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Heck, I still have a little Acer One Netbook running XP SP3. It will not run any newer OS because the newer OS's don't have the special drivers required for the little Netbook.

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Microsoft is supporting Windows 7 with security updates as is does with any older operating system approaching end of life. This is what has always been the accepted and expected way, there is no ulterior motive, It applied with Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista.


Windows 7 is EOL is near, what will you do - Windows 7 Help Forums

Upgrade to Windows 8/1, and install Classic Shell. You will have support till (this article) Jan 2021 if you do this, and it will look and feel just like Windows 7.

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I think, by pushing Win10 so hard, MS doesn't really want us to feel secure on Win7. Or at least, MS wish that we (users) realize how Win7 just isn't usable anymore. Right now, I'm more afraid to get an "update" troubles, than I'm afraid to get a virus (see 2nd link above). And that's even more true for Win10 -according to what I can read on Win10 forum.


At some point, you can install Linux Mint 64-bit as your host system, and install Windows 8/1 with Classic Shell in a virtual machine. Over time, you will learn how to do more and more in Linux, meaning that you will need Windows less and less. But the fact that it is in a virtual machine, just a click away, means that you will have Windows right at hand for whatever you are unable to do in Linux.