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Product information - IK MULTIMEDIA T-RackS 3 Deluxe Version Mastering Plug-In

It's a similar story within the dynamics section. MAX offers 14 dedicated dynamics options, including processors that emulate classic hardware from Fairchild (VC-670), Teletronix (White 2A), UREI (Black 76), SSL (Bus Comp) and Neve (Precision Comp Limiter). New for version 5, and included in all three paid versions, is an homage to the classic Manley Variable Mu compressor called Dyna-Mu. Along with the existing VC-670, this does a very forgiving job on any bus or master bus, even when pushed quite hard.


The Standard T-RackS (like it) bundle consists of, and the Deluxe version includes, a set of four “Classic” processors. The Classic Equalizer offers EQ across six bands with a great deal of control, allowing for detailed tweaking. The Classic Multiband Limiter can be used to tighten up specific frequencies in addition to its usual compression uses. The Classic Compressor along with the Classic Clipper completes the listing.

Izotope's Ozone 8 is perhaps as the most obvious alternative. It too is available in different editions at a range of prices, offers individual components as separate plug-ins, and has some truly innovative options such as the Tonal Blanace Control. It is very powerful and flexible but perhaps not as instantly approachable as T‑RackS (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=4587) 5. Steinberg's WaveLab 9/5 with the Master Rig suite provides a comprehensive audio editing/mastering environment but might be more than is required by a user with basic mastering needs. IK's own Lurssen Mastering Console provides an analogue-styled option for DIY mastering and, like ONE in T‑RackS 5, offers an intuitive interface. You can, of course, also build your own mastering signal chain from suitable individual plug-ins from a range of other manufacturers such as Waves, UA, Slate Digital, FabFilter, Softube or Brainworx.


MAX's 38 processors can be divided into four categories: EQ, dynamics, spatial and a 'catch-all' of other things. Twelve different EQ processors/plug-ins are supplied, not counting the ONE processor which I'll come to shortly. As well as some of IKM's own designs, there are a number of 'inspired by' offerings, including channel strips containing dynamics processing as well as EQ. The British Channel and the SSL-inspired White Channel fall into this category. You also get the Neve-inspired EQ-73 and EQ-81, the Pultec‑esque EQP-1A and the API homages EQ PA, EQ PB and EQ PG, while Master EQ 432 emulates the Sontec 432, a hardware unit revered by many mastering engineers. Original IK equalisation modules comprise Classic EQ, the new EQual, and Linear Phase EQ, the first two of which are included within the standard version of T‑RackS 5. The new EQual is particularly impressive, with 10 bands, very transparent operation and notably precise control making it a sophisticated tool.

One further item on the topmost menu strip is worth paying attention to: the Equal Gain button. With this option engaged, you hear the processed and unprocessed versions of the audio at similar overall volumes when you then toggle the processing chain on and off. This makes it easy to check that your processing chain is preserving or enhancing the sonic quality, without your ears being fooled by simple volume increases. This is an important, and very useful, feature.


T-RackS 3 Deluxe by IK Multimedia is one such solution

The two larger knobs, Push and Volume, control how hard the compression is working and the overall loudness. Both include a red scale/LED meter showing how much peak gain reduction is being generated as a consequence of the processing. As with the other controls, I suspect each knob is actually changing a number of underlying parameters within the processing algorithms. Obviously, if you push too hard on any of these settings, things will eventually get messy, but I was actually very impressed at just how easy ONE made it to do a basic mastering job when your starting point is a solid mix. It's perhaps not flexible enough if you require more surgical corrective moves as part of a mastering task, but I can imagine those new to DIY mastering finding this a really great place to start.

Deluxe Canoe/Kayak Cartop Carrier

About as perfect as you can get with a modeling program, and it's way more affordable than even one fender amp. This is definitely the way to go if you love Fenders tone and want more guitar tones for recording. I already have purchased the full blown version of AmpliTube and have been impressed with all it's features, but when I added the Fender component to the software I was totally blown away! Even though the full (over here) version has tons of amps and effects, I keep coming back to the Fender amps and effects to use. So far my favorite Fender (digital) amp is the '57 Deluxe (https://dkluchezar.ru/hack/?patch=6521) Solo 1, However there is just so many Fender amps that are modeled in this add on its unbelieveable. Besides the amps and cabinets, you also get stomp pedals and rack mounts that add to the vast array of amp modeling and produces a massive amount of high quality sounds.


The menu bar also includes four slots that can hold different signal-chain configurations for each audio clip, making it easy to explore alternative processing strategies for a given clip as you work. The waveform display also includes basic audio editing features such as clip trimming and adding fades.

