WinDVD Creator 2 is a fairly standard capture, edit, author and burn application. It requires Windows 2000 or XP, which an older PC might not already have nor be ready for. We installed the app on two different XP machines.

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  • In fact, the longer we worked with WinDVD Creator 2, the more we were reminded of the Ulead app
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  • WinDVD Creator 2 had integrated CD audio track ripping, which was very convenient

Easy to use barcode print creator (go) is used to generate printable barcode labels in Code 39, Codabar, Code 11 and Interleaved 2 of 5 barcode standard fonts in JPEG, BMP and GIF image file formats. Barcode printable software is fully capable to create bulk barcode labels supporting randomly or sequentially barcode series.


Plugin Newsletter - October

Although there are many other B/W tools already available, we think that we managed to make it stand out from the crowd. It offers more features and precise control than any other B/W plugin and that at a reasonable price. I hope you will like it. For more information see below.

Smart PDF Creator Pro helps you easily convert a document to PDF. Just click with the right mouse button on the file in My Computer or Windows Explorer and select Convert to PDF. With the Pro version you'll be able to right click on a PDF file and select Open PDF with MS Word or Convert PDF to editable format. This way you can easily edit your PDF documents.


Version 3 of Andromeda LensDoc corrects barrel and pincushion lens distortions in 8bit and 16bit images. LensDoc 3 offers curves for many zoom and wide angle lenses, but you can also create your own lens correction curves.

This script is used to create digital backdrops for your images. You can easily create thousands of unique backgrounds. All of the textures are randomly created so you will never get a duplicate texture.


Perhaps the most interesting things that we can note in this mainboard are a network controller from the third party manufacturer and an audio codec from a completely unexpected (for Intel mainboards) Realtek instead of Analog Devices habitual for Intel mainboards. However the latter issue may be due to the lack of HDA codecs available from Analog Devices at the time this mainboard was designed. We shall withhold detailed comments for now, because we are reviewing a preproduction sample.

However, there are no surprises this time: no mysterious speed drops in Photoshop (basics), low-level tests easily detect the memory type used, but the difference between DDR400 and DDR2-533 in real applications is almost imperceptible. What concerns comparisons with competing mainboards (based on the same chipset with corresponding memory type), ASUS P5GDC-V Deluxe can be called one of the fastest mainboards on the market, if the difference of tenths of a percent should be paid attention at all.


ASUS P5GDC-V Deluxe – Mainboard based on Intel 915G Chipset

The 3-phase switching voltage regulator of the processor incorporates four 1200 uF capacitors and eight 560 uF capacitors. The PCB also contains voltage regulators for the PCI-E x16 bus (2x1000 uF) and for memory (6x1000 uF).

The PCB layout is usual for Intel – a lot of empty space along the left PCB edge, but it does almost no harm to the mainboard due to a moderate number of connectors. Audio-In is not located very conveniently (before the PCI/PCI-E slots), with a video card installed the access to memory modules will be hampered, and the density of slots will hamper manipulations with them.


Importing videos from the library project or from your disk. It accepts the following formats: Avi, Mpg, Wmv, Asf or Dvr-ms. Importing still images that you can then add as part of your movie or scenes. It accepts the following formats: Bmp, Jpg, Tiff, Pcx, Png, Psd and Eps.

Intervideo Windvd Creator 2 Password

The PCB contains empty seats for a FireWire controller and its connectors. Mainboard dimensions – 305x245 mm ("wide" mATX, eight-screw mount, the bottom-left PCB edge may sag).


It's obviously not correct to compare them directly, but what is more interesting – the mainboard under review is almost identical to P5GDC Deluxe/Pro based on i915P – these are the only ASUS models for two memory types. P5GDC Pro is much less complex, and both Deluxe mainboards differ only in chipsets, they even have the same PCB layout. These cards have vacant seats for the second COM port on a bracket (it is not soldered in any mainboard) and the S/PDIF jack. Mainboard dimensions – 305x245 mm (full-sized ATX, nine-screw mount, all mainboard edges are firmly fixed).

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As the name suggests, it allows you to convert any AVI file to DVD, VCD, SVCD and MPEG formats. However, this application has been redesigned to better its file support and now manages Mpeg, Mov, RMVB and DivX. The user interface is really neat, and it allows you to easily select the.


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Create random customized mazes with solutions to be printed or exported (EMF, BMP, TIF, GIF). Mazes can be customized in shape, drawn-on, add pictures, and number of starting and stopping points.

Because of poor implementation and the technical difficulties involved with editing compressed MPEG-2 video, we generally recommend against doing so. Most applications do not handle MPEG-2 files well, becoming finicky and even crashy, especially when dealing with larger files. WinDVD Creator 2 is surprisingly lithe and handled MPEG-2 video amazingly well. Granted, this was on a fast P4 3/06GHz machine, but the program was still much better at MPEG editing than most anything else we’ve used.


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It offers three sliders for noise removal, smoothing and retexturing. Another noise reduction tool called AbsoluteDeNoiser (for Win/Mac/Linux) is from the same programmer and works quite similarly.


What makes it special is that it can perform perspective corrections automatically by detecting the direction of certain lines in the images. You can also manually adjust the correction with a Shift, Rotation and Distortion slider. The Distortion slider lets you correct barrel and pincushion lens distortions. Unfortunately there is no live preview for the manual adjustment, but ShiftN offers a batch processing option. It only supports JPG and BMP files.

Intel D925XCV Mainboard Based on Intel 925X

The capture interface was also clean and simple, responsive and trouble-free. We could capture in a few different formats, most importantly in DV or DVD-ready MPEG-2. WinDVD Creator 2 had integrated CD audio track ripping, which was very convenient. After capturing our clips, we could run scene detection to break up larger clips, based on time or visual changes in the file. The process was fast and very easily adjustable.