This chapter reviews forensic tools available for the iPhone and explains the forensic analysis for each tool highlighting installation, acquisition, reporting, and accuracy. One of the tools is CelleBrite Universal Forensics Extraction Device (UFED) that is a stand-alone, self-contained, fast, and reliable system providing data extraction of content stored in mobile phones. The CelleBrite UFED has a built-in SIM card reader and cloner. The ability to clone a SIM card is a powerful feature, as one can create and insert a clone of the original SIM to make the phone function normally. The UFED package should contain the UFED device, manuals/CD, USB Bluetooth radio, 250 MB USB drive, and roughly 72 cables for connecting to supported devices. Another tool is iXAM® that is able to provide comprehensive noninvasive data recovery from the Apple iPhone™ and iPod Touch™.

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Untick the check boxes next to the installed items, go back to Firefox and also untick the check boxes next to the installed items. You can now install the next four items, repeating steps 4 to 9.

Close all running applications on your Mac and purge RAM or use a memory freeing app if you have one installed. Even if you have 8Gb + of RAM you need to free up as much as possible before opening the Launcher (the game can only utilise up to 2Gb RAM in OS X).


You will now see all your Store content (find out this here) with the default view of 16 to a page (I call this the ‘start’ page). Don’t bother changing this as for security reasons you will have to regularly log back in and will be taken back to the start page every single time. It’s really irritating and unnecessary but there you go.

Sims 3 store content patch 1.1 music


EA used to release The Sims 3 Store Updates every month, for which you’d usually have to pay. You can find its official page HERE.

Never has a world taken me so long to finish, test and upload. It’s not a complicated world but for some reason it was just constantly failing at exporting.

Sims 3 store content patch v 1.0
1 Cabal manual patch episode 10 27%
2 Maplestory manual patch 1.12 7%
3 Sims 3 store content patch 1.1 firefox 42%
4 Able content for skyrim ps3 patch 97%
5 C9 webzen manual patch 69%
6 Sims 3 store content patch 1.1 games 7%

And you could always knock down the hospital or school if you wanted to build a block of flats. Basements became my best friend in a couple of the tiny lots.

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