This doesn't turn T‑RackS 5 into a full-blown audio editor like Steinberg's Wavelab, but it does mean the stand-alone environment now offers sufficient editing capability for routine mastering tasks, allowing you to make your final adjustments to individual files and album-style projects. The visual design and user experience are slick and, if you have passed your 'Loudness Wars 101' class, the metering options offer more than enough to help keep you on the straight and narrow when it comes to getting your output levels in the loudness sweet spot for your musical genre.


Minimal: 1/5 GHz Intel processor, 1 GB of RAM, Mac OS X 10/6 or later. Supported Plug-in formats: Audio Units, VST, RTAS, AAX (32 and 64-bit).

In concept, Master Match is similar to the Master Assistant within iZotope's Ozone 8 in that it aims to analyse your audio and then apply some suggested processing. Master Match allows you to load up to three reference tracks, analyses the spectral balance and perceived loudness of these references and then applies both EQ and level adjustment to get your track to try and match the reference tracks. You can, of course, apply your own choice of mastering processes in front of Master Match and then just use Master Match to nudge you a little closer to your sonic target. As with ONE, this is a very useful tool for those just taking their first steps in DIY mastering and, providing you don't expect miracles (it will not make a duff mix into a radio-ready hit), it can do a very creditable job.


The new T‑RackS 5 front end offers a pretty comfortable working environment for mastering, and I can't imagine new users having too many difficulties finding their way around. Nor is T‑RackS outdone sonically by any of the obvious competition. Those new to DIY mastering will also appreciate the helping hand offered by ONE and Master Match. The bottom line here is that the standard version of T‑RackS 5 is a perfectly capable mastering package, while the MAX version offers an almost endless set of options including the ability to add 'character' using the various emulations of classic EQ and dynamics hardware.

Less conventionally, both the Deluxe and the MAX versions of T‑RackS 5 include IK's Mic Room technology. This is conceptually similar to Antares' Mic Mod EFX in that it models the sonic characteristics of classic studio microphones from a Shure SM57 to a Neumann U87, theoretically allowing you to make sources recorded with one sound as though they were recorded with another. Results depend upon the character of your original recording, but it does provide some interesting tonal options, particularly for vocals.


T-racks 3 deluxe crack gta

IK also have their own 'classic' Compressor, Multiband Limiter and Clipper offerings, plus a 'quad' selection that includes both a multiband limiter and a multiband compressor. There is also a rather nifty multiband de-esser that lets you precisely target the frequencies you want to attenuate. The compression modules can be operated in Mid-Sides mode and some also feature a frequency-based triggering filter but, currently, there is no external side-chain facility for any of the plug-ins. This is perhaps less important for mastering, but does represent a limitation on the use of T‑RackS 5 as a plug-in suite for mixing.


T‑RackS 5 comes in four flavours. The free T‑RackS Custom Shop includes the Classic EQ module and an in-app store where you can buy further processing options individually, while the paid-for T‑RackS 5, T‑RackS 5 Deluxe and T‑RackS 5 MAX come with bundles of nine, 22 and 38 processors respectively. There is a substantial discount on the MAX version for existing IK Multimedia customers, and the in-app store is available in all versions, so you're not limited to the tools bundled with the standard or Deluxe versions. For the purposes of this review, I had access to the MAX version.

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T-RackS 3 Deluxe Mastering Suite - Click to visit product detail page

When used as a standalone application the lower half of the T-RackS interface displays a number of useful metering tools. Left and right channel peak meters, RMS metering, spectrum analysis, stereo phase and correlation meters. The Perceived Loudness indicator, part of the RMS meter, compares the loudness of the piece to a “Loudness Suggestion” based on the selected genre.

But, hey, there's no such thing as too much processing power, so we've made it easy for you to add to your collection right from your desktop at any hour of the day or night. What we're talking about is the T-RackS Custom Shop.

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Two new processors round off this catch-all category: ONE and Master Match. Both are included in all paid versions, and both are worthy of a few words. While T‑RackS as a whole is, first and foremost, a mastering suite, ONE is designed to be a complete mastering solution in a single processor. Its nine controls offer a combination of EQ, compression, exciter, enhancement, stereo width adjustment and limiting. For example, the Air control allows you to boost or cut the high end, while Focus changes the way the mid-range is perceived. Body and Bass Punch provide control over the low end, while the Transients control changes how the attack of sounds is handled.


A good value for the money with high quality processing and superb sound as the result. This is a good place to start for the video producer wishing to truly “master” his or her next production’s audio.