone calling features. I could have repaired myself by flashing it and installing a new phone software but had waranty so took it to nokia care for repairing. I think they put new software as i noticed a new office apps and rihana widget which old software didn't. My phone was v20 and upated v40 n latest to v50. I like this phone and have no grudges against it.


This cam does struggle to reproduce colours properly. But that's more of a software related problem than hardware.

Certificate error when install whatsapp symbian

With psycho acoustics, the same can be said. Whether a change in the aoucstic soundstage really changes based on the amount of physical noise from lights, electricity, circuits.


The reason is that i am too attracted to the custom firmware i am using. Besides, i don't think this update is major one. Although, if any newer CFW is made on this firmware, then surely i will update it. And the most important thing of all is- suppose you updated your phone, But after that you won't be able to install any of the present CFWs which are based on the previous firmware. Trying is futile as it will be like trying to downgrade your phone. That might result in the worst case scenario of bricking the phone. So, i suggest the guys who are using custom firmwares to wait for the updated CFWs.

Utk, 19 Nov 2010Well JUSTSOLD5233, right now I'm quite happy with the available ones. I'll inform you when I m. moreThats good, mate, ha ha ha I think you can do that.


In the specification here on gsmarena, it says no card is included. But i got a 2gb micro sd card free!

I have been using this phone for the past 8 months. Just got a 3 sim which is 3g and the phone is saying incompactable sim and sim card registration. Any hellp here please cos i was told the phone is 3g.


In our device flash 3 is preinstalled. So i downloaded and when tried to install it says unable to install component is builin. May cell is unable to play heavy flash videos saying system error. Now is there any method to install flash4 player?

Raging thunder does not start

You will see two sensors near ear-piece. Though I don't think it's effective.


I’ve recently become a convert to the Symbian OS. It has been a lot of fun to learn the ins and outs of a new system, especially one that approaches things as Symbian does. Nokia (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=7838)’s flavor of Symbian feels more phone oriented, with the PDA aspects tacked on as almost an afterthought. While this can be tweaked around a bit, the place it is felt most acutely is on the “Active Standby” screen (essentially the Symbian version of a Today Screen). The only major option if you want something that offers up more power is if you look to Epocware and their Active Standby replacement, Handy Shell.